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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Bobby Jo Murphy and Jonathon Hopkins


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use
00:05 to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician before
00:10 beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Hypertension is called the silent killer,
00:16 we're gonna talk about why that is and also talk about
00:19 what we can do about it. Stay tune and
00:21 find out more on Body&Spirit Aerobics.
00:50 Hello, I am Dick Nunez Wellness Director of the
00:52 Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:54 Welcome to Body&Spirit Aerobics.
00:56 High blood pressure causes problems for lot of people
00:59 and of course many don't even know they have it
01:02 and so we wanna talk little bit more about blood
01:04 pressure while we get into our workout program,
01:06 we're ready to start. So, come on out Jonathan and
01:09 Bobby Joe and let's start getting a good workout in.
01:12 Alright, let's start by loosening up.
01:15 When we deal with hypertension,
01:16 we don't wanna strain too much. So, we are not
01:19 gonna do things like pushups and so forth,
01:21 but we will try and do some things in a standing
01:23 position to allow us to get some work and help along
01:27 with, help reduce that blood pressure.
01:32 Okay and let's go around the other way and we will do
01:34 some aerobic exercise, which we can get a little more
01:37 aggressive with because we're not gonna be causing
01:40 a strain and what we find when you do a good hard
01:42 workout aerobically it will basically dilate the
01:46 arteries and allow the blood pressure to go down,
01:51 okay and good. Alright, we're gonna press the hands
01:55 together and we're gonna move them to the side
01:58 and now we're gonna go the other way and go this side
02:01 and back, and press and back. Keep them press
02:06 the whole time and back and forth, and press,
02:10 and press, and press, and press, and press,
02:15 press it over, try and feel in our chest,
02:19 you are actually pushing one hand over then you
02:21 pushing back the other way and push and push.
02:24 You're creating the resistance for yourself;
02:26 we're still getting some range of motion in there.
02:28 So, it's a little bit like an isometric, but we still
02:30 have movement, and push, and push, and push,
02:36 and push, and let's go 10 more each way.
02:40 There is 1, 2, keep pushing 3, push it over 4,
02:48 and push 5, and 6, and 7, and push, and push,
02:59 1 more time, and push, good. Okay, let's put the hands
03:03 behind the head and stretch back, stretching is a good
03:07 thing to do for hypertension. Because
03:09 it helps you to relax, make sure you get some good
03:11 breathes there. Speaking of air, get on and get some
03:15 fresh air as often as you can and get down the
03:18 sunshine. Okay, bring it acrossed, also one of the
03:22 simple solutions for hypertension could be just
03:24 adding more water to the diet because if you don't
03:27 get enough water in your diet your blood would be
03:29 a little stickier and thicker, getting good
03:31 water in there will keep the hydration level of your
03:34 blood proper. Okay and back and stretch
03:43 and give yourself another hug. Okay, very good.
03:52 Bobby Joe can you get the towels for us please.
03:59 Okay Jonathan, there you go. Alright, let's take our
04:03 towels and bring them up overhead and pull down,
04:07 and up and down. Lean back just a little bit;
04:12 pull down, and up and down, and up and down.
04:19 Lean back and down, and up and down, and up and down.
04:26 Keep the towels straight and down, and up and down,
04:31 and up and down. Keep the arms straight as well
04:36 and up, keep the tension on the towel, keep the arms
04:40 straight, lean back just a little, reach back,
04:45 pull over and back, pull over and up and down, and up
04:52 and down 5 more times up and down, up and down, and up
05:00 and down, and up and down, and up. Okay hold it there
05:05 comedown to the upper chest, push it backup, and down
05:10 and up, bring it down and press, and down and press,
05:15 and down and press, bring it down, press up, and down
05:21 and press, 10 more times, and up, and push, and push.
05:29 Keep pulling the towel apart and push, and press,
05:33 and press, and press, and push, push, 1 more time
05:43 push. Okay, bend over, bend the knee slightly,
05:47 pull it into you, back, pull it in and back, and pull
05:52 it in and back. Bend over little more at the waist
05:55 there Bobby Joe. Just go and bend over at the waist
05:57 little bit. There you go, when you pull in,
06:00 arch the back, arch the back, you are rolling over;
06:04 try an arch little more. Watch my back position,
06:07 see how I'm doing it. Okay, so arch the back,
06:11 you're little bit like this; you are over this way.
06:14 So, take your hips out, chest up and bend over
06:18 little more at the waist. There you go good,
06:22 it's better and pull, 5 more times and pull, and pull,
06:34 and pull. Okay, turn it so your palms are up and we're
06:39 gonna do curl motion now, and curl, and curl,
06:44 curl it up, and curl, and up, and up, and up.
06:51 Keep the tension on your towel and curl, and curl it,
06:56 and up, and up, and up, and up. 10 more 1, and 2,
07:04 and 3, flex the arms 4, and 5, 1 and 2, 3 more, 3, 4
07:16 and 5, good. Alright, we're gonna grab our towel at the
07:20 end with our right hand, we're gonna grab close to it
07:23 with the left make sure it's turned the hand up on the
07:26 left hand side, okay. Bring it up toward your chest
07:31 on this side. So, your right fist is up by your right
07:34 pectoral muscle over here. So, you're gonna bring it
07:36 over here there you go okay and so what we're gonna do
07:40 is, is we're gonna push down, comeback and push,
07:44 and back, and press and back, and push and back,
07:49 and press and back, and press and up, and press
07:55 and up, and push and up. Contract the tricep
08:00 and press, and press, common there smile little bit,
08:03 have a little bit of fun, and press, and press,
08:08 and press, and press. Push it down, and push, and push,
08:18 and press, and press, 2 more times, press, and press,
08:24 good. Okay, we're gonna grab at the end with the left
08:27 hand now. Bring the right hand under, okay start up
08:30 with your. Okay, start here; just take your left hand.
08:35 Okay, the left hand, okay and let's turn it over this
08:39 way. There you go. Okay, now bring your, there you go
08:43 good, okay start from here. Push down, and push,
08:49 and push, and press, and press, and press, and press,
08:56 and push it down, and push, and push, and push,
09:02 and push, 10 more 1, and 2, and 3, and 4, and push,
09:12 and push, and press, and 8 and 9, last one and 10,
09:19 good. Okay, Bobby just go and stick them back over
09:23 there. Okay, we're gonna start with our legs now
09:27 and get warmed up for our aerobic exercise.
09:30 We're gonna start with squats; we're gonna across
09:32 the arms. We're gonna squat down and come up,
09:35 push the hips back as you squat. Okay try and push
09:38 hips back little more Bobby, as you do it so you wanna
09:41 keep your knees over your feet. So, your first
09:43 movement is to push your hips back, push your hips
09:46 back. Okay, push back, watch me doing it, push back,
09:50 and push. There you go, now you are doing it, good.
09:53 Okay, push the hips back, and push back, chest up,
09:59 push back, and push back, push back. Keep the knees
10:03 apart, back, push back, push back, and down, and down,
10:13 and down, and down. Keep pushing the hips back
10:18 and 5 more, and 2, and 3, and 4, and go right into
10:25 stepping folks. Right into stepping, keep the arms
10:29 swinging. One of the causes of hypertension is the
10:35 type of fatty acids people take in, people eat lot of
10:39 what it called hydrogenated fats and if they are
10:41 taking in the wrong type of fatty acids and that can
10:44 affect there so chemistry. One of the chemicals that is
10:47 produced by the cells is called prostaglandins
10:50 and this prostaglandins have many functions and
10:52 one is the elasticity of the artery lining and if you
10:56 have the wrong fatty acids in there you are producing
10:59 the wrong chemical and so instead of having a nice
11:02 soft flexible artery lining you would have a stiff
11:04 and rigid one and so when you get rid of the trans fats
11:07 and the hydrogenated fats, also when you find that your
11:10 blood pressure will go down within just a few days.
11:13 Also studies have indicated that when you take tests of
11:17 placebos plus drugs and add exercise.
11:20 The placebo group will do just as well as the
11:23 medication group. The common denominator was not the
11:25 drug, it was the exercise. Exercise lowers blood
11:29 pressure and that's a nice thing about it.
11:31 Okay, let's go and pick it up little bit.
11:35 We're just getting to our warm up phase and once
11:37 we get that then we can start taking into gear little
11:40 bit more. When people come out to our Wellness Center
11:45 we find that often times we have to get them of their
11:47 blood pressure medications fairly soon because their
11:50 blood pressure is dropping down so quickly and we don't
11:53 wanna cause an episode in the wrong direction.
11:56 So, it works very well, getting out there
11:58 and get on the nature and start walking.
12:00 Reducing the stress and people are amazed how faster
12:04 changes going on natural diet. Okay, little bit higher
12:08 still, pick the legs up. There we go, okay we're gonna
12:14 go 1 more minute of that and then we're gonna
12:16 transition into some ski jump side to side.
12:20 Okay, Bobby as you are stepping start moving
12:22 towards your right just a little more. So, you have
12:24 little more room start moving back to there you go,
12:27 good, good maneuver. Okay, pick it up a little bit,
12:34 there we go, very good.
12:42 Good Jonathan, looking good Bobby.
12:46 How we doing you are feeling alright? Okay.
12:48 Okay, bobby doing okay. Thumbs up, two thumbs up,
12:52 okay, so I take that is a good. We don't want you to
12:57 wear out the microphone. Okay, and we are down to the
13:04 last 15 seconds, pick it up little bit,
13:06 keep those knees up, okay we wanna transition into the
13:14 ski jumps without too much break. So, we're down to 3,
13:18 2, and 1. Okay, go left first, okay. There we go very
13:23 good. Okay, excellent, good job folks,
13:30 do you skied on Bobby. Oh! It's look like.
13:35 Well, jumping back and forth this way doesn't really
13:38 show if you are ski or not? You're doing fine,
13:42 you're doing fine, good job alright.
13:46 You're looking good, okay we got 30 seconds to go then
13:50 we will go back into our step,
13:58 you're doing fine and we're down to 15 seconds to go
14:09 and down to 10, and 5, 4, 3, 2, step, step, good step,
14:22 okay. Speed is good let's pick the legs up little bit
14:26 more. Not too fast, but just get the little
14:29 more of range of motion.
14:37 Also we find your sleep pattern will affect your
14:40 blood pressure. If you're not getting good sleep,
14:43 it will definitely raise the blood pressure up.
14:45 We see that happen so often, out with our wellness
14:48 guests. They start going down in their blood pressure
14:50 and then they get a bad night sleep and
14:52 automatically that blood pressure will rise up
14:54 or if they get a stress for phone call from home.
14:57 I've seen blood pressures go up 50 points just
15:00 because somebody calls him from home and gives him
15:02 some bad news. They could have waited for a probably
15:04 another time period. So, it is very affected by the
15:08 stress in our lives then our blood pressure.
15:12 Okay, pick it up little bit more.
15:21 One of the nice things, we've about our situation
15:23 as we get people out there in nature and they are
15:26 walking in the beautiful fresh air at the Black Hills
15:28 and that works very nicely as a medication and also
15:33 laughter and having a light heart. If you're not
15:35 carrying a lot of heavy burdens upon yourself,
15:37 if you are able to turn those things over to God
15:39 and you have this peace of spirit then you will do much
15:43 better and we have a little philosophy out at the
15:45 center. You can't change what happened yesterday
15:48 or you can't even change what happened this morning.
15:50 But you can change what happens today and you can
15:52 change what happens for the rest of your life and having
15:55 that type of peace of mind will definitely help your
15:58 blood pressure response. Okay good. Okay, let's go
16:04 and do some side steps now, we're gonna go left
16:06 and draw in, right and in, left, good, right,
16:11 left and right, and left and right, and left and right,
16:17 left not too fast. Okay, what we're gonna do is squat
16:22 down little bit. Bend the knees. Okay, Jonathan as
16:28 soon as you made a little tougher you start going
16:30 faster again, he is used to the pain make you wanna go
16:35 harder. Okay, just a little sore Jonathan,
16:44 that's better. But bend the knees, bend the knees.
16:48 Make your legs work, as you stepping side to side.
16:56 We are trying ought to get too dancey on Body
16:58 and Spirit, even on this one mom Ford used to catch me
17:01 all the time because I don't wanna be dancing now.
17:04 This is a little bit of side step, it's good way to
17:09 keep the heart going, keep the legs going.
17:14 Let's slower Jonathan, Bobby and I are evenly paced.
17:21 I got to keep an eye on you though
17:29 and we're gonna go for 50 more seconds here
17:35 and we're go back into our steps. Where you getting
17:42 into the good part of our aerobic workout,
17:44 where you have been going for little bit.
17:52 I can hear that foot going little quicker again
17:53 Jonathan.
17:59 Bobby and I have to go little faster just to stay
18:06 up, we want to be with you.
18:15 And down to 5, 4, 3, and 2. Go and do your steps now go
18:25 and of course one of the causes of blood pressure
18:27 problems that we worry about the most is when arterial
18:30 blockage is causing it. When you start getting too much
18:32 plaque swelling on the artery lining, it's causing
18:35 a narrow space, which causes the blood pressure to
18:37 raise. Because there is much room to go through there
18:40 and so you heard of the systolic and diastolic
18:43 pressure. The systolic is the upper number,
18:45 the diastolic is the lower one, and truly the lower
18:48 ones are the one we worry about more because the
18:50 diastolic can be susceptible to outer stresses or
18:53 even when you first exercise. If we will take
18:55 Jonathans blood pressure right now, it probably would
18:58 be elevated. Okay, let's pick the feet up little
18:59 more, you're gonna little slow. Keep those knees up
19:09 and we're gonna do about 1 more minute there.
19:11 Then we're gonna go back into side to side ski jumps
19:13 again for a minute. Pick the legs up,
19:21 okay 1 more minute there. Pump the arms, pump arms,
19:25 and pump the arms. Doing okay Bobby?
19:35 Jonathan we're doing alright. Still breathing.
19:37 Still breathing, that's important.
19:42 Pick the knees up little more,
19:50 I've seen some people stress and obsess with their
19:52 blood pressure and that's not helpful for them either.
19:55 Sometime peoples blood pressure goes up,
19:57 as soon as they walk in a door and they see a doctor
19:59 with the stethoscope. One of the nice ways of having
20:02 your blood pressure down is just lie down and rest for
20:04 about 5 minutes and see what your blood pressure does
20:07 then. Some peoples get so anxious, when they have
20:09 their blood pressure taken they are never gonna get an
20:11 accurate reading until they have a chance to relax.
20:14 Okay, let's get into some side jumps now, very good.
20:33 This is little more of a strenuous aerobic work.
20:37 So, I don't do this for too long, but as a nice variety
20:43 to it and adds a little bit of intensity to the workout
20:46 and so it access an interval type training.
20:49 Interval training has been found to be very beneficial
20:52 for burning body fat. The nice thing about exercise
20:55 is the more you do it, the better burning fat should
20:57 become. I always saw a wellness guests are gonna
20:59 become better butter burners if they get into a good
21:02 aerobic exercise training program and the more you
21:05 workout the body will be more subject to release
21:09 fatty acids earlier in the workout. In fact if you are
21:12 extremely fit and Jonathan would certainly fit into
21:15 that category starts burning fat just thinking about
21:17 exercise and so people go. Oh! Good, well I can just
21:20 think my way to fitness. No, some along the long line
21:22 you actually have to do it. Okay, let's go back into
21:25 steps, okay pick it up little bit. We're winding down,
21:35 we're winding down, we get into the cool down
21:37 phase here, and just another minute or so.
21:42 Let's pick the knees up a little higher.
21:44 Bobby you're doing good,
21:52 good Jonathan keeps pump it off.
21:57 We got a minute and 20 seconds to go here.
22:02 Also to avoid blood pressure problems, stay away from
22:06 things such as coffee and alcohol and pop,
22:09 things that gonna cause you to dehydrate your body
22:12 and certainly the sodium content of your blood is
22:15 gonna be affecting your blood pressure.
22:17 If you're eating lot of high salty foods and lot of
22:19 commercial foods then you will find the sodium content
22:22 too high and you will find once again you're blood
22:24 pressure going up and certainly with the diet
22:26 that's out today; there is a lot of those type of
22:28 problems. Okay, let's pick it up. We're down to our
22:30 last 50 seconds and then we're gonna get down to our
22:33 cool down time. Keep pumping the arms, pump the arms,
22:37 just lift the knees little bit more. Pick them up,
22:40 down to 40 seconds, home stretch,
22:44 we will run into that finish line
22:53 and down to last 25 seconds and after we get to the
22:57 exercise program. Once Jonathan and Bobby have
22:59 a chance to relax, then you actually see their blood
23:02 pressures going down. So, at our Wellness Center,
23:04 we always try and make sure we have daily exercise
23:07 because that helps us to stabilize blood pressures
23:09 more affectively as suppose to doing like a three day a
23:12 week plan. Okay and let's start slowing it down,
23:17 shift it down, shift it down, there we go and at this
23:21 point all we are doing is we are using the leg muscles
23:24 to help cool down the heart, have been doing a good
23:28 little workout now and so now the pulse rate will
23:30 start coming back down. We don't wanna just stop
23:33 abruptly because that puts lot of stress on the heart.
23:36 But by just going the slight little bit, we will be
23:39 able to keep the legs moving and it will help keep
23:41 circulating the blood back up to the heart.
23:46 Okay, we're gonna do 30 more seconds of that and then
23:49 we will finish with the minute of easy side stepping
23:52 and then we will be down with our aerobics,
23:54 we will do some stretching and then we will call it a
23:57 workout. Down to 20 seconds of that one.
24:02 Bobby start moving to the right a little bit again
24:05 please. There you go. She keeps wanna walk,
24:09 walk off the edge of the mat there. That's okay,
24:13 that's okay. Alright and let's go right into the side
24:19 step to the left, to the right, to the left.
24:23 Now, this time we are not worrying about squatting
24:25 down at all because we are just finishing up,
24:38 the cool down part always is the best.
24:41 That way we are doing some stretching and stretching is
24:45 a good thing to do for your hypertension problems.
24:48 Because the stretching helps you to relax and getting
24:55 creative, when people are into needing things
24:59 and learning new things or playing an instrument
25:01 or singing or drawing all those things will help them
25:06 to ease their mind from heavy loads and it will help
25:10 lower their blood pressure, okay and good.
25:18 Alright, let's have stretch your quadriceps, you go
25:21 and use my use shoulders as a brace. You are gonna put
25:23 your right hand on my shoulder, go and get.
25:26 There you go. Bobby went through the Wellness
25:28 Program, so she knows how to do this particular
25:30 stretch. Okay, Jonathan, show them how to modify it
25:35 if they can't get to their ankle, just go ahead and go
25:38 to your pant leg and that will help you to get into the
25:41 stretching without. You know, some people get
25:45 frustrated because they can't get hold of anything,
25:47 but getting your pant leg will help you at least get
25:49 started. Okay, let's switch the other side and if you
25:54 find one side easier to do than the other then
25:57 that's natural as well. If one side is easier for you,
26:00 you will find pretty flexible both sides okay.
26:02 Jonathan is one side easier for you.
26:05 Okay, okay and 5 more seconds. Okay, now we're
26:16 gonna stretch our calf. We're gonna step back,
26:20 press your heel to the ground and hold it,
26:23 the left leg is bent and the right leg is straight,
26:27 and we're stretching the calf area.
26:34 Okay, let's switch, put the left leg back,
26:37 press the heel to the ground, right leg is bent,
26:40 chest is up and good. Let's finish by just doing some
26:50 nice trunk twists, and turn, and turn, and turn,
27:02 and turn, and turn, and turn, turn, and turn,
27:17 and 5 more each way, there is 1, and 2, and 3, and 4,
27:35 and 5. Alright, thanks a lot.
27:42 High blood pressure does not have to be a death sense
27:44 for you, there are things you can do. All some of the
27:47 patterns, we given you in today's program,
27:49 but most of all seek out God. That peace of mind is
27:53 so valuable, do things for the proper reason,
27:56 do it all to the glory of Christ, who sacrificed his
27:59 life. So, that we could be with him through eternity
28:02 and remember the promise we claim here on Body&Spirit
28:04 Body&Spirit Aerobics and that is
28:07 Philippians 4:13, which states I can do all things
28:10 through Christ, which strengthens me.
28:12 Thank you for joining us, God bless you,
28:14 we look forward to see you next time
28:15 on Body&Spirit Aerobics.


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