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Plantar Fasciitis

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Participants: Dick Nunez (Host), Mollie Steenson


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00:02 The following program is designed to demonstrate
00:04 simple workouts that you can use to improve your health.
00:08 Be sure to consult your physician
00:10 before beginning any exercise program.
00:13 Plantar fasciitis is a condition that many people suffer from.
00:16 The good news, there are things you can do for it.
00:18 That's gonna be our topic next on Body & Spirit Aerobics.
00:48 Hello, I'm Dick Nunez, Wellness Director
00:50 of the Black Hills Health and Education Centre.
00:52 Welcome to Body & Spirit Aerobics.
00:54 If you ever suffered from plantar fasciitis,
00:56 you know what I'm talking about,
00:57 when I say it's a very painful condition.
01:00 That's gonna be our topic today.
01:01 We're gonna do, talk about some exercise
01:03 you can do to prevent it and also some treatments
01:05 that might be beneficial to help get rid of it once you got it.
01:09 So we're ready to start our exercise program.
01:11 I'm very thrilled today to have with me Mollie Steenson,
01:14 come on up Mollie.
01:15 Mollie is an old friend from way back as we,
01:18 the earlier times when I first started Body & Spirit,
01:20 she was in the very beginning.
01:21 So Mollie I feel very blessed to have you out here,
01:24 and its going to be exciting to work with you.
01:25 I thank it's gonna be fun.
01:26 Okay and also I should mention
01:28 Mollie is a very familiar face here at 3ABN
01:31 because she is a General Manager,
01:33 now I understand you're also the Vice President,
01:35 so you've been kind of working up the ranks.
01:38 I still remember the very original video
01:40 when how I was talking you about the television station,
01:43 you just simply nodded.
01:44 You come along well since then. They let me talk now.
01:47 They'll let you talk. Okay, let's have a seat.
01:50 Okay, we're gonna start
01:52 our exercise by just loosening up.
01:53 We're gonna do some of the workout in the chair.
01:56 We're also gonna do some standing up
01:57 because when people have plantar fasciitis,
02:00 sometimes they can't really move around
02:02 that well up on their feet.
02:03 So we're gonna give a little variety and hopefully
02:05 that'll give you a workout you can do.
02:07 Mollie we're gonna start by just swinging arms around
02:09 and we're just kind of warm up our shoulders here.
02:12 We shouldn't hit, we've been testing this out.
02:18 Okay, we're just circling around
02:20 and just getting our shoulders warmed up,
02:23 because we're gonna do a little bit
02:24 of upper body exercise
02:26 before we get into our aerobic portion
02:28 and then we'll also do some exercises
02:31 for the plantar fascia area.
02:32 Okay, Mollie, let's go the other way now.
02:34 We just kind of do like a butterfly stroke
02:36 in a swimming pool, except we're doing in the air,
02:38 since I can't swim at all, this feels kind of good,
02:41 'cause I can imagine myself gliding through the water.
02:44 But as far as actually doing in the water, forget it.
02:49 Okay, let's do about five more,
02:54 and couple more, and good.
02:56 All right, we're gonna do some chest exercise.
02:59 We're gonna get in a prayerful position here,
03:01 except we're gonna have our hands turned out,
03:02 we're gonna push out away from myself,
03:04 we're gonna draw back in,
03:06 and push out and come in, and push out.
03:09 We wanna keep our hands pressed together the whole time,
03:13 because that will give us the resistance
03:15 we need and then we're doing the motion out
03:17 because that gives our chest some range of motion.
03:20 What we do on Body & Spirit, on Body & Spirit Aerobics,
03:22 we show you some exercises you can do at home
03:25 without having to use exercise equipment.
03:29 All right, that's good.
03:31 Now we're gonna go up at an angle like this,
03:34 up to about 45 degree that changes the positioning
03:38 and work some muscle just a little different.
03:40 You might feel little more of contractions,
03:42 you go from the top.
03:43 Also it just keeps adding to the fatigue factor
03:47 and that's where we're after,
03:48 trying to get the muscles stimulated.
03:50 Pretty much everybody can do this
03:51 even if you got bad shoulders.
03:53 This exercise usually works out pretty well for people
03:57 who wants to still do some chest work
03:59 but are afraid of injuring their shoulder.
04:02 Okay, now at the top Mollie, we're gonna press it together.
04:05 Press together, if somebody
04:07 is trying to pull our hands apart.
04:08 Now we're not gonna to let him, okay.
04:10 Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze,
04:14 squeeze, and now relax, okay.
04:17 Now we're gonna do is,
04:18 we're gonna put our hands upon our head,
04:20 we'll lean back in the chair and just stretch back,
04:23 let the elbows drop back as far they can
04:26 and we're just stretching the chest area.
04:30 And now we're gonna do
04:31 is we're going to give ourselves a hug.
04:33 Okay, pull apart and stretch.
04:42 All right, hands behind the head and lay back,
04:48 drop the elbows back and stretch.
04:55 All right, let's give ourselves another hug,
04:57 pray across and pull your shoulder blades apart.
05:06 Okay, now we're gonna do
05:09 is we're gonna pull back in like this and reach out,
05:13 and pull and reach, and pull and reach.
05:17 We're squeezing our shoulder blades together
05:20 as we pull and reach out, and pull and reach,
05:24 and pull and reach, squeeze and out,
05:29 squeeze which way out,
05:31 pull and reach, and pull and reach.
05:35 What you're doing is stimulating as if you're lifting weights.
05:38 You're pulling back, you're flexing your muscles
05:41 and you squeeze back.
05:43 The more you get the feel of your muscles,
05:45 the easier it will be to getting
05:46 an effect on that, because even though
05:48 I'm capable of pulling quite a bit of weight,
05:50 even with no weighted on, just flexing the muscles back,
05:53 I can still feel it.
05:54 We're squeezing in, pushing out, squeeze in,
05:58 push 'em out, squeeze in and out,
06:01 and squeeze and out, five more times,
06:04 reach and squeeze, and reach and squeeze,
06:08 and reach, good.
06:12 All right, now what we're gonna do, Mollie is,
06:13 we're gonna put one arm up over head
06:15 and just let it drop over now.
06:18 You're gonna get with your other hand with the elbow
06:20 and pull up towards your head.
06:22 We just want to give a nice, steady stretch.
06:26 You don't want to overstretch, if we take a joint too far,
06:30 then you actually weaken that joint.
06:33 If we take it just a right spot, then we get a good effect.
06:37 All right, now Mollie we're gonna switch,
06:39 we're gonna drop the other arm, come up and pull.
06:46 And we're gonna hold for about 10 seconds,
06:48 stretching positions,
06:50 hold them for about 10 to 15 seconds
06:51 that will give you a good effect.
06:55 Okay, go ahead and relax. Now we're gonna do,
06:58 Mollie is we're gonna lean forward just a little bit.
07:01 We'll take our arms out here,
07:02 we're gonna raise about to side and come down.
07:05 This is another excellent exercise for the shoulders
07:08 and does extremely well if you have some shoulder pain.
07:11 If you're sitting straight up and coming straight up,
07:13 you'll find that it might hurt more,
07:15 we look like a couple of birds trying to take off.
07:20 Okay and up, but if you bend forward
07:23 just a little bit you can find,
07:25 you can get a really good exercise
07:28 effect without irritating the joints.
07:31 So it's leaning forward to about 45 degree angle,
07:35 we're raising up, squeezing your shoulders at the top.
07:41 Good thing I'm not a bird,
07:42 my arms already starting to burn.
07:45 I wouldn't last very long up there.
07:51 Okay, now hold at the top.
07:53 Now we're gonna come down just a little bit
07:55 and back up and down, and up and down,
07:58 and up and down, and up, now way down,
08:02 okay now back up, down little bit, back up,
08:05 down just a little and up, and up and up and up,
08:12 now way down and up, part way down,
08:15 and up and up and up and up, and back down,
08:21 one more time, and up and up and up and up.
08:28 Now we're gonna hold it for 10 seconds,
08:30 one, two, you're feeling it?
08:31 I am feeling it. Three, four, five, six, seven,
08:36 eight, nine, and ten, very good.
08:39 Okay, now we're gonna we'll stretch those muscles out,
08:42 now that will feel good.
08:43 You can put your right arm out and bring it across your body,
08:46 bring your left hand up behind your elbow
08:49 and just give it a nice steady pull.
08:58 Okay, now we're gonna reach out,
09:01 bring it across up behind the elbow and pull.
09:11 All right, very good.
09:12 Now we're gonna start working towards doing some aerobics
09:16 and for those who don't know
09:18 plantar fasciitis is inflammation
09:21 of the plantar sheath underneath the foot
09:24 and it comes usually around in the heel
09:26 that causes most of the problem,
09:28 but it can be all through the foot
09:30 and it can be caused from many different reasons.
09:32 You can have, you pronate too much on your step,
09:35 your high arches, you've been doing some rhythmically
09:38 that's been causing some irritation,
09:39 you're overweight, your eating habits aren't the best.
09:42 There are lot of reasons
09:43 why you can get plantar fasciitis
09:45 and it can become very severe.
09:47 Some people just suffer with that for couple of weeks,
09:49 but some people suffer with for months Mollie
09:51 where they just flat out,
09:52 can hardly even walk into the point
09:54 where they actually want to do like a surgery.
09:56 In fact, because of Body & Spirit,
09:58 I had a woman called me up
10:00 and say my doctor wants to operate on me,
10:02 is there something I can do for the plantar fasciitis
10:04 and so I gave her some things to do
10:06 and she called me back and said,
10:07 "I'm now better, thank you." all right.
10:09 So we'll talk about that more in just a few minutes
10:11 but we're gonna start doing something
10:12 to try and stretch the foot
10:14 and we're just kind of bring the foot way back
10:16 and press it out and up and back,
10:19 and up and back.
10:21 We're stretching the foot as we go up.
10:26 And pulling it up as high as you can,
10:30 and we're gonna do 10 more.
10:36 That's what've been,
10:37 one of the joys of doing the show over the years
10:38 is you get those letters from around the world about people
10:41 who have given up,
10:42 no hope and all sudden their life has changed,
10:44 all right, it's make it worth while.
10:45 Yes, it does.
10:48 Okay, let's do the other side.
10:50 Lift up and down, and down, and down, and down.
11:03 Each time you come up you want to try
11:05 and feel the stretch on the bottom of your foot.
11:08 You also be feeling it in the anterior tibialis
11:10 which is the muscle on the front of your shin
11:14 and what that will do is help to prevent shin splints,
11:17 that something it happens to people
11:18 especially when they do a lot of walking.
11:22 If you start to notice plantar fasciitis,
11:25 or suspect it, you can't go and walk.
11:27 You want to start getting ice on it right away,
11:29 because the sooner you can knock down
11:31 inflammation the better off you are.
11:33 Okay, Mollie, we're gonna stand up now
11:36 and what we're gonna do is we're gonna cross our arms
11:38 and we're gonna squat down. Now when we squat
11:40 we're gonna actually be reaching for the chair.
11:42 So our first motion when you squat down
11:44 is pushing our hips backwards.
11:46 So you want to go back
11:47 as if you're trying to sit down on the chair there.
11:49 There you go, now come back up,
11:51 okay get your feet apart just a little bit more,
11:54 okay, and push yourself back, there you go.
11:57 Come back up, that's better.
12:00 Okay, now don't be afraid to bend forward
12:02 little bit to waist bend over, good.
12:05 Push the hips back, bend over, very good.
12:09 Okay.
12:12 I'll join you, so you don't feel lonely, okay.
12:17 Squatting is great exercise.
12:20 It makes you work your gluteus maximus
12:23 and your quadriceps.
12:25 The gluteus maximus are the muscles
12:27 that follow you around all day along
12:29 and then underneath you when you sit down.
12:32 So works those, works your quadriceps,
12:35 works your hamstrings, just a compound movement.
12:38 And aerobic exercise is a rhythmic activity
12:41 of a major muscle group and so by starting the squats
12:46 we're getting the legs going.
12:48 Not only that, but the squats
12:50 we'll not be putting any excess stress on the foot
12:54 and so we'll be able to get some exercise
12:58 there without hurting it.
13:03 Okay, let's go and sit back on the chair.
13:06 And now what we're gonna do is we're gonna step and place
13:09 just sitting here.
13:10 Okay, just like that.
13:18 Just up and down
13:22 and you'll be surprised at just
13:24 how fast you can start feeling a little bit an effect
13:29 even though you're just sitting down.
13:31 It's amazing. You do feel this.
13:36 Mollie, has been instrumental
13:39 in helping many people get healthier
13:42 I know because I remember
13:43 when Shelley was going through some struggling,
13:46 and she was sharing with that the other night on an interview
13:49 where you were the one who suggested she come
13:51 and get some helping.
13:52 By God's grace she is doing a lot better now.
13:55 Because of house experience at Black Hills
13:57 we are sold on what we can do to help people get better.
14:00 And now it's just a lot of people
14:02 don't know all that, that's story
14:04 but its just the most incredible story
14:06 because Howell, had been very sick.
14:09 Yes, he had.
14:10 And Mollie and I don't want to provoke him out,
14:13 but you set a point
14:14 where you would have been being surprised
14:16 if you've got home
14:17 and he wouldn't mingle with you anymore.
14:19 We were very concerned and even by the time
14:22 we got into Black Hills
14:24 I think that your initial reaction
14:26 was this man is really in bad shape.
14:28 Right, well, the whites of his eyes
14:29 was somewhat of the color of your shirt.
14:31 That's right. They were so bad
14:32 and his liver was inflamed to the point
14:35 where it's protruding from his abdomen and also he is,
14:40 he's allowed me to share
14:41 some of these things over the years.
14:43 The coronary risk ratio
14:44 which is supposed to be between three and five,
14:46 Howell's was 16.6.
14:48 His was about as high as I'd seen.
14:51 And of course he couldn't walk very well
14:52 and you actually would gonna come at the only program
14:56 and had to come with ginners.
14:58 Of course, just go make sure he got there safe.
15:00 Right and even back then and even before
15:04 she was General Manager and Vice President,
15:07 she couldn't be away from 3ABN very long.
15:11 Everybody go, Mollie, Mollie.
15:12 I stayed a week and then Howell stayed,
15:15 I believe it was three more weeks.
15:16 He did, and how many miles did he wind up walking.
15:20 Howell got to the point,
15:22 where he was walking 10 miles a day.
15:24 And here's the beauty of the program
15:26 and how it work and that is that Tommy Shelton
15:30 had come out to the program
15:32 and the day he got back to 3ABN,
15:35 Howell was inspired to get off the couch,
15:38 get rest, and drive to 3ABN
15:40 which isn't just around the corner.
15:42 No, it's not.
15:43 And so he had a do about 20 minute drive
15:45 I would guess. That's very right.
15:46 Came to 3ABN and you saw him and were surprised to see him.
15:49 I was surprised that he could, could make it into 3ABN
15:53 and Tommy had just been in my office
15:56 and he was so much better from having been at Black Hills.
15:59 So I told Howell come let's go talk to Tommy
16:02 and he was so encouraged about what Tommy said.
16:05 I ask him, "Honey, would you consider going to Black Hills."
16:08 And he said, "Yes."
16:10 Which was another surprise for me
16:12 and the rest is history.
16:13 Right, when I wrap it Howell share is that,
16:16 when he got to the parking lot of 3ABN.
16:18 he almost turned around and were back home.
16:20 He's feeling so bad.
16:22 Yeah, he's feeling so bad but yet he knew that God was--
16:25 Oh, it was a God thing,
16:27 you knew that God had directed this.
16:29 And so by the end of the program
16:31 Howell was walking 10 miles a day.
16:33 Ten miles a day and his eyes have returned to white.
16:36 His bilirubin level had gone
16:38 from five back down to one into a normal range.
16:41 His liver enzymes almost totally normal.
16:44 His liver now is back inside his abdominal wall
16:47 where its supposed to be and his coronary respiration,
16:50 Mollie, went from 16.6 down to 3.1, yes.
16:55 And so now if you turn on 3ABN, guess who'll you see?
16:58 Most any day, you'll see Howell teaching.
17:00 Howell Steenson, back in the ministry again,
17:03 serving God, helping people, make it to the kingdom,
17:07 what he himself at one time, there's no way.
17:10 There is no hope,
17:11 you know if I remember correctly
17:14 he walked something on 299 miles.
17:17 That sounds far about right.
17:18 I think that's a about right and the first day we got there,
17:20 he could hardly walk half a mile.
17:23 Yeah, barely could make it down to the dining hall, yeah.
17:26 And with me sitting here in this chair
17:28 imitating like I'm walking.
17:30 There is, this is good exercise.
17:33 Yeah, it is, yeah.
17:34 And I tell people, I tell him,
17:35 look if you're sitting down
17:37 and you're enjoying watching television fine,
17:39 but do some exercise, right.
17:41 Yeah, because we've been doing the program here
17:43 and even the squats and so forth,
17:45 in fact we're gonna do some more of those
17:46 here in just a second.
17:47 You can do that and get back on the chair
17:49 and keep going. Okay, lets do it now,
17:51 in fact lets stand back up we're gonna do few more squats.
17:56 I shared the story of howell as a thought for the day
18:00 and I call up in despair to destiny.
18:02 Yes, because that's where he was at.
18:05 He was on the point of despair
18:06 and now he is again fulfilling his destiny.
18:08 Yes, he is. Which is ministering to people.
18:11 And if any of you who know Howell,
18:15 my little pet term for him is my pal Howell.
18:18 Yes, 'Cause he is everybody's friend.
18:20 He is and expect that a whole lot of people
18:23 that are watching today
18:24 have called for prayer and God help on that line
18:28 and he will pray for you anytime you want.
18:31 Oh I'm sure you will.
18:33 Now even of course when he was in the program.
18:35 He was still trying to minister
18:36 and help other people even when he himself is so sick.
18:39 Yeah, just he's in. Yeah.
18:44 And of course Mollie and Howell
18:47 had a lot of do with the very origin of 3ABN.
18:50 Oh, we've known, Danny Shelton,
18:52 for a long time before there wasn't 3ABN.
18:55 Oh, really.
19:00 And one more, okay, back in the chair.
19:04 And let's step some more.
19:06 I'm always ready to go back in the chair.
19:10 So it must be exciting for you to see
19:13 what 3ABN has become.
19:15 Oh, it's, it's a miracle here
19:17 almost everyday to see all that God
19:21 does to further the cause of Christ
19:24 around the world for this ministry.
19:27 And as you know I get to be in the business
19:29 of seeing miracles too
19:31 because we got to see those every month
19:33 we see people who knew better like
19:36 we term broken people, that's right.
19:38 And you help mend them
19:40 through the path of the Holy Spirit
19:41 and we as a staff get together all time
19:45 pray that God will empty self himself
19:47 and allow the Holy Spirit to do its healing ministry.
19:50 That's right, as long as we stay out the way,
19:52 things go really well.
19:54 Okay, now we're gonna change this up little bit Mollie.
19:55 We're gonna do something it's very simple
19:58 and that's we're goona cross our leg.
20:00 Now we're gonna go and cross the other leg.
20:03 Now keep going that way.
20:05 Seems like such a simple thing.
20:07 And we're gonna make into an exercise.
20:09 Oh, let's see that it will be a good one.
20:15 So when people think, oh, I can get exercise,
20:17 sitting in chair, you're wrong, because you can't.
20:19 Where is the will, there's a way.
20:21 When there is no will, there is no way.
20:24 And that's what, Howell, found, he found his will.
20:26 Yes, he did. And while he was there,
20:28 he wrote a beautiful letter that I still have.
20:30 It says, I want to live.
20:32 Where he started to think of all the reasons
20:34 why he want to live.
20:36 And Mollie, you're big part of that.
20:37 Well, he and I have been together a long time, yeah.
20:42 And one of the joys I have, is your reunion.
20:46 And I know that, you saw Howell again.
20:48 He's a different person
20:49 that got off that plane. Yeah, it was, really exciting.
20:52 I asked, somebody has said, because off course,
20:55 I was in here 3ABN when he came back.
20:57 And so I asked several people.
21:01 How did Mollie, respond when she saw Howell.
21:04 And they said, how does a term wept.
21:10 They said you were really excited to see
21:12 the transformation that take place.
21:14 Oh, it was incredible.
21:15 So I sending you back a different,
21:17 you know, back taking the years off
21:19 and sending you back.
21:20 Absolutely. Howell of old.
21:21 And absolutely did. And I praise God for that
21:25 and appreciated Black Hills ever since.
21:28 Oh, wonderful. And I know that,
21:32 Shelley was in a point where she was having trouble,
21:34 getting on top of it.
21:35 Yes. And she and J.D came out
21:37 and what a wonderful change for her.
21:39 Yes, it was, and now she is so such a central part.
21:44 Okay, let's go back to stepping.
21:47 Now the good part of aerobic exercise,
21:49 Mollie, is there is a warm up,
21:51 there is a training phase and then there is a cool down.
21:56 And we're about to enter the cool down.
21:57 Oh, that's good.
22:03 And where are you from originally Mollie.
22:04 I'm from the Dakota, well from the Dakota, Alabama area.
22:07 Okay. I'm out in the country.
22:08 So your ascent is mainly Alabama.
22:11 Alabama. Alabama. Yes. All the way through.
22:16 They tell me, my ascent-- my ascent improves
22:19 when I come to Illinois, but if I go home,
22:22 I can be away from my sisters. I got 3 sisters.
22:25 I can be around then for 15 minutes
22:27 and pick it up all right back up.
22:29 Well, I had--
22:30 when I was living in Washington State as a young boy.
22:33 My cousins, my mom's sister's children,
22:36 we were all very close
22:37 and they moved to Huntsville, Huntsville,
22:41 because my uncle was involved with bowing.
22:44 And Huntsville at one time was very big on that.
22:47 And so here you have, you would understand this,
22:49 'cause you're like seven, eight years old
22:51 and your cousins move away.
22:52 They come back in 10 years.
22:54 It's awesome, how young I'm feeling,
22:56 so it's like, where did this come from.
22:58 You didn't talk like that when you left.
23:01 That is definitely something you will pick up
23:05 when you are in Alabama for long.
23:06 And everything is was roll tight.
23:08 Oh, absolutely.
23:09 I heard that all the time, roll tight.
23:12 When I left Alabama,
23:13 I was surprised everybody didn't pull for the tide.
23:17 And of course they were doing
23:19 the time of Paul Bear Bryant. Oh, yes.
23:20 Also there is really in the heyday.
23:25 Well, that's exciting.
23:26 It's just exciting to see it, and I know, even from,
23:29 I used to remember the first time
23:30 I ever came out here to do a 3ABN
23:33 interview with Pastor Torrison and his wife Carol.
23:37 In fact in 1997 as we were-we stayed,
23:41 I stayed at the uplink station,
23:43 that person, he just had opened this.
23:45 So I remember I've seen massive changes just during my time.
23:49 Oh, yes, of being involved in Body & Spirit,
23:50 which is in its ninth year now,
23:51 so that's been very exciting to see
23:53 how God's blessed that.
23:55 So by God's grace, we keep going forward.
23:58 Absolutely, no turning back. All right.
24:03 Mollie, you're feeling to get warm?
24:04 Oh, yes. Started to glow a little bit yet.
24:06 Ah, I'm glowing. I've heard that you women
24:08 don't sweat like we men.
24:09 You start glowing.
24:11 Well, I've got the natural glow, okay.
24:17 Okay, let's start slowing it down.
24:19 Now we are into cool down time.
24:21 Now one thing I kind of held back on saying so far,
24:24 and that is, if somebody has plantar fasciitis
24:28 and I did mention that one person
24:29 who called because of Body & Spirit
24:32 and wanted to know what you can do it
24:33 because she didn't want to go for surgery.
24:34 And I said, look what you want to do,
24:36 is get two pails of water.
24:39 Make one as hard as you can stand,
24:41 and the other one, put ice in it.
24:43 And what I want you to do,
24:44 is put your foot in that hot water for a minute.
24:48 And then take it out of that hot water,
24:50 and put it in the cold water for 30 seconds
24:54 and I want you to do that five times.
24:57 And they did that for a week and after that week
25:01 the pain was gone, all right.
25:02 Because they just did some natural remedies
25:04 and that's a beauty of health ministry
25:08 that God has blessed our church with.
25:10 If you just follow simple basic principles,
25:14 you get well 'cause your body wants to be well.
25:17 It doesn't want to be sick.
25:18 And so often we simply go to a medication
25:21 and it just like I tell people all the time.
25:23 If you take an aspirin to lower a fever,
25:26 you're really working against yourself,
25:28 'cause that fever is there to fight off the decease
25:30 or if you have allergies,
25:32 your body sets up pneumococcal bact.
25:34 So then it will trap the flees coming and irritating you,
25:38 you blow it out set up a pneumococcal bact
25:40 and it protects the body.
25:42 What we do as we taken out
25:43 histamine to open it up and the body,
25:45 that's what not I wanted.
25:48 So we're working against ourselves all the time, right.
25:50 Okay, let's cruise have to stop.
25:52 Now I want you do Mollie,
25:53 you just pull the hands in front of us.
25:55 Blow out, and crunch forward, and up.
25:59 Blow out, crunch forward and up.
26:02 Blow out, crunch forward and up.
26:05 Blow out, crunch and up.
26:07 Blow out, crunch, and back.
26:10 Right now we're working the abdominal wall.
26:13 Blow out, crunch and back.
26:16 Blow out, crunch and back blow out.
26:20 The key to working your abdomen is learning
26:22 how to contrac the muscles as you go through your workout
26:27 and blowing out will encourage you to draw
26:29 your abdominal wall in.
26:31 If you inhale first, then you expand it out,
26:34 then you're encouraging your abdominal wall protrude.
26:37 And not too many people I know Mollie,
26:38 want their abdominal wall to protrude, no.
26:40 They all want to flatten it, not extend it.
26:44 Unfortunately in our society,
26:45 far too many people are getting too good at protruding it
26:48 and not enough there to flattening it.
26:50 So that's what we're focusing it on now,
26:52 blowing it out and coming forward.
26:54 Blow out, blow out, and blow out, and blow out.
27:00 Now, Mollie, what we're gonna do is going to stretch
27:05 by turning and using the chair to assist us in the stretch.
27:11 And now we're gonna the other way.
27:18 Okay, good. Okay let's just,
27:20 you can go and stay sit it there
27:22 and we will go ahead and finish off the show.
27:24 Well, I hope this has been helpful for you.
27:26 So I've enjoyed very much talking to Mollie.
27:28 But plantar fasciitis
27:29 is something you can take care of.
27:30 Best of all you want to prevent by keeping yourself fit.
27:33 And when you do your exercise and do your eating.
27:35 Do it all for the glory of God.
27:37 On Body & Spirit, Body & Spirit Aerobics,
27:40 we claim the promise of Philippians 4:13 which states.
27:43 I can do all things,
27:45 that's all things through Christ,
27:46 which strengthens me.
27:48 I appreciate you joining us for workout.
27:50 God bless you. We look forward to see you
27:52 next time on Body & Spirit Aerobics.


Revised 2014-12-17