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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Jonathon Hopkins and Megan Frasier


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00:02 The following program is designed
00:03 to demonstrate simple workouts
00:04 that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician before
00:10 beginning any exercise program.
00:15 How much can your attitude affect your workout
00:17 and your overall health? More than you might think
00:19 stay tune to find out more on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:50 Hello, I am Dick Nunez, Wellness Director of the
00:52 Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:54 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:57 If we come across somebody with an attitude,
00:59 it can be very difficult and it can also affect your
01:02 overall life, your health, and those around you.
01:05 We're gonna talk more about how your attitude affects
01:07 your workouts and your life, as we get into our workout.
01:11 Helping me out today will be Jonathan and Megan.
01:17 And we're gonna start by just gently warming up,
01:19 by reaching out and now with the left and right,
01:23 and left and right, reach out and reach, and reach,
01:29 twist the trunk as you do it, reach out. Don't strain,
01:33 we're just warming up. You save the straining for
01:38 later. Sounds our attitudes are good and we're willing
01:42 to work, and reach, and left and right, and left
01:50 and right, and left and right, and left and right,
01:55 and left and right, and left and right, and left
02:00 and right, five more, there is 1, and 2, and 3, and 4,
02:11 and 5, good. Okay, we're gonna start our workout with
02:14 Jonathan's favorite back exercise. So, get down in
02:17 like a pushup position. But we're not doing a pushup
02:21 right now, go and start in the up position.
02:24 Okay and come down through, keep the arm straight
02:27 and then back up, come on down and back up, way up
02:32 high and down. Now, way up, stretch, okay and down,
02:39 come way up and down, and up, and down and up, way up,
02:48 and down and up, and down and up, and down, press up
02:58 and back, down and up, and down and up.
03:04 We're gonna 10 more and down, there is 1, down
03:11 and 2, down and 3, down 4, down and 5, down, way up 6,
03:25 and down and 7, down and 8, two more times and 9,
03:35 last one, way up 10. Okay, go and take a heave for a
03:39 moment. That feel good? Okay, alright.
03:45 You're warm now Jonathan. Oh, yeah.
03:47 Okay, we're gonna do some 10 second pushups.
03:50 Jonathan, you will do regular military style;
03:52 Megan you will do modified off your knees,
03:56 10 second pushups you done very slowly.
03:58 Strain your body out more. Okay hips down,
04:01 there we go. Okay ready, 1, 2, 3, hold down Megan 4,
04:08 5 down slow 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, up slow, no 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
04:18 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Back down, 1, 2, control the balance
04:26 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, back up 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
04:41 and down 1, 2, 3, 4, strain your body out, 6, 7, 8, 9,
04:51 10. Up slow, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
05:01 A down and hold, strain your body out Megan 1, 2, 3,
05:08 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, good. You feel that one. Yeah.
05:18 Okay, come on up let's stretch out,
05:21 we're gonna reach back, let your chest stretch.
05:28 Okay and cross it, okay reach back.
05:38 Let you chest stretch and cross, pull it apart.
05:52 Alright, arms out, time for some arm circles,
05:57 just bring them around. We're doing a fairly
06:01 intensive upper body workout today,
06:03 even though we just gonna be doing this three main
06:05 body parts. But it still give us something to
06:09 remember the workout by. Now, make those circles
06:13 bigger and then we will be getting into our aerobic
06:15 exercise and we're gonna be using lunges as our
06:18 launching point to get our legs warmed up for more
06:22 aerobics, okay let's go smaller and then we will
06:26 talk little more about attitude.
06:32 I think all of us are aware of what a bad attitude
06:35 looks like. Now, we try and avoid people with bad
06:39 attitude. Okay, and make them bigger, were somebody
06:44 who is constantly negative.
06:50 Okay and smaller. One time, I was preaching a sermon
06:55 and I asked how many people like being around positive
06:58 people. And, of course, everybody raised their
07:00 hands. But, we had one person in the church,
07:02 who was pretty negative and every time we had board
07:05 meeting and I was the head elder.
07:06 So, I was leading out in the board meeting,
07:08 she would crusade all the time and then I always
07:10 dreaded when she would look up. Because I knew she is
07:13 gonna have something really mean to say and so this
07:15 one day I'm doing the sermon and I said how many
07:17 of you like negative people, her husband put his hand
07:20 in the air and I broke out laughing from behind the
07:23 puppet, I wasn't anticipating that.
07:24 Okay, let's hold the arms out straight and okay,
07:29 nice and straight palms down and you'll start to feel
07:32 little lactic acid building up in your shoulders
07:37 and when you do that, if you drop your arms for a
07:40 moment. Then you can return some, some of that strength
07:45 back, like Megan drop your arms for a moment.
07:47 Go and drop the arms. Okay, now comeback up into it.
07:50 See how much easier that made it. Yeah.
07:51 Just for two seconds, two seconds, you get 50 percent
07:54 of your strength back. No Jonathan you don't get to
07:55 do that. Somebody is got to hang in there with me.
08:00 How did you that? That's something Jesus was
08:04 constantly working out with people all through his time
08:07 on earth because he was working on their attitudes.
08:10 Because so many people put stumbling blocks before
08:12 others and, Oh!! They don't carry burdens,
08:15 they shouldn't have to carry. And after seeing,
08:19 it frustrated Jesus the most when people had
08:21 the attitudes like that. Okay, we're down to our last
08:28 10 seconds. Starting to feel it again. Yes. Okay.
08:33 Are you? Yeah, thank you for asking,
08:36 okay and down. Okay, let's roll the shoulders;
08:42 always feels good one stand though.
08:46 You see when it comes to workout attitudes,
08:48 it's so important because lot of times people will
08:51 watch a hard workout and they go oh, that looks
08:53 horrible then Jonathan will say, Oh! That was fun.
08:57 They can't understand why a hard workout is so much
09:00 fun. Why do you think its fun Jonathan?
09:03 The result you will feel for the next several hours.
09:05 The result you feel for the next several hours.
09:09 Okay, now let's go other way; way up at those
09:13 shoulders, way up, touch the ears. Smile Megan,
09:20 you're having a good time. Okay, let's go about 10 more
09:27 that feels good, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10, good.
09:38 Alright, let's get into a lunge position, go out with
09:41 your right leg and we're gonna go, put your hands on
09:43 your hips and do five on that spot 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,
09:51 now back switch to left, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
09:57 Now, back to the right 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
10:04 Keep switching, when we're doing our lunges
10:06 we're making sure our knee stays over our foot,
10:09 very important. So, you don't hurt your knee.
10:13 If you go past your foot, it can cause problems,
10:16 we wanna keep our chest up. Let's go just a little
10:18 bit slower, you're bouncing just a little too much,
10:20 that's better, much better, wanna have control.
10:24 Little deeper Megan, feel it work. Okay and left,
10:32 slowly, slowly control it, enjoy it. Okay, if you do it
10:38 too fast; you won't get the full enjoyment out of it.
10:45 Okay and switch, okay and switch, little slower.
11:00 It's easy to get going fast when we're doing some
11:02 like this, we wanna keep concentrating on,
11:04 keeping it slow and control, back out,
11:08 starting to feel yet Jonathan. Oh! Yeah.
11:10 Megan starting to feel yet. Yeah.
11:11 Okay, that's but I need to know. Okay how about the
11:14 left, so I'm still doing fine. So, I don't feel it
11:18 again. Okay, we gonna two more on each side.
11:28 Okay and this is 1. Okay, let's go right side again.
11:35 Now, lunges are also an exercise that can create
11:38 lot of soreness so. If you haven't been working out,
11:41 you might want to curtail your exercise pretty quickly
11:45 as soon as we're done here.
11:48 Okay let's get into our step.
11:54 So, lunges in exercise can be easily over done
11:58 and so if you do that little bit soreness the next day
12:01 because of them, I think you wanna do is not get a bad
12:04 attitude and give up, but do a few lunges the next day
12:08 and that will help you to bring it back around again.
12:15 I have seen a lot of people in my career,
12:17 who fight us tooth and nail when it comes to exercise
12:21 because their attitudes are such that they just don't
12:23 wanna do what you are asking them to do.
12:25 But, I remember one particular fellow,
12:26 who actually went through the mission cause of
12:28 evangelism; let's step it up a little bit. He was 63
12:32 years old, he was wearing a neck brace.
12:33 His wife had recently died and he was to the point of
12:38 way to commit suicide, he was so depressed.
12:40 And as a last desperate attempt to find some meaning
12:43 in his life, he took the mission cause of evangelism
12:46 that was held at the time out at the Black Hills by
12:48 Louis and Carol Torres and while he was there he came
12:53 up to me because exercise was part of their routine.
12:56 We had a young couple, who absolutely refused to do
12:58 any exercise and right after them came this man
13:01 and he said I don't know what I can do,
13:03 but whatever I can do I will do it.
13:06 And that's the attitude that we need and when we
13:08 started him out, we started him out by just raising
13:11 his arms up five times that's all I could do,
13:13 20 pounds on a pull down five times and fives squats,
13:17 where he can only go around about this far down
13:20 and that was his five, five workout and he was really
13:22 happy with that. Okay, we will finish that story in
13:24 just a moment. Lets go ahead and do some side steps
13:26 now go to left and right, bend the knees, here we go,
13:36 okay Jonathan you gonna have to watch your speed
13:38 because you always wanna go much faster then
13:41 anybody else I have up here including me.
13:48 I'll try to contain myself. Okay, well until you get a
13:50 black shirt of your own, you gonna have to.
13:55 Okay keep the knees bent. Little slower,
14:03 bend the knees feel the legs work.
14:06 Feeling your legs Megan? Yeah.
14:07 Okay, Jonathan? Oh! Yes. Okay.
14:15 Yes, I feel mine too thanks for asking Megan.
14:25 Now at home if you can't bend your knees very much
14:28 while you're doing that, that's okay, you can just do
14:31 it from the upright position.
14:40 We gonna try and take this for another minute
14:43 and 15 seconds. You'll also be feeling this in your
14:50 abductors and adductors of your hip, which is also a
14:54 good thing. Up strengthen the hips,
14:59 I have seen people avoid hip replacement surgery
15:02 because they simply got
15:03 their legs back in shape.
15:10 A lot of problems could be overcome with little
15:13 exercise putting some muscle back,
15:15 where it's supposed to be.
15:18 Bend, bend the knees,
15:27 down to 30 seconds then we're gonna back
15:30 into our step again.
15:37 Down to 20,
15:53 okay and let's transition back into your step.
15:59 So, anyhow over the next three months as this
16:01 fellow was doing his workouts some
16:03 amazing things took place in fact three months
16:05 later he was now using 20 pound dumbbells
16:08 to do his lateral raises.
16:09 He was using 120 pounds on his pull downs
16:13 and was using a 135 pound barbell
16:15 to do 20 repetitions of deep squats.
16:18 He now that he lost seven inches off of his belly.
16:21 And he had this whole transformation
16:23 in fact when he had graduation he said
16:26 I had expected to do spiritual rejuvenation
16:28 while I was here, but I didn't expect a physical
16:30 one but he goes I now see how much our physical
16:33 body and our spiritual body work together.
16:36 And so he went back to his home in Nova Scotia
16:39 and became a Bible worker and he was having
16:42 such tremendous success with his Bible
16:44 working skills they made him a pastor,
16:47 here is a 63-year-old man who had never
16:50 gone to college to take theology
16:52 and never gone through seminary,
16:53 who was ready to commit suicide because
16:55 his wife had died, goes through a three month
16:57 training program get himself in shape
16:59 and because he is sharing what God
17:01 has done for him, he was able to become a
17:03 a minister and then minister to other people
17:05 at the age of 63. We serve an awesome God.
17:09 But his attitude was right and that's the big key,
17:11 okay let spick it up.
17:15 Speaking of attitude we need to put it in gear.
17:23 Okay Megan you keep stepping.
17:25 Jonathon you get into a jog, there we go.
17:33 It's a good way to really pick the heart up;
17:35 we're working on pumping the arms hard.
17:37 So, we are working those muscles as well.
17:46 If your attitude towards working out
17:48 is to glorify God with your body
17:51 then you will find yourself becoming much more
17:53 successful and the same thing goes with our
17:56 dietary pattern. If our diet is done for the glory
17:59 of God and our attitude is in that way,
18:01 it will help us dramatically to have
18:03 much better success. Unfortunately too often
18:05 people get there diet under control
18:06 and then they wanna go around and beat
18:08 other people over the head with what they
18:11 learned and that's not the way to go.
18:14 In fact, I learned a valuable lesson
18:15 from rock climbers one time Jonathon
18:17 although I'll never do that,
18:18 and I saw these rock climbers and there was
18:21 about 7 of them who are gonna go up
18:22 and the one that went up first was the best climber.
18:26 He went up first and set the pitons
18:28 and got up to the top and instead of celebrating
18:31 and rejoicing he laid down and made sure he guided
18:35 each climber up safely. Telling them to watch out
18:38 for certain spots, telling them to secure
18:40 themselves right there and he made sure
18:42 all the climbers way up safely
18:44 and then they all rejoiced together
18:46 in their accomplishment and then when
18:47 it was time to go back down he went down first,
18:51 oh no excuse me. He made sure every person
18:52 got down and then he finally took everything
18:55 down and came down himself.
18:56 And I thought Wow! What an awesome
18:58 spiritual lesson, if our churches were more
19:00 like that they would be full because it's about
19:03 helping people to overcome their obstacles by love
19:07 and helping them to make decisions
19:08 not by pounding them over the head
19:10 with what we might have overcome.
19:12 In fact, the Bible says that it talks about
19:16 in our weakness are we made strong
19:18 and then when we are strong because
19:19 we know we are weak then we would turn around
19:21 and help our brothers and sisters in Christ.
19:24 Alright step it up little more, getting warm.
19:29 Yeah. Jonathon, oh, yeah. Okay Jonathon wanna
19:32 good hard workout today,
19:34 so what we're gonna do that we actually
19:36 taken this running a little bit longer
19:38 we usually do and they are probably wondering
19:40 how long that's gonna be right now.
19:42 Actually, we gonna go at this pace for another
19:45 minute and 10 seconds.
19:47 Pick it up Megan pick it up, knees up,
19:51 oh yes, oh yes, looks good.
19:59 I know when Jonathon starts breathing hard
20:01 we've got a good workout going.
20:03 Now at home if you need to slow down please do so.
20:06 we always want to take exercise at your own pace
20:09 and of course when people are watching
20:10 Body and Spirit you gonna be in all
20:12 shapes and sizes and you gonna be
20:14 in all different ways of fitness,
20:17 some are gonna be very fit, some are not
20:18 gonna very fit at all, some are gonna be
20:20 just sitting in a chair and you could still be
20:22 doing the movement of your feet just
20:25 sitting in the chair if your attitude is one
20:27 that you wanna accomplish whatever you can.
20:31 Okay, we are down to our last 25 seconds.
20:36 And then guess what we get to do?
20:40 You get to start cooling down.
20:45 Okay finish line, finish line,
20:47 up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up, up.
20:57 okay, now don't go real slow now just go
20:58 about half speed of that, that still little bit
21:04 drastic just to turn off the afterburners
21:07 so we gonna go back about this pace
21:08 and we will slow down little more.
21:15 Okay keep those arms pumping though,
21:18 wanna keep these main muscles move
21:19 as we can to maximize the ability.
21:25 One of the things I always tell our
21:27 Wellness guests when they come to our program
21:28 is I tell them for those who want to loss weight
21:31 stay off the scale because they get obsessed
21:35 with how much they weigh and it affects
21:36 your attitude. And when you're stressed
21:38 out guess what happens to somebody
21:40 who is overweight the body doesn't wanna
21:42 release fat. So in order to burn fat properly,
21:45 we wanna stay relax and let things happen.
21:47 And it's the same thing when it comes
21:49 to our blood pressure and our blood sugar,
21:51 if we stress out about them then
21:53 they stay elevated, if we relax, let go,
21:56 let God our attitude totally changes on that
21:59 then we see fantastic results.
22:01 Alright, slow it down some more.
22:07 Now the respiration is starting to slow down,
22:09 the heart is starting to slow down,
22:11 and the legs are acting as a secondary pump
22:13 for the heart to help it start slowing down,
22:15 as I've said so many times on this program
22:18 there are three aspects of aerobic exercise,
22:20 there is a warm up, there is a actual training
22:23 phase and then there is a cool down period.
22:25 But, right now we are going to the cool down period,
22:27 which is most peoples favorite.
22:30 Because that first part can be little bit difficult
22:32 because it takes couple of minutes to get into
22:34 the aerobic phase when people start walking
22:36 often times those first couple of minutes
22:37 of the toughest then once they get going
22:39 and the body says okay we are gonna do
22:41 some workout let's release the grease
22:42 and get them going and so then they start
22:44 burning fat more effectively.
22:46 We are down to our last 10 seconds,
22:49 nice and slow there, and then we gonna
22:51 finish off with some easy side steps,
22:55 we will do one minute of that okay ready
22:57 and start left, and right, nice and easy.
23:09 Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna
23:11 finish off with some stretching
23:14 and will be done with our workout.
23:21 I find that when people are battling
23:23 their attitude if they get into change their
23:26 lifestyle in fact they found this in correctional
23:29 centers for adults and for young people
23:32 when they give them a healthy diet and give them
23:34 regular exercise they find their whole attitude
23:36 start to change.
23:43 And sometimes people just need positive role
23:45 models in their life to help them to see a
23:48 different way that motivates them.
23:57 Okay good, okay put your hand on my shoulder
23:59 and let's go and stretch out the quads.
24:02 When I was doing prison ministry work,
24:03 we had a fellow who was supposed to have
24:04 a terrible attitude and after working with him
24:07 for a while some of the other inmates came up
24:08 and asked me what I've done to him because
24:10 he was now very kind, apologetic,
24:13 he said thank you, excuse me, good morning.
24:16 They said what have you done to him
24:17 and I said I haven't done anything the Holy Spirit
24:19 has 'coz he sees something that he wants
24:21 and his whole life changed. Alright let's switch
24:26 the other side, okay on the stretching here,
24:32 Jonathon go ahead and show a modified stretch,
24:34 where you don't get all the way of the ankle
24:36 because some people aren't gonna be
24:37 able to do that, now Megan tries to wrap her leg
24:40 around herself twice when she does hers
24:41 and so not too many people can do that.
24:46 But, doing a stretch like this we have lot people
24:48 who come to our Wellness program at first
24:50 that's how all they can do.
24:51 And then later on they can get to their ankle.
24:52 Great go and get your ankle again or your foot
24:55 whatever you get all, and they are really excited
24:58 that they can now get hold their ankle because
25:00 that was their big goal at first.
25:01 Alright lets go ahead and relax,
25:03 lets stretch your hamstring,
25:05 bend the back leg slightly, step out,
25:07 lean forward, chest up,
25:13 we will do stretch for about 15 seconds.
25:22 Alright let's switch, lean forward, chest up,
25:35 okay let's stretch the calf get lot of work on that.
25:38 Put your left leg back, press the heel
25:41 to the ground right leg is bent, chest is still up.
25:47 And hold that, does that feel good.
25:50 Yeah. Now we got bouncing stuff
25:53 on the calf muscle, okay left leg is bent,
25:58 right leg is straight, press the heel to the ground.
26:09 Okay good, now let's step out to the side,
26:12 stretch the inside of the thigh.
26:14 So, the left leg is bent, right leg is straight,
26:17 stretching inside of the thigh.
26:24 Okay, now switch over to the right side.
26:26 Left leg is straight, right leg is slightly bent,
26:30 alright, alright. Make me look bad back there.
26:35 Courage on my side.
26:36 Okay, alright, thanks a lot
26:40 on that note we are done.
26:44 When it comes to life, we want to do
26:47 what the Bible tells us to as it says
26:48 rejoice in the Lord always and again
26:50 I say rejoice. And that's where the attitude
26:53 comes in. If we have the attitude or gratitude
26:56 where we're praising the Lord for everything
26:58 that happens in our life, our whole demeanor
27:00 will change. The Bible promises it says all
27:03 things we work together for good for those
27:05 who love the Lord, but that doesn't mean all
27:07 things will be good in your life.
27:09 That just means we all work together for good,
27:11 I have gone through a lot of pain in my life
27:13 that has pretty much everybody who is watching
27:15 this right now. But the things that
27:16 I have gone through and the things
27:18 you have gone through have helped shaped
27:19 you to the point, where you're seeking
27:21 God in your life. Otherwise, you wouldn't
27:23 even have this television station on.
27:25 And I know that's what I can say is God
27:27 has shape my life through the trials I've gone
27:29 through that I might be able to help others
27:31 and truly learn how to lean on him through
27:34 all my trials and hardships,
27:36 so I can rejoice. Remember when you're working out
27:38 and whatever you do you want to claim
27:40 the promises the Bible. The one we claim
27:43 all the time here on Body and Spirit
27:44 and Body and Spirit Aerobics.
27:46 Its Philippians 4:13, which states I can do
27:49 all things through Christ, which strengthens me.
27:51 Thank you for joining us us. God bless you
27:54 and we look forward to see you again
27:55 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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