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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Corrie Sample, Zak Oberholster


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00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:03 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:09 before beginning any exercise program.
00:13 Vegetarianism is a term that's tossed around quite frequently.
00:16 But many use that term improperly.
00:18 We're gonna talk about what it really means
00:20 next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:48 Hello I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:50 of the Black Hill's Health & Education Center.
00:52 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:54 During my life I've tried many different eating patterns.
00:57 Probably the most drastic was going from eating
00:59 3 pounds of meat, a gallon of milk
01:01 and half a dozen eggs everyday to becoming a total vegetarian.
01:05 We're gonna talk more about that as we get into our program.
01:08 But we're ready to get started,
01:09 helping me out today will be Corey and Zack.
01:13 They're both students from Union College in Lincoln,
01:16 Nebraska and they're both in the IRR program,
01:19 which stands for what, Corey?
01:20 International Rescue and Relief. International Rescue and Relief.
01:24 And Corey is a senior. So she's almost done.
01:26 Zack's a junior, so he's still having fun with it.
01:29 So we're gonna go ahead and start our program.
01:31 Speaking of having fun, we're gonna start up
01:33 warming up by just swinging our arms back and around.
01:36 Just loosening up the shoulders in the neck area.
01:40 Nice and relaxed, up and around, up and around.
01:43 If this hurt you at all, then keep your
01:46 range of motion a little bit shorter.
01:49 Okay, let's go the other way. Up and around.
01:52 Up and around. Up and around.
01:56 Just loosening up, it's like a butterfly stroke in swimming.
02:01 Up and around. Up and around, and good, okay.
02:07 Well now we've loosened the shoulders up again,
02:09 we're gonna do just a little bit of upper body exercise
02:11 before we go into aerobics.
02:13 Let's start with pushups.
02:15 I know both of you can do these, so, hit the deck.
02:17 And no, Corey, you don't get to do modified ones
02:19 'cause I know you're well capable of doing regular ones.
02:21 Okay, Zack. Okay, let's go down
02:25 and up and down and up.
02:28 Keep them nice and controlled, keep going.
02:31 Now for those at home,
02:32 if you need to use the wall, that's okay.
02:35 Lot of people built themselves up by doing it this way.
02:39 Now, a lot of people say that the ones on the knees
02:41 are women's pushups because you see,
02:43 Corey is cranking them all.
02:47 There's no reason why women can't do them like this.
02:49 Okay, hold it up at the top for a moment.
02:53 Okay, and we're gonna do five more.
02:54 Ready, down and up, down and up,
02:59 down and up, down and up, one more time, down and up.
03:05 Okay, go down and hold for ten seconds.
03:07 One, two, three, four, five,
03:11 six, seven, eight and push up.
03:15 Push up, okay, good.
03:19 All right, that felt good, didn't it?
03:21 Important part is to keep the back straight on that.
03:23 You don't want your hips swiping here
03:25 or you don't wanna collapse your back too far either.
03:28 They both did really well. So let's stretch that area up.
03:30 Put your hands behind your heads
03:31 and push your elbows back, as far as you can.
03:34 Now what you're focusing on is squeezing
03:36 your shoulder blades together, which are your scapula.
03:40 And squeeze it together and now we're gonna pull them apart.
03:44 Give yourself a big good morning hug.
03:47 Pull your scapula apart as much as you can.
03:52 We're gonna hold each stretch for about ten seconds.
03:55 So we're ready to go back up top again.
03:58 And push it back, way back.
04:03 Okay, good, and so we're going to now
04:06 give ourselves another hug.
04:09 And pull your shoulder blades apart as much as you can.
04:15 All right. That looks good.
04:17 Now, what we're gonna do is
04:19 we're gonna bend our knees slightly.
04:20 We're gonna reach out in front us,
04:22 and we're gonna pull back and clear out.
04:26 Pull back and clear out.
04:28 So what you're doing you're trying squeeze
04:30 your shoulders blades together again and then you push them
04:34 apart as far you can, as you reach out.
04:37 This is showing a rowing type motion.
04:41 As you pull in and reach way out.
04:45 Pull in and out.
04:47 Pull in, you should feel the muscles
04:50 being spread out as you go forward.
04:52 Okay, keep going, bend the knees
04:55 just a little bit more there, Zack.
05:00 Okay, focus on drawing back and pushing out.
05:05 Draw back, push out.
05:08 So you're taking these muscles here,
05:10 you're squeezing it back.
05:11 Now push them out as much as you can.
05:14 Now pushing them over.
05:18 Okay, keep doing it.
05:21 Pull in, reach out.
05:25 Force some muscles apart as go out.
05:28 Forcing them out.
05:29 As you learn to control your muscles,
05:31 it makes it that much easier to do the exercise.
05:34 Okay, let's go three more times.
05:36 Pull and reach, and pull and reach,
05:40 one more time, pull and reach.
05:42 Okay, to stretch these muscles what we do is
05:45 we take one arm, put straight up over head.
05:48 Bend the elbow, grab your elbow
05:51 with your other hand, and give yourself
05:53 a little assistance as you pull it across.
05:55 You don't wanna pull it across to the point of pain.
05:58 You just wanna feel it stretch.
06:00 And you should feel it stretching right here.
06:03 Right. Now, good. Okay.
06:07 Now, let's go ahead and switch to the other side.
06:09 Left arm straight up in the air.
06:12 And then bend it, and then grab
06:14 with the other hand and pull it over.
06:18 Make sure you keep breathing while you do it.
06:20 In through the nose and go out through the mouth.
06:22 Maybe we're not up to that point yet
06:24 but we will be here pretty soon.
06:28 Okay, and let's go ahead and relax.
06:32 All right, well, I believe we're ready
06:34 to start doing some aerobics.
06:36 Now we're gonna do them by just lightly stepping in place.
06:40 So just go ahead and start stepping in place.
06:43 Okay. Now, make sure you get your arms swing proper.
06:50 Corey, you might wanna switch, you're going like--
06:54 you wanna make sure that you doing
06:55 opposite arm, opposite leg.
06:56 You're doing same leg, same arm right now.
06:59 Just like-- there you go.
07:03 It's kind of like when we walk, we don't go.
07:07 Opposite arm, opposite leg.
07:08 There you go, we're looking good now.
07:12 Okay, we can speed up just a little bit.
07:16 When you do aerobic exercise you want do a warm up.
07:22 Then you get into the training range.
07:24 Then we want to do a cool down. So this is the warm up phase.
07:27 And we'll start talk a little bit about vegetarianism now.
07:30 That term is tossed around quite a bit, you two,
07:32 just keep going, keep watching.
07:35 And when people talk about vegetarian,
07:37 in fact I've talked to a lot of people who say,
07:39 yes, I'm a vegetarian.
07:41 And then it turns out that they still eat chicken and fish.
07:45 And I say, well, how do you call yourself
07:46 a vegetarian if you're still eating chicken and fish.
07:49 Well people often times think as long as they stay off
07:51 red meat that they're now vegetarian.
07:53 And that's not true at all.
07:55 Now there are a couple different classifications
07:56 that are known fairly frequently.
07:58 And that's Ovo-lacto vegetarian which is somebody
08:02 who's still takes in milk, dairy products
08:05 in general and also eggs.
08:07 'Ovo' for eggs and lactose for--lacto for milk.
08:11 And then there's also what is called the vegan.
08:14 Now vegans are something that's been often
08:17 misidentified because a true vegan doesn't even wear leather.
08:20 So I don't call myself a vegan because
08:23 I still wear a leather coat occasionally and leather shoes.
08:26 A vegan doesn't eat any animal products,
08:29 but they also don't wear any leather.
08:31 So what I'm classified as is a total vegetarian.
08:34 Because I eat no animal products at all but I still wear leather.
08:38 So those are the classifications of it, okay.
08:41 Let's go into a more of a jog type now.
08:45 There we go.
08:51 So lots of times people are very surprised
08:53 when I tell them that I'm a total vegetarian
08:55 because of my body size, and they'll say,
08:58 well, how can you develop size eating a total vegetarian diet.
09:02 And then I tried pointing back to Daniel Chapter 1,
09:05 where Daniel and his three friends said,
09:06 don't give us any king's food.
09:08 Let us see pulse and water,
09:09 which is basically a vegetable concoction and water.
09:13 And at the end of the test period.
09:15 They were not only wiser but they were also larger
09:18 than their counterparts, they're more muscular.
09:21 How are we doing? Doing all right?
09:22 Doing good. Okay.
09:24 Let's go back into just the step now.
09:26 But now we're going to increase your range of motion,
09:30 where you're actually gonna be pushing your arms up overhead.
09:33 Okay, there you go. Good.
09:36 Way up, way up.
09:37 Now, try and keep your rhythm now.
09:39 Make sure of opposite arm, opposite leg.
09:43 And try to keep it together.
09:45 This takes a little coordination time.
09:48 Something many of us men fail on when it comes to aerobics.
09:51 Many men just start to get one motion
09:54 and they change their arm motion and all of a sudden
09:57 we're totally lost in the clouds.
10:02 Okay, let's go back to jogging in place again.
10:05 You might bring your arms down.
10:07 Here you go, Zack goes good.
10:11 But now let's make it a little bit more difficult,
10:13 put your arms out to the side as you jog in place.
10:16 Hold them out to the side as you keep jogging.
10:18 There you go.
10:20 Okay now bring them together in the middle.
10:22 Here, now back out again.
10:27 And back into the middle, and back out.
10:32 Looks like cheerleaders.
10:33 Okay, back in, and back out,
10:39 and back in, and back out.
10:47 Okay, go ahead and drop the arms,
10:48 let's go back into regular jogging place.
10:57 Also one of the things that's often misunderstood is,
11:02 people automatically think if they become
11:04 a total vegetarian or a vegan vegetarian.
11:07 They automatically gonna be thin.
11:09 And that's not always the case.
11:10 There's plenty of what we call overweight vegans out there.
11:14 Because people who are vegan or total vegetarian can still drink
11:19 pop and still classify themselves as vegetarian.
11:22 Because pop doesn't have any animal products,
11:24 but obviously we're eating a lot of refined type foods
11:28 or lots of sugary type things.
11:30 We can still get overweight.
11:31 Also there are a lot of people who really get into
11:34 the veggie meats and the fake meats
11:37 like our phony baloney and whammy ham.
11:39 And those products are also high in fat
11:41 high in sodium and so forth.
11:43 And people who eat a lot of those type of products
11:45 they can also find themselves getting overweight.
11:47 And then of course, there comes a point of lack of exercise.
11:50 Because a lot of people are eating these type of diets,
11:52 think, well if I'm eating healthy
11:54 or they consider it somewhat healthy,
11:56 they don't need to exercise.
11:57 And nothing could be further from the case.
11:59 Exercise is important for everybody regardless of
12:01 what your dietary habit is.
12:02 Okay, we're doing well.
12:04 Now we're gonna do it going to the great wind step.
12:06 Okay go and stop your jog.
12:08 Okay, let's take a step.
12:09 Let's go in, all go the same direction.
12:11 Let's go left. Cross over.
12:13 Done. Okay. And cross over, tap, good.
12:24 We're not gonna go too fast,
12:27 we don't want to trip over each other.
12:30 Now this will help with coordination.
12:36 When you're stepping, cross behind, step, tap.
12:42 Okay, let's speed it up, just a little,
12:48 not to the point where you fall over.
12:55 We're doing all right? Yeah.
13:00 When I went college I went to the public university
13:04 and major in exercise.
13:06 I had to take folk dancing. It feels a little bit like it.
13:20 Very good. All right,
13:24 go ahead and go back and stepping in place again.
13:27 Okay, good.
13:32 When people switch to a vegetarian diet,
13:35 there can be a great transition.
13:37 I know for myself.
13:38 I was eating about 10,000 calories up a day.
13:41 And eating up to 7 times a day including eating at
13:43 2 O'clock in the morning.
13:46 I got to a point where I actually hated to eat.
13:47 Just I set an alarm clock, and get up and eat
13:49 at 2 O'clock in the morning, as I was loading up
13:51 all this meat and milk and eggs and so forth.
13:54 Because I was in the world of body building
13:55 and even had a chance to workout with
13:57 the Governor of California, who happens to be named as Arnold.
14:01 And so I was around a fast crowd and so they were taking
14:06 lots and lots of protein, amongst other things,
14:08 and so I did that as well.
14:11 And so I was for farthest thing
14:14 you can think of is being a vegetarian.
14:17 In fact I got to a point where my immune system
14:18 was so week because of all the animal products
14:20 and all the protein, I always had to worry
14:22 about secondary infections if I got sick.
14:25 Okay, let's go ahead and get ourselves
14:27 into a squat position now.
14:28 Cross your arms across your chest.
14:30 Okay, squad down.
14:32 Okay and back up and down and up.
14:35 Now squatting is an excellent exercise
14:37 for your gluteus maximus, which is the thing you sit on.
14:42 For your quadriceps and your hamstring,
14:44 it's an overall, what's called a compound leg exercise.
14:48 Where everything it does, it gives a little break from
14:49 stepping and let's just get into continuing a rhythmic activity
14:55 of a major muscle group, but now working the muscles
14:58 directly as well, as we get into the squat.
15:01 Not only that, ut they're lots of fun,
15:02 aren't they, Zack. Oh, yes.
15:03 Okay, it's a great exercise for people.
15:06 In fact I use this for pretty much everybody,
15:09 especially if they have some severe disability,
15:12 as I remember working with a woman who had
15:13 rheumatoid arthritis so badly,
15:15 she wouldn't know how to walk for 9 months.
15:18 And we had her go into a squat routine
15:19 and lo and behold she started getting into a place
15:21 where she could walk again, and in just 3 weeks.
15:24 So it's a great exercise,
15:26 if you're not very good at doing squats,
15:29 you might have to just go, just partially down, and that's okay.
15:32 You just go down just a very little bit.
15:35 The thing that's important is you wanna make sure
15:38 you keep your knees over your feet as you squat down.
15:41 You want to keep your chest up.
15:42 You want to bend at the waist.
15:44 It will be impossible to do a squat properly
15:47 and try and keep your back straight up and down.
15:49 But you want to keep it straight as you're bending into it.
15:52 And then you're pushing your hips back
15:54 as if you're reaching back to sit in the chair,
15:56 that keeps your posture proper, and we keep the motion going.
16:02 Doing all right, Corey.
16:04 Doing all right, Zack? Yeah.
16:06 Okay, let's put a little modification in there now.
16:09 Go down deep and hold,
16:11 now just come part way up, and back down.
16:14 Part way up, back down.
16:17 Part way up and down. Part way up and down.
16:21 Part way up, down, now all the way up.
16:25 Okay, go way down again. Part way up and down.
16:30 Part way up and down. Part way up and down.
16:34 Part way up and down. Now all the way up.
16:38 Go all the way down. And part way up and down.
16:42 Part way up and down. Part way up and down.
16:46 And why don't you just hold back, go down and hold.
16:49 Keep your chest up, keep your chest up.
16:53 Okay, we're gonna hold that for fifteen more seconds.
16:58 How's that? All right.
17:01 There's five, Zack, you're shaking a little bit.
17:03 Okay. And there's
17:06 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15.
17:12 Come out of it, stepping.
17:14 Come out of it, stepping.
17:17 Feel that burn just a little bit.
17:19 Yeah. Okay.
17:20 Just a little. Just a little.
17:22 Follow sweat to the ground.
17:25 I was with you all the way on that.
17:29 Okay, that's a pretty intensive part of the workout.
17:32 You can see that certainly it got Corey warm.
17:36 And so we're going to cool it down just a little bit
17:40 as we go through this part.
17:41 And we're gonna speed it up one more time
17:43 and then we'll go into our cool down phase.
17:45 Remember, in the aerobic exercise,
17:46 we want to do that warm up,
17:48 which you've already down.
17:49 And get into the training range
17:51 and then we're gonna go into a cool down.
17:52 But this is gonna act little bit like an interval.
17:54 Because the squats are very intensive.
17:56 So now I'm letting them cool it down a little bit.
17:58 And we're gonna speed it back up like at end of our training.
18:01 Which has also been found to be very beneficial in burning fat.
18:04 Okay, we're not in our fat burning mode now.
18:06 Can you feel those fatty acids being metabolized.
18:08 Oh, totally. All right. Good.
18:09 Feels good. Feels good.
18:11 All right, now let's speed it up,
18:13 go back into the jog.
18:17 Keep pumping the arms. It's an important part of it.
18:20 Pump the arms. Pump the arms.
18:25 Okay, pump them some more.
18:29 Lift the knees a little higher.
18:31 Oh very good. They're on their way.
18:38 Okay, we're gonna try and keep that up
18:43 for just a little over one more minute.
18:46 And then we'll go into our cool down range.
18:52 Keep it up, keep it up, knees high.
18:55 Pump it. Wow, Corey, you're doing that,
18:58 and you're smiling too, that's great.
19:02 Very good, we're down to our last fifty seconds.
19:09 Time for that old home sprint.
19:11 Keep the knees up, keep pumping the arms.
19:16 And down to forty seconds.
19:18 You're looking great.
19:21 Keep the breathing going, nice deep breaths.
19:25 In through the nose blow it way out.
19:27 And that automatically
19:28 encourage you to breathe deeply again.
19:31 We're down to our last twenty seconds.
19:35 Fast now, come on pick it up a little bit.
19:38 Home stretch. Like track culture usually say,
19:41 we sprint through the finish line.
19:43 Sprint through the finish line. Down ten seconds.
19:49 Okay and let's slow it down.
19:53 Very good, slow it down. Slow it down.
19:58 Okay, let's lose the jog and just go and do a step.
20:01 Stepping in place, stepping in place, good.
20:07 Reason why we do some variety moments
20:09 is just to keep the monotony from setting in,
20:12 and give us a little more variance in our leg training.
20:17 Okay, what we're gonna do now
20:19 is we're just gonna step to the side,
20:20 and come in. Okay, so step left.
20:23 Go ahead and come together, okay.
20:25 Step right, step left.
20:27 Step right, step left, step right,
20:31 and left, right, left, right, left,
20:35 right, left, right, left, right, left, right,
20:40 left, right, left, right, left, right, left.
20:46 Be sure you were doing all the rest of stuff.
20:51 Keep going, oh, Zack is getting fast.
20:57 I'm getting too old to move that quick.
20:59 Zack, take it easy on me.
21:05 Okay, let's pick it up a little more.
21:11 Okay, slow it down.
21:13 Left, right, left, right, left, right.
21:17 Left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right.
21:24 Okay, step in place. Good.
21:28 As you that you should feel the muscles
21:30 on your hips working. And that's good.
21:33 Again for a range of motion on all varieties,
21:36 a lot of people start developing hip programs,
21:38 later on in life
21:39 and this is a good way to prevent them.
21:44 Okay, so looks like
21:46 you've had a bit of an aerobic workout, Zack.
21:47 Little bit. Okay great.
21:49 Definitely. Doing all right.
21:50 All okay? Yup.
21:55 Okay, slow it down just a little bit more.
21:58 When we as cool down on the aerobic workout,
22:00 what you do I, you let your legs act
22:02 as an assistance for circulating blood back to the heart.
22:05 So if you just start abruptly, puts a lot of stress on you.
22:09 And it's not good for your heart.
22:12 Your body will thank you much more,
22:14 if you just slow down gradually.
22:19 Okay, you feel like you're breathing
22:20 somewhat normally again.
22:21 Yeah. Zack? Yeah.
22:23 Okay, let's go ahead and stop your aerobic part.
22:27 Okay, I want you to put
22:29 your left foot out in front of you.
22:31 You've got to raise your toe up towards you.
22:34 And push it down. Raise up, push down.
22:37 Raise up, push down.
22:39 What this is working on is the anterior tibialis,
22:42 which is the muscle on the front of your shin,
22:45 which is linked towards shin splints.
22:49 And so by working this, we hope to avoid that.
22:54 If you do start to feel pain in that area
22:56 after you do an aerobic workout,
22:58 make sure you get the ice on there right away,
23:01 to discourage inflammation.
23:04 Okay, five more times. Two, three, four and five.
23:11 All right, put your right leg out now.
23:14 Okay, lift it to you. Lift your toe up,
23:17 press down, up and down, and down, down.
23:25 Focus on the muscle you're working while you do it.
23:26 You think about the front of your shin
23:29 as you're pulling your toe up.
23:31 You just go through the motion
23:33 without concentrating on what you're doing.
23:34 You're not gonna get near the benefit
23:35 you would as if you're focusing on
23:37 what you're doing.
23:39 Okay, ten more times, two, three, four,
23:46 five, six, seven, eight, nine and ten.
23:53 Now what we're gonna do
23:54 is you're gonna put left foot back,
23:56 put the leg straight.
23:58 And what we're going to do now is push up on the toe.
24:01 Keep the leg straight as you do it.
24:03 Forcing you cap area to lift you up.
24:09 Pressing up, pressing up,
24:12 by putting the leg back like we're doing,
24:14 we encourage a range of motion.
24:17 Full range of motion.
24:20 Most people who do cap work will step on a step.
24:23 For our purpose this will work.
24:25 Keep the legs straight.
24:28 Push the heel all the way to the ground.
24:32 And let's do ten more. Way up, and two, press up.
24:38 Press up and press and press.
24:42 Press up and up and up and up.
24:47 Good, switch to the other side, okay.
24:52 Gonna push up on the toe, push up and up and push.
24:58 Keep the legs straight, focus on pushing with the cap.
25:08 And we're gonna do ten more times.
25:09 Keep the leg straight.
25:15 And five more.
25:16 Way up, way up and up and up and up, good.
25:24 Okay, now I want you to step out to the side
25:26 and stretch the inside of the thigh.
25:29 Feel it stretch right in through the inside here.
25:32 Okay, so the leg that's out is straight,
25:35 bend the other knee and just hold your stretch.
25:41 Okay, now shift over the other side.
25:46 Chest up, stretch inside the thigh.
25:56 Okay, good. Now we're gonna just finish off
25:59 by doing some trunk rotation.
26:01 Turn, hold it. And turn, and hold it.
26:08 And turn and hold, and turn and hold,
26:15 and turn, and turn,
26:21 and turn, and turn.
26:27 Couple more.
26:31 There's one, last one.
26:37 Good, all right, well done. Thanks a lot.
26:42 Vegetarian lifestyle can be very beneficial
26:45 for lots of different reasons.
26:46 If you really get on a true vegetarian diet,
26:48 certainly you'll see the pounds come off.
26:50 You'll also see a nice drop in cholesterol,
26:54 triglycerides levels, blood sugars, hypertension.
26:57 Of course that is under the indication
27:00 that you need to drop those areas.
27:02 So, if you're in normal blood sugar state
27:05 or blood cholesterol,
27:06 it'll help you to stay that way.
27:08 So vegetarian diets were found
27:10 to be very beneficial in those ways.
27:11 But remember, vegetarian diet is only as health you make it.
27:15 If you eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables,
27:17 and whole grains or eat the food as naturally as possible,
27:19 then you're gonna get the benefit from it.
27:21 But if you're putting in a lot of imitation foods,
27:24 refined foods, then even on a vegetarian diet
27:26 you can find yourself battling lots of conditions
27:29 that aren't associated with vegetarianism.
27:31 So, do it right, do it for the right reasons.
27:34 Do all for the glory of God,
27:35 because that's who made us and designed us.
27:38 And remember to do it,
27:39 what I claim or claim the promise I do,
27:41 Philippians 4:13, which states,
27:43 I can do all things through Christ,
27:45 which strengthens me.
27:46 God bless you, glad you joined us
27:48 on Body and Spirit Aerobics. And I hope to see you next time.


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