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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Daniel Hopkins, Corrie Sample


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00:13 A lot of people like enjoying the great outdoors,
00:16 I would like exercise to help them
00:17 even enjoy it more.
00:18 We're going to talk about that
00:20 next on Body & Spirit Aerobics.
00:49 Hello, I am Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:51 at the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:53 Welcome to Body & Spirit Aerobics.
00:56 I'm not much of an outdoorsy person
00:57 as far as going out doing lot of activities.
00:59 At my age now, I kind of like indoor stuff much more,
01:02 but I certainly work for a lot of people
01:04 that do enjoy that.
01:05 So that's going to be our topic today
01:07 and we are going to try and do an exercise program
01:08 that will be conducive to helping you
01:10 enjoy the outdoors even more.
01:12 So ready to get going here.
01:13 Helping me out today will be Daniel and Corrie.
01:16 Daniel is from the Black Hills, where
01:19 he is a fireman and all sorts of other stuff, medic.
01:22 Corrie is a senior at Union College
01:26 and International Rescue and Relief Program.
01:29 That's right. And so what are you going
01:30 to do with that, once you are done with it?
01:31 Planning on adding nursing to it and then
01:33 I wanted to go overseas
01:35 and do international medical work.
01:36 Oh, good for you. All right.
01:38 Well let's start by warming up and we're going
01:40 to reach up to our right, we're going to come down
01:43 and we're going to go up to the left.
01:45 Go up onto the toe and stretch and reach,
01:50 and reach, and reach, and reach, and reach.
01:56 Way up, and reach, and reach, and reach,
02:03 and reach, and right and left and right and left.
02:11 Reach way up and up, and up, and up, and up,
02:19 and left, and right, and left, and right,
02:25 and left, and right, and left, and right.
02:30 Two more times, left, and right, and left, and right.
02:35 Okay, good, well, the reason why I've got
02:39 Daniel and Corrie is both of them
02:41 like outdoors type stuff.
02:42 What do you like to do, Daniel?
02:44 I like rock climbing, mountain biking, hiking.
02:47 Okay! What about you?
02:49 Uh, basically the same, back packing
02:52 included and caving and mountain climbing.
02:54 You like those things too? Definitely.
02:56 Okay! Let's start with some pushups then.
02:59 Need to have a good strong upper body for all this
03:02 and so, Corrie, I'm going to let you go
03:04 and do them off the knees, so these --
03:06 So the ladies can see how...
03:08 another way they can do them.
03:10 Okay, down and up and down and up.
03:14 Okay, keep going at that pace.
03:16 However, I do not call these women pushups
03:18 because a lot of men have trouble
03:21 even doing pushups like that.
03:23 I just call these modified pushups or assisted pushups.
03:26 And then, of course, you can do them against
03:28 the wall as well if you need to.
03:29 But Corrie is well capable of doing them the other way,
03:33 but I'm giving her a little bit of a break today,
03:35 partly because I know Daniel is pretty good at them.
03:37 And so in order to help her have a sporting chance
03:40 of staying with young Hopkins,
03:43 she'll get to do them off her knees.
03:48 Doing okay, Daniel?
03:50 Yep. Okay, try and get your back up
03:52 just a hair more, Daniel.
03:55 That's better, much better.
03:57 Okay, let's go 10 more.
03:59 One, two, three, four, five,
04:06 six, seven, eight, nine, ten.
04:13 All right up on the feet. Very good.
04:17 That was fun, wasn't it?
04:19 Okay, now we're going to stretch out.
04:20 We're going to put the hands behind the head.
04:22 We're gonna lean back, let the elbows fall back,
04:28 stretch the chest, squeeze your shoulder blades
04:32 together and now pull it apart.
04:38 Now you're trying to pull your shoulder blades apart,
04:40 stretching the muscles of the upper back.
04:42 All right. Let's go again.
04:46 Hands behind the head, lean back,
04:49 let the elbows drop back, stretch your chest,
04:55 and reach across, give yourself another hug.
05:04 All right, good. Let's put our left foot out,
05:07 reach out your right hand, grab your right wrist
05:11 with your left hand, pull back,
05:13 and out, and pull and out.
05:17 Corrie, keep track of the number
05:20 just in case I lose count.
05:23 You're focusing on drawing it back,
05:26 give yourself resistance,
05:30 you're working the muscles of your upperback.
05:34 How many done? Eleven.
05:36 Okay. Twelve.
05:41 Work hard with it, give yourself some resistance.
05:43 Make yourself work.
05:48 Where we are at now?
05:50 Nineteen. Okay, one more.
05:52 Okay, let's switch around, out with the right foot,
05:57 bring the left hand down, grab the left wrist
05:59 with the right hand and pull, and reach,
06:02 and pull, and reach, and pull, reach out, pull,
06:07 reach, pull, out, way out,
06:13 and pull, and pull,
06:24 focus on your upper back muscles as you do it.
06:27 Give yourself resistance. What number we on?
06:30 Sixteen. Okay.
06:31 17, 18, 19, 20.
06:37 All right, we're going to stretch those muscles now.
06:40 Put the right arm up over head,
06:41 right arm over head, let it drop.
06:43 Get it with the other hand at the elbow,
06:46 pull it toward your center line.
06:53 Make sure you keep breathing
06:56 in through the nose, out through the mouth.
06:59 All right. Switch sides.
07:00 Left arm down, drop it, bend at the elbow.
07:03 Get a hold of it with the right hand.
07:05 Pull it towards your head.
07:08 Keep your stretch steady.
07:09 Don't bounce it at all.
07:17 Okay, good.
07:19 Now we're going to do a favorite here
07:20 on Body & Spirit, we're going to do arm circles.
07:24 The arms out, doing outdoor activities
07:30 takes strength, so we're going to put
07:33 some strength motions into this,
07:35 for both upper and lower body.
07:40 Sounds like fun, doesn't it?
07:41 Yes, it does. Okay. Okay.
07:45 Let's make bigger circles now
07:49 and smaller circles.
07:52 Now big, back to small,
07:59 and big, back to small.
08:07 Okay, let's reverse it, go back the other way,
08:12 bigger circles,
08:15 now small and bigger.
08:23 Now smaller. Okay, the other way.
08:27 Back to the front. Small circles.
08:31 Now back.
08:35 Now front. Now back.
08:46 And we're gonna hold here in just a moment.
08:52 Got to get them burning good first. Now hold.
08:56 Get the arms out nice and flat and straight.
08:59 We're going to hold it for 30 seconds.
09:04 I see people try all sorts of things.
09:05 They try and fly around like airplanes,
09:07 to start themselves, okay, we're done 15.
09:13 Hold it nice and tight. Keep the palms down.
09:16 For those at home, if you need to drop your arms
09:19 for a moment, go ahead and do so, not you, Daniel.
09:23 Keep it out there, nice and flat,
09:26 nice and strong,
09:34 okay, that's good.
09:36 If you're wondering if I lost track of the time
09:39 for a second, yeah I did.
09:42 Okay, let's put one arm out, bring it across.
09:45 I was having so much fun, I wanted to keep going.
09:54 All right, now the other side.
09:55 Put the arm out, bring it across the body,
09:57 reach in behind the elbow and pull.
10:07 And hold, now relax. All right.
10:11 Let's start stepping in place,
10:12 just to warm the legs up.
10:16 The arms swinging in unison there. Good.
10:19 Little more arm swing.
10:27 Very good, you both will be very good at marching.
10:33 Of all your activities, Corrie,
10:35 which one takes the most upper body strength?
10:37 Um, I'd say working out in gym, but...
10:45 No, your outdoor activities.
10:46 Outdoor activities, probably the caving.
10:48 The caving, takes more than rock climbing?
10:51 Rock climbing, you use a lot of legs.
10:53 Okay. Well, we'll do some of that too.
10:56 When you're not hanging on for dear life.
10:58 That's what I would picture.
10:59 That's more fingers though,
11:01 not upper body, not arms as much.
11:05 I remember a guy that was put into sports illustrated.
11:08 I think his name was Ron Kauk,
11:10 and he was free climber, and he'd go up
11:13 to places and then get up to the top there
11:16 and then he would bend back.
11:17 Then he'd have to reach back there
11:19 and get a hold of that and then pull himself over it.
11:21 I mean, I was fascinated by the article,
11:23 but my word, would you ever try something--
11:27 I mean free climbing, no ropes, no anything.
11:29 Just going up the pace of things. Okay.
11:32 We're going to do a movement called squat thrush now.
11:35 And, so Daniel, I'm going to have you demonstrate.
11:38 Go ahead and do once. Squat down.
11:40 Once we got this squat thrush that I, okay.
11:45 And then you got to kickback,
11:46 come back, stand up, okay, down.
11:52 Okay, you got it, Corrie?
11:53 Mm-hmm. Join him. Okay.
11:57 Down, back, up, and all the way up. Down.
12:04 These movements had many names over the years.
12:07 It's very popular in PE classes,
12:09 but it's a good overall movement that
12:12 makes you use multiple muscles.
12:14 And if you do it long enough,
12:16 it will definitely get you tired.
12:24 How are we doing? Doing okay?
12:31 Doing good. Doing all right, Daniel?
12:32 Yeah. Having fun yet, Corrie?
12:36 Lots! Okay.
12:41 For those at home, this one might be difficult.
12:43 So you could either just do squatting,
12:46 while we're doing this, 'cause it is doing
12:50 a squat type motion, but then,
12:51 it's kicking back and it would require a little bit
12:53 of upper body strength as you do it.
12:55 Let's go five more.
13:02 You're starting to breathe a little harder now,
13:10 and one more.
13:13 And hold your position out there.
13:14 Okay, let's bring the right leg up.
13:16 Okay and back, now the left. Okay.
13:25 And up, and back, and up. Very good.
13:28 Up, up, up. Five more each side.
13:36 That's one, two,
13:40 three, four,
13:48 and five.
13:50 All right. Come up on your feet, and step it out.
13:53 That'll help that caving a little bit.
14:02 Maybe at my size, I'm just a little too nervous
14:04 about getting into a spot where I can't get out of.
14:10 You don't have to worry about that quite as much.
14:12 Slithering through little spots.
14:13 I think I would get too claustrophobic for that.
14:18 It sounds hard, so if you could choose
14:22 any of them, which one would you chose to go do?
14:24 Caving. Caving? Well, what would you choose?
14:28 Probably, mountain climbing.
14:31 Mountain climbing.
14:36 Okay. Step it up a little bit higher.
14:45 Okay, now we want to go and do squats.
14:47 That's a good overall exercise.
14:49 Okay, go and stop stepping. Get into squats.
14:52 That's going to be beneficial
14:54 for all the activities.
14:55 Okay, down, especially as Corrie said,
14:58 lower body strength is very valuable in during
15:01 the rock climbing, and I've had a lot of people tell me,
15:04 who I train on a regular basis, who...
15:07 living in the Black Hills, we have lots of rocks
15:09 to climb and lots of caves to go through,
15:12 and they tell me that they do so much better
15:14 at these various things by doing that.
15:17 I take their word for it.
15:22 Although, I did learn a very valuable
15:23 spiritual lesson one time.
15:25 We were out there, it was called
15:26 the eye of the needle in the Black Hills,
15:28 and there were some people getting ready
15:30 to climb a rock there, and although I would
15:33 never do that, I was curious to watch the proceedings.
15:37 There were about eight climbers there.
15:38 And there seemed to be something special
15:40 about the first one, they seemed to be the best one,
15:43 and so they climbed up and they set the pitons,
15:47 is that what they are called? Yes, no?
15:50 Okay. You are not saying.
15:52 Pitons. And then, they were setting the ropes,
15:54 and they got all the way to the top.
15:55 See I know something about climbing, you didn't know.
15:57 It's not fair, I just started.
15:59 And so, he got all the way to the top,
16:02 instead of jumping up and down in celebration.
16:05 He turned around, laid on his abdomen,
16:07 and he guided each person up safely.
16:10 And he said, watch out for this spot,
16:12 watch out for that spot, secure yourself here,
16:14 and he made sure every person
16:16 got to the top safely.
16:18 And then, once they all got to the top,
16:20 let's go ahead and step it out.
16:22 Once he got to the top or they all got to the top,
16:27 then they all got to enjoy the view together.
16:29 And then after a bit, they got to after enjoying that,
16:32 then they all started to come back down
16:34 and I noticed then that the best one made sure
16:37 every person got back down safely before
16:40 he started his descent, taking all the equipment
16:43 down as he went, I thought, wow,
16:44 what a great spiritual lesson.
16:46 Instead of achieving a goal, and then
16:48 turning around and criticizing people,
16:50 if we would encourage them.
16:52 And encourage them to watch out for the pitfalls
16:55 that might come our way, as we go through life.
16:57 Wow! our churches would be full.
16:59 Because we would have all that encouraging going on,
17:02 rather than criticism and condemnation.
17:04 Because too often people overcome something
17:07 and then they start pointing their gun at the people,
17:10 not literally, but figuratively who aren't
17:13 haven't come to the same conclusion.
17:15 And instead, if we encourage one another,
17:17 it makes all the difference in the world.
17:22 Okay, now we're going on to some side hops.
17:24 Okay. Let's go to left first, pop to the left.
17:30 Okay. Basically they're like ski jumps
17:33 here back and forth, there we go.
17:40 Very good, Daniel.
17:42 That's some good hop to that.
17:46 Of course, somebody named Hopkins,
17:47 that's just natural, eh.
17:49 This can be pretty fatiguing on the calves.
17:54 I will keep that in mind as you're going through this.
17:59 This is also an excellent exercise.
18:01 Do you both ski or snowboard?
18:06 Both. Both? Both. Both.
18:09 So this is the summary of an action you find
18:14 yourself doing while you're doing that, right?
18:16 Yes. Again, that's something I wouldn't do, so...
18:28 Okay, step it out.
18:32 You starting to glow yet, Corrie?
18:34 Getting there. Getting there?
18:40 Well, you're doing great.
18:45 Do either one of you mountain bike as well?
18:47 No. You don't do that one?
18:52 That also seems to be an excellent exercise
18:54 if people like to get out in the fresh air.
18:56 And one of the best overall exercises that you can do,
18:59 which is done outdoors, is cross-country skiing.
19:02 Have either one of you ever done that?
19:04 I didn't like it. Okay.
19:06 Have you done that before?
19:08 I've never done cross country.
19:09 It's a great way of exercise because
19:10 you use your entire body.
19:11 You get out there and you get to breathe
19:13 the fresh air, see beautiful scenery.
19:15 Of all of them, that might be the one I would try.
19:19 But that's a big might in front of that.
19:21 Okay, let's go into lunges.
19:23 Hands on the hips, backup a little bit.
19:25 Go out with your right leg first, okay, and back.
19:29 Now left, as you do the lunges,
19:33 make sure your knee stays over your foot.
19:36 Don't jerk beyond it. Keep your chest up.
19:38 And keep breathing, which I'm sure you're
19:44 going to keep doing now regardless.
19:47 This is an excellent exercise for the quadriceps
19:50 and the gluteus maximus muscles.
19:53 Gluteus maximus are your rear end,
19:56 which is very important for
20:00 any of the outdoor activities
20:01 you do because you need to have good
20:02 strong legs and hips to do some
20:06 of the activities you are talking about.
20:07 And I'm sure that as you go hiking
20:10 or mountain climbing that becomes very beneficial.
20:13 What's the highest peak you climbed, Corrie?
20:18 14,000. 14,000.
20:21 How about you, Daniel? Do you know?
20:23 I'm not sure, I know you've done Harney Peak
20:25 many times in the Black Hills. Right?
20:28 Probably close to 14,000. 14,000? Okay.
20:31 I've been on top of Harney Peak before.
20:35 What's that about 8,000 feet?
20:37 Over 7,000. Okay. Well, give me some credit.
20:49 Okay, let's go five more each side.
20:51 There's one, and two,
20:57 three, four, one more time,
21:04 five okay, step in place.
21:08 I've got good news, now we're going
21:12 to start down the cool down phase.
21:13 Okay. Is that good news? That's very good news.
21:17 That's very good news.
21:21 Both, Daniel and Corrie are very physically fit.
21:24 They both lift weights and do lots of things
21:27 that will stimulate their cardiovascular system,
21:29 and I think both of them will tell you,
21:32 we're having a pretty good workout.
21:33 I guess. Definitely.
21:37 Okay, so it will be important after working
21:39 as hard as we're doing to stretch out,
21:41 so that's what we'll be doing here.
21:43 Another minute or so.
21:49 Okay, let's slow the steps down.
21:51 Nice and casual. Good, good.
21:57 What we're doing now with the cool down phase,
22:00 is we're allowing the legs to help keep circulating
22:03 blood up to the heart, to the venous blood flow.
22:05 That's essential during the cool down phase.
22:07 Whenever you do aerobics, we like to do
22:09 a warm up phase, then a training phase,
22:12 and then go down into the cool down phase.
22:15 And then, during the very beginning, we started
22:17 with the same motion of walking before
22:19 we got into the squat thrust and some of the other things
22:22 that were a little bit harder.
22:23 And so now we finished up the way we started.
22:25 And letting their pulse rates come back down some.
22:28 When they're in the midst of doing the squat thrust,
22:32 and the squatting, and the lunging,
22:33 they're both breathing pretty hard.
22:35 Yeah. But that was the idea.
22:37 Now the respiration is coming back down to normal.
22:39 Their heart rates are probably reduced.
22:41 I would say about 30 to 40 beats a minute already,
22:43 because they're very fit and so they should
22:45 start coming back very quickly.
22:52 And, we're gonna do it for 30 more seconds,
22:54 and then we'll start stretching.
22:55 Have you had any close calls in all
23:00 your outdoor adventurous activity?
23:02 Several. What about you? Not really. Okay.
23:08 Why am I not surprised
23:09 that you've had a few close calls.
23:14 I haven't gone with him, so.
23:16 Okay, you haven't gone with him.
23:17 Doesn't sound like you're going to either.
23:21 Okay, let's stretch out now.
23:22 I want you to go use me as a brace.
23:24 Just go and put your hand on my shoulder,
23:26 and get a hold of your ankle,
23:27 and stretch your quadriceps.
23:32 You should feel like stretching through
23:34 your quadriceps area, if you don't,
23:36 you can always lean forward a little more,
23:37 and that will accentuate the strain on it.
23:41 But you don't want to over stretch it.
23:44 You want to stretch to a comfortable
23:45 position and just hold that.
23:50 Feels good. Feels good? All right.
23:52 If you can't get a hold of your pant leg
23:56 or hold of your ankle, just go ahead and grab
23:58 your pant leg and that'll be fine until you get
24:00 a little more fit, all right.
24:01 Let's go ahead and switch sides.
24:06 Remember, physical fitness is made up of strength,
24:09 cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility.
24:11 So we've done the strength, we've done the cardio,
24:14 now we're going to do the flexibility.
24:16 And it's always best to stretch
24:18 your muscle, when, Corrie?
24:20 When it's warm. When it's warm, absolutely.
24:22 You got it, okay, go ahead and rest.
24:27 Now muscles work antagonistically,
24:30 so in the case of the quadriceps,
24:32 the antagonistic muscle is the hamstrings.
24:35 Often times, when you see runners or football players
24:38 are running down the field, and all of a sudden
24:40 they grab their hamstrings, because,
24:42 their quadriceps are too strong for their hamstrings,
24:45 or the flexibility isn't good.
24:46 So we're going to work on the flexibility
24:48 of the hamstring now, we're going to put
24:49 the left leg out, we're going to go up on the heel,
24:51 we're going to lean forward into it,
24:53 stretching the back of the leg, keeping the chest up.
25:02 Are you feeling it back there?
25:03 Mm-hmm. Okay.
25:05 All right, let's switch sides.
25:09 Put the right leg out. Up on the heel.
25:12 Lean into it. Keep the chest up.
25:16 Stretching the back, if you don't feel it,
25:20 then just bend down a little more and lean
25:23 into it a little further, you should
25:25 start feeling the back of your leg. Okay.
25:29 Now what we're going to do is we're going
25:32 to stretch the calf, so let's reach back
25:34 with our right foot, press the heel to the floor.
25:37 Then lean forward to accentuate your stretch.
25:44 The back leg is straight.
25:46 The heel is pressed to the floor.
25:47 The front leg is bent. Very good.
25:53 Switch to the other side.
26:01 Okay, the leg is straight.
26:03 Lean forward a little more, get a little more
26:06 emphasis on the calf, all right.
26:09 Let's finish up with some trunk turns.
26:12 I'm not going to bounce this around long,
26:17 We're just turning.
26:20 Daniel, he's got a very good capacity for turning.
26:23 We accuse him sometimes of being part owl,
26:27 who can turn all the way round
26:29 and look the other direction.
26:35 I guess that's a good thing to be able to do, Daniel.
26:38 Very beneficial, it's not funny.
26:41 Yeah, I imagine. One more time.
26:45 Of course with your 27-inch waist,
26:48 this isn't a lot to get in the way.
26:50 Okay. Good. Thanks a lot. We're done.
26:56 Getting outside in God's creation is a great way
26:58 to become physically fit.
27:00 Getting out there in the fresh air and sunshine,
27:02 which is something that people lose a lot of.
27:05 In fact, we find so often when people come
27:07 to our wellness center, that they're vitamin D deficient,
27:10 and part of that is because they just don't get
27:12 outside enough, or they're not having a healthy diet.
27:14 So get outside, enjoy the fresh air,
27:17 go take a walk, work on your garden,
27:19 whatever you want to do.
27:20 Get out there, enjoy the sunshine and the fresh air.
27:22 That'll help your overall health
27:24 and will help your overall move.
27:25 Remember do all things for the glory of God.
27:28 You wanna honor Him with our body, because He gave us
27:30 this tremendous blessing and this great gift.
27:32 And we will always claim on the Body & Spirit,
27:35 Body & Spirit Aerobics show, a promise
27:37 of Philippines 4:13, which states,
27:40 "I can do all things through Christ,
27:42 which strengthens me," I am glad you joined us.
27:45 We hope to see you next time on Body & Spirit Aerobics.


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