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Diet For A New Economy

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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Brittany Nunez, Daniel Hopkins


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00:01 The following program is designed
00:03 to demonstrate simple workouts
00:04 that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:09 before beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Has the state of the economy got too bogged down?
00:16 Well, i see you don't have all the answers for that.
00:18 But there are some practical things
00:20 you can do to make it little bit easier.
00:22 Stay tune and find out more
00:24 next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:55 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:57 of the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:59 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
01:01 When people come to our wellness program,
01:04 one thing I find happening on a real regular basis
01:07 as they say after about a year or so
01:09 they actually save the money that they spend on the program
01:12 because they're not buying
01:13 some of the things that they used to buy.
01:15 John Robbins, who is heir
01:17 to the Baskin and Robbins fortune gave that up,
01:20 because he was convince that there was a different way
01:22 people should be eating
01:24 and he wrote a book called 'Diet for New America'
01:26 and he exposes a lot about how much it cost
01:30 to eat a typical American diet.
01:31 So we're gonna talk more about that
01:33 as we get into our program.
01:34 But I think we're ready to begin,
01:36 so come on out, and let's get started.
01:38 Helping me will be my daughter Brittany
01:40 and also Daniel Hopkins
01:42 from the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
01:44 So we gonna start by just warming up a little bit
01:47 by circling the arms.
01:48 Why dont you back up just a little bit,
01:50 so I don't bonk in the nose.
01:54 Okay, nice big circles back,
01:56 big circles just keeping your arms straight,
01:59 raising them up and bringing them backwards.
02:02 Way up, way up, back around.
02:06 Up back around. Keep the arm straight.
02:09 And up and around, just warming up now,
02:13 couple of more times.
02:15 Now we're going to the other direction.
02:18 If you feel your shoulder
02:20 is popping and grinding a little bit
02:22 that can be normal until you get used to it.
02:25 So we're coming up around like we're doing
02:26 a butterfly stroke in swimming.
02:29 I can't swim, so I can do this.
02:32 Up and round, up and round, up and round,
02:37 couple more times, and up and round, good.
02:40 Okay, to start our program,
02:42 we're gonna do a little bit of upper body work still.
02:45 And we're gonna start with the basic
02:46 fundamental exercise pushups.
02:48 Now I'm gonna have Brittany
02:50 do the modified ones off her knees.
02:52 I'm gonna have Daniel do the regular ones
02:54 which what you call military pushups.
02:56 When doing this you want to make sure
02:58 the back stage is nice and flat the whole time
03:00 whether you're on your knees or just doing a regular.
03:03 People often times let their hips come up too high
03:06 and that makes it improper.
03:09 So let's go ahead straighten out
03:10 just a more Brittany, okay.
03:12 Now down and up, and down and up,
03:16 and down up, and to keep in control,
03:20 up down, and up down, and up down and up.
03:26 Now for those at home if you need to use the wall.
03:31 Well, lot of people have started out
03:32 their pushups by doing it that way
03:35 and then they find themselves working up to a point
03:38 where they're doing like Brittany is doing them.
03:40 And then if they keep on they will find
03:42 that they're doing them like Daniel is doing it.
03:44 Whether you're young or whether you're not so young.
03:50 Just keep going. How many we're on Brittany?
03:54 It's 20. Twenty, are you sure?
03:56 Yeah. You're counting by twos?
04:00 We're gonna do 30 of them.
04:01 If you have to stop at home that's fine.
04:08 Well our two should be able to keep going right through it.
04:12 Is that 28. Yes.
04:14 29, 30, now go far go down, and hold that for ten seconds.
04:19 One, two, three, four, five,
04:24 six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
04:28 Okay, up on your feet. How that feel?
04:33 I feel already. Daniel, okay.
04:36 All right, let stretch that area out,
04:38 put your hands behind your head,
04:40 and push your elbows back as much as you can.
04:43 Try and squeeze your shoulder blades together.
04:47 Now we're gonna do is gonna give yourself a hug
04:49 and this time nearly pulling your scapula apart.
04:54 The scapula is the big muscles in the middle of the back
04:56 otherwise known as your shoulder blades, and pull.
05:02 Okay, lets go up over the head again
05:04 hands behind the head.
05:06 And now we're flurrying our elbows back
05:08 and squeezing our shoulder blades together as we do it.
05:11 We're gonna hold each stretch for about ten seconds
05:16 and now we're gonna go the other way.
05:19 Reach around yourself, keep yourself the nice big hug
05:23 and pull the shoulder blades apart.
05:27 Whenever you stretch it should not hurt,
05:30 but you should feel the muscles being pulled.
05:34 All right, let's relax.
05:37 Okay, now I want you just bring your hands together like this.
05:41 Okay bring them up over head, and then pull down,
05:45 and up over head and down, and up and down.
05:52 Your arms are straight, the hands have come together
05:54 and you're going way up.
05:56 Stretch back and down,
05:58 you're keeping them stretch the whole time.
05:59 And when you do this, you're trying to stretch
06:03 the muscles of the upper back and then using those muscles
06:06 as you come back down.
06:08 And so up and down, and up and down, and up.
06:16 We gonna do 10 more.
06:18 Stretch back come down, back up and down,
06:23 and up and down.
06:26 There's four and down and five and down,
06:32 reach back and down.
06:34 Four more times and down and up,
06:38 down two more times,
06:40 back pull down and back and down.
06:45 Now let's bend over at the waist
06:47 bend your knee slightly
06:48 reach out in front of you and pull back, reach out,
06:52 and pull back and out.
06:55 We're reaching straight out
06:56 as you come forward with both hands.
06:59 You're bent about 45 degrees at the waist.
07:01 Your knees are bent slightly, you're pulling back.
07:05 As if you're rolling something into you and then back out
07:08 and pull and out, and pull and out.
07:13 Again we're using the muscles of the upper back to do this,
07:16 pull reach out, and pull reach out,
07:20 and pull and out, and pull and out,
07:25 and pull reach way out five more times.
07:29 There's one, pull back and reach and pull
07:34 and reach and pull, and reach, pull,
07:38 one more time, pull and good.
07:42 All right now we're gonna stretch that area
07:45 once you put your arm up over your head.
07:47 Grab your elbow and pull to the side.
07:51 So you put one arm up you bend it at the elbow,
07:56 grab with the opposite hand and pull it towards your head.
08:01 And you should feel that stretch down your side.
08:08 Okay, let's switch to the other side.
08:11 Grab your elbow, your arm is bend
08:14 and pull it across.
08:18 Hold it, up five more seconds.
08:22 Feel the stretch along your side.
08:24 Okay, go ahead and relax.
08:28 Now we're gonna take our hands
08:30 and bring them up to our shoulders.
08:31 Elbows are bend, we're gonna push up over head,
08:34 come back down, push up and down,
08:38 and up and down.
08:40 For those at home if you have light weights,
08:43 this is a good thing you can use
08:45 to give yourself little more resistance
08:47 and pushup and down
08:51 way up and down, way up and down.
08:56 This is an excellent one specialy for people
08:58 that get older because we tend to loose
09:01 the range of motion of going up over the head.
09:07 And you'll find that even just doing this
09:10 with no resistance at all can be more than enough.
09:16 For my two helpers,
09:18 this should be pretty easy for them.
09:20 But they're couple years younger than lot of people
09:23 that might be watching the show.
09:27 And even if you're relatively fit,
09:29 you do this long enough,
09:31 you start to feel in your shoulders.
09:34 Brittany, you're starting to feel it yet?
09:36 I'm feeling it little.
09:37 Daniel, start to feel it yet? Little bit.
09:39 Okay, let's go five more, press up and down,
09:44 and up and down, and up and down,
09:49 up and down, one more time, and down.
09:53 Okay, just bring your arm across the body
09:55 and put your hand behind your elbow and pull it across.
10:00 So if you're taking your right arm
10:04 you're pointing it as far left as you can,
10:07 bring your hand up behind your elbow and pulling.
10:11 All right, lets' do the other side now.
10:14 Point to the opposite side and behind the elbow and pull.
10:25 All right, now we're gonna start our aerobic part
10:30 and by doing this we're gonna actually do it
10:32 by getting into our leg training as well.
10:35 So I want you do is cross your arms across your chest.
10:39 Now we gonna start doing some squats.
10:41 Okay, so go and squat down okay,
10:44 back up and squat nice and slow.
10:48 Now when you do your squat
10:50 make sure you push your hips back
10:52 as you start your squat,
10:54 try and keep your knees over your feet at all times.
10:57 So Brittany, try and push
10:58 your hips back just a little more,
11:00 there you go that's better.
11:01 Squat down and up, and down and up.
11:05 Now they're going fairly deep,
11:07 so for those at home
11:09 if you can't go these deep, that's okay.
11:12 Brittany do a couple of short, okay.
11:15 Even if you just high put a high chair behind you,
11:17 that's okay until you get to a point
11:20 where you feel like you can get more range of motion.
11:22 Squatting is one of the best things you can do
11:24 to develop the legs and hips
11:27 and keep you flexible and movable
11:29 for long as possible, okay.
11:32 Go and go back down to deep once again.
11:35 Okay, squat way down, again up and down,
11:39 and up and down, and down.
11:43 Aerobic exercise constitute rhythmic activity
11:46 of the major muscle group
11:48 and so squats will start leading us into that.
11:52 It is rhythmic.
11:53 It is of the major muscle group.
11:56 but we can do the whole show doing the squats.
11:58 One thing you folks can get really sore,
12:01 and also we'll be getting, get a little monotonous.
12:04 But right now we're having a good time,
12:06 so we can keep going. Okay, let's go way down.
12:11 Now we're gonna pull little variety to it.
12:13 Go down and just come part way up,
12:16 back down part way up, back down part way up,
12:20 back down part way up, back down,
12:22 now go all the way up okay, go down part way up,
12:26 back down part way up, back down part way up,
12:31 back down, and down, and down all the way up.
12:36 Okay, let's start stepping it out.
12:39 Just easily stepping in place.
12:45 Pick your knees up as you do it.
12:50 Okay, you folks keep going and I'll start talking.
12:55 That's also rhythmic activity of the major muscle group,
12:57 for some people more major than others.
12:59 Okay, let's go and speed it up little bit.
13:06 As people get into their lifestyle
13:08 and as they're eating the diet they are choosing
13:13 snack foods and so forth and high protein foods,
13:15 they cost an awful lot of money.
13:18 And you'll find as you go through the grocery store
13:21 the things that are more economical are the things
13:24 that are gonna high in carbohydrates
13:25 and high in starch type food matter, okay.
13:28 Let's go ahead and speed it up little more, little more.
13:38 Okay, let's start jogging in place, good.
13:42 Now for those at home if you can't' jog in place,
13:45 that's all right.
13:49 Keep it going and so what they find
13:53 of course is when you get on a typical American diet
13:56 and of course a lot of people spent time
13:58 going to fast food restaurant and so forth.
14:01 They find that they spend like $14 a day
14:04 just on fast food type diets.
14:07 When you go on to a very healthful diet,
14:09 you can go on that type of lifestyle
14:11 for about $3 a day.
14:13 What you look at that over the course of a year
14:15 a person would be saving about $4,000
14:19 just in their eating habits.
14:21 Let alone if they quit smoking, quit drinking
14:24 and get off a lot off medication they need to pay.
14:27 All right let's go and slow it down.
14:32 As we get into the aerobic exercise
14:34 we start metabolizing body fat
14:36 and that will help in lot of ways too.
14:40 One unfortunate thing you might have to buy
14:42 a new wardrobe, but that's a good thing.
14:45 Okay, now I would like you to do
14:47 is go back into some squats again, okay.
14:50 Squat back down, and up and down,
14:55 and up and down, and up.
14:58 Now for those at home will say, wait a minute
15:00 my legs already tired from doing all these squats.
15:03 Well you can just keep go ahead
15:04 and stepping in place because once again
15:06 the rhythmic activitie is what we're after.
15:12 All right, down deep, and down,
15:15 and down, and down, and down.
15:20 We gonna go ten more times.
15:22 The chest up, you should be able to look straight ahead
15:26 and down, and down, five more times.
15:33 Two and three and four and five, okay.
15:40 Now we're gonna step side-to-side
15:41 so step out and back.
15:47 Go side-to-side left and right,
15:50 and left and right, and left and right.
15:58 Okay, pick it up a little bit.
16:07 When John Robbins wrote his book on 'Diet for New America',
16:11 he found out how much it cost
16:12 just to provide adequate amount of meat for people,
16:17 and I won't get into those numbers.
16:20 But if you want to study it out,
16:23 I'd suggest you read the book and you will find out
16:27 a lot about where our money is going?
16:31 And then, when you couple that
16:32 with going on high protein type diets
16:34 and what it's doing to the health of our economy
16:37 by just having to spent so much time in medical,
16:41 going to the doctor, taking prescription drugs,
16:44 to take care of lot of disorder that could be corrected
16:49 simply by changing lifestyle.
16:53 Okay, speed it up.
16:57 Okay, good faster still.
17:04 You're starting to get warm yet?
17:05 Okay, faster.
17:09 This is a good one for those who like to ski
17:11 because it helps develop
17:13 the inner and outer thigh muscles.
17:18 Little faster.
17:23 Okay, let's go back into jogging in place.
17:27 Pick those knees up,
17:30 very good, pick it up.
17:37 The other thing is very helpful is so many people out there
17:40 when you want to drink something
17:42 they naturally go to something like coffee or soda pop
17:46 and of course all this will cost money
17:49 but water is the thing really should be taking a lot in.
17:52 And the thing that people don't' realize
17:54 they're taking in coffee, they're taking on soft drink
17:57 and what it ends up happening is end up dehydrating himself,
17:59 because think of this way.
18:01 If you're on the middle of the ocean
18:02 and you're dying of thirst,
18:04 if you start drinking ocean water
18:06 what happens to you?
18:07 Well, you die sooner,
18:09 because of the high salt content.
18:10 But if you take in whole fresh water
18:15 then you're gonna hydrate yourself.
18:17 So when you're taking in things like pop,
18:19 or coffee, or alcohol,
18:21 they actually cause drawing of food
18:24 from your vital tissues and actually
18:26 instead of giving you fluid there,
18:28 they're actually hydrating you, okay.
18:31 Faster still. Knees up.
18:36 Also make sure you pump your arms.
18:40 Good arm movement.
18:41 Straight in front of you, straight in front of you.
18:43 Keep those arms moving.
18:45 My track coach always used to say,
18:47 faster your arms move the faster you move.
18:51 So various sprinters at home you wanna pump the arms,
18:54 not only that but it also help you
18:56 with burning more calories.
18:59 There is a lot equipment out there that is designed to work
19:02 both your upper body and lower body.
19:03 Saying this gonna help you burn fat faster.
19:07 Well, that might be the case,
19:08 but rowing is an excellent exercise
19:10 because it does use multiple muscles.
19:14 Okay, slow down little bit, keep those arms pumping,
19:19 keep those knees up.
19:25 Now if it's uncomfortable for you to leave the floor
19:27 like they're doing here, then just go ahead
19:29 and remain in contact with the floor
19:31 with one of your feet, so you're not bouncing too much
19:34 especially those who might have
19:35 an arthritic type condition.
19:41 Okay, let's go and slow down some more.
19:51 And go ahead and stop.
19:54 Okay, now we're gonna do is, we're gonna do some lunges.
19:55 Lunge out with the left.
19:57 Okay, let's get in altogether
19:59 now back, now with your right, okay.
20:02 Lunges and other excellent exercise we can do for legs.
20:05 And this is also one that you wanna make sure,
20:08 you keep your knees over your feet.
20:11 Don't jerk your knee, past your foot,
20:13 because then you can stretch your knee out too much.
20:16 Now again you don't have to go real deep on this one.
20:19 If you're having problems with your knees
20:21 or if you're just feeling like,
20:23 you're not strong enough to go down that far,
20:25 just go ahead and do a modified version of it.
20:28 So Brittany, why don't you go and do that?
20:30 just go, go ahead with some short ones,
20:32 but you still wanna make sure you're keeping
20:35 the other aspects of the exercise proper.
20:37 Keep the chest up, keep a smile on your face
20:41 and keep your knee over your foot.
20:44 Okay, go and back doing regular again.
20:47 You can also do an extended version of it
20:50 where you go way out.
20:51 So Daniel, let me have you do that.
20:53 Step out, way out and you'll find, you'll feel that
20:57 a little bit in more in the gluteus maximus area.
21:03 So for those who like to do a lot outdoor activities
21:06 like mountain climbing and hiking and rock climbing
21:11 and all those things that I don't like to do.
21:13 You will find this is a very good exercise,
21:15 may be that's why I am not doing them with you.
21:18 For both, Daniel and Brittany love that kind outdoors stuff
21:21 and so they're also little bit younger than I am,
21:23 so they can enjoy this exercise.
21:27 Okay, let's do about five more each side,
21:30 okay, here's one coming up, and there's one on the other
21:35 and now two and two and three,
21:42 three, two more times, way out.
21:46 Four, and five and five.
21:51 Okay, walk in place.
21:55 We start to come towards
21:57 the end of our aerobic exercise Daniel, so.
22:01 we trying go for about 12 to 15 minutes of aerobics exercise.
22:06 One of the most important aspects of aerobic exercise
22:08 is the cool down period.
22:11 A lot times people do aerobic exercise
22:13 and then they stop abruptly.
22:15 And that's something you don't wanna do,
22:16 because that can be very hard on your heart,
22:18 because your heart's going, "Help",
22:20 because your legs were acting as secondary pump
22:23 to bring the venous blood back up
22:25 and all of sudden when you stop
22:27 just all the sudden then your body doesn't like that.
22:30 Now calf muscles have been called the second heart.
22:34 Interesting enough it does have
22:35 little bit of heart type shape or an upside down heart.
22:37 And it is a good muscle for helping to--
22:40 help circulate the blood.
22:44 This is also good idea occasionally
22:45 as you're going through aerobic exercise
22:47 to check your pulse rate.
22:49 I don't have people go for their carotid arteries
22:51 because all people don't know
22:53 where those carotid arteries are,
22:54 and they'll end up knocking themselves out,
22:56 because they're impinging their blood flow to the brain.
22:59 And also when do that, if you do find it,
23:01 your body is not very happy
23:03 with pressure on the carotid artery,
23:05 so it actually slows your heart rate down,
23:07 so you're not going to get a totally accurate measure.
23:09 So if you have trouble finding your pulse rate
23:11 off our wrist which is on the thumb side
23:14 between the first couple tendons there.
23:16 You can also go to your temple area
23:18 because you can have good strong pulse in there.
23:20 And just basically you want to take it
23:22 for about six seconds multiplied by ten
23:25 and that at least gives you a ballpark,
23:27 or you can go ten seconds multiplied by six.
23:28 It doesn't really matter,
23:30 but you just wanna get a ballpark to where you're at
23:32 to make sure you're not over doing it,
23:34 because there are no benefits
23:35 for overdoing aerobics exercise,
23:37 but you do increase your risk
23:39 if you go too hard, okay.
23:43 Keep slowing down it okay, and go ahead and stop.
23:51 All right, that feel all right, Daniel?
23:53 That's good. Okay, Brittany?
23:54 Feels good. All right.
23:56 So lets do the few things now for the abdominal,
23:58 we're gonna do this by putting our hands behind our back
24:00 and we're gonna blow out and contract the abdomen.
24:03 Then we gonna bend over, then we gonna come up,
24:06 then we gonna lean back and stretch the abdomen.
24:09 So blow out and bend over and up and lay back.
24:15 Blow out, over up and back.
24:20 Blow out, over up and back, go and keep going.
24:25 It's very important to blow out
24:28 when you do your abdominal exercise,
24:29 because that drives your abdomen
24:31 in the way it supposed to be.
24:32 If you're doing heavy abdominal work
24:35 or using lots of weight,
24:37 you'll find yourself extending your abdomen out
24:39 and that's how you're developing it.
24:40 But if you work on blowing out in the contraction
24:43 and tightening those muscles up,
24:45 you'll find that you'll develop a nice small waist
24:48 rather than encouraging it to stick out.
24:51 In fact there have been products,
24:52 that've been put on the market
24:53 which will make you hold your abdomen in
24:56 or it will buzz on you
24:58 and so that is design to help you take inches of your belly
25:02 and it will do that but it does it
25:04 because that helps you to stand up straight all the time,
25:07 if you have bad pasture then naturally
25:09 your abdominal is gonna just kind of flap out there.
25:12 But if you have good posture,
25:13 then you're going to be having a smaller looking abdomen.
25:18 Okay, let's go a few more times here,
25:19 blow out contract the abdomen,
25:22 so when you come forward you really wanna make sure
25:24 you contract down, bend over.
25:27 Then up and then way back, blow out.
25:31 Contract, bend over up and lay back,
25:34 blow out over up, and back okay, that's good.
25:40 Now let's just go ahead and do some turns
25:44 and turn the other way.
25:47 Now for your trunk people often times,
25:50 when I do side bends and I find the side bends
25:53 actually develops the muscles on the side
25:56 and will give you a wider waist
25:58 and that isn't the looks that most people are going for.
26:01 So if you do in this way,
26:04 you'll get the flexibility range of motion
26:07 and the twisting is found to be more beneficial
26:09 when it comes to trimming up the waist line, okay.
26:16 Let's do two more each way turn,
26:20 and turn, and turn, and turn.
26:28 All right, Daniel, Brittany,
26:30 thanks a lot, we're all done.
26:31 When you change your lifestyle,
26:33 you'll find yourself saving a lot of money.
26:35 When you give up smoking you'll find yourself
26:37 saving $4 to $5 for just a pack of cigarettes.
26:40 When people look what they drink,
26:42 they will take in coffee and pop
26:44 and so many other substances
26:46 that are totally worthless for their bodies.
26:47 And the sad thing is so much we consume
26:50 is really harmful for us,
26:51 it's gonna cause us a lot of medical problems,
26:53 it's gonna make us over weight.
26:55 We gonna be spending,
26:56 we'll be spending lot of money for prescription medication.
26:59 But when your change to healthy lifestyle,
27:01 you start filling up on fruits and vegetables,
27:03 and whole grain breads and cereals,
27:05 you gonna find some very good things take place.
27:07 First of all you'll notice yourself losing weight.
27:10 But you'll find yourself also feeling satisfied,
27:13 because you're eating a healthy diet.
27:15 Not only that but for those who are spiritually inclined,
27:17 you're gonna find yourself feeling so much better.
27:19 And your relationship with God will actually improve,
27:22 because now you're going in harmony with God's will,
27:25 because He wants us to live a healthy lifestyle.
27:28 In Romans 12:1 He says,
27:29 present yourselves as a living sacrifice
27:31 only acceptable to God which is your reasonable service
27:35 which is something we can all attain.
27:37 And one thing we try and advocate all the time
27:39 on Body & Spirit and Body & Spirit Aerobics
27:41 is do it all for the right reasons.
27:43 We always claim Philippians 4:13 which states,
27:46 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."
27:49 God bless, stay with the work outs
27:52 and we look forward to see you next time on Body & Spirit.


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