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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Brittany Nunez, Corrie Sample


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Women have specific needs when it comes to exercise,
00:16 but some of those needs might surprise you.
00:18 Stay tune to find out more about it
00:20 next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:48 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez,
00:50 Wellness Director of the Black Hills
00:51 Health and Education Centre.
00:53 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:54 During my career
00:56 I worked with women in all shapes and sizes
00:58 and there are some things that are very consistent
01:00 as far as what their needs are.
01:03 Most of all women are looking to firm up,
01:05 tone up, and so forth.
01:06 But lot of times people don't even know
01:08 what the term toning really means.
01:09 So we're gonna talk more about
01:11 that and the needs of women's exercise
01:12 as we get into our program.
01:14 Helping me out today will be Brittany and Corrie.
01:17 Brittany is my daughter and Corrie is her classmate.
01:20 They're at Union College where they're in the IRR program
01:23 which again stands for International Rescue and Relief.
01:27 They got it down, good.
01:28 And so Corrie is a senior, Brittany is a junior
01:31 and so they both qualify for our topic here,
01:34 because they're both female.
01:36 So we're gonna get into our workout
01:38 and we're gonna start by loosening up
01:40 and we're gonna bring the arms up and around.
01:42 Keep them relatively straight
01:44 and we're just loosening up our body now.
01:46 We're gonna do just a little bit of upper body work
01:48 before we get into the main part of our exercise.
01:53 The aerobic aspect of it and now we're gonna come up
01:57 and around the other way. Nice and relax.
02:00 You just let those arms swing around.
02:04 Enjoy this part
02:05 because it'll get little tougher after this.
02:12 Okay and let's go ahead and relax.
02:14 Now, we're gonna do some pushups.
02:17 We're gonna do them in a modified position.
02:19 So both of you get in pushup position.
02:21 Don't start until I tell you.
02:24 Pushups are great exercise.
02:25 One of the things that women start to get nervous about
02:28 when it comes to exercise as they think
02:31 if they do anything like pushups
02:33 that they're gonna turn into man,
02:34 they're gonna get large and bulky and so on
02:37 and really it's quite difficult, because I know both,
02:40 Brittany and Corrie,
02:41 lift weights on a regular basis, right, right.
02:44 Brittany may be not as regular, she wants it.
02:47 But Corrie, is it,
02:48 is it something you'll have to worry about all the time
02:50 about getting really big and bulky
02:52 while you're doing this. Uh, no, not yet.
02:55 Not yet, okay and you workup pretty hard.
02:57 How much can you bench press by the way?
02:59 Regularly 115, max is I don't know 140--
03:05 140-150 somewhat in that category.
03:08 Brittany you're probably
03:09 somewhere around 125-130 somewhere there.
03:11 So both these girls can bench press quite a little bit
03:13 and they are not huge or bulky, okay.
03:15 So let's go and do some pushups.
03:17 Okay going-- go down and up
03:20 and the main thing about this is you want to keep
03:22 your back straight even though you are on your knees.
03:25 You don't want your hips going away in the air,
03:27 in fact, do something properly
03:29 Corrie put your rear end way up in the air.
03:31 That's not what you want to do there.
03:33 That's what lot of people do
03:34 but that's not what we want to do.
03:35 Okay, go ahead and flatten yourself back down.
03:38 Okay, Brittany,
03:39 now what I want you to do doing it wrong,
03:41 I want you to collapse your hips too far down.
03:43 Okay, a lot of people do it like that,
03:46 and that's also wrong.
03:47 So go and get your body back straight again, okay.
03:51 And pushup. Nice and easy, is it?
03:56 Sure. Yeah, you're doing okay.
03:58 We got lots more in your doe,
04:01 Come on, keep going, keep going, keep going,
04:04 I'll talk you push down, up.
04:07 Keep going up with that pace.
04:09 Now you have to do this against the wall,
04:10 that's all right.
04:12 If you need to stop and rest at home, that's okay.
04:14 I'm starting to see their arms
04:16 starting to shake just a little bit.
04:17 But, I think we got a few more let's go and do five more.
04:21 There is one and two and three, four and five.
04:30 Now go far way down, and hold that.
04:33 One, two, three, four,
04:37 five, six, seven, eight, nine... pushup.
04:42 Good, come on up.
04:44 Okay, this is an excellent exercise
04:46 for the chest and the arms and the shoulders
04:49 and just a good over exercise
04:52 of people trying to ignore and often times
04:55 I tell people to do pushups and they go,
04:56 "I haven't done pushups in years",.
04:58 But it's one that we really need to keep working on,
05:00 because it's a great exercise.
05:02 Okay, let's stretch those muscles out.
05:04 Let's put the hands behind the head,
05:06 push your elbows back as far as you can,
05:08 so you're squeezing your shoulder blades together
05:11 and now you're gonna give yourself a hug.
05:14 Hold your shoulder blades apart.
05:16 There are 16 different muscles attached
05:18 each side of your shoulder blade.
05:20 So that's a lot of muscles back there.
05:23 So it's important to keep them toned,
05:25 keep them thick, and keep them flexible.
05:29 And push way back, stress the chest,
05:32 bring the shoulder blades together
05:35 and now pull apart, pull it way out.
05:40 Okay, you two can wrap around little better,
05:43 I can't, I can't quite reset yet.
05:48 Okay, let's go and relax.
05:50 Okay, we're gonna do some upper back work now.
05:53 This is also very important area
05:54 because women often times start to loose their posture.
05:58 In fact women in general tend to have bad posture
06:01 that the forward head to toe and they start collapsing down
06:04 and so it's very important to work on the posture.
06:08 So we're gonna do little bit about that,
06:09 that what we're working out.
06:11 So I want you put your left leg out,
06:13 put your right arm out, grab at the wrist,
06:15 hold back, and reach out like you're sawing wood
06:20 and use the other hand for resistance.
06:23 Okay, keep going.
06:25 I want you do 20 of them, make yourself work.
06:29 Okay, you're working?
06:33 Okay, way out, way out.
06:36 Let's bend over just a little bit more,
06:39 so you really getting into it.
06:42 How many we're on Brittany? Ten.
06:45 Ten, 'cause you're slow.
06:47 Come on, keep the chain saw out.
06:53 Where we're at now? Fifteen.
06:58 Okay, this is 18, 19, 20.
07:02 I'd better do it myself this time.
07:04 Right leg out, left arm out, okay,
07:07 pull it back and reach and pull its two, pull...
07:13 three, pull... four, pull...
07:17 five, give yourself resistance, six and seven,
07:22 eight, nine, ten, concentrate on your back
07:29 as you're doing it, 13, 14, 15, five more times pull
07:37 and pull and pull two more, pull and pull.
07:43 Good all right and to stretch these muscles
07:46 we're gonna put one arm up
07:47 over head bend at the elbow grab
07:49 with the other hand and pull, so you feel stretching
07:52 along the side right in through there.
07:57 We're gonna hold each stretch for about 10 seconds
07:58 make sure you keep breathing while you do it.
08:01 Relax and enjoy it
08:03 and now switch to the other side,
08:09 and pull until you feel it stretch,
08:12 but not to the point where you put yourself
08:14 into a lot of pain.
08:18 All right, good. Now we're gonna do
08:20 is we're gonna put our arms after the side.
08:23 I'll step forward little bit so I don't hit you.
08:26 We're gonna do circles.
08:28 This is very important for you ladies.
08:31 You work on the upper body area,
08:34 drop that shoulder area that'll help your posture.
08:37 When you think about
08:39 good posture just trying to stand up
08:41 straighter doesn't cut it,
08:44 is after while you relax and collapse down again,
08:48 but if you develop the muscles
08:50 they'll automatically start to hold you upright.
08:52 Also when we stimulate the muscles around
08:55 the central nervous system in the spine
08:59 that also does a lot to help encourage
09:02 our body to hold on to calcium.
09:06 All right, let's go back the other way,
09:09 small circles as we put those shoulders
09:13 through some work.
09:15 Now at home you might need to drop your arms
09:18 because they start to feel very heavy
09:20 and you feel the burning in the shoulders
09:22 and lactic acid build up.
09:26 Okay, keep those arms really straight palms down.
09:29 Yes, it's easier to turn your palms up
09:31 but we're not gonna do that.
09:32 Girls go back to the front again.
09:37 Starting to feel that yet, Corrie.
09:39 Brittany starting feeling yet, yes.
09:41 Okay, let's go back the other way.
09:47 Okay, hold it. What about me, nobody asked
09:50 if I was starting to feel it.
09:52 You're doing all the talking. Can you feel it?
09:54 I do now.
09:56 Okay, we're gonna hold up for 30 more seconds.
10:00 My arms are heavy than yours.
10:04 Keep it up there.
10:05 You've more muscles to hold them up.
10:07 That's true. Okay, let's go
10:10 to 15 more seconds, keep holding.
10:16 What're you doing over there?
10:21 Okay, five, four, three, two, one.
10:26 Okay now bring your hands in front of you here,
10:28 we're gonna roll them up and back down,
10:31 up and down, up and down.
10:35 This is working on the trapezius area,
10:40 which is also focusing on the upper back
10:44 and the more we strengthen that upper back area,
10:47 the better that posture is gonna be.
10:52 Okay, now let's go on to the shrugs, shrug up,
10:57 shrug up, and up, and up, and up,
11:04 and up, and up, and up,
11:10 and up, up and up,
11:14 two more times and good.
11:17 Okay, now we're gonna work on the area
11:18 that women worry about quite frequently,
11:21 that where I call the grandma way bye-bye back
11:23 after they stop waving its still going.
11:26 So we're gonna work on that area now
11:28 which is actually just fat hanging
11:30 from the triceps and no ladies!
11:32 you cannot firm that up because fat is fat,
11:35 it does not cross a joint.
11:37 So fat is just kind of a flop around there
11:39 and so what you got to do is you got to loose the fat
11:42 and then build the muscles.
11:43 So you can't tone your arm up
11:44 but you're not gonna take the fat
11:46 and the grandma way bye-bye fat and make it a hard muscle
11:50 because it doesn't work that way just like a man
11:52 who has lots of fat on his belly
11:54 isn't going to turn that into a muscle.
11:56 Well I may think, I am gonna take all this muscle
11:58 and put it up here.
12:00 Well, that makes for a kind of a weird picture.
12:01 So that's not what you do when you loose fat,
12:04 you burn the fat, build the muscles.
12:06 So all we're going to do is want to turn to the side
12:09 and we're gonna bring our elbow up
12:11 and we're gonna kick it back, flexing the tricep as we go.
12:15 This is called the kick back
12:17 and if you put it dumbbell on your hand,
12:19 it gives you the more benefit,
12:21 because it gives you more resistance.
12:23 Right now what we're doing is just focusing on
12:25 flexing the muscles extend it all the way out,
12:27 all the way out, all the way out,
12:30 and then you can even turn your wrist
12:31 a little bit at the end
12:33 to give in a little more contraction.
12:36 Turn the hand and turn and turn and turn,
12:42 three more times, one and two and three.
12:47 Good, okay, let's turn the other way.
12:49 Okay, arm up again, kick out and kick out
12:54 and push and push, the elbow up,
12:59 elbow up, your elbow just acts
13:04 like a hinge there as you extend the arm out.
13:07 Flex the tricep each time you go up,
13:09 focus on what's you doing.
13:12 And flex, and flex, and flex,
13:20 and five more,
13:24 three and four and five.
13:28 Okay, we're gonna start our aerobic workout
13:30 by doing some side lunging.
13:32 We're gonna step out to the side,
13:34 back to the centre and then out.
13:36 Okay, keep going like that.
13:38 I might get out of your way.
13:41 Try and keep your chest up. Looking straight ahead.
13:47 Okay, let's put the hands on the hips,
13:49 makes it look nicer, that's better.
13:54 This is gonna be working in the inside of the thighs.
13:57 One of things that women really like to focus on
13:59 when they do their workout is lower body,
14:02 so we're gonna put emphasis on the inner and outer thigh
14:07 and also the gluteus maximus
14:09 which is the thing you sit on,
14:11 because that's also an area women like to work on,
14:14 but again also we can do is tone the muscles.
14:16 The fat is got to be lost with proper eating habits
14:19 and by regular exercise
14:22 and the resistance exercise works very good
14:25 and helping you burn body fat because the stronger you are,
14:29 the better you are burning fat.
14:32 Think of it this way. If you drive around
14:34 in a Chevrolet Suburban verses a Honda Accord.
14:38 the Suburban's gonna give you more gas mileage
14:41 but yet you're not gonna try
14:42 and toe your boat with your Honda Accord
14:43 or you should you won't get very far with it...
14:46 Okay, we're doing all right, yeah.
14:50 Let's try go down just a little deeper.
14:53 Are you feeling anything inside of your thighs, yes.
14:57 Okay, starting to warm you up a little bit.
15:03 Yes. Definitely.
15:04 Definitely or we warmed up during the arm work, okay.
15:12 Now if you need to stop at home, that's fine.
15:14 If you can't lunge down as far as these ladies are,
15:17 that's fine too. Take it at your own pace.
15:20 We're not gonna do a lot of bouncing around today.
15:22 We're gonna just be keeping it
15:24 pretty much close to ground here
15:26 which is quite fine with Corrie.
15:30 Okay, let's go five more each way.
15:33 This is number one and way out
15:37 and here is number two and two,
15:42 three and three,
15:46 four, four, one more time five and five.
15:53 Okay, let's do step in place. One of the things
15:56 I find happening all the time at our wellness program
15:59 is when women come in and they start working
16:02 with the weights they find themselves
16:04 losing inches out of their arms all the time.
16:07 It's not unusual to see a women losing an inch
16:10 to inch and half of their arms
16:11 just during a three-week time period
16:13 and they are surprised
16:14 because they were lifting weights
16:15 while they do it and so again
16:17 we're not stimulating the fat to grow,
16:19 we're first stimulating the muscles
16:21 but in women it's much harder for them to develop
16:23 large muscles than men, because of the hormone levels.
16:27 Men have more testosterone
16:28 which makes us a little bit nuts so every once in a while
16:31 and makes us very aggressive
16:33 and but also helps to build muscle.
16:34 And that's what the athletics get into
16:37 when they're trying to what I would say
16:39 cheat themselves as they get into the steroids
16:42 which gives them more testosterone
16:44 and they build up in more.
16:45 And of course women are taking it too.
16:47 Women are getting into body building
16:48 and competitive sports,
16:49 living guilty of abusing steroids as well
16:51 because they get more male hormones
16:53 and they start take up more masculine characteristics.
16:56 Just as with men, if you start loading them up
16:58 with female hormones
17:00 well they'll get little estrogen too,
17:01 but lot of times
17:03 I use that for men like with heart disease
17:05 and so forth because estrogen does help
17:07 protect women from heart disease really are.
17:10 Okay, now we're got to do is,
17:11 we're going to some lunging so hands on hips again,
17:14 we're gonna lunged out to the front.
17:15 Go left leg first, lunge out
17:17 left leg and back, now right leg.
17:21 Lunges are great exercise for the legs
17:25 and the gluteus maximus.
17:28 The thing you want to make sure
17:29 you do when you lunge out
17:31 is keep your knee over your foot.
17:33 You don't want your knee going pass your foot,
17:35 because if you do that will
17:37 create a lot of strain on your knee.
17:41 Now if you can't go this deep, that's all right.
17:44 Brittany do some short ones
17:47 and that's all you could do it first that's fine.
17:50 So many people who got involved
17:52 with Body and Spirit exercise programs
17:54 found themselves using a modified version
17:56 and then getting, so they can do the full ones.
17:59 Okay, let's go and lengthen it out
18:04 and so we get people when they first start
18:06 they can't even do a lunge, but as they keep doing them,
18:09 they find themselves getting to the place where they can.
18:11 Where we find people
18:13 when they come to our wellness program,
18:14 we start stretching they find they can't even hold
18:17 of their ankle to do a basic quadriceps stretch,
18:19 but in the short period of time they're able to do so.
18:22 So the body improves very efficiently
18:25 as we get into regular exercise.
18:27 So these lunges are great for the glutes
18:30 and for the thighs, the hamstrings.
18:32 So it's gonna help be a great leg shaper.
18:35 So you've good shaped legs, that's really important, right.
18:38 Okay, keep it up. Are we starting to feel easier?
18:44 Yes. Yeah. Okay, now we're going
18:46 do a modified version of the lunge now.
18:49 Go and stop for a second.
18:51 Go on with your left leg again and stay on the same leg,
18:54 go down and back up, back down and up,
18:59 and down and up, and down and up,
19:03 and down now switch legs.
19:05 Okay and down and up, down and up,
19:10 down, up, down, up okay, back switch again,
19:17 okay down and up, down and up, can you feel that little more.
19:24 Wonderful, that's what we want, okay back switch again.
19:28 Okay, you're staying on the same leg
19:30 which keeps little more intensive right on that area.
19:34 Give yourself a variety, okay switch.
19:39 Are you lazy and tired yet?
19:41 Yeah. Okay, Brittany. Yes.
19:44 Okay, I have mercy on you just a minute,
19:47 okay switch again.
19:53 Now this is also acting is being part of our aerobic workout
19:56 as we keep rhythmically working the legs.
19:58 Okay, now switch
20:01 and even though we're going one leg at a time,
20:03 the other leg is still having to do some work as well
20:06 as it continues balancing and stabilizing.
20:10 Okay and switch one more time
20:13 and it looks like they are having fun.
20:15 Smiling and laughing and carrying on.
20:21 Okay, now let's just go ahead do a side step.
20:24 Corrie, your left first, okay now right,
20:27 and left and right and left,
20:30 okay I'm getting out of your way.
20:32 It's a little tight space for all three of us,
20:34 especially with me right there in the middle.
20:36 One thing I do very well is take up a lot of space.
20:41 Okay, speed it up just a little bit,
20:43 there you go. Keep it right at that pace.
20:46 Like the side lunges, this is gonna be working
20:48 the outer thigh and inner thigh as a step.
20:52 Okay, let's make your steps larger,
20:55 way out, way out, way out, very good, very good,
20:59 way out, step, step, step.
21:05 Great, big step, way out, way out.
21:11 Now can you feel on your outer thigh
21:12 when you push off.
21:15 Brittany. Yes.
21:17 Big step, big step, big step. There you go.
21:24 I've changed my tone a little bit.
21:27 Step, step, not too fast.
21:34 We're looking good, looking good.
21:38 Oh yes, we are.
21:39 Yes we are, that's right. All the time.
21:43 Okay, we're gonna go about
21:44 20 more seconds with this exercise
21:47 and then we're gonna go into a few squats
21:49 and then will be stepping it out
21:51 and then we'll be winding up our aerobic workup.
21:55 We get warm yet.
21:57 Okay, hands on the hips,
21:59 so let's makes sure we look good.
22:00 That's better.
22:02 Oh, much better, much better,
22:03 put the camera ready take a picture.
22:09 Okay, good, step in place for a moment.
22:18 So I could get a little glow going.
22:20 I got to remember women don't sweat.
22:22 They glow, so we got lots of glowing
22:24 going out right now.
22:29 Okay, next more motion we're going to squat here
22:31 in just a few more seconds
22:34 and squats are one of the best over all exercise
22:36 you can do for the thighs and the buttocks.
22:41 Okay, let's go and get into a squat position
22:44 and down and up.
22:47 When you do your squats,
22:48 it's important to keep your chest up.
22:51 Push your hips back as you go back just like the lunges
22:54 you're focusing on keeping your knees over your feet.
22:57 If your knees are jetting up past your feet,
22:59 then you're doing it wrong. Okay, Brittany,
23:01 we're gonna little deep there, that's better.
23:04 We're just kind of trying go down to our legs
23:06 are about parallel to the ground or you can go deeper,
23:09 but I don't try,
23:10 feel a need for that right now
23:12 especially as we're just trying
23:13 to do our rhythmic activity and for lot of you at home,
23:16 you may not go even this deep
23:18 you might find yourself having to cut them
23:21 a little bit shorter and that's okay.
23:24 You work up to where you're at and then the stronger you get,
23:27 the more mobility you get
23:28 and that's the great thing about exercise is progressive
23:31 and you'll find even
23:32 if you're 80 years old or 90 years old,
23:35 I've seen many women of that age category
23:38 getting much, much healthier.
23:40 In fact at the Boston Hebrew Rehabilitative Centre,
23:42 they took average people on the average of 87 and 96
23:46 and have them exercise on a regular basis
23:48 and after two months
23:50 the average increase in strength was three fold
23:52 which means some of them were getting rid of their canes
23:56 and their walkers,
23:57 some were getting rid of their wheel chairs
23:59 and some of them were now able to leave
24:00 the nursing home not because they can now escape,
24:03 it's because they are fit enough
24:04 that they could go live on their own again.
24:08 All right, so muscle never stops developing,
24:11 no matter how old you are certainly the amount of strength
24:13 you're gonna gain is going to be determined
24:16 by where you are. A lot of times,
24:17 I get women in their 70s coming to me
24:19 and say I don't want to lift weights
24:21 because I don't want to get too bucked up,
24:23 and I've to say excuse me
24:25 but your best age are behind you.
24:28 So just try and do the best you can while you can.
24:32 All right and of course the science is saying constantly
24:35 that the number one sign of ageing
24:37 is the people are getting weak.
24:38 Okay, let's just go and step it out
24:40 and we'll wind down our aerobic training.
24:42 Again with aerobics,
24:44 its important not to just stop abruptly,
24:46 you want to cool it down and makes your body,
24:50 your heart, your brain everything much happier,
24:52 you're not putting a big stress on it.
24:57 Okay, so our legs are quite feeling
24:59 a little bit tired, are they Corrie?
25:00 Just a little, okay.
25:02 Brittany, your legs feeling all right.
25:03 A little bit tired.
25:05 Okay, you've done really well.
25:08 We're gonna step this out for 45 more seconds
25:11 and then we're just do a little bit ab work
25:14 and we'll call the workout.
25:16 You both have done really well. Looks good, okay.
25:21 Nice and slow just kind of a relax now.
25:23 Huh, this is the best part of the workout,
25:26 the cooling down phase.
25:28 Your endorphins are pumping, mood has been altered.
25:32 You're now feeling great.
25:33 Often times you find it you're feeling in a really
25:36 poor mood getting a good workout
25:38 can help change all that, right. Oh, yes.
25:40 Okay, cheers me up.
25:44 All right, we're down to our last 10 seconds
25:50 and five, four, three, two, one hands going to back.
25:57 Okay, I want you to contract your abdomen here,
26:00 bend over, come up, then lean back,
26:04 contract, over, up and back, okay keep that going.
26:09 The best way of doing this is to blow out,
26:12 as you come forward
26:13 that put your abdominal contractive position,
26:16 blow out, over, up, and back.
26:19 As you inhale while you come forward
26:21 then you're expanding the abdomen encouraging
26:23 it to become larger, we don't want that, do we?
26:27 Okay, so when you see men at fitness clubs,
26:30 they're putting on all sorts of weights
26:31 and they go, groaning and groaning
26:34 to try bring their abdomen down more,
26:36 what they really do is making it larger.
26:40 Okay, you more blow out, over, up,
26:44 and back, blow out, over, up,
26:48 and back, blow out, over, up, and back,
26:54 blow out, over, up, and back.
26:57 Good, okay let's just there's few couple of turns
27:01 and turn, and turn, and turn,
27:08 one more time turn and turn,
27:13 all right, good, thanks ladies.
27:18 Whether you're 12 or 92,
27:21 we need exercise because that keeps us
27:23 going in the right direction for you young ladies
27:26 that will help you to avoid the pitfalls
27:28 that takes place later in life especially with the bone density
27:32 and back to the more you exercise
27:34 you younger women it'll help you later on down the line.
27:38 And also it'll help you to stay fit and strong,
27:40 but remember do it for the right reason.
27:42 We always claim the promise of Philippians 4:13,
27:45 I can do all things through Christ
27:46 which strengthens me.
27:48 To all through the glory of God and great things to happen.
27:50 Thanks for joining us.
27:51 We'll see you next time on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


Revised 2014-12-17