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Fat Metabolism

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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Brittany Nunez, Zak Oberholster


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00:01 The following program is designed
00:03 to demonstrate simple workouts
00:04 that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:13 Fat metabolism is something a lot of people want,
00:16 but somehow it seems to evade them.
00:18 We're going to talk about how you can capture it,
00:21 next on Body & Spirit Aerobics.
00:49 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:51 of Black Hills Health & Education Center.
00:53 Welcome to Body & Spirit Aerobics.
00:56 The battle of bulge and the lack of being
00:58 able to metabolize fat has plagued many people
01:01 and they strive for answers
01:03 and they spend billions of dollars a year
01:05 trying to find a solution.
01:07 We're going to talk about that topic today
01:09 as we get into our program.
01:10 Helping me out today will be my daughter,
01:12 Brittney and Zack,
01:14 who are both students of Union College
01:16 in the International Rescue and Relief Program.
01:19 Zack is a Junior. Uh-huh.
01:22 And Brittney is a junior as well. Yup.
01:24 So we're going to get started into our workout
01:26 and then we'll start talking about our topic.
01:27 We're going to start by warming up
01:29 and we're going to start by reaching up this way,
01:31 okay, and down and then up
01:34 and go up on to the toe as you turn,
01:36 so you're stretching the sides
01:38 for warming up the shoulders,
01:40 for getting ready for a workout.
01:44 And reach, and reach,
01:48 and reach, and reach,
01:51 and reach, and reach,
01:54 way up and reach,
01:56 stretch your shoulder.
01:59 You gotta stretch the side as you turn,
02:02 stand off the toes,
02:04 so you get some warming up at the back your legs.
02:08 Now we're going to go five more each way.
02:11 There's one and two,
02:17 three, and four
02:22 and five. Good.
02:24 All right, we're going to start some upper body work,
02:26 we're going to do a few things for upper body
02:28 and then we'll get into our aerobic training.
02:30 So we're going to start out by just doing
02:32 a simulated bench press.
02:34 So, as if we have big weights on us.
02:36 And we're going to push it out,
02:38 and squeeze together, and bring it back down.
02:40 Push out, flex the chest, come back.
02:43 Push out, come together, down.
02:46 Okay, we need to get together here.
02:48 Start from here, push out, okay, and back.
02:52 Push out and back.
02:55 Push out and back and push and back.
03:00 You two are at a disadvantage,
03:01 you have to try and keep up with me.
03:03 I don't have to try and keep up with you. Okay.
03:06 Okay, push and back
03:08 and push and back and push.
03:12 The one thing we are doing a little different
03:14 is this is a straight bench press is we're bringing
03:17 our hands together at the end.
03:20 It's actually, the chest function
03:22 is to horizontally adduct the humerus.
03:28 So you all know what that means,
03:29 your humerus is your upper arm bone.
03:32 As you come forward, you're in a horizontal position
03:35 and you're bringing it forward, which is adduction.
03:39 There's your anatomy lesson for the day.
03:43 Okay, push and back and press
03:47 and back and press and back,
03:50 squeeze the chest and push
03:55 and push and push,
04:00 still a few more and push one more time, press it up.
04:05 Good. All right, let's stretch now.
04:08 Hands behind the head, bring your head back,
04:12 bring the elbows back, stretching the chest,
04:16 try and pull your shoulder blades
04:18 back together as much as possible. Okay.
04:22 Now give yourself a hug.
04:26 Okay, pull way apart.
04:28 Now, pull your shoulder blades apart as much as possible.
04:32 All right, again.
04:34 Hands behind the head, lean back,
04:37 elbows way back,
04:43 stretch the chest. All right.
04:47 Just bring it across, pull your shoulder blades apart.
04:55 All right, good.
04:57 All right. Now, what we're going to do
04:59 is we're going to bend the knees a little bit,
05:01 we're going to lean back, not too far,
05:03 don't fall backwards, we're going to reach up
05:06 and this time we're going to pull down and go up.
05:10 So your focus now is pulling down,
05:13 pull, reach,
05:15 pull, reach,
05:18 pull, reach, pull, and reach.
05:22 Go ahead and keep the shot on Brittney there if you would.
05:24 Okay, what we're trying to do is,
05:25 we're trying to squeeze the shoulder blades together,
05:29 pull down, reach up, pull down,
05:33 so as if something's got you here
05:35 and you're pulling it down.
05:36 Okay, you're focusing on flexing the muscles,
05:39 flex the muscles, flex the muscles.
05:43 See how Zack's doing here.
05:44 Very good, Zack.
05:46 All right. Buffing up that back. Good.
05:51 A lot of getting the most out of exercise
05:54 is learning how to control he muscles you're using.
05:58 So by working on squeezing,
06:00 the shoulder blades together,
06:02 contracting hard will give you a good advantage
06:06 if you go to some type of fitness facility
06:08 where they have natural pull down
06:10 and all sudden you will now
06:11 know how to do it properly,
06:13 by squeezing the muscles together back
06:16 there on your upper back.
06:19 Looks good. Looks good. Let's throw a few more.
06:24 And one more time. All right.
06:27 Now we're going to stretch that area.
06:29 You're gonna put your right arm up over your head,
06:30 then just let it fall over,
06:33 see elbows bent, you're going to reach up
06:34 and grab your elbow
06:36 and pull it towards the center line.
06:40 You don't wanna pull too hard,
06:41 you just wanna get a nice steady stretch in through this area.
06:50 All right. Let's switch sides.
06:54 When you stretch, you want to keep your breathing going,
06:57 so you're relaxing as you stretch the muscles.
07:00 Flexibility is an important part of overall fitness
07:03 along with cardiovascular conditioning and strength.
07:06 So often people leave out one of the elements
07:09 of physical fitness, but strength,
07:11 cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility
07:14 make you physically fit, and that's something
07:16 you want to keep in mind.
07:18 All right. Oh, I forgot about you.
07:21 Okay, now, we're going to do some shoulder work.
07:24 We're going to come here.
07:26 We're going to push up and then alternate.
07:29 So up and up and up.
07:33 We're working on stretching up as we do it,
07:36 and reach and reach
07:38 and reach and reach and reach
07:42 and left and right
07:45 and left and right
07:47 and left and right,
07:50 left and right
07:52 and left and right
07:54 and left and right, way up.
07:59 Okay, we're going to go 10 more each side.
08:03 There's one, and two,
08:08 three, four,
08:12 five, and six,
08:16 seven, and eight,
08:21 nine, one more time, and 10. Very good.
08:25 Now, we're going to stretch the shoulder.
08:27 Put your right arm out straight,
08:29 put it across to body, reach up with your left hand,
08:32 get a hold of it and stretch.
08:35 You should feel it stretch across the shoulder
08:38 and up into the upper back.
08:44 All right. Switch sides now.
08:46 Left arm out, bring it across,
08:49 up behind, steady pull,
08:55 stretch, relax, enjoy.
08:58 Stretch, relax, enjoy.
09:00 That should be your degree.
09:03 Okay, Now, we're going to do a little bicep work,
09:08 and what I want you to do
09:09 is I want you to take your right arm,
09:10 turn it, palms up,
09:12 we're going to put our other hand there
09:15 and we're going to curl up
09:16 and go down and up and down,
09:21 reach way down, way down.
09:27 Okay, Brittney, we're at number five.
09:29 I want you to keep count.
09:31 One time we were doing this with Pastor John Dinzey
09:34 and I was standing out in front of him,
09:36 and I couldn't see what is going on.
09:38 But I could hear behind me,
09:39 Uh, uh, uh and I turned around,
09:42 there was Pastor John uh, uh, uh,
09:44 you know, Pastor John.
09:46 Little bit faster.
09:48 I know those here know that Pastor John Dinzey
09:52 is incharge of 3ABN Latino and a great fellow. Okay.
09:56 How many we're at? Nineteen.
09:58 Okay. Twenty.
10:00 I have no doubt that she was giving her 100%.
10:03 Okay and curl up.
10:09 Obviously, the more you resist,
10:11 the more you get out of it
10:13 and you can also just kind to go through the motions
10:15 and get nothing out of it.
10:16 Thing you want to focus on is all the way out,
10:19 in fact, what I do is, I bring my arm out
10:21 in front of me just a little bit,
10:23 so I can get that full reach,
10:26 squeeze up, reach, and up.
10:31 Focus on the bicep, you're flexing it
10:32 each time you come up.
10:35 How many are we at there?
10:37 Nineteen, twenty. Okay, good.
10:40 You weren't just making that up, right?
10:42 No. Okay, good.
10:44 All right, we're going to do a little bit
10:46 for our triceps now and then we will be
10:47 ready to start our aerobics.
10:49 What I want to do now is we're gonna take a hand like this,
10:51 block it here, push down and up,
10:54 once again you want to come up forward just a little bit,
10:57 which is going to allow you to get full range of motion.
11:01 Very important full range of motion.
11:06 While I was here waiting to film,
11:09 I was working out at the Gold's Gym nearby
11:12 and there was a fellow there working out
11:15 and everyone of his motions
11:16 he was just doing little tiny motions,
11:18 I so badly wanted to go to him
11:20 and say increase your range of motion.
11:22 But, since I didn't work there, I left him alone.
11:27 It's twenty. Twenty.
11:29 Yeah. Okay.
11:32 And push, and push.
11:36 So I see he looked like he was having fun.
11:40 And push, and push,
11:43 and press and press and out.
11:50 Give yourself some resistance,
11:51 make yourself work, focus on the tricep.
11:55 What number we at? Seventeen.
12:01 Great, now if you would've told me nineteen again,
12:03 I seriously would have questioned your counting.
12:05 Okay, let's just start by stepping in place.
12:07 We're going to start into aerobics.
12:10 And we'll start talking about our topic.
12:14 Now both my helpers today, both Zack and Brittney,
12:18 neither one of them is what we'd call overweight,
12:21 but they're also both still very young.
12:24 Zack, how old are you?
12:25 Nineteen. Nineteen.
12:27 and Brittney? Twenty.
12:28 Wow, you're older than Jack, huh?
12:30 A little bit. Okay.
12:32 Let's pick it up a little bit more now.
12:38 Now, let me just tell you
12:39 and I'm sure you're already aware of this.
12:41 But, there are many people who started out nice and lean
12:45 like you two are at this stage of the game,
12:48 but 20, 30 years down the line not so lean any more.
12:52 So something happens to them where they stop being
12:56 good at metabolizing fat and it frustrates them.
12:59 Okay, let's pick it up a little bit faster.
13:04 Because they want to burn fat.
13:06 Now, here's a harsh reality.
13:08 One of our employees of the Black Hills,
13:10 Pastor Dan who does the walking is really lean.
13:14 You'd have to really work to try and find
13:16 some body fat on that man
13:17 and so our overweight guest will come
13:20 and walk with him and here's the harsh reality
13:23 and this is something they don't like.
13:24 If they walk a mile and then we were able to check
13:28 to see how much fat each one of them burned.
13:31 Pastor Dan would have burned five times
13:33 as much fat as the person who's overweight
13:36 and the overweight person is going,
13:38 wait a minute, that's not fair,
13:40 he is really lean, I am fat,
13:42 he's burning fat and I'm not. Why?
13:45 Well, the reason, Pastor Dan looks like
13:48 he does is because he does burn fat so well.
13:52 Fat comes in, it burns up, no problem.
13:55 Somebody who is overweight,
13:56 their body's saying, we're not going to burn it,
13:59 we're going to store it!
14:01 So that's what we have to try and do is to reeducate them
14:04 to becoming fat burners instead of fat storers. Okay.
14:08 Let's go into squats.
14:12 Okay, go ahead.
14:16 Squat is a great exercise for stimulating metabolic action.
14:19 In fact, it's probably the best exercise
14:22 for simulating metabolic action,
14:24 which is why we're going to be doing some of these today.
14:31 As one continues to workout,
14:34 develop more strength
14:36 and continue to workout aerobically,
14:38 they will get better at burning fat.
14:41 And some people are just genetically blessed
14:45 to burn fat very, very effectively.
14:48 Pastor Dan would have to really work at getting fat.
14:52 I don't know if he'd ever accomplish it
14:53 or somebody else who is overweight,
14:56 carry so much fat, they're going to have
14:57 to really work to try and switch that around.
15:00 So, I told our Wellness guests
15:02 you're either a fat storing bomb mechanism
15:05 or you're a fat burning bomb mechanism
15:07 and so we're going to try get them into a fat burning state.
15:10 At least most of them, because we get
15:11 some people who come to our program
15:13 that aren't interested in losing weight,
15:14 they want to gain weight.
15:16 And here's something I found very interesting over my career.
15:19 Obviously you wouldn't go over to somebody
15:21 who is overweight and go, wow! Are you fat?
15:25 Obviously, that'd be very inappropriate
15:27 and they wouldn't be happy with you at all.
15:29 But by the same token,
15:30 if you went up to somebody and go, wow!
15:32 You're really skinny! That's offensive as well.
15:36 And so often times we need to keep our comments
15:38 to our self because they won't be appreciated
15:42 maybe in the context we're putting them.
15:46 Okay, let's go step and back out again.
15:54 Okay, a little bit faster.
16:01 How are we doing? We doing okay, Zack.
16:03 Feel darn good. Okay. You doing all right?
16:05 Getting warm. Okay, let's go faster then,
16:07 faster, faster, knees up, pump the arms.
16:13 There we go. Got Zack moving.
16:18 As we continue to try to bring those knees up,
16:20 you get more of a workout.
16:28 Okay, let's move this way.
16:31 Move little this way, okay.
16:32 Now, we are going to step and come together.
16:34 Go and step left, okay.
16:36 Now step right, step left, step right and left.
16:40 Bend the knees a little bit,
16:42 so we're just shifting back and forward.
16:47 Now remember, stay with me.
16:50 Don't go too fast for me, Zack.
16:52 I'll try not to. Okay.
16:59 What we're doing with our aerobic exercise
17:00 is we're keeping rhythmic activity of major muscle group
17:03 which in this case are legs,
17:05 and then we throw in some variety.
17:09 Which does a couple of things,
17:10 this helps break monotony as you go through a workout.
17:14 The other thing it does,
17:16 starts working the muscles in little different way,
17:19 so the squats and the stepping,
17:20 the squats are working the gluteus maximus
17:23 and the quadriceps and then the stepping,
17:26 high stepping especially is working the hip flexor area.
17:30 And now, we're working the adductors and abductors.
17:33 Now, we're going to start speeding up.
17:38 I better not go too fast,
17:39 or Zack's gonna make me look bad again.
17:42 Zack! Sorry.
17:50 This is a great exercise for people
17:53 who like to play basketball
17:56 or racquetball or tennis or squash. Or Soccer.
18:00 Soccer, yeah it's good for soccer as well,
18:03 because it helps develop the muscles for growing laterally.
18:09 Okay, now we're going to slow down a little bit.
18:11 Now, we're going to increase our step. Bigger step.
18:17 Zack!
18:21 Gotta stay on him.
18:28 You'll probably be easier if I just stopped and watched,
18:30 then I wouldn't have to worry about him anymore.
18:36 Okay, short and back up.
18:43 Okay, back into squats.
18:46 Zack's humiliated me enough for one day.
18:52 Okay, when we do our squats,
18:54 we want to make sure to keep the back straight,
18:57 but by keeping the back straight that doesn't mean,
18:59 you're straight up and down.
19:00 That means you're bend at the waist,
19:02 but your back is straight.
19:03 You don't want to have your back rounded like this
19:06 because that would be very detrimental.
19:08 But they're keeping their backs nice and straight.
19:10 If you have to bend over to squat properly
19:14 because you're pushing the hips back,
19:16 you're keeping the chest up still,
19:19 the knees are staying over the feet and that's crucial.
19:22 You sit back into your squat
19:24 and it develops the gluteus maximus muscles.
19:28 It's developing the biggest muscles of the body.
19:30 So, now I'm going to get Zack back
19:32 for making me look that on the side steps.
19:34 So, go down and hold,
19:36 okay, now come up just a little bit,
19:38 back down, back up a little bit, back down
19:42 and Brittney is going but what did I do.
19:44 And down and up and down
19:48 and up and down
19:51 and up and down
19:53 and up and down, up.
19:57 Now, all the way up.
19:58 Now, go way down, part way up and down,
20:02 part way up and down,
20:05 part way up and down,
20:08 part way up and down,
20:10 part way up and down,
20:12 all the way up, go down,
20:14 part way up, down,
20:18 part way up, down,
20:20 part way up, down,
20:22 part way up, down and hold.
20:25 We're going to try to hold for 30 seconds, Zack.
20:30 Okay, you got it, no problem.
20:35 And there is 20 seconds to go.
20:39 Oh, man.
20:41 Fifteen.
20:45 Ten.
20:47 Nine. Eight.
20:48 Get those elbows off your knees.
20:51 Four. Three. Two. One.
20:55 Okay, step it out.
20:59 And step.
21:01 How'd that feel? Zack.
21:03 Started to burn.
21:10 Next time you want a different partner.
21:12 Yes. Okay.
21:14 Step it out. Nice and easy.
21:18 We're into the cool down phase now.
21:26 Both participants are actively in the fat burning stage now.
21:31 Because obviously their bodies are still really good at it.
21:34 And yes, as you get older,
21:36 it does tend to slow down a little bit.
21:38 But what we're really starts it's happen
21:40 as people get older,
21:42 their muscle start to marble with fat
21:44 and for those who are eating meat,
21:47 you know about that because the more marble meat is,
21:50 the more tender and tasty it is.
21:52 In fact, if you trim the fat,
21:53 the blood, and the uric acid out of meat,
21:56 it wouldn't have any taste.
21:57 Protein, it is going to taste like protein.
21:59 So, when the muscle start to marble,
22:03 then they start getting into the subcutaneous fat,
22:06 which is our fat right underneath the skin layer.
22:08 And of course, then we what is called our depot fat.
22:11 You know what a depot is?
22:13 A drop off for the fat. Yeah.
22:15 Depot is where everything gathers together.
22:18 So, your fat depot is the first place
22:21 you put fat on and the last place to lose it.
22:25 So, where do you think that is on men, Zack?.
22:27 My belly. How about women, Brittney?
22:30 Oh, right there. Okay.
22:33 But not always.
22:34 For women, they tend to have either the apple
22:37 with a pear shape and men will tend
22:39 to kind of universally pull it around the middle.
22:41 Men say we are more balanced
22:43 because our bubbles in the middle,
22:44 but men who are comfortable on the couple different ways
22:46 will have put it underneath the muscle sheath
22:49 which is called visceral fat or they put it on the outside
22:52 which they called the Dunlop disorder,
22:54 one of the two.
22:56 The visceral fat is much worse
22:57 because now that's compressing it against the bile organs.
23:00 Okay, you are feeling all right?
23:03 Okay, we are about ready to wind it down.
23:06 Let's go. We're going to go for about 45 more seconds
23:09 and then we will start doing some other fun stuff.
23:16 Now we are down to our last forty.
23:18 Now, your fat depot is blamed on your parents.
23:23 Because that was something you were born with.
23:25 It doesn't change as you go through life.
23:28 If your fat depot is your belly,
23:29 it will remain your belly
23:31 and again that will be first place to put it one.
23:34 It's the last place to you'll lose it
23:36 and don't call to 3ABN and blame me
23:38 or 3ABN because we didn't set it up that way.
23:43 Okay, now we are down to our last
23:45 Ten, nine,
23:47 eight, seven,
23:49 six, five, four
23:52 nice and easy three, two, one
23:55 Okay, what we're going to do is work our calves now.
23:59 Just turn facing this way.
24:00 Push your right foot back and what we're going to do
24:03 is we're going to press up on the toe and back down,
24:06 and press up and down, press up and down,
24:11 and up and up
24:14 and up, lean forward,
24:17 so you get maximum stretch and press,
24:21 way up and push
24:24 and push and up and up,
24:28 way up, up, going to go 5 more,
24:34 press and press and press
24:38 and press and press. Good.
24:42 Switch, put your left leg back now
24:45 and press up and down,
24:48 and up and down, up, and up,
24:53 and up, and up,
24:56 and push, and push,
25:00 press up, and press, press,
25:05 and up, and up.
25:08 There is thirteen, fourteen,
25:11 fifteen. Five more.
25:13 One, two, three,
25:17 four, and five. Good.
25:20 Okay, hands behind the back.
25:22 Blow out, contract, bend over, up, back.
25:28 Blow out, over, up, back.
25:32 Blow out, over, up, back.
25:35 Blow out, over, up, and back.
25:39 Blow out, over, up, and back.
25:43 Blow out, over, up, and back. Keep going.
25:48 This exercise is working on the abdomen
25:52 and also helping with the low back.
25:57 It's important to blow out as you come forward,
26:00 contract your abdomen as you come forward.
26:05 When you're leaning back,
26:06 you're stretching the abdomen, going back into it.
26:12 Okay, let's go three more.
26:19 and last one.
26:22 All right. Very good, well done.
26:27 In dealing with body fat,
26:29 it's important to get into a regular exercise program.
26:32 Lifting weight, strengthening the muscles,
26:34 will actually help you to burn fat more effectively.
26:37 Weight training releases fat burning enzymes
26:40 and so many experts now out there are telling you,
26:43 the key to losing body fat is resistance exercise.
26:47 Because that's going to boost your metabolism,
26:49 help your muscles to be hungry because fatty acids
26:52 are going through the bloodstream all the time
26:54 looking for working muscles.
26:56 And when you work out on a regular basis,
26:58 you have much better muscle tone.
27:00 Muscle tone is how your muscles are at a state of rest.
27:04 If your muscles are soft and flabby
27:05 when you're not contracted,
27:07 then that shows you have very poor muscle tone.
27:10 Somebody works out all the time,
27:11 if you touch their muscles even when they're relaxed,
27:14 you still feel like they are somewhat flex
27:16 because there is a constant tension in the muscles
27:19 that you have muscle tone.
27:21 So you get toned muscles from working out
27:24 and need to get into aerobic exercise
27:26 and that's what will get you into the fat metabolic state.
27:28 After a couple of minutes your body starts releasing fat
27:31 and the more you get into it and the more fit you become.
27:34 The more efficient you will be a burning body fat.
27:36 But, do it for the right reason.
27:38 Do it because you want to glorify God with your body.
27:40 Claim the promise we do here on Body and Spirit
27:43 Body and Spirit Aerobics.
27:45 Philippines 4:13, which states,
27:47 I can do all things through Christ,
27:48 which strengthens me.
27:49 God bless you, we look forward to seeing you
27:51 next time on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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