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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Brittany Nunez, Corrie Sample


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00:02 The following program is designed
00:03 to demonstrate simple workouts
00:05 that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:13 Osteoporosis is a condition
00:15 that many women worry about
00:16 and spend a lot of money on to try and prevent.
00:19 There's good news, there is a very inexpensive
00:21 and effective way to prevent osteoporosis
00:23 by getting into a healthy lifestyle.
00:25 We're gonna talk about
00:26 that more next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:56 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez.
00:57 Wellness Director of the Black Hills
00:58 Health and Education Center.
00:59 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
01:02 Many women spend a lot of time
01:04 worrying about osteoporosis
01:05 and they subdue as much as they can to help prevent it,
01:08 but yet there are some simple things you can do.
01:11 Do not how to worry about it,
01:12 we're gonna talk about that as we go through our program.
01:15 Helping me out today will be my daughter,
01:16 Britney, and Corrie.
01:18 They're both students at Union College.
01:21 Corrie is the senior, Britney is the junior.
01:22 And what's your major?
01:24 International Rescue and Relief.
01:27 Okay, and Britney is in the same program,
01:29 I keep telling that she put the relief before the rescue.
01:31 But I think they have to rescue him
01:33 before they give him relief.
01:34 I thought relief as well, exactly.
01:35 It doesn't matter.
01:36 We're gonna get into our program today,
01:37 we're gonna be doing a program
01:38 that's gonna help prevent osteoporosis.
01:40 And so by doing that,
01:41 we're gonna have to do a little resistance exercise
01:44 on the upper body as well,
01:45 because we find that is best way to help prevent it.
01:48 Both our young ladies
01:49 here are good candidates not to get it,
01:51 because they haven't working out for a longtime.
01:54 But we'll talk about that as we get going.
01:56 Okay, let's warm up by doing some arm circles.
01:59 We're gonna go up and around
02:01 and up and around and up and around.
02:03 We're gonna loosen up the joints.
02:09 I've seen some really good benefits
02:11 from working out with people.
02:14 Hey, let's go back the other way.
02:16 I know of a woman in her 70s
02:17 that you know very well,
02:19 Britney, who was having problems with osteoporosis
02:22 and she started working out
02:23 and when she had her bone density
02:25 check after working out for a year,
02:27 it improved 4 percent which was fantastic.
02:30 Usually if they just stay status quo they're excited
02:32 but for to get better was really,
02:34 very staggering for them.
02:37 Okay, let's go and relax.
02:39 Now we're gonna do some pushups
02:41 and we'll do them off the knees
02:42 because this program is gonna be
02:44 somewhat designed for women,
02:45 because women are the ones
02:46 who worry about it the most,
02:48 not that men can't get osteoporosis 'cause they can.
02:50 But it's more common in women and you know, why?
02:53 Because they don't have good posture
02:55 and maintain their bone mass.
02:56 Well, that's part of it,
02:58 but women tend to have smaller bones naturally.
03:01 And so men having larger bones
03:03 will have less chance of getting osteoporosis,
03:06 because there's more bone mass to break down.
03:08 Okay, so obviously those
03:10 who are very petite have a higher chance of it.
03:14 Okay, let's go ahead and do the pushups,
03:17 you want to keep the back straight,
03:18 lower yourself down, and push back up.
03:21 Now if you have to use the wall,
03:23 because you can't get down on the floor yet,
03:25 that's okay.
03:26 But you want to get working on these things,
03:28 so you can get down this way,
03:29 because this is a weight bearing type exercise
03:33 where you're forcing your body
03:34 to do some bending of the bones
03:36 as you go down and stretch your body
03:39 and that's telling your body
03:41 it wants to grab more calcium.
03:45 Very good.
03:47 How many we've done, Britney?
03:49 Fifteen.
03:56 So this is 20, yes.
03:58 Keep going. You're doing fine.
04:05 Okay, we're gonna test them a little bit,
04:07 we're gonna see if they can do five more.
04:09 One, strong, two, and up,
04:13 and up, and up, good and nice easy 30.
04:18 Okay, come on up.
04:20 That felt good, good.
04:22 All right, hands behind the head,
04:24 stretch back, lean back just a little bit.
04:27 You're kind of emphasis
04:28 the stretch of the chest muscles.
04:32 And now what you can do
04:33 is you're giving yourself a hug.
04:39 Pull your shoulder blades apart.
04:42 Okay, and now back over head again,
04:47 lean back.
04:51 And now give yourself another hug.
04:55 Pull your shoulder blades apart.
05:00 Okay, good.
05:02 What we're gonna do is get the towels,
05:04 Corrie get each one of us a towel,
05:07 one for each of us.
05:12 There you go Britney. Thank you.
05:13 Okay, now we're gonna use this to help with our workout.
05:17 And we're gonna grab the end of the towel,
05:19 and we're gonna put our left leg out,
05:22 grab about 6 inches from the other hand,
05:24 we're gonna pull back, and pull back out,
05:27 pull and out, and pull and out.
05:32 Okay, bend over a little more, there we go.
05:35 This is working our upper back muscles,
05:37 latissimus dorsi,
05:40 and also the rhomboids will get some effect.
05:43 All sorts of good things will happen.
05:45 Britney, I hope you're counting.
05:47 Four.
05:52 Okay, your job is to help keep me on count.
05:55 Yes, sir.
05:59 Now where we at?
06:01 Eleven, okay.
06:02 Twelve.
06:06 May have to have you double checker, Corrie.
06:09 Okay.
06:12 Two more.
06:15 Okay, good.
06:16 Let switch to other side.
06:22 Okay, pull, and pull, and pull,
06:28 and pull, and pull,
06:32 pull, and pull.
06:35 Focus on the muscles give yourself some resistance,
06:38 and pull, and pull,
06:41 and pull, pull.
06:47 Where we at? Sixteen.
06:48 fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, two more,
06:56 and good, okay.
06:58 Now we're gonna do is you're gonna
07:00 grab the end of your towel like that, okay.
07:03 And we're gonna grab it about 6 inches away again.
07:06 This time we're gonna raise it up,
07:08 and pull back down, and up and pull,
07:12 and up and pull, and up and pull, up and pull,
07:19 up and down, up.
07:22 All right, keep going,
07:23 focus on your shoulders as you're doing this,
07:25 give yourself some resistance, make yourself work.
07:29 And up, and up, and up, and up,
07:37 have 15, close, 14.
07:41 Okay, I'll try it?
07:44 Okay, 18, yes.
07:46 Nineteen, one more time, and 20, good.
07:51 Now we're gonna take it with our other hand,
07:54 so we're gonna grab the end,
07:56 grab about 6 inches away,
07:58 and raise up and down, and up and down,
08:02 and up and down, up and down,
08:07 and up, and up.
08:10 Focus on the muscles as you doing it,
08:12 it should be feeling in your shoulders,
08:15 give yourself some work.
08:20 Where were we at, Britney?
08:21 Twelve, okay.
08:26 five more times,
08:28 and up, and up, and up,
08:34 and up, and up, good.
08:37 Okay, now what I want to do
08:40 is I want you to grab towards the end again
08:42 and just keep the same spacing,
08:46 bend over, we're gonna kick the right arm back.
08:50 Actual you give yourself a little more space
08:52 about a foot, kick back,
08:56 and kick back, kick back, and kick,
09:01 and kick, this is work on the triceps area.
09:08 Okay, how many, Britney?
09:13 9, 10, 11, 12.
09:19 Okay, 13, 14, 15, 16,
09:26 and three more.
09:30 All right, switch sides now.
09:34 Okay, kick back, and kick, and kick,
09:39 flex your triceps each time as you do it.
09:42 And push, and push, and push, kick back,
09:48 and kick, and out, and out.
09:55 Where we're at, fourteen.
09:57 Okay, keep the elbow in one spot,
10:00 take it back, and kick,
10:03 and kick, and good, all right.
10:08 Okay, let me have the towels,
10:11 we'll discard of those.
10:13 Okay, now we're gonna go ahead and stretch.
10:16 So I want you to bring
10:17 your arm before your head,
10:19 grab your elbow and pull.
10:23 Remember, fitness is made up of strength,
10:26 cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility,
10:28 so we want to do all aspects.
10:31 Okay, now locked arm up,
10:32 bend at the elbow get a hold,
10:35 elbow with your other hand and pull.
10:43 All right.
10:44 Now let's put the right arm out straight,
10:47 bring it across your body,
10:48 reach up with your other hand,
10:51 and pull against the elbow,
10:53 steady stretch about 10 seconds.
10:56 Make sure you breath, try and relax,
10:59 feel the stretch, all right.
11:03 Reach out with the left arm now,
11:05 bring it across the right side,
11:07 up behind, and pull.
11:13 Okay, hold it about five more seconds, and relax.
11:20 All right, we're gonna start into our aerobic workout.
11:22 In doing so, we're gonna start with lunges,
11:24 so hands on the hip, okay.
11:26 Step out with your right leg first.
11:29 Okay, go down, and back, left leg now,
11:33 we're just gonna alternate.
11:38 Very good, this is an excellent exercise for everybody.
11:43 You might hurt the knee a little bit,
11:45 so if you do have problems with your knees
11:47 you might want to just shorten up your strokes,
11:49 you don't go quite as far down.
11:51 The main part of the lunges
11:53 is to make sure you don't send your knee past your foot,
11:57 keep your chest up.
12:00 Our ladies are doing very well,
12:03 but overall it's a great exercise
12:04 for stimulating muscle development
12:06 which will also stimulate bone density.
12:11 One of the things that women don't realize is so much
12:14 of what they take in.
12:15 The high protein diet is very typical in American diet
12:18 is the major culprit for the osteoporosis,
12:21 because you find that cultures
12:23 who don't take in lot of protein,
12:24 and also don't take in all that much calcium,
12:27 they don't have osteoporosis.
12:29 But those who have higher protein
12:30 intakes will battle that,
12:32 and even things like milk
12:34 where people think as a great calcium source.
12:36 Actually research has shown
12:37 that people actually loose calcium
12:39 with every glass of milk they have except gaining
12:41 which is something
12:42 you don't hear a lot of-obviously
12:44 because they don't want to get
12:45 that type of information out there,
12:46 because people then tend to buy less milk.
12:50 And the meat products and animal products
12:52 although they may have a lot of calcium in,
12:54 they also again are high in protein and fat
12:57 which will cut down the amount of stimulation.
13:03 Okay, good, let's step in place.
13:05 Okay, let's get the arms moving, good.
13:14 Drinking a lot of water is also very beneficial
13:16 because that helps flush out excess,
13:19 and so when people are on the high protein diets,
13:22 it's gonna cause a lot stress on their body,
13:24 because they have to break that down.
13:26 Eating a low protein diet, you're gonna find yourself
13:28 assimilate calcium much more efficiently,
13:31 and also getting outside
13:32 and getting a lot of sunshine is very beneficial.
13:34 Okay, let's step it up more.
13:36 Because really what you're looking to do
13:38 is to super charge the vitamin D and lot of people,
13:41 we see this all the time
13:42 they come to our wellness program,
13:44 they're actually Vitamin D deficient,
13:45 even if they come from Florida or Arizona,
13:47 because they don't get out enough.
13:49 And if you don't get vitamin D going,
13:51 it's gonna effect the calcium,
13:52 unfortunately when then they supplement the calcium,
13:55 then they don't assimilate
13:56 the Vitamin or Vitamin D as effectively
13:58 or go into the conversions
14:00 of it into supper charge Vitamin D.
14:03 And so super charge Vitamin D is a 1000 times
14:05 more active than regular Vitamin D.
14:08 Okay, pick them up a little more.
14:12 Okay, keep smiling ladies, keep smiling.
14:20 Very good.
14:22 So getting out and walking or jogging
14:25 are gonna be very beneficial for helping the bone matrix,
14:27 swimming not so much,
14:29 because you're staying buoyant,
14:30 although swimming is excellent exercise,
14:32 yeah if you can swim.
14:37 For me it's an exercise in futility.
14:41 Okay, Corrie, as you're stepping come little closer to me,
14:45 there we go.
14:46 Okay, let's go ahead and stop that.
14:49 Put your hands on your hips,
14:50 and lunge off to the side, go left first,
14:53 okay, back, and step out to the right now,
14:56 good, now left, and right.
15:00 The side lunges will give us a little variation
15:03 and it will work the inside of the thighs.
15:06 Aerobic exercise is rhythmic activity
15:08 of the major muscle group,
15:10 but you want to also get to resistance work
15:12 in there 'cause resistance works
15:13 can be very beneficial in helping the bone matrix.
15:16 And, one of the things that really is important
15:19 for helping prevent osteoporosis
15:21 is getting rid off pop and diet pop.
15:24 Those are high in phosphoric acid
15:26 and they cause a seesaw battle with calcium
15:28 and those who are taking a lots of pop,
15:30 will also have problems with bone matrix
15:32 and certainly a lot of young women drink pop.
15:35 Do you ladies know of anybody
15:37 who drinks a lot of pop?
15:38 Few people, okay.
15:42 And while drinking that you strain
15:44 yourself up for some bad things.
15:46 So eliminate pop and diet pop,
15:49 very beneficial for preventing osteoporosis.
15:52 Buy something else to drink like water,
15:54 okay, that's much more helpful.
15:56 Pop is really empty calories,
15:58 it doesn't do anything good for you.
15:59 It's got lot of chemicals in it
16:01 and that's gonna effect your overall body performance.
16:06 And people say, but it's good, it taste so good.
16:13 My response is get over it.
16:16 Okay, step in place.
16:24 Another thing that people take in,
16:26 way too much up,
16:27 that effects the calcium balance, is coffee and alcohol.
16:31 Both those things will tend to dehydrate you,
16:33 which will cause you to get rid of-exercise
16:36 your fluid and in that fluid is calcium.
16:39 So there's many things that's effective,
16:41 but high protein diet that's far the most devastating,
16:45 because it's gonna effect the balance
16:46 because of the high acidity of protein
16:49 of the amino acids.
16:50 And so your body is gonna be trying to get more alkaline,
16:53 so it goes after alkaline phosphate from the bones
16:56 and coming with it will be calcium.
17:01 Okay, let's get into a squat position now,
17:03 cross your arms, squat down
17:06 and back up, squat down.
17:08 And this is gonna be a great exercise
17:11 for preventing osteoporosis
17:13 and that's what we really talking about
17:14 and that's what our ladies would like to do here.
17:16 They are little young for it right now,
17:18 but you'd like to avoid ever having it, right? Definitely.
17:21 Okay, but many young women of your age
17:24 grow up to be older women ended up having it
17:27 and a lot of the recourse is gained
17:29 because they don't take care of themselves.
17:30 Another big component of osteoporosis
17:32 why so many women
17:34 get it is because they don't do resistance exercise,
17:37 weight bearing exercise,
17:38 developing your muscle mass to as much as possible.
17:41 Because as these young ladies keep doing the exercises
17:44 and building themselves up,
17:45 what that's gonna do is help them,
17:47 not to have problems later in life,
17:48 because and especially I'd encourage young girls,
17:52 12, 13, 14 years old to get
17:53 in a good regular exercise program,
17:55 because that's when their body is developing.
17:58 And I know, Britney,
17:59 you started doing little exercise,
18:00 you know, when you were just a little--
18:01 taking doing pull-ups off by arm and so forth
18:04 and that all helped you when you started to grow up,
18:07 because you automatically had the muscles
18:09 you were developing in young age.
18:11 So even though we don't get all that much strength
18:13 early on as children,
18:15 but yet we start developing for the future.
18:18 And when we do hit adolescence
18:19 now all of sudden here we go, start getting lot stronger.
18:24 Okay, now let's go ahead and step in place again.
18:28 In fact, when you were going to school up
18:29 in Montana, Tamarack Springs,
18:32 didn't you climb some high peak, over there?
18:34 It's true, which one is it?
18:36 I climbed, it's Rainbow Peak.
18:37 And how high is it?
18:40 I don't remember the exact number,
18:41 but it was one of the mountains in Glacier National Park.
18:44 Okay, and some of the guys weren't able to do it, right?
18:47 It's true. And then some of the guys did it,
18:49 because you did it.
18:50 It's true.
18:51 So we can't quit, we got to get up there.
18:55 It's really hard on the male ego,
18:57 when girls make us look bad,
18:58 so that's something we want.
19:01 Okay, let's pump the arms little more.
19:04 I told you we're gonna make it glow next time
19:06 I worked you out, Corrie. That's true.
19:07 Starting to happen, working on it.
19:12 We're doing great though.
19:14 And not too much longer
19:16 we'll start our cool down phase, but not yet.
19:18 Okay, let's go back and do some side lunges,
19:20 step this way, okay, let's go out to left,
19:23 okay, hands on the hips.
19:30 Rhythmic activity of major muscle groups
19:31 that's what gonna help us burn some body fat.
19:35 And by stepping out like this,
19:36 we are putting little stress on the hip area
19:39 which again will be count for the body
19:42 to hang on to that calcium
19:45 that's where we're after, creating a knee.
19:48 Weight bearing exercise is so important for that.
19:50 Lot of women shy away from it
19:53 and that's the worst thing they can do.
19:54 I know a woman I'm working out in Rapid City,
19:56 she looked like she was ready to break anytime
19:58 you'd touch because she was in her 70s.
20:01 And now when she goes to visit her family
20:02 and they hug her they go mom
20:04 what have you done to yourself,
20:05 you feel so much more solid now,
20:07 because she's been working out.
20:08 And so it's really exciting to see that,
20:10 where then they can do so much more
20:12 where before one time
20:13 one of her relatives hugged her
20:14 and she broke her rip, that sad.
20:17 You know, somebody takes a step,
20:18 they break their hip and fall to the ground
20:20 that's what we want to prevent.
20:22 And so good healthy diet
20:24 and also having your mind right,
20:26 because the Bible talks about the fact that,
20:30 "A merry heart doeth well like what medicine."
20:35 But a sad spirit, you know,
20:36 what the Bible says you about that,
20:38 "It dry up the bones," dries up the bones.
20:40 And then finally when people are depressed
20:42 they get more osteoporosis.
20:43 Okay, let's go back to stepping again.
20:49 Okay, let's pick it up a little bit,
20:50 knees up high, pump the arms,
20:52 pick the knees up, knees up.
20:56 Marching desire, let's go, up, up, up,
21:00 marching away, good.
21:03 I told I would make him jog today,
21:05 but well at least get some good marching in there.
21:11 But it's almost time for the cool down.
21:15 Let's speed it up a little bit.
21:19 Very good ladies, very good, knees up,
21:22 knees up, good.
21:26 We got a minute and half to go
21:27 and we can start cooling down,
21:30 sprint to the finish line.
21:33 You're gonna make it Corrie?
21:34 Definitely. How about you, Britney,
21:36 you're gonna make it, oh, yes.
21:38 Have you climbed any high peaks Corrie?
21:39 Fourteen thousand foot.
21:41 Fourteen thousand that qualifies,
21:42 what was that?
21:45 I forget the names
21:46 but we climbed three of them in two days.
21:47 Three of them, Was Mount Rainier one of them?
21:50 Okay, now that's up to that range.
21:52 In Colorado they have mountains in Colorado,
21:54 I hadn't noticed, I'm kidding.
21:56 They have lots and lots and lots--
21:58 Yes, I do, they have lots of, they're called the Rockies.
22:01 I forget this.
22:03 Yeah, I'm sure they are, they're very impressive
22:05 when you fly over a place,
22:06 just go on and on and on, and on.
22:08 How much fun to drive over
22:10 especially in the winter time.
22:11 Okay, pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.
22:16 You can warm yet, Corrie.
22:17 I'm glowing so.
22:18 You're glowing, glowing, lots of glowing going on.
22:21 Okay, down to our last 30 seconds.
22:25 How about you, Britney, you're getting warm?
22:26 Yes. okay.
22:28 Looking forward to cool down.
22:29 Looking forward to cool down, yeah me too.
22:36 Okay, down to our last 20.
22:38 So certainly having a good relationship with God,
22:41 helps us not to get into a depressed state
22:43 which is gonna cause various problem.
22:45 Okay, down to 10 more seconds.
22:49 Almost lost track of time there for second,
22:51 almost I gonna let you off early.
22:53 Glad I came back to my senses,
22:54 okay slow it down, slow it down,
22:56 oh, very nice, slow it down.
22:59 Okay, the cool down phase in aerobic exercise,
23:02 extremely important
23:03 because while these ladies are going at it,
23:05 their heart rate was picking up,
23:07 their chemicals of the body
23:08 were stimulate to beat faster to try
23:10 and pump more oxygenated blood throughout the body.
23:13 And now going to the cool down phase.
23:15 What we're doing is we're using the leg muscles
23:18 to circulate the venous blood back up to the heart.
23:20 We're giving it a hand where people stop suddenly
23:24 it could be very detrimental.
23:25 Even in big races, you see track
23:27 and field races even if they just run a marathon
23:30 which you often see is runners don't just stop,
23:33 they keep jogging around the little bit
23:36 as they cool down.
23:37 Of course some of them collapse at the finish line but so they,
23:39 they've little trouble jogging, they have but,
23:42 but you'll see that, where they just
23:43 run a very hard race
23:44 and yet after a hard race runners
23:47 will often times keep lightly jogging
23:49 to help themselves cool down.
23:51 Because people can cause
23:53 a very stressful situation on their heart,
23:56 if they stop suddenly.
23:57 So cooling down
23:59 in aerobic exercise is very important.
24:00 So you're cooling down, Corrie? Working on it.
24:03 And of course the more fit you become,
24:05 the easier it is to cool back down.
24:07 So we're gonna do nice cool down here
24:09 and then we're gonna go through some stretching.
24:12 And then we'll be hopefully done ladies,
24:14 so you're doing very well. Of course I don't know
24:16 if I may have Corrie touch me, she's all sweaty.
24:19 I might just have to give you a big hug.
24:21 Oh, yeah, all right, okay. After I went to phase.
24:24 That would be a first time in Body and Spirit.
24:25 Okay, 30 seconds left to go.
24:31 Okay, just relax, nice and easy, oh, yeah.
24:35 Okay, Britney, that's a little too much
24:36 of a casual stroll.
24:39 Okay, we're down to 15 seconds.
24:45 And now 10, 9, 8, 7,
24:50 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
24:56 Okay, go ahead and use my shoulder as a brace
24:59 and you're gonna go and stretch your quadriceps.
25:03 That should feel good about now.
25:05 Yeah, all the leg work we've done.
25:09 Okay, you do have an efficient cooling system, Corrie?
25:13 I do, very efficient.
25:17 Okay, switch sides.
25:21 Does that happen to you when you get nervous through?
25:23 Only my hands.
25:24 Only your hands, oh, interesting.
25:26 My hands will get cool and clammy, but--Okay.
25:31 So you're quite the medical curiosity. I am.
25:37 Okay, good.
25:39 Now we're gonna do the hamstring,
25:40 you're gonna step out with your left foot,
25:42 will open your heel, toe up.
25:44 Okay, you're gonna lean forward,
25:46 back leg is bend, keep your chest up,
25:48 stretch the back of the leg.
25:51 You feel that back there, yes.
25:53 Okay, good.
25:58 All right, let's switch sides,
26:00 put your leg out, up on the heel,
26:02 lean forward, stretch the back of the leg,
26:06 back leg is bend, chest is up.
26:13 Okay, good.
26:15 All right, step out to the side,
26:18 stretch inside of the thigh, this leg is straight,
26:21 your right leg is straight right now,
26:22 your left leg is bend, chest is still up,
26:26 stretching inside of the thigh.
26:30 Okay, let's go the other way,
26:33 left leg is now straight,
26:35 stretching inside of the left thigh,
26:37 right knee is bend.
26:41 All right and good.
26:42 Let's just finish up with some trunk turns,
26:45 turn left, turn back to the right,
26:50 turn left, turn right,
26:54 turn left, and turn right.
26:59 Okay, ladies, thanks a lot.
27:04 To summarize our program here,
27:06 four things you want to keep in mind,
27:08 cut down your protein intake,
27:09 stop consuming pop and diet-pop,
27:13 get rid of alcohol and coffee,
27:15 and start doing resistance exercise.
27:17 And remember,
27:20 "About the merry spirit works like medicine,
27:23 but the sad spirit dries out your bones."
27:25 So you want to have a good walk with God,
27:28 seek out help if you need it.
27:30 So you have that peace of spirit within you
27:32 that will make you healthier.
27:33 Do it for all the right reasons, do it for the glory of God.
27:37 Remember the scripture
27:38 we claim here all the time on Body and Spirit.
27:40 And Body and Spirit Aerobics
27:41 is Philippians 4:13, which states,
27:43 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."
27:46 God bless you. Thank you for joining us.
27:48 We'll look forward to seeing you next time
27:50 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


Revised 2014-12-17