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Eating Disorders

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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Brittany Nunez, Corrie Sample


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00:02 The following program is designed
00:03 to demonstrate simple workouts
00:05 that you can use to improve your health.
00:09 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Eating disorders affect millions of people.
00:16 And often times at least to a hopeless condition
00:18 for them and for their families,
00:20 but there are things you can do.
00:21 We're gonna talk about that next
00:23 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:50 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:51 of the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:53 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:56 I've seen so many young women
00:58 especially battling eating disorders.
00:59 And it's really sad, because they don't know
01:01 what to do and those around them
01:02 are stuck for answers as well.
01:04 That's gonna be our topic today
01:06 as we get into our exercise program.
01:07 We're ready to begin.
01:09 Helping me out today will be my daughter,
01:10 Britney and Corrie, who are both at Union College.
01:14 And then let see if I get this right
01:16 the International Rescue and Relief Program.
01:18 That is right. All right, Good.
01:19 I finally figured it out after all this time.
01:21 Okay, I'd think we're ready to begin,
01:23 and so we're gonna just warm up little bit.
01:25 We're just gonna reach this way like that
01:27 and then switch and reach the other way
01:29 and we're gonna go back and forth that way.
01:32 Turning the torso, just reaching out,
01:35 reaching out, just gonna loosen up the body
01:39 and get ready for some exercise today. Okay.
01:43 and reach, and reach, and reach,
01:47 and reach, and reach, and reach.
01:51 We too need to reach higher.
01:53 As tall as you.
01:56 Reach, and reach,
01:59 and reach, and reach,
02:02 and reach, and reach,
02:04 and right, and left,
02:06 and right, and left,
02:08 two more each way, there is one, and two.
02:14 All right, we're gonna start with some pushups,
02:16 and we're gonna do mark your knees
02:18 and so go and get down on the ground here.
02:19 For those at home if you need
02:21 to do mark your knees, that's fine.
02:23 Pushups is a great exercise for everybody.
02:26 Some can do them against the wall
02:28 and then they progress to this
02:29 and then to regular pushups.
02:30 So let's go ahead and lower down and pushup.
02:32 The key to this is to keep the back nice
02:35 and straight as you do it.
02:36 You don't want to have your hips ticking
02:38 way up in the air.
02:40 Corrie, do that so they can see,
02:42 you don't want to do it like that.
02:44 You do want to keeps it nice and flat.
02:46 Britney, do the collapse version
02:47 where they collapse down, we don't want that either.
02:50 Okay, go and straight back up again.
02:53 This is an excellent exercise to develop the upper body.
02:57 What we try and do on the program
02:58 as we start with some upper body exercises
03:01 and then we go into aerobic training.
03:04 Finally important to work all aspects of the body,
03:07 so we don't want to neglect something
03:10 and pushups are a good way to exhaust
03:13 lots of muscles in a very short period of time
03:15 as we're starting to do here.
03:18 Okay, let's give me a five more here,
03:21 there is two and three,
03:24 and four, and five.
03:27 All right, come on up, makes for a good warm-up.
03:31 All right, let's put the hands behind the head,
03:33 and stretch back.
03:35 We want to feel it stretch into your chest
03:37 as you're leaning back,
03:41 try and squeeze your shoulder blades together
03:43 as much as you can with your scapula.
03:45 And now give yourself a good morning hug,
03:47 reach as far around as you can
03:49 and pull your shoulder blade apart.
03:53 All right, now we're gonna do the same thing again.
03:58 We're gonna put the hands behind the head.
03:59 We're gonna press the elbows back,
04:01 way back, squeezing the shoulder blades together.
04:07 And now we're gonna reach around
04:08 and give ourselves another hug.
04:14 All right, good.
04:16 We're gonna do some back exercise now.
04:19 We're just gonna bend over at the waist,
04:23 bend your knees, you're in a good position,
04:25 reach out, be in a act like you're pulling something
04:28 back into and reach back out,
04:29 and pull and reach, and pull and reach, and pull.
04:35 All right, keep going at that pace.
04:39 Okay, while you're doing that I'm gonna call over,
04:41 Corrie, here for a second.
04:43 You want to focus on squeezing
04:45 your shoulder blades in as much as possible,
04:48 and as you're doing it, you're resisting
04:49 against yourself if you will.
04:51 So in another words, Corrie, is gonna actually
04:53 be acting like somebody is out here
04:56 giving her some resistance, okay.
04:59 In bodybuilding I've learn through
05:01 all the flexing that we'd have to do
05:03 that you really get a good workout,
05:05 just flexing the muscles hard.
05:06 And so that's what we're thinking about doing
05:08 and this exercise takes a little more concentration
05:11 because people aren't used
05:13 to understanding the dynamics
05:15 of how the muscles work in their upper back.
05:17 In other words you give them a weighted exercise
05:19 now you're doing this, he ask him where they feel it,
05:21 they'll be going right, feel it here
05:23 or why do as feel it in their upper back
05:25 because that muscles were working.
05:27 All right let's do about five more.
05:30 Reach way out and way out
05:35 and way out and reach,
05:38 and one more, good, all right.
05:40 Now let's just stretch that area
05:41 what we're gonna is we're gonna
05:43 put our right arm up over head,
05:45 bend at the elbow, reach up,
05:47 grab it with the other hand
05:48 and pull it toward your center line, okay.
05:54 We want to hold each stretch
05:55 for about a 10 to 15 seconds time period,
05:58 and what we wanna do is make sure
06:00 we keep breathing properly as we do this,
06:03 especially during exertion is going to be breathing in
06:06 through your nose out through the mouth,
06:07 focusing on exhaling as much air as possible.
06:10 Okay, that's long enough, let's go the other side.
06:13 Whenever you stretch, you don't want to pull too hard,
06:15 you want to make sure you're stretching
06:17 not trying to re-establish insertion
06:21 and origin points of your muscles.
06:24 Okay, and go ahead and relax.
06:28 All right, we're gonna do some shoulder work,
06:31 and we're gonna bend over slightly
06:32 against somewhere to we were in our other position,
06:34 we're just gonna raise our arms out,
06:36 hold it there, go down little bit, go back up,
06:39 now let's go way down.
06:41 We're gonna go up, partway down,
06:44 back up, and way down,
06:46 and up, partway down,
06:48 up, way down,
06:50 squeeze your shoulder, partway down,
06:52 back up, and down,
06:54 and up, partway down,
06:56 up, down, and partway down,
07:00 and up, and down.
07:01 These are called one on quarters
07:03 it's a good way of putting a little more emphasis
07:06 on your muscles as you go through workout,
07:09 doing this with dumbbell is fine.
07:11 We're doing it from a little bit of a bend position.
07:13 For those who may have shoulder problems,
07:15 this is a good way of doing them,
07:17 because you're putting more focus
07:18 on the rear aspect of the shoulder
07:20 and then the upper back area again.
07:27 Okay, now let's just stay up here at the top,
07:30 and up, and up, and up,
07:33 now way down, and up partway.
07:38 We're gonna do five up here again and two more.
07:44 And down, and up, partway,
07:48 partway, partway, partway,
07:52 partway, and good. Feel those?
07:55 Yes. Good.
07:57 How are you feeling?
07:58 All right, let's put your right arm
08:00 around in front of you, now bring it across,
08:02 point to your left, bring your left hand up
08:04 behind your arm, right around the elbow and pull,
08:07 pull it into you.
08:10 That you feel good after stimulating the shoulders.
08:14 Stretching is a very important part of exercise.
08:17 We all make sure you stretch warm muscles
08:19 and certainly our muscles that we're stretching are very warm.
08:23 In fact they're kind of burning, at least mine were.
08:25 Reach out, bring it to across.
08:31 Body and Spirit seems to be followed
08:32 more by women than men,
08:34 and often times the men in their family
08:36 will kind of scoff and laugh as they watch.
08:38 Then they'll try it and they'll go,
08:40 oh, that's little harder than I thought. Okay.
08:44 All right, we're ready to start doing,
08:47 some aerobic exercise now.
08:48 I'd like to start with just some easy squats.
08:51 So across your arms, and squat down.
08:54 Let's not go too deep at first,
08:57 just use as a loosening up purpose.
08:59 When you do your squats,
09:01 you want to make sure your knees stay over your feet,
09:04 and you push your hips back, you keep your chest up,
09:08 and what this does and couple things
09:10 is gonna start warming up their legs
09:12 to get into some more aerobic exercise.
09:15 But also it's gonna start that whole process
09:18 because aerobic exercise is rhythmic activity
09:22 of a major muscle group.
09:23 So even if we just did this
09:25 and I imagine although you'd be very sore,
09:27 you can probably do that for quite some time, right?
09:29 Sure. Same with you, Corrie.
09:30 you know, we could probably do this for the whole time.
09:32 Of course, here we get a bit but now listen
09:34 everybody would be tire to watching it
09:36 and they start changing channels.
09:37 But still it's rhythmic activity major muscle group
09:41 and it does work a lot of muscles very, very efficiently.
09:45 Okay, now let's go and take them down further.
09:48 Go down, way down, let's go down,
09:51 down, down, down, down, and down,
09:56 there you go, down, Corrie,
09:59 little bit more about two more inches there,
10:01 that's better, and down, good.
10:05 Now we're challenging it little more
10:08 and this is gonna be working the gluteus maximus.
10:11 And if you don't know what that is,
10:13 that's those muscles who follow you
10:14 around every place you walk
10:17 and then when you done walking you sit on them.
10:23 All right, and now we're gonna shorten up again,
10:26 like you did at the very beginning.
10:30 Doing a little variety in the motion
10:32 is always very beneficial and working muscles
10:35 keeps everything guessing
10:36 and they'll give them a little bit of a rest.
10:42 One more short one.
10:44 Okay, give me ten nice and deep.
10:47 One, and two,
10:51 you want to keep the same form,
10:53 you're just lowering down deeper.
10:55 And now for those at home if you can't go this deep,
10:57 then just go ahead and stay with the short ones.
11:02 This is really an excellent exercise for men as well,
11:05 because they neglect these muscles far too often.
11:08 Okay, let's go and step it out, start stepping.
11:15 We'll start talking little bit about our topic now,
11:17 eating disorders plaque a lot people.
11:20 In fact, I eventually guess,
11:22 Corrie, Britney, you both young ladies in a college.
11:25 Do you have any friends or do you know any people,
11:28 I shouldn't say friends because they'll get nervous,
11:30 but do you know any people at the school
11:32 that you think might battle eating disorder
11:33 or do you know any girls who do?
11:37 There's possibly some that I know.
11:38 Okay. But--
11:39 Some that you might suspect? Non conformed.
11:41 Okay, what about you Britney, have you known any?
11:43 Yes, actually one girl had trouble with passing out.
11:46 Okay, that's a good indicator
11:48 that there might be a problem.
11:53 And it's really sad because their life
11:55 becomes out of control.
11:56 They're wondering what can I do
11:57 and so many people out there think,
12:00 all you've to do is go stop doing that just eat,
12:03 you know, and it doesn't work that way
12:04 or you point out all the negative things
12:06 that are happening to them while doing
12:08 that and they know all of it.
12:09 It's kind of like the alcoholic,
12:11 you're killing yourself with alcohol and they know it,
12:14 but they don't know what to do about,
12:15 because it's more than just the scientific knowledge.
12:18 Okay, let's pick it up some more.
12:27 Little bit higher.
12:31 Very good, knees up, knees up.
12:35 We're getting, we have to get Corrie glowing.
12:40 Okay, let's quietly start jogging in place.
12:44 So one thing I find very important with,
12:47 dealing with people with eating disorders is,
12:50 don't judge them or condemn them,
12:52 support them, make them fill up,
12:54 because basically their life is out of control
12:56 and they find that their eating habit is something
12:59 they can't control and so they get go over the top of that.
13:02 Of course, we're talking about two major disorders,
13:04 we're talking about anorexia nervosa
13:06 where they just spot out, stop eating and eat very little.
13:10 And unfortunately the body will never loose all its body fat.
13:14 So if they get down to 60 pounds,
13:15 they can pin some fat
13:17 and they just sense them over the top
13:18 and they want to start more
13:19 or you have to bulimics who binge and then purge
13:23 which is a very common phenomena,
13:25 you have to watch them closely
13:26 because right after meal,
13:27 also they excuse themselves and go out to the restroom.
13:30 Okay, let's go back and do a walk,
13:33 and pump, here you go, good.
13:37 But by continuing to add to their guilt,
13:39 you're just keeping them in the disorder.
13:41 But one of the things I find so effective
13:44 in helping people with eating disorders
13:46 is getting them into a good exercise,
13:48 because when they're exercising,
13:50 it gives them something else to think about
13:51 which is very Biblical in concept,
13:53 because when people have addictive behaviors
13:55 that they get rid off, the Bible tells us,
13:57 "If you sweep the room clean you don't put
14:00 something in place of it something even worse
14:02 will come back and take its place.
14:03 So when you're changing your eating habits
14:06 and you're starting to eat healthy again.
14:08 Doing the exercise, will help to put something
14:11 in there in place of the negative thoughts
14:13 because exercise is a mood alter.
14:16 Is your mood been altered yet?
14:17 I'll get lot happier.
14:19 Okay, good, okay, then I want some more.
14:23 You're forgetting happiness makes us really happy.
14:29 Just running in place is a good exercise to do now.
14:31 If you can't do that if you're afraid to bounce too much,
14:34 then just go ahead and stay in contact
14:36 with the floor and just keep walking.
14:38 And of course, you can control how hard you're walking by,
14:41 how high you lift your knees
14:43 and how hard you pump your arms?
14:48 Okay, let's go back into a walk.
14:54 We're gonna do that for about one more minute
14:56 and then I want to start into some lunges. All right.
15:02 Nice, starting to warm up.
15:06 By this point, the heart start to beat faster,
15:09 get a couple of minutes into your aerobic exercise
15:12 and you start releasing fatty acids,
15:14 the body goes, oh, release degrees,
15:16 will start burning some fat.
15:18 And the beauty of it is, the more fit you become
15:22 the more efficient at burning fact you become.
15:26 Or what Covert Bailey used to refer
15:28 to as a "better butter burner."
15:30 So when you're walking you just go better butter burner,
15:32 better butter burner that let you know
15:35 you're burning that fat.
15:40 And we're down to about 15 more seconds,
15:43 and then we're go into our lunges.
15:47 And we're down to our final five seconds.
15:53 Okay, hands on the hips.
15:55 Let's start with the right legs, step out.
16:00 Okay, we're gonna lunge, there you go,
16:02 now left, and right.
16:09 We won' disappoint you, I'll throw some side lunges
16:11 in there too since that's obviously
16:12 what you wanted to do.
16:15 Building muscle will definitely make you feel
16:18 like you're doing something very positive.
16:20 And so since it is eating disorders
16:22 have a lot to do with controlling
16:24 your situation and your environment.
16:26 Exercise will help you to do that as well,
16:28 because it's reshaping your body,
16:29 but it's doing in a healthy way instead of unhealthy way,
16:32 because obviously what tends to happen especially
16:34 when something goes into severe eating disorders
16:37 and the Anorexia nervosa is that they will start
16:41 to break down their own vital organ tissue
16:43 and that can cause things like cardiac arrest
16:45 or liver damage or destroy the kidneys,
16:47 lots of bad things and we don't want to think about.
16:49 I have a good friend who is a professor
16:53 at a college down there in Nebraska
16:56 by the way Corrie, since you've been
16:57 down around that area.
16:58 And he has a condition that that males will tend to get,
17:02 they don't get the anorexia and bulimia so much,
17:05 but they get a condition, he calls bigorexia.
17:08 And you know what that means, bigorexia,
17:10 can you guess? Going big.
17:11 They're obsessed with getting huge.
17:14 That's all they can think about,
17:15 the bigger they get the more they want it.
17:17 And so they're just obsessed with busting out of every shirt
17:21 and want to be the biggest guy around.
17:26 Surely something I wouldn't know anything about.
17:32 I would have to say I was quite guilty
17:33 that somewhat in my younger days.
17:40 I'm just thankful I never took the step
17:42 that so many do it by getting into steroids,
17:45 I held that and check never got there
17:48 because I always assume that something very bad
17:50 would happen if we got into that.
17:52 How we're doing? Are you feeling all right?
17:54 Feeling it. Starting to feel it?
17:56 Feeling very. Okay.
17:57 Let's go five more each side.
18:00 There is one.
18:03 Now those at home if you need to stop, that's fine.
18:05 And again on the lunges,
18:07 we're making sure the knee doesn't go pass the foot.
18:17 Is that five? Yes.
18:18 Yes, okay, let's step it out.
18:24 Okay, we're winding down, Corrie.
18:32 So let's pick it up a little bit,
18:34 knees little higher.
18:37 We're gonna go hard aerobic
18:41 for another two minutes
18:44 and then we'll start do our cool down
18:45 which is Britney's favorite part of it.
18:47 Mine too. Yours too.
18:54 Okay, for now I want you to start jogging in place again,
18:57 jog, there we go, pump the arms,
19:00 using the arms, also it will help you
19:02 burn more calories.
19:05 And after we're done here they will feel so much better
19:10 and it will help them built up a nice healthy appetite.
19:13 And I found for those who tend to battle bulimia,
19:16 when you're working them out
19:18 and they're wanting to get into developing,
19:20 they realize by going and purging is only gonna be
19:23 self defeating for what they're trying to accomplish.
19:26 And when people start feeling fit,
19:27 that becomes very addicting as well,
19:29 but it's addicting in another way.
19:32 Come on pick it up, pick it up,
19:34 pick it up, pick it up, and pick it up.
19:37 We're gonna jog in place for another 15 seconds.
19:45 And then we're gonna go into stepping
19:47 and then we'll go ahead and start our cool down.
19:50 And we're down our last five,
19:54 three, two, one, good, step.
20:00 And of course, some at home might be going well,
20:02 what about the spiritual component.
20:03 Well, obviously that's extremely important,
20:05 in fact, that's gonna be most important thing,
20:07 because as we get into a strong spiritual walk
20:10 then we're not gonna want to destroy
20:11 this temple that God has given us.
20:13 Because remember we're not our own,
20:15 we're born with the price
20:16 and how we're taking care of God's equipment.
20:20 Okay, step it up, keep those knees high.
20:23 We're going to the finish line here.
20:27 And then we can, jog it or step it out little softer
20:31 and start cooling down.
20:35 Okay, Corrie's got her Body and Spirit Aerobic glow on.
20:42 I just have a glowing personality.
20:44 You have a glowing personality, okay.
20:49 Okay, we're down to our last five seconds.
20:55 And now we're gonna go into cool down.
20:59 Nice and easy step.
21:03 Okay, Corrie, tone it down a little bit,
21:06 go in slow, there you go.
21:08 So you're still marching away.
21:19 Okay, what I want you to do,
21:21 Corrie, starts putting this way a little bit.
21:23 Okay, part of our cool down,
21:24 let's go ahead and just do some easy side lunges,
21:26 don't go very deep, hands on the hip,
21:28 step and then back over,
21:30 just nice and easy, good.
21:33 This is a good one for the inner thighs
21:36 then the outer thighs as well
21:37 because you're still forcing to go each way.
21:43 And if you don't go very deep,
21:45 this can make a nice cool down
21:47 exercise as well, off to the right.
21:50 Okay. You want to keep your chest up.
21:57 Make sure you keep your breathing.
22:00 We'll do this for about 50 more seconds
22:04 and then we'll do some other fun things.
22:11 Nobody is asking what, so that's okay,
22:13 so it's up to me then.
22:18 Another important thing for anybody
22:20 battling eating disorders is to try
22:23 and make sure you get up and have a good breakfast,
22:24 because breakfast is the most important meal
22:27 and that'll set your day to good start.
22:29 And what you're trying to do,
22:31 of course, especially for those in the anorexia mode
22:33 is break the cycle of your body going
22:37 into a catabolic break downwards is breaking down
22:40 your own body tissue to fill yourself.
22:42 Okay, we're down to our last 10 seconds.
22:48 Nice and slow.
22:55 Okay, and now we're gonna stretch out.
22:58 Okay, go and use me as a brace,
23:00 get a hold of your ankle, and stretch.
23:06 Stretching is a important part of fitness
23:09 and you want to very stretch warm muscles.
23:11 So I'm assuming your legs
23:13 are warmed by now, are they warmed?
23:15 Okay, good.
23:23 All right, let's go ahead and switch sides.
23:30 How's that feel? It's good. Good.
23:37 Both of them are still breathing a little bit hard
23:39 which is what we want.
23:42 The respiration should be coming back down.
23:44 The heartbeat should be coming back down.
23:48 Okay, now we're gonna go ahead
23:49 and stretch the hamstrings,
23:51 let's step out with the left leg,
23:52 up on the heel and lean forward into it,
23:56 chest up, stretch the back of the leg.
24:02 I didn't mention it during the time,
24:04 but I was trying to bring up the back
24:06 that's important to cool down anytime you do aerobic exercise.
24:09 Actually it's important to warm up too,
24:11 because if you try and go out too fast,
24:14 you put too much stress on your heart.
24:16 Okay, let's switch over.
24:19 Then you get into your main aerobic phase
24:21 and then you go into the cool down phase
24:23 that you're using your muscles to help cool your body down
24:26 or slow your heartbeat down
24:28 and that's important for overall good health.
24:35 All right, now let's step out to the side.
24:39 Okay, we're gonna bend the left knee.
24:41 We're gonna keep the right leg straight
24:43 and feel it stretch on the inside of the thigh.
24:45 Keep the chest up, keep your breathing nice and deep
24:49 in through the nose out through the mouth.
24:56 All right, let's switch over the other side
25:01 and now we feeling stretch on the inside of left leg.
25:06 Hold that for about five more seconds.
25:11 Okay let's stretch the calf now.
25:13 Let's step back with our right foot,
25:16 the left leg is bend, right leg is straight,
25:19 push the heel to the ground.
25:28 All right, let's switch sides, step back with the left foot.
25:34 Press down, bend the right knee.
25:36 Okay, if you need to get little more stretch
25:38 just bend that right knee a little bit more,
25:39 and lean forward more and you'll feel it stretch
25:42 even more back in the calf area.
25:47 All right, good. Let's just finish with some twist.
25:52 So stretch the sides in the back and turn,
25:59 and turn,
26:03 and turn,
26:07 and turn,
26:11 and turn,
26:14 and turn,
26:17 and turn,
26:19 one more time turn
26:24 and turn, good.
26:27 All right, thanks lot ladies.
26:31 If you know of somebody who has eating disorder
26:33 or battling it, seek out some help.
26:36 It's always important to have lots of support around you.
26:39 Helping the person is your, gonna be your first priority,
26:42 not condemning them or make them feel guilty
26:44 but make them feel love,
26:46 encourage them to seek out spiritual things
26:49 and have people that are spiritually
26:51 inclined in supporting them,
26:53 getting them involved in a healthy exercise program
26:55 and healthy relationships will be very vital in helping them
26:59 to go into the recovery phase.
27:01 I want to say that we've seen many people
27:03 come to our program, they've been greatly helped
27:06 by changing your lifestyle.
27:08 And of course, one of the more important things
27:10 we have going for, it says, very strong counseling program
27:13 because then you could help people deal with their issues.
27:15 And when they start dealing with your issues
27:17 and surrendering them to God,
27:19 great things could happen.
27:21 And we also want to remembered always
27:22 do things for a right reason.
27:24 We're gonna try and glorify God with our body,
27:26 because He is the great creator
27:29 and He, who's made us
27:30 and He wants us to be well all the time.
27:33 So by surrendering ourselves totally to Him,
27:36 great things will happen.
27:37 And when you do your exercise
27:38 and your eating habits do it for the right reason.
27:40 Here on Body and Spirit,
27:42 and Body and Spirit and Aerobics,
27:43 we claim the scripture of Philippines 4:13,
27:46 which states, "I can do all things
27:47 through Christ who strengthens me."
27:49 God bless you, thanks for joining us
27:51 and I'll look forward to see you next time
27:53 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


Revised 2014-12-17