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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Jonathon Hopkins and Megan Frasier


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Would you like to get a good strength training program
00:16 and a good aerobic workout on the same program?
00:19 Find out next how to do it on Body & Spirit Aerobics.
00:50 Hello, I am Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:51 at the Black Hills Health and Education Center,
00:53 Welcome to Body & Spirit.
00:56 A lot of programs out there try and advocate
00:58 both strength training and aerobics
01:00 and they try and mix them up and do them at the same time.
01:02 That's really not a good concept because aerobics
01:04 and anaerobic are totally opposite from each other.
01:07 You'll be better off to do one and then the other.
01:10 But if you go from an upper body exercise
01:13 to an aerobic piece and then to another upper body piece
01:16 and then to another aerobic piece, each time
01:18 you do that you're going to be breaking the aerobic
01:21 cycle of the muscle and going to another muscle.
01:24 We're not gonna do that here. We're gonna try and do
01:26 both but we're gonna do the strength training
01:28 and then we'll go into the aerobic training.
01:30 So get it all in one program but we're not gonna
01:32 mix them up. We'll divide them out.
01:34 And you should get a good effect and you'll find out
01:36 that even without using weight equipment
01:38 or any type of expensive equipment
01:40 you're gonna get a really good work out.
01:41 We're ready to get started here. Helping me out
01:44 today will be Jonathon and Megan.
01:48 Well, ready for a good hard workout?
01:49 Oh, yeah. Okay.
01:50 Jonathon, you're always up for that.
01:52 I know that, so I won't even ask.
01:56 Jonathon has become quite a familiar face on Body & Spirit
02:00 specially doing some of the real high
02:03 intense crazy workouts.
02:05 Fun ones.
02:07 The fun ones.
02:09 Okay, we're just warming up.
02:12 So if you're going, well, this isn't hard.
02:13 Well, you're right. It's not suppose to be.
02:15 It's supposed to be the warm up.
02:17 Just relax, let those arms swing around nice and lose.
02:20 Now let's go the other way.
02:24 Up and around, up and around, nice and relaxed.
02:28 It's like you're swimming with the butterfly stroke.
02:31 All I can do is imagine, I go down like ten rocks.
02:40 Okay, up and around, up and around, up and around,
02:44 up and around, up and around, good.
02:47 Okay, now we should be all loosened up for some pushups.
02:50 So, Megan, I'm gonna have you do them off your knees.
02:53 Lot of people call these women style pushups.
02:55 I don't call them that. I call them modified pushups.
02:58 I've seen women do one arm pushups
03:00 and just blast them out like nothing.
03:02 So women are well capable of doing regular pushups
03:05 and Megan could do them but we'll let them do off the knees
03:08 'cause I want to encourage people
03:09 just to get down there and do them.
03:11 Jonathon, you do regular ones.
03:12 If you've to do them against the wall at home, that's okay.
03:15 You can still start building yourself up that way.
03:17 Okay, get in position.
03:18 Now I want you to go up my count.
03:22 We're gonna go down just a few inches and hold it.
03:25 Down, go get started.
03:27 Down a few more inches and hold it.
03:29 Up a few inches and hold it.
03:31 Back down and hold it. Now go all the way up.
03:35 Go down a few inches and hold it, back down and hold it.
03:40 All the way up, down a little bit, hold it.
03:44 Back down, hold it.
03:47 All the way up, down a little bit, hold it.
03:51 Down some more, hold it.
03:53 Up all the way.
03:55 Okay, down a little bit, hold it.
03:58 Down some more, hold it.
04:00 All the way up.
04:01 Okay, just go ahead and totally rest.
04:05 Just go ahead and get on your knees
04:06 and just kind of shake it out.
04:10 Okay, now we're gonna go to a back moment.
04:12 Jonathon, go ahead and hit the position.
04:18 Okay, you're just gonna come through,
04:20 like this and then back up.
04:23 Okay, Megan, go ahead and get in the position as well.
04:26 Okay, let's go down then way up.
04:32 And down and way up.
04:37 And down and way up.
04:41 And down and way up.
04:46 And down way up.
04:50 And down and up.
04:53 And down and up.
04:58 And down and up.
05:02 And down and up.
05:06 And down and up.
05:08 Starting to feel that, Megan? Yeah.
05:10 All right, good, keep going.
05:13 And up and down and up. We got five more.
05:19 Down and up.
05:22 And down and up.
05:26 And down and up.
05:30 And down and up.
05:32 And down and up. Okay,
05:37 go ahead and get on your knees
05:38 and relax a moment. Just shake it out. Okay.
05:45 Respiration starting to increase a little bit.
05:47 All right, back to pushups.
05:52 All right, pump them up, just one after the other.
05:55 Down and up. Okay, now slow it down.
05:59 Slow.
06:05 Now speed it up.
06:09 Now slow it down.
06:14 And speed it up.
06:19 Five more times,
06:20 one, two, three, four, five.
06:26 Okay, up on the feet.
06:30 How did that feel, Megan? Good.
06:34 All right, we better stretch for a moment,
06:35 give them chance to rest.
06:36 Hands behind the head, push your elbows way back.
06:42 And bring it across, pull your shoulder blades apart.
06:49 He's breathing harder than you.
06:51 Okay, push your elbows back.
06:58 That's hard huh?
06:59 Yeah, Okay.
07:01 Okay, now cross them over.
07:08 Okay, let's stretch the lads as well,
07:09 bring your arm up over the head.
07:13 And we should be stretching right into here.
07:15 Feel that Megan? Mm-hmm. How about you?
07:19 Oh, yeah. Okay.
07:20 Feels good.
07:22 Whenever you're stretching hold for about 10 to 15 seconds.
07:25 Don't over stretch. There are some people who try
07:27 actually get their joints to hyper extend
07:30 and that's not a good thing to do
07:32 because it's just weakens the joint.
07:33 Let's switch to other side.
07:42 Make sure you get good air exchange
07:44 while doing this, breath in deep.
07:49 All right, relax.
07:50 Now we're gonna do some shoulders.
07:53 Arms out to the side, gonna make some small circles.
08:00 It's one of the favorites of Body & Spirit.
08:02 Anybody who might be watching this goes
08:05 "Oh, this program looks easy," try this out.
08:08 Okay, make them bigger.
08:11 And I still find, you know, through all my years
08:13 of training, pushups is still a great exercise
08:16 and not a lot of people want to do them
08:19 because they are hard.
08:22 Okay, make them smaller.
08:25 But yet I've seen people doing amazing things with pushups.
08:33 Okay, and go the other way.
08:35 I remember a story of a famous football player,
08:38 Herschel Walker, who's a Heisman trophy winner.
08:40 And he said that he got strong not from lifting weights
08:44 but he would do a 1,000 pushups a night.
08:46 Every time he would watch television
08:48 and a commercial would hit,
08:49 he'd get on the floor and do pushups.
08:50 Nice. That's cool. Yeah.
08:55 That's one way to describe it.
08:59 All right, let's make it smaller.
09:02 Okay, bigger again.
09:07 And now smaller.
09:11 Okay, now hold it.
09:13 Were you anticipating that, Megan?
09:17 Yeah. Okay.
09:19 We're gonna hold it for one minute.
09:23 And then we're gonna start into aerobic exercise.
09:25 As we start into aerobic exercise,
09:27 we'll be warming up the legs
09:29 by actually strength training them.
09:30 And then we'll get right into the rhythmic activity.
09:33 This is the worst part.
09:39 I forgot to check the time to see how long we started.
09:42 I'm ready to go.
09:43 I'm ready to go. I don't believe that.
09:45 I don't feel the burn yet.
09:47 Okay, I think we got about 20 more seconds to go.
09:51 That's long time. Is that about right?
09:54 Yeah. Okay.
09:56 Keep those arms straight out,
09:57 palms down, hold them tight.
10:04 Starting to feel it yet, Jonathon?
10:06 Well, certainly. How about you, Megan?
10:07 Yeah. Okay.
10:09 Got seven more seconds to go.
10:11 And then you get to put your arms down.
10:14 And then it's gonna feel very good. And down.
10:18 Isn't that so good? Oh, yes.
10:21 Okay, let's start with some lunges now.
10:24 Put your hands on your hips, out with the left.
10:27 Back now right and back.
10:30 Left and back, right and back.
10:35 Left, go out further now and deeper.
10:39 When you're doing these keep your knee over your foot
10:42 the whole time that you're going down.
10:50 Very good, keep going.
10:56 Way out, way out.
10:58 Little deeper.
11:06 Okay, step out and hold it now.
11:08 Hold it now back.
11:09 Step out, hold it and back.
11:13 Step out, hold it, back.
11:16 Step out, hold, back.
11:19 Just go regular again.
11:28 Step out and hold it and back.
11:31 Step out, hold it, back.
11:34 Step out, hold it, back.
11:37 Step out, hold. Back regular.
11:49 Two more each side.
11:55 Step out and hold and back.
11:59 Step out and hold and back.
12:02 Step out and hold, back.
12:05 Step out and hold, back.
12:07 Okay, walk in place.
12:11 Legs should be warm.
12:12 Keep those legs, arms pumping.
12:18 A lot of people think when you strength train,
12:21 that you need to do lots of sets
12:24 and that's not necessarily true.
12:25 I've found my best success was done while I was training
12:29 just three times a week for 15 minutes.
12:31 And I was able to get my bench press up
12:33 to 500 pounds on a total vegetarian diet.
12:35 The best I ever did eating 3 pounds of meat,
12:39 a gallon of milk, half dozen eggs a day
12:41 on seven days a week, four hours a day was 455.
12:44 So I got much stronger as a vegetarian
12:47 and training only three times a week for 15 minutes.
12:50 Okay, start picking it up.
12:51 Pick it up.
13:03 Little bit faster still,
13:04 legs higher, pick them up.
13:06 Jonathon, go ahead and go into a jog.
13:15 I would like to give you an option of doing
13:17 either or if you want to jog like Jonathon's doing
13:19 or just keep marching briskly as Megan is doing.
13:28 Now this seems simple but its rhythmic activity
13:31 of major muscle group and as we continue doing this
13:34 you'll see that both of them
13:36 will be getting a good training effect.
13:40 Jonathon is very fit. He climbs
13:42 all over the Black Hills of South Dakota.
13:44 And the higher the climb, the better he likes it.
13:47 The highest peak between the Rocky Mountains
13:50 and the Swiss Alps is a place called Harney Peak,
13:53 which is only about half hour away from it.
13:54 So, Jonathon, how many times have you climbed that?
13:56 Tons. Tons, I don't know how many
14:00 that would be but that sounds like a lot.
14:02 Five in a week, in a month anyhow.
14:04 Five times a month, wow.
14:06 And that's how high, 8,000 some feet?
14:09 7,242 feet. Okay.
14:11 You ever climbed that, Megan? No. I haven't yet.
14:13 You haven't. Well, Jonathon, sounds like you got a date.
14:20 Okay, slow it down.
14:23 Okay, let's go into side lunges,to the left first.
14:26 Okay, and then over.
14:41 Strength training really just focuses
14:42 in on how much intensity you put into it.
14:45 A lot of people go into gyms and they want to do
14:48 a set of exercise and they set it down
14:50 and they go pose in front of the mirror,
14:52 go get drink a water, and they come back
14:53 and do another set. Then they go look
14:55 for the pretty girls and they go strike in front of them
14:57 and then they come back and do another set.
14:58 And really they're just wasting a lot of time.
15:00 They just get in there and give it a 100%.
15:02 Then they get a lot more benefit out.
15:04 But its hard if somebody says, we're gonna do pushups,
15:07 its hard to get down there
15:09 and just do pushups until you can't.
15:10 Its much easier just to do 10 of them and then rest
15:13 and then do another 10 and then rest
15:15 and do another 10. And, yes, you might tired
15:17 but that's not near as difficult then just getting down there
15:20 one time and go on as hard as you can,
15:22 as many as you can and that will give you,
15:24 I believe, a better overall training effect
15:26 if you just go for it and put the most into you can.
15:29 And I found that with athletes I've trained
15:31 that when I train with that type of intensity
15:34 their strength goes up dramatically.
15:36 Okay, let's go back to stepping in place.
15:43 I know one of the more popular fitness programs out there
15:47 involves mixing aerobics and anaerobics
15:51 and I know especially women get involved with that.
15:53 And, yes, its gonna burn calories.
15:55 And I tell them, yes, it is better
15:57 than doing nothing at all.
15:58 But I don't feel like it's the best way to exercise
16:02 as it would be just to do your aerobics
16:04 and then your anaerobics or doing
16:07 your anaerobics and then aerobics.
16:08 It really doesn't matter which one you do first.
16:10 It really depends on which one you want to put the focus on.
16:13 I personally like doing the aerobics first
16:15 'cause I like leaving fitness room pumped up.
16:18 That's still my old bodybuilding days, I guess.
16:21 Okay, pick it up.
16:22 How about you, Jonathon, what would you prefer?
16:26 I like Cardio first.
16:29 You like doing Cardio first,
16:30 'cause you like leaving pumped up too.
16:33 How about you, Megan, you like leaving pumped up as well?
16:34 Oh, yeah.
16:41 How're we doing? Starting to get warm yet?
16:42 A little bit. Okay.
16:46 How about you, Jonathon? Oh, yeah.
16:48 Okay.
16:52 We've got about 5 more minutes of aerobics
16:55 to do and then we'll go to the cool down.
16:57 You're gonna make it, Megan?
16:58 Aha. Okay.
17:03 Remember you're having fun.
17:04 You're helping a lot of other people
17:07 get fit by your efforts.
17:11 Okay, little bit faster still.
17:12 Very good.
17:23 The beauty of this you can do this any time.
17:25 When people say, well, I can't do any exercise
17:28 because I am going to a hotel orl Motel.
17:32 I don't stop exercising because I go to a hotel or Motel.
17:35 I'd find something to do.
17:36 And certainly this is a way of doing that.
17:41 And goes back the old saying, "Where there is a will,
17:43 there is a way and when there is no will, there is no way."
17:51 Okay, slow it down.
17:56 We're gonna do a little bit of speed variety
17:58 to give it somewhat of an interval effect.
18:01 Interval training has been found to be very beneficial
18:04 as far as burning fat and calories.
18:06 Okay, speed it up.
18:09 The more fit you become,
18:10 the more fat you'll be burning
18:12 because your body will be more receptive to this
18:15 and I know that we a lot of times
18:17 have people come out to our program
18:18 and then their bodies will go, wow.
18:20 We're actually gonna be exercising.
18:22 It's time to start burning fat.
18:23 Okay, pick it up a little bit faster, Megan.
18:28 Knees up, knees up, knees up.
18:30 Try and bring the knees up a little higher, Jonathon.
18:32 Oh, very good. Now we're stepping.
18:35 Let's do that for 20 seconds.
18:46 Excellent, 10 seconds. Keep the knees up,
18:48 keep the knees up.
18:49 Pump the arms, pump the arms.
18:54 Okay, slow it down, excellent, excellent.
18:59 You're getting warm yet? Yeah, a little bit.
19:00 Oh, yeah.
19:07 I know Jonathon in his time with me,
19:09 he has done some strength training
19:10 and although you're not that heavy,
19:12 only around 160 pounds but you've bench pressed.
19:15 I think at your best you were doing
19:17 205 for around eight repetitions?
19:18 Yep.
19:19 Which is pretty good for a fellow of his size.
19:23 We had a world class cowboy
19:26 come out to our wellness program
19:28 who was a bulldogger and last thing
19:31 I would want to do if I was riding horse
19:33 will be to jump off and try and tackle a 700
19:35 pound steer by the horns and through it down.
19:37 But that's what you used to do.
19:38 And he was always amazed at how much strength
19:40 Jonathon had. And said, you know, Jonathon
19:43 if you were a guy who could go out to a bar,
19:45 which Jonathon would never would. You can make
19:47 a lot of money by betting people what you could
19:50 or could not do 'cause he just was absolutely amazed
19:52 at how strong Jonathon was for a guy of his size.
20:00 And I am doing just in my time with him when we go moving
20:02 stuff, he's like a walking forklift.
20:08 And Jonathon has a brother who's about his same size
20:11 and I had to move a bunch of rocks
20:13 and his brother was also like a walking forklift
20:17 picking up the large boulders and picking them up.
20:22 Okay, let's do side lunges now.
20:25 Hands on the hips.
20:36 We're gonna go hard on aerobics for about another minute
20:39 and a half then we're gonna start our cool down phase.
20:46 Okay, let's speed it up.
20:50 Very good.
20:57 She's keeping up with you, Jonathon.
20:59 Good.
21:00 Good, Megan, you're looking good.
21:07 50 more seconds.
21:16 Now for those at home,
21:17 if you need to take a break, feel free to do so.
21:20 You wanna do this at your own pace.
21:23 The beauty of aerobic training is you can take little breaks
21:27 and still get a lot of benefits.
21:30 If you have to only go for a couple of minutes
21:31 and stop and rest, that's okay.
21:34 And then just return back to it as soon as you can.
21:36 Try and go for another couple of minutes.
21:38 You'll find that as you continue doing it
21:40 that's you get you can last longer and longer.
21:43 Down to your last 10 seconds.
21:56 Okay, step it out gently.
22:05 Just checking to see how we're doing there.
22:07 Still breathing.
22:09 Still breathing.
22:10 Breathing is an important part of it.
22:17 I strongly encourage those who are doing aerobic exercise,
22:20 certainly a lot of people have to do exercise
22:24 inside especially with the climates
22:25 and rain and so forth but get outside as much as you can
22:28 also to get some good walking or gardening
22:32 or whatever type of outdoor activity
22:34 you want to do or climbing large hills.
22:41 As we always point out on Body & Spirit Aerobics,
22:43 our aerobic training consists of three phases.
22:46 There's the warm up phase, then there is the active phase
22:50 while we're going through with the pulse rate
22:52 up going through the steady range of motion
22:54 and then probably one of the most important
22:56 phases of it is the cool down phase.
22:58 Its also probably the most enjoyable
23:01 because the first couple of minutes are difficult
23:03 as your body is getting into the aerobic training mode,
23:06 it takes a couple of minutes to kick that system into gear
23:09 and then once you go through those first couple of minutes,
23:12 it gets easier and so once we get to that phase
23:15 then we speed up and then the last part of it
23:18 the cool down phase, it feels good because you've done
23:21 the hard part and now you're just letting your legs help
23:24 your heart to go into the recovery phase
23:26 so as we're doing this easier walking,
23:28 the pulse rate's slowing down,
23:30 the respiration is slowing down and your heart is going huh.
23:34 Good, we can start slowing down
23:35 and relaxing little bit but you get this nice
23:38 cardiovascular effect from that.
23:40 It's gonna help your blood pressure,
23:41 your blood sugar and your overall mental outlook.
23:45 So are you happy now, Jonathon?
23:46 You bet. Okay, Megan.
23:47 I'm good.
23:48 See, exercise boosts those endorphins,
23:51 and makes you feel good.
23:52 Gives you a feeling of well being.
23:56 All right, now what I would like you to do
23:58 is you're gonna use me as a stretching post.
24:01 So put your hand on my shoulder.
24:03 Okay, Jonathon, you get your right ankle
24:05 you get your left.
24:06 Okay, and stretch your quadriceps.
24:11 If nothing else, I'd make a good wall.
24:17 Now if you can't get a hold of your ankle,
24:19 it's okay, just to get a hold of your pant
24:22 like Jonathon's showing you that.
24:23 We have that happen many times with our Wellness guests.
24:26 When they're going through stretching,
24:27 they can't get to their ankle
24:28 yet but as they continue stretching lo and behold
24:31 they get to their ankle and they're really excited
24:33 when they get that,
24:35 seeing that happen, and go, "Wow, look at that,
24:36 I can now get a hold of my ankle."
24:37 All right, let's switch sides.
24:42 Put your other hand on my shoulder and grab the other leg.
24:47 Of course Jonathon works on doing it
24:49 being balanced without a help. Can you do that?
24:51 Oh, yeah, you've got good at that. Haven't you?
24:53 Okay.
24:58 You'd make a very good flamingo, Jonathon.
25:01 Okay, relax.
25:03 Now we're gonna step out.
25:05 We're gonna lean into.
25:08 We have this leg is gonna be straight.
25:09 The back leg is gonna be bent.
25:11 And you're gonna lean forward into it.
25:14 Keep your chest up as you do it and stretch that hamstring.
25:22 Hold it. You should be feeling it in the back of your leg.
25:25 Toe is up, back leg bent, front leg straight up on the heel.
25:33 All right, now switch sides.
25:36 Okay, you're up on the right foot now.
25:38 Up on the heel, left leg is bent,
25:40 right leg is straight, lean forward,
25:42 keep your chest out, nice deep breaths.
25:51 Okay, Megan, we need to straighten
25:53 your hips just a little bit.
25:54 Okay, now go forward, chest up.
26:01 Okay, good, now stretch the calf.
26:03 Put your right leg back straight, bend your left leg,
26:08 press your right heel all the way
26:11 to the floor and hold that.
26:22 All right, let's switch sides.
26:24 Left leg back, up on the toe,
26:27 then press the heel to the floor,
26:29 stretch the calf and the achilles tendon,
26:31 the right leg is bent, chest is up
26:34 and you are breathing through the nose,
26:36 out through the mouth.
26:38 In through the nose, out through the mouth.
26:42 Okay, relax.
26:47 Okay, we are done.
26:53 Many people are interested in getting stronger
26:55 but they don't know what to do and they think
26:58 thay have to work out for a long period of time
26:59 in order to get the benefit they're looking for.
27:01 That's not true. You can get great benefit
27:04 in just a short period of time. As I mentioned earlier,
27:07 I only lift weights three times a week for 15 minutes
27:10 and the people I trained
27:11 whether they're in competitive sports,
27:13 body building, power lifting,
27:14 whatever they're doing, I used similar training techniques
27:17 and see nothing but great success.
27:19 And so often people come to our wellness program
27:22 who have been doing workouts on their own and I asked them,
27:25 do you want to continue your own program?
27:26 Or do you wanna try ours?
27:27 And they say, well, let me try yours. And inevitably,
27:30 they always say, I like this so much better
27:32 'cause I get even more progress
27:34 in such a short period of time.
27:36 But most of all we encourage people
27:38 to train for the right reasons.
27:39 Not for self glorification,
27:41 we want them to train for the glory of God.
27:43 That's why we use this scripture here
27:44 all the time from Philippians 4:13,
27:47 we realize where our strength comes from.
27:49 It says, "I can do all things through Christ
27:51 who strengthens me."
27:52 Thank you for joining us.
27:53 God bless you. We'll see you next time
27:55 on Body & Spirit Aerobics.


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