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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Daniel Hopkins


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00:12 Intensely if you workout, it has a lot to do
00:15 with how much progress you make.
00:16 On Body and Spirit, we try and accommodate those needs.
00:19 Want to see an intense workout,
00:20 stay tuned and find out next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:50 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:51 of The Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:53 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:56 Over my years, I've done lots of different workouts
00:58 all the way from seven days a week to four hours a day.
01:01 Down to my current workout regime
01:03 of three times a week for 15 minutes.
01:05 But in order to do that kind of workout
01:07 it has to be very intense.
01:08 Although I don't have the equipment and the weights
01:10 to do my high intense workout here On Body and Spirit,
01:13 we can do some type of work that will
01:16 some what show what we do.
01:18 So helping me out today will be Daniel,
01:20 from the Black Hills Health and Education Center
01:22 and somebody who I train on a regular basis.
01:25 So he is well acquainted with my high intense workout regime
01:29 and so he has agreed to go ahead
01:32 and do one of those here today.
01:33 So we're going to warming up first, Daniel
01:35 with some arm circles to get the blood flowing,
01:39 get the joints warmed up
01:42 and then we'll get into our intensive mode.
01:44 So it is good to warm up before you do your exercise.
01:49 Warming up is just doing some light activity
01:52 of what we're going to be doing.
01:54 Lot of people think stretching is warming up,
01:56 stretching is stretching.
01:59 So we're actually doing --
02:00 just a light warm up for the shoulders.
02:02 Okay, let's go the other way.
02:06 Now some of the things that we'll be doing here
02:09 will require a partner or at least
02:11 I will tell you what you can do if you don't use a partner,
02:14 but you obviously can increase your intensity
02:17 by using a partner.
02:21 And so I may have to give Daniel just a little bit of rest
02:23 in between since, I'm not going to be going in between him.
02:27 Okay, we are going to start with some push-ups
02:29 and we're going to do these little differently.
02:31 We are going to do what's called 10-second repetitions,
02:33 which are the highest intensity workout that I--
02:36 find out there and so we're not
02:37 going to be doing very many of them.
02:39 So, Daniel, go ahead push your position and follow my count.
02:42 Ready, one, two, three, four,
02:47 five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
02:53 One, two, three, four, five,
02:59 six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
03:04 One, two, three, four, five, six,
03:10 seven, eight, nine, ten.
03:14 One, two, three, four, five,
03:19 six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
03:24 Try getting your back up a little high, Daniel.
03:25 Two, three four, five,
03:29 six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
03:34 One, two, three, four, five,
03:40 six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
03:44 Good. All right.
03:46 Even just doing three of those which takes
03:49 you 90 seconds, still is a-is a good run, isn't it?
03:51 It is. Okay.
03:53 Just put the hands behind your head
03:54 and let's go and stretch the area.
03:56 That will feel good after doing that and also
03:58 I'm gonna help you stretch just a little bit
04:02 by just pulling back gently on his elbows.
04:04 We can stretch him little further and then
04:06 he'll be able to stretch himself.
04:07 You're feeling that Daniel? Yes.
04:09 Okay, is that good or is that too far.
04:11 It's good. Okay, now go and give yourself a hug.
04:14 Okay, and again I'm gonna help you a little bit.
04:17 Okay, let's wrap around little more, there you go.
04:20 So now I can help him by just pulling on his elbows
04:23 to give him a little more of a full stretch.
04:28 Okay, go back over the head again.
04:35 You don't want to take them back to far
04:37 because you don't want to hurt him.
04:39 Okay, and go away across again.
04:47 Okay and good.
04:50 All right. Want to go and get that towel folds
04:51 over there please, Daniel.
04:52 For the next part of our exercise
04:54 we're going to be using a towel,
04:56 which is fanciest equipment I use here on Body and Spirit.
05:00 But, yeah we can get make good use of this.
05:02 Of course, I'll be adding a little resistance to him.
05:04 Grab that palms over, okay.
05:06 Now this is going to be similar to the motion
05:08 we do often times when we reach out and grab
05:12 one wrist and pull back.
05:13 Okay, I'm gonna bend you over more.
05:16 Okay, and you are going to draw back to.
05:18 Okay, good, back out.
05:20 So I'm adding the resistance to him.
05:24 Good and pull. Now reach way out
05:30 and pull, and out and pull,
05:37 and out and pull, and out.
05:45 Let's go four more.
05:50 And reach and pull.
05:52 I have to be careful not to give him too much resistance,
05:55 otherwise it will -- I will just tip him over.
06:01 And then if he tips over, I might tip over.
06:08 Good, all right. All right, now what I like to do --
06:11 is to put one arm up over the head
06:14 and we're going to stretch that area.
06:16 One arm up, grab with the opposite arm,
06:18 only with the other hand
06:19 and pull and be stretching through here.
06:25 Make sure you get lots of air when you're doing it.
06:28 Breathe a deep breathing will help you to relax your muscles
06:31 as you're doing your stretch.
06:33 You're going to hold each stretch
06:34 for about 10 to 15 seconds.
06:37 All right, let's go the other side now.
06:40 So left arm is up, bent at the elbow behind the head,
06:43 grabbing with the right hand and pulling to stretch
06:49 the latissimus dorsi area which is right into here.
06:54 Okay. Good. Now set our towel down here for a moment.
06:58 Now we're going to some lateral raises, Daniel,
07:00 and again I'm going to act as your resistance.
07:02 At home you can use dumbbells.
07:04 Okay, raise up.
07:08 Okay, we're keeping the arm straight.
07:09 I'm giving him a steady resistance both ways.
07:13 It doesn't do a whole lot of good
07:15 if I just make it so hard that he can't move.
07:17 We want to try and give him a steady range of motion,
07:20 so it gives a simulation of using some weights.
07:29 And up, okay. Now what I'm gonna do is,
07:32 we watching his shoulder position,
07:34 if I start to see too much of a shrugging at one side,
07:38 I'm going to ease of my tension little bit.
07:40 I want to get him to a -- certain amount of repetitions.
07:45 He'll do a couple more.
07:49 Good, one more time.
07:53 Okay, hold it there for ten seconds.
07:55 One, two, three, fight it, four,
07:58 five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten.
08:03 Good. All right, put your right arm in front of you,
08:07 bring it across, put your hand behind, and pull.
08:13 You should feel that stretching your shoulder.
08:17 You feel that exercise? Yeah.
08:19 Okay, so doing it right so far? Doing it.
08:21 Very good. Okay, now let's go ahead
08:24 and do the other side.
08:26 Arm out, bring it across.
08:32 Daniel likes working out very hard
08:34 in fact for your body weight.
08:36 You weigh how much Daniel? 158.
08:38 158. And you worked out,
08:40 you have done 205 for 8-- repetitions on the bench press?
08:43 Yes. Which is around 265, 270 max,
08:46 which is pretty good for a guy of his size.
08:48 Because he is fairly linear, about 6 feet tall,
08:51 and does not weigh that much, but yet hands seems
08:54 to be pretty strong. Okay, that's good.
08:58 Now we're going to do some biceps.
09:00 You're going to really enjoy this.
09:01 Okay, I'm going to kneel down and you take these palms up
09:04 and we're going to have you do some curls with it.
09:06 Okay, ready, go.
09:13 Now if you have dumbbells you can do that,
09:16 otherwise if you have a helper,
09:18 you want to maintain steady resistance.
09:22 You can pull down just a little bit harder on the way down,
09:24 because you do have more strength
09:27 on the negative aspect of the contraction
09:29 when you do the positive.
09:32 Squeeze it up and resist and squeeze it up.
09:39 Okay, that's how we go up just a little higher,
09:41 that's the way while trying to get full range of motion.
09:45 Good, Daniel.
09:47 And up, shred, and up-up-up.
09:54 Good, and up. Now curl, curl it.
10:09 Curl, come on, up-up- up-up-up-up-up-up.
10:13 We go two more. Curl it, curl it.
10:20 And last one, curl it. Hold it right there.
10:26 One, two, three, four, five, up hard,
10:30 six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Very good.
10:37 Feel that? Yeah.
10:38 Good. Okay. Now we are gonna do some triceps exercise.
10:43 Well, I like you to do is just go ahead and sit
10:44 down there on the carpet.
10:50 You can put your hands over your head and fold them.
10:53 Okay, bring your elbows back further.
10:57 Here this way. Okay, bring them closer here. Okay,
11:01 now up and now there we go.
11:04 Okay, push up and down. Way up and down.
11:11 Way up, trying to go up a little higher.
11:15 There we go. That's better.
11:18 Push it up, and up,
11:25 and press,
11:33 and press, focus on your triceps.
11:37 You are thinking about the muscle you are working,
11:39 the triceps or the back of the arms.
11:44 When you work muscles, you make sure
11:45 you're working both aspects.
11:48 So for the biceps and the -- triceps, they work in harmony
11:51 for the stability of the elbow.
11:56 Push up, push up, push up.
11:59 Okay, hold, one, two, three, four, five,
12:04 six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Very good.
12:12 All right. That was great.
12:14 Okay, we are going to start into our aerobic exercise
12:17 and the way we're going to do this by warming up the legs.
12:19 I just want you to go ahead and do ten easy squats.
12:22 Okay, cross your arms. Okay, go and squat down.
12:26 We're going to watch the form.
12:27 The knees are staying over the feet, he is pushing the hips
12:30 back, keeping the chest up, taking it down, so his legs
12:34 go about parallel to the floor.
12:37 We're trying about the upper thigh there.
12:39 You don't want your knees jutting past your feet.
12:44 So the aerobic exercise is rhythmic activity
12:46 of the major muscle group.
12:49 Okay, let's go ahead and start stepping in place.
12:56 What we're going to do Daniel, is we're going to take this --
12:58 by in intensity variation by just raising the knees higher,
13:03 by doing so and pumping the arms more.
13:05 So go and try and raise your knees little more.
13:12 During my career, I've tried as I mentioned
13:15 lots of different routines and the seven days a week,
13:18 four hours a day that I did back when I had a chance
13:21 to workout with some top pro bodybuilders
13:24 and Arnold was in amongst that group and another
13:26 training partner of mine went onto win Mr. North America,
13:29 named John Burkholder, who now
13:31 interesting enough is into the ministry.
13:32 But we used to do the seven days a week,
13:35 four hour a day type workouts and they just beat me apart.
13:39 I couldn't make any progress at all.
13:40 Then when I got into doing the --
13:44 15 minutes three times a week, which I've been doing
13:47 for the past 15 years or so, that's why I made my best gains
13:51 and because that type of routine Daniel does.
13:54 And I actually having a young man that I train in Rapid City
13:57 who is only a junior in high school, 6'3", 240 pounds,
14:02 he is bench pressing 430 pounds, Daniel, and he is drug free.
14:06 And again he does a 15 minute workout 3 times a week.
14:08 So it's very beneficial for anybody who does it
14:11 and we see also all sorts of people get strong, don't we.
14:16 Okay, now go back into the -- squats, ten more repetitions.
14:23 Squatting is probably one of the best exercise you do.
14:26 In fact, when somebody ask me, to say
14:28 tell me one exercise to do to maximize
14:31 my benefits for exercise.
14:32 I always tell them squats is the best one.
14:35 You don't do anything else, squats is going to work
14:37 your body quite better than any other exercise.
14:42 Okay, two more. Okay, let's put in a little variety.
14:48 Now see some side steps. Put your hands on your hips, okay.
14:52 And step, here we go, side to side,
14:57 bend the knees a little bit.
15:00 This will work the inner thigh, outer thigh,
15:02 keeps our rhythmic activity going,
15:05 and gives a little variety to our workout.
15:13 You'll find when you put intensity to your workout.
15:16 You're not going want to do multiple sets of it,
15:19 that's the typical thing you go into a fitness club
15:23 or to a trainer, they got tell you do three sets
15:26 of 8 to 10 repetitions and something that revolve
15:29 in doing for years, and years and years and years.
15:31 And I used to do that as well.
15:34 Because I continued researching and I found that one set
15:38 was just as valuable as 3 sets.
15:39 In fact even more valuable if you work hard because
15:42 then you'll maximize your recovery time.
15:45 And especially of my age recovery time
15:47 becomes optimum, importance.
15:52 Certainly, there is a lot of different
15:53 than when you're working out at age of 20
15:56 than when you're working out in your 50s.
16:03 And I'm able to maintain a high level strength still
16:07 by doing it 15 minutes, three times a week,
16:09 and actually make out myself stronger
16:12 that I ever did before when I was doing
16:15 the longer workouts.
16:17 And I tried everything in between,
16:18 six days a week for an hour, and I always tell people if I --
16:23 can make more benefit training longer
16:25 do you think I would do it. Of course, I would.
16:32 Okay, let's go back to the squat again.
16:35 Okay, cross your arms.
16:38 You're doing ten more reps.
16:44 Good form, chest up, get lots of air,
16:49 focus on your legs, and on your hips.
16:57 Okay, let's step in place again, Daniel.
17:02 Pump the arms.
17:06 Well, those at home, if you need to stop and rest,
17:09 then do so, otherwise, keep going,
17:12 and you'll find with a workout like this if you have a partner,
17:15 that you can do your workout with,
17:17 it helps you to keep your motivation going because
17:20 there may be some days you don't feel like working out
17:23 and your partner pulls you by the boot straps
17:25 and says come on, let's go, and the same thing may happen
17:27 on the other hand, maybe they're feeling that way
17:31 and you help them.
17:34 I serve pretty self motivate to do so.
17:38 Okay, keep going.
17:42 Does it help you having a -- trainer, Daniel, when sometimes
17:45 because I know you, you work a lot long hours
17:47 and sometimes you're really tired, knowing that you have
17:49 somebody waiting for you to train you and work you out.
17:51 It does. Okay. To get motivation. Okay.
17:59 Okay, back into the squats again.
18:02 Ten more reps.
18:07 Good form. Good form.
18:10 Push your hips back. Good.
18:20 Okay, let's go back to the -- side step. Ready, step left.
18:33 Anytime you're working out with intensity
18:34 and you're not used to it, make it sure you get adequate rest
18:38 in between your work is very important because,
18:41 you can start to feel a little bit fatigued
18:43 or feel a little bit nauseous and if you ever get that --
18:46 feeling, what I've people do is just lay down on your back
18:50 and bring your legs straight up to allow the blood
18:53 to come back down towards stomach area.
18:56 I know, Daniel, you had to do that once or twice.
18:59 Twice. You pretty lay down and let blood flow
19:01 work on the nausea and it doesn't take too long
19:03 before you start feeling good again.
19:14 You remember where you started when you started
19:15 your workout on your bench press,
19:18 remember where you are at?
19:21 I don't remember. It's been so long now.
19:23 85. When I was 85. 85 pounds?
19:29 Yeah, I remember you weren't very strong.
19:33 Willing, but not very strong.
19:41 Okay, let's go back into the squats again.
19:44 Ten more repetitions.
19:50 We're in the midst of aerobic exercise now,
19:52 we got about three more minutes of aerobics to do.
19:55 Now we get into our cool down phase,
20:00 which is the part we all like the best.
20:02 We start to warm down.
20:06 Good, Daniel. Place, back to place.
20:08 Step, okay, let's go ahead and pick it up,
20:11 pick the knees up. Okay,
20:13 let's go opposite handy, you're getting--
20:15 you go on the same one.
20:18 Okay, pick your left leg up.
20:20 Sometimes you get turned around there.
20:22 Okay, hold on, just go and pick your left leg up.
20:24 Okay, now this arm will be up.
20:26 Okay, now go and reverse it.
20:28 There you go.
20:30 If you ever had that problem at home
20:31 when you're doing your stepping
20:32 and you find yourself lifting your left leg and your left arm
20:36 at the same time, then all you have to do is slow down,
20:39 pick one leg up, bring the opposite arm up
20:41 and then you'll get back into your normal cadence again.
20:44 Okay, pick it up a little higher.
20:47 So it's actually good you did that because only to sure
20:49 people at home, have to correct that because --
20:51 one of the things that often times bothers people
20:53 when they do aerobics that they feel like,
20:55 I'm not getting this, I'm-I'm off-kilter somehow.
20:58 So that's an easy way to adjust that.
21:02 Very good. We're going to do that --
21:04 for about two more minutes, Daniel and then we're going
21:06 to slow it down and start to cool down phase.
21:09 You'll be amazed in how much progress you'll get
21:12 in the high intensity type workout, because even though
21:15 it only took just a few minutes, you certainly thought
21:17 your muscles got fatigued right.
21:19 Absolutely. Even though we didn't use any weights
21:21 and he is used to doing that -- and you'll find that --
21:25 this happens to Wellness guests all the time
21:26 when they come out to our center.
21:28 I'll ask them, I said you want to try our workout
21:30 or you want just do the -- workout you've used too.
21:32 And they'll usually always inevitable say,
21:33 why I can try your workout they actually try
21:36 the 15 minute workout.
21:37 They're so excited to go, oh, this is great,
21:39 so much better, because -- I've saved so much time
21:42 for what I was spending on working out.
21:44 Now, I doubt, I actually feel like I get better workout.
21:50 I know in Rapid City, I trained a woman who is 20
21:52 with another trainer and she was working out half hour a day
21:56 with that trainer, now she works with me for just
21:58 15 minutes and now it's a lot less expensive, but she said,
22:01 I get a better workout which is worth they are really after.
22:06 Okay, Daniel, little bit faster, little bit higher
22:11 and coming down to that home stretch now.
22:14 You almost ready to slow it down.
22:16 Pick it up, knee way up, way up, way up,
22:20 there you go, way up.
22:28 You have to do that test where you have to carry
22:30 a lot of equipment for your fireman testing, don't know?
22:33 Yes. Okay. This can't be any worse than that?
22:35 Easier. Easier. Okay, well you may make it harder.
22:41 I'll climb on your back with something. I'll make it harder.
22:46 Okay, we're down to our last five seconds.
22:53 Okay, now slow it down, slow it down.
22:56 Nice easy stepping.
22:59 Now as you can see Daniel is getting a little sweat going.
23:02 So we definitely accomplished our goal.
23:05 So now what he is doing, he's cooling down the body
23:08 by slowing his cadence and this will help to increase
23:11 the blood flow back to his heart and we start to bring
23:14 the pulse rate back down again.
23:17 Keep smiling, Daniel. You're having fun.
23:20 And as we do that, his body will start cooling down
23:24 and his leg is going to be helping that process take place
23:27 and this will help you to reduce any risk factors
23:31 of stopping abruptly and having your heart go, ah help.
23:36 Something we don't want.
23:39 Okay, we're going to go for another minute.
23:43 Daniel is cooling down, cooling down,
23:48 nice deep breathe into the nose out through the mouth.
23:50 And for those who want to focus on your breathing,
23:53 one of the things I find to be so beneficial
23:55 is a more you blow out, you can't stay blowing all your
23:58 air out,then naturally you're going to want to recover that
24:01 by breathing in deeper.
24:02 When people just think about breathing deep,
24:04 it is near as effective, it is focusing on breathing in
24:07 and blowing out as much you can and then automatically
24:10 you breath in deeply again.
24:13 Okay, we down to our last 40 seconds.
24:15 How you feeling? Okay. Okay, feel worked out?
24:18 I do, yes. Okay, was it fun? It was.
24:21 Okay, good. Good. Nice smiling face.
24:26 Down to our 30 seconds
24:29 and we're calming down, we're just relaxing
24:31 at a little slower still. Oh, that's nice. That's nice.
24:36 I can do that speed.
24:39 Okay, and we're down to our last 10 seconds.
24:43 Nine, eight, seven, six,
24:48 five, four, three, two, one.
24:53 Okay, let's step up to the side
24:55 and stretch the adductor muscles.
24:59 So this leg, the left leg is bent, the right leg is straight,
25:03 stepping out to the side and you're stretching inside.
25:07 We're going to hold that for about ten count,
25:13 now we're going to shift the other way.
25:15 Left leg is straight, right knee is bent,
25:19 stretch the inside of the thigh.
25:25 How does that feel? Good. It was good, okay, good.
25:30 Okay, now we're going to stretch the calf.
25:32 What I want you to do is step back with your right foot,
25:35 okay, press the heel to the ground.
25:38 Your right leg is straight, your left leg is bend,
25:41 and then lean forward into your left leg to maximize
25:44 the stretch on your calf on your right leg.
25:50 Okay, let's turn the other way,
25:53 right knee is bent, left leg is straight,
25:55 press your heel to the ground.
25:57 Keep your left leg straight, Daniel.
25:59 There you go, now lean forward into your right leg
26:02 a little more to accentuate the stretch.
26:06 Very good. Okay, let's do couple trunk rotations
26:10 and I'm gonna call it good.
26:12 Just turn, and turn, and turn,
26:19 and turn, and turn, and turn, and turn.
26:24 Couple more, turn, and turn, good.
26:31 Okay, thanks a lot, Daniel.
26:34 I've seen so many people that have got into workout
26:37 routines and mostly they're doing it for
26:39 their own self worry.
26:41 First thing you want to do is change all that.
26:43 And not just train for your own personal edification
26:46 you want to train for the glory of God because our bodies
26:48 are temples of Holy Spirit, we're supposed to take care
26:51 of those and so if our focus in our training isn't about us,
26:56 but about how we represent God.
26:58 It will change our motivation and attitude.
27:01 I try and tell our Wellness guests all the time,
27:03 let go and let God, when you are focusing in on,
27:06 how much you weigh or how much you-- how-how your blood
27:10 pressure is doing or blood sugar.
27:11 The stress can make you slow down your progress.
27:14 But if you just relax, let go and do it all for the glory of
27:18 God, amazing things happen.
27:20 So that's why we encourage you on our Body and Spirit
27:22 all the time is to do all things properly for the glory of God,
27:27 representing Him and becoming a living sacrifice
27:30 only acceptable to Him, which is our reasonable service
27:33 according to Romans 12:1.
27:35 The scripts always claim here on Body and Spirit.
27:38 Body and Spirit Aerobics is Philippians 4:13,
27:41 which states, I can do all things for through Christ
27:44 which strengthens me.
27:45 God bless you.
27:46 Thanks for joining us. And we'll look forward
27:48 to see you next time on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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