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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Jonathon Hopkins and Richard Nelson


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00:02 The following program is designed to
00:03 demonstrate simple workouts that you
00:05 can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician before
00:10 beginning any exercise program.
00:14 A fat soluble substance synthesized by the liver
00:17 causes a lot of stress in our society. What is it?
00:20 Stay tuned and find out next on
00:23 Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:51 Hello I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director of the
00:53 Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:55 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:58 There is a substance out there that's
00:59 greatly misunderstood. It's called cholesterol.
01:02 What it is? It's a fat soluble substance
01:04 synthesized by the liver. But, people are always
01:07 making the comments about good and bad cholesterol,
01:09 and there is a lot of misunderstanding about it.
01:11 So, we are going to explore it a little bit
01:12 more as we get into our workout.
01:14 I believe we are ready to get started.
01:15 Helping me out today will be Jonathan and Richard,
01:18 a couple of friends of mine from back at the
01:19 Black Hills, and both people I personally trained
01:24 So, I know they are in good shape, and we will
01:25 be able to get good hard workout.
01:27 Right guys. Oh yeah. Okay Alright, let's start by
01:30 warming up. We will bring it up and around,
01:35 and we are just loosening up the shoulders,
01:36 stay relaxed and up and around, up and around,
01:41 up and around, up and around, stay loose.
01:46 Now let's go the other way Can you swim Richard?
01:51 Not to well. Okay. Can you swim Jonathan? Oh yes.
01:58 Here we go. You know, I act like an anchor.
02:02 I go down, down, down, down Okay up and around,
02:07 up and around, up and around,
02:09 okay. Let's hit the push up position.
02:15 Okay Richard you go off to your knees do
02:17 the modified ones. Jonathan regular.
02:19 Okay. Up, follow my lead, down and up,
02:23 okay up hold, down, up and hold, down, up
02:28 hold, down, up and hold, down, up and
02:33 hold, now go part way down, now go down
02:37 a little more, now up all the way, down a little bit,
02:42 back up, down all the way, part way up, back
02:47 down, up all the way, down a little bit,
02:52 down some more, up a little bit, back down,
02:57 up all the way, down a little bit, down some more,
03:02 down a little more, up all the way, down a little bit,
03:07 down some more, down some more, up all the way,
03:12 down a little bit, down a little more, hold for 10
03:16 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Good.
03:27 Come on up. Okay Richard get the towels for us please
03:37 Alright we are going to do some back training.
03:39 Gonna use our towel grab it with our right
03:41 hand down towards the bottom, grab it close
03:44 with the other hand, and now we are going to
03:46 pull back in, reach back out, do twenty of them
03:51 and pull, and pull, and pull, and pull, and pull,
04:00 there is 8, 9, 10 give your resistance, 11
04:06 and 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 two more, 19 and 20.
04:20 Okay, let's switch,
04:27 okay, pull and reach and pull, and reach, and
04:32 pull, and reach, 4, and pull, and pull and 7
04:40 and pull, and pull there is 10, 11, 12, 13, 14
04:51 way out 15, five more times 1 and 2 and 3 and
04:59 4 and 5, good. Alright, we are going to do
05:02 some shoulders, bring them up to your chest,
05:06 pull the towel apart, press up, come back
05:09 down, press up, and down, press up, and
05:14 down, press up, come down, press up, and
05:19 down, and press, and down, and press, and
05:24 down, press up, bring it down, press it up, bring
05:28 it down, press up, keep pulling your towel
05:31 apart, shouldn't see any slack in the towel.
05:34 If I know the towel is slacking, I know that
05:36 you are slacking, and push, and push,
05:42 and push, keep pulling apart, and push, press
05:46 up, and press, and press, and press, and press,
05:55 10 more 1, and 2, and 3, and 4, and press, and
06:04 press, and press, press it up, two more, press,
06:10 and press, good. Alright, now we are
06:14 going to take our towel. We are going to drape it
06:16 over the outside of our right hand.
06:18 We are going to grab underneath it with our
06:20 left, we're going to curl up, and down, curl up
06:24 and down, provide the resistance as you curl
06:28 up, and down, and curl down, curl down, curl it
06:35 up, and down, curl up, and down, curl up and
06:40 down, and curl and down, and curl, ten more
06:44 times there is 1 and 2, 3 flex the biceps each
06:50 time you curl, there's 6 and 7 and 8 two more,
06:59 squeeze it and up, okay. Now drape it over the
07:03 other side, so it's off to the thumb side that
07:05 shall keep your arm in the supinate position
07:07 because part of the biceps function is to
07:09 supinate the wrist. So, now you are going to
07:11 grab underneath, curl it up, and curl, and curl,
07:18 and curl, and curl, and up, flex the bicep and
07:25 up, and up, up and 9 and 10. 10 more, curl, flex
07:34 each time, give yourself some resistance,
07:40 and five more to go and 2, and 3, and 4 and 5.
07:48 Now, we are going to do some triceps, grab it
07:51 at the end with your right hand, grab close
07:54 with your left, start up by your left pectoral
07:57 muscle, push it down, and back up, push,
08:03 push, push, and push, and press, and press,
08:11 press it down, and press, and press, 10 more press,
08:16 and press, press, and press, and press, and press,
08:25 and press, and 7, 8, 9, one more and 10.
08:33 Okay, grab with the left hand down at the end.
08:37 Okay, come close to with your right hand,
08:38 start up by your right pectoral muscle, push
08:41 down, and push all the way, and push, and
08:47 push, and push, and push, and push, press it
08:53 down, and press, and press, 10 more 1 and 2
09:00 and 3, and press, and press, 5 more, push and
09:06 push, and push, and push, and push, good.
09:12 Alright, we are going to start into our cardio work.
09:17 And I want you to start with some side steps.
09:20 Okay, lets start by stepping to the left,
09:22 and bring it to right, okay hold on go to the left,
09:26 okay bring your foot to the, now bring your
09:28 right foot in, okay now step back to the right,
09:31 bring your left foot in, okay and back out,
09:33 there we go, now we are going,
09:41 and step, and step, left and right, and left,
09:46 and right, and left, and right.
09:51 Okay Jonathan, slow down just a little bit.
09:52 We are not ready to go that fast yet, left, okay
09:56 we need to get together okay right, and left,
10:00 and right, and left, and right, and left, right,
10:05 and left, right, and left, and right, and left,
10:11 and right, and left, and right, and left, right, left,
10:18 right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left,
10:26 right, left, right, 10 more, 1, and 2, and 3,
10:36 and 4, and 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Good, okay you
10:49 fellows start stepping, step in place, okay
10:54 swing the arms. We were talking about
11:00 buoyancy Richard when I was running athletic
11:02 clubs, I had to take a deep water aerobics
11:04 class and I am so unbuoyant that they put
11:07 a vest on me thinking that would hold me up,
11:09 and I went down and just right to the bottom,
11:12 and they said that's really unusual, so they
11:13 put another vest on me, so I had two vests on
11:16 and I still went down like a rock, and so
11:19 finally I put a Styrofoam dumbbell
11:20 under each arm, and then I was finally able
11:22 to stay up buoyant. That's the only time in
11:24 my life I have ever floated, I've never known
11:25 what it's like to be able to float. I know what it's
11:28 like to sink but not to float.
11:31 Speaking of floating, we will talk a little bit
11:33 about cholesterol now. As I mentioned earlier
11:35 it's a fat soluble substance synthesized
11:38 by the liver, think of it this way. When you fry
11:41 something in an oily pan, if you just go to
11:44 wash it with just water what happens not much.
11:47 So, you have to add something to cut the
11:49 grease. Lot of people think of dawn detergent
11:52 which is a good grease cutter. So, you put some
11:55 dawn detergent there it cuts the grease and they
11:56 can wash the oil out. Well the cholesterol
11:59 acts like dawn detergent, it goes to the gallbladder
12:02 where it's converted into bile salts and
12:04 bile acids and then the gallbladder acts as soap
12:07 dispenser and squeezes it into the small
12:09 intestine for the digestive process.
12:11 So, the more fat we eat the more cholesterol we
12:14 need to produce, okay let's pick it up.
12:16 Now that we're getting warmed up.
12:17 Now we can pick it up and make Jonathan happy.
12:22 I don't know if it will make Richard happy
12:23 but we will make Jonathan happy.
12:24 That's important. That's important.
12:29 A little bit faster, ease up, there we go.
12:33 Let's just hold that nice steady pace.
12:37 We will hold that for a couple of minutes and
12:39 we will go ahead and change to another exercise.
12:44 And so the body produces cholesterol by
12:46 the more fat we consume and of course
12:48 a lot of people take in cholesterol during their
12:51 dietary pattern. Now I know there are people
12:53 out there who can eat all sorts of meat, and all
12:56 sorts of fatty products and still have a little
12:58 cholesterol, but on the average that isn't the case
13:01 Those who can do that are blessed with good
13:03 genetics, and some no matter how careful they
13:06 are it seems like their cholesterol still rises.
13:09 But, cholesterol is only an indicator of heart disease
13:12 In other words somebody can have a
13:14 very low cholesterol level and still have
13:16 blocked up arteries. Somebody can have a
13:18 higher cholesterol level and still have open arteries
13:22 Okay, a little bit higher, okay good, keep those
13:27 arms swinging, and we got another twenty five
13:32 seconds to go this way and then we're gonna go
13:34 into some lunges. Okay step it up,
13:43 and down to fifteen seconds.
13:50 I can hear the respiration starting to pick up
13:52 at least on Jonathan, I don't hear anything
13:54 out of Richard yet. Okay, let's go right into
13:57 lunges, don't have to break stride, okay
13:59 left good and right, and left, and right, and so we
14:06 use the term good cholesterol and bad
14:08 cholesterol if you have any LDL cholesterol
14:11 at all, which we considers the bad cholesterol,
14:13 you'd be dead. So, I can't look at it as being bad,
14:17 but the good cholesterol, the HDL which is the
14:20 high-density lipoproteins is on the other end of
14:22 the metabolic spectrum where it's actually taking
14:25 fats and cholesterol out of the system, and so
14:28 that's why it's called good And that type of
14:30 cholesterol is raised by exercise, not by diet,
14:33 and the total cholesterol comes down by diet
14:36 not by exercise. Okay, let's go down a little
14:40 further now, lunge it down, lunge it down,
14:44 and down, and down, 10 more, there is 1, and 2
14:54 and 3, and 4, and 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 one more and 10,
15:14 back to stepping. There are many experts out
15:18 there now that are starting to question the
15:20 effect of some of the cholesterol lowering
15:23 medications because what they are doing is
15:25 showing the body not to produce cholesterol
15:27 when another signal in the body is telling that it
15:29 needs the cholesterol And so they are
15:31 questioning what the long term effect of that
15:33 would be, and I am even going to speculate
15:35 right now but time will tell whether or not those
15:38 things actually help to reduce the effect of
15:40 heart attack, because remember cholesterol is
15:43 just an indicator of potential cardiac problems
15:46 because usually when the cholesterol is higher
15:48 that means they have a higher chance of having
15:51 some type of cardiac episode, but it isn't
15:53 always necessarily the case. So, if you want to lower
15:57 your cholesterol the best way to do it
15:59 naturally is to drink a lot of water, get out in
16:03 the sunshine, so that the body is actually
16:05 converting cholesterol into vitamin D, and then
16:08 don't eat any cholesterol And if you stay off
16:11 cholesterol and stay off high fatty foods
16:13 you automatically see that cholesterol coming down,
16:16 and then exercise, exercise, exercise.
16:19 In fact lets go ahead and speed up since we are
16:21 talking about exercise.
16:23 Exercise has always been found to be one
16:29 of the more beneficial things for helping any
16:31 type of cardiac condition I know Richard at your
16:35 age you probably think about the cholesterol
16:37 a little bit, I am sure you had it checked once
16:38 or twice. How is it doing? It's about 190.
16:44 190, has it ever been higher. Yeah.
16:46 What it used to be. 220. 220. Jonathan have you
16:51 ever had your cholesterol checked. Not that I remember
16:53 Okay, I am sure it's probably pretty good.
16:55 Well my cholesterol used to be up to 270
16:57 when I was nineteen, now it's down to 106.
17:01 But, then again I was eating three pounds of
17:02 meat, a gallon of milk and half a dozen eggs
17:04 every day, you are bound to raise your
17:06 cholesterol a little bit I would think. Yeah.
17:08 Okay, a little faster, pick your knees up.
17:18 That was back in my body building days,
17:21 I've been a vegetarian now for almost thirty
17:23 years and actually a total vegetarian.
17:28 Okay pick it up, pick it up, pick it up,
17:30 good Jonathan, okay 25 more seconds there.
17:36 Then we are going to go an do squats.
17:42 Good job fellows, good job, good job,
17:45 down to 12, 10, 4, 3, 2, 1. Okay squats,
17:58 okay down and up, and down, and up,
18:03 and down, and up, down, up, down, up,
18:09 down, up, down, up, down, up, down and up,
18:15 and down, and up, down and up, and down,
18:21 down, down, down, down, and down,
18:29 and down, keep it going and down, chest up,
18:34 hips back, keep the knees over the feet,
18:37 keep a smile on your face, keep a song
18:39 in your heart, for me I hope it stays there and
18:43 doesn't come out of my lips.
18:47 Okay, and squat, and squat, and squat, and squat,
18:53 and squat, and squat, and squat, keep going,
18:59 we're gonna try and go for one more
19:01 minute of squats and then we'll go back
19:05 into stepping again, and we'll pick up the
19:09 pace for just a little longer, and then we
19:11 will go into Jonathan's favorite part of the
19:13 program, well your favorite program is
19:16 meal time, Richard's favorite part of the
19:18 program which is cool down Yeah. Okay,
19:26 and down, and down, and down, and down,
19:32 chest up, squat down, squat down, and squat,
19:37 and squat, and squat, and squat, down to 15 and 10
19:57 Okay back in your step.
20:08 The good thing about exercise and diet changes
20:11 even in Nathan Pritikin's death when they
20:14 did the autopsy they found that a person
20:16 who once had blocked up arteries now had
20:18 clean arteries due to good lifestyle habits
20:23 So, there is good news, but unfortunately cholesterol
20:27 levels are drastically going up even in our
20:29 youth, and they find at a young age if a
20:33 young person skips breakfast they are going
20:35 to have a 10% higher cholesterol rate than
20:38 those who do have breakfast Okay, pick it up now.
20:48 Okay fellows, what we are hoping to do
20:50 here is two minutes of hard and then we will
20:55 go to our cool down stage So, right now as these
20:58 guys are exercising they are into their
21:01 aerobic training mode which is their oxygen
21:04 transport system and right now their bodies
21:06 are saying release the grease, get the fatty
21:09 acids going through the blood stream,
21:11 a little faster, knees up and the fatty acids
21:15 are going to the blood stream in the form of
21:17 triglyceride and they are going through
21:20 their system and being metabolized by
21:22 the muscles as energy, and the nice thing
21:26 about it as after they're done exercising
21:28 they are still going to burning fats at a
21:30 higher level for about the next hour.
21:34 And if you do a really high intense weight
21:36 training workout you are actually burning
21:38 fats at a higher level for the next five to six
21:40 hours after a workout We did some training
21:44 here but we didn't do high intense weight training
21:48 It'd put a lot of more stress on the body
21:49 than what we did here even though we tried
21:51 to give a good workout Okay pick it up,
21:54 we got one more minute to go and then we are
21:57 going to hit cool down time Richard,
21:59 and looks like you need to cool down a little bit
22:02 Getting there, Richard is doing a good job
22:05 He is just a couple of years older than
22:06 Jonathan, so what was it about
22:08 three years older Richard?
22:15 Let's put it this way, Jonathan could easily
22:17 be calling you grandpa. Yeah.
22:22 Okay keep pumping up I have a grand daughter
22:26 older than you You have a grand
22:27 daughter older than Jonathan Okay pump it up
22:32 But, you said you didn't know how old he was?
22:36 That's kind like a zen riddle there Richard
22:39 Okay a little bit faster, 15 seconds pump it up,
22:49 good job Jonathan. Jonathan is going to
22:51 enjoy that cool down, and ready for 3, 2, 1,
22:57 slow it down. Oh yeah, slow it down.
23:03 This phase of the training is designed to
23:05 keep the legs moving So, they keep working
23:08 and circulating the blood back up to the
23:10 heart while the heart is going through its
23:12 phase of cooling down Richard you've drawn
23:17 a lot of blood your days, so you probably
23:18 have noticed when you draw the blood
23:20 that there could be little more fatty substance
23:21 to it even before it's been check out. Can't you
23:24 Sure. It's milky, creamy Milky and creamy.
23:31 We had a fellow come out to our program one time
23:33 who had a triglyceride level of 2309.
23:37 Triglycerides are supposed to be 100 or lower and
23:40 in just three weeks his triglycerides went
23:42 down to 192 and that was without any
23:45 medication on, in fact by taking medication
23:47 that's not going to happen But, if you follow God's
23:49 program it will. We've seen cholesterol drop as
23:52 much as 250 points during the three week
23:55 stay at our center but again somebody who
23:57 is going to drop 250 points has got to have
23:59 a pretty high cholesterol in the first place.
24:03 So, I've had people come out before like
24:05 well I wanted to drop 100 points of my cholesterol
24:07 They start out with a cholesterol level of
24:09 170 and they are mad that they didn't go
24:11 down 100 points. And I said, well I got news
24:13 for you that's not going to happen.
24:17 And you try and explain to them that
24:18 they should be happy their cholesterol isn't
24:20 all that high in the first place.
24:24 Slow it down, slow it down, we are coming
24:27 down to that blessed end there Richard
24:31 almost done with another workout.
24:33 You metabolize a little more fat, you're
24:35 a little healthier, little happier than
24:36 you were before, right You bet. Okay.
24:43 We want you all to suffer from excessive happiness, okay
24:55 Okay we are winding down and let's go ahead
24:57 and stretch out, go ahead and use me as a brace,
25:00 put your right hand on my shoulder Richard,
25:02 now grab your left ankle. Okay, and Jonathan's
25:04 got his right ankle. Jonathan go ahead
25:07 and show him how to do it if you know
25:08 what way, if they can't reach their ankle
25:11 we know you are very well balanced Jonathan,
25:13 but if you can get to your pant leg that's
25:15 okay too. Okay, go ahead and get your
25:18 leg and then as you do this for a while now
25:21 you can go ahead and take your hand away.
25:23 You become very good at this Jonathan actually tries
25:26 to sleep in this position So, okay let's switch.
25:35 For guys like Richard now, we definitely
25:37 need somebody to help this out, right. Yeah. Okay,
25:43 we thought we paint him, painted, put him out
25:45 in front of our wellness center there.
25:48 Okay hold on, okay and five more seconds.
25:55 Okay let stretch the hamstrings now.
25:58 We are going to step out, upon the left heel,
26:02 keep the right leg bent, lean forward,
26:04 keep your chest up, and feel the stretch in the back
26:16 Okay, and switch, right leg out, up on the heel,
26:20 lean forward into it, chest up.
26:31 Okay good. Okay let's press the right toe back,
26:35 press your heel to the ground, stretch the calf
26:45 Alright now let switch to the left.
26:48 Right leg is bend, left leg is straight, push
26:52 the heel to the ground.
26:59 Alright, very good. Thanks a lot fellows.
27:01 We are all done. When it comes to
27:06 cholesterol if you are taking a lot of
27:08 medication for that, understand
27:10 something, all that medication is going to
27:12 have side effects I would strongly
27:14 suggest you look at possibly changing
27:15 your lifestyle. I don't want to go against
27:17 what your physician is telling you, but
27:19 I know that we see a lot of people come
27:20 through our center who are on all sorts of
27:22 drugs to lower their cholesterol, and by
27:25 the time they leave the program, they are
27:26 off of them and they feel so much better,
27:28 and the reality is it's still uncertain about
27:31 how much those drugs are going to
27:32 effect your overall risk of heart disease.
27:35 They will definitely lower your cholesterol,
27:36 but remember that's just a one risk factor.
27:39 There are other things to be considered as well.
27:42 But, do all things for the proper reason;
27:43 do them for the glory of God We use the saying
27:46 here on Body and Spirit of Philippians 4:13
27:48 which says, I can do all things through Christ
27:50 which strengthens me. Thank you for joining us
27:52 God bless you. We look forward to seeing
27:54 you next time on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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