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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Daniel Hopkins, Zak Oberholster


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Program Code: BASA000072

00:01 The following program is designed
00:03 to demonstrate simple workouts
00:04 that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:09 before beginning any exercise program.
00:13 Men have some specific needs when it comes to working out.
00:16 And that's what we're going to talk about today
00:18 next on Body & Spirit Aerobics.
00:48 Hello, I am Dick Nunez,
00:49 Wellness Director of the Black Hills
00:50 Health and Education Center.
00:52 Welcome to Body & Spirit Aerobics.
00:54 Men and women both have some specific needs
00:56 when it comes to working out,
00:58 and today's program is going to focus on
00:59 what men need to do.
01:01 So helping me out today, I've a couple of young men.
01:04 First, we'll have Daniel and then Zak.
01:07 Daniel works at the Black Hills Health and Education Center
01:10 and in the Black Hills as a fireman and medic
01:13 and all sorts of good things like that.
01:14 And Zack is in the International Rescue
01:17 and Relief Program at Union College,
01:19 where he is a junior.
01:21 And what do you plan on doing with that?
01:22 You're going to go to medical school?
01:24 That's what I'm hoping.
01:25 Okay, well, that's good.
01:26 Hope it works out for you.
01:27 All right, we're going to start by warming up,
01:29 by just circling the arms back and around.
01:34 When we look at exercise for men and women,
01:36 usually their goals for fitness are a little bit different.
01:40 So that's what we are going to talk about today.
01:41 Not that the program today
01:43 won't be good for women as well.
01:46 We'll just talk about some of the men's needs,
01:51 which are many, right?
01:55 Okay, and up and around.
01:57 And up and around.
02:00 Okay, let's go the other way now.
02:05 Just warming up.
02:07 Circling the shoulders around.
02:09 Getting the blood circulating.
02:11 Getting the shoulders ready for some action.
02:16 And good, all right.
02:18 We are going to do some pushups today.
02:20 And so, I don't know
02:22 if you guys flip the coin or whatever,
02:23 but I'm going to have
02:24 one of you do them off your knees,
02:26 one of you doing regular.
02:27 So, Daniel, I guess I'll have you do the regular.
02:29 Zak, you can do them off your knees.
02:31 So let's go ahead and get on the floor.
02:34 There's nothing wrong with doing the pushups
02:36 in a modified position like Zak is in,
02:38 because even for a lot of men,
02:40 especially if they haven't done anything in a long time,
02:42 pushups are going to be difficult,
02:43 and often times, when I first tell somebody,
02:45 okay, let's get on the floor, and do pushups,
02:47 I get all sorts of weeping and gnashing of teeth.
02:50 Okay, so let's go ahead
02:51 and lower ourselves down and pushup.
02:54 Want to keep the back straight as we do it.
02:56 Nice controlled, even motion, little bit slower.
03:00 There we go.
03:02 You want to focus on the chest and the back of the arms.
03:05 The shoulders also come into play,
03:07 so really good overall exercise.
03:12 Most of the time, the men will say,
03:13 I haven't done these in 30 years.
03:18 And I say, well, now you can update that story.
03:24 Okay, let's go about five more.
03:30 Very good, all right.
03:32 Let's go and come up on the feet.
03:34 We're going to stretch out.
03:35 Now, one of the things
03:36 that men tend to lack a lot of is flexibility,
03:39 so we're going to be focused on stretching a little bit
03:41 and so we're going to put our hands behind the head
03:44 and just let them far back, the elbows fall back
03:47 stretch the chest as much as you can.
03:50 Try and squeeze your shoulder blades together.
03:53 Okay, now let's pull it apart.
03:58 Pull your shoulder blades apart as much as you can.
04:01 Nice deep breaths as you're doing it.
04:05 Again, let's put the hands behind the head, lean back,
04:09 drop the elbows back as much as you can,
04:12 squeeze the shoulder blades together,
04:14 nice deep breaths, stretch the chest,
04:18 and now, bring it back across.
04:24 Hold, breathe, and pull.
04:29 All right, good.
04:30 Could you get our towels for us
04:31 over there please, Zak, sure.
04:36 Okay, now we're not going to get
04:37 into a towel fight here.
04:39 What we're going to do is use these as exercise equipment.
04:44 Okay, what we're going to do is,
04:45 we're going to start by doing our back,
04:47 so we're going to have
04:48 your right hand towards the end of the towel,
04:52 grab about 6 inches up with your left hand
04:54 and now we're going to pull back and reach out,
04:58 pull back, reach out, and pull and reach,
05:03 and pull and reach,
05:06 and pull and reach, pull and reach.
05:10 Two more, pull and reach, pull and reach. Okay.
05:16 Now, we're going to reverse it.
05:17 Grab with your left hand, down towards the end of the towel,
05:20 about six inches up, grab with your right hand
05:22 and pull and reach, pull and reach,
05:27 pull and reach, pull and reach,
05:31 pull and reach, and pull and reach,
05:35 pull and reach, pull and reach.
05:39 Two more, pull and reach, pull and reach.
05:44 All right. Now I want you to do is grab your towel
05:47 at the ends, like you're trying to pull it apart.
05:50 You're going to reach up overhead,
05:53 and come back down, reach way up, and back down,
05:58 pulling it apart the whole time.
06:02 And up, and down, way up and down.
06:08 Keep pulling apart, up and down,
06:12 up and down, and up and down.
06:17 Five more times, up and down,
06:21 and up and down, three more, up and down,
06:27 pull it apart, and down, last one, up and down.
06:33 Now I want you to grab the end of the towel,
06:38 again get the other hand about six inches away.
06:40 We're going to raise up, pull back down,
06:44 up and down, and up and down.
06:47 We will focus on the shoulders, as we do this one.
06:53 And up, pull down, up, pull down,
06:58 and up and down, up and down, here's ten.
07:03 We're going to go five more.
07:05 And up and down, up and down,
07:10 up and down, two more.
07:13 Up and down, up and down. Okay.
07:18 Grab the end with the other hand
07:19 about six inches away, and up, raise up,
07:25 focus on the shoulder, pull it back down.
07:28 Give yourself some resistance.
07:31 Don't make it too easy on yourself.
07:35 And up and down, and up and down,
07:40 and up and down, five more times.
07:44 Down and up, and down, and up, three more.
07:52 And up, once more, and up and down. All right.
07:57 Now you're going the drape the towel
08:01 towards the outside of your hand
08:03 so it goes over the thumb side,
08:05 grab just underneath, reach out,
08:09 have your elbow on front of you a little bit,
08:11 curl up and down, and curl and down,
08:16 and up and down, curl and down,
08:20 and up and down, curl it down,
08:25 seven, three more, eight, nine,
08:30 one more time, and ten.
08:32 All right, switch it over.
08:35 Drape it so it's on
08:36 the thumb side of your left hand.
08:38 Grab underneath it.
08:40 Curl it up, pull down.
08:42 Up and down, up and down.
08:46 Curl up, reach down.
08:49 And up and pull, up.
08:52 Four more times, one, and two,
08:57 and three, one more, and four.
09:00 All right, good.
09:01 Now we're going to take it
09:03 the bottom of the towel with our right hand,
09:06 with our left hand,
09:07 we're going to move towards the top of the other side.
09:09 Okay, and now, we're going
09:11 to bend over a little bit,
09:12 and we're going to kick back, pull back through.
09:15 Kick it back, pull back through.
09:17 Now we're focusing on the triceps.
09:19 Push it back,
09:21 go way back, extend the arm,
09:26 extend, extend, push it out,
09:31 and push, one more time, push.
09:35 Very good, all right.
09:36 Let's reverse that now.
09:38 Grab at the end with the other side
09:39 with your left hand now.
09:41 Grab up about a foot away with your right.
09:43 Push down and up, and push and up,
09:48 press it out, and press, and press, five more.
09:54 Press, and press,
09:58 and press, and press, and press.
10:03 Good, all right let me have the towels.
10:07 Okay, now let's go back and do our stretching.
10:10 So this time,
10:11 we're going to bring one arm up over the head.
10:13 Let it bend.
10:15 Reach up, grab with the other hand,
10:17 pull it towards the center line.
10:20 Steady pull.
10:25 You're not trying to create new pathways of maneuverability,
10:30 you just want to stretch what you already got.
10:33 Okay, other side.
10:38 In other words, what I'm saying is sometimes
10:39 people want to overstretch a joint and by doing that,
10:43 all you do is weaken the joint.
10:46 You want to be able to take your body
10:48 to a full range of motion,
10:49 but once you've got that, it's good enough.
10:53 All right, put your arm out straight.
10:56 Bring it across to your body,
10:58 hand up behind your elbow and pull.
11:03 And hold.
11:08 All right relax.
11:09 Now we're going to do the other side.
11:11 Left arm out, bring it across.
11:13 Reach up behind the elbow.
11:15 Pull it towards your body.
11:18 Steady pull.
11:19 Don't jerk it, don't bounce it, just pull it.
11:24 Okay, good.
11:27 Okay, we're going to start into some aerobic work
11:29 and by doing that,
11:30 we're going to warm up the legs with some squats.
11:33 So I want you guys in squat position
11:36 and start doing some, go down and up.
11:40 Squats are really important exercise
11:42 especially for men
11:44 because men tend to lose some of the muscles
11:47 that are key components for back stability.
11:51 Have you ever heard a man,
11:52 Daniel, say, "I've got a bad back?"
11:54 Yes, many, many times.
11:56 Have you ever heard that before?
11:57 Yeah, okay.
11:58 Why do you think that is?
11:59 Well, it's because they lift so much weight or work so hard.
12:03 Well, unfortunately,
12:04 when you look at the body
12:06 and the gluteus maximus muscles are the biggest,
12:08 strongest muscles in the body.
12:10 Sometimes, it looks like,
12:11 somebody has managed to find some air valves
12:13 and release all the air out of the gluteus maximus
12:16 because I've had a lot of times women say,
12:18 "My husband's got no bottom,"
12:20 and so the reason
12:21 why they don't is because they don't work the muscles
12:24 that develop that area
12:25 and of course squatting is excellent at doing that,
12:28 and a lot of men neglect this area,
12:31 because they say,
12:32 "Oh, this is what the women need to work on."
12:33 Well, no, men need to work on it as well.
12:36 Because if you lose those muscles,
12:38 you're going to lose
12:39 a lot of your strength and stability
12:40 and you're going to lose the effectiveness
12:41 of the curvature of your spine,
12:43 so there's lots of good reasons why we should squat.
12:46 Now while we are squatting,
12:48 actually, I shall give them a little break.
12:50 Go head and step it out.
12:52 And we'll talk more about squatting here in just a moment.
12:54 Now, men aren't going to be too interested
12:57 in too many hand movements,
12:59 because a lot of men neglected
13:02 to go into the aerobics programs
13:04 when they first came out with a dance exercise program.
13:07 Really, what they were, you'd get them out there
13:10 and the women would go through the motions.
13:12 I don't know if they are just
13:13 gnashing at coordinator or what, but they just finally--
13:16 the men would finally just catch on
13:17 and somebody get to start moving their arms this way
13:19 and they probably get that done,
13:20 now we're going this way, and pretty soon,
13:22 we're crashing into each other
13:24 and go forget this nonsense.
13:26 So, we're going to keep it pretty basic,
13:27 because that's basically how men like it.
13:31 Okay, now let's pick it up a little bit.
13:34 Swing the arms a little more.
13:37 But men can march, they could do that.
13:39 Okay, swing in the arms a little more.
13:41 That gives you a little more exercise out of it.
13:45 But it is extremely important to get
13:47 the heart and lungs going
13:48 because certainly one of the things
13:50 that men are most susceptible to or that,
13:53 we hear about is heart attacks and heart disease.
13:55 And so, working out aerobically is a good way
13:58 to prevent that along
14:00 with preventing a lot of other bad diseases.
14:03 Things like prostate cancer are greatly reduced
14:06 with a regular exercise program.
14:08 So that's what we're going to do.
14:09 We're going to keep on exercising.
14:11 Keep pumping those arms,
14:13 more arm swing there,
14:14 Daniel, come on.
14:17 Very good, Zak.
14:19 Okay, now let's go ahead
14:21 and go into a light jog,
14:22 just for a little bit.
14:24 Now if this is too hard for you
14:26 because you might have some back problems,
14:28 then just go ahead and stay in the march,
14:30 as long as you keep contact with the floor,
14:32 you're going to keep a lot of stress off your back.
14:35 Otherwise, this is good to intensify the workout.
14:42 Very good.
14:43 Men tend to be more focused
14:44 in wanting to work their upper body.
14:47 When you go into athletic clubs around the country,
14:50 what you see, men working on most of the time
14:52 is their chest and their arms,
14:54 and their shoulders and so forth
14:55 and not too often do you see them
14:57 really working on their legs.
14:59 Sometimes I have people say lot of men
15:01 in the gyms look like Ten Pins, they big on top,
15:05 and small in the bottom,
15:06 and-- right on the ground.
15:08 Okay, let's go back and do squats again.
15:11 Okay, down, get up.
15:13 Now when you're doing those squats,
15:16 they're keeping their knees over their feet,
15:19 they're pushing their hips back,
15:22 and if you do squats in a proper positioning,
15:25 it isn't that hard on your knees.
15:27 In fact, it actually is very good on your knees.
15:29 Back in the program we did on knee rehabilitation,
15:32 the person we used had a bad knee
15:33 and I had him do squats and he felt just fine,
15:36 so squatting is actually a good movement to do.
15:38 I use it many, many times with lots of various conditions
15:41 rheumatoid arthritis, cerebral palsy, MS.
15:44 I have used squats
15:45 on very successfully in all those type of conditions,
15:48 but you also have to modify how deep they go.
15:51 Our fellows are going fairly deep,
15:52 because they don't have restrictions on
15:54 how far they can go down.
15:59 Okay, now what I want to do fellows is,
16:02 let's move towards the right.
16:04 Okay and let's do the side steps.
16:09 Another thing, men tend to lose is their lateral ability,
16:13 because again, they're not focusing
16:14 in on their abductors
16:17 and adductors as much as women do.
16:21 In fact at our wellness program, women are the ones
16:24 who predominantly populate our program.
16:28 Often times, the men come, kicking and screaming,
16:33 "I don't want to get healthy, I don't want to get healthy."
16:35 Yes, you do, "No, I don't."
16:42 In fact, I remember a story, after the Columbine tragedy,
16:46 we had a man
16:48 who was the head of schools down in San Diego, California,
16:52 and he wanted to go an Alaskan cruise,
16:55 an eight day cruise.
16:57 And his wife said,
16:58 well, "I've got this brochure for this place
17:00 in the Black Hills of South Dakota,"
17:02 and he goes, "What's up there?"
17:04 And she said, "Well, besides Mt. Rushmore,
17:06 there was a place called
17:07 the Black Hills Health and Education Center."
17:10 And he said, "What kind of place is that?"
17:12 She goes, "well, to get us healthy."
17:13 And he said, "I don't wanna be healthy.
17:16 I want an Alaskan cruise."
17:18 So obviously we know who won.
17:21 Okay go ahead and start stepping again.
17:25 Because I met them and at the orientation
17:30 he comes up to me afterwards he goes,
17:31 "You folks are Christians, aren't you?"
17:32 Okay let's swing those arms.
17:35 You folks are Christians aren't you?
17:36 And I say well yes as a matter of fact
17:37 we are and he goes, "I'm not."
17:39 And he says,
17:41 in fact I don't want even to be here
17:42 and I'm looking for just one excuse to leave.
17:45 So one too many mention of God or Jesus
17:47 and I'm out of here.
17:49 And I say, well, how about
17:50 if we treat you the way we want to be treated
17:51 and you want to be treated and we'll do on to you
17:54 as you would have to be done and he goes,
17:57 okay that's fine then I said,
17:58 okay then we're doing our Christian service
18:00 and you're the benefactor of that.
18:02 So he was fine with that,
18:04 so after eight days he says to his wife
18:07 let's stay a little longer.
18:09 So they actually stayed for a couple of weeks,
18:11 he did have to get back to San Diego,
18:13 but they stayed for two weeks instead of just eight days
18:15 and at the graduation,
18:16 Daniel, you've been to some of those before
18:18 and you know I give the wellness
18:19 guest a chance to do a testimony,
18:21 he gets up and he says,
18:23 "I'm really glad, I decided to come here."
18:26 And his wife went-- what do you mean,
18:29 you decided to come here?
18:30 She was dragging him into the place,
18:32 but he also went on to say he goes
18:34 when I first got here,
18:35 I wanted nothing to do with God,
18:37 didn't care, didn't want to hear about it,
18:39 he goes with diction the beginning,
18:40 he'd rather see a sermon or hear a sermon any day
18:43 and he goes only by seeing sermons
18:44 I felt that I know God is part of my life,
18:47 so that was really exciting.
18:49 Okay, let's go back into our squats again.
18:52 We're winding down into our aerobic training section,
18:56 which would be good news for both our fellows
18:58 because they're probably starting to get a little tired.
19:04 Okay, at home,
19:05 if you haven't been doing squats on a regular basis
19:07 these can make you little bit sore,
19:09 so what I'd like you to do now
19:10 is just cuts your repetitions down a little bit
19:12 so you're going quite so deep.
19:16 That's better.
19:18 Keep pushing your hips back,
19:19 Daniel, keep pushing your hips back.
19:21 You're not used to not squatting all the way down,
19:23 so it holds you off just a little bit.
19:26 In fact you boys said it's easier for you
19:28 to squat deeper than this-- rather that squat shallow.
19:32 But this is great exercise for the hips,
19:35 for the thighs, and for the gluteal, hamstring,
19:38 and low back, so it'll help keep you strong,
19:42 keep you mobile,
19:43 and remember most bad backs are not caused by injury,
19:47 they're caused by poor lifestyles.
19:49 Over 80% of all back injuries or back problems
19:52 are not caused by trauma,
19:54 it's caused by just poor lifestyle.
19:56 We start to lose the curvature in the back spine
19:59 and we put another curvature out in the front,
20:01 if you know what I mean?
20:02 And so that curvature what I call Gutosity,
20:05 it does nothing but cause more stress on the low back.
20:09 Okay, let's do some little bit deeper again
20:14 and then we'll start winding down
20:15 into our cool down phase.
20:19 Sound good, okay.
20:21 You're not talking much today, Zak.
20:22 You don't have much to say today.
20:24 Not really.
20:25 Got you in trouble last time, I know that.
20:28 Okay, Daniel, you're doing all right.
20:31 Pretty good, okay.
20:34 Legs starting to get tired, yet?
20:36 Yes, okay, Daniel.
20:38 Starting to burn a little.
20:39 Okay, let's go down and hold.
20:44 Okay, give me about a 20 second hold there,
20:47 down little deeper, Zak.
20:50 I'm gonna watch you know though,
20:51 no elbows on the knees, ten more seconds,
20:53 one, two, three, four,
20:56 five, six, seven, eight, nine,
21:00 come up and step it out.
21:03 Okay.
21:05 Cooling down phase,
21:06 aerobic exercise extremely important,
21:09 actually aerobic exercise goes through three phases,
21:12 you have your warming up phase,
21:13 your training phase, then your cooling down phase,
21:16 so you bring the pulse rate up.
21:18 Both these guys are starting to perspire
21:20 some and now what we were doing
21:23 is allowing their legs to continue the motion
21:27 so their legs act as assisting pumps
21:30 to send venous blood back up to the heart
21:32 and so as we do this,
21:34 we'll allow the respiration to slow down,
21:36 we'll allow their heart rate to slow down,
21:38 and then we'll start the cooling process.
21:40 If you start exercising too abruptly
21:42 and go off too fast
21:44 you can send a lot of signals to your heart
21:46 that it doesn't like and you can even start
21:48 into an arrhythmia type situation
21:50 where you're not getting an even beat.
21:52 You get the premature ventricular contractions
21:55 and when you cool down, if you don't cool down,
21:57 if you just stop abruptly,
21:58 you're sending your heart a signal
21:59 to keep working hard
22:01 and it's going please help me,
22:02 I would like some assistance in this cooling down phase,
22:05 so this is much more healthy for your heart to warm up,
22:08 get into a training phase,
22:09 and then start bringing it back down,
22:11 so that's what we're doing here
22:13 and then we're gonna work on probably the area
22:15 that most man complain about the most on their bodies
22:18 and that's the Gutosity element itself,
22:22 the abdominal wall.
22:24 Okay.
22:28 While they're finishing up their cool down
22:30 then we just say that is the area
22:32 that men tend to put their fat on first.
22:35 They usually put
22:36 on couple of different ways the visceral fat,
22:38 which is under the muscle sheath
22:39 and then also they put on the fat
22:42 on the outside of the muscle sheath
22:43 and then we kind of have this hanging Dunlop type situation,
22:46 which neither one of your guys are experiencing
22:48 at this point in your life, so keep it that way.
22:52 All right good.
22:54 Let's take it to stop.
22:56 Okay, let's go ahead and lay down on your backs.
23:00 Now the abdominal muscle
23:02 actually has a four-inch range of motion,
23:04 it goes from here to here and goes like this,
23:06 so we're gonna do some crunches
23:08 and we can do them a couple of different ways,
23:10 you can either just cross the arms
23:11 like both our fellows have done
23:13 or you can put your hands behind your neck,
23:15 you don't want to put them behind your head
23:17 because then you'll end up pulling on your head,
23:18 but you can put them on your neck
23:20 and when you crunch up,
23:21 you're just coming up a few inches
23:23 and you want to lift your chin up,
23:26 lift your chin up,
23:27 Daniel, like you're trying to touch
23:28 the ceiling with your chin.
23:30 There you go, now back down,
23:32 blow out as you come forward.
23:33 When you do your abdominal work,
23:35 it's very important to blow out first
23:37 because then you're encouraging
23:38 the abdominal wall to collapse in rather than pushing it up.
23:42 I see a lot of man at athletic clubs
23:45 what they're doing
23:46 they're putting as much weight
23:47 on the abdominal machine as they can and they're--
23:50 and as they do that they're encouraging
23:52 the abdominal wall to stick out.
23:53 And if you watch any professional football
23:55 you see the big line man
23:57 they have very big abdominal walls
23:58 because they spent so much time focusing on that.
24:01 Okay, we don't need to come up quite that high,
24:02 Zak, just crunch up, there we go, crunch up.
24:07 Very good, Daniel, looks good, looks really good.
24:10 Okay, bring your chin up a little more
24:11 as you come up, Zak, very good, little slower.
24:14 Focus on your abdominal wall as you come up,
24:18 you guys are looking great.
24:21 Okay, let's go ten more.
24:24 And two, three, four,
24:28 five, six, seven,
24:33 eight, nine, ten.
24:36 Okay, let's turn around get on your hands
24:38 and knees facing out that way.
24:41 We're gonna do an exercise now
24:43 that'll help the low back,
24:45 put your right arm out straight
24:47 and your left leg out straight and just hold that.
24:52 This is excellent for developing stability in the back,
24:57 because it's forcing them to use
24:58 their back muscles or their core muscles.
25:00 The core muscles talking about the muscles
25:02 around the torso area,
25:05 the abdominal low back, intercostals.
25:11 Zak's discovering the joys of balance instability.
25:15 Okay, let's go ahead and switch sides now.
25:19 Point the other way left arm out, right leg out.
25:24 Before we start it on the air,
25:26 Daniel was trying to do this
25:27 by planting his one arm underneath him
25:29 and trying to have both legs out straight.
25:33 He did manage to do it for a couple of seconds.
25:36 Okay, keep holding,
25:37 but we won't ask
25:38 any of our viewers at home to try that.
25:40 All right just go
25:41 and get back in the hands and knees position,
25:43 now I'd would like you to arch
25:44 you back like a hissing cat.
25:47 Here you go, hold that,
25:50 all right now come back through and stretch,
25:56 okay and back up again.
25:59 There you go, hold that.
26:04 Okay, good.
26:05 All right let's go and come to the feet.
26:08 And let's go ahead
26:09 and just do some trunk rotation to finish up.
26:13 You don't want to do side bends with weights
26:16 because that is just going to make
26:18 your abdominal wall wider
26:20 much better of with twisting motions,
26:22 but we like to do the twisting gently.
26:25 We don't bounce around,
26:27 we just keep it nice and steady and turn,
26:32 and turn, and turn,
26:37 still three more each way.
26:41 There is one.
26:46 And two.
26:51 And three, good.
26:53 All right, thanks a lot fellows.
26:57 Lot of men automatically think just
26:59 because they work hard they don't have to exercise.
27:02 If you take a typical brick layer,
27:04 he may only need 50 percent of his strength
27:06 when he's only 20, but by the time
27:08 he's 60 he's gonna take
27:09 90 percent of his strength to do his job.
27:11 What's happened?
27:12 He's got weaker as time gone on
27:14 because all that strength beyond 50%
27:17 has not been tapped into and now it's going away.
27:20 So if we don't use our muscles they leave us.
27:24 So working hard although it's very beneficial
27:27 is not gonna take care of your overall physical needs.
27:29 You need to exercise too
27:31 do both the resistance work and the aerobics,
27:34 and also make sure
27:35 you're doing for the right reason.
27:36 Do them to glorify God with your body
27:38 because we have this tremendous gift
27:40 that God has given us on our shows on Body & Spirit.
27:43 On Body & Spirit Aerobics
27:44 we claim Philippians 4:13 which states,
27:47 "I can do all things
27:48 through Christ which strengthens me."
27:50 God bless, thanks for joining us.
27:52 We'll see you next time on Body & Spirit Aerobics.


Revised 2014-12-17