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Upper Body Aerobics

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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Frances Clark


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Program Code: BASA000062

00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:03 simple workouts that you can use
00:05 to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:09 before beginning any exercise program.
00:13 Lot of people would like to get into regular exercise programs
00:16 but they can't, because they don't have
00:18 use of their lower body.
00:19 Well, there is good news,
00:20 you can do a regular exercise routine
00:23 that we're gonna show you on next
00:24 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:52 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:53 of the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:56 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:58 Well, unlike regular program where I come jogging out,
01:01 I'm starting in a chair today,
01:03 because this program is gonna be,
01:04 specifically for those
01:06 who don't have use of their low your body.
01:08 In fact, I've actually had calls before
01:11 from people who say, hey, how come your program
01:13 was entirely upper body today,
01:16 I want to do some other things.
01:17 I said, well, did you check the topic for the day.
01:20 And of course, when you look at the topic
01:22 it shows it was for those who are lower body challenged.
01:25 So there are a lot of people out there
01:27 who can get around real well on the same token,
01:31 when they do this program they find themselves
01:33 doing so much better and have been real excited
01:36 that there is workout routine,
01:37 if they can do regardless of the fact
01:40 that they can't get around very well on their legs.
01:42 So everything we're gonna be doing is in a chair today.
01:45 And helping me out today will be Frances Clark,
01:48 who is an old friend of 3ABN.
01:50 In fact, many people have been blessed
01:54 to be able go to her house.
01:55 She definitely is blessed with a gift of hospitality.
01:58 As so many have eaten over there.
02:01 And she is also the mother of Tammy Larson,
02:03 who has been working at 3ABN for a long, long time now.
02:08 I don't remember how many years now,
02:09 but Tammy works with the cameras
02:11 and also does lot of artist work
02:13 and is very talented in that way.
02:15 So, Frances is gonna help me out today,
02:17 so she is being very brave
02:19 and so we're gonna start our workout
02:21 by just warming up a little bit, Frances
02:23 and we're just gonna bring our arms up
02:25 and then come back down again.
02:28 We're gonna go up, and down.
02:31 And up, and down. And up, and down.
02:38 And up, and down.
02:41 As we go through our workout,
02:43 we might find ourselves needing just to stop
02:45 and rest a little bit and that's okay.
02:47 We're gonna keep going, let's do it
02:49 five more times Frances.
02:51 There's one. And two.
02:56 And up and three. Two more times.
03:00 Up and four. Up and five. All right.
03:06 Now what I want you to do is put your hands
03:09 in a prayer full position.
03:10 I know you can do that. Uh-huh. Okay.
03:12 Now get your elbows up a little higher.
03:14 So you're up like this. Okay.
03:17 And now what we're gonna do
03:18 is we're gonna push our arms up over head,
03:20 and back down. Okay. Come back down.
03:24 Now back up, and back down.
03:28 And up, and down. And up, and down.
03:34 Okay, go on keep going.
03:35 Go up, here you're going push up.
03:39 Come on up. Here push your hands together
03:42 and you're come way up high, and back down,
03:45 and back up again, way up high.
03:48 Very good, again, way up high.
03:51 Come down and stop right there and back up again.
03:55 Way up high. And up.
04:01 And up. Let's do it three more.
04:05 And up. And up.
04:11 One more time, and up. Okay, good.
04:15 We're just gonna rest for a moment.
04:18 When you do aerobics,
04:19 you're looking to do rhythmic activity
04:21 of a major muscle group in this case,
04:24 we're gonna be focusing on the upper body,
04:26 but we are gonna give a little bit of chance for rest
04:28 because, not everybody can go for full length of time
04:33 and so we're gonna have to vary at.
04:34 Now one thing we do here
04:36 on 3ABN with the Body and Spirit program
04:39 as we address a wide range of needs and obviously,
04:42 if you're very, very fit, and can bounce around a lot.
04:44 This program may not be for you today,
04:46 but there'll be other programs,
04:48 that will fit your needs as well.
04:50 So now we're gonna do something for our shoulders, Frances.
04:52 We're gonna keep our elbow at our side,
04:54 we're just gonna raise up like this.
04:57 Okay, keep your hands right in here.
05:00 Keep them right out in front here.
05:01 Here, I'll come over and help you out here.
05:04 Okay, just put your elbows into your side
05:06 with your hands like that,
05:08 okay now you just gonna come up,
05:10 work with me here, like that, and back down again.
05:13 Just like that. Okay. Okay.
05:16 Let's keep doing out, we're just gonna come up, and down.
05:20 And up, and down.
05:22 This is the working the shoulder area.
05:25 Okay, trying to keep your hands down,
05:26 in front of you here. See how I'm here.
05:29 There you go, and back down.
05:31 And up, back down.
05:35 Put the hands forward.
05:37 And down. And up. And down. And up.
05:43 And down. And up. And down.
05:47 Let's go five more. Up, and down.
05:52 And up, and down. And up, and down.
05:58 And up and one more time. And up and down.
06:04 Okay, we're just going to rest for a moment.
06:06 That felt all right? Oh, yes.
06:08 Okay. Good. It's fine. All right.
06:10 Okay, now we're gonna go in this position here.
06:13 Bring your elbows back. Okay.
06:15 You're gonna reach out in front of you here, like this.
06:17 Okay, and come back.
06:20 Reach way out, and come back.
06:24 And way out, and back. And push out, pull back.
06:31 And push, and back. And push out, and back.
06:38 And push, and back. And push, and back.
06:45 Reach way out, come back.
06:48 And out, and back. And push, and back.
06:55 And push, and back. We're gonna do five more.
06:58 Out, and back. And out, and back.
07:05 And out, and back. And out, and back.
07:11 One more time, out and back.
07:14 Okay, we're gonna let your arms drop.
07:16 Now, what we're gonna do Frances,
07:18 we're gonna shrug our shoulders up,
07:20 and come back down. Both of them?
07:22 Both of them together.
07:25 So up, and down. And up and down.
07:31 And up and down. Up and down.
07:38 Okay, Frances, I want you to keep doing it, just like that.
07:41 There you go and keep lifting your shoulders.
07:44 Keep doing what you're doing.
07:45 Up and down. And up and down.
07:50 We're work on these muscles right in here.
07:53 Okay. That's a very important area for everybody
07:56 to be working because there's lot of muscles
07:59 around the neck, the main one being,
08:00 levator scapulae if they go in to tension,
08:03 they can cause also sorts of neck pain.
08:06 Have you ever woken up with the pain in a neck, Frances?
08:09 Yeah. Okay. Well, often times that's what it is.
08:15 Okay. And way up, and down. Way up and down.
08:23 Way up and down. And up and down.
08:28 Let's go three more times. Way up and down.
08:33 And up and down. One more time up and down.
08:39 Good, that felt all right? Yeah.
08:42 Okay. No problem so far? No.
08:45 Good. Good. That's all we want.
08:47 Sure, I want a picture.
08:48 All right. Well, they'll work on that.
08:53 Okay. Palms up, like this.
08:55 Okay, we're gonna curl our arms up,
08:58 and we're gonna go way down
08:59 to the outside of your legs here.
09:01 Okay. And up and down.
09:05 And up and down. And up and down.
09:12 And up and down.
09:15 Now we're work on the arms,
09:16 we're working on the biceps of the arms.
09:19 Okay, way up and down. And way up and down.
09:26 And up and down. And up and down.
09:31 As we do this we're continuing to do rhythmic work
09:34 of our upper body.
09:36 If you need to stop and rest at home, that's okay.
09:38 Focus on what you're working.
09:40 Keep your palms up as you curl
09:42 and focus on flexing the muscles.
09:45 Again this program is designed
09:48 for those who can't use their lower body.
09:50 Everything we're gonna do is gonna be upper body
09:53 that's why we're sitting in chairs.
09:55 Okay and up and down.
09:58 If you wanna use light hand weights while you do this,
10:01 you can, that'll give you little more stimulation
10:04 as you do the exercise,
10:07 but even if you don't have hand weights,
10:09 just by focusing on the muscle that you're working,
10:12 you'll start to get a fatigue factor in the bicep area.
10:20 And let's go up and down.
10:24 And up and down.
10:27 Five more times, there's one and up,
10:31 and two and up, there's three.
10:35 Two more, up and four. Last one up and down.
10:42 Okay, now we're gonna put our arms on front of us
10:44 and we're just gonna circle them like this,
10:47 so bend them and circle them, there you go.
10:50 So we're gonna do little bit like a cycling motion
10:53 of our upper body,
10:55 so this one might start to get a little tiresome,
10:59 so you let me know, when you start to feel a little tired.
11:03 Not already, are you? No. Okay.
11:08 That would throw off my timing a little bit if you said,
11:10 okay, I'm tired now? Oh, no. I'm okay.
11:13 You're okay. Good. Good.
11:18 So how long have you lived out here, Frances?
11:21 A little over 11 years. 11 years, good.
11:26 And you must like it? Yes. Yes.
11:30 Yes, it's a good place. Okay.
11:33 And many of the people on 3ABN have been to your house,
11:36 haven't think? Oh, yes.
11:39 And we had guests that came to do programming
11:45 that stayed in our house. That's good.
11:47 That was very fun, but now,
11:49 we have two men who stay there like permanently. Okay.
11:53 I know my group stayed at your house,
11:55 one time when we came to do Body and Spirit. Okay.
12:00 Okay. Now what we're gonna do
12:02 is we're gonna do the other way.
12:03 Okay. Here we go.
12:09 Now if you need to drop your arms at home, that's okay.
12:12 So far Frances is doing really well.
12:15 In fact she just got back from going to a lifestyle program.
12:18 She didn't come to our place at the Black Hills,
12:20 but she went over to Eden Valley there
12:22 which is kind of our neighbor down here in Colorado
12:24 and she had a wonderful time down there. Mm-hmm.
12:31 That's a beautiful spot down there, isn't it?
12:33 Yes, it's a lovely place
12:36 and the people are so nice and helpful.
12:40 Good. They were really nice.
12:42 Well, that's good to here.
12:44 Okay, let's go back to other way again.
12:49 We're trying to be nice over at the Black Hills too.
12:52 Oh, I'm sure you are.
12:53 I've heard good things about you.
12:57 We are all in this work together,
12:59 trying to help as many peoples as we can.
13:03 Frances you're doing really well.
13:04 Your shoulders trying to get a little tired?
13:05 Oh, a little, but I could still--
13:08 Okay. Well, that's good because we're still going forward. Okay.
13:17 All right, let's go ahead and reverse it again.
13:25 You're doing really well.
13:27 We're gonna do this for about 30 more seconds
13:29 then we're gonna do something different.
13:35 And now, we're down to 20 seconds.
13:42 And now, we're down to our last 10.
13:49 At home you should start to feel
13:50 burning in your shoulders a little bit.
13:53 And that's what we're shooting for,
13:55 and let's go ahead and rest.
13:57 Okay. Drop the arm. Okay.
13:59 And now we're gonna do the shrugs again
14:01 where we come up.
14:03 Up and down. And up and down.
14:10 And up and down. And up and down.
14:15 And up and down. And up and down.
14:21 And up and down. And up and down.
14:27 And up and down. Two more.
14:32 And up and down.
14:33 Now Frances, we're gonna raise our arms
14:35 out to the side and come back down.
14:39 And up and down.
14:41 We try not to hit each other here. Okay.
14:43 And down. And up and down.
14:49 Okay. Just keep going.
14:51 This is working on our shoulder area
14:54 and that's pretty much the area,
14:55 that and the upper back area that we have to depend upon,
14:59 when we're doing aerobics with the upper body.
15:03 My assistant at the Black Hills had polio as a little girl,
15:07 so she can't do any lower body aerobic exercise,
15:11 so she spends her time using
15:13 what's called an upper body ergometer
15:15 and also swimming pool. Mm-hmm.
15:20 And she uses a rebounder too
15:22 but all she can do is bounce up and down on it
15:24 or by sitting on it, she can't of course use her legs. Oh.
15:28 Okay, let's stay together, raise up and down.
15:32 And up and down.
15:35 And up now we're gonna change it,
15:36 we're gonna raise to the front and back down.
15:40 And up and down. And up and down.
15:46 And up and down.
15:48 Frances, you're doing really well. Thank you.
15:51 And up and down. And up and down.
15:56 And up. Okay, stay with me, you're getting a little fast.
16:00 What? That's all right. That's okay.
16:03 She's keeping me on task,
16:04 making sure I don't slow down too much.
16:06 That's good.
16:10 Okay, let's do four more that way.
16:13 One, and two, and three, and four.
16:21 Okay, let's go back out to the side again.
16:24 We're gonna do 10 like that.
16:25 Here's two, and three,
16:29 and four, five, and six.
16:36 Four more. And one more.
16:43 Okay, Frances, now,
16:44 we're gonna lean forward in the chair.
16:47 And bring your elbows way up here like this,
16:49 kind of like a chicken. Okay.
16:51 And push them over like that, way out,
16:54 okay, and back and then way out.
16:58 Okay, I'm gonna come over and help you out a little bit.
17:01 Okay, bend over just a little more.
17:04 Okay, bring your elbows up. Okay.
17:06 And extend your arms all the way out
17:08 and then bring them back down.
17:09 Bring them back down.
17:11 Okay, just let them swing there, okay way out.
17:15 Okay, so you gonna come way out like this
17:17 and then let it swing back down just to here
17:20 and you're gonna do that now. Okay.
17:22 Do that with both sides now. Okay.
17:25 Now way out, push way out, good.
17:28 Back down, way out. Okay, push out and down.
17:34 Push out and down. Push out and down.
17:39 Lean over a little bit more.
17:40 There you go. And push and down.
17:45 And push and down. And push, five more times.
17:50 And push. And push. And three more, push.
17:57 And push. And push. Good. All right.
18:03 Now we're go back to our cycling again,
18:07 so we're gonna comeback up here and start turning over again.
18:16 So how long has Tammy been out here?
18:21 Eighteen, Nineteen years. Nineteen years, Wow!
18:25 She's been here almost--
18:28 Okay. Well, in fact she and her husband Clarence,
18:33 Clarence had something to do with helping
18:35 get 3ABN started, I remember way back--
18:37 Oh, yes. And that's good.
18:41 And, we have another daughter that works
18:48 at the call center and Summer works in,
18:53 that's our grand daughter, she works in production.
18:59 Oh, you are very blessed,
19:00 that you can have a family so close to you.
19:02 Yeah. That's wonderful.
19:06 Not near all of them though. Okay, well.
19:10 We'll take a good percentage.
19:12 Okay, let's reverse and go the other way again.
19:20 Again for those at home,
19:21 if you need to put your arms down, you can.
19:23 Frances is doing great, she is a real trooper.
19:26 She is gonna wear me out before we're done here.
19:28 Oh, no. Oh, yes, and we have a daughter
19:33 that works at radio-- Okay.
19:40 Okay, let's go back the other way again.
19:44 What you find with exercise
19:46 is where there is a will, there is a way.
19:48 I remember a couple that went through our Wellness Program
19:50 who were long haul truck drivers,
19:52 that if anybody had an excuse not to workout on the road,
19:55 it was them, but what they did
19:56 is they bought some dumbbells
19:58 and whenever they get to a rest stop,
20:00 they would get out and do their workout.
20:03 And some of the truckers who were quite a bit overweight
20:06 would make fun of them,
20:07 saying look at those silly people out there working out.
20:10 Well, there're the ones that are getting fit,
20:12 the overweight truckers were gonna remain
20:15 overweight truckers because
20:16 they weren't doing anything about it,
20:17 but this couple was determined to keep your program going,
20:21 and so they did that.
20:23 That's good. Okay, let's go back the other way again.
20:30 Circling around, circling around.
20:33 Shoulders have starting burning a little bit,
20:36 just keeping the motion going.
20:43 Your shoulders starting getting tired yet,
20:45 you're doing all right.
20:47 We're going backward-- Oops.
20:48 That's okay. Am I doing it that right way?
20:52 You're doing great. Okay.
20:53 You're doing just fine.
20:58 Okay, now we're gonna go the other way
21:00 again back to the front. Okay.
21:10 Okay, in a moment we're gonna to extend our motion here,
21:13 what we're gonna do now, Frances,
21:14 is we're gonna to do like a swimming motion.
21:16 So we're gonna up. Here we go.
21:22 I'm no good at swimming in water,
21:23 but maybe I can swim through the air.
21:25 You're not good in swimming in water?
21:27 I don't float at all, I go down like a bag of rocks.
21:30 You've got too much muscle, I guess.
21:33 Too much muscle?
21:34 Okay, let's try and get little more motion here,
21:36 that's what I'm doing here,
21:38 just like you're reaching way back. Slower. Yeah.
21:41 It's like we're doing the old Australian crawl
21:44 in the swimming pool.
21:48 Okay, and up and around.
21:52 I wish, I could swim, sometimes I have dreams
21:54 that I'm swimming but then I wake up.
21:56 You can't swim? I can't swim. I can't swim.
22:00 I even had Olympic coaches
22:03 who were trying to help me
22:04 for a, coach me on Athlete type competition
22:08 where you have lots of events.
22:09 They all said, we've never failed to teach
22:12 somebody how to swim.
22:13 All four of them worked with me and all four of them
22:15 had to say the same thing.
22:17 No hope, you can't swim. That's strange--
22:20 So if my salvation was based upon my willing to swim,
22:23 I'd be in big trouble.
22:24 Fortunately, I'm under grace, not under water.
22:30 Okay, let's now--
22:31 now we'll just gonna trying to backstroke.
22:36 Little harder for you there? Yeah.
22:38 Okay, that's all right.
22:47 Okay, let's just let the arms relax again for a moment.
22:50 Now we're just gonna go back to our shrugs.
22:54 In fact, I could never figure out
22:55 why all my friends could float
22:56 when I was just a little child and I couldn't.
22:59 I always sunk way back then,
23:01 then as I got bigger and more muscular,
23:03 I sank even faster. Okay, up.
23:07 And up. And up.
23:13 Okay, let's go up. And down.
23:15 And up and down. And up and down.
23:19 And up and down. And up and down.
23:23 And up and down. And up and down.
23:27 And up and down.
23:29 Okay, let's go back to doing our cycling motion.
23:40 I don't want to give you a totally wrong impression.
23:42 I did get to a point where I could swim
23:44 from one end to the pool to the other,
23:46 but not very well, that's as far as I could go.
23:48 Oh, well, that's good.
23:54 My swimming was in, in creeks. In creeks? Okay. Yeah.
24:00 Well, I learned in a stock tank first.
24:03 In a stock-- okay.
24:12 It's that the water that the animals drink from.
24:15 Yeah, but we always left that all out
24:18 and filled it up clean.
24:20 Okay, all right.
24:23 Okay, now let's go back to other way again.
24:29 We're coming towards the end Frances,
24:31 you're doing great. Okay. It was fun.
24:35 Okay. That's the way how we want everybody
24:37 to feel when they're doing Body and Spirit.
24:40 This is fun.
24:49 And wherever you living when you did that, Frances?
24:52 Nebraska. In Nabraska and Southern Missouri.
24:55 Okay. That's were the creeks were.
24:57 Okay. The water is nicer there than it is here.
25:02 Is it? Okay.
25:07 We'll make sure to talk to Jim Gilley
25:09 and see if he can do something about that for you.
25:11 Oh. I doubt he can.
25:14 All right, well.
25:19 Okay, now let's go the other way.
25:21 Go back to the front again.
25:28 And we're down to our last couple of minutes. Yeah.
25:38 Again for those at home, if you need to stop
25:40 and rest for a moment, you can do so.
25:43 Otherwise keep on churning away.
25:46 Your shoulders might be getting tired.
25:50 And that's a good thing.
25:51 Might feel little bit of lactic acid building up on there,
25:57 but we're burning calories, Frances,
25:59 and we're burning fat while we do this.
26:01 Okay. Okay. That's a good thing too, right?
26:04 I don't have too much fat. Okay.
26:10 That's good, not a lot of people your age can say that.
26:15 Do you know my age?
26:17 I'm gonna guess that one.
26:19 Okay, backwards now, come backwards again.
26:21 I'll let you guess. All right.
26:25 Tammy, help. You know what, if you give me a hint
26:31 and tell me what year you were born,
26:32 I bet I could get pretty close.
26:33 Oh, I bet you could. Well, I was born in 1920.
26:38 1920, okay. That was longtime ago.
26:42 1920, really? Yes.
26:46 So you're 89. Well, not quite.
26:49 Okay, you're 88? Oh, yeah I was--
26:51 Wow! Amazing.
26:54 Well, Tammy, has got a little good longevity
26:56 on her side then, that's good.
26:57 Yeah. Okay, go back the other way.
27:01 I've often heard the best thing
27:02 you can do is pick good parents,
27:04 when it comes to living a long life.
27:06 My dad lived to 101 years.
27:10 Okay, so, you have got a ways go still?
27:12 Yeah. All right, good for you.
27:16 Okay, let's go head and wrap it up and slow it down.
27:21 And just go head and relax.
27:24 Okay, Frances, that's all we need to do. That was great.
27:28 Well, folks. As you can see,
27:30 if you have a desire to workout, you can,
27:33 and it could be a lot of fun while you're doing it
27:35 and also find a friend to do it with,
27:37 like I was doing today.
27:38 Because it makes your time go that much faster.
27:40 Remember to do it all for the glory of God.
27:43 We claim to promise here all the time
27:45 of Philippians 4:13, which says,
27:48 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."
27:51 God bless you. Thanks for joining us.
27:53 We'll see you next time on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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