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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Cindy Hanson and Jonathan Babb


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:09 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Supplements are a very controversial topic.
00:17 Many people think you will find health in the bottle.
00:19 Is that the truth? We will talk about at more
00:22 next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:52 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:54 at the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:56 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:59 One of the things that people talk to me about
01:01 quite frequently especially when I find
01:02 out I am into health is about supplements.
01:04 I know one friend who constantly tells me about
01:08 how she takes supplements and how it makes you feel
01:11 so much better and her aging is going
01:13 in the opposite direction and I just sit there and listen,
01:16 but then I want to come right down to it.
01:18 She would tell me things like you know I just don't
01:20 feel as good I used to.
01:22 I don't have the energy I used to.
01:23 My joints hurt, I am thinking hum!
01:25 I thought you feel like you were going
01:27 the other direction as far as aging.
01:28 What meant she thought, she was actually getting younger
01:30 instead of older. Well, the reality, I don't think
01:33 you are gonna find health in the bottle,
01:34 but there is health out there. We will talk a
01:36 little more about supplements and why people
01:39 take them and what you might need or not need.
01:40 We are gonna talk more about that as we get into our
01:42 exercise program, but let's get started.
01:44 Helping me out today will be Cindy and Jonathan,
01:51 and we are all ready to get started here.
01:53 So, let's start by loosening up.
01:54 Let's bring the arms up and around.
01:57 Bring them up and around, bring them up and around,
02:03 and up and round, bring them up and around,
02:08 and up and around, bring them up and around, and up and up.
02:16 Now let's go the other direction. Up and around,
02:20 up and around, up and around, up and around,
02:26 up and around, up and around, 3 more times, and up and
02:34 up, okay. We gonna start our workout with some pushups,
02:38 so let me just smile Jonathan, okay, get on the floor.
02:43 Let's both you do them off your knees, okay.
02:47 It's always necessary to do the military style pushups.
02:50 Doing off the knees can still give you a good workout
02:52 effect. So let's go ahead and go down on my count
02:55 and back up, down and up, stay together down and up.
03:01 Both you hold it on the top. Back down and up and hold
03:06 and down and up and down and up, down and up
03:14 hold it, down and up, down and up, hold down and up,
03:23 hold down and up, hold down and up, hold down and up,
03:31 hold down and up, hold down and up, hold down and up,
03:39 hold 2 more times, down, and up and down, and up,
03:45 good job, alright, go and come out up.
03:49 Up feel good, right. Alright, hands behind the head.
03:53 Stretch your elbows back and now I'll give yourself
03:58 a hug and pull your shoulder blades apart.
03:59 This is just a stretching motion, trying to pull
04:03 your scapula part as much as you can.
04:05 Now getting behind the head, elbow is back
04:08 and stretch it through your chest and now
04:14 come back around. Alright, good.
04:21 Now we are going to step forward of your left foot.
04:24 Reach out with your right hand,
04:26 grab it with your left and pull back and reach out
04:30 and pull and reach and pull and reach and pull and reach,
04:37 pull, each way out, pull and reach, it's like your
04:42 sawing wood, and pull and reach, and pull and reach,
04:47 and pull and reach, pull and reach, and pull and reach,
04:53 and pull and reach. We are gonna do it 5 more times
04:57 and pull and reach, and pull and reach, and pull and reach,
05:03 2 more, and good. Now switch right leg on front,
05:09 reach out your left hand, grab your left wrist
05:12 with your right hand pull back, reach out, pull back,
05:16 reach out, pull and reach, and pull and reach,
05:22 and pull and reach, and pull and reach, pull back
05:27 and reach. Give yourself some resistance,
05:30 make a support, pull the shoulder blade back,
05:32 reach out pull it back, reach out and pull, reach out
05:38 and pull, reach out, pull it back and pull and pull
05:45 and pull and pull, 5 more, pull and pull, pull it and pull
05:56 and pull, 1 more time and pull, okay, good.
06:00 Okay, now you gonna take it palms over.
06:03 We gonna roll up towards our chin,
06:05 back down and up and down, up and down,
06:11 and up and down, and up and down, and up and down,
06:18 pull it up and down, up and down, very good,
06:22 up each way down and up and down, and up and down,
06:28 and up and down, and up and down, way up and down,
06:34 smile Jonathan there we go, and down and up, and down
06:40 and up, and down and up, and down and up, 5 more times,
06:46 and up and down, and up and down, up, 2 more times,
06:52 up and down, and up and down. Now we gonna roll
06:57 the shoulders way up, way up and up, roll up,
07:03 up and back and up and back, roll it up
07:07 and up and roll up and up, way up high, feel those
07:14 trapezius working. Try and touch your ears with your
07:17 shoulders, and up, and up and up.
07:23 Let's go the other way, up and around, up
07:26 and around, up and around, up and around,
07:31 up and around, up, keep going and up
07:34 and up and up, way up, and up and up,
07:41 10 more times; 1 and 2 and 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, two more,
07:53 9 and 10. Okay, let's stretch that out,
07:56 put your right arm out straight. Bring it all the
07:59 way across your body. Put your left hand behind
08:02 your right elbow and pull.
08:06 Hold stretch for 10 seconds, release it while you
08:11 doing it. Into the nose, out though the mouth.
08:16 Help yourself to relax. Okay, left arm out.
08:21 Point the other direction, put your right hand
08:24 in behind your left elbow and pull.
08:27 Deep breath, pull out, breath in and smile.
08:34 Have a good time. Enjoy the fact that you can
08:37 move because lot of people can't.
08:39 Okay and relax. Alright, we are gonna start doing
08:44 some aerobic exercise, so we gonna start by
08:47 squatting. We are gonna cross the arms.
08:49 We are gonna squat down and come back up.
08:51 We are not gonna go very deep because we
08:53 just loosening up our legs, can you feet apart
08:55 little more Jonathan. There we go.
08:57 Turn the toes slightly out. Push the hips back.
09:01 Keep your chest up. Don't let your knees
09:05 go pass your feet. So down and up and down
09:11 and up and down and up. This is helping
09:15 to warm up our legs and get them ready for some
09:18 good aerobic exercise.
09:25 You are doing, alright. Okay, Jonathan,
09:28 you are doing, okay. Yup! Keep that smile on
09:30 your face all time, okay and so I thought.
09:34 Four more times,
09:42 okay. Now we are gonna start with some
09:44 with some side steps, so we gonna step through left
09:46 and bring the right foot in, step to your right,
09:49 bring your left foot in, okay let's keep that going.
09:55 Those who watching may be wondering
09:57 when he is gonna talk about supplements
09:58 once that can happen. Well, it's gonna happen
10:01 here in just a moment. We are get the workout
10:04 going here. And then while they exercise, I'll talk.
10:10 Well, may be this time all exercise you can talk.
10:14 No, no, takers, okay, alright, so you do the
10:18 exercise and I'll do the talking.
10:19 Okay, we can do that. Good, keep going.
10:25 Pick it up little bit. Hands on the hips, Jonathan.
10:29 Here we go, now we look good. Alright,
10:34 step and step, and step, and step, and step,
10:40 and step, step, stay together.
10:43 Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right,
10:52 left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right,
11:00 left, right, left, right, left, right, stay with me
11:08 right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left,
11:16 right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right,
11:25 left, right, left, right, good, almost done.
11:32 Keep going with this anyway. We are long ways
11:38 from done aerobically. We are just getting started.
11:46 Okay, start stepping, go. Good, get the arms going.
11:51 So supplements, let's talk about it for few moments.
11:56 Some people are really into herbal concoctions.
11:58 Last I checked, disease was not caused
12:02 from herbal deficiencies, but yet people can
12:05 use herbs to help for medicinal purposes,
12:07 but you need to know what you are doing.
12:09 Step, little bit more faster. I had a woman, who
12:14 work for me back when I was in athletic club
12:15 and she had a sinus infection and a natural health
12:19 specialist recommended she take goldenseal.
12:22 So she took in a tea form and just really starts
12:25 slamming it down. She was a bodybuilder and
12:27 bodybuilders, we always had this philosophy
12:29 that more is better. A little bit works,
12:31 we need to take more. Okay, pick it up little bit
12:33 and so she did that. In the next morning,
12:37 two mornings later, excuse me I got a call
12:39 from her, she said, oh! I heard so much my,
12:42 my wrist hurts. Now it's my elbow, now it's my shoulder,
12:46 little bit faster. And she goes what's wrong with me.
12:50 I said sounds like you got the fastest on slot
12:52 of rheumatoid arthritis ever heard of
12:54 and so she went to a rheumatologist and he
12:57 called me up and try to give me some medical leaves
12:58 and I said wait a man you tell me she has an immune
13:01 complex without the antigen and he goes oh! You
13:04 understand this. I said, yes check goldenseal
13:06 and he goes what's that. I said, that's an herb
13:09 the people take. And so he bloom me off like
13:12 yesterday's garbage. But send her to an
13:14 internal medicine specialists, where she was
13:17 indeed diagnosed with having a problem with
13:19 goldenseal and the rheumatologist did say
13:21 somebody mention goldenseal and their
13:23 internal medicine specialists called me up and
13:25 said nice call. She has goldenseal toxicity.
13:27 The reality is that she went into an autoimmune reaction
13:31 that caused her 6 months of her life basically,
13:33 she didn't die, but for next 6 months she was such,
13:36 such extreme pain. She couldn't do anything.
13:38 She couldn't work for 6 months.
13:39 All because is weakened of taking mass and mass of
13:41 goldenseal. Okay, step it up little faster.
13:46 Now going to that's an extreme case and she
13:48 over did it. Not to say that the next couple
13:50 of goldenseal somebody would take that would happen,
13:52 but in that particular case she definitely over did it
13:55 and there are lot of other nutrients that can
13:56 happen with. Both vitamins A and D are toxic
14:00 in large amounts. Okay, step it up, step it up.
14:04 Okay, let's going to our lunge type motion now.
14:06 Okay, left, back, right, but I can't go very deep
14:11 because we just gonna keep the aerobics going
14:14 and left and right and left and right and left and right,
14:24 so it took her quite sometime to be feeling good again.
14:27 After just one weekend, when I find a lot of people
14:31 who think that they are gonna find their health
14:33 in the bottle, but here's another reality
14:35 we have to look at. If people are having chemotherapy
14:39 and if you give the group nothing, but saline solution,
14:43 which really would do nothing to them.
14:45 One third of most loss their hair Cindy
14:47 because they think they are going through
14:49 and so there is a lot to say about the affect
14:53 of parsible and throughout research projects
14:57 they find that the parsible effect will affect
14:59 to our people and that is why doctors are very
15:04 skeptical of accepting testimonies.
15:07 People get on some pills and they think
15:09 why don't the doctor pay attention to me
15:11 because his pills changed my life.
15:13 But the doctors know that the portion of those people
15:17 would get better just because they think they
15:19 will and that parsible effect will kick again.
15:21 Okay, back to the steps. I have got 140 and that
15:28 is what people look to prevent things like cancer.
15:31 One of the things to be found to be very beneficial
15:34 for men is reversing or preventing prostate cancer
15:38 by taking in flaxseed. Now here is the think they don't
15:41 realize that is flaxseed oil will actually increase
15:46 the chance of prostate cancer.
15:47 So the flaxseed will reduce it.
15:49 The flaxseed oil will increase it.
15:51 Okay, go little bit faster. Step it up.
15:55 Pick those legs up. And just in case
16:00 you are wondering Cindy, prostate cancer
16:02 risk faces same in women regardless.
16:04 Okay, just say you know. Keep stepping, pick it up,
16:11 pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up,
16:16 pick it up, good pick it up, and step, step, faster now,
16:32 faster, faster, good. Step, step, step, good.
16:47 Okay, let's go back to squats. Another vitamin we
16:52 find that's so beneficial is vitamin D,
16:58 which is also called the sunshine vitamin,
17:01 which means if you go outside and get lot of
17:02 sunlight it will help you. But they find
17:05 if you need to take vitamin D supplementation
17:08 it will actually increase the risk of certain cancers.
17:11 So, it is much better off to go outside and get it the way
17:13 nature intended in the sunlight and actually
17:16 you will take plants sterile and cholesterols
17:18 in your body and convert them into vitamin D.
17:20 Right, keep going. And there is the old
17:25 issue with calcium and here is the dilemma,
17:27 what we need for vitamin D to do
17:30 is to be supercharged and so for women
17:32 who want to get calcium into their bones
17:35 they want to have vitamin D, but then they
17:37 go and take calcium and guess what Cindy,
17:40 calcium blocks vitamin D to be
17:42 converted into supercharge vitamin D,
17:43 so it's really quite dilemma out there
17:45 and that's why when people eat low amounts of protein
17:48 they actually will simulate more calcium then if they eat
17:51 high amount of protein or excuse me a high amount
17:54 of calcium. Okay, keep going.
18:00 Alright let's go back into our steps.
18:09 Now one vitamin that has been found
18:11 to be beneficial for vegetarians, total vegetarians
18:14 as if they take a little bit of vitamin B12
18:16 or to get some food that have been fortified
18:19 with B12 and isn't the God made a mistake
18:22 and how he made the food, as you said
18:24 through the super scrubbing that food takes place.
18:26 It does get rid of some of that back in the days
18:30 once upon a time if you want the carrots, you went
18:32 out to the garden, plug the carrot, knock the dirt off
18:34 and eat it, they get some B12 too.
18:36 Step more come on, pick it up, pick it up,
18:39 pick it up, pick it up. Just like teaching school,
18:43 when I start talking, you guys start slowing down.
18:47 Step, step, step, step, step, okay, higher,
18:53 higher, come on, step, step, step we got 3 more minutes
18:59 of this. Step, step, if you need at rest at home
19:03 you can do that, but I'm sure both are participants
19:08 would be able to keep it going.
19:13 And for vitamin B12 you actually
19:16 make half of the vitamin B12 you need in your
19:18 mouth overnight. So what you should do
19:20 first thing in the morning is to get some water
19:22 swirl it around your mouth and swallow it.
19:24 But lot of people when they get up in the morning
19:26 they go straight to the nursing cabin
19:28 and they take, I know, a mouthwash.
19:30 And guess what the mouthwash is,
19:32 it's an anti-bacterial agent, so it destroys
19:35 the bacteria plus the B12
19:36 and step, step, step, step, higher, higher, higher.
19:47 We got about 2 more minutes of this and then
19:49 we are gonna slow down and go through our
19:51 cool down. Let's pump the arms, pump the arms,
19:54 pump the arms, come on let's go, come on,
19:56 alright, come on just pick it up.
19:58 You are forcing me to get in here, alright.
20:02 That's the way it's got to be, that's the way it's
20:05 got to be. Pump it, pump it, pump it,
20:09 keep those arms going. Now we are cooking,
20:16 keep it up, keep it up, swing the arms,
20:21 swing the arms. Minute and half to go,
20:27 pump it, pump it, pump it. You are okay Cindy.
20:35 Jonathan. Alright, what about me,
20:44 you are not gonna ask how I'm doing.
20:48 How you do. I'm doing alright Cindy thank you.
20:51 Step, step, step, 1 more minute. Home stretch.
21:16 Won't be able to talk much now, 40 seconds,
21:28 30 seconds, pump the arms, straight up, straight down,
21:33 and 20 and now we are down to 10 to go,
21:49 pump them, pump the arms. Okay, slow it down,
21:59 nice gentle stepping out. We could use that as a cool down.
22:04 Now your legs to help your heart.
22:07 Go through the cool down pace. We gonna do
22:10 this for 2 minutes. That's sound okay.
22:13 Yep. Alright. Typically when people tell me
22:20 that some supplement they take makes them
22:23 feel so much better I don't try and take it away
22:26 because I know that part that is going to be the
22:28 parsible effect and if you trying something away
22:31 from somebody they get little bit irritable about it.
22:34 So I just trying and get across the people that
22:37 God made the food in its natural state to be consumed
22:41 and if you get it as course to natural state it is
22:43 possible you gonna be lot better off.
22:45 Certainly, there are awesome genetically engineered
22:47 foods out there, but you are gonna have some
22:49 real bad consequences on people if they are not
22:53 careful about what they are eating, but otherwise
22:55 we get the food in its natural state take them nice
22:59 variety of it, had it at the Black Hills we try
23:01 and do our own organic gardening.
23:03 We find that to be very beneficial and I saw
23:07 something really incredible that the average
23:09 earthworm will go through like 50 tons of dirt
23:13 during the year as it processes
23:16 all this material through it.
23:17 I know that was absolutely amazing.
23:19 I don't know how those little things could eat so much.
23:20 Okay, keep going we got about another
23:23 30 seconds of cool down.
23:29 Now your bodies are thanking you for two things
23:32 for doing another workout and for going down
23:34 under the cool down process. Your hearts is going oh!
23:37 Thank you, Jonathan. I needed some help.
23:39 Slowing down again and that doing that will keep the
23:43 legs working and pumping the venous blood back up,
23:46 which definitely increase your circulation.
23:52 And we are down to our last 4, 3, 2,1, good.
23:59 Okay, let's do little stretching, we are gonna
24:02 step out to the side. Stretch inside the thigh,
24:05 bend down, stretch into here.
24:16 Okay and switch the other way,
24:18 and remember something about supplementation
24:20 when you take some supplements
24:21 we are gonna counteract other supplements.
24:23 So if you load up on vitamin E it may have an affect on
24:26 another vitamin or vitamin B12.
24:28 So you want to make sure you are taking
24:30 what you need to take. There are lot of
24:31 nutritional experts who wish the vitamins and minerals
24:34 were actually a prescription because that way
24:37 there would be some control about who is
24:38 taking what? Okay, now we are going to
24:40 put one foot back, press it to the floor
24:43 and stretch the calf. You would feel good after
24:48 an aerobic workout because those calves
24:49 take a lot of work in the bouncing and pounding.
24:51 Keeping them stretch that will be very beneficial.
24:56 And we are holding each stretch
24:57 for about 10 to 15 seconds and then
25:00 we are gonna switch into the other side.
25:02 The front leg is bent. The back leg straight.
25:06 We are pushing the heel to the floor
25:08 and holding it, and about 10 more seconds
25:16 there. Okay, now we are gonna step out.
25:24 Put your right leg out upon on your heel.
25:27 Bend your back leg, lean forward, keep your chest up.
25:30 Here we go. Okay, your back leg is little bent there
25:35 Jonathan, okay, chest up and lean forward, okay.
25:42 And you should feel stretching back here.
25:46 Okay, switch. Left leg is out, right leg is bent,
25:50 upon the left heel, lean forward into it.
25:53 The chest is up. Okay, very good.
26:03 Back to the front, hands behind the back.
26:05 Okay, blow out, contract, bend over, up and lay back,
26:11 blow out, contract, up, lay back, blow out, contract,
26:18 over up and back, blow out contract, over up
26:25 and back, blow out, contract, over up and back,
26:30 blow out, contract, over up and back.
26:35 Okay, let's do some rotation of the trunk,
26:39 and turn, and turn, and turn, and turn, and turn, and turn,
26:55 and turn, and turn, one more time, and turn.
27:04 Good. Alright, well done, thanks a lot.
27:08 I remember hearing years ago
27:11 that on the average every year
27:13 in the New York sour system, tons of undigested
27:16 vitamin and mineral capsules are part out of there,
27:20 so that means a lot of things that people taking
27:23 are not being digested or simulate it properly,
27:25 so when we look a nutrition really what we are gonna do
27:28 is focus on eating lots of raw foods and vegetables
27:31 and whole grains and get back to the natural diet
27:33 as close as possible. God put the nutrients in the
27:35 food and if we claim his promises and we eat to
27:38 his glory, we will find awesome things happen.
27:41 But remember whatever eating for selfish
27:43 gratification, we are eating to glorify God
27:45 with our body. Remember Philippians 4:13,
27:47 which states, I can do all things through Christ,
27:50 which strengthen me. Thank you for joining us.
27:52 God bless you. We will look forward to see you next time
27:54 on Body and Spirit aerobics.


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