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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Daniel Hopkins, Corrie Sample


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00:02 The following program is designed
00:03 to demonstrate simple workouts
00:04 that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:13 Protein is a very misunderstood topic
00:14 in our society today
00:16 especially when it comes to exercise.
00:18 You wanna hear the facts?
00:19 Stay tuned and find out next on Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:48 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:50 of the Black Hills Health and Education Center.
00:52 Welcome to Body and Spirit Aerobics.
00:54 During my years of bodybuilding,
00:55 I definitely learned the hard way
00:57 how much protein to take in and not to take in.
01:00 In fact, at one time I was taking
01:01 in over 400 grams of protein a day.
01:03 Any health specialist who is hearing this
01:05 would probably just drop their jaw in shock.
01:07 We're gonna talk about protein on today's program.
01:10 We're ready to get started with our workout.
01:11 Helping me out today will be Daniel and Corrie.
01:14 Daniel is of the Black Hills where he's a fireman
01:18 and a paramedic-- or just a medic.
01:19 That's right. You're an EMT. Okay.
01:21 And Corrie is from Union College
01:23 where she is a senior, about ready to graduate.
01:26 And she's taking International Rescue and Relief.
01:29 That is correct. And then, what're you gonna do?
01:31 I'm planning on doing Accelerated Nursing.
01:33 And then mission work after that.
01:35 Okay. Where? International somewhere.
01:38 International somewhere. Okay. Very good. All right.
01:40 Let's start by warming up.
01:42 We're gonna just circle the arms up and around
01:44 and up and around. We're just loosening up.
01:47 When we start our workout,
01:48 it's always important to get warm.
01:52 Just swing the arms around. Keep them fairly straight.
01:59 If you pop and grind it, snap and crack a little bit.
02:02 Well, hopefully, that'll get better
02:03 the more you could do it.
02:05 Okay. Up and round the other way.
02:07 If that hurts though, then you definitely
02:09 want to take caution.
02:11 If you just feel little popping and grinding
02:13 and there is no pain, then I'd go ahead
02:15 and just keep working through it.
02:20 Okay. And let's go about five more,
02:21 just up and around.
02:28 Okay. That takes care of the easy part.
02:30 Let's go ahead and hit the deck for some push ups,
02:32 Corrie. Do them off your knees. Okay.
02:35 Daniel, just regular.
02:36 For those at home, you can either go up the knees
02:38 like Corrie is doing or do them straight like Daniel.
02:41 Or if you need to, you can just go over to a wall
02:43 and do them against the wall. All right.
02:45 Let's go ahead and lower ourselves down
02:47 and push up and down and up.
02:51 The important thing about this one
02:52 is here we'll keep the back straight.
02:54 Both of our participants are doing that.
02:58 Lots of air, pushing up, keeping the speed
03:01 a little more controlled, little slower.
03:04 You go too fast, yes, you can do more,
03:07 but then you're not gonna get the same benefit.
03:10 Or if you cut them short-- do a few shorter ones,
03:12 Daniel, where you don't come all the way up.
03:16 Okay, if you cut them short like that,
03:18 once again, you're not gonna get
03:19 all the benefit that we're looking for.
03:21 So full range of motion is what we're after.
03:24 And although Corrie is doing the modified ones
03:26 off the knees, she certainly is well capable
03:29 of doing them in a regular fashion.
03:31 But I'm doing this for the sake of demonstration.
03:34 Let's go three more.
03:38 Okay, now down part way and a 10-second hold.
03:41 One, two, three
03:44 four, five, six, seven,
03:48 eight, nine, ten, and okay.
03:53 For those who think Body and Spirit Aerobics
03:55 is easy, let them get passed out.
03:58 Okay, put the hands behind the head
04:01 and drop the elbows back.
04:02 We find stretching to be a very important
04:05 part of exercise and the best time
04:07 to stretch a muscle is once it's warmed up.
04:10 So I'm assuming your chest is now warmed up.
04:12 Okay. All right.
04:14 Now, reach around to give yourself a good morning hug.
04:18 Pull the shoulder blades apart.
04:23 And let's go back behind the head again.
04:27 Elbows way back. Feel it stretched in the chest.
04:34 Okay. Let's give yourself another hug.
04:40 Pull it apart and good. Okay.
04:44 Corrie, could you get the towels for us, please?
04:49 We have this fancy exercise equipment here.
04:52 These towels.
04:54 So what I want you to do is pull it apart
04:58 and come up over top.
05:00 Now, we're gonna go from side to side.
05:01 We're gonna tip to the right.
05:03 Now, back over to the left
05:06 and over to the right and back to the left.
05:10 Now, while you're doing these,
05:11 you wanna feel it stretch so you're coming over
05:15 and you're stretching here and then use these muscles
05:18 to pull it back through.
05:19 Keep your arms just a little straighter there, Daniel.
05:21 There you go.
05:24 Good, Corrie. Keep the tension on there.
05:32 Pull it apart like you're trying to tear.
05:34 If you can tear in two, you can keep it.
05:38 Okay. No, not gonna happen?
05:41 Not gonna happen. All right.
05:46 And let's do three more each way.
05:50 There is one and two, one more time and three.
05:56 Okay. Let's keep it up over head.
05:58 Let's bring it down and back up.
06:03 Stretch back and pull down.
06:06 Back up, way up, and pull down.
06:10 And way up and pull down.
06:14 And up and pull down. And up pull down.
06:22 And up and pull. And up.
06:27 Pull it apart the whole time.
06:30 Up and down and up and down.
06:35 Let's go five more.
06:36 Up, pull it apart and up and down.
06:41 This is a great movement for increasing
06:44 your shoulder flexibility.
06:50 And good. All right.
06:52 Now, we're gonna grab our towel on the end.
06:54 We're gonna grab it about six inches away
06:58 and we're gonna raise up, pull back down.
07:01 And we're doing a lot of raise.
07:03 You can use dumbbells for this as well.
07:06 But even by just giving ourselves resistance
07:07 with a towel, it doesn't take a whole
07:09 lot of repetitions before you start to feel it.
07:16 And let's go a couple more.
07:20 Okay. Now grab the end with the other hand
07:24 about six inches away. Raise up and up and up.
07:32 Focus on the shoulder while you're doing.
07:34 Up and up and up
07:40 and up and up.
07:44 Two more. And up. Good. All right.
07:49 Now, what we're gonna do is we're gonna take it
07:51 in our right hand, drape it over our thumb side.
07:54 Again, we're gonna grab it about six inches away.
07:57 Have your arm out in front of you.
07:59 You're gonna curl up, come down. Curl up and down.
08:04 And curl, down. And up, down.
08:08 Full extension. Reach out.
08:11 Give yourself some resistance as you do it.
08:14 And up and down and up and down, up.
08:20 Squeeze the bicep each time. And good. All right.
08:25 Left hand out and drape it over the thumb side.
08:28 Grab about six inches away.
08:30 Curl up and down and up and down.
08:35 And curl, flex the bicep. All the way up, reach out.
08:41 And up and reach. And up and reach.
08:44 Three more. Up, way up, up and up, good.
08:52 Now, we're gonna do some triceps.
08:53 We're gonna grab the end of it with your right hand.
08:55 Take it about a foot away
08:57 with your left hand, palm up.
08:59 Okay. We're gonna bend. Lean towards your left.
09:02 You're gonna bring your elbow up.
09:03 You're gonna kick it back and pull back through.
09:06 Kick back and pull. Back and pull. Push and push.
09:13 Five more times. There's two and three.
09:19 Walk it out one more time. Way out. Good. Okay.
09:23 Grab it with your left hand,
09:26 right palm up about a foot away.
09:29 Bend over towards your right.
09:32 Elbow up. Kick back, pull through. Kick, pull through.
09:37 Three and four, five. Five more.
09:42 One and two, three.
09:47 Kick it way out one more time. Good.
09:51 Okay. Let me have the towels, please. Thank you.
09:55 Okay. Now, we're gonna do is stretch out.
09:57 I want you to put your right arm over head.
10:00 Let it flop over. Grab it with your left hand.
10:04 Pull your elbow towards your head.
10:07 You're gonna stretch it through
10:08 the latissimus dorsi area. Okay.
10:11 We'll hold each stretch for about
10:12 10 to 15-second time period.
10:15 Make sure you breathe and relax,
10:17 breathe and relax. Okay.
10:20 And switch over the other side.
10:22 Now, you're gonna grab the left arm,
10:24 pull it towards the center.
10:26 When you stretch, you don't want to pull real hard.
10:30 You wanna just take it to a natural pull stopping spot
10:33 and just work that stretch, holding it.
10:35 It should be comfortable. Are we comfortable? Good.
10:39 Your comfort's important to me.
10:41 At least, right now it is. Okay. Relax.
10:46 Now, we're gonna put our right arm out.
10:48 We're gonna bring it across to our body.
10:50 We'll bring our left hand in behind,
10:52 and we're gonna stretch the shoulder.
10:54 You should feel right in that shoulder area. Okay.
11:01 Now we're gonna do the other side.
11:03 Left arm out bring it across.
11:06 Bring your hand behind, pull. Very Good.
11:13 Nice and looks good. All right.
11:17 Let's start by stepping in place.
11:19 We're gonna start our aerobic exercise.
11:21 Get the hands swinging.
11:23 Corrie, you're getting this down.
11:24 You got this marching stuff, down.
11:29 Okay, we're gonna start talking about
11:30 protein a little bit.
11:32 I'm one who used to be obsessed with protein.
11:35 I used to take in 400 grams a day,
11:37 eating 10,000 calories a day,
11:39 eating seven times a day, Corrie.
11:42 I was having 3 pounds of meat,
11:43 a gallon of milk, half dozen eggs.
11:45 And even then, I'd still take a protein supplement
11:47 on top of that. Wow.
11:49 Took amino acids and I really had
11:50 a tough time with it all.
11:52 In fact, I took so much protein, Daniel.
11:55 My immune system was shut to the point
11:57 that anytime I hurt myself or got sick,
11:59 I had to worry about secondary infections.
12:01 In fact, one time, I had a strep infection
12:03 and a staph infection in my throat at the same time.
12:07 And I couldn't talk for two weeks, and I was in college.
12:09 But the thing is, as I was so quite,
12:11 nobody knew I had something wrong with me for a week.
12:14 Finally, my roommate goes, do you have a sore throat?
12:17 And I went, yeah. He goes, how long?
12:18 I said, it's been a week.
12:20 And he goes, well, I thought you were
12:21 talking even less than normal.
12:23 Okay. Let's go and do some lunges.
12:25 Hands on the hips, just lunge out
12:27 with the right foot first. Okay.
12:29 And when we do the lunges, we want to make sure
12:32 that we are keeping our knee over our foot,
12:35 you want to keep the chest up.
12:37 Now if you can't go this deep, you can modify it
12:40 and go a little shorter.
12:41 Corrie, do a few couple shorter ones. There you go.
12:45 And that's fine too until you get to a point.
12:47 That's enough modified. You got your point across.
12:50 Okay. Back to the full ones.
12:54 And as you continue doing these,
12:55 you will get better and better at them
12:56 and you will find yourself being able to do
12:57 regular repetitions. Okay.
13:01 If I get lost in thought, Daniel,
13:03 don't be afraid to raise your hand
13:04 or something to let me know you're getting tired. Okay.
13:07 Okay. Otherwise keep on going.
13:10 And so I found that my
13:12 immune system is greatly compromised.
13:14 I cut my foot one time
13:15 and I got a staph infection on my foot.
13:17 And all of them came from the massive amount
13:19 of proteins I was consuming, so many eggs, so much meat,
13:22 so much milk and I'm lactose intolerant.
13:24 I didn't even know it at first.
13:26 I used to throw up every time
13:27 I drank milk when I was 16.
13:28 And I kept drinking until I got up to a gallon a day.
13:31 Because I was such a picky eater,
13:32 I couldn't eat anything else.
13:34 So I noticed I could've high protein diets
13:36 and take all the supplements and so forth.
13:38 I used to take even a glandular protein.
13:41 We thought the worse it tasted,
13:42 the better it must have been for you.
13:44 So I took so many things early in my career
13:47 all in the sake of trying to get more muscular.
13:49 It was absolute ridiculous.
13:54 Okay. Let's go back and step in place.
13:58 Which brings to a question, how much protein do we need?
14:02 Well, the World Health Organization
14:04 has recommend for a long time
14:05 between 29 and 37 grams of protein a day.
14:08 In fact, Dr. Rose back in the 50 took
14:10 all sorts of different foods, like wheat, and tomatoes,
14:13 and pumpkin, and rice, and beans, and so on.
14:16 And then, he ran it up for 3000 calories and found
14:19 that every one of those foods would give you
14:21 all your essential amino acids if you took them in.
14:23 And that's back in the 50s. They knew this.
14:26 And then he took such things as broccoli and asparagus
14:30 and he also took a beef club steak, milk,
14:33 and eggs, and ran them out and the one
14:34 that had more protein in any of them was broccoli.
14:38 Broccoli was the highest.
14:39 Asparagus was the second highest.
14:41 And then, you got into the club steak and the eggs.
14:44 So broccoli is 37% protein. Asparagus is 36% protein.
14:49 So they're very high in protein
14:50 and very utilized in protein not the sulfuric amino acids
14:54 like that you will find in animal products
14:56 which are more health destructive. Okay.
14:58 We're gonna do what's called grapevines now.
15:01 And so what we're gonna do is move--let's move this way.
15:03 Move to your right. Okay.
15:04 We're gonna step to the left, cross, and then over.
15:08 Okay. Step, cross, over.
15:11 Step, cross, over. Step, cross, over.
15:15 Step. All right.
15:18 We're getting into rhythm now.
15:21 Don't get too dancy though.
15:25 This is a good movement for coordination,
15:29 especially for us men, who tend not to be
15:31 properly coordinated when it comes to this.
15:37 So I, like the Apostle Paul, can say,
15:39 I can teach this to you because I'm the king of klutz.
15:44 Of course, he said he was a chief of sinners.
15:47 So what I'm saying is if I can do it, you can do it.
15:55 How are we doing? Are we doing okay?
15:57 Doing good. All right.
16:05 Okay, that's enough for that.
16:06 Go and do some squats. I like the power moves better.
16:10 Okay. Squatting is a great exercise.
16:12 Is probably, what I would consider
16:14 the most important exercise you can do.
16:16 If--when somebody said tell me one exercise, squats is it.
16:20 Because it works so many major muscle areas
16:22 and it's great for your gluteus maximus,
16:24 the thing that follows you around all day long,
16:27 and you sit on when you eat.
16:29 And it also develops the quadriceps, the hamstrings.
16:32 That's what's called the compound movement.
16:35 But it's important to do it properly,
16:37 want the chest up, the back straight,
16:39 but you have to bend at the waist
16:41 in order to keep your balance.
16:43 Again, like the lunges, you want your knees
16:45 over your feet at all times.
16:48 And squatting will help you to do
16:51 virtually any activity you want to do.
16:53 If you wanna golf, if you wanna bowl,
16:55 if you wanna play soccer, climb mountains.
16:58 What else you do?
17:00 Rock climbing, caving-- Rock climbing,
17:02 hang gliding you do that too?
17:04 Caving. I'd like to hang glide.
17:05 You like to hang glide.
17:07 Okay, would you jump out of an airplane?
17:09 I would. Wow.
17:11 Would you? If I had a parachute.
17:12 Really? Oh, boy. Give me the chance.
17:16 I'm not even that thrilled flying
17:17 let alone jumping out of it.
17:21 Okay. Keep going. We doing all right?
17:24 Yes. Okay.
17:26 Let's go ahead and step it out again.
17:32 So what we find getting back to what
17:33 we were talking about the World Health Organization.
17:36 What they did was they took Dr. Rose's study
17:39 and then they doubled it.
17:40 So they actually found about
17:41 20 grams of protein is all you needed.
17:43 So then they doubled it to give a safety margin
17:46 for the protein recommendations.
17:48 Now the USRDA is higher still. It's about 46 to 54 grams.
17:52 And then you take what
17:53 the average American is consuming.
17:55 And I haven't seen the most recent statistics.
17:57 I'm sure they're probably even higher now.
17:59 The last I saw was like a 100 to 145 grams of protein a day
18:04 is what the average American takes in.
18:05 And so we are just protein crazy.
18:08 But then again the marketing of eating
18:09 all these animal products, have to drink milk,
18:12 have to eat meat, and all this.
18:13 It just is really taking people out.
18:16 And so what women don't realize,
18:17 if you just have 3 ounces of chicken, Corrie,
18:21 as a female, you've had all the protein
18:23 you need for the day. Wow.
18:25 So anything you need on top of that,
18:27 is just gonna be excess which your body
18:29 has to find a way to eliminate
18:30 'cause you cannot store protein as protein.
18:32 You'd have to convert it to a carbohydrate,
18:36 or you have to turn it into fat and you have--
18:39 there is a process that goes through,
18:40 stripping out nitrogen,
18:41 so you have a lot of waste byproduct
18:42 and causes lot of stress on the body.
18:44 And I was teaching way back when?
18:46 Okay, let's start jogging in place.
18:48 While I was teaching a diet exercise class
18:50 in Olympia, Washington,
18:51 I had a lot of medical doctors taking my course
18:54 and I talked about the harmful effects
18:55 of protein and fat on the body.
18:57 And one of the doctors raised his hand and,
18:59 of course, when you've a doctor raise his hand,
19:00 you're, oh, boy, what's the doctor gonna say.
19:02 And he looked at the class and goes,
19:03 you folks don't realize how important this is,
19:06 because this is exactly the truth.
19:08 Too much fat, too much protein, ages you prematurely,
19:11 and weakens your immune system.
19:13 And I was, wow, glad you agreed with me.
19:14 Otherwise, we could have a real rough time here.
19:20 So I've been following a vegetarian diet
19:23 for well over 25 years now
19:26 and I'm trying to stay with a total vegetarian diet
19:28 as much as I can.
19:30 And so by doing that you have no animal products at all.
19:33 And I actually got bigger and stronger
19:36 than I ever did before eating all the meat
19:39 being on a vegetarian diet and I was much older too,
19:41 when I got to my strongest
19:42 because I actually hit my strongest point
19:44 when I was 46 years old.
19:46 So go figure it.
19:50 But then, the Book of Daniel talks about
19:52 that Daniel and his friends they resisted the King's meat
19:56 and all of his stuff and they wanted to pour some water
19:58 and they were fairer and it says fatter.
20:01 But I was thinking more, actually more buff
20:03 that's just a term back then. Oh, definitely.
20:04 I don't think they are actually fat.
20:05 And I think, they were just more muscular,
20:07 fuller looking than those who were emaciated
20:09 because of the rotten diet they ate.
20:14 We are starting to glow yet, Corrie? Definitely.
20:16 Okay. Good. Daniel, we're doing all right?
20:19 Getting warm. Okay.
20:21 Let's go back and do squats again.
20:25 I really like using squats as a break up
20:28 in aerobic workout because it continues,
20:31 given the rigs the rhythmic activity
20:33 we are looking for, because
20:34 that's the definition of aerobic exercise,
20:36 rhythmic activity of a major muscle group.
20:38 And we like to use it, see it for about
20:39 a 20 to 30 minute time period.
20:42 Because we are doing on a half hour show,
20:44 we do a little bit shorter, but still even about
20:46 the 12, 14, 15 minutes, we do aerobic exercise,
20:50 it's still gonna be a great benefit.
20:51 In fact, I tell wellness guests all the time
20:53 who come and do our program, especially those
20:56 who need to lose weight, they say,
20:57 "Well, I can only do about five minutes of walking
21:00 before I get exhausted."
21:01 And I said, that's fine.
21:02 Do five minutes and do another five minutes,
21:05 do another five minutes throughout the day
21:07 and if you get about five times of five minutes
21:09 throughout the day, you're gonna be
21:10 burning fat at more effective rate
21:12 and then you're gonna be building yourself
21:13 up to the point where now you can
21:15 take it longer than five minutes
21:17 and you will find yourself drastically improving.
21:20 Okay. You, all right? All right. Okay.
21:23 Daniel, hopping and popping a little bit,
21:25 but doing all right?
21:27 Your legs aren't tired yet? Yes.
21:29 Good. All right.
21:30 That's what I want to hear. Come down and hold.
21:33 We have to get to that point first now.
21:34 This static hold is very beneficial as well--
21:38 little deeper, Corrie,
21:39 because it brings in the muscles like nothing else.
21:43 And it's very intensive and Corrie's hoping
21:46 that I shut up and keep counting
21:48 so she doesn't have to stay there forever. Okay.
21:51 Now we're gonna go for 12 more seconds.
21:54 Corrie. can you hang on? Yeah.
21:56 Ten, nine, eight, seven,
22:00 six, five four three, two, one.
22:05 Okay, step it out. Okay.
22:10 We're gonna step it out
22:11 for about 45 more seconds of a good pace,
22:15 and then we get to slowdown, Daniel.
22:16 We get to slowdown.
22:17 That's the best part of the aerobic workout.
22:19 There's that cool down phase
22:20 and also one of the most important parts,
22:22 we will talk about more in just a moment.
22:25 We're doing great. We are marching away.
22:30 So you really wanna take a look at
22:32 how much protein you're consuming
22:34 because there are a lot of health detriments
22:37 to be found in a high-protein diet.
22:39 And the other thing a typical person
22:41 usually does not drink as much water as they should.
22:44 'Cause they're thinking that the pop and the coffee
22:46 and alcohol are gonna count as water and they don't.
22:49 In fact, the alcohol, and the coffee will dehydrate you.
22:53 A person should be drinking
22:54 at least eight to ten glasses of water a day.
22:57 Do you get that much water, Daniel?
23:00 Not all the time. Daniel? Not all the time.
23:02 You try to though, all right? I try to.
23:03 Corrie, you get that kind of water consumption?
23:05 Most of the time. Most of the time.
23:07 Okay. Well, you need to-- I know.
23:12 The more we perspire, the more we need.
23:13 Okay. Let's slow it down. Slow it down.
23:17 We're going to the cool down phase now.
23:22 And they found through research that if a man
23:24 doesn't drink at least three glasses of water a day,
23:27 that's just as high as a risk factor
23:29 for heart disease as high cholesterol.
23:31 So it's important to drink a lot of water
23:34 to get your body working properly,
23:35 to metabolize fat better, and it helps you working out.
23:38 In fact, they found time and time again
23:40 where if you take people do endurance testing
23:44 and if you just started drink water
23:45 when they want to versus forcing water upon them,
23:48 or no water at all, the people who take no water at all
23:51 will be the first ones done.
23:53 The ones that drink water
23:54 when they want to will then go further.
23:56 And the ones that'll force the water
23:58 will always go the longest.
23:59 And it doesn't matter how you switch the groups?
24:01 Always the one that's forcing water
24:03 will be the one who go the longest.
24:07 Okay, I don't know if that be the case
24:10 if I was rock climbing with you,
24:11 but that's not gonna happen anytime soon anyway. Okay.
24:16 Have you two ever rock climbed together?
24:17 Yeah. Yes. Have you?
24:20 Is she pretty good? She is. Okay.
24:25 Okay, we're down to our last 30 seconds, Corrie.
24:30 Yippee, huh? All right.
24:32 Starting getting bouncy again.
24:35 What's that? Can start getting bouncy again.
24:37 Start getting bouncy again. Okay.
24:38 Now we're gonna just cool down.
24:43 We've had enough bouncy time.
24:46 Okay, down to our last 10 seconds.
24:54 All right and good. Okay. Let's stretch out.
24:58 What I want to do is have you use me
24:59 as a brace and you're gonna stretch your quadriceps.
25:03 And stretch out.
25:05 Stretching the quadriceps and lean forward a little bit.
25:09 You can get even more of a stretch on it.
25:11 If you can't get a hold of your ankle,
25:13 you can just go ahead and grab your pant let.
25:15 That's fine too. Okay.
25:16 Let's go ahead and switch the other side.
25:20 After doing a good workout,
25:21 it feels good to stretch muscles.
25:23 And remember in stretching,
25:24 it's important to do stretching with warm muscles.
25:28 And also, in cooling down, I was gonna mention
25:30 that cooling down is an extremely
25:31 important part of aerobic workout
25:33 because you want to make sure
25:35 you let your body help your heart slowdown.
25:38 So you are not putting a massive stress on it
25:40 just all of a sudden.
25:43 You're pushing me over Daniel.
25:46 Okay. All right.
25:49 Let's put the left leg out, up on the heel,
25:51 lean forward, chest is up.
25:57 The more you lean into it, the more stretch you will get.
26:01 Okay, now let's go to the other leg,
26:03 put it out, come forward,
26:06 stretch the back of the leg, chest is up.
26:14 Okay, let's step out to the side.
26:20 Your left knee is bent.
26:21 Your right leg is straight,
26:23 stretching inside of the thigh.
26:29 Okay, let's shift over the other side.
26:32 Left leg is straight, right leg is bent,
26:34 chest is up, and hold.
26:42 Okay. Very good.
26:43 Corrie and Daniel, we are done.
26:49 If you find yourself walked into a diet
26:51 or you are taking in a lot of animal products
26:54 and so forth chances are,
26:56 you're getting a lot more protein
26:57 than you really need.
26:58 Start putting more fruits and vegetables
27:01 and whole grains in your diet
27:02 because reality the breakdown of proteins,
27:05 and fats, and carbohydrates, and fruits, and vegetables,
27:08 and whole grains are perfect for the human body.
27:11 And that's what we really want to focus in on.
27:13 Eating a lot of protein especially
27:15 for the sake of building muscle is just a way
27:17 of having very expensive waste byproduct
27:20 and putting a lot of money in people's pocket.
27:22 I don't advocate that at all
27:24 and haven't done it in years and years.
27:26 But I'm coming from both sides.
27:28 Actually I used to do it to the extreme
27:30 and now I don't do it at all.
27:31 And of course back then I was doing for an earthly price.
27:34 Now I do it for a heavenly one.
27:36 Remember to always train and eat for the glory of God.
27:39 Do what we do here on Body and Spirit
27:41 in Body and Spirit Aerobics
27:42 claim Philippians 4:13, which states,
27:45 "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me."
27:48 Thank you for joining us. God bless you.
27:50 And we look forward to seeing you next time
27:52 on Body and Spirit Aerobics.


Revised 2014-12-17