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Lower Back Problems

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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Jonathon Hopkins and Richard Nelson


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use
00:05 to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician before
00:10 beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Many people in our country feel incapacitated
00:17 because their lower back hurt.
00:19 The good new is the things you can do
00:20 about that to help ourselves we can get
00:22 along better and have less pain.
00:23 Want to know more, stay tune next
00:26 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:55 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:57 of the Black Hills Health and Education Centre.
00:59 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
01:02 We have been doing Body and Spirit
01:03 and Body and Spirit Aerobics for
01:05 quite a years now, and one time
01:07 when I was at an ASI Convention there was women
01:10 who was coming right towards me,
01:12 in fact she was running towards me which kind
01:14 of surprised me because I didn't see
01:16 anybody else behind me. When she got close to me
01:18 she jumped and I caught her,
01:19 didn't know what else to do
01:20 and when I started down she said,
01:22 I was hoping you would be here
01:24 and I said while I'm here who are you?
01:25 And she said well who I am is unimportant,
01:28 but let me tell me my story.
01:29 And she said she had back problem so bad,
01:32 that she ended up going to surgery
01:33 and physical therapy and nothing helped her.
01:36 She thought she was gonna to spend
01:37 the rest of life on the couch.
01:39 She and her husband pick up a 3ABN satellite
01:41 and when Body and Spirit came on she said
01:44 that she is simply use to mute button.
01:46 Now if you ever you wanted to be humbled
01:47 just have somebody say they hit mute every time
01:49 me come on and lets you do the trick,
01:51 but as she was going through in the process
01:54 and watching 3ABN, one day she couldn't get
01:56 to the quicker fast enough
01:57 and I came on and side today's was gonna be
01:59 on lower back problems and she decide to watch
02:02 order the tape and three months later
02:05 she was totally pain free
02:06 and living a happy healthy life.
02:08 So, lower back problems can be reverse
02:10 and so we are gonna a program for that today.
02:12 Helping me out today will be Jonathan and Richard.
02:17 Jonathan is a nice young candidate who wants to
02:20 prevent lower back problems.
02:21 Richard has experience in back problems of course,
02:24 he will be a good candidate for us today.
02:25 We're gonna start by loosening up,
02:27 we're gonna do little upper body exercise first
02:30 and we're do some aerobic exercise
02:32 and we gonna finish up for some stretching today
02:34 and some specific a lower back strengthening moves.
02:42 Okay, let's go back to the other way.
02:46 This is a just nice circle motion
02:48 you are not doing anything other than
02:51 just loosening up the shoulders
02:53 doing the body ready getting the circulation
02:55 increasing little bit,
02:56 preparing for some exercise.
03:04 Okay, fellows I think today
03:06 will start with some push ups.
03:07 Okay, Jonathan you can do regular ones.
03:10 Richard you gonna do modified one off his knees
03:13 as to protect his back
03:15 and we are just gonna 10 of him.
03:16 Do it on my count and was still nice and control.
03:19 Down, and up, and down, and up, and down,
03:28 and up, and down, and up, and down,
03:34 and up, here is number six and up, and seven,
03:41 and up, number eight, up, and nine, up,
03:48 and number ten, up. Okay, come on up.
03:53 Notice how both and kept back nice
03:55 and flat and if you do have some back problems
03:58 that can at tendency for
03:59 the lower towards in fact, Jonathan get back down
04:02 there for a second and do a push up
04:04 and properly were your hips are collapsing down,
04:07 okay, yeah like, and sometimes people
04:09 will pushing up from that position
04:11 and that can be very difficult on your back.
04:13 Both Jonathan and Richard were doing a nice
04:15 and straight and when you doing of our knees
04:17 and you can protect your back even more.
04:19 Okay lets stretch those muscles now,
04:20 lets lean back and just feel it stretch.
04:27 Okay, come across and give yourself a hug.
04:34 Alright lean back a little bit
04:37 and stretch back.
04:41 Richard you look like you are just baptizing,
04:43 coming out of water.
04:47 That's good, thank you for that.
04:53 Okay, relax. Okay let's do some upper back work.
04:57 In fact let's use our towels.
04:59 I want you to grab those for us Richard.
05:05 The towel makes for a good help and resistance
05:08 and so what we gonna do
05:09 is we gonna take a towel
05:10 and act like we are trying to rip in two
05:13 and then we will do some pullovers,
05:14 we gonna reach back and pull it down.
05:16 And up, and down, okay you guys keep going,
05:22 pull the towel part hard,
05:23 you are trying to tear it into two.
05:27 So, I come over tested
05:28 should have a lot of tension on it.
05:34 I've seen people for say this is so hard
05:36 and then we check the towels got slackening.
05:39 Well of course is not hard well you not trying.
05:43 Over towel part hard
05:45 stretch back keep doing straight
05:47 and when you come back forward again
05:49 trying use these muscles to pull you back down.
05:52 Stretch back and use those upper back
05:56 muscles of the scapular region to pull back over.
06:00 Okay, can you feel that Jonathan in those muscles.
06:04 Little bit, okay,
06:05 well you use a lot of weight on that motion so.
06:08 And you also do this from a lying position as well.
06:11 Let's go about five more
06:20 and three more and one more time.
06:29 Okay now take your towel
06:31 and bring it up here like this and you are still
06:33 pulling in a part and now you gonna push up
06:36 and come down, push up, and down.
06:41 Standing arms way up and down,
06:43 keep pulling it a part. And down, up, and down,
06:49 and up, and down, and up, pull a part,
06:54 press it up and press it up and press up,
07:01 and push, and push, and push, and push,
07:11 five more times, and two, and three,
07:18 and four, and five. Very good. Okay,
07:24 Richard go and tussle towels over there.
07:29 Okay, we gonna start with some aerobic exercise.
07:33 Now we gonna warm into by doing some squats
07:35 and that's why one of the best
07:37 and you gonna for a bad back
07:39 because you want to get the gluteus maximus
07:41 and the lower back tine and the hamstrings
07:44 all developed well so we gonna squat down
07:48 by pushing the hips back.
07:50 Keeping the chest up, squatting down and up,
07:54 squatting down, and up. I'm in check form
07:59 keep going fellows
08:01 okay lets try go little bit deeper
08:06 are see on these guys when they are going down.
08:09 Jonathan once you turn side ways.
08:11 If you watch the form as he going down
08:14 chest stays up and knees stay over the feet.
08:17 That push and the hips back and as you going down
08:20 you feeling it stretch and the low back
08:23 the gluteus maximus comes in,
08:24 and then the gluteal hamstring time
08:26 very important for that.
08:29 Okay, you just keep going fellows.
08:31 Richard is looking good.
08:33 Richard's have lot practice squatting down.
08:37 Developing the gluteus maximus muscles
08:39 because what happens epically in man
08:41 that it looks like somebody
08:43 has basically taken the air valves out,
08:45 might even cheek, and let the air out
08:47 because there's no air valves,
08:48 but people do might,
08:51 the women would say my husband,
08:52 I think he has no bottom and of course
08:54 if they don't have a bottom they gonna
08:55 have very little muscle support there
08:57 and then gonna a lot of pain with their back.
09:00 Okay, now go and turn back to the front
09:02 Jonathan and keep squatting.
09:04 Nice transaction I knew you could do it.
09:08 Okay, now we gonna from there to a lunge,
09:11 okay lets go and step out hands on the hips fellows.
09:14 Lunge out and back, lunge out same concept
09:22 as we doing with the squat
09:24 right Jonathan lets if you can transaction
09:26 in to our lunge here on the side ways position,
09:28 oh there he goes. Very good now
09:32 as you watching Jonathan you can notice
09:34 that his knee is not going fast as his foot.
09:37 His chest is stating up.
09:41 Close as you use to doing is with that lot of weight
09:43 so pretty easy okay. But, it still effective.
09:53 Jonathan has gotten some muscle soreness
09:56 more than once from doing Body and Spirit
09:58 and Body and Spirit Aerobics.
10:00 Okay go ahead and rotate back to the front again.
10:04 I want to see how do that one.
10:10 How you doing Richard? Alright. Doing alright?
10:13 Yeah. Getting tired, okay,
10:19 alright let's go back into the squat.
10:26 I trained Richard and when we first had him
10:29 start doing some squats or and well lunges mainly,
10:33 they were a little bit awkward for him.
10:34 So, he has been working on him and he has got
10:37 quite a bit better at them.
10:43 As you are doing your squat,
10:44 think about the Gluteus Maximus because
10:47 that's important to be focusing on
10:48 as you using those muscles.
10:50 If you just thinking about using the quadriceps
10:52 then that's how you gonna getting out of it.
10:54 You wanna think about the gluteus maximus
10:56 to get the maximum out of your,
10:57 out of what you are trying to do there.
11:00 Okay, let's do that 10 more.
11:09 And 5 more, chest up, chest up keep the chest up.
11:18 Okay, we gonna some side lunges up to the side,
11:22 back to the middle, up to the side,
11:24 back to the middle, up to the side,
11:26 back to the middle,
11:32 this is working on the adductors
11:34 and the abductors as well as still keeping
11:37 the legs in motion. So, we are trying to
11:39 get some aerobic effect here.
11:41 So, we are not stopping and resting,
11:43 we are just continuing to go one exercise
11:45 after the other.
11:51 Okay you fellows keep going.
11:56 Okay good, alright speed it up just little bit,
12:09 bad backs are cause for a number of reasons
12:11 posture is certainly big part of it.
12:14 When you lose that lower thoracic curvature
12:17 and certainly strengthening
12:19 gluteus maximus will help
12:20 and of course one of the major factors
12:22 and back problems for man is it there too much
12:26 abdominal weight and as they started losing
12:29 weight of abdomen. They will start having
12:32 this back strain or just weak abdominal muscles.
12:35 When we take a muscle and you wanna make it
12:37 strong make sure the other side
12:39 of the muscle that were the antagonistic muscle
12:41 is strong so the case of the low back
12:43 that would be your abdomen
12:44 and for the abdomen your lower back.
12:47 So, would have good strong lower back muscles
12:49 you also wanna to strong abdomen.
12:51 Okay, let's just go into step in place.
12:54 Step in place,
13:02 and one of the thing it will looks be
13:04 exploring in just a few movements here.
13:06 One of things you man battle with
13:08 for a back problems, lack of flexibility
13:11 in their hamstring area. So, we're doing a
13:13 little stretching along with the rest of our
13:16 program here for that area.
13:22 Alright let's speed it up a little bit.
13:24 Since the program is dealing with
13:26 low back we are making sure one foot is staying
13:29 on the ground at all time.
13:30 We are not going into a running motion
13:32 because we are trying to
13:34 keep away from any jogging.
13:35 In fact, Richard I believe you said before that
13:37 if you get too much jogging you does
13:39 hurt your back. Yes it does.
13:40 If you do fine as long as it will keep
13:41 you well grounded. Yeah. Okay, that's good.
13:46 And Jonathan you probably how did you experience
13:48 so bad, do you? Not really. Okay,
13:50 and if you do it's probably because
13:52 strained it somehow doing something
13:54 that you might not have done
13:56 like riding a motorcycle at breakneck speeder
13:59 or something like, crashing, crashing.
14:02 I will start the writings of problems in crashing.
14:04 Okay, that's like the thing what people say
14:07 you are afraid of flying, no crashing, landing.
14:13 Okay, slow it down, when you slow down
14:16 let's try and make nice big steps.
14:18 Way up, very good, not to get more help
14:23 with the range of motion.
14:25 Sometimes back problems will cause
14:27 totally unrelated to what they
14:30 think we think they are.
14:31 One time I was coming out to do Body and Spirit
14:33 I was having some problems with my back
14:36 and I was going to chiropractic care
14:38 and I seen all the restless step
14:39 you can think about nothing was helping me
14:41 and I came out to do the show
14:43 and I was just have a such a problem
14:45 after the first day of taping I thought
14:47 I would have to stop. And then we unfortunately
14:49 had a physical therapist
14:50 and a massage therapist with us.
14:52 And the physical therapist
14:53 found out he was my hip flexors
14:56 and adductors will causing a problem
14:58 and once we worked on those I was immediately
15:01 better and I was after going to three weeks
15:03 of other types of intensive care,
15:05 but see if you hitting the right spot
15:07 and that what the promise when you look at the spine
15:10 if you take the vertebrae
15:12 and that they start to tweak one side
15:14 and cause herniation of the disc
15:16 on the side will bulging of the disc
15:18 the tightness is on this side over here
15:20 but the pain is over here so people are treating
15:23 this side over here when all the time
15:25 the pain is here we need to work on that area
15:27 get to relax get the vertebrae to go back
15:30 to the natural alignment
15:31 and then take the pressure of the disc.
15:36 And all the way you guys keep marching on.
15:39 Okay, let's go back in to the squats.
15:49 Keep the chest up, keep the smile on our face,
15:53 will down little deeper stretch the hips.
16:01 Okay back into the step.
16:08 Okay, way up.
16:11 Start to feel your legs at all Richard.
16:13 Little bit. Little bit,
16:15 how about you Jonathan. Alright, okay.
16:22 We have got about two more minutes
16:24 of aerobics to do.
16:27 Okay little bit faster still.
16:33 Very good Richard, you got that marching down.
16:42 He was giving you test Jonathan you see him
16:44 keep up with him. Surely it self.
16:46 Surely it self,
16:47 alright you remember this is low back training,
16:50 low back training.
16:54 Okay you start slowing down.
17:02 And slow down little more.
17:04 Aerobic training we want to started up
17:06 by just warming up into it we did that by just doing
17:09 some squats and some lunges.
17:10 Then we get into training range of it by speeding up
17:13 and we are doing lot of stepping here
17:15 and then we are going to the cool down
17:17 phase to allow the legs to help the heart
17:20 and assisting with the venous blood flow
17:22 return to the heart so we are not gonna put big
17:24 demand on the heart saying okay
17:25 you do all the work. Slow down little more.
17:38 Now, Richard looks like that headband helping.
17:40 It does. Richard has a very efficient
17:44 cooling regulation system
17:47 known as perspiring.
17:49 Sometimes people say will if I get more fit,
17:52 then I won't perspire as much
17:53 and that's not to it all, in fact the more fit
17:55 you become actually the body becomes
17:57 even better at perspiring
18:00 to allow to cool yourself down.
18:01 You just when you become more fit.
18:03 You can do more things before
18:05 you start feeling warm.
18:10 Okay we are down to our last 20 seconds.
18:13 Just take it down nice and slow.
18:15 Nice and slow. Nice causal slow
18:18 to the part now Richard. Okay. Alright enjoy
18:22 all the pretty trees and flowers now.
18:25 Just try to keep up to Janet's.
18:28 Janet is his wife. She walks fast,
18:34 okay go ahead and relax.
18:37 I want you guys you go and ahead
18:38 and lay on your back.
18:40 Okay, now I want you to.
18:44 Richard I want you turns your legs
18:45 this way towards me
18:47 because we gonna stretch you out.
18:49 Jonathan, go ahead and come little bit more.
18:52 I want you just go ahead and relax,
18:54 we get your pillow,
18:55 okay put your legs straight Richard.
18:57 Put both legs straight, okay put this one down,
19:01 put this straight. Okay,
19:04 now this is very typical for man
19:07 you bring it about this part and they feel like
19:09 you taken him far enough.
19:12 And so what we need to do is trying give him
19:14 a little more range of motion
19:15 and why I'm do that as called proprioceptive
19:18 neuromuscular facilitation.
19:20 Is that on painful Richard?
19:23 It might be. Push against me.
19:26 I'm push against me for five seconds.
19:29 And then what I'm want to do is just a relax,
19:31 okay relax and now I can bring
19:34 him little bit further. So, I would a re-educating
19:37 the muscles to tell him its okay to go further.
19:40 Okay, push again. And relax,
19:47 and we go littler further still.
19:49 Now for women they usually start out
19:51 in this position and even then some
19:53 and then you can get a little further.
19:55 But, women tend not to have as much
19:57 as back problems as men do.
19:59 Actually their structures are set up a little more
20:01 efficiently for the back, okay. Now,
20:05 let's do the other side and see how we do there.
20:06 Okay, we will put your right leg down.
20:11 Now this side is actually is more fixable
20:13 than the other one. Okay push down.
20:16 Push, push, push, relax.
20:23 Now you can do this on your own
20:26 by just putting your hands behind your leg.
20:28 It's not as easy somebody doing it for you
20:30 because we tend not to take ourselves quite as far.
20:34 Push against me again.
20:40 And relax. Very good.
20:48 Okay, guys good flex way. Now, just for a comparison,
20:50 Jonathan go ahead and lay down.
20:52 Jonathan is fairly flexible,
20:55 let's see where we bring him to.
21:03 Okay push against me,
21:05 try to keep that leg straight.
21:07 Okay relax.
21:11 Okay push, and relax.
21:19 Okay straightened leg out, okay.
21:23 Alright what I want you guys you do
21:25 is sit some of the angel like that
21:27 and I want you to put your left leg straight,
21:30 left leg straight put your right leg,
21:32 put your right foot right here,
21:34 okay. Now go ahead and turn your body,
21:37 put your left arm on the opposite side
21:39 and turn and look that direction.
21:41 Okay, so we just gonna stretch the lower back.
21:52 And hold that. Okay, lets switch the other side,
21:59 put your right leg straight,
22:01 put your left foot on the other side
22:03 of your right knee, okay and try get
22:05 your right elbow on the outside of that knee.
22:08 Okay, now as you can see here,
22:11 Richard is having a little more trouble than
22:13 Jonathan as far as getting in that same position
22:15 and that's where his tightness
22:18 of his back and Jonathan's youthfulness
22:21 comes in to play there.
22:30 Okay, many of the exercise programs
22:34 that are on various televisions
22:36 shows and networks, most of the people
22:38 on there look like Jonathan,
22:40 where more of the people of course of our age
22:43 category can be more somewhere Richard
22:46 and not gonna be able to be quite as flexible
22:48 as Jonathan. So, we wanna try
22:50 and accommodate everybody.
22:51 Okay, well I like you guys you do now
22:53 is get on your backs, we gonna do some
22:55 abdominal crunches. Bend your knees.
23:01 Abdominal crunches are very valuable
23:03 for people with back problems,
23:04 put your hands behind your neck,
23:06 okay blow out, crunch up, and back down. Blow out,
23:10 crunch up, try in bring your chin up
23:13 towards the ceiling as you come up.
23:14 Good Richard, okay and up, and up, and up,
23:22 and up, and up, and up, do 10 more and up,
23:33 blow out, blow out try push your low back
23:38 as mush as you can to the floor.
23:40 Blow out, blow out, blow out, blow out,
23:47 blow out, blow out. Okay come up
23:51 on your hands and knees, your hands up this way.
23:55 Alright, now what you gonna do is
23:57 you gonna put your right arm out straight pointing,
24:00 okay now put your left leg out straight
24:04 and this is a good exercise,
24:06 very nice static hold, forces you to balance
24:09 and works on that lower back region
24:11 without putting it to a lot of harmful range of motion.
24:16 And we're gonna hold that one for 10 more seconds.
24:24 You should feel that your gluteus maximus muscles
24:26 that you are holding up
24:28 and you are feeling your back
24:29 as you stabilizing and that's a lot of with
24:33 your lower back and your abdominal stabilize
24:35 your trunk, alright switch side.
24:41 The left arm out,
24:44 very good and we gonna hold that
24:48 for about 20 seconds.
24:55 Okay, we have got five more seconds to go.
24:58 You look good keep breathing.
25:01 Alright back hands and knees.
25:04 Okay, we want you to arch your back up
25:06 like your contracted hips.
25:14 Pull that and now come back down the neutral spot,
25:21 okay and back up again.
25:27 And back down and up.
25:35 Feeling that stretch, yeah.
25:37 Okay back down, and up, way up.
25:45 And down, and back up again,
25:48 way up, you find as you get better like this,
25:53 you will be get more range of motion
25:55 back down flat and one more time way up
26:02 and hold that. Hold it, hold it, hold it,
26:09 10 more seconds there is 1, and 2, 3, 4, breath
26:18 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, one more 10 good.
26:25 Back up on the feet just put the hands
26:29 behind the back blow out, come over, up, lay back,
26:36 blow out, over, up, lay back, blow out,
26:42 over, up, and back, blow out, over, up,
26:50 and back, blow out, over, up, and back,
26:55 blow out, over, up, two more, blow out,
27:02 over, up, and back, blow out, over, up,
27:08 and back. Okay fellows
27:10 thanks a lot well done, thank you.
27:13 Alright hope you enjoyed going to a lower back
27:16 training program with us.
27:17 Remember when you training and injury
27:19 or tying to prevent one it just takes time
27:22 if you hurt just take it slow until such time
27:25 that you start feeling yourself getting better
27:26 and if you don't have any back problems
27:28 you just want to prevent him
27:29 these are good exercises to do to make sure
27:31 that never becomes reality.
27:33 But, make sure do with the right the right reason.
27:35 Don't do it for your own vanity
27:37 or own self glory do it so you can glorify God
27:40 and with your body.
27:41 Remember you purchase with the price and that
27:43 price is the Blood of Christ,
27:45 we claim the promise of Philippians 4:13
27:47 I can do all things for Christ
27:49 which strengthens me. God bless you
27:51 thanks for joining us we look forward to see
27:53 you next time on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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