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Eating Disorder

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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Janet Nelson and Bobby Jo Murphy


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00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use
00:05 to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician before
00:10 beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Many people are frustrated with their body weight
00:16 and they try extreme things
00:17 in order to loss weight.
00:19 Eating disorders are becoming more and more
00:20 prominent especially with our young people.
00:22 Let's talk about that next
00:24 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:53 Hello, I am Dick Nunez Wellness Director
00:55 at Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:56 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:59 Back in my years of the Athletic club
01:01 we use to go to Mass National Conventions
01:03 to check out the latest exercise equipment
01:05 and products for the fitness industry.
01:08 While you there they always have an early morning
01:10 workout on Friday morning
01:11 and they get there around 6 O'clock
01:13 and they open it open and you can try
01:15 out of the latest and greatest
01:16 exercise equipment.
01:17 I am really an early bird so
01:18 I was there at quarter to six.
01:19 But yet I was about the 100 person in line
01:22 and every person in front of me was female.
01:25 As he opened the doors
01:26 all the women went rushing off
01:28 to the cardiovascular the equipment
01:29 the guys went off to check out
01:30 the weight equipment.
01:31 The thing I found interesting
01:33 is a women around that cardio equipment
01:35 for the whole two hours
01:37 and when the men were trying to get
01:38 to the cardio equipment the women were quite
01:41 aggressive when they try to move
01:42 them off there machines.
01:43 I didn't even try I learn very quickly
01:46 that they were not going to leave those machines
01:47 so I started asking questions about they like
01:50 it courses and another machines
01:51 and they were fine with that.
01:53 Before I listen to their talk they were talking
01:55 how much they would eat in the night
01:56 before and how many calories they took in.
01:59 And they said I need to burn my regular
02:00 amount of calories, plus 500 extra I took in.
02:03 then I thought oh! my.
02:05 These women are binging and purging with exercise.
02:07 Well, that concept is very common
02:09 in our society today.
02:11 We gonna discuss that little more
02:12 as we get into our workout.
02:14 So, our ways begin now helping me
02:16 now will be Janet and Bobby Joe.
02:19 And we gonna have some fun now
02:21 and get a good workout in and talk little more
02:23 about eating disorders
02:24 and we gonna start by just warming up
02:26 just making some nice big circles.
02:29 Right around, and around, and around,
02:32 okay let's go back to the other
02:34 direction up to the front.
02:36 And up and around, up and round
02:38 you just loosening your shoulders up right now.
02:40 And up and round, up and round, up and round,
02:44 up and round, up and round,
02:46 a couple of more.
02:48 Okay, ladies we gonna do some push ups
02:51 that will be lot of fun climb down there.
02:53 Let's do the modified ones of your knees.
02:58 Okay, keep your bodies straight bow yourself down
03:01 press back up and down and up and hold it.
03:05 Now, down and up and down, and up and down,
03:12 and up and down, and up and down,
03:17 and up and down, and up, down, and up,
03:23 down, and up, okay keep going with that pace.
03:27 For those at home if you can do this,
03:29 we can always do them against the wall.
03:32 I have seen many people
03:33 who have progressed nicely
03:34 by just starting by doing push ups
03:36 against the wall and then they get so they can do
03:39 on down the floor in the modified positions
03:41 and then eventually they get
03:42 so they can do on regular.
03:45 Let's go five more its 1 and 2, 3, 4,
03:54 last one and 5, good. up on your feet,
03:59 let's up the hands behind the head and push
04:02 your elbows back and your stretching
04:05 your chest muscles now.
04:07 Breathe deeply as you do it,
04:09 try and relax your muscles
04:11 and now give yourself nice hug,
04:14 switch all the way around
04:16 get a hold of your shoulders
04:17 and pull your shoulder blades apart.
04:21 Hold okay, back over the head again
04:26 push the elbows back stretch your chest.
04:30 Stretch, relax breath deeply.
04:35 Okay and let's come back to the front
04:38 give yourself another hug,
04:41 pull your shoulder blades apart
04:47 and relax. Now,
04:49 we are gonna do as we gonna step out
04:51 with our left foot,
04:53 we gonna reach out with a right hand.
04:55 we gonna grab our right wrist with our left hand,
04:58 we gonna pull straight back like this
05:00 and we gonna reach way out.
05:03 And we gonna use our left arm as resistance
05:05 as we pull our right arm back.
05:08 We gonna try and do 20 repetitions
05:12 and we gonna work on our upper back area.
05:16 Seven, and pull and pull, and pull, there is ten.
05:23 And pull, and pull, and pull, and pull, and pull,
05:30 can you get that wood cut Janet pull,
05:34 and pull, and pull, and pull, and pull,
05:39 one more time reach out and pull. Okay,
05:42 let's switch over right foot out
05:43 put your left arm out grab it your wrist
05:47 with your left pull way back and reach way
05:50 out and pull and reach, and pull and reach,
05:55 and pull and reach, and pull and reach,
05:59 and feel the muscles of the upper back doing the work.
06:02 And pull, and pull, and pull, and nine and ten,
06:11 ten more times and pull, and pull, and pull
06:17 pull it and pull five more times its 1 and 2,
06:23 pull 3, 4, one more 5. Good.
06:29 Alight we gonna do some lateral races
06:32 is to race up to side and come back to down,
06:34 and up and down, and up and down,
06:38 up and down, up and down, up and down,
06:44 up and down, now we are going to the front
06:48 and up and down, up and down, up and down,
06:54 up and down, up and down, up and down,
06:59 up and down, up I got to the side.
07:03 Up and down, up and down, up and down,
07:08 up down, up down, up down, up down,
07:15 up back to the front. up and down, up and down,
07:21 up and down, up and down, ten more 1, and 2, and 3,
07:30 4, 5, and 6, 7, 8, 9, now we gonna come toward up
07:40 right well from down here.
07:42 Pull up and down, elbows up and down,
07:46 and up and down, up and down, up down,
07:51 up elbows up and up and up, and up, ten more,
08:00 and up, and up, and up, and up, and up,
08:08 pull up four more times 1, 2, 3, and 4,
08:15 now roll your shoulders up and around,
08:18 and up towards backwards raise your shoulders up
08:21 towards your ears and roll it back and up,
08:25 and up, and up, roll up, roll it up,
08:31 and up, and up, and up, two more times.
08:37 And now we gonna go the other way
08:38 Let's come back to the front raise them up,
08:42 raise them up, up to the ears up and up,
08:48 and up, up and up, and up, four more times
08:55 1,2,3, and 4, okay.
09:01 Put your right arm out straight
09:02 now pull as far over the left that you can.
09:05 Put your left hand in behind
09:06 your right elbow and pull.
09:11 Stretch your shoulder then pull too heard
09:15 just keep it nice steady pull.
09:20 Okay and relax,
09:22 left arm out point to the right,
09:26 right hand in behind the elbow and pull.
09:31 We are holding each stretch for about
09:32 10 to 15 seconds we don't wanna over
09:35 stretch it shouldn't hurt.
09:37 Let's you feel like a nice pull on the muscle
09:42 and just a couple more seconds and relax.
09:46 Alright we gonna start some aerobics
09:48 let's start stepping really gently
09:50 put your hand. Well, go ahead
09:52 get your wringing go ahead and good.
09:57 When we start aerobics we gonna start slowly
10:00 and allow them to work into it.
10:03 Our main movement is stepping in place
10:05 because this one of the best way
10:06 to doing aerobic workout
10:08 where its not too complicated.
10:09 But we go through some other in movements
10:10 in there to get some variety.
10:17 One of things I found with people
10:19 with eating disorders
10:21 when you get them into exercise
10:22 they have a lot of good success
10:24 with that because basically
10:25 when people eating disorders were looking
10:27 to control some aspect of their life
10:29 and of course mainly they are concern
10:31 about being overweight,
10:32 which really means they don't want to be fat.
10:34 But in talking with them most of them
10:36 are okay with building muscle and so,
10:39 I said okay that's we gonna focus on building
10:41 muscle we gonna get into working out heard
10:43 than that encourages them to eat healthy as well.
10:48 Okay, now it speed it up.
10:51 Certainly there are issues they need
10:53 to dealt with and that's why at our centre
10:55 we have a full time counselor
10:56 and he can help with those problems
10:59 and get them on a good track.
11:01 And of course we always encourage them
11:02 spiritually to that glorify God with their bodies.
11:08 Good ladies we are looking fine,
11:10 we are gonna do just a little bit longer
11:12 that we gonna transition to something else.
11:19 Okay from your standing position hand
11:21 on the hips we gonna step back
11:23 and then come back forward,
11:25 and step back and then forward,
11:27 step back and forward,
11:29 step back and forward, step back and forward,
11:33 step back and left and right, left and right,
11:42 and left and right, and left and right, step back,
11:49 step back, step back, step back, step
11:56 step, step, step, and step, a right, and left
12:05 we are go little bit faster left and right and left
12:10 and right and left and right and left and right,
12:17 left, right left, right, left, right, very good left,
12:24 right, left, right, left, right feel like
12:30 we are marching Janet left, right, left, right,
12:35 left, right, left, right, left, right left,
12:43 right, okay go back into the step.
12:48 One of the important things you wanna do
12:50 when your dealing with somebody
12:51 who might be have a forming of eating
12:53 disorders is don't put guilt on him.
12:55 He have already got plenty of that.
12:57 So, if you go to them and say
12:58 why don't you just eat?
12:59 Don't you know your destroying yourself.
13:00 Well, of course they know that
13:02 but its not physical problem
13:05 its an emotional problem
13:06 and what they really need it feels love
13:08 and acceptance and help them through
13:10 over something positive in their life
13:11 whether then bombarding with
13:13 negative because usually they already
13:14 have plenty of that in there in, in their life.
13:18 Okay, keep going
13:21 and of course findinga healthy diet
13:23 that's very beneficial as well because
13:25 when they feel like we are not putting in
13:26 things that are going to be harmful
13:28 for putting on body fat.
13:31 Okay, let's pick it up
13:36 in order to get aerobic exercise or
13:38 good training affect we usually trying to get
13:40 at least 12 minutes in.
13:42 Now, suddenly you can go longer periods of time
13:45 but on the show like this we are trying to get in
13:47 some upper body work and some stretching
13:49 we usually issued 12 to 15 minutes
13:52 of aerobic exercise And also we have to try
13:55 and do a warm up into that aerobic exercise
13:58 and then the main training face
14:00 whether we want to go through a cool down
14:01 affect as well that's extremely important
14:04 we gonna talk more that as we get to it.
14:06 Right now we are just getting into
14:07 our main training phase
14:09 and so we are pumping them off on the steps.
14:17 Alright, let's switch out now we gonna do
14:19 a side step and step through left and right
14:23 and left, and right and left, and right and left,
14:28 and right and left, and right and left,
14:32 and right and left, right left, right left,
14:38 right left, right left, right step, and step,
14:44 and step, step, step, step, step, step, step,
14:51 step, keep it going.
14:58 When people think about losing weight
15:00 often times their first thought is to eat less.
15:03 Truly that's the worst thing you can do
15:05 because your giving your body
15:06 a very poor signal your telling it that it needs
15:09 to hold on to fat not burn fat.
15:12 The body will think it's some
15:13 type of famine situation,
15:15 it's not gonna want to burn any calories
15:17 and especially its not gonna release fats
15:19 which are for long term food storage.
15:21 So, you really working against yourself
15:24 and giving your body some very mixed messages.
15:27 And I always tell people don't skip breakfast,
15:30 people always think they want to loss weight
15:31 they should skip a meal and breakfast
15:33 is the one that we don't want to skip
15:35 and that's not a good idea.
15:37 As far I concern skipping breakfast
15:39 is a first step towards obesity.
15:42 Okay, let's go back into our
15:43 stepping now very good.
15:51 It's interesting when you look at people
15:54 we take the average 150 pound
15:56 should eat 3,000 calories a day,
15:59 125 pound woman should eat 2300 calories a day.
16:02 Our society doesn't that way because our,
16:05 our metabolism has gone down
16:07 so much today improper diets.
16:09 And the more improper diets go on
16:11 the worse your metabolism is going to be.
16:13 Okay, let's speed it up a little bit.
16:16 So, many high protein diets are out there
16:18 that's encouraging people to do
16:20 is to get into a starving mode
16:22 what they are actually getting towards called
16:24 ketosis in that burning a lot of fat
16:26 but they also burning the body mass as well.
16:28 And when they come out of it their fat cells
16:30 are still anxious to put the fat back on
16:33 but the muscle cells stage on.
16:37 Alright, step it up a little more
16:40 good put the knees up a little more.
16:50 Okay and slow down,
16:56 and pick it up,
17:01 pump the arms, pump the arms,
17:06 the sad thing about anorexic people
17:09 is even they get down to sixty pounds
17:11 they still have fat on them and that's a thing
17:13 they can't understand because they can still
17:15 pinch fat and that's why still obsess
17:17 with losing even more weight because
17:19 they want to get rid with all that
17:20 and they never will because their body
17:21 won't allow them.
17:23 And their harsh reality is that they get into
17:25 some very poor health conditions
17:27 where their organs are shutting down
17:28 and they end up dying of something
17:30 like cardiac arrest. Okay, slow it down.
17:35 Aerobic exercise and exercise in general help
17:38 that dramatically because the endorphin rest
17:40 of people get from exercise
17:42 will make them feel good.
17:46 Okay, pick it up again.
17:50 Janet how do you feel after you exercise?
17:52 Good. Okay, that's a simple answer
17:56 Bobby, how are you? Can you feel a chapter
17:58 when you done exercising yeah.
18:00 Okay. But it is now fun when we start isn't.
18:04 Okay, okay slow it down let's work on
18:08 picking the knees up, pick the knees up.
18:18 Just marching along knees up,
18:24 I know for me its much easier
18:26 to do weight training than its for me do aerobics
18:30 and I will hope you find that Janet
18:32 isn't it won't easier for you one of the other.
18:35 It depends. It depends on the day,
18:38 depends on the day. Ah! I like to walk,
18:42 you like to walk
18:45 and again that depends on the trainer,
18:47 depends with trainer okay and if I want to touch
18:50 that comment or not.
18:57 Bobby was just started our wellness program
19:03 so that must mean when she saw me
19:04 staying there with the clipboard
19:06 she replied said oh! you can go first
19:09 I will go ahead late for the next one's
19:10 can be better that one.
19:15 Pick them up, nice and high, nice and high,
19:25 pick them up.
19:28 Now, at home certainly you might be limited
19:30 on how much you can pick to feed up
19:32 but just do what you can.
19:34 That's a beauty by the exercise
19:36 you take it at your own pace.
19:43 Okay, let's go into some back Lunges again
19:45 step back with your left back in with the right
19:48 and in back right left, right left, right left,
19:59 right and left, right left, right step back
20:07 and back and back and right and left and right
20:13 and left, step back step back, step back,
20:19 and step, step, step, step, step,
20:25 let's go ten more each side.
20:27 There is 1, and 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8,
20:45 two more and 9, 10 back into our step high knees.
20:58 For those who are battling eating disorders
21:01 I would strongly suggest to seek out
21:03 some professional help from somebody
21:05 you can talk to and trust if you get involved
21:08 in a good exercise program.
21:10 Especially one that's gonna to be encouraging
21:13 to build muscle mass get in some weight
21:16 training because weight training
21:19 will give you something else to think about
21:21 and it will help you control your body
21:23 in a positive mode.
21:25 And then what I see happen before
21:27 is inevitably it takes in other aspects of live
21:32 and of course we are doing it with God
21:34 on your side it makes you that much stronger
21:36 still and you will have that much better of chance
21:39 of over coming a very difficult situation
21:43 and the beauty of coming on the other side
21:46 something like an eating disorder
21:47 is you now have the ability
21:49 to go on share the word with other people.
21:52 One of my favorite illustrations in the Bible
21:54 is the Demoniacs of the Gadarenes
21:56 when Jesus came that area and the people
21:59 knew about the demoniacs and the disciples
22:03 knew about him as well,
22:05 and they were scared
22:06 and they actually ran Janet Yep,
22:08 that of course when they ran way
22:10 they know there is somebody with him
22:12 and who is that? Jesus,
22:13 Jesus was not there because
22:14 Jesus was still there amongst with the
22:16 demoniacs and they felt Oh!
22:19 no he is going to rid to shred.
22:20 No, hardly Jesus cast the demons out of
22:24 the demoniacs they went into the swine
22:26 who ran over the cliff and perished
22:29 and the people came from that area.
22:31 And ask Jesus to live because he's cared them.
22:35 The Demoniacs were so touched
22:37 with what it happen they wanted to go with Jesus
22:40 and Jesus said no go back to your home
22:43 town and show what the Lord has done for you
22:46 and so they did just that
22:48 and we think that's the end of the story
22:50 but its not. Later on Jesus came back
22:52 to the area of Gadarenes
22:54 and we know about the feeding of
22:55 five thousand in the Bible,
22:57 there is also a feeding of 4,000
22:59 and that just happen take place
23:02 in the area of Gadarenes
23:03 and the people from all over the place
23:05 were there bringing all men are sick
23:08 because they knew Jesus could heal them
23:10 and the people would not leave
23:12 and Jesus says we need to feed this people.
23:14 But those people were there
23:16 because of the evangelism of demoniacs
23:19 and if God can use them,
23:21 they can use anybody and so people have
23:24 obstacles whether be smoking depression
23:27 eating disorder or some illness
23:30 if you can through that
23:32 what a powerful testimony you have
23:34 and God can help you bring to come through
23:35 any of those things I know
23:37 with the wellness program people often times say
23:39 can you help this condition or that condition
23:42 and I wish so much that I put no rumors on
23:43 what can God can do.
23:46 Okay, let's slow down.
23:48 We will go into the cool down phase
23:50 of our workout.
23:52 And we will just continue in keep building
23:55 and what we doing by doing this.
23:57 Is what keeping the muscles of our legs going
23:59 and its helping to pump
24:02 the blood back to our heart.
24:04 If you were to stop all the sudden
24:07 from aerobic exercise
24:09 your heart taking a big stress
24:12 upon it then it can cause some problems.
24:14 So even if we go for walk or bike ride
24:18 or a swim what ever you want to do
24:21 go through cool down pace.
24:23 What time to typical for those
24:24 who are playing like rocket sports
24:26 or basket ball because the sinners
24:28 are down they just boom stop
24:30 and its good to do a little bit of exercise
24:33 juts allow your body to cool down
24:35 because right now our hearts are slowing down
24:38 our respiration is coming back to normal
24:41 and we are continuing to work on legs.
24:45 And the faster our heart will recover
24:48 it shows the better health that we are in.
24:54 Bobby looks like she is recovering very quick,
24:56 she is will take she is ready to do something else
24:59 like take a nap or something.
25:06 How are you doing Janet? Good.
25:07 Okay, Bobby feeling okay. Okay.
25:10 alright well we are almost done ladies
25:19 and let's go for about 10 more seconds
25:22 and cool down I shall slow.
25:25 Now hold a second I shall casual walk in
25:27 the park walk with your dogs
25:29 you can do that in faster isn't.
25:31 Now forget about that. Okay, let's go ahead
25:35 and stop. Now, let's put hands behind the back
25:38 let's do some abdominal training
25:40 we gonna crunch our abs here.
25:41 Here we gonna bend at the waist,
25:43 we gonna come up and then we gonna lay back
25:46 and stretch our abs now contract them bend over
25:49 come up lay back.
25:52 Contract over up and back,
25:56 contract over up and back, contract over up and back,
26:05 contract over up and back, contract over up and back,
26:14 contract over up and back, contract over up and back,
26:22 contract over up and back,
26:26 contract over up and right back,
26:30 contract over up and stretch your abs,
26:34 contract over up and back, contract over up and back,
26:42 contract over up and back, contract over up and back,
26:50 contract over up we go on five more.
26:54 contract over up and stretch back,
26:58 contract over up and back, contract over up and back,
27:05 contract over up let's go two more
27:09 contract over up and back,
27:12 last one and back
27:16 alright ladies. I think that should be good
27:19 thanks a lot for joining me.
27:24 Eating disorders is not have to take control
27:26 of your life, there is help
27:28 but I mentioned earlier
27:30 seek out some professional help.
27:31 Especially somebody is firmly grounded
27:33 in the word of God, because that is
27:35 what really can give you a life changing
27:37 experience so if your actually a life
27:39 and hold different perspective
27:41 and get into a good exercise program
27:43 have a trainer work with you
27:44 and get a support person somebody
27:46 who is gonna help encourage you
27:48 and most of all as I mentioned earlier
27:50 if you no body with this conduction
27:52 do not discourage him or put guilt up on them
27:54 because that's not what they need.
27:56 They need to set free and that's what Jesus
27:58 came to us do to set us free.
28:01 Remember to claim the promise
28:02 that we do here on Body and Spirit
28:04 and Body and Spirit Aerobics.
28:06 And that's found in Philippians 4:13
28:08 which states I can do all things through Christ
28:11 which strengthens me. Thank you for joining us
28:14 God Bless you we look forward to see you
28:15 next time on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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