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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Corrie Sample, Brittany Nunez


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00:01 The following program is designed
00:02 to demonstrate simple workouts
00:04 that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:09 before beginning any exercise program.
00:13 Fibromyalgia has been crippling
00:14 many people for a lot of years.
00:16 But there is good news,
00:17 now there's something you can do about it.
00:19 Stay tuned to find out more
00:20 next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:48 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:50 of the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:52 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:55 I've seen many people come to our Wellness Center
00:57 with fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders,
01:00 what they discover is great relief in their pain
01:04 and they never thought it was gonna be possible
01:06 and they always say,
01:07 why didn't I do this a long time ago?
01:09 So we're gonna talk a little more
01:10 about fibromyalgia and other autoimmune disorders
01:13 as we get into our program.
01:15 Helping me out today will be my daughter Brittany and Corrie.
01:19 They're both students at Union College
01:22 in the IRR Program, which stands for--
01:25 International Rescue and Relief.
01:27 Why didn't they call it International Relief and Rescue?
01:29 Because they liked the rescue before the relief.
01:32 Okay, all right.
01:33 Corrie is a senior and Brittany is a junior
01:36 and they enjoy it, right? Oh, yes, definitely.
01:38 You enjoy the program. Okay, good.
01:39 All right, we're gonna start work out
01:41 and it won't be that intensive today,
01:43 which is probably good news
01:44 for both of you two because with fibromyalgia
01:46 you have to be real careful
01:47 about how hard you work.
01:48 So we're just gonna start easy
01:50 with some warming up.
01:51 So, we're gonna circle the arms around.
01:57 With fibromyalgia, exercise can be definitely
02:00 a double edged sword,
02:01 the very thing that can really help,
02:03 you can also really hurt too.
02:04 So, you want to take this at your own pace
02:07 and stop whenever you need to.
02:10 That doesn't include you two.
02:14 Okay, let's go back around the other way.
02:19 Nice easy circles, we're just loosening up the shoulders,
02:23 and getting ready for what is to come.
02:28 Okay and let's go ahead and relax.
02:32 Now what we're gonna do
02:33 is we're gonna press our hands together here
02:35 and I want you to push out and back in,
02:39 and push out and back in.
02:41 Okay, you two keep going.
02:44 When you do this exercise,
02:45 how hard you push will dictate
02:48 how much you get out of it
02:49 and obviously you want to control your intensity
02:53 if you found feeling it to be painful,
02:55 but it will start taking you through a range of motion.
02:58 The thing that, that's been found
03:00 to be most detrimental for people
03:01 who have fibromyalgia is actually
03:03 the negative aspect of the contraction,
03:06 but we're not lifting weights
03:07 so we don't have to worry about that.
03:09 The lifting part or pressing up part
03:11 is the positive aspect
03:13 and then lower and back downs are negative,
03:14 but since we're not doing resistance
03:16 that way we're all right.
03:18 Okay, now let's start going up
03:20 like a 45 degree angle.
03:22 We're gonna come right up into here
03:24 and this will just change the angle of our chest work,
03:30 help us to feel a little more reach up,
03:34 reach up.
03:36 The worst thing to do,
03:37 is you do have the fibromyalgia
03:40 or the chronic fatigue is to do nothing,
03:42 because that's just gonna keep you in that state.
03:45 You're much better off to get into some type of training
03:48 regime to help you get better,
03:51 that's what it's all about, to be rid of the pain.
03:57 Okay, we're gonna do five more.
04:03 and way up, and way up, now relax.
04:06 Okay, let's put the hands behind in the head,
04:08 we're gonna push our elbows back,
04:11 stretch your chest, try and bring your shoulder blades
04:14 together as much as possible.
04:17 And now we're going to bring it across
04:20 and give ourselves a hug
04:22 and pull our shoulder blades apart as much as we can.
04:26 Nice and relaxed, make sure you keep breathing,
04:29 lots of fresh air would be very good.
04:32 If we do this outside, that will be a better still,
04:34 that'll probably be fun, huh?
04:35 Yes, it would.
04:37 We'll have to talk to 3ABN to see
04:39 if we can move this to the sandy beaches of Hawaii.
04:44 Definitely. But, I don't think the camera crew
04:46 would go for it or the director so--
04:49 Oh, they would, okay. Just try and talk them into it.
04:51 The camera crew assures they would be willing, okay.
04:55 All right. Then the knees, reach out.
05:00 Okay, now we're gonna pull in and reach way up.
05:04 Pull in and reach way up.
05:06 Okay, what we're focusing on here
05:08 is the muscles of your back,
05:09 let's bent just a little more, Brittany.
05:11 There we go, we're trying to squeeze
05:13 the shoulder blades together and then flare them out.
05:16 Squeeze together, flare them out. Good.
05:21 For those at home without fibromyalgia,
05:23 expand your knees just a little more, Corrie.
05:25 There, oh, yeah. That looks better.
05:29 And if you don't have fibromyalgia,
05:30 wait a minute I want to get your work out today too.
05:33 You can just take a dumbbell,
05:34 if you got one, and bend over and just roll it up like that,
05:37 which should give you the same stimulation
05:39 of the exercise we're doing.
05:41 What you're focusing on is the muscles you're working
05:43 and the muscles of the upper back as we're doing here,
05:46 I found in the world of body building,
05:48 which is by flexing the muscles,
05:50 the body builder should get really tired so,
05:52 we kind of took that concept from body into Body and Spirit.
05:55 So-- but you've to be able to isolate and flexes muscles.
05:59 Squeeze it back, flare them out.
06:01 Squeeze back, flare out,
06:03 and that will give you a training effect
06:05 on the upper back muscles. Okay.
06:07 That's good. Now we're gonna stretch the muscles
06:11 and so we're gonna take out right arm,
06:12 put it straight up over head,
06:14 got that part, bend the elbow,
06:16 now take your other hand and put it up on that elbow
06:19 and pull and feel it stretch down your side there.
06:24 All right, you fill it?
06:26 Yes. Okay.
06:27 Corrie? Umh.
06:28 You're not sweating yet, we'll fix that.
06:33 Oh, forgive me, glowing, you're not glowing yet, okay.
06:37 Okay, now switch to the other side.
06:40 Corrie told me that even though she is very fit,
06:43 when she starts working out, she glows very efficiently,
06:47 which just means she has a very good cooling system.
06:52 Okay, and hold it for just a few more seconds.
06:55 Now relax. Now what we're gonna do is,
06:58 we're gonna bring our hands up in this position,
07:00 we're gonna alternate, we're gonna bring one hand up,
07:02 left arm up, and as that's going down
07:04 the other one is going up,
07:06 and up and up and up,
07:10 and right and left and right
07:14 and left and right and left
07:18 and right and left,
07:21 push up and up and up
07:25 and left and right and left and right.
07:30 Sounds like we're marching.
07:31 Left, right, left, right.
07:40 Okay, a few more times.
07:44 That's one and two, and three. Good.
07:49 Now stretch that area, let's put our right arm out,
07:52 bring it across to our body,
07:54 reach up behind with the other hand
07:56 and pull your arm into your body,
07:58 stretching your shoulder area.
08:01 We're gonna hold each stretch for about 10 seconds,
08:03 make sure we get a lot of air, breathe in through the nose,
08:06 out through the mouth.
08:11 Okay, now let's put the other arm out,
08:14 bring it across, and up behind the elbow, hold.
08:19 I remember Jack LaLanne's exercise program years ago,
08:22 he'd always encourage people for deep breathing,
08:25 and have the organ call brooo...
08:27 and then back up brooo... as they breathe out.
08:32 Ought to try that one too.
08:35 Okay, now we're gonna do,
08:37 string your palms up, curl your arms up,
08:41 turn them, push down,
08:43 turn, curl up, turn, push down.
08:46 Turn up, turn down. Turn up, turn press.
08:53 Turn curl, turn press. Turn curl, turn press.
08:59 Turn curl, turn press. Turn curl, turn press.
09:05 And so five more times.
09:07 That's one and two
09:12 and three, four,
09:16 five. Good.
09:19 All right, we're gonna start our aerobic work.
09:21 We're gonna start real gradual,
09:23 put your hands on your hips,
09:24 and step out to the side, come back to the center.
09:28 Step out the other way,
09:30 to the center, step, center, step.
09:34 Okay, you too, ladies, keep going.
09:37 We're not gonna go very deep on these,
09:39 we're just gonna go ahead
09:40 and start stretching that middle area,
09:42 the adductors, inner thigh area,
09:46 and we'll start warming our legs up for aerobic workout.
09:51 I want to emphasize again for those at home,
09:53 who are battling something like fibromyalgia,
09:56 if you are starting to experience any discomfort,
09:58 just go and stop and rest for a moment,
10:01 until you feel like you're able to keep going.
10:06 All right, keep going.
10:10 You doing all right? Yes.
10:12 Easy, right?
10:14 So far. So far.
10:15 Well, we're not gonna get too crazy today
10:16 because again for somebody with fibromyalgia
10:19 I want them to feel very comfortable doing this.
10:21 There's so many things that we find
10:23 very affective at helping this,
10:25 one of the things I've found
10:26 with people with autoimmune disorders,
10:28 they do fantastic when they go through our counseling program.
10:32 That's one of the things we have,
10:33 that's unique at our center
10:34 is we have a full time counselor
10:36 Because usually when people with autoimmune disorder
10:39 is gonna be saying, you're God damn crazy.
10:40 No, I'm not telling you that all.
10:42 But stress causes a lot of disease
10:45 and so if you deal with the stress in your life,
10:48 then it helps you to be able to start working
10:50 on your healing process.
10:52 Because the body needs to feel good in it's wholeness.
10:54 And so if we feel at dis-ease with our mental health
10:59 and our spiritual health, then that's gonna affect
11:01 our immune system, okay.
11:03 Let's go ahead and start stepping in place.
11:05 Okay, use the hands,
11:07 use your arms, pump them up.
11:11 In fact, I've a good friend
11:12 who's a doctor who always says,
11:14 if there's something in our life
11:16 that we're doing that we shouldn't be doing,
11:20 or if there's something you should be doing
11:22 but you're not doing, it's gonna put you
11:25 in a state of dis-ease.
11:27 And so if your actions don't match your beliefs,
11:31 then pretty soon your beliefs
11:33 will start matching your actions,
11:34 instead of your actions matching your beliefs.
11:37 So if we're working against our spirit,
11:39 we're doing things we know we shouldn't be doing
11:41 or if there's things we should be doing,
11:42 but we're not doing, it's gonna make us feel
11:45 not too good about ourselves and that can cause stress.
11:49 In fact, I even tell people all the time,
11:51 look if you're overweight
11:52 and you keep weighing yourself on the scale,
11:54 that's gonna create more stress
11:56 and more stress is gonna keep you from losing fat,
12:00 because people at overweight
12:01 when they get stressed out they hang on to fat.
12:04 People that are very thin when they get stressed out,
12:07 what they do? They burn fat, because that's what they do,
12:09 their bodies are very good at burning fat.
12:11 Okay, let's pick it up a little bit,
12:13 although we're not gonna go too intense,
12:15 we're not just taking a walk in the park either.
12:17 So, we want to pick it up a little bit now.
12:19 For those at home, you need to stop
12:21 while you're doing this, fine.
12:23 We do want to give you a little bit of aerobic workout,
12:25 but we're not gonna get too bouncy,
12:26 which is gonna make it a little tough on the variety sake.
12:29 But yet we want to make sure
12:30 you can get a workout,
12:31 so we're gonna be a little bit--
12:36 a little bit but not misogynous, it would be a good term for it,
12:39 because we're gonna be staying with just a couple
12:40 different moves to make sure you do it.
12:42 But, once again, if you just do this particular motion,
12:45 you know the re-bounder has become very, very popular,
12:48 people just bounce up and down on it.
12:50 And they do try and give you a little variety,
12:51 but there's only so many ways you can bounce up and down.
12:53 There's only really so many ways
12:54 you can step up and down without getting too dancy
12:57 and, of course, you're on body and spirit aerobics,
12:59 we try not to do that,
13:00 I don't try not to challenge any of my former teachings
13:04 of being a folk dance teacher back
13:06 when I was in a public university,
13:08 in my physical education aspect of my degree.
13:15 It's really a good program now,
13:16 because there were 38 women and only 7 men,
13:19 so the women had to ask the guys to dance.
13:21 I was very popular especially in square dancing
13:24 because I can twirl two women by myself, so.
13:28 Okay let's go back to the side steps now.
13:30 Step and step, step,
13:36 I also got very good at the polka.
13:38 I never knew. I know, I wouldn't know it now.
13:46 That was about 35 years ago, or 36 years ago,
13:50 so it's been few years ago.
14:01 Okay, let's speed it up just a little bit here, side to side.
14:12 Okay, now what I would like to do
14:15 is have you go into some gentle squats,
14:17 cross your arms and start squatting,
14:19 don't go very deep.
14:21 Do what we usually do, go down to our normal depth
14:23 that we usually do, deeper.
14:26 Okay, now let's just go and cut that in half.
14:29 There we go, we go all the way up still.
14:33 People with autoimmune disorders
14:34 aren't gonna wanna get into that mid quad burn area,
14:37 where you're just sitting there
14:39 without going full extension up.
14:41 If you don't do full range of motion
14:43 you can keep the focus on your quadriceps
14:46 with more intensity, but that's the point
14:48 that we're after right now.
14:50 Okay, this is just a nice gradual squat,
14:52 we're not going very deeper,
14:54 we're still staying with the same principles
14:56 we always use on Body and Spirit.
14:58 In Body and Spirit aerobics, we're pushing the hips back,
15:02 keeping the chest up,
15:04 and keeping the knees over the feet.
15:07 You jot your knees forward over your feet,
15:09 then you're gonna possibly open yourself up
15:12 to having some problems with your knees,
15:15 but what you're doing is great.
15:17 You ladies look good, nice, and easy right. Okay.
15:22 Corrie, starting to warm up,
15:23 though I can see that even still.
15:27 Okay, let's go about ten more.
15:33 And squat, there's three and four,
15:37 and five and six,
15:40 and seven, eight,
15:45 nine, ten.
15:47 okay step in place, okay.
15:50 Other things you find so valuable in helping people
15:53 with fibromyalgia are your sleep pattern.
15:56 If you go to bed before midnight,
15:59 the sleep you get before midnight is always said
16:01 to be twice as beneficial and sleep after midnight,
16:06 because you're following your natural rhythms of your body,
16:08 the pineal gland start telling you,
16:10 it's time to go to sleep,
16:11 you follow that inclination that your body's giving you
16:15 and you become healthier.
16:16 Because you know produce more growth hormone
16:18 and you get into the melatonin production,
16:22 and that makes you healthier.
16:24 And as you get older
16:25 this may not be a big deal to you girls right now,
16:27 but as you get older the human growth hormone slows down.
16:30 You don't develop it as quickly as you once did,
16:32 when you're 12, 13, 14 years old
16:35 they sprain your ankle,
16:36 your back up again 2 or 3 days later.
16:39 If you're 72 years old and you sprain your ankle
16:42 2 or 3 months later you're often going again.
16:44 So, it takes a whole lot longer as you get older to recover.
16:48 You don't recover as fast as you do
16:49 when you're young because human growth hormones
16:51 going at a high charge.
16:53 Okay, let's go back and do our side steps again.
17:05 So that sleep before midnight is very beneficial
17:07 and also getting up at a decent hour,
17:10 laying in bed all day doesn't gonna help anybody.
17:13 So Brittany next time you're home on vacation
17:15 I'll remind you of that.
17:16 Oh, it's so much fun though.
17:25 Thing about sleep is, if you don't sleep at least six hours
17:28 it has been found to be detrimental to your health,
17:31 but if you sleep more than nine,
17:32 that's also been found to be detrimental.
17:40 You'd probably be more likely to volunteer
17:42 for the nine hour person than the six hour person.
17:44 Yeah, pick me for that study. Okay.
17:48 What if they get paid for that?
17:51 Well, that's-- Paid to sleep.
17:54 Whatever meant to that.
17:56 Spoken like a true college student.
18:03 Okay, let's go five more.
18:06 that's one, and two,
18:09 and three, four, five.
18:14 Okay, step back in place again.
18:17 Diet of course, is also extremely important
18:20 and one of the things you really want to focus on,
18:22 if you're battling autoimmune disorders,
18:25 is only eating two to three times a day
18:28 and I know at college, is that hard?
18:30 How often you eat there in college?
18:32 Two to three times. Two to three times a day.
18:33 What about you? Two to three times.
18:35 Very good. Two to three times a day is good
18:37 because you want to give your body a chance to recover.
18:41 Okay, let's pump the arms a little more
18:42 and when you eat right before bedtime,
18:44 which is something a lot of people do,
18:46 you're producing insulin because of the fact
18:48 that you've eaten something
18:49 and growth hormone is not being produced
18:51 in the presence of insulin.
18:52 And so once again you're cutting back
18:54 on how much human growth hormone
18:56 you be producing and that growth hormone
18:58 will have a definite affect
19:00 on how your immune system is being processed.
19:03 So we don't want to have a good strong immune system
19:05 and so making sure you don't have a much of insulin present
19:10 when you go to bed will help you.
19:11 So, don't snack before bedtime.
19:13 Yes, sir. Okay, all right.
19:19 Brittany's got it tough
19:20 since she's my daughter as well here so.
19:24 How are we doing? Are we doing okay?
19:26 Doing good. Pick it up a little bit more.
19:30 Okay, lift the knees a little higher,
19:32 swing the arms little more.
19:34 I'm assuming that everybody
19:35 who's following along at home will now be getting warmed up
19:38 so they're able to handle a little bit more.
19:41 And then we'll start our cooling down here
19:43 in just a few minutes.
19:47 Okay, that looks good.
19:52 Okay, let's go back and do some squats again.
19:56 Okay, back to where you were just the partials.
19:58 Okay, squatting is just a fantastic exercise.
20:02 It helps to develop your gluteus maximus muscles,
20:05 which are the strongest muscles of the body.
20:07 It help you stand up, they extend the hip.
20:09 And so anytime you standup
20:11 or running and jumping
20:13 all these things are you know the stronger
20:16 you're gluteus maximus is,
20:17 the better you can run and jump. Okay.
20:24 Okay, Let's go a little bit deeper, little bit deeper.
20:26 you're wanting so warmed up,
20:28 should be go down just little more.
20:29 Right let's do ten more up of it.
20:38 and two, and down and down,
20:43 five and six, seven, eight,
20:50 nine, and ten.
20:52 Okay, step in place again.
20:56 Okay, let's go ahead
20:57 and slow our step down though,
20:58 we're gonna start cooling down.
21:00 For the next couple of minutes,
21:01 we're just gonna be relaxing,
21:04 the cooling down aspect of the training program
21:06 not only is it the funniest part of the aerobic workout,
21:09 but it's also one of the more beneficial parts
21:11 because it helps you to start cooling your heart back down
21:14 to which the heart rate is slowing down
21:16 and you're allowing your legs to help that process
21:20 of pumping the venous blood back up to the heart.
21:30 So, along with the healthy food
21:33 I have found that when people with fibromyalgia
21:36 and autoimmune disorders, when they're under a lot of stress
21:38 or when they cheat and they start having
21:41 a bunch of refine foods,
21:42 the next day they hurt a lot more,
21:44 and especially sugary type products
21:46 definitely affect the immune system.
21:48 And it comes out when they cheat we know about it
21:52 because they hurt more.
21:54 But those who will follow the program
21:56 and do the routine powerfully,
21:58 they're just amazed at how good they feel
22:00 in a three week time period
22:02 to the point where they just say, wow, amazing.
22:05 I never thought I could feel this good
22:06 in such a short period of time.
22:07 We're talking about people who have given up hope
22:10 and been suffering with pain for 20 and 30 years
22:12 and didn't think there was a thing they can do about it.
22:16 But there is, there's good news. Okay.
22:20 We're down to our last 30 seconds,
22:23 so just keep stepping gradual.
22:28 Corrie, you're holding up okay at this time.
22:30 I am. That's good.
22:34 We'll have to make sure we make up for that next time
22:36 you do a program with me.
22:40 We're down to-- I am in trouble now.
22:41 What's that? I'm in trouble now.
22:43 You're in troubled now, okay.
22:44 Well, not yet.
22:48 We're down to our last five seconds,
22:51 four, three, two, one, okay.
22:55 Let's stretch out now.
22:56 Okay, Brittany, look you've to put
22:58 your right hand on my shoulder.
23:00 You put your left, okay.
23:01 You get hold of your right leg.
23:02 Okay, you get a hold of your left.
23:04 We're gonna stretch the quadriceps.
23:06 Stretching is also great valuable component
23:08 for people with autoimmune disorders,
23:11 keep the flexibility in range of motion of your muscles.
23:14 Now, suddenly you may have trouble
23:15 getting a hold of your ankle like these girls are doing.
23:18 So, if all you can do is get a hold of your pant leg,
23:20 that's okay. Brittany, why don't you do that?
23:22 Just get a hold of your pant leg.
23:23 So that's all the further you can come that's okay.
23:26 And if you keep doing the stretching
23:28 you'll find, you'll get better and better
23:29 and pretty soon you'll be grabbing your ankle.
23:31 We've a lot of wellness guests, grew intimate ties,
23:34 when they first come to the program
23:35 can't get a hold of their ankle,
23:39 but after they've done the program for a week or so
23:42 now certain voila! Your arms are longer.
23:44 Now they've gotten more flexible,
23:45 now they can get a hold of their ankle.
23:50 Okay, and hold it.
23:54 All right, good.
23:55 Now what we're gonna do is we're gonna step out,
23:58 we're gonna go up on your heel and lean into it,
24:00 keep your chest up,
24:01 keep your of the legs straight, lean forward.
24:10 And hold, keep the chest up.
24:13 breathe into the nose out through the mouth.
24:17 Okay, other side.
24:22 Lean into it, and hold it.
24:29 Focusing on stretching the back of the legs right now.
24:31 So the right leg is out up on the heel.
24:35 Excuse me, you're on your heel,
24:37 your toe is up, your back leg is bent,
24:40 chest is up, okay.
24:42 Now step back to the side
24:44 and stretch the inside of the thigh,
24:47 so when you're stretching the right leg,
24:49 the right leg is straight, left leg is bent.
24:54 Keep the chest up still.
24:57 That helps the breathing.
25:01 Okay, switch over the other side.
25:05 Right knee is bent.
25:08 Straighten the left leg, stretch the inside of the thigh.
25:14 Okay, good.
25:15 Now we're gonna put our hands behind the back,
25:17 do a little abdominal exercise
25:19 and low back, blow out, bend over,
25:22 come up, lay back.
25:25 Blow out, over, up and back,
25:31 blow out, over, up and back,
25:36 blow out over, up and back,
25:41 blow out, over, up, and back,
25:46 blow out, over, up, and back,
25:51 blow out, over, up, and back,
25:56 blow out, over, up, and back,
26:00 three more times.
26:01 Over, up, and back, blow out,
26:06 over, up, and back, blow out,
26:10 over, up, and back.
26:13 Okay, let's go and turn
26:16 and turn and turn
26:23 and turn and turn
26:28 and turn and turn
26:33 and turn and turn
26:39 and turn, two more times each way.
26:42 Turn and turn
26:47 and turn and turn, good, all right.
26:52 Thanks a lot ladies, we're done.
26:56 In working with people we find that the concepts
27:00 for helping fibromyalgia are also beneficial
27:02 for so many other conditions.
27:04 Drinking lots of water, getting plenty of rest,
27:06 all those things are gonna help us to have a healthy life,
27:09 also will help prevent diseases that might come our way.
27:13 So whatever it is, whatever condition
27:15 you're talking about, eating lots of fresh fruits
27:17 and vegetables and whole grains
27:19 that's something to keep in mind for everything you do
27:21 and most of all, do it for the right reason.
27:24 Glorify God with your body
27:25 because you're the temple of the Holy Spirit
27:27 with He is within you and you want to do it
27:30 for the right reason.
27:31 Not just for looking good or feeling good,
27:34 but to glorify God in all that you do and say.
27:37 On Body and Spirit, and Body and Spirit Aerobics
27:39 we use the scripture of Philippians 4:13,
27:42 which says, "I can do all things
27:44 through Christ, which strengthens me."
27:46 God bless you and thanks for joining us.
27:48 We you look to forward seeing you next time
27:50 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


Revised 2014-12-17