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Neck Problems

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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Dick Hutchinson


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:13 Neck pain can have a crippling effect.
00:15 Isn't very pleasant, but there are some things
00:17 you can do to help prevent it or correct it.
00:20 Find out next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:50 Hello, I am Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:52 of the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:54 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:57 In my career I worked for lot of people with neck pain.
00:59 In fact I myself have experienced
01:01 some great problems
01:02 that I'll talk about little bit more.
01:04 This would be our topic as we get into our workout.
01:06 Helping me out today will be Dick Hutchinson.
01:10 Come on out.
01:11 He'll have an easy first name for me to remember.
01:14 Now Dick, what do you do?
01:16 I work in a call center in the print shop.
01:19 Okay, so you volunteer here at 3ABN.
01:21 Okay, and you like staying fit and healthy and all that.
01:24 Oh definitely, I run everyday.
01:25 You run everyday, how far?
01:27 Five miles. Five miles, wow.
01:30 Some of the camera crew could take
01:31 some hints from you, couldn't they?
01:32 Oh, if they want to, they can come out with me.
01:35 Okay, we'll tell them that.
01:37 All right, we're gonna start by warming up
01:39 little bit by just circling the arms around.
01:43 We're gonna loosen up the body
01:47 and get ready for workout.
01:49 Now if you have severe neck pain
01:50 even this could be a little difficult.
01:53 Do you have any aches or pains? No.
01:56 Wow. Can I ask how old you're?
01:58 Sixty-nine and half. Sixty-nine and half.
02:01 Of course I could ask, you may not answer me,
02:03 but I can always ask.
02:06 Okay, now let's go the other direction,
02:08 up and around.
02:13 Well this would be a walk in the park for you then,
02:15 if you're used to running five miles a day.
02:24 How about push ups. Can you do push ups?
02:26 Yes, sir. You can?
02:28 Yes. Okay, good all right.
02:30 Well, that's what we're gonna do now then.
02:32 Go and hit the deck
02:33 we're gonna do some push ups.
02:35 Okay, keep the back straight,
02:37 low yourself down, push right up.
02:39 Look at that, almost 70 years old, no problem.
02:47 Very good, for those at home you can either do them
02:50 against the wall or you can do them with your knees down.
02:58 You're looking good.
03:03 See if can get five more.
03:10 Excellent, all right come on up on your feet.
03:13 Good form, it look good.
03:14 How do you feel? Good.
03:16 All right, put your hands behind your head.
03:19 You just gonna stretch back
03:24 and now give yourself a hug.
03:27 Pull your shoulder blades apart as you stretch.
03:32 Okay, now put your hands behind your head again.
03:35 Push the elbows back, way back,
03:38 so you feel a stretch in your chest.
03:42 And then give yourself a hug.
03:44 Pull it part.
03:50 All right, now what we're gonna do is gonna
03:52 put our left foot on front of us.
03:54 Okay, reach out with your right hand,
03:57 grab a hold of your right hand with your other hand
04:00 and again you've to pull back like this and back out.
04:03 What you're doing is you're providing the resistance.
04:06 As you do it's like a sawing wood type motion like something
04:10 you've done once or twice in your life.
04:11 Oh, yes.
04:15 And pull, and pull, we're gonna do ten more.
04:18 Its 1, 2, 3, 4, reach way out,
04:24 5, 6, 7, 8,
04:31 9, 10, okay.
04:33 Now switch around.
04:35 Put your right foot on front, put your left foot arm out.
04:38 Grab with the other hand and pull back
04:41 and reach and reach and reach and reach.
04:48 Little slower, pull and pull,
04:52 and pull, its 9, 10, 10 more.
04:57 One, and two, and pull, and pull, five more times
05:04 and 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, good.
05:11 Okay, stretch side area,
05:13 we're gonna put our arm right up over the head,
05:15 let it bend at the elbow.
05:17 Grab a hold with your left
05:19 and pull your elbow towards your head.
05:24 Just a steady stretch.
05:27 Don't bounce, so try and really wrench on it.
05:30 Just take it to a natural stopping spot.
05:33 Okay, now we do the other side.
05:36 Left arm up, let it bend at the elbow.
05:39 Grab and pull
05:45 and hold back.
05:51 Okay, now relax.
05:53 Okay, we're gonna work our shoulders now,
05:55 we're gonna put our arms out like this.
05:58 We're gonna make little circles here.
06:03 We'll test you out little bit here.
06:05 Give you some work.
06:07 Okay, now let's go back the other direction.
06:10 There you go.
06:16 Have you done lot of physical work
06:18 or mainly just worked out a lot.
06:20 Well, I didn't do physical work most in my life
06:24 till I got over the call center
06:26 and the print shop lifting heavy boxes.
06:29 Okay, now let's go the other way.
06:32 So you don't go ask the younger fellows
06:33 to help you lift the boxes?
06:35 No. Okay.
06:42 Okay, now back the other way.
06:51 Okay, back forward again.
06:59 Okay, and backwards again.
07:06 Okay, now we're just gonna hold arm straight up.
07:10 Keep the palms down and just hold it there.
07:14 You're doing all right? Oh, yes.
07:16 Okay, we're gonna try and hold for 40 more seconds.
07:22 You're feeling your shoulders burn
07:23 at all or they are doing okay.
07:25 They're burning a little bit.
07:26 Okay, okay, good.
07:28 Least we know he is human now. Okay.
07:33 Don't have any mechanical parts.
07:35 Okay, 20 seconds to go.
07:40 Oh, he feels good when he put the arms down
07:41 after holding him out like this.
07:44 Now we're down to 10 seconds,
07:46 9, 8, 7, 6, 5,
07:51 4, 3, 2, 1 and down, good.
07:56 Okay, now I want you to shrug your shoulders up
07:58 and back down and shrug up and down,
08:02 and up and down, shrug up and down,
08:07 and up and down, up and down, up and down,
08:13 shrug up and down, way up high and down,
08:17 shrug up and down, and up and down,
08:22 and up and down, and up and down,
08:26 and up and down. Five more times.
08:31 There's 2, and 3, and 4, and 5, all right.
08:37 Let's puts your right arm that front of you.
08:39 Bring it across your body now,
08:41 bring your left hand in behind the elbow
08:43 and pull your arms towards your body and hold that.
08:48 Hold it.
08:54 Okay, let's put the left arm out now.
08:57 Getting across your body,
08:59 put your right hand behind it and pull.
09:03 Keep your left arm straight as you do it
09:06 and pull with your right arm towards your body
09:11 and hold for about a 10 second count.
09:17 Okay and good.
09:19 All right, I'm gonna be
09:22 kind of your drill sergeant here.
09:24 I'll be a nice sergeant though.
09:26 Now once you start stepping in place,
09:28 okay, and get your arms swinging as you do it.
09:30 So he will be doing here the way we'll do it.
09:33 He's--hold on for a second, bring your left leg up.
09:36 Okay, your right arm is up, okay then we'll do it,
09:39 we're gonna switch back and forth.
09:42 Here we go.
09:49 So when the right leg is up, the left arm is up,
09:53 when the left leg is up, right arm is up.
09:56 Okay, I think I'll get in order as you.
09:58 Okay, here we do it one more time.
10:00 Go and bring your-may be it will be easier for you
10:02 if you just jog in place.
10:03 Why don't you go and jog in place.
10:05 Oh, there we go, okay. That was a problem,
10:08 we're going too slow.
10:13 Okay, we'll let him jog in place here.
10:16 Now we can get his rhythm down little better
10:18 and sometimes it is difficult to get the rhythm.
10:20 So obviously he is more used to the jogging
10:23 than he is to the stepping.
10:25 And so we'll go ahead and let him do that.
10:27 For those at home if you need to step more, that's okay.
10:31 Can you pick your knees up a little higher there?
10:34 No too fast, we're not gonna go sprinting yet, very good.
10:39 Now we'll talk about neck pain little bit
10:41 while Dick is getting into his jogging mode here.
10:45 Now if you can keep that up for a while, right.
10:47 I suppose so. Cannot say.
10:50 Okay, well then I can talk for a minute here, yeah.
10:53 Once upon a time when I was just 30 years old
10:56 I had an injury take place in my neck
10:58 where I was playing racquetball
11:00 and doing some things and somehow I tweaked my back
11:03 and I was moving in lots of different directions.
11:05 And I was having problems,
11:07 I put a weightlifting belt on
11:08 and I kept going about my daily activities of lifting weights,
11:12 playing racquetball.
11:13 And when I got home at night, I was putting in a fence
11:16 and so I was digging postholes all with the bad back.
11:19 When I went to bed I was sleeping on my right side
11:23 which caused some pain during the night.
11:25 I got up the next morning
11:26 and really didn't thin anything about it.
11:29 I kept going about my activities.
11:31 Came home started working on the fence again.
11:34 When I went to bed I slept on my right side again,
11:37 this time the pain came sooner and much more intense.
11:41 And when I got up the next morning Dick,
11:43 I lost 90% of strength in my right arm overnight, right.
11:47 Just got up the next morning and it was gone.
11:49 And so I went to a neurologist,
11:52 I went to an orthopedic surgeon,
11:53 I went to physical therapy
11:54 and nobody could seem to find out
11:56 what was wrong with my arm.
11:59 And so it was a very frustrating journey,
12:01 it was extremely painful.
12:03 I buckled to my knees in pain every time I got up.
12:06 And so when I was getting checked out
12:08 they said well it's originating from your neck.
12:10 And so I really became very receptive
12:13 to neck problems at that time when I was going through that.
12:16 Okay, we're gonna change now.
12:18 We're gonna do some squats Dick,
12:19 and the way you induce is cross your arms,
12:21 okay push your hips back, oh very good okay.
12:24 You look like you've done these before.
12:26 We used to do, my wife and I before we came to 3ABN.
12:30 The timing is so bad now when I'm trying to work.
12:32 We used to do at 12 noon out there in the West Coast.
12:35 Oh, you mean Body and Spirit.
12:37 Wow, I got alone.
12:40 No wonder why he is so fit.
12:43 He's been doing Body and Spirit for years.
12:45 I'm reporter Dick.
12:46 Okay, wonderful.
12:49 Now won't you tell me do to you?
12:51 When we move down here the timing is so bad.
12:54 Oh, well the timing, timing.
12:55 I thought you're blaming Tammy.
12:56 No, and that's my Kentucky accent, okay.
13:05 Looking good.
13:07 This just gives us a little variety
13:10 even in our action here
13:12 and so and also it's a great exercise
13:14 for building up the gluteus maximus
13:16 and quadriceps and hamstring
13:19 and if you gonna use age as an excuse,
13:21 are you gonna accept that, Dick, no.
13:23 No, not gonna accept that.
13:25 You can do pretty much whatever you want still, right.
13:27 Yes, do you have any recreational things
13:29 you like to do like hiking or.
13:31 Oh, I used to love that,
13:32 once again climb on occasion.
13:35 I used love that hike up mountains, okay.
13:39 [13:39] not with me.
13:45 Really? Yeah.
13:47 We gonna bring Tammy, again for that one.
13:49 I'll not go blame her on that,
13:52 I just kind of compulsive.
13:54 For those who don't know Tammy is one of the camera crew.
13:56 If you look at the credits
13:58 so often you'll see under jib operator
14:01 you'll see Tammy Larson
14:02 who also does a lot of the artistic work around here.
14:06 So he's keeping you pretty busy there?
14:08 Oh, yes.
14:12 How you're doing there? You're doing okay?
14:13 I'm doing okay.
14:14 Now look at his guy go, this is amazing.
14:17 An inspiration.
14:21 You gonna become the Seventh-day Adventist
14:23 version of Jack LaLanne.
14:25 Oh, I don't know about that.
14:30 And I look quite well.
14:33 It's been going up now.
14:35 Okay let's go and jog in place again.
14:38 So where were you born and raised?
14:40 In Louisville, Kentucky. Okay.
14:43 Yeah, I was going down to Kentucky one time.
14:46 I think it was for an ASI Convention,
14:48 I needed to catch a plane to Louisville
14:51 and so I was in Detroit
14:52 and we were switching airplanes then I said,
14:54 is this the plane to Louisville.
14:57 And they said no this is a plane to Louisville.
15:00 Louisville, should be? Yeah, I spoke out Louisville.
15:03 So they didn't like me calling it Louisville.
15:05 So I had it totally wrong,
15:07 of course in South Dakota we've our own little things.
15:10 Now our capital city is spelt Peer
15:13 but it's actually Peer.
15:15 You don't say Peer there you say Peer.
15:19 Okay I'll get back to my next story
15:20 while Dick continues to jog over Hillandale.
15:25 And that is--I went through all these various things
15:28 and trying to get better and no body could help me out.
15:31 And I just starting rehabbing on my own
15:33 and started getting back to a place where
15:35 I was gaining some stimulus to arm movement
15:37 and I finally was-- I was teaching a diet
15:40 and exercise class in the athletic club
15:42 while I was teaching the health message
15:44 of the Adventist church to the general public
15:46 and it was being very well receipted or received.
15:49 And I had a woman who was the wife of the chiropractor
15:52 who was very well respected even by the arthropods
15:55 and I had never gone to a chiropractor before
15:57 and didn't really think much about him.
15:59 But I decided to try that and by going into him
16:02 he said, well let me check your posture.
16:04 And he did that and he goes I see the problem.
16:06 I thought what, what's wrong with my posture.
16:09 Well, my right arm was riding up high
16:11 and so he did a snap crack and pop and down it went.
16:14 What had happened is levator scapula
16:16 which is a muscle that runs from the superior angle
16:19 of your scapula up to C1 through 4
16:22 had gone into contraction and by laying on my side
16:24 I was encouraging to stay that way.
16:26 Then it pressed on what's called the brachial plexus
16:29 which is a nerve that runs off
16:31 of your neck for your shoulder girdle
16:33 and I pinched on was called axillary nerve
16:36 and I lost this 90% of strength
16:38 in my triceps overnight
16:40 and lost most of my chest muscle there.
16:42 Now I built it back over the years
16:44 but it took me 10 years to build my arm back up
16:48 to some stimulus and normalcy.
16:50 And even to this day
16:51 if I'm doing isolated tricep exercise
16:54 my left arm will opt for my right arm every time.
16:58 But bicep wise are performing my left with my right arm.
17:02 Because I'm right handed
17:03 but my right tricep will never be as strong as
17:06 my left tricep again because of the severity of that injury.
17:08 And that limits some of things I can do or can't do.
17:12 I can't bench press anymore,
17:13 because that's what tore me apart.
17:16 And one time not too long ago
17:17 I was doing some bench presses again
17:19 and every time I put my arm out I went to sleep.
17:21 And so I called my chiropractor friend
17:24 while I was going back to Olympian
17:26 I said my arm is going to sleep.
17:27 And he goes you've been bench pressing again, haven't you.
17:30 And I said oh, little bit.
17:32 So I came back and fixed me up and off I went again.
17:34 So neck problems are nothing to seize out.
17:37 Okay let's go back and do some squats again.
17:41 Okay.
17:44 So you're getting winded at all or you're doing just fine.
17:46 Oh, I'm getting little windy, stretching upper back.
17:48 Oh, all right. Now I can feel good about myself.
17:52 He is actually starting to get a little tired, that's nice.
17:54 Not as windy as I get outside.
17:57 Not as windy? No.
17:59 Okay, five, we haven't gone five pounds out either.
18:01 My dog presses me.
18:03 What's that? My dog presses me.
18:04 Your dog, what kind of dog you have? Domestic.
18:07 Okay, let's go a little bit deeper, Dick.
18:09 There you go, oh, very nice. Nice squats.
18:14 It's great when you see somebody pushing 70
18:16 who can still go up and down
18:18 with that of apparent ease and strength
18:20 that he is doing there.
18:25 I made a determination about 35 years ago
18:27 to get my legs back strong again.
18:30 Did you lose your legs?
18:31 Yeah. I couldn't run.
18:33 Why, what happened to you?
18:36 Well, I was just sitting there,
18:38 sitting at the desk all day for about 12 or 13 years.
18:44 My pastor said, it was Ronnie,
18:46 my head elder was Ronnie, my neighbor said let's go run.
18:51 I said, no. He kept after me
18:56 and I finally said, yes one day.
18:58 About a mile he never runs once under seven minutes.
19:02 He got under seven minutes.
19:04 He took off at the end and left me.
19:08 I got somewhere close to seven minutes,
19:11 couldn't walk the next three days.
19:13 And my legs were so bad aching,
19:16 but they come a long way from there.
19:18 Wow, good testimony.
19:19 Okay, let's go back on your jog.
19:25 Trying to talk and do that. I was impressed.
19:29 Here, you're saving me a lot of work
19:31 in this program that's for sure.
19:34 The thing I'm trying to do is figure out
19:35 how to cool you down because--
19:39 That's a natural way you cool down. Yeah.
19:41 I do some floor exercises.
19:42 I don't throw exercises, until I can finish.
19:49 Well, we'll figure out something.
19:54 But you're doing great but I learned a long time ago
19:57 that neck pain is nothing to mess with
19:59 because it can be very crippling
20:01 and I think God let me go through that
20:03 to teach me very valuable lesson.
20:05 Because up until that point
20:06 I thought if somebody was having nerve problems
20:08 just push through it.
20:09 Well, when a nerve shuts down
20:11 you don't push through it, you're done.
20:13 And it can be very, very crippling.
20:18 Did you ever pinch nerve before? No.
20:20 Okay, well you don't want one, trust me. No.
20:23 I'll have my shoulder right,
20:24 and I won't reconsider that.
20:26 I think a lot of it, you didn't gave me
20:28 a weak spot back when I play football
20:30 as a youth and I got hit three different directions
20:32 and chipped a vertebra in my neck
20:35 and the seven cervical vertebra back
20:37 when I was just 16 years old
20:39 and the orthopedic surgeon gave me two options.
20:41 He said you neither have surgery
20:45 and there is still no guarantee
20:46 you can play football
20:47 or you can just give up football
20:49 and you can pile little, pretty much normal life.
20:51 So that was not a very hard choice for me,
20:53 because I didn't really love playing football
20:54 all that much anyway.
20:59 Okay, we're gonna go for two more minutes.
21:02 I think you can handle that.
21:03 Sure. Okay.
21:04 I want to play football
21:06 but my dad always say it merrily. Oh really.
21:09 That he would not let me go. Really?
21:11 He would not let me play football.
21:14 He says you're gonna get hurt.
21:15 Well, that surely could happen.
21:22 Did you ever get hurt playing football?
21:23 Evidently not. Okay.
21:25 He never talked about it if we did.
21:29 I won't think football was as hard as this today.
21:32 Yeah, they're little bit bigger
21:33 and little bit faster and little bit meaner.
21:37 You look at the size of some of those men
21:39 playing football how hard they can run
21:41 and how hard they can hit.
21:42 It's a wonder that you don't have
21:44 more people seriously injured.
21:48 And they play on the astro turfs
21:50 and it favors it either.
21:51 No, sure it doesn't, we'll try to get away from that.
21:54 Okay we're down to our last minute,
21:57 then we're go down to some cooling down exercise
22:00 and then we'll be finishing up.
22:02 But you're doing good and I really
22:03 appreciate your testimony of being
22:06 a sedentary person who finally decide to get off
22:09 the chair and get back in the game again.
22:12 And that's what it takes some times
22:14 its just motivation.
22:15 Because there are lot of people out there
22:17 who just aren't willing to get started
22:19 and so that's sad because they say they want to do it
22:22 or they want to get fit
22:23 but yet they don't want to take the time to do it.
22:25 Now, let me ask you this question
22:27 while you finish jogging it up.
22:28 Do you enjoy running? Yes.
22:30 Okay, you'd really miss it if you didn't it.
22:32 Right. Oh, yes.
22:33 And you feel great after it's done, right.
22:35 Yes. Okay.
22:36 So somebody said you can't run anymore,
22:39 that won't make you very happy.
22:40 No. Okay.
22:42 No I'm not gonna say that to you.
22:43 I won't make you unhappy.
22:45 Okay we're down to our last 10 seconds.
22:49 And 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, okay, put your hands on your hips
22:56 we're gonna step out to the left.
22:58 Okay, and bring this foot in.
22:59 Okay, now step to the right and bring that foot in.
23:01 Okay, now let's go back and forth like that.
23:03 This will help us just to kind of cool down.
23:06 Also give you some lateral movement.
23:09 Not too fast we're just gonna do it nice and easy.
23:13 When we do aerobic exercise we wanna do a warm up
23:19 and then we do the training regime
23:21 and then we do the cool down
23:22 and this will be the cool down.
23:24 And we actually got him sweating a little bit.
23:26 So I'm good, you know, I feel good about myself here,
23:29 we're able to give him work out,
23:31 didn't have a lot of variety,
23:33 but I think they're gonna workout.
23:35 But that just goes to show that
23:36 you can get a very good workout
23:38 just in your own living room
23:39 if you have the motivation to get going.
23:46 Okay, we're gonna do this for a couple of minutes.
23:51 Great, you're fortunate that
23:52 you never experienced neck pain
23:55 because when I was playing football at the time
23:58 Dick, there was a high.
24:00 They kept telling me always
24:01 I had was a pinch nerve but every time
24:03 I got hit my whole right side would just light on fire.
24:07 And so finally I kept complaining to my parents
24:10 and they took me to an orthopedic surgeon
24:14 and they came back with a diagnosis of
24:16 the chipped vertebrae and my football coach
24:18 was angry with me that
24:20 I dare to go against what he said that
24:24 it was just a pinch nerve
24:25 because obviously when I came back
24:27 as a chipped vertebrae they told me I was finished
24:30 and he didn't like that at all
24:32 But I think I chose the wiser path
24:36 to go get a check out rather then just going by what
24:38 a coach says as far as what my problem was.
24:42 Always need those second opinions. I'm sorry.
24:45 Always need those second opinions.
24:46 well, he wasn't a doctor in the first place.
24:48 I didn't even look t that as a first opinion.
24:55 Okay, we're gonna go for 10 more seconds.
24:59 Okay, is that cooling you down little bit?
25:01 I suppose so. Okay.
25:04 Seem like I'm sweating now.
25:05 Okay, well, let's come to final process.
25:11 Okay, good, I want you to put your right foot back
25:14 and just press your heel to ground and bend forward,
25:19 bend your left knee, okay,
25:21 and you're just gonna stretch the calf area.
25:24 You hold that.
25:29 Okay, switch around.
25:32 Press the left foot to the ground,
25:34 bend the right knee.
25:36 Keep the chest up.
25:42 Okay, good.
25:43 Now let's step out to the side,
25:46 bend the left knee,
25:47 keep the right leg straight,
25:48 bend step out little bit further.
25:50 Step your left leg out further.
25:53 You're gonna touch knee, there you go.
25:55 Okay, that's better, chest up.
26:00 Okay, shift over the other way.
26:04 Okay, so now the left leg is straight, right knee is bent.
26:07 We're stretching inside of the thigh.
26:09 Stretching is very important
26:10 because you wanna keep that range of motion flexibility.
26:13 There's lot of people they get older,
26:15 they start losing their flexibility.
26:18 Okay, good.
26:19 Okay, let's just finish with a couple of trunk turns.
26:22 Rotate left, and back to the right.
26:26 Back to the left, back to the right,
26:31 back to the left and back to the right.
26:35 Okay, thank you, sir, you did a fantastic job.
26:38 Thank you. All right.
26:41 Well, that was very inspiring to see
26:43 how fit somebody can still be even when
26:45 they are pushing 70 years old.
26:47 Dick will be a motivation to anybody who sees this show.
26:50 Not getting back to neck pain certainly that's
26:52 something you don't want to take lightly.
26:54 I saw many avenues to finally find help for myself.
26:58 Getting into regular exercise and proper posture
27:01 will help prevent having neck problems.
27:04 But if you do start to experience problems,
27:06 make sure you get a checked up by professional.
27:08 Find somebody who can help you out,
27:09 because you don't want to go through a situation
27:12 where you start to feel like you might be losing mobility
27:15 or sensation of fingers or your hand,
27:17 because it can become quite serious as I found out myself.
27:21 Now as you go into an exercise program
27:23 we always encourage people to do it for the right reason.
27:25 We wanna--we don't wanna do it for self glory
27:28 and as Dick was talking about he just enjoys running
27:31 and enjoy getting outside
27:33 and I bet if I would have asked him he would tell you
27:35 he does it all for the glory of God.
27:38 And I'm sure since he has been a regular
27:39 Body and Spirit watcher that he along with us claims
27:42 a promise of Philippians 4:13 which states
27:45 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."
27:49 God bless you, thank you for joining us.
27:51 We look forward to see you next time
27:53 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


Revised 2014-12-17