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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Daniel Hopkins, Zak Oberholster


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00:01 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:03 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:09 before beginning any exercise program.
00:13 Far too often people try and achieve health
00:16 by taking in lots of different substances
00:18 what we might call super foods.
00:20 We're going to talk more about that next
00:22 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:50 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez,
00:51 Wellness Director of the Black Hills
00:52 Health and Education Center.
00:53 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:56 During my career, I've dealt with
00:57 lot of different situations and I've come across
01:00 many people who want to take
01:02 this or that to achieve better health.
01:04 Certainly in the world of weightlifting and body building
01:07 I was constantly barraged by questions
01:09 about what can I take to help me get stronger
01:12 and fitter and on and on.
01:14 So we're gonna talk about that as we get into our workout.
01:17 Helping me out today will be Daniel and Zach.
01:21 Daniel is from the Black Hills,
01:24 where he has worked at The Black Hills
01:25 Health and Education Center and now is a fireman
01:28 and medic and all sorts of things like that
01:31 and so he is very busy.
01:32 And Zach is a student at Union College in Lincoln,
01:37 Nebraska where he is in the IRR program
01:39 and Zak what does that stand for.
01:41 International Rescue and Relief.
01:42 Okay, I know you got that down now,
01:44 because I've asked you a several times.
01:46 So we're gonna start our workout.
01:47 We're going to start by warming up.
01:49 We're just going to be going up and round,
01:51 with the arms to loosen up
01:54 and as we get into aerobic workout,
01:56 we'll start talking more about our topic,
01:59 but right now, we're just gonna
02:00 we're just gonna get ourselves loosened up.
02:03 Now try and have a good workout here.
02:06 Do a little bit of upper body work
02:07 till we can get into our aerobics
02:10 and before it's done,
02:12 my fellows should be sweating a little bit.
02:17 Okay, you guys looking forward to that?
02:20 Yeah. Okay. Good.
02:21 All right, let's go back the other way.
02:23 Up and around, just keep your arms nice and loose.
02:26 Keep your arms fairly straight.
02:28 Let them swing around.
02:29 Swing around. Swing around.
02:33 We do lots of different programs here on Body and Spirit.
02:36 We cover a wide range of areas.
02:38 Since I've got two able-bodied young men behind me,
02:41 we can work a little bit harder in some areas,
02:44 like for example, upper body.
02:46 So hit the deck.
02:49 We're gonna start with pushups.
02:52 Now the main thing you want to keep your mind--
02:53 keep in mind is we wanna keep our backs nice and straight.
02:56 We're gonna lower ourself down and press backup.
03:00 Nice and smooth, back down,
03:02 and up, and down, and up.
03:05 Keep that pace, nice and controlled.
03:07 For those at home, if you need to go over
03:09 to a wall and just do that,
03:11 I've known many people who start their pushup routine
03:14 by just working against the wall
03:16 and they found themselves getting stronger and stronger
03:18 and they came out,
03:19 started doing them off their knees,
03:21 or a modified pushup, then they got to a point
03:23 where they could do regular ones.
03:25 Little slower guys, little slower.
03:28 Now when we slow the pushups down,
03:31 it makes them even harder.
03:32 Isn't it Daniel? Absolutely. Okay.
03:36 because your focus is to
03:37 concentrate on the muscles even more.
03:39 Let's do about three more.
03:41 You're doing well. Good job, Zach.
03:44 Hold it up there and now go down slowly,
03:46 and I like to do a hold for 10 seconds.
03:48 One, two, three, four,
03:52 five, six, seven, eight, nine,
03:57 press it out. Okay and up on your feet.
04:01 Very good. Let's stretch out.
04:04 Hands behind the head,
04:05 push your elbows way back,
04:08 and when you do that you're focusing on
04:10 stretching your chest muscles.
04:12 You should feel it in through here.
04:14 Right. Okay.
04:16 Now give yourself a hug.
04:18 Pull your shoulder blades apart,
04:21 as you stretch out.
04:25 Okay, let's go back over the head again.
04:28 Push your elbows way back,
04:33 and now you're going to give yourself,
04:35 another hug
04:38 and pull it apart.
04:44 Okay, good.
04:45 Let's put the left leg out in front of us,
04:48 reach out with your right arm,
04:50 grab your right arm right at the wrist
04:52 with your left hand,
04:54 then you gotta pull back and way up,
04:57 and pull, and out.
04:59 We're gonna do 20 of those.
05:00 Daniel keep count.
05:02 You're giving yourself resistance as you do these
05:05 and you wanna feel it back in here,
05:06 so go forward little more,
05:08 way up, there you go.
05:11 Very important exercise for your posture,
05:15 works on the upper back.
05:18 If you are doing this at home,
05:21 and you have a dumbbell,
05:22 you want to use, you can always just bend over
05:24 and roll it up this way.
05:25 It'll give you some added resistance.
05:29 Just stimulating a one arm roll.
05:30 How many we're on, Daniel?
05:31 Twenty. Okay.
05:33 Switch around, put your right foot out now,
05:35 stick your left hand out,
05:37 grab the wrist with your right hand.
05:39 Pull back. Okay.
05:41 Let's do 20 that way.
05:43 Got to stay balanced. That's very important.
05:47 Lot of times, when people are weaker on one side,
05:49 they tend to go easy on that side
05:51 and that's not the thing to do,
05:53 if you want to overcome that balance problems.
05:55 You want to do what you do on your weak side,
05:57 match the strong side to start bringing that up.
06:02 Okay, what number we're on?
06:03 14. 14, 15.
06:05 Got that wood cut yet?
06:06 Almost. Okay.
06:09 I always get a chainsaw to do it a little quicker.
06:14 Okay. Okay, good.
06:16 Now we're gonna stretch that area.
06:17 What we're going to do is let's put right arm up,
06:20 bend at the elbow, reach out,
06:22 grab that elbow with your opposite hand,
06:25 and you're pulling your arms over your head
06:27 and you're stretching the area.
06:30 We're stretching right in through here.
06:34 All right, we hold each stretch for about 10 seconds.
06:37 It's important to breath.
06:39 All right, do that. Okay.
06:42 Now switch and do the other side.
06:46 Okay, so your left arm would go up,
06:48 you bend at the elbow and grab your elbow
06:50 with your right hand as you're pulling your arm
06:52 behind your head,
06:54 and you just want to stretch to a point of comfort.
06:57 You don't want to go to a point
06:58 where you're overdoing yourself.
07:01 Because then you can actually hurt your range of motion.
07:05 Stretching too much isn't helpful.
07:07 Lot of times, people say I want to take my joints
07:08 way beyond normal range of motion,
07:10 but you just weaken your joints by doing that.
07:13 Okay, let's go ahead and relax.
07:16 All right, time for some fun shoulder work here,
07:19 so we'll do it by putting our arms out
07:21 and making our arms circles,
07:24 and this is an excellent one,
07:26 for the rotator cuff area,
07:28 which consists of four muscles,
07:31 the supraspinatus, infraspinatus,
07:34 subscapularis, and teres minor.
07:36 Those make up your rotator cuff.
07:39 You know where all those are at.
07:40 Good. Good. How about you?
07:43 Good. Good.
07:46 Okay go back the other way.
07:51 Back Zach, you were telling me,
07:52 you'd like to go medical school.
07:53 Is that right? I'd like to. I'd like to.
07:55 Okay. Good.
07:59 And how do you know about it?
08:02 Working in the medical field. Working in the medical field
08:04 as a medic? Yep.
08:06 Traveling around, okay.
08:08 And back around the other way.
08:17 In fact, Daniel, despite his lack of bulk
08:19 is one of the stronger fellows pound per pound
08:22 that I know as far as just picking things up and
08:25 carting them around.
08:26 Okay, back the other way.
08:30 You still remember when we cut that tree.
08:32 Now when you cut into the three lengths and
08:35 I was gonna help you come pick up the first one
08:36 and you just went picked it up by yourself.
08:39 I thought oh, no, no, I got to pickup
08:40 one of those lengths.
08:42 Then my son was helping too and he goes, oh, no, no,
08:44 I got to get the other one.
08:47 Okay, the other way.
08:52 Okay now I want you to just hold it there,
08:54 nice and rock solid, steady.
08:58 Were all right?
08:59 Starting to burn a little bit?
09:01 Okay, We're gonna hold up for 30 seconds.
09:04 The good news is that 10 of those seconds
09:06 have already passed.
09:07 Okay, You're starting to shake a little bit, Zach.
09:13 Hang in there.
09:15 Now we got through 20 seconds.
09:19 Just about to come in for a landing,
09:21 five, four, three, two, one,
09:26 and let them down.
09:28 Feels good when it's finished, doesn't it?
09:30 All right. Put one arm out in front of you.
09:33 Bring it cross the other side,
09:35 bring your hand up behind the elbow.
09:37 Pull and stretch it out.
09:43 All right, good.
09:46 The other arm out straight,
09:48 bring it across, reach up,
09:51 put your hand behind your elbow.
09:53 Steady pull, make sure you keep breathing
09:57 nice deep breaths,
09:59 helps you relax the muscles.
10:02 Remember fitness is strength, flexibility,
10:06 and cardiovascular conditioning.
10:08 Speaking of which, okay that's good.
10:11 Let start our aerobic work by just starting stepping in place.
10:14 We're gonna warm up. Okay.
10:15 We'll get those hands moving as well.
10:19 We'd like to get a lot of arm motion going,
10:22 and as they are warming up,
10:23 I'll start talking a little bit.
10:26 In the world of health and fitness,
10:28 a lot of people are very much into supplements,
10:31 or juicing, and so forth and I, for one,
10:34 do not take supplements away from people,
10:36 because we can get all sorts of mail from people going on,
10:41 "but I love these things,"
10:42 But here is a harsh reality about some things
10:45 you take and that is, if you have people,
10:49 that are getting chemotherapy,
10:51 statistics have shown that if you just use saline solution,
10:54 one-third of those people still lose their hair,
10:57 even though they're only taking saline solution,
11:00 they're not taking chemotherapy at all.
11:01 So what that tells us is the placebo effect is very strong.
11:05 Okay, let's go ahead and start picking it up a little bit.
11:08 And so when people start taking a supplement,
11:11 you are guaranteed there's a lot of good products out there.
11:14 I like one called Juice Plus+,
11:16 which is a concentration of fruits and vegetables.
11:18 There is other Barleygreen, and you go there is Mannatech,
11:21 and there is all sorts of products out there.
11:23 Yes, they are all good products but the bottom line is,
11:26 they are going by testimony and a lot of times
11:29 the doctors don't get that excited about the testimonies
11:32 because they know a certain amount of people
11:34 are going to get great benefit just from the placebo effect,
11:37 although even though the concept might be good about
11:39 taking in lots of active enzyme type foods
11:42 and so forth.
11:43 Okay, let's going into a jump rope.
11:46 Okay. We don't have actual jump ropes but you can fake it.
11:50 Okay. For those at home,
11:51 somebody you don't like leaving the floor and that's okay,
11:54 you can still do the motion,
11:56 going up and down on your toes
11:59 still using your arms to swing around
12:01 as you go through that.
12:04 So they're a lot of products out there,
12:06 but these are some things I do know.
12:08 When you get involved with certain things like
12:11 they found that if you take in high antioxidant foods,
12:15 you're going lower your risk of certain cancers
12:17 and so forth and overall you're gonna have
12:19 a healthier immune system,
12:20 but yet when you try and do
12:22 the anti-oxidants by supplementation,
12:24 just the opposite effect takes place or for example
12:28 it has been found for men that you can lower your risk
12:30 of prostate cancer if you take in flaxseed,
12:34 ground flaxseed.
12:35 However, those who take in the flaxseed oil,
12:39 well their chance of prostate cancer goes up
12:42 instead of down when they get it--slightly different
12:44 than when they just get from the flaxseed
12:46 and for women the risk of prostate cancer
12:48 remains the same regardless of what they do.
12:50 Okay. All right.
12:52 That was a joke. Okay, thanks.
12:55 Okay, speed it up a little bit.
12:59 Okay, now what I want you guys to try
13:00 and do as you're doing this is to jump a little higher.
13:03 Get up a little--there you go, all right.
13:12 Okay, let's go ahead and bring it down a little bit again.
13:18 Okay go back into stepping.
13:23 And juicing is also something people do a lot of,
13:26 and I really enjoy juicing personally,
13:29 but we find a lot of people who want to just
13:31 depend on juicing and I also do know of many people
13:34 who have been in real serious sick conditions,
13:37 in fact, Daniel, I know your mother was in that
13:39 state one time and she juiced and,
13:41 she really got lot better.
13:43 However, lot of people would just depend on it
13:44 and I know his mother well, because she works for us,
13:47 as a Food Service Director at the Black Hills
13:49 and she eats regular food again.
13:51 She did the juicing, when she was really sick
13:54 and lot of people want to do that only
13:55 but what happens of course is it does,
13:57 give you lot of concentrated calories and
13:59 raises up your blood sugar and can raise triglycerides
14:02 and so forth where you'd really be better off
14:04 if you just ate the whole food
14:05 and that's the thing we try and get across,
14:07 because food is healing.
14:09 Okay, let's go ahead and jog in place.
14:12 And when it comes to the super foods per se,
14:15 one of the things I always encourage
14:16 especially for young athletes who are trying to get stronger
14:20 as I say eat a lot of broccoli
14:22 and because of the foods that are out there,
14:24 broccoli is one of the higher protein foods.
14:26 It's actually 37 percent protein
14:28 and it's higher in protein than steak, milk, and eggs
14:32 and so one time I was talking to a young athlete,
14:35 who said, coach what can I eat to get stronger,
14:39 and I said, well, eat a lot of broccoli.
14:40 And then I got a phone call couple of days
14:42 later from his mother, and she's really angry.
14:45 Okay, let's go ahead and go back into rope skipping.
14:49 Now I couldn't figure out what's wrong with her.
14:50 I asked why she's so upset.
14:51 She goes, "What have you been doing to my son?"
14:53 I thought where is this going?
14:54 And so as we continued talking,
14:56 I said well, ma'am, I don't know what you're talking about.
14:58 She said we've been trying to get our son
15:00 to eat broccoli for years.
15:02 And they said you make one comment,
15:04 and now he's begging for the stuff.
15:06 I said, well, that's because I'm not his parent,
15:08 I'm his coach.
15:09 And I told them that if he ate the broccoli,
15:10 he'd get stronger and guys are really into that,
15:13 so he was willing to do that.
15:14 Okay, let's go way up high again.
15:16 Jump. See some spring there.
15:19 Okay, bend the knees little more as you come down.
15:24 Bend the knees and explode up.
15:30 Okay, now bring it back down.
15:35 Okay, let's go ahead and stop that.
15:37 Put your feet apart. Let's go in to some squats.
15:40 Okay, cross arms across the chest, squat down.
15:43 Okay, and back up.
15:45 And squat, and up.
15:47 Push the hips back, we keep the chest up,
15:50 keep the back straight,
15:52 but you're bending at the waist.
15:55 Let's go down just a little deeper.
15:57 There we go.
15:58 Want to try and go down, to our thighs,
16:00 or about parallel to the floor.
16:06 Daniel you're breathing pretty well.
16:07 It sounds like you were jumping pretty good there.
16:10 Now when you do squats,
16:11 you want to make sure your knees stay over your feet.
16:14 Because if you jet them too far forward,
16:16 you can hurt your knees.
16:18 Both our guys are doing a good job.
16:22 Aerobic exercise is rhythmic activity of major muscle groups.
16:26 So even though, we've stopped jumping around
16:29 and jogging in place and bouncing around,
16:31 we're going into our squatting,
16:33 and that's still continuing to keep their legs working.
16:36 At least I think your legs are still working.
16:38 They are still working okay?
16:45 Okay, let's go and step it out now,
16:47 in order to step in place.
16:51 We're doing a little bit like an interval type work
16:53 where we are going to break the squats for a moment,
16:57 which are going to be a little bit more intensive
16:59 and just go into stepping and then we'll go back
17:00 into squatting again in just a moment
17:03 as we start winding through our aerobic workout.
17:06 So when it comes to eating super foods,
17:09 my recommendation is simply this.
17:11 Eat food in its naturally state us much as possible.
17:14 The way God made it.
17:15 The fresh fruits and vegetables,
17:18 the whole grains, you know,
17:19 certainly there are a lot of people
17:21 who advocate a raw diet and I certainly think
17:23 we could be doing a lot better off
17:25 if we were heading more in that direction.
17:27 Certainly it's hard to go 100 percent raw but,
17:29 but if you get thinking about that you can try
17:32 and have at least half the diet and raw food
17:34 you'll find yourself getting a whole lot healthier.
17:37 Okay, let's go back into squatting again.
17:41 Okay, down, and up.
17:47 Daniel, I know you have had juice before.
17:49 What kind do you like?
17:51 I prefer carrot juice. Carrot juice.
17:53 How about you? Have you had juice before?
17:56 No, I haven't? Haven't had it yet, huh?
17:59 My personal favorite was a combination
18:00 of beet juice and carrot juice.
18:03 That really, made me felt supercharged.
18:09 Again, for those who like supplements out there
18:11 and I know that a lot of times,
18:12 they'll walk in on me when I talking about it,
18:14 and as you noticed I haven't gone over
18:16 really any ones in particular,
18:18 but people can get real excited when you talk about
18:21 their supplements especially in a negative way
18:23 and they're calling the station and saying,
18:25 but I take this and I really like it.
18:27 I'm not telling you not to,
18:28 I'm simply saying that if you really
18:30 want to have optimum health,
18:32 I find it more advantageous to eat the food
18:34 rather than the just it in a pill.
18:36 In fact, you'll find that like in an apple,
18:38 there are over 300 phytochemicals
18:40 that you'll find in the apple and you can't take
18:43 all those in phytochemicals in bottle,
18:46 so I would find it much better off to eat the apple
18:49 and also it's a lot more satisfying.
18:51 I would rather eat the food than take a pill.
18:55 Okay, let's go 10 more.
19:00 Very good. And down. And down.
19:08 Starting to perspire a little bit
19:09 I see that's good, and last two.
19:15 Okay and we're down and hold for 10 seconds.
19:18 One, two, three, four,
19:22 five, six, seven, eight,
19:26 nine, ten, very good.
19:28 Okay, let's just step it out.
19:31 Okay, we've done about 10 minutes
19:33 of very intensive aerobic workout
19:36 and so now we're going to just start the cool down phase.
19:39 Cooling down is a very important aspect of aerobic exercise,
19:44 because if you just stop abruptly,
19:46 your body is not going to like it especially,
19:47 your heart and for guys your age,
19:49 it's not gonna be too big of a deal,
19:50 but people doing Body and Spirit
19:52 come in all shapes and sizes
19:54 and so if they just stop abruptly
19:56 it could cause a cardiac event because their heart's gonna be
19:59 overwhelmed by the lack of help from the lower body,
20:02 which helps return the venous body flow.
20:08 Also the cool down phase feels good
20:11 as you get to relax a little bit
20:12 and go, oh, the toughest part is behind me.
20:16 And that's one of the blessings of working out
20:18 because when you're done with workout,
20:20 although it might be very hard,
20:21 and very intensive while you're going through it,
20:23 when it's all said and done,
20:24 you have this feeling of well being like you've done
20:27 something good for yourself and you get that endorphin rush.
20:29 And I know, Daniel, you train under me on a regular basis
20:32 and I know you like working really hard
20:34 because it feels good when you're done right?
20:36 Yes. Okay.
20:40 Zach, are you a hiker or a climber
20:42 or do any that kind of stuff.
20:43 Okay? Yes. I do.
20:44 You are an outdoorsy type. Oh, yes.
20:46 Okay. Good. You swim?
20:49 I swim, I climb, I do anything I can do outside.
20:53 Okay. So you're not really into lifting weights and so forth?
20:56 A little bit. Little bit, okay.
21:00 And, Daniel, I know you like to climb
21:02 and do all that stuff too, right?
21:04 I do, yes. Okay.
21:06 It's not that climbing that'll be so bad,
21:08 it'll be the falling that would be.
21:09 Why do you think the falling will be the landing,
21:11 when you're falling?
21:12 That's what ropes are for. The ropes are for.
21:14 Yeah, I don't trust the rope. I'm too heavy.
21:18 Okay, we're winding down. We're winding down.
21:19 We got about 30 seconds to go.
21:22 And then, we'll start stretching out.
21:26 Okay, down to 30 seconds.
21:30 How the legs feeling, Daniel?
21:32 Better. Felling better.
21:34 How about you, Zach? They're fine. Okay.
21:36 Could have done a whole lot more, huh?
21:41 Down to our last 15.
21:46 Now ten, nine, eight, seven, six,
21:51 five, four, three, two, one, okay, good.
21:57 Okay, what you're going to do is
21:58 you're going to use me as a wall,
21:59 so you put your left hand on my shoulder,
22:02 you're going to put your right hand on my shoulder.
22:03 Now what I want you to do is get a hold,
22:05 you gonna grab your left ankle with your hand
22:08 and you're going to stretch your quadriceps.
22:10 Okay, you go ahead and get your right,
22:13 so we're just gonna stretch out.
22:15 Now if you can't get a hold of your ankle
22:19 because you're just not that flexible yet,
22:20 you can always just grab your pant leg
22:22 and work it that way.
22:24 And you'll find as you continue doing this,
22:26 you'll get better at it to a point
22:27 where you'll be able to get a hold of your ankle.
22:29 These guys are both young and limber
22:31 and so they don't have any problem.
22:34 Okay, let's switch.
22:36 Okay, put your other hand on my shoulder
22:38 and go head and go to the other side.
22:41 And you should feel it stretched in the quadriceps area there.
22:44 Are you feeling it there? Yeah. Okay.
22:47 That should feel good about now.
22:51 Okay, hold it for a few more seconds
22:54 make sure you keep breathing,
22:56 nice deep breaths into the nose out through the mouth.
23:01 Okay, good.
23:02 Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna put
23:05 one foot out in front of you,
23:06 up on the heel, keep this leg straight,
23:09 and you're gonna lean forward into it,
23:10 keeping your chest up and you should feel stretched
23:13 the back of your leg, and down into the calf area.
23:19 Right, feel that.
23:20 Chest is up as you do it, and hold.
23:29 All right good. Let's go to other side now.
23:33 Out on the right, up on the heel, leg is straight,
23:36 the leg behind you is bending slightly,
23:38 lean forward into it,
23:40 keep your chest up
23:42 and hold that.
23:45 Hold it, hold it.
23:50 All right good.
23:51 Now we're gonna step out to the side.
23:54 You're gonna lean towards your left,
23:57 your, your back leg is straight.
23:59 And you're feeling a stretch on the inside of your thigh.
24:05 We're using the stretching as a way of cooling down.
24:07 The best time to stretch by the way
24:09 is when your muscles are warm.
24:11 Stretching is not warming up.
24:13 Stretching is stretching, so we're helping our flexibility
24:16 and doing it once our muscles are all warmed up.
24:19 Also makes for a nice cool down.
24:23 Okay, let's lean the other way,
24:25 so now the left leg is straight,
24:27 stretching the inside of the thigh,
24:29 the right leg is bent slightly,
24:31 chest is up, that will help your breathing,
24:36 and stretch the leg.
24:41 Okay, now we're gonna stretch the calf.
24:44 So let's go this way, put your left foot back,
24:48 press the heel to the ground
24:50 and just hold that,
24:52 lean forward to the point where you feel it stretching
24:57 in the calf then the right knee and hold that.
25:05 Okay, good.
25:07 And let's go the other way.
25:12 Press the right foot to the floor,
25:15 foot is flat, the leg is straight.
25:18 The front leg is bent slightly,
25:20 and lean forward to get a little more stretch
25:24 to the calf area, hold it.
25:29 Okay, good.
25:31 Let's finish off with just some light trunk rotation,
25:34 turn left and the other way.
25:40 And turn. And turn.
25:48 And turn. And turn.
25:54 Let's go five more, turn.
25:58 And turn, there is one.
26:01 And turn and turn, there is two.
26:06 And turn.
26:09 and turn, there is three.
26:11 Two more. Turn,
26:14 and turn, turn, and turn.
26:21 All right guys. Good job.
26:22 Thanks a lot. We're all done.
26:27 When it comes to eating healthy,
26:30 there really is no big key secrets to it.
26:32 Try and keep your meals to two or three times a day.
26:35 Constant snacking is not the best for our body
26:37 because we're not designed to be eating
26:39 all throughout the day.
26:40 God designed us to eat at normal intervals
26:44 to give our body a chance to rest and recover.
26:46 And people will find when they do give adequate time
26:49 between meals, that they start feeling a lot better
26:51 because now they are not over taxing their system
26:55 and they're not having some of the conditions they'll,
26:57 they'll notice.
26:58 And then also, by going into a fresh fruit
27:01 and vegetable type diet
27:02 and the whole grain breads and cereals,
27:04 you'll find yourself, your body would be
27:05 working much more efficiently,
27:07 you feel more alert, more attentive.
27:09 If you're in some type of supplementation
27:11 and of course for vegetarians often time certain
27:14 supplements like B12 are taken in,
27:16 but you know, at our Wellness Program,
27:18 the thing that we find and one thing
27:19 we test for is vitamin D,
27:20 and vitamin D deficiency is very common,
27:22 even for people who live in sunny areas.
27:25 So it's important to get outside in the sunshine
27:27 and to make sure you're getting the adequate nutrients.
27:30 If you do take supplementation,
27:31 make sure--I would do it under
27:33 some type of professional care because you can hurt yourself
27:37 if you're doing things wrong.
27:38 Also remember, whatever you do,
27:40 do it to the glory of God.
27:41 We use the scripture here all the time
27:43 from Philippians 4:13, which says,
27:45 I can do all things through Christ,
27:47 which strengthens me.
27:48 Thank you for joining us. Keep up exercising.
27:50 We look forward to see you again next time
27:53 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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