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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Brittany Nunez, Zak Oberholster


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00:02 The following program is designed
00:03 to demonstrate simple workouts
00:05 that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Although the term aerobics is part
00:15 of the name of this program,
00:17 a lot of people don't even know
00:18 what the word means.
00:20 Stay tuned and find out next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:50 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:52 of the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:54 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:57 During my career aerobic exercises
00:59 meant many different things.
01:01 I remember during that early dance exercise craze,
01:04 people associate that with me in aerobic exercise.
01:06 And lot of men were unwilling to do it,
01:08 because they didn't want to get into perilous charge
01:10 and dance around the latest music.
01:12 Throughout years aerobics is much more than that
01:15 and everybody and anybody should be able to do it.
01:18 So we're gonna find out more about it
01:20 as we get into our program.
01:21 Helping me out today will be my daughter Brittany and Zak,
01:25 both students from Union College
01:27 and they're both in the IRR program,
01:30 which is stands for what?
01:32 International Rescue and Relief.
01:34 Okay, they're both in it,
01:35 they're both juniors and so we're happy to have them,
01:38 so we're gonna go ahead and start our exercise.
01:40 Now we're gonna just warm up a little bit first.
01:42 We're gonna start with some arm swings.
01:44 We're gonna go up and around,
01:45 we're gonna keep the arms straight.
01:47 Now we're gonna be coming up and going backwards
01:50 and loosening up the shoulders.
01:56 And we're gonna do about five more back.
01:59 We gonna do a little bit of upper body work
02:02 before we get into our aerobic aspect of the training.
02:05 And once we do get into that we'll start talking
02:07 little more about what it means.
02:09 Okay, let's go up and around the other way.
02:15 Nice and gentle swings.
02:18 You should have the kind of the same motion
02:20 as if you're doing
02:21 the butterfly stroke in the swimming pool.
02:26 And if you're not used to doing anything for your upper body,
02:28 you'll find that even this will start to burn
02:30 your shoulders just a little bit.
02:35 And let's just do a few more.
02:39 Okay, just relax.
02:40 Okay, now we're gonna do is we're gonna put
02:43 our hands together in a prayerful type position.
02:46 Squeeze hard and push out,
02:49 and draw back in and back out again.
02:52 Okay, keep going.
02:55 So if I were to come over to you
02:56 as you're pushing out I shouldn't be able
02:58 to pull your hands apart.
02:59 Okay, good.
03:02 Now when you keep the tension on the muscles
03:05 while you're going through a range of motion.
03:07 Part of the things we try and do here on Body and Spirit
03:10 and Body and Spirit Aerobics is to show you exercise
03:13 you can do at home
03:14 without having to use equipment.
03:18 Its one of the things that people use as an excuse,
03:20 is I can't exercise because I don't have any equipment.
03:25 But the reality is if you're motivated
03:26 to work out you'll find a way.
03:29 If you're not motivated to workout,
03:31 you'll find an excuse, so it really doesn't matter.
03:34 Okay, let's go upwards now.
03:38 You've to go up at about 45 degree angle
03:41 and the hands are still pressed together
03:43 and you're pushing up coming down,
03:46 pushing up and down, squeeze hard and down,
03:51 and up and down, and up and down,
03:56 and up and down, keep going.
04:00 Are you starting to feel in your chest at all yet?
04:03 Yes, I'm trying to feel it.
04:04 Okay, Brittany. I'm feeling little bit.
04:06 Okay, let's go up more, there you go.
04:10 Around to 45 degree angle, okay push hard.
04:15 Way out, push hard.
04:19 Push hard, now just hold up there.
04:21 Hold it there tight.
04:25 I want to pull you apart.
04:28 Check Brittany here.
04:31 Okay, you guys are too easy.
04:34 Okay, go and relax.
04:36 Hands behind the head push your elbows
04:38 way back and stretch.
04:42 We hold each stretch for about 10 seconds,
04:45 relax and enjoy it while you can, okay.
04:50 Now cross over.
04:53 They'll get harder here in just a few moments.
04:58 Okay, now we're gonna put the hands
05:02 upon the head again, push back.
05:04 You're trying to squeeze
05:06 your scapula together as you much as you can
05:09 those are your shoulder blades.
05:12 And now when we do the hug apart we try
05:15 and pull the shoulder blades out as much as we can.
05:21 All right, now relax.
05:24 Now let's put our left leg out front,
05:26 put your right arm out,
05:28 grab your right wrist with your left hand,
05:31 you're gonna pull back and reach out,
05:34 and pull and reach.
05:37 Give yourself some resistance with your opposite hand,
05:41 reach out as much as you can pull it back,
05:44 you're gonna work your upper back.
05:47 Brittany, I want to do 20 of them so if I lose count,
05:50 you might count on.
05:53 So, if you don't know the number
05:54 you've to make one up.
05:57 Okay and pull just like you're sawing wood here.
06:01 Reach way out stretch the back,
06:04 pull back, reach out,
06:06 and pull and reach, and pull.
06:09 What number we're on? Twelve.
06:10 Okay. You must have made up a number.
06:17 Okay. And three more.
06:25 Okay, now we're gonna switch our foot position.
06:27 Right foot is gonna be out this time, left foot back.
06:30 Reach out with your left hand,
06:31 grab your left wrist with your right hand,
06:34 pull back and reach, and pull and reach,
06:38 and pull and reach, and pull and reach,
06:43 pull and reach, and pull reach out,
06:47 and pull and reach.
06:49 How many Brittany? This is nine.
06:51 Okay, so this is ten. Yes.
06:55 And pull and reach way back way out.
06:59 Give yourself some resistance the harder you work
07:02 the more you get out of it.
07:03 You just wanna go through the motions
07:05 then of course you're not gonna get
07:06 as much out as there's some who will gives it some effort.
07:09 And pull and reach.
07:11 What number? Nineteen.
07:13 Okay. All right and relax.
07:16 To stretch those muscles,
07:18 you put an arm up over the head,
07:19 then the elbow, grab your elbow
07:22 with your opposite arm, then pull,
07:25 and you want to feel stretch in your side.
07:30 Okay, very good Zak.
07:35 Keep pulling it.
07:37 Make sure you keep breathing.
07:39 Okay, keep smiling and switch arms.
07:44 You can do all that breath, smile, switch.
07:47 Okay good.
07:52 And let's stretch up about five more seconds.
07:56 Okay, and go ahead and relax.
08:00 Now we're gonna do is we're gonna roll our shoulders back.
08:08 Mine are clicking a little bit, but I'm well.
08:14 Now what we're doing is just doing
08:16 the shoulder rolls to continue loosening up the shoulders.
08:19 And now we're gonna just go straight up and down
08:22 and work the trapezius muscle,
08:24 which goes all the way
08:25 from the occipital protuberance of your skull,
08:28 which is back of your skull all the way down
08:31 to your twelfth thoracic vertebrae
08:35 and also this works
08:36 on the levator scapulae muscles,
08:38 which go from the superior angle of your scapula
08:41 to C-1 through 4 up your neck.
08:43 You got all that. Yes.
08:45 Okay, just to show what we're doing,
08:47 Zak turn around for a second.
08:49 We're working on the muscle that goes
08:51 from superior angle of the scapula
08:53 up into C-1 through 4 area on each side.
08:57 Now the reason why I mentioned those muscles
08:58 is they cause people a lot of problems.
09:01 Keep going, keep exercising.
09:03 All right. Okay.
09:07 And by doing this we help stretch those out
09:10 and keep them tone and so forth,
09:12 then you've less problems. All right, now what we're gonna
09:14 do is we're gonna put our arms out
09:16 like we're gonna fly away.
09:18 We're gonna do some circles.
09:21 And we're gonna keep the circles small,
09:24 nice small circles.
09:27 Now we're gonna make our circles bigger.
09:32 Now we're gonna go back to smaller again.
09:35 And we're gonna go to bigger,
09:38 nice big circles.
09:41 And now we're gonna go smaller.
09:46 And now bigger again.
09:48 Okay, now let's go to other direction.
09:50 Small circles backwards, and now bigger circles,
09:57 and now smaller circles.
10:00 Let's go back forward again and now backwards,
10:07 and now forward and back.
10:12 And forward and back, and hold.
10:20 We're gonna try and hold it
10:22 for the next 30 seconds starting now.
10:27 Okay, so keep smiling enjoy yourself
10:31 five seconds are passed.
10:33 And pretty soon so shall it.
10:37 Okay, should start burning in your shoulders a little bit.
10:41 For those at home if you need
10:43 to put your arms down go ahead.
10:46 How we're doing? Okay.
10:48 Zak, okay. I'm good.
10:50 Okay, down to five seconds,
10:51 four, three, two, one, now relax.
10:57 Okay, you're gonna put your right arm out in front of you,
11:00 bring it across your body, reach up with your left hand,
11:04 pull in behind it and stretch your shoulder.
11:09 Does that feel good? Yes.
11:11 Okay, good.
11:15 All right now let's do the other side,
11:16 put your left arm out straight,
11:18 bring it across your body,
11:20 reach up with your right hand,
11:21 bind the elbow and pull.
11:25 Stretch, nice deep breaths as you do it.
11:31 And about three more seconds.
11:34 Okay, good.
11:36 We're gonna start loosening up our legs now,
11:38 and the way we're gonna do that is we're gonna step out
11:39 to the side and lunge down come back to the middle,
11:43 go the other side lunge down,
11:46 and then back, okay keep going.
11:51 Now, you can control your depth on this
11:54 depending on how fit you are,
11:56 but this is an excellent one for the inner thigh.
12:01 You want to keep your chest up as much as you can.
12:07 Okay Brittany, try and stay upright
12:09 little more as you go down.
12:11 As you watch Zak there.
12:13 There you go, that's better,
12:16 better, better, much better.
12:20 Okay Zak, can you go deeper
12:21 and still keep that nice posture. Very good.
12:28 Are you a skier, Zak? No.
12:31 Okay. Touch with me mountains there
12:33 in Lincoln, Nebraska. Not really.
12:39 I imagine not, okay,
12:40 let's go little faster now.
12:45 That's good. Keep the posture.
12:54 You should feel that both in your quadriceps
12:56 and on the inside of the thigh.
13:01 Now, what we're gonna do is we step out to the left
13:03 and stay on the side, up back down,
13:06 up back down, up back down,
13:10 up back down, up back down,
13:12 and step to the middle and now to the other side
13:16 and stay on that side for five.
13:19 Down, down, down, down, down,
13:25 okay back to the middle.
13:26 Step out to the left again and five times again.
13:31 And two and three and four
13:36 and five back to the middle, out to the right.
13:40 And one and two and three and four and five.
13:46 Okay good. Now back up a little bit.
13:50 We're gonna step to the left
13:52 bring our right foot back behind
13:53 and step again, okay.
13:56 So I want you do that with me okay.
13:59 So step left back over, and back and over.
14:04 Okay, step left cross back.
14:12 Here we go.
14:20 And left right together,
14:23 left cross over, left together.
14:32 I knew that folk dance
14:34 and I'd to take in college will come in handy sometime.
14:48 Okay, good. Now just step in place.
14:51 Step in place, use your arms to swing.
14:55 More stepping, step, higher steps.
15:00 Aerobic exercise rhythmic activity
15:02 the major muscle group.
15:04 Let's swing the arms more.
15:06 So the arms don't really count,
15:08 because they'll get tired too quickly.
15:10 Now people have a problem using their lower body.
15:15 For example I've my assistant at the Black Hills has polio,
15:21 and so she can't use her lower body,
15:24 so she is very disciplined
15:26 about getting her aerobic exercise
15:28 by using her upper body muscles by swimming,
15:32 or an upper body Ergometer
15:34 where you're just rolling around, okay.
15:35 Let's pick it up a little bit.
15:40 Knees up high, swinging arms.
15:44 As we use the arms we do burn a few more calories.
15:50 Okay, let's start jogging in place.
15:53 We'll pick up the intensity a little bit.
16:01 Okay, now little faster.
16:09 Good, knees up, knees up,
16:12 very good I like to hear that noise.
16:20 Okay, little higher, good.
16:24 Good Brittany pick it up.
16:25 Very good Zak.
16:27 We'll see how long Zak can do that.
16:34 Very good, let's see if we can do that
16:35 for 20 more seconds with that pace
16:38 and then we'll slow it back down
16:39 again we'll do a little bit of interval type workout,
16:42 which is also been found
16:43 can be very good in metabolizing fat.
16:45 The key is we want to keep those legs going,
16:49 and so you got about five more seconds of this.
16:55 Okay, now slow it down back into stepping.
17:01 The way you figure out if you're working out
17:03 aerobically is take 220 and subtract your age
17:07 and that will give you what's called your maximum heart rate.
17:10 So, if you're 50 years old
17:11 I'll give you a maximum heart rate of 170
17:14 and then you figure out 80% of that
17:17 and 70% of that and that will be your trainee rate,
17:20 so if you're 50 years old
17:21 you'll be looking at 136 is 80%,
17:24 119 is 70%, and that is your trainee rate
17:27 for 20 to 30 minute timeframe.
17:29 Now if you're on some type of medication
17:31 like a beta blocker,
17:32 which is slowing your heart down
17:34 you can't use that formula, because if you try
17:36 and train that hard,
17:38 you can cause yourself some real damage,
17:40 but for the average person that's a good range to do.
17:43 Now something important to know about aerobic exercise,
17:46 you do not get more benefit by going over 80%,
17:50 but you do increase your risk factors.
17:52 And actually what we find is you burn fat
17:54 more effectively if you stay at that 70% rate
17:57 than you do if you go at 80%.
17:59 Okay, let's go into a squat position now.
18:02 Okay, squat down.
18:04 Okay, what you're gonna do is you're gonna cross the arms,
18:06 just come up, push your hips back as you squat.
18:09 Okay, push your hips back more
18:11 bend over to your waist more, Zak.
18:12 You got to bend at the waist little more.
18:14 There you go.
18:15 You're sticking your hips back.
18:17 Now people often say,
18:19 well, isn't squatting hard for your knees.
18:21 If you do it wrong it is.
18:23 But, if you do it properly, it's not.
18:25 Because your body is designed to squat down
18:27 and anytime we go to sit in a chair we've to sit down
18:31 and a lot of people don't sit in chairs,
18:33 they fall into chairs,
18:34 so this is a good way to develop this.
18:36 In fact, when I've had people that are severely restricted
18:40 like they have rheumatoid arthritis
18:42 or some type of cerebral palsy or anything like that.
18:45 I use squats a lot of time for all those people
18:48 and find fantastic benefits, so it's a great exercise.
18:51 And for us what's gonna do
18:52 is we're gonna do some leg strengthening
18:55 as well as keeping the muscles of the legs going,
18:58 so thus we're keeping our aerobic aspect going,
19:01 because rhythmic activity has not stopped.
19:03 We're just changing it up
19:05 some obviously one becomes quite bored
19:07 if you're just gonna step in place
19:09 for an entire half hour or whatever,
19:11 but that's still beneficial if you can take the boredom.
19:15 A lot of people like to use like re-bounders
19:17 where they will put in front of the television
19:19 and they'll just go and go and go.
19:20 Or even if you're riding a recumbent bike
19:23 or doing elliptical machine,
19:25 or even the treadmill people are rhythmically doing
19:28 the same activity for a long period of time.
19:30 All right, forgot about you.
19:32 Okay, that's all right now keep going,
19:33 I didn't say stop, I just said I forgot about you,
19:36 keep going, keep going, keep going,
19:38 keep going, keep going. You're doing okay,
19:41 starting to feel your legs a little bit. Yeah, little bit.
19:42 Okay, Zak starting to feel little bit.
19:44 Okay. Just go back into steps, step it out.
19:50 Okay, we're gonna go into a little higher intensity
19:54 again with the jogging with little more,
19:56 little more, okay there we go.
19:58 Try and get those keep those arm swinging straight.
20:02 My tracker always said, get the arm swings straight
20:05 so you're coming right-- there you go.
20:09 You don't want to be punching your opponent
20:10 as you're running down the track.
20:12 Although, you would eliminate
20:13 your competition that way, okay.
20:15 Now we're gonna pick it up a little bit.
20:17 In fact let's just start jogging in place.
20:21 Okay, we're gonna try and do about 30 seconds of that.
20:24 Pump the arms, pump the arms,
20:26 pump the arms, pump the arms,
20:29 okay bring that arms more straight up, Zak.
20:34 You got to work on that running form.
20:36 Okay, faster now,
20:39 faster, faster.
20:44 And let's go for about 10 more seconds.
20:51 Five, four, three, two, one, slow down.
20:56 Still stepping down, still stepping, still stepping.
21:05 Starting to get warmed yet. Yes.
21:07 Zak, starting to get warmed up.
21:09 Warmed up, yeah. Okay warmed up, okay.
21:11 Now we're gonna do is we're gonna keep going.
21:13 Don't stop yet, till I say so.
21:15 Everything is like don't do anything till I say so.
21:17 I like this. Okay, so what we're gonna do
21:20 is we're gonna go into our jump roping now
21:22 and of course we'll not gonna use jump rope
21:24 and the towels aren't quite long enough
21:25 for us to jump rope with,
21:27 so we're gonna use our pretend jump rope.
21:30 Now for those at home,
21:31 if you can't leave the ground that's okay.
21:33 You can just stand on one place
21:35 and just bounce up and down on your toes.
21:37 But for Brittany and Zak let's go ahead
21:39 and do some jump roping now.
21:41 Okay, there you go keep going.
21:48 I've a lot of times people say
21:50 I can't do the jump roping so part of its coordination,
21:54 part of it they just want to bounce up and down.
21:56 So again if you just want to go up and down on the toes
21:59 that will at least give you a modified version of it
22:01 and still keep you going.
22:03 If you've a jump rope, you can always get that out
22:05 and do that as well because this is good exercise
22:08 especially if you--some of them trying to do too fast,
22:11 you know keep that aerobic affect going.
22:13 And the beauty of the aerobic exercise
22:15 and what it starts to do it starts to metabolize body fat.
22:19 And that's one of the big reasons for people doing it.
22:21 Actually, there are three main reasons I can see,
22:23 first of all depression.
22:25 When people do work out aerobically
22:26 it helps them to ease depression.
22:29 You're feeling better already right. Oh yes.
22:31 Less depression, feel very happy, okay.
22:34 Then there comes a part about strengthening your heart,
22:37 lungs, which probably is the most important aspect
22:40 'cause you want to have good healthy heart, lungs,
22:42 and aerobic exercise will help you do that.
22:44 And then finally it's the fat burning in
22:46 and of course that's where people focus in on
22:48 because they want to become
22:50 what I call better butter burners.
22:51 They want to get rid of the excess rolls
22:54 they might develop through improper eating
22:56 and lack of exercise.
22:58 Okay, let's start stepping it out now.
23:00 Step, step, we're gonna start our cool down portion,
23:06 just gently stepping it out.
23:09 It's always extremely important
23:10 whenever you do aerobic exercise
23:12 not to just stop abruptly,
23:14 because if you do then you put a lot of stress on your heart.
23:18 You're much better off to ease in till you're cool down.
23:22 Basically what you're doing is you're bringing
23:23 the heart rate up and then once you get the heart rate up,
23:26 you're bringing it back down,
23:28 but you want to bring it down gradually.
23:29 You don't want to just stop suddenly,
23:31 because then especially
23:32 if you're not in very good health,
23:34 you could put a demand on your heart
23:35 that your heart is not prepared for,
23:37 and that can be very detrimental to somebody.
23:39 So this way you're allowing your legs
23:41 to continue working as circulators helping
23:44 bring the blood back up the venous blood
23:47 flow back to the heart,
23:48 so your heart is not able to work as hard,
23:49 and so you're heart is saying thank you,
23:51 thank you, thank you for not stopping all of a sudden,
23:53 I much appreciate it.
23:54 Now for you two who are young
23:56 as you are no big deal,
23:57 but we've to also remember
23:59 not everybody is gonna be quite in your category
24:01 when it comes to that.
24:03 Okay, we're winding down,
24:07 we're gonna step it out for 45 more seconds
24:11 and then we'll finish off our workout
24:14 by doing some neck stretches
24:16 and then we'll be pretty much done.
24:20 Zak, you look little warm. Yeah.
24:23 Okay, Brittany. Little.
24:25 All right. Okay, we're down
24:28 to our last 25 seconds.
24:31 You're looking great, having a good workout
24:35 and you're burning fat.
24:36 Your heart's getting healthier,
24:37 you're increasing the circulation
24:39 and also it helps when people start to develop
24:43 the little irritations in your arteries
24:45 and it helps keep it cleaned out.
24:47 It raises a HDL cholesterol,
24:49 which helps take out flax swellings
24:51 and fat and LDL cholesterol.
24:53 It's all around good.
24:54 All around good things, okay.
24:56 And go ahead and stop.
24:59 Okay, now we're gonna do is we're just gonna
25:01 work our neck a little bit,
25:03 so I want you start by looking up,
25:05 now look down and look up,
25:10 and down and up, and down.
25:15 Now let's look up to the left and down,
25:19 look up to the right and down,
25:22 look up to the left and down,
25:26 up to the right and down,
25:29 up to the left and down,
25:32 up to the right and down.
25:34 Okay, now let's turn to the left
25:37 and turn to the right,
25:40 turn to the left, turn to the right,
25:45 turn left, turn right,
25:49 turn left and turn right.
25:52 Now what I want you to do is I want you
25:54 to put your left leg back
25:56 and press your heel to the ground
25:58 and I want you to stretch the calf area.
26:01 Since you've been stepping it off quite a bit
26:03 calf might be getting little tight
26:04 and so that will help stretch it out.
26:06 You feel that back there, Zak. Yes.
26:07 Okay. And nice steady stretch,
26:12 you should feel in the back of the leg
26:13 and in the calf region.
26:15 And now what we're gonna do is we'll switch over
26:17 to the right leg, and press down
26:22 and enjoy the stretch because we're almost done.
26:29 All right very good, all right
26:31 thanks Brittany and Zak, we're all done.
26:36 Aerobic exercise doesn't have to be difficult,
26:39 it's easy as just going out for a nice walk.
26:42 Also working in your garden
26:44 can be very beneficial get that rhythmic activity going,
26:47 keep moving along
26:48 and you'll find yourself getting great benefit.
26:51 Aerobic exercise is a crucial part
26:53 of an overall training program.
26:55 If you think that just playing basketball
26:58 or doing playing racket ball or squash
27:01 or tennis is gonna take care of all your aerobic needs,
27:03 you might be mistaken because you may not be keeping
27:06 that heart rate rhythmically active long enough.
27:09 So get into a good regular rhythmic activity program
27:12 it could be swimming, it could be cycling,
27:15 it could be jogging, it can be rowing,
27:17 or it can be mixture of all of them.
27:19 Certainly, it helps to break the monotony
27:21 if you switch up your aerobic exercise
27:24 also doing with a friend can be very beneficial.
27:27 I remember back when I was working
27:28 in West Virginia my partner and I, Danny Kuon,
27:31 we take walks through the hills of West Virginia.
27:33 And it was a great time for us to talk to one another
27:35 and still get a good aerobic workout.
27:38 Remember to do it all for the right reasons.
27:40 We want to take care of our body
27:41 as God has given us that
27:43 and remember to claim the promise
27:45 that I always use Philippians 4:13,
27:47 which says, "I can do all things
27:49 through Christ which strengthens me."
27:50 Thanks for joining us. We look forward to see you
27:52 next time on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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