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00:03 Hi, I'm Billy Blackwood.
00:05 Through my years in music ministry,
00:07 I've had the privilege of meeting many great people
00:09 and making a lot of great friends.
00:14 Some have been friends for literally decades
00:15 and some have been more recent.
00:19 It's my hope that
00:20 you will enjoy getting a glimpse behind the scenes
00:22 and into the real lives of my friends.
00:25 Sit back and enjoy
00:26 as you watch Billy Blackwood and Friends.
00:46 The chimes of time Ring out the news
00:51 Another day is through
00:57 Someone slipped and fell
01:02 Was that someone you?
01:07 You may have longed
01:10 For added strength
01:13 Your courage to renew
01:19 Do not be disheartened
01:24 For I have news for you
01:30 It is no secret
01:36 What God can do
01:41 What He's done for others
01:46 He'll do for you
01:52 With arms wide open
01:57 He'll pardon you
02:03 It is no secret
02:08 What God can do
02:15 There is no night
02:18 For in His light
02:21 You'll never walk alone
02:27 Always feel at home
02:32 Wherever you may roam
02:37 There is no power Can conquer you
02:43 When God is on your side
02:48 Just take Him at His promise
02:54 Don't run away and hide
03:00 It is no secret
03:05 What God can do
03:11 What He's done for others
03:16 He'll do for you
03:22 With arms wide open
03:27 He'll pardon you
03:33 It is no secret
03:38 What God can do
03:44 It is no secret
03:49 What God can do
04:05 Hi, I'm Billy Blackwood,
04:07 and you're watching Billy Blackwood and Friends.
04:08 My guest today is my dear friend
04:10 Kelly Willard.
04:12 I'm so thrilled and honored
04:13 to have Kelly on our program today.
04:16 As you will hear in the next several minutes
04:20 incredible talent, incredible voice,
04:22 incredible heart.
04:24 And, Kelly, welcome, it's so good to have you here.
04:27 Thank you, Billy.
04:28 I'm glad to be here with you.
04:31 We first met when we were teenagers.
04:34 Yes, yes.
04:36 At a music camp in Texas, Waxahachie, Texas.
04:39 Stamps-Blackwood School of Music.
04:41 Blackwood School of Music
04:43 and you were this little redheaded girl
04:44 from Winter Haven, Florida.
04:48 You know I don't know why I have a memory of you
04:50 in the college
04:52 that we were in the music school
04:54 was held in our college there at Waxahachie, Texas.
04:56 Yeah.
04:57 And I remember that
04:59 there was not air conditioning,
05:00 it was in the middle of the summer,
05:02 it was really hot
05:03 but the third floor
05:04 had little practice rooms with pianos.
05:06 Oh, yeah.
05:07 And for some reason,
05:08 one of my vivid memories are,
05:10 one of my, probably my first memory of you,
05:11 is hearing you in one of those practice rooms.
05:14 I've heard you before I saw you,
05:17 and I heard you playing and just worshiping the Lord.
05:21 And, you know, I don't know,
05:24 you're not really supposed to be a fan of people.
05:25 But I've been an admirer ever since
05:28 just from what I heard that day
05:30 and you, God has used you in so many ways
05:36 through the years and your songs
05:38 and your records and tell us,
05:43 you know, tell us,
05:44 there are a lot of folks maybe watching today
05:46 who are not familiar with you or your music.
05:47 So kind of give us a little history backup and
05:49 give us history maybe from the music school on
05:52 and what God's been doing?
05:54 All right.
05:56 I think I was 15 when I met you, so
06:01 because I know I was 15 at that music school
06:04 and then I was playing the piano for my church
06:11 in Winter Haven,
06:12 where I was born and raised, Florida.
06:15 And I went from playing
06:21 for my church
06:23 to move to Nashville
06:25 and played for Jake Hess Sound,
06:27 which was his family group.
06:30 And then I ended up moving out to California
06:34 to play for the Archers.
06:38 And then I moved to Oklahoma City
06:40 to play for a group called Seth.
06:43 And then after that,
06:46 a group called Harlan Rogers and Friends.
06:49 So I was basically a person in the background,
06:54 you know, playing the piano
06:56 and occasionally singing backgrounds.
07:02 But a dear friend
07:04 who I just mentioned, Harlan Rogers,
07:09 who had the group Harlan Rogers and Friends
07:12 talked me into singing,
07:14 and he literally had to talk me into singing solos.
07:19 Then after a couple of years, Harlan decided
07:22 that he wanted to go back with Andre's Group,
07:26 and he moved back to California,
07:29 and left us in Oklahoma,
07:31 and was working with the people at Maranatha music.
07:36 I was married by that time at the ripe old age of 18.
07:42 Oh, my.
07:43 We had a friend
07:45 who had been the leader of Seth,
07:49 the group I was with before Harlan.
07:51 Anyway, he invited my husband and I out there.
07:56 Long story short,
07:57 we ended up moving out to California
08:00 and after about a year of playing on different albums
08:04 and singing backgrounds.
08:07 Maranatha approached me and said,
08:10 would you like to do a solo album for our company?
08:15 You know, and I was blown away at that,
08:19 you know, I mean,
08:21 that was the beginning of recording several albums.
08:25 What was the name of the first one?
08:27 Blame it on the one I love.
08:28 Oh, blame it on the one I love.
08:30 Yes, I knew that record, I can still see that cover.
08:33 But I didn't know
08:34 if there was a record before that.
08:35 But yeah, I have blame it on the one I love.
08:37 You do? I do.
08:38 Okay. Okay.
08:40 You just, you know,
08:42 and I think because I knew you as a,
08:46 you know, as a teenager
08:49 You know, when you started releasing solo records,
08:52 I mean, obviously, I knew who you were
08:55 already and so,
08:57 it wasn't like someone had to,
08:59 you know, say, well,
09:01 hey, you need to listen to this person
09:02 because I'd already done that.
09:04 So I remember blame it on the one I love.
09:07 Everybody that I knew just thought that was,
09:10 you know, that was such a great record
09:12 and what was that...
09:14 What do you follow that up with?
09:16 I don't remember what was after that.
09:18 Next was willing heart.
09:20 Oh, yes. Oh my.
09:25 Psalm 139 on willing heart
09:27 and we said on blaming on the one I love.
09:29 That was on the third album,
09:30 which was called Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs.
09:33 Okay, okay, that's right.
09:35 Well, I got all of those, I guess.
09:36 Yeah.
09:37 And then the record that really...
09:43 Is probably I start to talk about this
09:45 and I get emotional
09:46 because this record just captured for in my world
09:51 captured generation
09:53 and that was the record message from a King.
09:55 Listen as Kelly plays for you some of the...
09:59 What I think are some of the greatest Christian songs
10:01 that have ever been written
10:02 that just convey the heart of God.
10:05 Listen, you'll be blessed.
10:24 I came into this world
10:28 To save you
10:33 Before the world was made
10:36 I knew your name
10:41 I am
10:45 The Savior
10:50 And oh the love that I have for you
10:54 My child
10:58 I know the world around you
11:02 Is in darkness
11:07 You're hated by the enemy
11:11 Of your soul
11:16 I am Almighty
11:24 And oh the love that I have for you
11:29 My child
11:33 Can you hear Me
11:37 Will you answer
11:42 Can you hear me
11:46 Will you follow
11:50 Follow Me
12:09 I've tasted all the things
12:13 That come against you my child
12:18 They fell to the ground beneath Golgotha's tree
12:26 My name is Faithful
12:35 And oh the love that I have for you
12:39 My child
12:43 Can you hear Me
12:48 Will you answer
12:52 Can you hear Me
12:57 Will you follow
13:01 Can you hear Me
13:06 Will you answer
13:10 Can you hear Me
13:14 Will you follow Me
13:19 Follow Me
13:28 Oh the love that I have for you
13:34 My child
13:44 Some of the most beautiful songs
13:47 and anointed music
13:48 I have ever heard in my life,
13:52 and I've heard a lot of music throughout my life,
13:54 a lot of great gospel and Christian music.
13:57 But some of the most beautiful
13:58 and anointed come from this lady.
14:02 And, Kelly, tell people
14:04 how they can get in touch with you
14:06 and order some of your CDs
14:07 or even schedule you for ministry.
14:09 What's the best way to reach you?
14:12 That would be
14:15, that's pretty easy.
14:16 Yeah, and it's got my email for correspondence.
14:21 It's gotten a phone number for booking
14:24 and it's got a music page
14:27 where all of my product is available.
14:31 So
14:36 Kelly, tell us so,
14:38 I know some of what God is doing
14:40 in your life right now.
14:41 But tell our audience what God's got you up to.
14:45 From the time that I mentioned where I began
14:50 doing albums
14:51 ever since that time
14:53 I have sung in churches and prisons
14:56 over all these years.
14:59 If it was for God's glory,
15:01 and somebody was asking me to do something,
15:04 I would do it,
15:06 because God told me give it away.
15:08 He told me that a long time ago.
15:11 Sometimes it will be recording sessions,
15:14 sometimes it will be churches,
15:17 sometimes prisons,
15:19 I had not done very many prisons
15:23 for maybe seven to ten years.
15:26 And because I've gotten older,
15:29 and probably a couple of generations of kids
15:34 doing the same thing I was doing in my 20s
15:37 have come up,
15:38 you know, and are on the radio now.
15:41 And instead of me,
15:43 you know, my concerts have gotten less and less
15:47 in churches, you know,
15:49 it was kind of difficult, really, for me,
15:52 it was hard to understand, hard to take,
15:56 you know, just hard to swallow, really.
15:59 And because I'm going,
16:00 wait a minute, I'm still sitting here,
16:03 waiting for somebody to call and ask me
16:06 to come sing at their church.
16:07 Right, I'm still doing what I've always done.
16:09 Where are the phone calls, you know?
16:12 And anyway,
16:14 it got to where time came to the end of my rope,
16:19 and I kind of had a come to Jesus moment with the Lord
16:25 and I did, I came to God
16:28 and I said,
16:30 "What is going on?
16:33 What am I supposed to do?"
16:36 I mean, really, I just was at the end of myself,
16:39 you know, and like, Lord, what am I not seeing?
16:44 And when I said, what am I not seeing?
16:48 He brought,
16:49 right while I was ranting on right there, you know,
16:52 He brought the sweetest memory of the actual feeling
16:59 of grace and joy
17:01 that I used to always get in the prisons
17:06 when I would sing in the prisons.
17:09 It was like He brought the memory to me.
17:12 And He let me feel it.
17:14 And I... It was like a little spark lit in my heart
17:20 or maybe it was still going and I didn't know it.
17:23 And it flamed in my heart.
17:26 And I just went, oh, man,
17:29 oh, yes, Lord, I go, I go,
17:32 if only I could just do that,
17:35 I would be happy, you know
17:37 and, and it was like, He was waiting for me...
17:40 For you say that.
17:41 For me to process that whole thing
17:45 through and go well,
17:46 let's see, my next thought was,
17:49 well, if I want to do that,
17:53 only prisons,
17:55 I'd have to write a letter.
17:57 And I was like,
17:59 that's the letter I've never wanted to write,
18:02 you know, because I had always just prided myself on,
18:07 you know, not asking people for money, you know?
18:13 And so you knew you would have to lay support?
18:15 Yeah, I knew that I would have to be supported
18:20 by the goodness of the hearts
18:24 of the Christian people, you know,
18:27 and He all within just a few minutes,
18:31 He had me willing to write the letter
18:34 already thinking of what to say
18:38 and not ashamed to do so.
18:42 And I just put this letter out
18:48 as soon as I could
18:50 and I have been receiving support
18:56 to be able to go into prisons all over the country
19:01 and saying,
19:03 and it is been the most joyful
19:06 and I've gotten a few churches call me too,
19:09 you know, and so I do those two.
19:12 The prisons are definitely the main focus.
19:14 There it's now, yeah, full time prison ministry
19:17 and some of the most precious things
19:21 has, have happened in the prisons and...
19:25 Are these mainly women's prisons or the...
19:27 Men and women's...
19:29 Really?
19:30 Mostly seeing in men's prisons.
19:33 Really? Yeah, yeah.
19:35 I learned stuff every time I go,
19:38 you know, and get bigger and bigger pictures
19:44 of the grace of God.
19:46 Just, I mean, it's just lesson after lesson
19:50 and life after life
19:54 that comes up to shake my hand.
19:56 And one man, he said,
20:01 you know, you're doing this unto the Lord,
20:05 why you're coming to see us,
20:07 you know, and I'm like,
20:10 I just smile and nod my head,
20:12 you know and because it's so humbling,
20:16 it is just humbling
20:18 and some of them are,
20:23 some of the best Christians that there are,
20:27 I mean, their lives are so committed to Christ,
20:32 once they come to the Lord in prison.
20:36 They are way on fire, you know,
20:40 and there's just one prison that I go to,
20:43 I've been to three times in the last couple of years.
20:48 It's in Detroit,
20:50 to go in there,
20:52 you feel like you're going to church
20:55 because they are such a tight community
21:00 of Christian brothers.
21:01 My word.
21:03 And I mean, they are all praying
21:05 and singing, shouting,
21:07 you know, patting each other on the back,
21:12 you know, hugging each other,
21:14 guys that are just totally
21:16 a Christian community in prison.
21:18 That is so amazing.
21:19 You know, you never hear about that.
21:21 Oh, I wouldn't, no one would know that
21:23 if people like you didn't tell us
21:26 because, you know,
21:27 we... I tend to think and I tend to hear that,
21:30 you know, prisons are or anything about that.
21:34 So that's so encouraging.
21:37 From what I understand there is the dark side there is,
21:41 of course, the works of the enemy
21:43 try to go on, you know?
21:46 But there's definitely
21:48 the light in the midst of the darkness.
21:50 Well, that's great that God is using you
21:52 in that kind of format.
21:53 That's just, that's fantastic. Praise God.
21:55 That is the biggest joy to just encourage them.
21:59 Something I like to do.
22:03 And I want to ask your permission
22:06 to do this today
22:08 and I want to sing one of your songs with you.
22:12 Absolutely.
22:13 I have, like I said,
22:15 so many of your songs have ministered to me so much
22:17 and I know so, I know a lot of them,
22:18 you know, by heart.
22:20 Earlier today we were just sitting here
22:24 talking, I sang a chorus of one of them to you
22:27 because they've ministered so much to me.
22:30 So can we...
22:32 Can we pull out...
22:35 What about Willing Heart?
22:36 Can we try Willing Heart, I love that song.
22:39 If you don't have a willing heart,
22:40 ask Him to give you one,
22:42 and this is a great song,
22:44 so do you think we can pull that off?
22:46 Yes, I do.
22:47 Well, hey,
22:49 you may never see this again, I don't know.
22:51 This is my dear friend Kelly Willard
22:54 and I'm Billy Blackwood,
22:55 and we're going to sing one of Kelly's great songs
22:57 for you called Willing Heart.
23:01 Once I stumbled in the darkness
23:06 Doing only as I pleased
23:10 But I wasn't really happy
23:15 And my heart was not at ease
23:19 I just didn't have the willingness
23:24 To follow His commands
23:28 'Til I laid my heart
23:31 Completely in His hands
23:36 If you don't have a willing heart
23:41 Ask Him to give you one
23:46 If you can't seem to make a start
23:49 Trust in His power
23:55 For the Lord of love Is watching you
24:00 He sees what you're going through
24:05 He can make a way
24:08 If you want Him to
24:12 Oh, do you want Him to?
24:17 Then, tell Him so
24:27 All the things my heart held onto
24:31 Only filled me with despair
24:36 And the road that I was traveling
24:40 Never took me anywhere
24:45 And I knew no satisfaction
24:49 'Til I found my rest in Him
24:54 Then He filled my heart
24:56 With gladness once again
25:02 If you don't have a willing heart
25:07 Ask Him to give you one
25:11 If you can't seem to make a start
25:15 Trust in His power
25:20 For the Lord of love is watching you
25:26 He sees what you're going through
25:30 And can make a way
25:34 If you want Him to
25:38 Oh, do you want Him to?
25:43 Then, tell Him so
25:47 Tell Him so
25:49 Just tell Him so
25:51 Oh ho,
25:56 tell Him so
25:58 You tell Him so
26:00 Why don't you tell Him so?
26:03 Why don't you tell Him so?
26:05 Why don't you tell Him so?
26:07 He really wants to know
26:09 He really wants to know
26:14 'Cause he loves you so
26:19 Just tell Him so
26:41 I am so glad you joined us today.
26:43 I'm your host, Billy Blackwood.
26:45 And my dear friend Kelly Willard
26:46 has been my guest today,
26:48 and I know you've enjoyed these precious songs
26:51 and this precious lady and her precious heart.
26:55 And again, if you would like to schedule Kelly
26:58 to come minister,
27:00 or maybe perhaps you have inroads into a prison,
27:04 which Kelly is doing all across the country now.
27:07 You can contact her at
27:11 I know she'd love to come
27:13 and you can order product there as well.
27:14 Some of the greatest music I've ever heard,
27:17 some of the most tender anointed songs
27:19 ever written are by this lady
27:21 and they'll minister to you.
27:22 Kelly, thank you so much for coming today.
27:24 It's been such an honor and a pleasure
27:25 to have you here.


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