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00:03 Hi, I'm Billy Blackwood.
00:05 Through my years in music ministry,
00:07 I've had the privilege of meeting many great people
00:09 and making a lot of great friends.
00:14 Some have been friends for literally decades
00:15 and some have been more recent.
00:19 It's my hope that you will enjoy
00:20 getting a glimpse behind the scenes
00:22 and into the real lives of my friends.
00:25 Sit back and enjoy as you watch Billy Blackwood and Friends.
00:33 Hi, I'm Billy Blackwood.
00:34 Welcome to Billy Blackwood and Friends.
00:36 My guest today is my friend, Yvonne Lewis.
00:40 Wait till you hear this girl sing.
00:42 If you are not familiar with Yvonne and her career
00:44 you're in for a treat today.
00:46 Some folks have heard your voice
00:49 in times that they didn't even know it.
00:50 They may not know you,
00:52 but they certainly know your voice.
00:53 And I know you've had, God has used you
00:56 and allowed you to sing in some pretty special places.
01:01 What'd you tell some of our viewers today,
01:03 just...
01:04 I mean, go ahead,
01:06 you have permission to name drop, okay.
01:07 Just go ahead and name drop
01:10 because it's a pretty impressive list.
01:12 Well, the Lord has allowed me to sing,
01:16 and to do jingles and background vocals.
01:19 So I did background vocals for,
01:22 you know, the song just the two of us,
01:24 just the two of us
01:26 that and...
01:28 We can make it every time, just the two.
01:31 Yes. I'm sorry.
01:32 I shouldn't know that song,
01:34 but I do.
01:36 And fame, you know, I'm gonna live forever.
01:39 Acceptance.
01:40 We are by the grace of God, we're gonna live forever.
01:42 I sang with Luther Vandross and Whitney Houston
01:45 and Roberta Flack and Quincy Jones and just did,
01:49 and then I didn't jingles
01:51 like Burger King, Pizza Hut, Folgers coffee,
01:55 Kentucky fried chicken, Wrigley's spearmint gum,
01:58 just a lot of different jingles and stuff.
02:00 And it was great.
02:01 It was a great opportunity
02:04 to meet some really nice people.
02:06 You do realize we only have like about 30 minutes.
02:08 Would it be easier to tell us who you haven't sung with?
02:12 Because you have been with some heavy hitters.
02:15 Well, it was a blessing.
02:18 And what a great, a great tool, a great gift God has given you
02:22 and using it for His glory now.
02:24 And can I ask you, there's a song that
02:27 I had not heard until I heard you do it in rehearsal
02:31 called just once more.
02:33 Can you tell me a little bit about that song
02:35 and then sing it for us?
02:36 Oh, sure. Okay.
02:37 So that song was written by my friend Halloran Hill.
02:41 This song just once more
02:42 really captures the Christian walk
02:45 because we make mistakes
02:46 and we mess up,
02:49 but thank God we have a high priest
02:52 that can be touched
02:53 with the feeling of our infirmities.
02:54 And so we can go to Him
02:56 and come boldly to the throne of grace
02:59 where we can obtain mercy
03:01 and find grace to help in time of need.
03:03 We get to that point where we've messed up,
03:05 where we've promised God something,
03:08 and we break that promise.
03:09 And then we try again and we break that promise.
03:12 We were like, Lord, please.
03:13 I just need you to forgive me just once more.
03:16 And that's what the song is about.
03:18 It's really the Christian walk and how we are to come to God,
03:23 to come to Jesus.
03:24 We can come to Jesus with anything.
03:26 There's nothing too great
03:28 or too small to come to Him
03:29 with and just say,
03:31 "Lord, I blew it. I'm sorry."
03:33 You know, if people haven't heard this,
03:35 I want them to hear what I heard in rehearsal
03:39 just before we started the program today.
03:41 As Yvonne makes her way to the microphone,
03:44 listen and let this message touch your heart
03:47 just once more.
04:10 Here I am again
04:14 I'm on my knees again
04:18 But these are different tints
04:22 From a brand new set of scars
04:26 Now they may look the same
04:30 But these are not the same
04:35 These are dirty tints
04:38 So I can't see where you are
04:43 But I pray you'll understand
04:46 And I pray you'll take my hand
04:51 And I pray there Is still a place
04:54 In the shelter of your grace
04:59 I know I don't deserve
05:02 Another chance
05:05 But I'm sorry,
05:08 I blew it
05:10 I failed you once again
05:15 All the things I said I was
05:18 I haven't been,
05:21 And I'm all that
05:24 You've heard this
05:27 A million times before
05:32 But I need you to forgive me
05:37 just once more
05:39 Oh, I need you to forgive me
05:46 Now I make promises
05:49 Lots of promises
05:55 Tide will float the sand
05:58 So they never last for long
06:02 And I am ashamed to ask
06:06 But I have just ask O Lord
06:11 May I start again
06:14 Will you carry me back home?
06:19 Will you look beyond the sin?
06:22 To the helpless fool within
06:26 Can you take what I have abused
06:29 And make a better vessel you can use
06:34 I admit I don't deserve
06:38 No chance
06:41 Oh, but I'm sorry,
06:44 I blew it
06:47 I failed you once again
06:50 All the things I said I was
06:54 I haven't been
06:57 And I know that
07:00 You've heard this
07:03 A million times before
07:09 But I need you to forgive me
07:12 Just once more
07:21 Can you look beyond the sin?
07:24 To this helpless fool within
07:29 Can you take what I have abused
07:32 And make a better vessel You can use
07:36 I agree
07:38 I don't deserve another chance
07:43 Oh, Lord, I'm sorry
07:46 I believe it
07:49 I have failed you ones again
07:52 All the things I said I was
07:56 I haven't been
08:00 I know that
08:02 You've heard this
08:05 A million times before
08:11 But I need you to forgive me
08:14 Just once more
08:17 I said I need you
08:20 To forgive me
08:23 Just once more,
08:25 Just once more
08:30 I need you to
08:34 Forgive me
08:39 Just once more
09:05 Is that a great song or what?
09:07 And more than just a great song
09:09 and a great performance, which it was,
09:12 what a great truth.
09:13 I'm just going to, I don't know anything to be,
09:15 but just real at least most of the time,
09:18 and I have grown up in,
09:22 in Christian music and gospel music.
09:24 My dad was a renounce singer.
09:25 My dad won nine Grammy awards in his life
09:28 for his vocal performance.
09:30 So I know good singing when I hear it.
09:32 I've grown up in an industry and in a professional setting
09:36 where I don't pretend to be one of those kind of singers,
09:40 but I know when I hear them.
09:41 And you know, I've known about you,
09:45 but as I've really gotten to hear you just in,
09:49 in the rehearsals today,
09:50 as we were getting sound checks and things.
09:52 Oh my goodness, what a talent.
09:55 And, now I realize why you've been
09:57 on all the things you've been on,
09:59 all the jingles and McDonald's.
10:00 And so just, I mean, I know,
10:03 I know you, and I know you're not one
10:04 to talk about that really,
10:08 but you kind of downplayed that
10:10 and I understand 'cause you're a humble person
10:12 and you don't want to, you know, I get that.
10:15 But as a, you know, when people see you,
10:20 like they're seeing you now on TV
10:21 and they go, you know,
10:23 well, I'm not sure who this is.
10:25 It helps honestly to legitimize
10:29 why we're here and why we're doing
10:31 what we're doing when you share that.
10:34 And then you, well, we'll do that first.
10:37 And then we'll, we'll go beyond.
10:39 We'll take the next step once you do that.
10:41 But like gold records and awards and things.
10:44 What do you have hanging on your,
10:46 I don't know if you have them hanging on your wall
10:48 or in your closet or where they are?
10:50 Well, they're not on the wall right now,
10:53 but I guess we'll put them up on the wall,
10:56 but Grover Washington Jr.
10:58 who did just the two of us.
11:01 And I did Whitney Houston's very first album
11:06 and her song how will I know.
11:08 I was singing on that
11:10 and Luther Vandross never too much.
11:14 I've had the chance to sing with
11:16 just so many amazing artists
11:19 and yet, really, and yet,
11:21 so many people think that that life
11:23 is just the be all and end all,
11:26 and it just solves everything,
11:28 well, it doesn't,
11:30 because what happens is
11:31 there's an emptiness in your soul,
11:34 so you can make money.
11:35 I mean, I love doing the jingles
11:37 'cause I made a lot of money
11:38 and I had all the accoutrements of wealth over here,
11:42 but over here there was so much missing.
11:45 And I just realized
11:49 through not on my own,
11:50 like I just came to the Lord, the Holy Spirit
11:53 just drew me back to Him,
11:56 but all of that, all of the wealth
11:59 and I was never famous per se.
12:02 And I enjoy that part
12:03 because my famous friends couldn't do anything.
12:06 They couldn't go to the store.
12:07 They couldn't go to the store,
12:08 you know, but I was able to do the things
12:11 I wanted to do and still have money too.
12:13 So it was fine with me, you know,
12:15 but it's not enough
12:20 to have all of those things.
12:22 And so, I share what I did
12:27 so that people can know that this is better,
12:30 serving Jesus is better.
12:32 Absolutely.
12:33 All of that over there was my former life.
12:36 And I'm thankful to God that I had it,
12:38 but this where I am right now
12:41 doing what I'm doing right now,
12:43 this is why I was placed on this planet
12:46 to do the work that I'm doing now,
12:48 so I'm happy.
12:49 You know, growing up in music like I did
12:54 and it was around a lot of people like you,
12:58 I didn't have the,
13:00 the musical career necessarily that,
13:02 you know, like you had actually singing with him.
13:04 But Elvis Presley
13:07 was a big fan of the Blackwood Brothers.
13:09 And I traveled with his show for a couple of years
13:11 as part of an opening act.
13:13 And you talk about,
13:14 you know, being in that environment
13:16 and people who, you know,
13:19 idolized him would think, well,
13:22 Hey, you had the world by the tail.
13:23 You know, you're traveling on the road with Elvis Presley
13:25 and hanging out at his house.
13:26 And you know,
13:29 I tell people,
13:32 I've gotten to do a lot of exciting things
13:34 and you could say the same thing.
13:36 I met a lot of exciting people,
13:38 but there's no one more exciting to Jesus.
13:41 There you go.
13:43 He's the most exciting person you'll ever meet.
13:45 He's the best friend you'll ever have,
13:47 is the only savior you'll ever need.
13:48 That's right.
13:50 And you know, those things are not,
13:53 things are not necessarily bad,
13:55 meeting those people
13:56 and getting to do those exciting things.
13:58 There's nothing wrong with that,
14:00 unless that becomes an idol in your life.
14:01 Right.
14:03 But when you just compare it to life
14:06 serving Jesus and ministering
14:10 and doing what you do now
14:11 and doing what I get to do now,
14:13 it just doesn't,
14:15 it doesn't get any better than this.
14:16 It doesn't.
14:18 When you know God is using you
14:20 and speaking through you and singing through you
14:22 and touching people's hearts.
14:25 I've just, it,
14:26 it just doesn't get any better than that.
14:28 It doesn't, it's so rich.
14:29 It's so rich. It's so rich.
14:31 And for those who don't know him,
14:34 you know, you can't...
14:35 It's like, okay, I'm a foodie, right?
14:37 So it's like describing like
14:39 this really great piece of cake,
14:41 you know, it just tastes really good.
14:43 You just, you can't really describe it,
14:45 but it's good, like Campbell's.
14:48 So, oh, taste and see that the Lord is good.
14:52 You just need to try Him.
14:55 Just try Him.
14:56 There's nothing that compares to knowing Jesus.
15:01 Well, you haven't rested on your laurels
15:06 and just said, well, I did all this
15:07 and now I'm gonna just sit back.
15:11 You continue to sing as we've already heard.
15:13 But...
15:16 There's a song that you did in rehearsal that
15:20 so powerful,
15:21 praise His Holy name,
15:23 that, you know,
15:27 your voice is on radio still today
15:31 and sing it backup for famous people
15:33 and on commercials.
15:34 But you know,
15:35 your greatest work is what you're doing now.
15:38 Praise the Lord.
15:39 And this song,
15:41 I'm just saying
15:44 it just doesn't get any better than this.
15:46 Praise the Lord.
15:48 Listen as Yvonne Lewis sings for you,
15:50 Praise His Holy Name.
16:21 Praise the Lord
16:27 From whom all blessings flow
16:34 For He has washed
16:40 And made me white
16:45 As snow
16:49 I'm redeemed
16:55 From all my sin and shame
17:02 For now
17:04 And forever
17:10 Praise His holy name
17:17 Praise
17:19 His holy name
17:24 Praise
17:26 His holy name
17:30 To God be the glory
17:34 Now and forever
17:38 Praise His holy name
18:07 God is great
18:13 And greatly to be praised
18:20 Above
18:23 All others
18:28 Let His name be raised
18:34 Saints
18:37 And angels
18:42 Evermore proclaim
18:47 That He alone
18:51 is worthy
18:55 Praise
18:57 His holy name
19:02 Praise His holy name
19:09 Praise His holy name
19:15 To God be the glory
19:19 Now and forever
19:23 Praise His holy name
19:30 Praise
19:32 His holy name
19:37 Praise
19:39 His holy name
19:44 To God be the glory
19:50 To God be the glory
19:57 To God be the glory
20:02 Now and forever
20:12 Praise
20:14 His holy name
20:25 Praise His holy name
20:29 Praise His name
20:33 Praise His holy name
20:36 Praise His name
20:45 To God be the glory
20:49 Now and forever
20:53 Praise
20:55 His holy name
21:14 Wow.
21:17 I am just gonna guess the angels are jealous.
21:21 They're just...
21:23 You know, sometimes I wonder
21:24 if God just tells the angels, Hey, y'all watch this.
21:26 This is going to be really good.
21:28 I think He just did.
21:30 Yvonne, tell us what you're doing now?
21:32 Okay.
21:33 Just up to speed. Okay good.
21:35 So the Lord,
21:37 Oh, okay.
21:38 I don't even know where to start.
21:40 I was able to come out here
21:43 and get interviewed about a book I had written.
21:46 Danny Shelton interviewed me
21:49 and they had had this network
21:52 that had just never taken off.
21:54 So it just kind of laid dormant for a while
21:57 called Dare to Dream.
21:58 Okay.
22:00 And Dare to Dream is 24/7 Christian programming
22:03 designed with urban audiences in mind.
22:07 So we have programming on everything
22:10 from health to relationships,
22:12 to money management,
22:13 to even a program by for ex-offenders
22:19 hosted by an ex-offender
22:21 because there's just so much going on.
22:24 And so to me whether, Bill, this is like,
22:27 this is why I was placed here
22:29 because the Lord has allowed me to get these programs together
22:34 and put them on the air.
22:36 And if you wanna see that,
22:38 viewer, you can go to
22:42 and watch 24/7 programming on all different topics.
22:47 And people need the law.
22:50 There's so many people who are hurting
22:52 and they're wondering,
22:53 how do I live out my Christianity?
22:56 And you have a new recording out.
22:58 I do. I do.
22:59 It's called...
23:01 With all the songs that people are hearing today.
23:02 Yes.
23:04 It's called Magnify Him.
23:05 And it's all about lifting up the name of Jesus
23:08 and magnifying Him
23:09 because He is worthy to be praised.
23:11 As the host of the show,
23:13 I guess I can kind of call the shots.
23:14 There you go.
23:17 So I'm gonna ask
23:18 if we can do a song together.
23:20 Oh, I'd love it.
23:22 I like the old hymns,
23:24 In The Garden is one of my favorites.
23:25 My dad used to...
23:27 I used to love to hear my dad sing In The Garden.
23:28 Could we do In The Garden? I would love it.
23:31 Let's do that.
23:32 And thank you again so much
23:35 for being a guest today.
23:39 Only eternity will tell
23:40 the people's lives who have been impacted
23:43 and people who've responded Christ today
23:45 because of what they've seen.
23:47 And if you're watching
23:49 and you don't know Christ as your savior,
23:52 that's why we're here.
23:53 That's what this is really all about.
23:56 We use the gifts and talents
23:58 that people have
24:00 and their testimonies in their lives
24:02 and their talent and their time.
24:04 But it's all for the purpose
24:07 of sharing faith in Jesus Christ,
24:09 because He is the only answer to life's questions.
24:13 Thank you so much for watching today.
24:15 I'm Billy Blackwood and my precious guest
24:18 Yvonne Lewis.
24:19 And we're gonna make our way over to the set
24:22 to sing one of our favorite old hymns In The Garden
24:25 while our friend Tim Parton plays for us.
24:29 So thank you for watching today.
24:30 God bless you.
24:44 I come to the garden
24:50 Alone
24:55 While the dew
24:59 Is still on
25:01 The roses
25:06 And the voice I hear
25:12 Falling on my ear
25:18 The Son of God
25:23 Discloses
25:30 And He walks
25:35 With me
25:36 And He talks
25:39 With me
25:42 And He tells me
25:45 I am his own
25:51 And the joy we share
25:56 As we tarry there
26:03 None other
26:06 Has ever known
26:20 He speaks
26:23 And the sound of His voice
26:29 Is so sweet
26:33 The birds hush
26:36 Their singing
26:41 And the melody
26:46 That He gave to me
26:50 Within my heart
26:57 Is ringing
27:03 And He walks
27:07 With me
27:09 And He talks with me
27:14 And He tells me
27:17 I am his own
27:23 And the joy we share
27:29 As we tarry there
27:37 None other
27:42 Has ever
27:48 Known


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