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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Janet Nelson and Cindy Hanson


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use
00:05 to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:15 Fibromyalgia stops many people cold in their tracks
00:18 and they really give up because they think there
00:19 is no hope. But, there is, find out more next on
00:23 Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:51 Hello I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director of the
00:53 Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:55 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:57 In our society today we're being plagued by a lot of
01:00 disorders that are classified as autoimmune.
01:03 One of the once we know most is Fibromyalgia
01:05 which causes a lot of pain in the people that suffer it.
01:08 The realty of the Fibromyalgia is there are
01:10 things we can do about it. Because it's definitely
01:13 lifestyle related and people who think they
01:15 have no hope at all have found a new life in just a
01:18 short period of time of changing their lifestyle,
01:21 getting into regular exercise and watching
01:23 what they're eating. We are gonna talk more
01:25 about it as we get into our program helping me out
01:27 today will be Janet and Cindy.
01:33 Hopefully Janet and Cindy are not suffering
01:34 from fibromyalgia, but they are certainly in the
01:37 age category and the gender, we often times
01:40 see it more in women then men but a man can
01:41 still get it also. So, we're gonna start with an easy
01:44 exercise program because people with fibromyalgia
01:47 can't really go that hard or they're gonna exasperate
01:50 the pain they're already experiencing.
01:52 So, we're gonna start by just easily warming up,
01:55 loosening up the shoulders. And you're gonna have to
01:58 take this at your own pace. Because if you push
02:01 too hard while it would make some people just a
02:04 little bit sore will make you extremely sore and
02:07 can be very discouraging. So, any time you feel like
02:10 you need to stop even if it's something as simple
02:12 as doing the arm circles then do so.
02:16 Come up and around the other way.
02:19 This fibromyalgia is definitely progressive as
02:21 far as bringing it back around so you are feeling
02:25 better. Just go a couple more. Okay, now we're
02:32 gonna start by doing a little chest exercise and
02:34 we're gonna stay mainly with range of motion
02:36 because that's all you're really going to be looking
02:38 forward first not really putting a lot of resistance
02:40 to yourself. So, we're gonna reach out like this.
02:43 We're gonna come across in front like we are
02:44 hugging a barrel. So, we are keeping elbows at
02:48 same bend and we come into the center and we
02:50 squeeze the fists, we reach back, come together
02:54 and squeeze, reach back, each time we go back,
02:58 try and feel it stretching your chest.
03:00 And then squeeze it in at the middle.
03:02 Squeeze it in, squeeze it in. You ladies keep going,
03:06 I'm gonna come back and check form.
03:08 Okay, looks good, squeeze hug that barrel.
03:13 Okay squeeze it in, very good keep going.
03:18 This is focusing on the Pectoralis major muscles
03:20 as your chest. So, we're gonna take it step by step
03:24 throughout the body. We're gonna work some
03:26 of the major muscle areas and then we are gonna get
03:28 into some aerobic exercise we'll probably do
03:30 about 10 minutes of it. Because again somebody
03:33 with fibromyalgia they're, they're easily stimulated
03:37 and we don't want to overstimulate.
03:40 Okay, let's get about five more in there.
03:42 Squeeze it in, reach way back stretch, squeeze it in
03:47 and back, and squeeze, reach back, and squeeze,
03:53 and back, and squeeze, and back, and squeeze it in
03:58 one more time. Now, bring your hands up over
04:01 the top. Push your elbows back and feel it stretch
04:06 through your chest. Stretching is also very
04:10 good for people with fibromyalgia, because it
04:13 is not putting a lot of stress on the muscles.
04:16 Okay, reach across, give yourself a hug.
04:19 Exercise is broken down into two components,
04:22 which is the positive contraction of exercise
04:25 and the negative contraction and the one
04:27 you really wanna be careful about is the
04:29 negative contraction. Hold your hands by the
04:31 head push back. Since we're not using weights
04:34 here, we're just using our own body, but if we're
04:38 using any time of resistance exercise if you
04:41 are going to be focusing on the negative part of the
04:44 contraction, you want to not strain yourself too
04:46 much because that's what gonna cause the most pain.
04:49 Okay, give yourself a hug again.
04:55 Okay, go and relax, now we're gonna go into the
04:58 upper back exercise, we are gonna bend our knees
05:01 a little bit. We're gonna reach out as if we're
05:03 grabbing something, we're just gonna pull
05:05 back, squeeze our shoulder blades together
05:07 and then reach way out. Squeeze back, reach way
05:11 out, squeeze back, way out, squeeze back, and
05:17 reach way out, squeeze back, way out.
05:20 When you're coming back you're trying to feel your
05:22 shoulder blades come together.
05:25 So, pull your elbows way back, pull the elbows
05:30 back, reach way out, back, and out, when you
05:34 are pulling in, scapular coming together.
05:37 When you're reaching out you wanna push your
05:39 scapula out, as far as they'll go, push them out,
05:43 squeeze back, push out, squeeze back, push out,
05:48 squeeze back, push out, if you need to stop at home,
05:53 go ahead and do so. This also will give you an
05:59 exercise you can do with weight equipment.
06:02 The machines are designed for rowing motions.
06:05 And we're doing the proper form for the rowing,
06:08 you wanna when you pull back, you want your chest
06:10 up, you want to reach out and you want to focus on
06:13 this scapular area. Okay, let's do
06:16 about five more here. And pull, and pull, and
06:23 pull, one more time and pull. Okay, let's stretch
06:28 those muscles now. Arm up over the head, and
06:31 we're gonna pull, very good, stretch here,
06:37 whenever you're doing your stretch don't pull too
06:39 hard because if you do, you can cause some
06:41 problems, we just want to get a nice feel on the
06:45 muscle it should be comfortable.
06:46 But, definitely should be able to feel something
06:48 happening as well. And then look like you're
06:51 enjoying yourself. Okay, let's switch over,
06:55 the other side. There are other autoimmune
06:57 disorders where people will battle like chronic
07:01 fatigue or also they'll battle chronic pain
07:05 syndromes and so forth and of course rheumatoid
07:07 arthritis is an autoimmune disorder, lupus.
07:09 Okay let's go and relax. Now, let's go ahead and
07:13 do some light shoulder work. We're just gonna
07:15 and do some lateral raises
07:16 with the arms with no weight.
07:20 Want to bend over just a little bit, bring the hands
07:24 down front. Now when you come up you want to
07:27 act like you are tipping your thumbs down as if
07:31 there are water in your hands and you can dump
07:33 it up by turning your thumbs down.
07:38 Now if you don't have any problems you want to
07:40 use weights, you can, dumbbells or you can
07:44 grab some gallon jugs of water and raise those out
07:49 to the side whatever you want to use.
07:54 I remember a couple we had that came to our
07:56 program who are long haul truck drivers and
07:59 they are very motivated to keep exercising, but they
08:01 are on the road all the time. So, he bought some
08:03 dumbbells and they took them on the road and
08:06 whenever they stopped at rest stop they would get
08:09 out and they would do exercises. And some of
08:12 the truckers who have, little to be desired if they
08:16 decided to become fitness models because their
08:19 bellies were very large, would laugh at them and
08:21 say look at those stupid people
08:22 doing those exercises. Okay, let's do about
08:26 three more. There's one, and two, and three.
08:33 Okay even though we are using no weight at all,
08:35 could you still feel on your shoulders a little bit
08:36 Janet? What about you Cindy? So, even with no
08:39 weight you can still get a training effect especially
08:42 if haven't doing much in the first place and I know
08:45 both Janet and Cindy do workout and even still
08:47 they feel it. Okay, now we're gonna stretch the
08:49 muscles we just worked. What we're gonna do is
08:51 we take our left arm we're gonna stick it out straight.
08:53 Then we wanna point to the right as far as we can,
08:56 bring our other hand up behind the elbow and pull.
09:00 We're gonna hold it for about 10 seconds and you
09:03 should be feeling it stretched right into the
09:06 shoulder region right here. Okay, we got it,
09:09 X marks the spot right. Okay, now let's switch
09:15 and go the other side. Pull it across and pull.
09:24 And hold it for about five more seconds.
09:26 And then we're gonna start getting into our
09:28 aerobic training, okay relax. We're gonna start
09:33 out the aerobics very gently, we're just gonna
09:35 step out to the side. Stretch the leg down,
09:38 we're gonna come back up. Go over to the other way
09:42 and then up and then over. We're doing it nice
09:46 and slow to start out, and up, and over, to the
09:52 middle, over, to the middle,
09:59 and over, to the middle and over.
10:00 Okay you ladies go ahead and keep going.
10:09 Okay, let's speed up just a little bit.
10:14 This is just simulating a side lunge. You can do
10:18 this with resistance if you want, but never put the
10:20 resistance on your ankles because you could hurt
10:22 your knees, but you can put the resistance on your
10:25 hands if you want to hold some light dumbbells.
10:29 Okay we're gonna go five more each way.
10:34 Go and speed up just a little bit more.
10:37 Very good, very good.
10:46 And one more. Now let's go ahead and start
10:49 stepping in place, make sure you move your arms,
10:53 very important, if you move your arms you get
10:56 more of a total exercise effect that's why they find
10:59 things like rowing to be very beneficial.
11:02 Because you are implementing more
11:05 muscles as you are doing your work and every
11:07 muscle has its own aerobic, anaerobic system.
11:09 So, you're just putting in more of a calorie burn by
11:11 doing that. Right, you ladies keep marching and
11:15 I'll try and keep talking. One of the key elements
11:20 that I see with people of various autoimmune
11:22 disorders, and I know Cindy you work in
11:24 counseling so I know you see this as well, but
11:27 virtually everyone of them, I have yet to meet
11:29 somebody with autoimmune disorder who
11:31 isn't dealing with a lot of psychological
11:34 stress of some kind. And why I always encourage
11:37 people that come through our wellness program,
11:39 lets go and pump the arms a little more there Cindy.
11:42 That when they come to the program I say look
11:44 doing the programs is only gonna be part of the
11:46 equation but you got to get in with our counselor
11:49 and fortunately at the Black Hills we do have a
11:51 full time counselor who is a ordained minister and
11:54 does a tremendous job of helping people, but they
11:57 have to get in to see him in order to start getting
11:59 help because so many people are dealing with
12:01 issues, but they don't even realize and a lot of times
12:03 we carry baggage within us, so we are not even
12:06 thinking about. And I also tell people this if you're
12:09 doing something that you shouldn't be doing or if
12:11 there is something you should be doing that you
12:13 are not doing, you're in a state of dis-ease in other
12:16 words you're not comfortable with yourself
12:17 because you're doing something that doesn't fit
12:20 within the frame work of your spiritual walk and
12:24 whenever you do that it's gonna cause problems.
12:26 Alright, lets pick it up just a little bit.
12:30 How are we doing Janet? Fine.
12:32 Okay. How are you Cindy, okay, right.
12:36 Alright, we're looking good. Okay ladies we are
12:45 gonna stop that, now we're gonna do some real
12:47 light squats. We are not gonna go down very
12:49 deep, we're just gonna go down a little bit and back
12:52 up now the key to this is to push your hips back
12:55 as you squat. Act like you are reaching for a chair
12:58 behind you with your bottom. You're reaching
13:01 back, reaching back, keep your chest up, reach back,
13:07 reach back, keep the knees over the feet
13:12 and don't go down very far, now if you aren't
13:15 experiencing any problems and this is
13:18 feeling too easy for you, then go ahead and go deeper.
13:20 That's alright. But, remember here on Body
13:23 and Spirit, and Body and Spirit Aerobics we target
13:27 programs for specific areas, so that when
13:30 people call me and they do from all over the
13:32 world saying is there a program out there just for
13:36 somebody with fibromyalgia then I can
13:38 lead him to it knowing that's it's a program that
13:42 would be beneficial for them without causing a
13:44 lot of excess stress. And for those who want more
13:49 intense workouts well we proved those as well.
13:52 But, this won't be one of them and both our ladies
13:55 are probably glad of that.
14:02 Squatting is an excellent exercise, everybody
14:05 should have the ability to squat down and be able to
14:08 get back up again. In our society a lot of people
14:11 can't sit down, they fall down into their chair
14:15 and they can't stand up they have to walk and
14:17 push themselves back up.
14:21 Okay, let's go back into our step.
14:27 Cindy's been interning out on our campus as a
14:31 counselor while working with Pastor Dan. Cindy,
14:33 I'm sure you have see a lot of people with come
14:36 through with autoimmune disorders who have lots
14:37 and lots of stress. Yeah. And when the stress starts
14:41 going away guess what we start feeling better.
14:44 That's right. It's amazing what the body can do
14:48 when its feeling happy. And of course many
14:51 people have found that laughter does work very
14:53 well like medicine as the Bible tells us and when
14:58 somebody is sad what happens then? Says it will
15:00 dry up the bones? And you realize depression
15:03 causes osteoporosis, pretty amazing.
15:08 Okay now we're gonna do is we're gonna go into a
15:10 lunge type work but we're not
15:12 gonna go very deep again. Let's go out to the right,
15:16 left, just go and put the hands on the hips and left,
15:21 and right and left, and right, what we're doing
15:28 here is we're just giving some variety to our
15:30 aerobic exercise. Aerobic exercises are fine by
15:36 rhythmic activity of a major muscle group and
15:39 the most major muscle group we have is the legs,
15:43 they can go and go and go for quite a long
15:45 period of time. We also do some programs for
15:48 those who cannot use their legs much or even
15:50 for those who can use their legs but they can't
15:53 get around very well. Not too long ago Janet and
15:57 I did a program together for those who could do an
16:00 aerobic workout in a chair and we were both
16:03 sweating when we were done.
16:09 Just like in the squats you want to make sure your
16:12 knee does not come past your foot because if you
16:14 do then you are putting a lot of stress upon your
16:19 knee and again with any type of autoimmune
16:23 disorder you're just gonna make it hurt that much more.
16:27 So, be careful how far down you go.
16:33 Okay now ladies we are gonna step across and
16:37 over, step across and over, step across by doing
16:44 this type of maneuver now we start bringing in
16:46 some other muscles of the adductors and the
16:49 abductors of the hips. Very important to try and
16:54 get as many muscles as possible, firmed up and
16:58 working well within your body cause the more
17:01 balance your muscle development is, the less
17:03 pain you're gonna have. And of course many
17:06 people would greatly reduce their pain if they
17:10 would simply lose weight. One of the things
17:12 I find amazing is when people come to our
17:16 Wellness Program we try and tell them, look if
17:19 you're developing, if you have autoimmune
17:20 disorders you wanna stay off of refined foods
17:24 especially sugary type products, which effect the
17:26 immune response, and they'll be doing just fine
17:30 and somebody will slip out on the weekend to the
17:33 store and they'll go get something that they
17:35 shouldn't get and the next day they're in extreme
17:39 pain and they're wondering why? And you
17:43 say well, what did you have to eat? Well that
17:45 doesn't have anything do with it. Well, actually it
17:47 does. By having some sugary type products,
17:50 people who have autoimmune disorders
17:52 will gravely intensify the pain that they're in.
17:56 And sometimes you just wanna say is it worth it.
17:59 Why do you do this to yourself? Is it really
18:01 worth it? And so many people have the attitude
18:04 out there that they better eat whatever they want to
18:06 eat and die at a very early age of a very
18:09 uncomfortable disorder than live a healthy
18:12 lifestyle and have a long healthy happy life.
18:16 And I know for myself as being somebody who
18:19 used to eat three pounds of meat, a gallon of milk
18:22 and half dozen eggs everyday. I don't miss any
18:24 of that stuff, I don't miss it at all.
18:30 How we doing? Fine. Okay, Janet doing alright.
18:33 Okay. I seem to be migrating more towards
18:36 you there Cindy as I keep stepping.
18:41 We got about two more minutes of aerobic
18:43 exercise to do. And then we'll start working on
18:46 some cool down activities and some more stretching.
18:52 Okay, let's go back into your step again.
18:56 Get those arms pumping.
18:57 For those at home if you want to get into a jog type
19:04 motion you can do that as well. But, we'll stay with
19:08 the walk here for all our fibromyalgia type people
19:11 that are out there. There is other things that are
19:15 starting to be attributed to autoimmune disorders,
19:18 certainly allergies are quite up in there but even
19:21 some have started to say that they think
19:22 Alzheimer's might be autoimmune disorder and
19:25 MS. Some of the diseases like that. So, a lot is being
19:29 learned and covered as Medical Science keeps
19:33 going forward, but we do know that if we don't take
19:36 good care of ourselves our body will start to
19:39 rebel and go against us okay. Cindy, try and
19:42 swing your left arm a little more, your right arm
19:43 is doing great. You have to forgive me that's the
19:47 old track coaching me if I see one arm isn't pumping
19:50 quite right. You gotta make sure you catch it up.
19:55 Janet, you look like you've been marching for
19:57 a long time. Yeah. Okay. I'm marching to Zion.
20:00 You're marching to Zion, okay you're probably
20:01 singing that as you go. Okay lets start slowing it
20:08 down a little bit. Whenever you do aerobic
20:11 exercise it's very important to have a warm
20:14 up phase to start getting your heart going and then
20:17 you go through the training phase and then
20:19 you go through a cool down phase and that cool
20:22 down phase will help your heart keep pumping
20:25 blood through the body, if you just stop suddenly
20:28 and this has happened before where people work
20:30 extremely hard and they go through a good aerobic
20:33 workout and then they just stop suddenly and
20:35 they actually will drop dead, because their heart
20:37 has gone through a stress that it's not prepared for
20:39 and it over takes them. Okay another very
20:44 important part of autoimmune disorders or
20:47 any type of lifestyle for that matter is to drink a
20:50 lot of water. 'Cause if you drink a lot of water that
20:53 will help keep the fluid flushing through your
20:56 body, get all the waste byproducts out and keep
20:59 the blood in the proper consistency. A lot of
21:01 people will slug, get their blood real sluggish 'cause
21:04 they're dehydrated we don't want that either.
21:06 That's where people would start getting
21:07 headaches because is not getting good
21:08 circulatory flow. Okay we're almost done.
21:16 How are we doing, we are doing alright, fine, okay,
21:19 alright. Alright, lets go ahead and start.
21:27 Now what I want to do is to put the hands behind
21:28 the back. We're going to do some abdominal work.
21:31 I want you to blow out, bend over, come up and
21:36 lay back. Blow out, over, up, and back. Blow out,
21:43 over, up and back. Contract the abdomen,
21:48 forward, up, lay back and stretch it. Blow out, over,
21:53 up and back. Blow out, over, up and back.
22:00 Blow out, over, up and back. Blow out, over, up
22:07 and back. Blow out, over, up and back. Blow out,
22:13 over, up and back. Blow out, over, up and back.
22:20 We gonna do 10 more. There's one, focus on
22:26 contracting your abs and stretch them back.
22:28 Contract, there is three, contract, there is four,
22:35 contract and five, contract and six, contract the abs
22:45 and back, contract, there is eight, two more times,
22:49 contract and back up, stretch back one more
22:53 time and up, okay. We're gonna twist, rotate and
23:01 lets go the other direction and turn and turn,
23:09 and turn, and turn, and turn, and turn, we're
23:17 gonna go five more each way, lay back and turn,
23:22 there's number two, and turn, and turn, and turn,
23:32 two more times, and turn, and good. Okay, let's
23:39 work on the neck a little bit. We're gonna turn to
23:42 the side, now turn and look the other direction,
23:47 and turn, and turn, and turn, and to the right,
23:55 back to the left, back to the right and left, and
24:02 right, and left, and right, and left, and right, one
24:09 more time and turn, and turn. Let's see what the
24:13 ceiling looks like, up, check out the floor,
24:16 back to the ceiling and to the floor and up,
24:22 and down, and up, and down, and up, and down,
24:30 and up, and down, and up, and down, and up,
24:37 two more times and up, and down, and up and down.
24:43 Okay now try and lay the head over the left side
24:48 now slide it over to the right. Back over to the
24:52 left and over to the right, and now back to the left,
25:01 and to the right, back to the left, back to the right,
25:10 couple more times each way, and back to the right
25:14 and last one, and back over. Okay let's just shrug
25:20 the shoulders up. And relax, shrug the shoulders
25:24 up, and relax, way up and down, way up, smile
25:30 ladies we are almost done. And down, way up,
25:36 and down, and up, and down, and up, and down,
25:44 and up, and down, okay let's just stretch out the
25:47 calves, step back, push your heel to the ground.
25:54 Wanna feel that stretch in the calf area down around
25:56 Achilles tendon, the back leg is straight, the front
25:59 leg is bent, and we're gonna hold that for about
26:05 five more seconds. And we're gonna try and
26:08 switch over to the other side and push back,
26:12 press the heel to the ground, stretch your calf.
26:19 Very important to keep that Achilles tendon
26:21 flexibility intact. And we got about five more
26:27 seconds here. Okay, good, alright ladies
26:34 thanks a lot. Well done. When people get in a new
26:39 program it's very important to put all
26:41 aspects in. For example you want to eat healthy
26:44 food, no doubt about, lots of fresh foods and
26:46 vegetables, get those active enzymes in your
26:48 system and try and stay away from things you're
26:51 gonna counteract and pull nutrients
26:52 away from the body. You don't wanna be
26:54 drinking things like pop or coffee or anything like
26:56 that. You just wanna get in good refreshing water.
26:59 One of the key elements for a strong immune
27:01 system is get outside in the fresh air and lots of
27:04 sunshine. Sunshine is a great immune system
27:07 booster and a great mood elevator. Try and find
27:10 things to develop on that are going to bring joy and
27:12 happiness to your life, not sorrow or depression as
27:15 you watch a lot of things on television that can
27:18 cause a lot of stress reactions within your body.
27:21 Exercise will give you an endorphin type effect.
27:23 They will give you feeling of well being to
27:25 the point where it will boost your immune
27:27 system and the way you feel about yourself and
27:29 those around you. And then one of the most
27:32 important aspects of course is to be temper in
27:35 all things and focus on the Lord and his work,
27:38 doing things for his glory and as you find yourself
27:41 not thinking about your own pleasure but thinking
27:43 about serving God, you'll find yourself much happier.
27:46 We use the saying here in Philippians 4:13,
27:49 that I can do all things through Christ
27:51 which strengthens me. God bless you.
27:53 Thanks for joining us, we look forward to seeing
27:54 you next time on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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