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Migraines And Headaches

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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Megan Frasier and Cindy Hanson


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:09 Be sure to consult your physician before
00:10 beginning any exercise program.
00:15 Migraine headaches stops many people get into
00:16 their tracks, but there are some good things
00:18 you can do about them that are natural.
00:20 Find out more about it next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:51 Hello, I am Dick Nunez Wellness Director of the
00:53 Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:54 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:58 I've seen many people come to our program,
00:59 who've had very bad migraine headaches
01:02 and the good news is that they really all of gotten
01:04 help like we have had a 100 percent success.
01:06 Exercise is part of that equation, so we're gonna go
01:10 through a program that hopefully anybody
01:11 with migraine headache can still enjoy.
01:14 I believe we're ready to get started,
01:15 helping me out today will be Megan and Cindy.
01:22 Alright ladies, that we're ready to get started. Right.
01:24 We're gonna start very gently by just some
01:26 light movements of our shoulders, get ourselves
01:30 warmed up and relaxed and bring it up and around,
01:41 up and around, up and around, up and around,
01:45 up and around. Okay, let's go the other way
01:48 now and up and around, up and around,
01:51 and up and around, up and around, up and around,
01:56 up and around, up and around. Okay, relax.
02:02 Okay, we're gonna start out by pressing our hands
02:05 together. We're gonna work our chest and push
02:08 out, draw back, push out, draw back, push out,
02:13 draw back, push out, draw back.
02:17 Look straight ahead, smile Megan we have a good time
02:22 and back, push out, keep it tight, and push the hands
02:27 tight together, push them hard, make your chest work.
02:35 Alright, keep going, so if I come over to you
02:37 hold it out, I shouldn't be able to pull you apart,
02:40 that's the way, okay, let's check Cindy here.
02:43 Push out, okay I can see, she is trying hard.
02:46 So, I don't have to worry about that one,
02:48 okay keep going. A lot of times people will say,
02:52 well that's not hard. Well of course it is not hard,
02:54 if you are not pushing at all. If you just slide your
02:56 hands in and out, it's not gonna be very difficult
02:58 at all. Okay, now let's go up and down,
03:02 and up and down, and up and down, and up and down,
03:10 and up and down, and up and down.
03:16 Push up; come down, up and down, and up and down,
03:24 and up and down, five more times, and down and up,
03:28 and down and up, two more, up and down,
03:34 and up and down. Alright, put your hands behind
03:38 your head and push your elbows back.
03:43 One of the things, I've seen that causes migraine
03:44 headaches is when people strain too hard.
03:47 Go and give yourself a hug and they do was called
03:51 the Valsalva maneuver, where they bear down
03:53 like that and it causes a vasodilatation,
03:57 one of the artery is going up to the head and that
04:00 will cause lot of pain. Okay, push back,
04:08 alright and give yourself another hug, wrap it around,
04:15 very good. You two can reach little further,
04:17 I can't. Okay, go and relax, alright let's step out
04:26 with the left foot. Put your right arm out,
04:29 grab your right wrist with your left hand and
04:33 now you're gonna pull back and then reach out,
04:37 pull back and reach out. So, we try wanna try
04:41 and avoid any excessive straining just wanna
04:44 get a good stimulation of movement and pull, and pull,
04:50 and pull, and pull, and pull, and pull, and pull, and pull.
05:00 We're gonna do 10 more, try and stay with me,
05:02 1, and 2, and 3, and 4, 5, last 5, 6, and pull 7, pull
05:17 8, pull 9, pull 10. Okay, put the right foot out now,
05:24 reach out with the left hand. Grab the left wrist
05:28 with your right hand, pull it back, and reach out.
05:32 Then pull, reach out, squeeze the scapula back
05:35 and pull it out, back and out, back.
05:39 There is 5, pull back 6, pull back 7, pull back 8,
05:47 pull back 9, and pull 10, pull 11, pull 12,
05:56 pull it back 13, and pull 14. Think about your back,
06:01 15 and 16, last 4, 17, and 18, 19, and 20.
06:12 Alright, reach your arm up get hold of the elbow
06:15 and stretch. We wanna stretch them to the latissimus
06:19 dorsi here, which is one the side and the upper
06:21 scapular muscles. Get some nice deep
06:25 breathes while you are doing that, try and relax.
06:31 Alright, switch. Exercise is good for reducing
06:40 tension and stress and lot of times that can be
06:43 a trigger for migraine headaches.
06:44 So, we're gonna talk more about some real
06:46 specific causes once we just get into our aerobic
06:49 part of our program. Okay, very good ladies,
06:56 alright let's take our hands down in front of us
06:59 and raise up to the front and down,
07:01 and up and down, and up and down,
07:05 and up and down, up and down, and up and down,
07:11 up and down, and up and down, up and down,
07:19 and up and down, up and down, 10 more times.
07:23 There is 1, and 2, and 3, and 4, and 5, five more
07:35 times down and way up and down, three more,
07:41 1 and up, 2, last 1, and 3. Alright, let's shrug
07:49 the shoulders up and around, way up high and around.
07:53 This will help loosen up the neck area and up
07:56 and around, up and around, up and around,
08:04 up and around, up and around, up and around,
08:10 up and around, up and around, and up and around,
08:16 and up and around. Now, let's go back to the front,
08:18 bring it up and around, up and around,
08:21 up and around, bring it up and around, up and around,
08:28 five more times and up, and up, two more up,
08:36 and up. Okay now let's look to the side, way over,
08:41 turn back to the right. Now, turn and back to the right,
08:50 and turn to the left, and turn to the right, and turn,
08:58 and turn. Now, we're gonna look up, look down,
09:06 look up and down, and up and down, up,
09:17 two more times, up and down, up and down.
09:24 Okay, I think we're ready to get started in some
09:28 leg exercise now. We're gonna start with some lunges.
09:31 We're gonna go very gently, I don't want you to
09:33 go very deep, I just want to come out like this
09:35 and comeback, and then out, put your hands on
09:38 your hips, and then left and right, and left and right.
09:46 We are not going as deep as we would normally
09:48 because we just try to warm up and we are
09:51 targeting this program for people with migraine
09:53 headaches, so we don't wanna create too
09:54 much stress. We're still following the same
10:00 principles, where we wanna make sure that our knee does
10:03 not go past our foot. You will still get some training
10:07 effect in your quadriceps, but the main thing we do
10:11 on is warming up our legs for some aerobic exercise.
10:17 An aerobic exercise shouldn't be too difficult for those
10:21 with migraines you wanna keep your intensity
10:24 down at first and we are not gonna do too much
10:27 bouncing and jarring because again that can trigger
10:30 a response that we don't want. We just gonna take
10:33 a nice and easy. We will be focusing on lot of side
10:37 stepping and stepping in place, we are not gonna be
10:40 jumping around those key jumps today Megan.
10:44 That's good. We will get you another time and step,
10:53 and step, and step, and step, and step, and step,
11:03 and step, five more each side, here is
11:07 1, and 2, and 3, here is 4, and 5.
11:23 Go and start stepping in place ladies.
11:28 Okay, let's get those arms swinging.
11:34 When I was working in the athletic club,
11:35 we had a women come through on the exercise
11:37 program I was teaching was actually a dine
11:39 exercise program and she said I've heard you are a
11:42 vegetarian. I have migraine headache problems
11:45 then I have been put on a beta-blocker
11:47 and I have gained 20 pounds in last two weeks,
11:50 if I go on your diet can I go off my medication.
11:53 I said I can't answer that question,
11:55 only I can do is ask you a question in return
11:57 and that is what's the worst thing will happen
11:59 to you if you go off your medication,
12:02 she said I'll get another headache.
12:04 I said that's what you need to way out well.
12:06 Over the next several months, this was in September
12:08 this particular year, she followed the program
12:10 to the tea had no headaches at all until January 1st
12:15 and she had a headache. By the way just case you are
12:17 wondering our ladies are still stepping while I am
12:20 talking to you, and so then she went around
12:24 three months with no headache and then the day
12:26 after her birthday she had a headache and then
12:29 she went for another three months without a
12:30 headache and then she had a headache after the
12:33 day after her anniversary, so at first she thought
12:36 it was just coincidence, but then she realized
12:38 there was a direct cause and effect to her migraine
12:41 headaches in her lifestyle, so she got serious about it
12:44 and went on her way. Okay, let's go and pick it up
12:47 a little bit. Our ladies have been diligently stepping
12:54 the whole time, alright let's do some sidesteps
13:01 ready to the left go and right, and left and right,
13:07 and left and right, and left and right, left and right,
13:13 left and right, left right, left and right, left right,
13:20 left, right, left, right, left, right, doing okay
13:29 Cindy. Aha! Megan? Yup Good. Left and right,
13:39 left and right, left right, left and right, left, right,
13:47 left, right. Okay squat down little more as you do it,
13:51 bend the knees like your thighs work better,
13:57 we are gonna go one more minute, then we will go back
14:02 into steps. We got about six minutes of aerobics
14:09 with you then we will go through a two minute
14:11 cool down, 40 more seconds, keep the knees bent,
14:26 looking good, you are having fun Megan. Yup.
14:31 Alright, I see that pretty smile.
14:42 Okay and in 15 seconds we are gonna transmission
14:43 back into stepping, and ten, and five, four, three,
14:55 two, one step. And we continue on with my story now
15:03 as you continue stepping that is this women went
15:07 to a doctor after for one year check up and her
15:11 doctor said to her well how many headaches
15:13 did you have in the past year and she said only
15:16 three and he said that's wonderful the medication
15:19 has been working beautifully and she said oh,
15:21 I stopped taking that after the first two weeks
15:23 and he said really what have you been doing
15:26 and she said I became a total vegetarian
15:30 and he said you go to the laboratory right now,
15:32 I'm gonna draw your blood and I'm gonna call
15:34 you up tomorrow and tell you everything that's wrong
15:36 with you. I got a phone call from her and
15:38 she was crying, she said oh Dick I don't know
15:41 what to do, the doctor said I am all messed up
15:43 and I said one of your blood work was off and
15:47 she goes I don't know, and I said well can you read me
15:50 the report and she says no, and I said well why,
15:53 and she says I don't have it yet,
15:54 I said now wait a minute you are crying right now,
15:57 but you don't even know if your blood work is off
16:00 and she says that's right and I said well can we wait
16:02 until we at least get the blood work before you cry
16:05 and she goes okay that's a deal.
16:06 And so the next day, I talked to her and she still
16:10 hadn't gotten it. Finally a week later, she called
16:12 the doctor and said what is my blood work show and
16:15 he said everything is perfect whatever you are doing
16:18 is working and he goes good bye, click
16:20 and that was it. Very sad want to tell her a bad news,
16:23 but didn't want to tell her the good news,
16:25 so the good news is she was overcome the migraine
16:28 headaches by changing her lifestyle, eating properly,
16:31 not eating foods that are gonna irritate and she eases
16:34 probably one of the worst ones out there to cause
16:36 the migraine headaches and getting into regular
16:38 exercise program that was able to turn it around.
16:40 Now Megan they had a 12-year-old daughter
16:43 and this 12-year-old daughter,
16:45 she didn't like this vegetarian lifestyle,
16:47 she wanted a big mac and we will talk about here
16:49 more in a minute. Let's transition here,
16:51 let's do some back steps, step back with your right,
16:55 back in, step back with the left, and back hands
16:58 on the hips, back, and back, and back, and back,
17:04 and back, step back, and step, and step, and step,
17:15 and step, and step, step back, and step, and step,
17:22 right and left, and right and left, step right,
17:28 step left, and right and left, step right, step left,
17:37 step right and left, and right and left, step right,
17:44 step left and right, and left and right,
17:50 and left and right, and left and right, left transition
17:57 back to walking now. So she was begging for a big
18:03 mac so much, her mother came up to me and said
18:06 what do we do, we don't know what to do,
18:08 our daughter wants a big mac.
18:09 Then I said tell her to have one, really is that
18:13 what you think, I said yes tell her to have one.
18:16 Okay, if you say so, so the next day the mother
18:20 comes back in smiling from ear to ear and she says
18:23 how did you know? I said how did I know what?
18:25 How do you know that our daughter would spend
18:27 the night vomiting. I said I didn't know that
18:30 was gonna happen, I would never have somebody
18:32 do something if I thought they are gonna have
18:33 vomiting over it, but I said even when I ate three pounds
18:36 of meat a day if I had a big mac they maybe feel bad.
18:39 Now I could have the other hamburgers and do okay,
18:42 but it was always something about that big mac
18:44 that didn't set well with my particular stomach,
18:46 but I just found like that she have been eating healthy
18:49 for six months going and having something like that
18:52 was not gonna agree with her and so we find
18:55 that happened to people all the time once they change
18:58 their lifestyle they find that they go back
19:00 and eat something that they usually eat,
19:01 they doesn't like now it doesn't taste as good,
19:04 but it will have some adverse reactions within
19:06 their system. Okay, little bit harder now,
19:10 pick it up we are gonna spring to the finish line
19:19 here. We have got a minute and 40 seconds to go
19:22 and then we will start into the cool down phase,
19:24 swing the arms, swing the arms.
19:38 We've had many people come through our program
19:39 with migraines, one I'm very close to this show
19:42 that he is listening right now and that is somebody
19:46 who came out with very bad migraine headaches.
19:48 Actually had to go to the emergency room five times
19:51 a week before he came out and after he came out
19:53 to the program, we took sometime to break that cycle
19:55 of pain, but he felt a whole lot better
19:58 and he has had very few episodes since then.
20:05 Okay, we are down to our last 50 seconds.
20:09 Are we gonna warm yet Megan.
20:10 Little bit. You get warm yet Cindy. Okay.
20:13 Okay and then we are gonna start cooling down.
20:22 Have you ever had a migraine headache Cindy.
20:23 No. Okay. You don't one, you seen people have them
20:27 before though. How about you Megan have you ever
20:31 had one. No. Okay well, hopefully you
20:33 will never get them either. Oh, I never had one either
20:37 just in case you are wondering. Okay down to 15
20:43 and down to 10 and now we are gonna slow down.
21:02 Another key thing to do to prevent migraines
21:04 is to make sure you stay well hydrated, get a lot of water,
21:10 don't drink things like pop or coffee or espressos
21:15 or those other type of things that would just dehydrate
21:18 you. Alcohol is very bad for that and get a lot of water
21:22 in your system, you still stay well hydrated,
21:24 you are gonna keep your circulation going through
21:27 your body much more efficient. Okay, we are just
21:30 cooling down now allowing the lower body to act as a
21:35 complementary circulatory pump to the heart because
21:39 it's sending the venous blood back up and the heart
21:42 is thanking you as it's going to it's cool down phase.
21:50 Okay, let's just very gently start do some side to sides
21:52 again and this will finish up our aerobic workout.
22:03 This is a good part right Cindy. That's right.
22:07 The part when we are almost done. Okay,
22:16 we are down to our last 40 seconds.
22:18 Now we are gonna do some stretching,
22:20 we will do little bit abdomen work and then we will be
22:23 done for the day. Down to our last 30 seconds.
22:39 This is the part that feels good, when you know you
22:42 are almost done those endorphin starts to kick
22:44 in and endorphins are also chemical that will reduce
22:49 pain as produced naturally within the body.
22:57 Okay and good, alright let's stretch out the hamstrings,
23:01 the way we are gonna do that is as we are
23:03 gonna step out and we are gonna put our heal up,
23:06 the back leg is bent, the front leg is straight,
23:09 we are gonna lean into it, hold it get some good deep
23:12 breaths. Alright let's switch sides, left leg is back,
23:22 slightly bent, upon the right heal, right leg is straight,
23:28 lean forward into it, chest is up, hold it, take
23:36 nice deep breaths. Okay, step out to the side,
23:43 we are gonna stretch inside the thigh, left leg is bent,
23:47 right leg straight, stretching inside of the right thigh.
23:50 Okay, let's shift to the other side, left leg is straight,
23:59 right leg is bent, stretch the inside of the left thigh,
24:06 you should feel it there. You feel it there Megan.
24:10 Looking good. How about you Cindy?
24:11 Yes. Okay, good, glad you both wired up properly.
24:17 Okay hands behind the back, pull out,
24:20 contract your abdomen, bend over, up lean back,
24:26 pullout contract over up back, pullout contract over
24:32 up back, contract over up back, contract over up
24:42 and back, contract over up and back,
24:46 contract over up and back, contract over up and back,
24:53 contract over up and back, contract over up and back,
25:00 contract over up back, contract over up and back,
25:08 contract over, we are gonna do five more times,
25:12 here is one over up back, and two over up back,
25:18 and three over up and back, four over up back,
25:26 one more, over up and back. Okay, let's turn,
25:33 just turn and hold, turn the other way, and turn back,
25:47 and turn, and turn, and turn, we got two more times
25:59 each way turn, turn, turn, and turn.
26:13 Okay ladies, well done thank you.
26:18 If you are battling with migraine headaches,
26:19 I suggest several things. First of all, make sure
26:22 you have a good breakfast, drink a lot of water,
26:24 get outside, get out there in the sunshine and fresh air
26:28 that will help you to relax. Change your eating habits,
26:31 get away from things that are gonna be high in
26:34 protein or especially things such as cheese.
26:37 Also make sure you comeback on any sugary type or
26:41 fine products, but you will also infect the circulation
26:44 of the body, get down and get some regular exercise
26:46 because exercise will help relax muscles and for main
26:51 part turn your life totally over to God because
26:54 stress in your life can also affect how your head feels
26:58 and if you are doing some things in your life that you
27:01 shouldn't be doing if there are some things you should
27:03 be doing that you are not doing that's gonna cause
27:05 stress in your life. So try and give it all to God
27:08 and do it all for the right reason, do it because
27:11 you wanna glorify God with your body.
27:13 Remembering that you are not your own you are born
27:15 with the price and that price is precious body of Christ,
27:18 so don't train for vanity purposes and don't change
27:22 your lifestyle just to get rid of your headaches do it
27:24 because you want to be closer to God and you want
27:26 to glorify him. Whenever you do anything do it for the
27:30 proper reason, here on Body and Spirit and
27:33 Body and Spirit Aerobics, we always encourage people
27:35 to do things totally for the glory of Christ,
27:38 so that's why we always claim promise of Philippians
27:41 4:13, which is one of my favorite scriptures,
27:43 which talks about that we can do all things
27:46 and that says all things through Christ,
27:48 which strengthens us. God bless you,
27:51 thanks for joining us, I will look forward to seeing
27:53 you next time for good workout
27:54 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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