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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Jonathon Hopkins and Richard Nelson


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00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician before
00:10 beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Millions of people suffer the crippling
00:16 effects of arthritis, what they don't know is there
00:19 something they can't do about it. What is it? Stay
00:21 tune and find out next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:51 Hello, I am Dick Nunez Wellness Director of
00:53 the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:55 Welcome to Body and Spirit. In my career working in
00:59 the Athletic Club and at the Black Hills Health
01:01 and Education Center, I have seen lot of people
01:04 suffering from arthritis. Arthritis is basically
01:06 broken down into three categories. You have
01:09 the rheumatoid arthritis, which is an
01:10 autoimmune disorder, osteoarthritis, which is
01:13 the nasty bone on bone that we get if we live
01:16 long enough or we have some type to injuries.
01:18 And then there is gout, which is caused from
01:20 too much uric acid because of high protein
01:23 content. We gonna talk more about arthritis and
01:25 what we can do about it. The way we get our
01:27 workout started helping me out today will be
01:29 Jonathan and Richard because we are dealing
01:33 with arthritis, we are not gonna get too
01:35 bouncy today in our aerobic exercise and we
01:38 are gonna be careful even when we do other
01:40 stuff, so we are gonna be using our towel for
01:42 workouts, but let's start by just warming up.
01:44 Now we are gonna do our arm circles. Now if
01:46 you have arthritis in your shoulders this
01:48 might be even a difficult thing to do and
01:50 so if you have to just really limit your motion
01:53 that's okay. As you get more into the exercise
01:57 hopefully you will get more range of motion.
01:59 Arthritis can affect virtually any joint in the
02:03 body. So, shoulders are certainly one that gets
02:06 affected. Okay, let's go the other way up and
02:09 around to the front. But, if you do absolutely
02:15 nothing then your joints would just take more
02:18 and more stress. What I try and tell people all
02:21 the time is everybody has weak joints, but
02:24 joint is just a bone coming to bone
02:25 connected by ligaments and it is the muscles
02:28 connecting by tendons to the bones would
02:32 gives the joint strength. Okay, let's go ahead
02:34 and relax. Let's start out by just doing some
02:36 range of motion press type action, squeeze the
02:39 fist in together at the end. Press it out,
02:42 squeeze in and back, press out, squeeze in,
02:45 and back, press out, squeeze in, and back,
02:50 and keep going, and back, squeeze in, and
02:55 back, squeeze in, and back, feel the chest
02:59 work. And squeeze in and back, squeeze in
03:04 and back, we are gonna do 10 more of them, it's
03:08 a very simple movement designed to
03:11 contract the muscles of the chest. You will also
03:13 feel it some in your shoulders as your
03:15 holding it up. And this also stimulates some
03:18 movement the people often times do on
03:21 exercise machines during a chest press and
03:26 when you do the chest press you wanna keep
03:27 your chest up, the xiphoid process of your
03:30 sternum a little bony protuberance you want
03:31 that up nice and high, let's do two more reps
03:34 and last one. Okay, hands behind the head,
03:39 push your elbows back, get some good breathes,
03:44 try and relax, let your chest stretch and now
03:51 give yourself a hug, pull it across, pull your
03:57 shoulder blades out. Okay, good.
04:01 Let's get the towels Richard. On Body and
04:07 Spirit and Body and Spirit Aerobics. We are
04:10 trying to make exercise something that
04:11 everybody can do. So, we don't use fancy
04:14 equipment, but we do use a towel. And the
04:17 towels make for very good helpers for giving
04:21 us little better workout. So, we are gonna use
04:23 our towels today and what I want to do is
04:25 take your towel and act like you are gonna pull
04:27 it apart and then just bring it up over your
04:29 head, stretch back, come on down, go
04:34 back, try and stretch your upper back and
04:37 come on down. Try and use the muscles of your
04:40 upper back while you are doing this and that
04:43 will help you to get some stimulation back
04:45 there. So, we are gonna do about 10 more reps
04:50 and then we are gonna change and do a
04:51 different exercise, try and keep your arms
04:53 straight as you do it, reach back, pull it over
04:57 and back pull it over, and back pull it over, if
05:03 you have arthritic shoulders just act you
05:05 will pull fairly good, but once again if you
05:08 can't go all the way back that's right just do
05:11 whatever range of motion you are
05:13 comfortable with and you will find yourself
05:18 progressing as you get stronger and your joints
05:20 get accustomed to working again. When
05:23 you have arthritis and your body is trying to
05:25 tell your joint not to move and so what
05:28 happens as you start to freeze up and that can
05:30 cause a lot of problem. Okay, now we gonna
05:34 bend over at the waist, bend your knees
05:37 slightly, pull the towel into your waist and then
05:40 push out, pull it in and out, pull in and out, pull
05:45 it in and out, and in and out, and in and out,
05:52 pull in reach out, pull and reach, and pull and
05:58 reach, and pull and reach, keep your chest
05:59 up and reach, and pull and reach, pull it in and
06:05 reach, and pull and reach, 10 more reach,
06:10 pull back reach, squeeze your shoulder
06:13 blades back each time and try and push them
06:16 out as you go forward. And five more and
06:23 three more, last one. Good. Alright. Just go and
06:30 shake the arms out, feel your shoulders a little
06:33 bit as you do that, how about you Jonathan,
06:35 okay. Now, we are gonna do some shoulder
06:38 presses with our towels, we gonna act like we
06:41 have a nice heavy barbell here and we
06:44 gonna push it up overhead. Now, we will
06:46 comeback down still working on pulling our
06:49 towel apart. So, we are pushing up, coming
06:54 down, pushing up and down. For arthritic
07:00 people having limited range of motion going
07:04 up is a very common occurrence and using
07:07 the towel, pulling apart, helping you go up and
07:11 try and get your mobility back, this
07:14 could make you little bit sore. So, it's a good
07:16 idea to may be ice a very sore joint after you
07:20 try some exercise so that you are not
07:23 overstressing it and causing more
07:25 inflammation. Alright, let's do 10 more of
07:30 those and there is 2, focus on the shoulders,
07:35 3, 4, 5, and 6, 7, and 8, 9, one more time, 10
07:50 good. Now, we gonna do some bicep work
07:53 and we gonna drape our towel over the thumb
07:57 side that we are gonna reach up close to our
07:59 right hand with our left and that's gonna be our
08:02 resistance and we gonna curl the towel up, we
08:05 gonna go back down. Curl up and down, and
08:09 we are gonna try and do 20 of those, Jonathan
08:10 you help me count just in case I lose track,
08:14 which happens every once in a while, while
08:16 I'm trying to talk to the camera as well. Feel
08:21 your bicep work each time, the harder you
08:25 resist the more you can get out of it. One of my
08:30 favorite experiences on this one is one time, a
08:32 pastor John Dinsey on here, and he was
08:35 working so hard, I had to finally say John. He is
08:38 up a little bit. Okay, how many have you done?
08:41 19. 19 and 20. Good, figure we are getting
08:45 close, okay let's drape it over the thumb side of
08:49 our left hand. We are gonna reach up close to
08:51 the left hand with the right, grab it and I'll
08:53 gonna curl up and down, and we gonna
08:56 mash we did on the other side. We gonna do
08:59 20 again, for your bicep work as you do it. She
09:04 go through a motion of an exercise. If you don't
09:07 feel the muscle that we are targeting and we
09:10 need to readdress the situations to see if we
09:13 gonna to help do that. Think about the muscle
09:17 you are working. Where we are at
09:21 Jonathan, 17, 17, okay. Good, good, told I lose
09:29 count. Alright, now we are gonna grab our
09:33 towel towards the end with our right hand, we
09:36 are gonna grab it close to our right hand about
09:38 inch or two apart with the left. We are gonna
09:40 start our right hand up by our left pectoralis
09:42 major of the chest and now I'm gonna push
09:45 down bring it back up, down and up, and down
09:50 and up, press down and up, press down, and this
09:55 is an excellent one for arthritic people
09:58 especially if you have arthritis in that elbow
10:00 area. Because it's gonna give you range of
10:02 motion you can control how much resistance
10:04 you are putting upon yourself. How many we
10:07 had Jonathan. 12, okay. And there is 14, and 15,
10:14 five more times, 1, and 2, 3, 4, and 5. Good.
10:23 Okay, now we are gonna grab at the end
10:25 with our left hand, come up close to with
10:28 the right. We are gonna start with our left hand
10:33 up by our right pectoralis major muscle,
10:34 now push down, and push, and push, and push, you
10:41 wanna feel this exercising your triceps,
10:43 which is the back of the arm. Push, and push,
10:47 and push, press down, and press lock that arm
10:52 out press, and press, how many we had
10:56 Jonathan. 14, okay 15, 16, 17, looking good
11:02 guys 18, 19, and 20, very good. That was
11:08 fun. Okay, let's go and get the towels out of here.
11:11 Alright, we are gonna start our aerobic
11:15 exercise and the way we gonna start out
11:17 today we always want to do a little bit of warm
11:19 up pace, lunges and things like that or any
11:22 jumps that are gonna be out of the question
11:23 today. So, we are gonna start with some light
11:26 squats, we are not gonna able to do a lot of
11:27 variety because it's going to be limited for
11:29 those who are arthritic and again I try and keep
11:32 things fairly simple because lot of time
11:34 when people watch exercise programs they
11:36 get totally confused by all the various
11:39 movements they think oh, I don't know if I can
11:40 keep up with that, so we are gonna keep it
11:42 simple. So, anybody can do it. We are gonna
11:44 start by crossing our arms and we are gonna
11:46 squat down. I'm not gonna go very deep.
11:48 Okay, you guys going, keep going and I will
11:50 talk about the squat. The thing we are
11:52 focusing on is keeping our knees over our feet,
11:56 we're pushing the hips back, as we go down
11:58 keeping the chest up. Okay, we are bending
12:02 the knees little bit, but not too much right now.
12:06 We are just getting loosened up. Certainly
12:10 when we do regular squats, we go deeper,
12:12 Jonathan go and do a regular deep squat.
12:13 Okay, we go way down deeper like that for our
12:18 purposes, doing the partials are fine. No, if
12:21 you are not arthritic and you are just following
12:23 along in the program then you can go ahead
12:25 and squat deeper or you can even hold some
12:27 weights if you want to on your shoulders or
12:30 hold them in your hands and that will give you
12:32 some more resistance, make your squats little
12:34 bit tougher. Okay, for lot of people squatting
12:38 is something they have never done or are afraid
12:41 to do because they think it's gonna hurt them, but
12:43 the reality is the stronger a joint gets the
12:47 less pain it's gonna have. Which means the
12:51 muscles around the joint have to get
12:52 stronger. Okay, let's go about 10 more
12:57 Jonathan. Richard, are you doing okay? Yeah,
13:01 No problem. Not yet. Okay. Now, we got five
13:07 more and last one. Okay, let's start
13:15 stepping gently, stepping is a movement
13:19 we use quite frequently here and if you have
13:22 really bad arthritis you might even wanna get
13:24 even a softer surface. These fellows are on
13:27 basically two layers of carpet. There is carpet
13:30 on top of carpet and it makes for a nice soft
13:33 stepping platform for them, but if you having
13:38 some problems you might even make it
13:40 softer still or you might get rebounder or mini
13:44 trampoline and step on that; that would give
13:46 you even less resistance as you step down.
13:49 Okay, let's go and pick it up just a little bit.
13:54 Now you can take this at your own pace. If
13:58 you are not comfortable going this high that's
14:02 alright you can stay down lower. Also its
14:05 very important to note for those who are
14:07 battling arthritis certainly especially the
14:09 rheumatoid arthritis, which is an
14:10 autoimmune disorder. If you correct your diet
14:13 and get into a good lifestyle and take away
14:15 lot of stress in your life by getting some
14:17 counseling or helping you to give all that to
14:20 God. You are gonna find yourself feeling lot
14:23 better and the pain being subsided because
14:26 of the fact that your main system will not be
14:27 working with you instead of against you
14:29 But even with osteoarthritis, the things
14:31 we eat will affect how we feel, when people
14:33 eat lot of sugary products or little, lot of
14:35 fat, lot of protein, they find themselves hurting
14:38 more then when they were having a lot of
14:40 fresh fruits and vegetables and whole
14:41 grains and so forth. And many people have
14:43 found great benefit in their joints by just
14:45 juicing and they feel themselves feel lot
14:47 better or fasting, lot of times people fast. You
14:50 have fasted Richard. Not very often. Not
14:52 very often. Jonathan have you fasted before,
14:55 couple of times, couple of times then what you
14:57 notice when you do that. I am hungry.
14:59 Okay, well, that's given. Okay, now, let's go and
15:08 stop, we are going into some side steps very
15:10 gently step over. Okay and step and step this is
15:15 giving us a little bit of variety, it is still a fairly
15:18 easy movement and so you should be able to
15:22 do this and it gives chance to strengthen
15:26 some of the muscles along the sides of the
15:28 legs and abductors and adductors. When we
15:32 deal with a joint and I'm gonna just demonstrate
15:34 for my, my arm. The hand doesn't have a lot
15:38 of muscle to it, but when I squeeze my
15:41 hand the muscles of my forearm jump into play.
15:44 Okay, that's what gives the hand strength and so
15:47 all joints are like that the muscles will give it
15:49 strength and if I don't work on these muscles
15:52 then my wrist would be affected by having wrist
15:56 problems. If I get these muscles of my forearm
15:58 strong then I will have less, less problem
16:00 because now the muscles of my forearm
16:02 were strong. Now, that concept works through
16:04 rest of body too if your quadriceps are weak
16:07 and your hamstrings are weak then your knee is
16:09 gonna take a lot more stress and when I talk to
16:12 people who have arthritic often times
16:14 that's what I find is that their hamstrings and
16:17 their quadriceps are really mushy feeling,
16:19 they have very little muscle tone and unless
16:22 they get working out they are gonna continue
16:24 having a lot of stress at their knees. Okay, let's
16:26 keep going. Now let's go switch back into our
16:32 step. At home if you found the side step to be
16:40 more comfortable then the front step then you
16:42 can certainly just stay with one of other even
16:45 though we are changing over to try and break
16:47 the monotony of various things and that's
16:49 really all that it is, as you go through a
16:52 workout we could just step in one place and
16:54 still get a good workout, but people like to have
16:57 the variety and so we try and mix it up a little
16:59 bit. We are gonna be a little bit limited because
17:04 we can't do a bunch of jumping around
17:05 because I'm assuming those watching this
17:07 program or when people call me up and
17:09 say is that program I can get that I would I
17:12 can do because I am arthritic than I can
17:14 direct them to an arthritis program
17:15 knowing that we are not gonna be doing
17:17 anything so ballistic that they gonna have
17:19 trouble keeping up. Okay, let's pick it up
17:22 When we are doing aerobic workout, we
17:25 spend a few minutes getting into a training
17:27 range that we have been doing that, so these
17:29 fellows now are getting to a point, where they
17:31 are warmed up. Now, we can start working a
17:34 little harder, but you wanna keep it at your
17:38 own pace. Jonathan gave me a funny look,
17:39 so not exactly sure how to interpret that may be
17:41 he had too much for lunch today or
17:43 something I'm not sure with that was
17:44 Okay, Richard are you feeling okay? So far, so
17:49 good. Richard you been around the block just a
17:51 couple times. Do you have any arthritis at all?
17:53 I don't think so, you don't think so. Okay.
17:56 Jonathan, forget it. Better not. I actually do
18:03 have some when I was playing basketball I
18:06 used to, we would dump a basketball
18:11 pretty well last summer I went up and dumped
18:12 the ball somebody came and caught me
18:13 underneath and I went down pretty awkwardly
18:14 on my right knee. And I thought it blowout my
18:15 knee, but for some reason I was able to get
18:18 up and walk, but the stress of that injury
18:21 cause some damage to my knee and so now in
18:26 my later years as I squat down, I can feel that
18:28 like grinding sensation that you know is an
18:32 osteoarthritis situation. So, it doesn't have to be
18:34 incapacitating because I still can walk and run
18:37 and jump and do all the things I want to do
18:39 maybe not as fast as I once did, but I can still
18:42 do. But I have to be aware that there is some
18:44 grinding, there is, so it's really important to keep
18:46 my quadriceps and hamstrings in shape.
18:49 Okay, let's go back to squats now. Okay and
18:52 down and up, and down and up, okay let's speed
18:57 it up a little bit, down up, down up, down up,
19:01 down up, down up, down up, down up,
19:05 keep going that pace. Now, if you just tuning
19:07 in you are gonna well look at that they are
19:09 doing squats way too fast. It is in because we
19:11 are trying to do some improper movement is
19:14 because we are still using this as part of our
19:16 aerobic exercise and so we are going little bit
19:18 faster on our squats, but this isn't the way I
19:21 would suggest you do them, if you are looking
19:23 to develop muscular strength by squatting
19:25 we are doing it strictly for our aerobic
19:27 purposes. We are doing alright Jonathan? Oh!
19:33 Yeah. Okay, Richard still okay? I'm tired.
19:38 Little tired okay. That's not a bad thing. No.
19:41 We've got just about two and a half more
19:46 minutes of hard aerobic training and then we
19:48 will get down to Richards favorite part
19:50 of the aerobic workout that's a cool down pace
19:51 and then after the cool down pace it's
19:54 Jonathans favorite part that's meal time, okay
19:56 Let's go back and do our steps, try and work on
20:02 height of the knee here, you don't have to go too
20:06 fast, but we just work on getting the knees up. You
20:11 change resistance to a variety of means and one of
20:15 them is to speed up or another one is simply to
20:19 bring the legs up higher. Just like if you have to
20:21 put this on an incline, we could increase the
20:25 resistance even well. So, as well we have to
20:27 try and talk at 3ABN and see if they can build
20:29 a platform that can elevate while we are
20:32 doing Body and Spirit Aerobics that would be
20:33 kind of fun. For you. For me yeah. Hit the
20:37 button. Up we go, alright we are looking
20:44 good, we are gonna keep this up for about
20:47 another minute and a half and then we will
20:49 start the cool down phase. That's sound
20:51 good Jonathan. Works for me, alright. The
20:56 worst thing you can do if you are arthritic is
20:57 just lay around and do nothing. Now, let's talk
20:59 more about gout. Gout is one, where people
21:02 take lot of protein and they get uric acid
21:04 crystal forming and one of the main places they
21:07 notice at is in their big toe. And so when you
21:10 have gout it's very painful type of arthritis,
21:13 but if you simply cutback on your animal
21:16 products, I would recommend cut them
21:17 out totally, but if you eat a vegetarian diet,
21:20 healthful diet with lots of water you will find
21:22 your pain rapidly going away because you are
21:25 now talking out uric acid from the system. A
21:29 too much protein a waste byproduct of that
21:31 is uric acid. Alright fellow we are
21:37 down to our last 45 seconds, so let's go and
21:40 pick it up just a little bit more and we will spring
21:43 it on home. Keep those arms pumping, we are
21:49 trying to get multiple muscles working
21:50 because you are burning more calories, more fat.
21:53 Sometimes people ask why aren't I doing all
21:59 these things as well because I'm also trying
22:01 to teach and instruct and it would be
22:03 difficult, even Jonathan as for he is I can hear
22:05 him huffing and puffing a little bit. And down to
22:13 our last 10 seconds, very good Richard, we
22:17 are looking good down to five seconds. Alright
22:22 Richard we can start cooling down, but that
22:25 doesn't mean stop. That means we simply slow
22:28 down to allow the blood to continue circulating
22:32 with the assistance of our legs its bringing the
22:35 venous blood full back up to the heart and
22:37 allowing the body to start to cool down
22:40 without overstressing the heart and that's
22:43 extremely important. Little slower still, slow
22:49 it down, slow it down. Okay, fellows now we
22:54 are just gonna gently do some side steps. Going
22:56 go to your left, now to your right. And your
22:59 left and right, left and right, left little slower
23:05 and we are just cooling down. Ah! Just make it
23:08 nice and relaxed just keep in the movement
23:11 going. Lots of good deep breath as you are
23:15 going through it that will help you hard to
23:17 relax? Plenty of oxygen to the body. And
23:24 although we are doing our exercise inside, I
23:27 strongly encourage people to get outside,
23:28 get in the sunshine each day, get some fresh air
23:33 and that will help your immune system and
23:36 help the overall mood. And if your stress goes
23:38 down guess what else feels better your pain,
23:41 okay we are coming down to about our last
23:46 30 seconds of aerobic exercise and we gonna
23:51 finish off with some stretching motions and
23:56 then we will call the workout. Down to 20
24:03 seconds, slow it down, slow it down, 15, now
24:12 we are down to 10, and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, stop. Okay,
24:24 get hold of my shoulder, we are gonna
24:25 do some stretches and we gonna stop by
24:27 stretching he quadriceps area. Lot of times
24:30 people arthritic they have limitations on how
24:32 much they can stretch and so if we can get
24:35 there we go get a wide short, Jonathan go head
24:37 and grab you pant leg to show that if you can't
24:40 get all the way if they shouldn't get this part
24:42 get a hold of your pant leg and that will least
24:45 help you to get started in stretching because
24:47 when you do have arthritis there is
24:48 limitations of joint movement which your
24:51 body doesn't what to, we have to vertically
24:52 reeducated it move again. Okay, let's
24:55 switch. Okay, Richard gonna use me brace
25:01 still, but Jonathan can do it now. If I push him
25:03 a little bit see how well he stands up there. We
25:11 had one wellness program well back
25:13 where everybody was just trying to
25:15 accomplish a goal of doing their quadriceps
25:17 stretchers and not have to use the building or
25:20 anything to hold themselves. So, think
25:22 Jonathan got caught up into that okay, relax.
25:25 Now we gonna stretch our hamstrings and we
25:27 gonna step out. We gonna up on the hill
25:30 keep your front leg straight, keep your back
25:32 leg bend lean forward put your chest up and
25:35 feel the stretch in the back of your leg. Trying
25:38 to relax, get some good deep breathes as you do
25:42 it. Alright let's switch the other side right leg
25:50 is out up on the heel, left leg is bend lean
25:53 forward keep your chest up feel the stretch in the
25:56 back of the right leg, feel that Jonathan. Oh!
26:03 yeah. Richard doing alright. Okay, now let's
26:09 going to stretch the calf we gonna step the left
26:11 leg back up on the toe press the heel at the
26:15 ground. Keep the chest up and you feel the
26:19 stretch in the back of leg down into the calf in
26:21 Achilles tendon area. Alright now we gonna
26:30 switch at the right foot back press the heel at
26:34 the ground chest up left leg is bend take some
26:40 good breathes and let yourself relax. Okay,
26:50 very good fellows I think we are done.
26:53 Okay, if your experiencing a lot of
26:58 joint pain but first thing if you want to do is to
27:01 diagnosed, So find out exactly what your
27:03 dealing with. But if you have an arthritic joint
27:05 don't give up there are things you can do. You
27:08 can start with resistance with no motion like
27:12 some type of isometric type effect and then you
27:16 can go into other types of training that are very
27:18 easy on the joint. And as you get strong your
27:20 can feel yourself going into the isotonic or
27:23 resistance type work and again the stronger
27:25 the muscles gets surrounding the joint
27:27 the less pain you gonna have. You might find
27:29 that heat helps you lot if your arthritic to release
27:33 some of the distress. If I would encourage you to
27:35 use ice after the exercise program
27:38 because ice will stop any inflammation if
27:41 taking place. The heat will help you relax later
27:44 on but the ice will stop inflammation right after
27:46 you do your workout. When you do your
27:48 training make sure you will do if for the right
27:50 reason. We want to get out of pain but we want
27:52 to do by glorifying God with our body because
27:55 God gave us this wonderful gift and he
27:57 sacrifices his life for us because we purchased
28:00 with the blood of Christ. So, when ever
28:02 you do an exercise program do it for the
28:04 right reason. Here at Body and Spirit and
28:06 Body and Spirit Aerobics we use the
28:08 scripture Philippians 4:13 which states that I
28:11 can do all things to Christ which
28:13 strengthens me. God bless you thank you for
28:15 joining us and we will look forward to see you
28:17 next time for another good work
28:18 out on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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