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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Megan Frasier and Cindy Hanson


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use to improve your
00:06 health. Be sure to consult your physician before
00:10 beginning any exercise program.
00:13 Women often times are hesitant to do strength
00:17 training but they really shouldn't be because
00:19 strength is very valuable for them. Will talk about
00:22 why next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:53 Hello, I am Dick Nunez, Wellness Director at
00:55 Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:56 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:59 During my career I have trained a lot of women
01:01 and I have seen them accomplish a lot of
01:04 things. Unfortunately too often in our society,
01:07 women think they shouldn't work on weight
01:08 because they think that, well they are gonna look
01:11 like men. Well, I try and tell them it's hard enough
01:13 from them to look like men. So, don't worry
01:15 about it. Women have the wrong hormones to really
01:17 get bogged up, but if they get in a good exercise
01:20 program, they will find themselves firming up
01:22 and being a lot stronger. While the women
01:24 complain about the, what I call 'Grandma Wave
01:27 bye, bye fat'. And that's the fat on the triceps and
01:29 after they finish waving it keeps going. Well,
01:32 that's not gonna go away unless you do some drastic
01:35 changes of your lifestyle. So, we're gonna talk
01:37 more about women strength training, but
01:39 already get our program going, helping me out
01:41 today will be Cindy and Megan. A couple fine
01:46 strong female specimens that will get good
01:49 workout here. So, we're gonna start by warming
01:51 up with some arm circles. And then we will get into
01:55 our training routine. We are doing here is just
02:01 loosening up, should be nice and relax, just laying
02:04 the arms flow. Trying to get the blood circulating.
02:07 Now, we're gonna go back around the other
02:10 way. Are you girls already gets strong?
02:15 Yes, don't have a choice. You don't have a choice
02:18 while you do, but, okay just go about five more.
02:29 Alright, let's go ahead and get down on the ground.
02:32 We're gonna do some modified pushups. This
02:35 works you upper back and also your abdomen.
02:37 Okay, start up, now come on down through, keep
02:41 the arm straight. Okay, back up, back down, way
02:45 up and hold it. Let's get together, okay down.
02:48 Keep the arm straight, back up and down and up
02:54 and down and up and down and up and down and up
03:04 and down and up and down, up and down, and
03:13 up. We're doing great and down and up and down
03:19 and up and down. Five more times, there is the
03:25 first one, and up and there is two, and up, three,
03:32 and up, four and up there is five. Good, alright
03:40 going down your knees and just rest for a moment.
03:42 How that feel? Good. Good, you alright
03:46 Cindy? Okay, next we're gonna do pushups and yes
03:50 indeed women can do pushups. And there is no
03:53 such thing in my book as women's pushups. Now,
03:56 there is a modified pushup when we do our
03:59 knees, but women can do regular pushups and some,
04:03 there some men who need to use their
04:05 knees or go to the wall and do pushups
04:07 against the wall until they get strong enough
04:09 that they can get on the floor and do
04:11 regular pushups, but both these ladies are
04:14 well capable of doing regular pushups and I
04:16 have given them enough rest now. So,
04:18 they should be all get in position and get
04:20 them done. Alright, get up and we're
04:23 gonna do 10 of them. Ready, down, up one,
04:26 down, up two, down, up three, down, up
04:31 four, down, up five, down, up six, down,
04:38 up seven, down, up eight, down, up nine,
04:44 down, up ten. Now, go to your knees, let's
04:48 do the modified once now, strength your
04:49 bodies out more. Okay, down, up one,
04:54 straightened out your body more Megan.
04:55 Down, up two, down, up three, down, up
05:01 four, down little deeper, up, down, up,
05:06 down, up, down, up, down, up again up,
05:16 down, up, down, up. Five more, up, down,
05:21 two down, three, down four, down and
05:28 hold. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, get your back up 6, 7, 8,
05:37 9, 10, good. Now, at the very end there,
05:41 we're starting to get a little of sag in
05:43 the back. Okay go and come on up. How that feel?
05:48 Good. Okay. That's good.
05:50 Alright, good, glad you enjoyed it, okay.
05:53 Want to do some more? No, no I'm going.
05:55 Okay, let's put the elbows back, stretch
05:59 the chest. Feel those muscles stretch to just
06:04 work, we able to fell in your chest at all,
06:05 okay, good. And, now let's bring it across.
06:12 Pull your shoulder blades apart. Okay,
06:17 that's alright. Okay, let's do some shoulder
06:23 work. Let's put the arms out straight.
06:26 We're gonna do some circles. This is one of
06:29 my favorite exercises for Body & Spirit.
06:32 Doesn't matter, who you are? How
06:35 strong you are? You still gonna take it's
06:38 toll. We're gonna bigger now. And now
06:43 smaller, shoulders have always been one of
06:46 my stronger areas, and it still gets to me,
06:48 every time I do this one. Okay, now let's
06:53 go back. Turn it back and larger now. And
07:01 smaller and bigger. And smaller, very
07:11 good. How you doing back it Megan?
07:15 I am surviving. Okay, back front
07:17 again. Starting to feel your shoulders yet.
07:22 Yes. Cindy? Yes. Okay, okay make
07:25 bigger circles. We're going to the front.
07:27 Big circles, big circles, big circles,
07:32 big circles, alright. Now, make them
07:35 small again, nice and small, really small,
07:38 and now really big, if at home, if you need
07:43 to put your arms down go ahead.
07:45 For our ladies, now they can keep going. Make
07:49 them small, and now stop and hold.
07:54 Keep straight. Do you love this part,
07:56 you said? No. Okay, we're gonna
07:58 hold it up for one minute. I did check
08:01 the clock, so I do know the time. Okay,
08:05 keep those palms down. Arms nice and
08:08 straight and enjoy it, while you can.
08:12 Because before too long it's all gonna be
08:14 a thing of the past and so it's gonna be a
08:16 distant memory. Keep those arms up, hands
08:21 point to the ground and shoulders
08:24 burning. Trying level off there Megan one
08:28 side is starting to droop on you. Left side, there
08:35 you go. Try to hold mine up and yours too. Yes.
08:42 And we're down to our last ten seconds.
08:46 Cindy, we're doing okay? Burning.
08:49 Burning, okay. And put your arms down.
08:55 Oh! That was good. Okay, let's shrug, up
08:59 and around, you breathing hard already
09:03 we haven't even started aerobic part.
09:09 Way up high, way up high, and up, and up, and up,
09:15 and up, and up, and up. Now, go to the other way.
09:23 Way up, way up, way up, and up and up
09:29 and up and up and up, way up high, up,
09:36 bring the shoulders up towards the ears,
09:38 and bring them around, bring them around,
09:41 bring them around, and around and relax.
09:45 Okay, good. Alright, we're gonna start our
09:49 leg training now. I want you to do some
09:51 real easy lunges at first. And we can go
09:54 little bit more difficult. So, you start
09:56 up by lunging out and back. Lunging out and
09:59 back, okay, keep going. And in just a
10:02 moment we're gonna change this to make it
10:04 little more difficult. I want up to get their
10:06 legs warmed up first. And this one also get
10:09 as warmed up into our aerobic training
10:10 phase. Or we wanna do just a little more
10:14 strength training. And we're focusing mainly
10:18 on the three major groups of the upper
10:20 body. More towards the chest, the
10:23 shoulders and the upper back. And now
10:25 we're gonna be focusing on the legs.
10:28 And then we will train aerobically,
10:30 but right now let's start to do
10:32 rhythmic activity of legs and legs
10:33 are starting to warm up. Okay, now we're
10:39 gonna go out with the right leg and stay on it
10:42 for five, down, go down. Remember
10:45 while I was urging for down, up, stay
10:49 there, down, up, down, up, down, up,
10:54 down, up, down, back. Now, the left
10:58 leg. Down for five, one and down two,
11:02 down three, down four, down five, step
11:08 back. Switch and down, and down, and
11:16 down, and down, one more time and down,
11:20 and back. Left side, go right down into it.
11:23 One, two, three, four, and five. Back, right
11:32 leg, down, one, two, three, four, five,
11:42 Back, left leg, one, two, three, four, five.
11:53 Back, step out, down, one, two, three, four,
12:02 five. Back, left side, down, two, three,
12:10 four, five. One more round, right side
12:15 down, down, three, four, five. Left side,
12:24 down, two, three, four, five. Start
12:34 stepping, don't stop. Just go right into it.
12:36 Get those arms swinging. This is our
12:43 main exercise for aerobics because it
12:46 Galvolves rhythmic activities something
12:48 people could easily do, if you're sitting on
12:51 a chair and you can't get up. And do the
12:54 stepping, you can still step. While you're
12:56 sitting on the chair. There is no excuse not
12:59 to get some exercise. As long as you can
13:01 still move. Movement is exercise, little more
13:04 arm swing. There we go. I used to be a
13:11 track coach. So, I got to see those arms
13:12 swinging just right. That's better. Now,
13:19 you're looking good. Okay, pick the knees
13:26 up little higher, keep your speed the same
13:28 and pick the knees up. One of the stronger
13:33 woman I have ever had was actually a 15
13:36 -year-old girl starting working out with me
13:38 She got strong very quickly and she was 5
13:41 foot, 223 pounds. And by the time she was
13:44 16. She could bench press 215 pounds.
13:47 And I believe Cindy; you've seen a picture
13:49 of her right? And she wasn't all that big and
13:51 muscular. She just had a tremendous
13:53 mental discipline for lifting. And she
13:56 actually that one time was rated a number
13:58 seven in the world for women's female
13:59 bench press. Of course just as back in
14:01 the early 80s. And she was so strong that, the
14:04 football players would leave the exercise
14:06 room where show up. Could you get a soft
14:08 more boys struggling with a 135 pounds in
14:11 the bench press. And this little cute little
14:13 blond girl will come and say, can I warm
14:15 up? And they would go. Okay, let's get
14:17 down there. Like it was nothing and so
14:19 they were get very discourage, but the
14:22 realities, I have seen a lot of women get
14:23 extremely strong and in our Wellness
14:26 Program everybody lifts weights. And
14:29 what we find, when they do lift weights it
14:31 happens and the time, their arms get smaller
14:33 while they are going through the lifting
14:35 phase. Even though they feel like, well I
14:37 can do this, my arms are get bigger. Okay,
14:40 not pick it up. Oh! There we go, there we
14:43 go. Let's go for about 40 seconds just like
14:46 that. Pick in it up, way up, way up, way
14:48 up, way up. Doing alright Megan?
14:55 No. Alright, no problem. Cindy, okay alright?
14:59 Okay. Okay, and 20 more seconds, we're gonna
15:04 transition into some ski jumps on side to
15:14 side. Give us little bit of variety. And let
15:15 change over in ten seconds. Five, four,
15:20 three, two, one. Start up, back in forth, back
15:26 in forth little bit faster, let's not go
15:28 bunny hop, Back in forth, that's better.
15:30 Okay, not too fast. Let's put the
15:34 difference there. There we go, very
15:40 good. Good, good, good, good, good,
15:51 side-to-side, side-to- side, side-to-side,
15:54 there we go. Let side- to-side. Okay, 20
16:02 more seconds to that, and we will go back
16:04 into our stepping again, fine stay
16:06 together. Do that what create a little
16:11 challenge there. Good, good, good.
16:17 Okay, and transition back into stepping.
16:22 Little bit higher now. Okay, pick it up, let's
16:31 trying to breathe little harder, arm swing,
16:33 arm swing, arm swing, there we go,
16:35 that's better. Got a keep it all together
16:37 here, keep it all together. We got
16:45 about four and half minutes of intensive
16:47 aerobic exercise and then we will go it into
16:51 our cool arm phase. You're gonna make it Megan?
16:54 No. So, you're runner you said.No. Up already run.
16:58 A mile.Two. Two miles. How about you Cindy?
17:03 I allergic to running.Are you allergic to running?
17:06 Okay. Go walk. Okay. Fast. Walk fast, alight.
17:11 Okay, then let's do that then as walk little faster.
17:14 Oh! Yeah, somebody get up. Okay, let's go into
17:24 some side steps, ready to the left. Right, left,
17:29 right, left, right, left, right, left, hands on
17:35 the hips, right, left, right, left, right, left,
17:41 right, left, right, left, right, left, let's stay
17:46 together, right, left, right, left, right, left,
17:51 right, left, right, left, bend the legs, left,
17:57 right, left, right, left, right. Bend the knees,
18:01 bend the knees, there we go. Makes a little
18:05 bit tougher. Okay. Okay, next to the lot
18:09 tougher. There we go, looking good. Side
18:14 back in forth. And left and right, left, right,
18:25 bend the knees, right, left, right, left, right,
18:30 left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right,
18:37 left, right, 15 more seconds and back to
18:41 stepping. And down to five and four, three,
18:52 two, one, step. Very good ladies, nice
18:58 trisection, alright. Doing great, okay,
19:03 swing those arms. Could you warmed out, Megan?
19:09 Yep. How about you? Umm! Umm! How about you?
19:14 I'm doing okay, thank you. I get bad times
19:25 in. So, then why don't you do in it all? Well,
19:26 because I'm trying to instruct at the same
19:27 time. Makes a little bit difficult. So, for
19:37 you ladies, don't be afraid to getting their
19:39 pump some weights because well we fine
19:41 of course this as people getting older,
19:43 they are losing strength. In fact, when
19:46 a person gets older by the time they're 75,
19:50 two thirds of all women can no longer
19:52 for ten pounds over their head. And that's
19:55 really sad because what is that mean
19:56 practically. That means they can no
19:58 longer, carry their own groceries, they
20:00 can pick up her grandchild. And what
20:02 it really means, is when they fall on the
20:04 floor, they can't get back up. And even to
20:07 their mentally sound often times they end
20:09 up a nursing homes, why? Not because our
20:11 mentally unable to continue on. They're
20:14 physically too weak to keep going. And so
20:17 when we have come, women coming to our
20:18 program. I know, one of staff, who is in her
20:21 70's could all need curl, five pound
20:24 dumbbell, I tear her that. We start there
20:26 about 2 pick and cheerios, but she is
20:29 gone stronger to the point were she can
20:30 now take 20 pound dumbbells and do 20
20:34 curls with it. And she is in her 70's, but the
20:36 beauty of it, she also was osteoporotic and
20:39 in the past year so, her bone density has gone
20:42 up four percent. Now, that's pretty
20:44 incredible for women in her 70's to act
20:46 should be adding bone density to her
20:47 bone mature, that's, that's exciting. Okay,
20:51 okay, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up, pick
20:52 it up, not for this talking stuff. Okay,
21:03 ski jumps side-to- side, go. We almost
21:06 done. I wonder you like to be, have a ponytail
21:19 that flip around my pat when you jump
21:20 back in forth. I guess, I will never know
21:22 really. I missed my chance. Actually I did
21:30 have shoulder length hair one time, but not
21:31 quite that all. Move it faster, left, right, left,
21:42 right, left, right, left, right, left, right, 40
21:45 more seconds, good. Now, at the end of
21:49 this, we're gonna get back into our steps.
21:51 And we're gonna be going into the cool
21:53 down phase. So, that's sound good, Cindy?
21:56 Yes. Alright, you ready to cool down, Megan?
21:59 Yes. Okay. 20 seconds so, come
22:05 on. Sprint through the finish line, let's go.
22:08 We having a good workout. And we're
22:18 down to our last five, four, three, two, one,
22:23 step, step, step. Don't stop, step. Slowly
22:30 now, slowly. We're cooling down, what
22:33 we doing now is allowing our legs.
22:35 Well, that's not, go that slow. We're
22:40 letting our legs, help our heart to continue
22:42 circulating blood up to it. It helps to Venus
22:46 blood flow, back up to the heart, if you
22:48 just stop up abruptly, you're creating a
22:51 stress on the heart. So, that's why it is not a
22:53 good idea, if you're playing basketball or
22:55 rocket ball or something like that,
22:57 just to stop all the sudden and say okay,
22:59 I'm done. You better off to keep walking,
23:01 keep moving to allow your body to have a
23:03 chance to cool down. Because people can
23:09 have a cardiac of episode, they if they
23:12 just workout harden and then stop up
23:13 abruptly. In order to be tragedy. It could be
23:17 avoided. Okay, nice deep breathe. Into the
23:23 nose, out to the mouth. Breathe deep,
23:26 are you alright? I'm good. Okay, when I said,
23:35 relax I didn't mean dummy relax.
23:39 Oh! That's right. Even my leg would know.
23:42 Okay, breathe, nice and deep. Get the
23:48 oxygenated blood go into your body, okay.
23:54 So, it down little more. We down to
23:55 our last 30 seconds. And then we will
23:59 stretch out. And then we will be all of done,
24:04 Megan. Okay, we down to our last 10
24:14 seconds. Nice and easy. You gals have
24:19 done great. Okay, I'm gonna have you use
24:25 me for a wall, put yours hand on my
24:28 shoulder, and going get a hold of your
24:30 ankle. Now, most people can't do this,
24:34 okay. So, in fact Cindy why don't you
24:39 just grab to hold your apparent leg? So, that
24:41 they can see what that would look like. So,
24:43 some people especially like when
24:45 they come to our Wellness Program.
24:46 You can put your hand on me, there is
24:48 not a problem, but a lot of people when
24:49 come out our Wellness Program, they can't
24:50 get all the way of their ankle and so they
24:53 need to feel good doing that. Like,
24:54 if they saw this, they go wow! How much
24:56 suppose to do that, okay. Alright switch.
24:59 I think you do this every now and then.
25:05 Yeah, I did. Okay, now could you
25:07 do that right when you're first started?
25:08 No. Okay. No. So, feel good. It does.
25:13 Okay, up tare me apart. Okay, go and
25:19 relax. Let's stretch the inside the thigh. Let
25:22 step out the side. And keep your this leg
25:26 bent. This is leg is straight, stretch it
25:29 inside. Alright, and now switch over the
25:37 other way. Left leg straight, right leg is
25:40 bent. Stretch the inside to left thigh.
25:42 Okay, good. Now, we're gonna step out
25:51 with our left leg. We're gonna up on
25:53 the heel. Back leg is bend, lean forward,
25:56 chest up, stretch the back, back of the
25:59 hamstring there. Very good, Cindy you look
26:07 like, you've done this one before every
26:10 morning, okay. Switch over and forward. Stretch you
26:23 know, just help us to finish that cool down
26:24 phase. Okay, relax. Okay, let's put the left
26:30 foot back. Press up down to the floor. The
26:35 right leg is bent, lean forward, chest is up.
26:39 Okay, and switch, press it heel to the
26:50 ground. And that should be good.
26:59 Alright, ladies, thanks a lot.
27:02 When women gets strong, they fell so
27:06 much better, they feel much more capable
27:09 and taking care themselves and doing
27:11 basic things for themselves and it just
27:13 make some feel good physically. I know,
27:15 when I trained women, they find
27:17 themselves getting so much stronger and
27:19 small at the same time. Back in my
27:21 athletic club days, I actually had a women
27:23 gain 20 pounds and two dress sizes. And
27:27 when really comes down to it. And that's
27:28 what it really matter is, is not so much,
27:30 how much you weigh, but how you look.
27:32 What dress size you in, what your
27:34 measurements that's the important thing
27:36 because muscle is gonna be much denser
27:39 than fat. And so you can take three pounds
27:43 of fat and that will equal the size or
27:46 weight as far as one pound of muscle. So,
27:48 fat is three time of size. Excuse me, I
27:51 said that wrong. One pound of fat is three
27:53 times of size over pound of muscle. And
27:55 so fat is gonna take up more space, muscle is
27:58 gonna be much more condense, but you
28:00 again, you want to do it for right reason.
28:02 You don't wanna trained for vanity
28:03 purposes. You want to make yourself look
28:05 good to glorify God. And that's the thing
28:07 this most important, and that's why we
28:09 always encourage people on Body &
28:10 Spirit to claim their promise, we do in
28:12 Philippines 4:13, which states, I can do
28:15 all of things to Christ, which strengthens me.
28:17 God bless you, we will look forward to
28:19 see you next time on Body & Spirit Aerobics.


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