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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Daniel Hopkins, Rabecca Lovelace


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00:02 The following program is designed
00:03 to demonstrate simple workouts
00:05 that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:14 Depression plagues people of all ages and both genders.
00:17 But there are some things you can do
00:19 to help yourself out.
00:20 We're gonna talk about that next
00:22 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:50 Hello, I am Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:52 of the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:54 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:57 During my career at the Black Hills
00:58 Health and Education Center,
01:00 one thing is very consistent,
01:01 we have a steady case of depression
01:04 coming through on a regular basis.
01:06 And so that is something that people are dealing with
01:09 on a constant basis
01:10 and there are some good things you can do about it.
01:12 That's gonna be our topic as we get into our workout.
01:15 Helping me out today will be Daniel and Rabecca.
01:19 Daniel lives out in the Black Hills
01:20 and he works as a fireman and a medic,
01:23 and has also helped out at the center there before.
01:26 And Rabecca, she is a college student.
01:28 You are a freshman, right? Yep.
01:29 At Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska
01:31 and you're taking, what?
01:33 International Rescue and Relief.
01:35 Okay. It seems to be a lot of that going around.
01:37 So that's good and so we're gonna
01:39 start our exercise program
01:41 and we're going to warm up.
01:42 And we're gonna start by just reaching way up to our right
01:45 and turn your body and go up on your toe as well.
01:48 Okay. Now go back the other way and way up.
01:51 You want to try and reach as far as you can.
01:54 And now turn and reach,
01:57 and reach, and reach,
02:01 and reach
02:03 and through left hand, now right hand
02:07 reach and reach with the right,
02:11 turn your body just warming up.
02:15 Start to get the blood flowing.
02:19 And then we'll talk a little more about depression
02:21 once we get in to our aerobic routine.
02:29 Okay, and reach,
02:31 and reach, and reach, and reach.
02:38 Okay. Let's do three more each way.
02:41 There's one,
02:43 and two,
02:46 and three.
02:48 All right. We're gonna do some upper body work
02:49 before we start into aerobics.
02:51 So we're just gonna bend our knees a little bit.
02:53 We're gonna reach back.
02:54 We're gonna press out on imaginary weights
02:57 just like we're bench pressing it out.
03:00 Little difference is we're gonna bring our hands together
03:03 to get the full range of motion of the pectoralis majors
03:06 or your chest muscles.
03:07 So you're pushing out
03:09 and you're pushing out. Push.
03:13 You're focusing on flexing your chest
03:15 as you're coming forward.
03:18 press, and press,
03:22 and press it out,
03:24 and press, and press,
03:29 and press.
03:31 Five more times and push,
03:35 and press, and press it.
03:39 One more. Okay.
03:42 Let's take the hands.
03:44 Put them behind your head.
03:45 Let your elbows drop back
03:48 and stretch, stretch.
03:52 Should feel it in your chest,
03:54 pull your shoulder blades together,
03:56 and now give yourself a hug.
04:00 Pull your shoulder blades apart.
04:05 All right. Now back over the head again.
04:09 Let your arms hang back, stretch the chest.
04:16 All right, and around again.
04:22 Pull your shoulder blades apart.
04:26 Okay. Rabecca, could you get the towels for us please?
04:33 Towels make for a good piece of exercise equipment.
04:36 You can do lots of good things with them.
04:38 And so we're gonna do some back exercise with it.
04:41 What we're gonna do is, we're gonna come up over head.
04:44 We're gonna bend to our right
04:46 and stretch it on the left side.
04:49 Now you're bending to your left
04:50 and you're stretching it on your right side,
04:52 using those muscles to pull back,
04:55 keep your arms extended so they're straight
05:01 and then focus on the muscles of your back
05:02 as you pull from side to side.
05:04 Back over to the left and back to the right,
05:09 back to the left, back to the right,
05:14 and back to the left, back to the right,
05:18 and left, and right,
05:23 and left, and right.
05:25 Two more times each way.
05:29 There's one
05:33 and two. Okay.
05:34 Now we're gonna pull it over in front of us
05:37 and go up over top and back down,
05:41 and up, and down,
05:45 and up and down,
05:49 and up and down.
05:51 Keep the arms straight.
05:53 Pulling it up and over.
05:55 Using your shoulders and your upper back muscles,
05:59 and up and down,
06:03 and up and down,
06:06 and up and down.
06:12 Let's go five more.
06:14 Way back, pull it over,
06:17 way back, pull it over.
06:18 This is an excellent one to help
06:20 keep your range of motion of your shoulder region.
06:26 Okay. Now hold it up top.
06:28 Okay. Bring it down and push up,
06:31 keep pulling it apart as you press
06:35 and push, and push,
06:40 and push, keep pulling it apart.
06:44 Five more times and up,
06:48 and up, and up,
06:53 and up, and up.
06:56 Very good.
06:58 Now what I want you to do is drape it
06:59 over your thumb side,
07:01 so we're on our right hand over the thumb side, grab it,
07:04 just underneath, and you're gonna curl up and down.
07:08 You're gonna give yourself the resistance as you do it,
07:12 put your elbow out in front of you just a little bit.
07:15 That will help you to get a full range of motion
07:19 and down and up, and down and up.
07:23 Three more times.
07:27 And one more. Okay.
07:30 Now we're gonna go the other side.
07:32 Put it in your hand.
07:33 Let it drop-drape out to the thumb side.
07:35 Grab underneath it.
07:37 You're gonna have your arm out in front of you,
07:38 curl up and down, curl up and down,
07:42 and curl, and up, and up.
07:48 Five more.
07:51 Focus on the muscle you're working,
07:52 you're flexing the bicep each time you come up
07:55 and one more time.
07:57 Okay. Now we're gonna do the triceps.
08:00 We're gonna turn and look that direction.
08:02 Your left foot's gonna be on front.
08:03 Your right foot's back.
08:04 You're gonna grab the towel down towards the end.
08:07 You're gonna grab this one about a foot away from it.
08:10 You're gonna bend over.
08:11 You're gonna kick back, pull back through,
08:13 kick it back, back through,
08:15 and this one, you're working on the triceps muscle,
08:18 which is the antagonistic muscle of the biceps.
08:21 Every time one muscle is in flexion
08:23 and other one's in extension
08:25 and so they work together.
08:32 Three more times.
08:35 And press, and one more.
08:38 Okay. Good.
08:39 Okay. Now we're gonna grab
08:41 with our left hand towards the bottom.
08:44 Right hand's about a foot away.
08:46 Bending over, kicking back,
08:48 pull through, kick back,
08:51 and kick back, and push and out,
08:56 and out, and out, and out.
09:02 Three more.
09:06 Okay. Good. All right. Let me have the towels.
09:10 So Kalie-- or Rabecca,
09:11 excuse me, what do you like to do?
09:13 I like to go rock climbing.
09:15 Uh, that seems to be a prerequisite
09:16 for that IRR degree-- Yeah.
09:18 Lots of rock climbing going on.
09:21 Okay. We're gonna stretch out now.
09:23 I want you to bring your right arm up,
09:25 let it drop, reach up, grab behind your elbow,
09:29 and pull towards your head.
09:36 And hold.
09:42 Okay. Relax. Bring the left arm up.
09:45 Let it bend.
09:47 Grab it with your right hand and pull.
09:52 Keep your pull steady.
09:58 Okay. Good.
10:00 Now put your right arm out.
10:01 Bring it across your body.
10:03 Reach up with your left hand
10:05 and pull it in towards your body.
10:07 Whenever you're stretching,
10:08 you don't want to take yourself into deep pain range.
10:11 You just take it where you feel the muscles stretch
10:13 and then hold it.
10:15 Want to hold each stretch
10:16 for about 10 to 15-second time period.
10:20 Okay. Now we're gonna go the other way.
10:23 Bring it across
10:27 and hold.
10:33 Okay. Five more seconds and relax.
10:37 All right.
10:38 Okay. We're gonna start aerobic portion now.
10:40 This we'll start by stepping in place.
10:42 Okay. Go ahead and start stepping.
10:45 Swing the arms. Okay.
10:47 Little more step than that.
10:49 There you go. That's better.
10:57 People get into depression for lots of different reasons.
11:01 We're gonna talk about so many things
11:02 you can do for it.
11:03 Certainly, the depression can happen for many causes,
11:08 and I've met a lot of people
11:10 and Daniel, I know you have too,
11:11 they've gone through a lot,
11:12 but yet still able to come through it
11:14 and live happy healthy lives.
11:16 I know you, yourself, have had some stress in your life
11:18 and you seem pretty well adjusted.
11:21 Rabecca, I'm sure your life is stress free, right?
11:25 Not really.
11:28 You know, college could put people
11:29 in the state of depression
11:30 if they feel like they're not doing well
11:31 and it becomes overwhelming and becomes hopeless.
11:36 Of course, that's where a walk with God helps you.
11:38 And what do you feel like's helped you
11:39 the most of your life to keep you going?
11:42 My relationship with God. Okay.
11:46 Okay, Daniel, I want you to go and do some lunges this time
11:49 and so why don't you go ahead and do a couple.
11:51 So Rabecca has a chance to see what we're doing.
11:53 Put the hands on the hips, okay,
11:54 and lunge out, okay, and back. Okay.
11:57 Why don't go ahead and join him now?
11:58 Step back a little bit more before you start. Okay.
12:01 Okay, now step out with your right leg.
12:03 Okay, now you want to make sure,
12:04 you don't go too far over foot,
12:07 you want to keep your knee back
12:09 so you just ride straight over.
12:10 Okay, you're going too far forward still.
12:13 So watch Daniel.
12:15 See how he steps out.
12:16 Go and step out a little further and that will help you.
12:19 Step out little further, step out,
12:21 little further still.
12:25 Okay. That's better.
12:27 Again, try not to let that knee go too far forward.
12:30 So when you step out, squat down.
12:32 See when he goes out, he's squatting down.
12:35 That's better. Squat it.
12:36 There you go. Now you're getting it.
12:45 And step, way out,
12:48 step out, step out, Rabecca.
12:50 There you go.
12:52 And lower your hips down, a little bit sooner. Down.
12:55 Okay, As you're stepping down,
12:56 you're going straight down with your hips.
12:58 Down there-- there you go.
13:06 Okay. This is an excellent exercise
13:07 for your hips and your thighs.
13:13 It can be tough on your knees if you'd have bad knees.
13:19 One of the things we do at the Black Hills
13:20 is we do a thing called lunge the hill,
13:23 which is one of the favorites out there
13:26 and always gives people a good hard workout.
13:28 They like getting outside.
13:31 At least when it's not snowing.
13:37 Doing okay, Rabecca? Yep.
13:39 All right.
13:44 Okay, let's do three more.
13:52 On each side. Come on left side.
13:55 Come on, you know me better than that.
13:59 Okay. Good. Go back into your step.
14:02 Okay.
14:07 Okay. Just step it up more.
14:09 We're getting into our workout so come on arms swinging,
14:11 arms swinging, pump it up.
14:15 Okay, let's try and swing the arms to the front here.
14:17 You're going across to your body.
14:18 Let's try and get up. There you go.
14:20 That's better.
14:28 One thing it helps people who are starting to feel depressed
14:30 if they would simply go to bed earlier and get up earlier.
14:34 That's something that helps up
14:35 because they start getting more growth hormone released
14:38 and the tryptophan to the serotonin to the melatonin,
14:41 happens more efficient early in the evening time versus later.
14:46 And then there is exercise.
14:49 Dr. Neil Nedley has done a lot of research in depression
14:53 and I remember reading a statement
14:54 where he talked about two thirds of all depression
14:57 could be reversed with exercising
14:59 three times a week for three months
15:03 and a lot of depression would be gone.
15:05 As people would have something else to think about
15:08 and exercise is a mood alterer.
15:12 And certainly, what we eat affects depression.
15:15 If you're eating poorly
15:17 and you're bogging your body down with lot of refined stuff,
15:22 it definitely takes it toll.
15:23 Do you eat healthy, Rabecca? I try to.
15:26 You do. How about you, Daniel, you eat healthy?
15:28 Try to. Okay.
15:31 Which means most of the time, right?
15:33 As much as I can. Okay.
15:34 Let's step it up a little more.
15:45 How did you enjoy the Manor Restaurant?
15:47 Did you like that? It's really good.
15:48 They have a really wonderful restaurant
15:50 around here at 3ABN, where a lot of the staff go over
15:53 and get healthy food and even keep some of those
15:57 who may not eat as healthy as they need to on a good plan.
16:04 Okay. Let's pick it up a little more.
16:07 Okay. And let's start jogging a little bit.
16:09 Jog in place. Very good.
16:11 Keep those arms pumping.
16:15 Jogging has been found to be beneficial
16:18 to help people with depression.
16:22 If you get out and it's much
16:25 or probably more pleasant when you get outside
16:27 and good to see some change of scenery
16:29 rather than staying at a studio and doing it.
16:35 But you'll still get some of the benefits.
16:36 Okay, let's backup a little bit.
16:38 You folks started jog right after I said.
16:43 Okay. Pick the knees up a little more.
16:46 Very good, Daniel, you're looking good.
16:52 Keep swinging the arms.
16:59 Okay, go back and do a walk.
17:04 Pick the knees up more,
17:08 pick it up.
17:13 The other thing people can do
17:15 when they are having depression,
17:17 they seek somebody out that you trust,
17:18 that you can sit down and talk to.
17:20 I know at our wellness program,
17:22 we have one fellow who is so depressed,
17:24 who couldn't even function,
17:26 and he went through the program,
17:28 and even after the program is done,
17:29 I thought, wow, we didn't help this guy much.
17:30 He still seems pretty depressed to me.
17:32 And I got a call from him six months later
17:34 and he goes, hey, Dick, how are you doing?
17:36 And I thought who am I talking to.
17:37 And he told me who he was, and I couldn't believe it.
17:39 And he said, I'm doing great.
17:41 And I said, well, what change.
17:43 He goes, well, I kept following the program
17:44 for the next six months
17:45 and now I feel like a new person.
17:47 I'm back to work. I'm getting married.
17:49 And his depression had totally left him.
17:51 But we'd seen people come to our program
17:52 who were so depressed.
17:53 They couldn't even function and they go through the program
17:56 and their life is changed,
17:57 but going through the counseling is a big part of that
18:00 'cause you have to deal with your issues
18:02 and I'm sure again, Daniel, that's something you'd to do.
18:04 You'd to deal with the issues, and move forward,
18:06 and it's probably something you've to do on a regular basis.
18:08 Just to keep yourself, you know, keep it intact
18:11 well, because otherwise the, the evil person within us
18:15 can start crawling over the edge
18:17 unless we keep that checked back
18:19 by following God's principles.
18:21 Okay. Let's go ahead and do squats now.
18:24 Okay, Daniel, why don't you go ahead
18:25 and demonstrate a proper squat.
18:27 Okay. Make sure you push your hips back
18:29 as you squat down.
18:30 And again, you want to keep your knees over your feet.
18:32 So go ahead and get the position, Rabecca.
18:34 Now squat down, push your hips back,
18:36 as you start to squat. There you go.
18:38 Back even a little bit more.
18:39 Don't be afraid to bend at the waist.
18:41 There you go. Now you're looking good.
18:44 Have you done these before?
18:48 Few times. Few times, okay.
18:53 Do you exercise much? I try to every week.
18:57 Really, what you do? Um, I run.
19:00 You run, how far? Not far.
19:02 Okay. Trying to work up to a mile.
19:06 A mile? Mm-hmm.
19:09 How about you, Daniel, what you do for your exercise?
19:12 I workout in a fitness center. Okay.
19:15 And get out and walk around as much as I can.
19:17 Okay. Of course, you need to stay pretty fit
19:21 doing your job that you do. Yes.
19:24 Daniel, from time to time,
19:26 you travel around the country and fight fires, right? Yes.
19:32 In fact, not too long ago,
19:33 there was the big fires in California
19:34 that you came down and helped down on, right?
19:36 Right. Okay.
19:37 Yeah.
19:40 Is that fun? It's a blast.
19:42 Is it? It is.
19:43 Okay. For some people.
19:46 Not for the people whose houses are being threatened.
19:49 True.
19:52 That one took quite a few houses though, didn't it?
19:54 It did, yeah. That's too bad.
19:56 How are we doing there, Rabecca? Okay.
19:59 Starting to feel 'em? Yes.
20:00 Okay. Daniel, we doing all right? Yeah.
20:05 Okay, let's step it back out again.
20:10 Okay, pump it up.
20:13 Pick those knees up.
20:15 We're into the strong phase of the aerobic training program.
20:24 So often when people come to our program
20:27 and they're feeling depressed,
20:28 you have to kind of drag them down
20:29 and get them to a workout.
20:31 But once they go through the workout,
20:32 they are so glad they did it because it feels so much better.
20:35 But eating healthy, drinking a lot of water,
20:38 and getting outside, and getting into the fresh air,
20:41 going to bed earlier and getting up earlier,
20:43 I mean, so many of those things are beneficial for doing.
20:46 And of course, as Daniel mentioned,
20:49 without God in that equation,
20:50 it's very hard to really get yourself intact.
20:53 But they find in scientific research that those who have
20:56 a good spiritual life are much healthier.
20:58 And of course, mental health is such a vital component.
21:02 Okay. Let's go ahead and squat again.
21:06 What I tell our wellness guests all the time
21:09 is that every thought you have
21:11 affects every cell in the body.
21:12 You know, if you get a phone call
21:14 at 2 O'clock in the morning
21:16 and it's for you, it's gonna really stress you out
21:18 because, you know, usually if you get a call at that time
21:20 it's bad news.
21:21 But even it isn't for you, can you get right back to sleep?
21:24 Usually not, because it is stressful
21:26 to get calls at that time.
21:30 And when people go through the program,
21:32 when they have problems like they're all overweight,
21:35 or they have hypertension, or blood sugar problems,
21:39 and they become obsessed with their numbers,
21:41 then they don't do as well as the person who'll just relax,
21:44 lets go and lets God.
21:45 And I see that in working out too.
21:47 We had a couple of young men, Daniel,
21:49 you probably knew both of them.
21:50 One of them was obsessed with getting strong.
21:52 The other one was just, I'm just happy to be here.
21:54 And the one who was obsessed was actually stronger
21:57 than the one who was just happy to be there,
21:59 but pretty soon the one who was just happy to be there
22:01 blew right past him and he goes, I can't figure out,
22:04 how has he gone so much stronger than me?
22:06 And I said well, can you ever tell
22:08 when he has a bad workout? And he goes no.
22:10 He is always grinning from ear to ear
22:11 no matter what he does.
22:12 You know who I'm talking about, don't you? Yeah.
22:14 And I said, well, that's why he does so well
22:16 because he's not worried about it.
22:18 He's simply training for the glory of God.
22:20 Not worrying about how stronger he gets
22:22 and by working out that way, he does really well.
22:25 And for those who are obsessed with how they're doing
22:27 or how they look and so forth--
22:29 oh, you guys are getting tired, I'm sorry.
22:31 Okay. Start stepping again.
22:35 Those who are obsessed with it,
22:37 they are the ones who battle more the depression,
22:40 or the old feelings were if you just relax,
22:42 let go and let God, it works so much better.
22:45 Okay. We're gonna start our cool down phase now.
22:48 So just start stepping lightly.
22:51 I like using squats as part of the aerobic workout
22:53 because it is a great exercise
22:55 for the overall benefit of the person.
22:58 In fact, I can say that squat's the best exercise you can do.
23:01 I pick one exercise that's it.
23:04 It works so many of the major muscles
23:05 and it--it makes us feel good when we're done, right?
23:08 It felt good when you stopped, right? Okay.
23:14 And I know you can feel a big difference
23:15 when you squat at regular basis. Yeah.
23:18 So I personally trained Daniel
23:20 so he is well acquainted with squatting routines,
23:23 and lunging, and all the rest of the stuff that we do.
23:30 Okay. Let's keep it going.
23:32 We're gonna hang on for another minute
23:35 and 20 seconds of cool down
23:37 and then we'll start winding up our exercise.
23:43 Doing okay, Rabecca? Yeah.
23:45 Okay. Daniel, you still holding up all right?
23:47 Starting to get little warm.
23:49 Getting warm. That's good.
23:53 Releasing those endorphins that's what exercise does.
23:56 You start working out, you know, sometimes
23:57 you may not enjoy it when you first get going,
23:59 but then as you get into the workout,
24:01 all of a sudden, you go out,
24:02 feel lot better and then when you're done with the workout,
24:04 you feel really good and that's that endorphin release,
24:07 which is a more morphine like substance
24:09 produced by the body naturally
24:10 and it gives us a feeling of well being.
24:16 Okay, we're winding down to our last 30 seconds
24:22 and then we're gonna stretch out.
24:24 And stretching out is also a good thing
24:26 for people to do who're depressed
24:27 because stretching tends to let us get in touch
24:30 with our own body and we, we feel good after we do it.
24:34 And we're down to our last 20 seconds.
24:41 And down to last 15.
24:43 The final countdown
24:45 10, 9, 8, 7, 6,
24:50 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.
24:57 Okay, Come over to me, put a hand on my shoulder,
25:00 go ahead and grab your ankle,
25:02 and stretch your quadriceps.
25:04 Okay. If you can't reach your ankle,
25:06 you can just do your pant leg.
25:08 Why don't you do that, Daniel?
25:09 Just go ahead and get a hold of your pant leg
25:11 until you get to a point where you've gotten
25:14 enough flexibility that you can hold of that.
25:19 Okay. Let's switch the other side.
25:25 Try not to push me over. Okay.
25:27 You, bum, you actually pushed on me.
25:32 Okay, hold it.
25:37 You should feel that stretch in your quadriceps.
25:39 If you need to feel little bit more,
25:40 you can lean forward further. There you go.
25:45 Okay. Now let's do the hamstring.
25:48 We're gonna step out with the left foot,
25:49 up on the heel, lean forward,
25:52 stretching the back of the leg, keep your chest up,
25:55 feel stretching the back.
26:00 Hold that.
26:04 Okay. Now with the right foot
26:09 and lean forward into it,
26:10 chest is up, and hold.
26:19 Okay, now let's step out to the side,
26:21 onto your left, bend the left knee,
26:23 keep the right leg straight, stretch inside the thigh,
26:26 keep your chest up and hold.
26:33 Okay, let's shift over the other way.
26:36 Right knee is bent, left leg is straight, and hold.
26:45 Okay. Good. All right. Thanks a lot. We're all done.
26:51 If you know of somebody who's depressed
26:53 or you yourself battle depression, there is hope.
26:55 There are things you can do to make yourself feel better.
26:58 First of all, get up earlier, go to bed earlier,
27:02 and that right away will start to help.
27:04 Drink a lot of water, get a healthy diet going,
27:07 eat lots of fresh foods and vegetables,
27:09 and cut back on the things
27:10 that you know aren't good for you.
27:12 Get into a regular exercise program,
27:14 consisting of both resistance exercise
27:17 and aerobic exercise 'cause both of those
27:19 will be very vital for helping you feeling of well being.
27:22 And most of all, as Daniel mentioned,
27:24 you want to have a strong walk with your maker.
27:26 Get close to God and you'll find yourself
27:29 feeling so much better as you give in
27:31 and surrender all to him.
27:33 And remember to do all these things for the right reason.
27:35 God made you, He wants you
27:37 to be healthy to claim His promises.
27:39 Just like we do all the time
27:41 on Body and Spirit and Body and Spirit Aerobics.
27:44 Philippians 4:13 says, "I can do all things through Christ
27:47 which strengthens me."
27:49 God bless you. Thank you for joining us.
27:51 We look forward to seeing you next time
27:53 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


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