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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Cindy Hanson and Megan Frasier


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use
00:06 to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Many people are now battling depression.
00:16 And they don't know where to turn.
00:19 We have some simple answers stay tuned and find out
00:21 what they are, next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:52 Hello, I am Dick Nunez, Wellness Director of the
00:53 Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:56 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:57 One of the conditions we see so often at our
01:00 wellness center nowadays is depression.
01:02 We wonder what's happening, people more
01:05 and more are being diagnosed with this
01:06 condition. And they go on a lot of medications
01:09 and do a lot of things. But, unfortunately all those
01:11 medications are doing is keeping them
01:13 depressed. But, we wanna do is reverse it and
01:16 fortunately there are some ways naturally we can do that
01:19 We're gonna talk more about that as we get into program
01:22 helping me out today will be Cindy and Megan.
01:28 Unfortunately ladies, depression does seem to
01:30 seem to fight the women little bit more then
01:31 the men although the men are not, are not immune
01:35 to that either and a lot of times we see girls
01:37 even your age Megan that are starting to get it,
01:39 so we want to talk a little bit about that.
01:41 And one of the good ways to help depression
01:43 is by exercise. So, we're gonna do that now,
01:45 lets start with just a little easy warm up,
01:48 by swinging the arms around.
01:54 I know one research project talked about
01:56 thattwo thirds of all depression could be
01:59 reversed with six weeks of regular exercise
02:03 three times a week. And that's a lot,
02:08 and definitely with the what people eat
02:14 and how they take care of themselves,
02:15 and so I could do with it. But I always encourage
02:18 people who were feeling very down is go
02:21 to bed earlier, we find that to be very beneficial.
02:25 Okay, up around the other way.
02:28 'Cause when we go to bed and catch the early hours
02:31 of sleep before midnight and follow our natural
02:35 biological clock we find that we wake up a lot
02:39 more refreshed and feeling ready to take on
02:40 a new day. Okay, lets start into our exercise now.
02:48 And we're gonna just kind of do a press forward
02:51 and squeeze together, bring it back, press it out,
02:55 and back, and press it out, and back, and press,
03:01 and back, and press, and back, and press, and back
03:07 and press, and keep going.
03:11 Unfortunately we find a lot of people even that are
03:14 involved in Christianity, they still battle depression.
03:18 And they can't figure out why, 'cause they think
03:20 I pray and pray and pray and pray and God
03:22 just doesn't take that depression from me.
03:24 And then they start blaming God saying,
03:26 why haven't you taken this from me,
03:28 I prayed about it and prayed about it
03:29 and I still have it. Well, the reality is
03:33 they haven't surrendered it yet.
03:35 They're demanding that God take something from them
03:36 and maybe that God's trying to show them
03:38 some things that they need to be doing
03:40 some changes in their life to help them
03:42 get past the depression
03:43 Okay, now let's rotate up, gonna push up at an angle,
03:47 squeeze your hands together at the top.
03:52 Reach way up, and up, and up, and up,
03:58 10 more times there is 1, push up, and up,
04:05 there is 4, and press, and press,
04:10 and here's 7, and 8, two more times, 9 and 10.
04:18 Good, alright Megan you want to get the towels for us.
04:26 Okay, we're gonna work on our upper back now,
04:30 and the way we are gonna do this is we're gonna
04:32 gonna take our towel and pull it apart,
04:33 we're gonna come up and we're gonna bring it back down.
04:37 We're coming up, and down, and up, and down,
04:42 and up, and down, pull the towel apart,
04:47 it should be tension not the whole time
04:49 and up and down, and up and down, and up, and down,
04:57 way up, way down, up and down, up and down,
05:04 up and down, keep pulling it apart,
05:08 pull it apart, pull it apart.
05:10 Hold it at the top, okay now we're gonna
05:14 bend to the right, we're gonna bend to the left,
05:18 back to the right, now to the left, back to the right,
05:24 and to the left, back to the right, back to the left,
05:30 and to the right, and to the left, back to the right,
05:35 back to the left, back to the right over to the left,
05:41 3 more times. There is 1, and over and 2,
05:47 over and 3. Okay, let it drop for a moment,
05:52 let those shoulders rest for a second.
05:54 Well, I guess it's hard holding
05:56 that up after awhile. Okay, so now what we are
06:00 gonna do is we're gonna take our towel
06:01 and we're gonna grab the end of it like this,
06:04 we're gonna grab down here with the other hand,
06:07 lets go ahead and both do it on the right side,
06:10 grab it at the end with your right hand,
06:11 see how I'm doing it. Okay, then grab with
06:15 with your left hand, okay then we're gonna
06:17 gonna rise up and pull back down, and up,
06:20 and down, and up, and down,
06:24 the towel is working as our resistance,
06:29 so often in our wellness program,
06:32 people come and we take them out for walks.
06:35 And at first we are not so sure they wanna go for walk,
06:39 but after they get done with the walk
06:41 and amazing things happen, they feel better.
06:44 Because now they get the chemicals stimulus
06:46 of the endorphins and that gives you a feeling
06:48 of well being and you keep doing that
06:52 that and you find yourself having
06:55 a little different change of heart.
06:56 I've seen many people who have been very pessimistic
07:02 and suddenly they change and start becoming optimistic.
07:06 Three more times, and up, one more time, and up,
07:13 okay it's gonna change sides, gonna grab the end
07:17 with your left hand, grab underneath with your right,
07:20 raise up, pull back down. I did some prison
07:26 ministry work for a while and one a young man
07:29 who was in there, I had some of the inmates come up
07:31 and say what have you done to this fellow.
07:33 So, what are you taking about, they said,
07:34 he was one of the cruelest, meanest guys in the prison.
07:37 If you said hello to him, he would curse at you,
07:40 he would never greet you, he would never say excuse me,
07:43 and now he's saying good morning, how are you doing,
07:46 thank you, excuse me, what have you done to the guy?
07:50 ? I said well I haven't done anything,
07:52 but the Holy Spirit has,
07:53 Holy Spirit can totally change
07:54 somebody's outlook on life.
07:59 Okay, 5 more times, give yourself resistance
08:03 and up, and up, one more time and up, and good.
08:10 Okay, we're gonna our towel again,
08:13 this time we're gonna take it palms up.
08:15 And we're gonna curl it, and we're gonna go down,
08:19 curl up, and down, up, all the way down,
08:24 all the way up, and down, and up, and down, and up,
08:29 and I know in working with people with eating disorders
08:33 I found the exercise to be a good key for that as well,
08:37 'cause it helps them take control of their life
08:38 in a different way. So, if taking
08:40 in a negative aspect of starvation or purging,
08:43 they're not taking the toll of their life of exercise
08:46 and they feel a whole lot better and it's really hard
08:49 to exercise and make good progress
08:51 progress if you are not eating properly
08:52 and so that forces the person
08:55 who's battling an eating disorder
08:56 to make a choice, one way or the other,
08:58 are you going to get healthy and fit
09:00 or you gonna keep trying to tear yourself part
09:03 and as it comes down to it most people
09:06 in those conditions really don't care
09:08 if they're muscular, they just don't want to be fat.
09:11 And fat can cause people to be depressed.
09:16 Cindy, I know you a spend lot of work, working
09:19 with people in counseling and so you see
09:22 a lot depression in your work.
09:27 Okay, 5 more times, and 2 more, and good.
09:36 Okay, now we're gonna do some triceps work
09:39 and what we are gonna do is we're gonna grab
09:40 towards the end of our towel
09:41 with your right hand, so we're like this.
09:45 This way. There you go, and with the left hand
09:48 we're gonna grab it here, we're gonna start up
09:51 by our left pectoral muscle, we're gonna push down
09:54 and back up, push down and up, and
10:02 and Cindy in your work what do you find being
10:04 some of the major causes of depression?
10:09 Usually emotional, you know like emotional problems.
10:13 Emotional problems that haven't been dealt with.
10:16 Dealt with. Okay. Eating or a lack of exercise.
10:20 Lack of exercise, okay. Push down, and push,
10:25 and push, and press, extend the elbow
10:32 all the way down, try and get way down, and way down
10:36 and way down, way down, so that arm is
10:38 totally extended, way down, way down,
10:41 give yourself some resistance,
10:43 I shouldn't see the towel looking loose
10:45 and so well at the end, that's okay.
10:47 Okay, 4 more times, and press, and press,
10:54 and press, and press, good.
10:58 Okay, we're gonna switch it, grab it
11:00 now with your left hand down towards the end,
11:02 and you're gonna grab with your right,
11:04 just a couple of inches above the other hand
11:07 that way you can stay close to it
11:09 and you can get the full extension down.
11:11 You are switching over, so you grab on left here,
11:13 come around here with your right, there you go
11:17 go and then you're gonna go all the way down,
11:18 and back up, good. Okay, keep it
11:22 nice and tight to your body, all that your working
11:25 is your triceps.
11:28 And you have arms just like mine.
11:31 Go show all your friends. And you won't have
11:37 have to worry about the boys giving you a hard time.
11:39 Okay and press, and press, and press,
11:46 all the way down, all the way down, 10 more times,
11:50 press, and press, and press, and press, press it down,
11:57 down, and down, and down, and down, and down,
12:03 one more time and down, good. Okay, Megan
12:09 if go can ahead and get the towels out of here.
12:10 Well, I guess we'll start and do some aerobic
12:14 exercise now. Both anaerobic which we just did,
12:17 some resistance work and aerobic trainer
12:20 are very beneficial for helping reverse depression
12:22 and so we've done some of that, so lets do some more,
12:25 lets start with some side steps nice and easy,
12:27 okay go to your left, okay, back to the right,
12:30 left, and right, and left, and right, left,
12:35 and right, left, and right, okay step in place,
12:42 step in place, okay lets go and swing your arms Cindy
12:52 Okay, pick it up a little bit. This is a beginning
13:02 phase of aerobic exercise where we just start
13:05 warming the body up and then as we get warmed up
13:09 we will start picking up the phase a little bit.
13:12 As we get that heart start to beat,
13:14 if we push it too fast too soon then we put
13:17 a real strain on the heart and we can cause
13:20 some premature ventricular contractions which also
13:23 can be caused from depression and stress.
13:26 We are getting a good night sleep
13:28 sleep or if we're worried about things or
13:30 what I always tell people is if they are something
13:32 you should be doing that you are not doing
13:34 or if there's something that you are doing
13:36 doing that you shouldn't be something you are doing,
13:39 did I get that right, it's kind of like
13:42 the Apostle Paul saying I do, but I don't wanna do.
13:44 Yeah. If there is something you should be doing
13:46 that you are not doing or vice versa you will find
13:49 yourself in a state of mental disease.
13:51 Okay, lets go back to the side steps,
13:55 hands on the hips, okay step left,
13:56 then bring your foot to it, then over,
13:59 bring your foot to it, to the left,
14:01 bring your foot to it, there we go, now we are going.
14:04 Very good, we look a thorn between two roses here.
14:17 Okay, and left, and right, and left, and right,
14:28 and left, and right, and left, and right,
14:32 and left, and right, and left, and right,
14:37 left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right,
14:45 left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right,
14:53 left, right, left, right, pick it up a little bit,
14:57 little bit faster, left, right, left, right,
15:03 left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right,
15:11 left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right,
15:17 left, right, left, right, okay step, now see
15:22 if my foot speed is still there.
15:30 Used to play basketball years and years ago.
15:33 Stepping sideways was very beneficial
15:38 Swing the arms. Okay, go ahead and keep going,
15:54 go ahead and pick it up, one of my favorite stories
15:57 from the Black Hills is we had a fellow name
15:59 Kelly come out to our program and he was so depressed
16:03 by the time he finished the program
16:05 he was still very quite, I thought well
16:07 I don't know if we had much effect on this guy.
16:09 About six months later I get a call from him,
16:12 he goes hey Dick this is Kelly.
16:14 I said Kelly who? He goes you know depressed Kelly.
16:17 And I said, well you don't sound like depressed Kelly,
16:19 because that's 'cause I'm not depressed Kelly anymore.
16:21 I said what happened, okay pick it, pick it, pick it
16:23 swing the arms. I said what happened to you.
16:26 And he said well I kept following the things
16:29 that Pastor Dan suggested
16:30 I do and I kept following the program,
16:32 of eating right and exercise, drinking water
16:34 and I feel absolutely great now,
16:37 in fact he was just getting ready to get married
16:38 when I talked to him, he was working again,
16:40 but we found so many people come out that they are
16:42 are so depressed they can't even function anymore.
16:44 They can't work anymore,
16:45 they can't stay in a family life.
16:47 There just have nothing going for them.
16:49 Okay, lets pick it up a little more,
16:51 a little faster still. Swing the arms,
16:55 come on Cindy, swing those arms. Very good,
17:03 okay let's go to another transaction that's lunge.
17:06 We won't go very deep, we just lunge out,
17:08 and lunge, we're just breaking the rhythm.
17:13 The reality is when it comes to aerobic exercise,
17:18 there are really so many ways you could move
17:20 yourself around and we try not to get too dancing
17:23 here on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
17:25 Mom Ford who was a old friend of the program for years
17:28 years always kept me in check, if it started
17:31 to feel like too dancing, she goes
17:32 I feel like I'm dancing.
17:34 And also we try and keep it fairly simple
17:39 because it's difficult when you're following
17:41 an aerobics program and they're doing all sorts
17:44 of different things with their arms and legs
17:46 and so forth and just when you feel like you catch up
17:48 then they switch on you. Oh! no, I got to try
17:51 and figure out something else.
17:53 So, we try and keep it fairly simple
17:54 and just keep the rhythmic activity going.
17:57 I know a lot of people have success in exercise
18:00 by just using ike a rebounder,
18:02 where you just bounce in once place
18:04 and of course you change some of the variety
18:06 of how you bounce but the reality is
18:07 you're just bouncing up and down.
18:09 In our case what we're doing mainly is stepping,
18:12 we're using the major muscles, the legs
18:14 to keep us working aerobically,
18:16 and something you can do
18:19 in the privacy of your own home.
18:21 Lunges are good exercise, we are not going very deep
18:27 because we are just using this
18:29 as part of our cardiovascular conditioning,
18:31 but still the same concepts that we always follow
18:34 here on Body and Spirit Aerobics
18:36 make sure your knee does not go past your foot.
18:40 Lunges are a good exercise, which you might find
18:44 yourself limited and how deep you can go.
18:46 Okay, ladies go back into the step again
18:49 okay pick it up, now let's lift the knees up higher.
18:56 We should be getting nice and warm,
18:59 so we can put the pace to it now.
19:02 But, as we exercise we just feel good about ourselves
19:05 and I know for myself if I can't left weights
19:08 weights I get very mentally irregular,
19:11 so I've got to keep training.
19:13 It's easier for me to lift weights
19:15 than to do aerobics, but I do them both
19:17 because I feel so good after doing my aerobic workouts.
19:19 And I try and do two of those a day for about
19:22 a half-an-hour, riding a bike or an
19:24 elliptical machine or something like that.
19:26 Okay, keep stepping, swing those arms, swing the arms.
19:29 Okay, faster still, okay we're gonna challenge
19:35 it a little bit, good job Cindy.
19:40 Stay happy ladies; stay happy,
19:42 we're having a good time.
19:49 For those at home if you are feeling depressed
19:51 I would suggest you get up in the morning
19:53 nice and early, get some water,
19:55 start your day with prayer and meditation,
19:58 have a good breakfast, get some exercise,
20:01 go outside and get a lot of sunshine and fresh air,
20:04 that's a great mood alterer.
20:05 I'm from Olympia Washington come on, come on, come on,
20:09 pick it up, pick it up, pick it up,
20:10 just 'cause I'm talking doesn't mean you slow down.
20:12 I'm from Olympia Washington and I got used to it
20:15 being raised in an environment where it was cloudy
20:18 300 days of the year.
20:19 Now back when you are living in it,
20:21 you really don't think about it,
20:22 but now in the Black Hills it's sunny
20:25 over 300 days of the year.
20:26 And so now when I go back home to Washington state,
20:30 it becomes a little more difficult for me to hang
20:32 around very long, because it gets depressing Cindy.
20:35 Okay, faster, faster, there you go,
20:41 that's the way, that's the way,
20:44 pump the arms, pump the arms.
20:46 Oh! you girls are doing great.
20:50 And they're starting to glow, just a little bit.
20:54 Very good keep pumping it off.
20:59 We're gonna do another minute of that.
21:01 I know in Alaska they have some problems
21:05 with that too during the, you know doing the year
21:07 of the time of the midnight sun,
21:08 that's when people don't sleep because its so
21:10 bright all the time, but then you have the darkest.
21:14 Come on Cindy, home stretch come on.
21:16 40 seconds, pump the legs, pump the legs,
21:22 pump the legs. Now, we'll start cooling down,
21:29 best news you've heard yet,
21:33 that will lose the depression right there.
21:35 Oh! Good, cool down; pick it up, pick it up,
21:39 last 20 seconds come on.
21:41 Cindy is about ready to run off the set.
21:45 10 more seconds ladies come on,
21:48 home stretch it, pump it, pump it come on.
21:54 Alight, slow it down, slow it down.
22:31 Oh very, you two hit the brakes in a hurry,
22:32 I'll tell you what. This is a very important part
22:33 of the aerobic training as the first part
22:34 is of starting the heart up and warming up.
22:36 And then getting into your training mode
22:37 and now we going through the cool down phase
22:38 where we are allowing our body to help our heart
22:39 slow down by continuing to pump oxygenated blood up to the
22:40 heart, the calf muscles, the gastrocnemius in the back
22:41 of your leg are called the second heart,
22:42 because they work on squeezing that venous blood backup
22:43 And good circulation also helps the depression
22:44 because when you eat a bunch of high fat foods
22:45 or lot of surgery foods and you don't get
22:46 good blood flow to your brain,
22:47 then you start feeling mentally irregular.
22:48 If don't get enough glucose in our system
22:49 people get up and they skip breakfast totally
22:50 and they go off to work. No wonder they get so
22:51 mentally irregular, then they get in a habit of
22:53 being mentally irregular and then pretty soon nobody wants
22:54 to be around them anymore and that just kind of exasperates
22:57 that depression feeling or people become very negative
23:00 about things. you look for negative things about people
23:02 and situations for Body and Spirit Aerobics
23:05 as you're watching the show, sure you can
23:07 pick us apart because we are just people,
23:09 but if you look for the good things
23:10 we get letters from all across the world from people
23:12 who are blessed by a simple effort of
23:14 Body and Spirit and Body and Spirit Aerobics.
23:17 So, when we look for good things we can find them,
23:19 when we look for bad things well we can find those too.
23:22 Unfortunately when we look for bad things
23:23 it affects you, not so much the people
23:26 you are thinking the things about.
23:28 Keep stepping, we are coming down towards
23:31 the end of our aerobic part.
23:33 How are we doing Megan? Good.
23:35 Cindy, you okay? Fine, yeah. Okay, you feel warm,
23:39 alright. Yep, I warmed up.
23:41 You warmed up, okay, a little bit slower now,
23:44 now we are just taking a nice little stroll,
23:47 a walk through the park.
23:48 Here we go, checking out the trees and the flowers
23:52 and the, and all the birds in the pond,
23:57 okay and good. Alright, now we should stretch out,
24:02 I like you to use me as a brace, come over
24:04 and put your left hand on my shoulder, right hand,
24:07 okay go and get your ankle there
24:09 and you get yours there, alright
24:11 and we are gonna stretch the quadriceps.
24:13 So, you should feel that right in your thigh.
24:15 you feel it there Cindy? How about you Megan? Yeah.
24:17 Okay. I make a good wall, good job standing here.
24:26 Okay, switch sides now, put the other hand
24:30 on my shoulder and grab the other leg.
24:33 If you can't get a hold of your ankle, that's okay
24:37 just get a hold of your pant leg and that will be fine
24:39 and you'll find the more that you do it,
24:41 that more affective you will be at it.
24:43 Oh! very good Megan.
24:44 Maybe you can wrap it around and touch the floor.
24:51 Okay, good, now lets stretch the hamstring.
24:54 The way we are gonna do that one is we are gonna
24:55 step out with the left foot, go up on the heel.
24:58 The right leg is bent, and then you gotta lean forward,
25:01 keep your check up and you're gonna feel it
25:04 stretch in the back of your leg.
25:05 We're gonna hold each stretch
25:07 for about 10 to 15 seconds,
25:09 you just focus on your breathing, in through
25:12 the nose, out through the mouth
25:13 as you are doing your stretch,
25:15 deep breathing exercises can also be very beneficial
25:18 to help people relax. Okay and switch,
25:28 okay and as I mentioned early, lot of people
25:31 who go to churches still battle depression,
25:33 in fact I've done some sermons on depression
25:36 and have found that when you a call,
25:41 many people respond, okay lets step out the side,
25:44 to the fact that they are depressed.
25:50 But certainly spiritually we wanna give
25:53 our cares to God, I feel like
25:55 John Bunyan had a real grip on this whole thing
25:58 when he wrote the allegory.
25:59 Pilgrim's progress when he talks about Christian
26:01 carrying all the heavy weights up on them,
26:05 when they shouldn't be, they should be putting in
26:07 with the foot of the cross and as that's what
26:09 we need to be focused on too,
26:10 but unfortunately we say we're putting it right
26:13 before the cross and then we take them right back again
26:14 Okay, switch and feel the stretch. Okay, good,
26:24 now lets just do a couple of trunk rotations
26:26 and we'll call it good, okay, and back over,
26:29 and turn, and turn, one more time, turn, and turn.
26:40 Okay ladies, we're all done. Thanks a lot.
26:45 If you're battling depression you might want to seek
26:47 out some professional help.
26:48 The Seventh-day Adventists have several lifestyles
26:50 centers that all, I'm sure all have good programs
26:52 they are dealing with it.
26:53 One of our unique features of our program is
26:56 that we do have a full time counselor
26:57 and we do full time personal training.
27:00 And that helps people to get that one on one
27:02 and makes him feel good about
27:03 what they're accomplishing.
27:05 Find somebody that you can talk with,
27:07 that you can share some of the feeling you've got
27:08 and deal with some of the things from your past.
27:10 I've meet so many people that carried baggage
27:13 from their past and it's so hard for them
27:15 to get rid of it, it's easy to tell somebody
27:17 to just get over it, but in reality,
27:20 it doesn't work that way. So, find somebody
27:22 you can really trust and care about that you can talk
27:24 and then also get into a good program
27:26 where you're drinking a lot of water,
27:27 you are eating healthy, get the rest
27:29 get the rest that you need, get to bed early,
27:32 get up early, get some exercise,
27:33 you'll be amazed what you can find.
27:35 And do it all for the right reason,
27:36 do it for the glory of God.
27:38 Glorify God with your body
27:40 and claim the promise that we do.
27:41 In Philippians 4:13 it says that we can do all things
27:45 through Christ which strengthens us.
27:47 Thank you for joining us. God bless you.
27:49 I look forward to seeing you next time
27:51 on Body and Spirit aerobics.


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