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00:03 Hi, I'm Billy Blackwood.
00:05 Through my years in music ministry,
00:07 I've had the privilege of meeting many great people
00:09 and making a lot of great friends.
00:14 Some have been friends for literally decades
00:15 and some have been more recent.
00:19 It's my hope that
00:20 you will enjoy getting a glimpse
00:21 behind the scenes
00:23 and into the real lives of my friends.
00:25 Sit back and enjoy as you watch
00:27 Billy Blackwood and Friends.
00:33 Gene, welcome to the program today, buddy.
00:35 Thank you, man, I appreciate it.
00:37 So glad to have you here.
00:38 It's good to see you.
00:39 You know, one of the things that,
00:41 that God has allowed me to do is to over the years of my life
00:45 in gospel music,
00:46 meet a lot of great people.
00:48 Like me.
00:50 Like you, and you and I go back to allowance
00:55 I'm considerably older than you are.
00:57 But we go back to when we were really
00:59 you were a little kid and I was not a very big kid.
01:03 Been a while.
01:04 Been a while, and your dad and my dad were friends.
01:08 Yes.
01:09 Tell the folks how long your dad's been on radio?
01:12 Pop started on the radio,
01:14 I guess in about '76, somewhere in there.
01:17 So he's been on the radio about 40, 41 years.
01:20 Forty plus years. Yeah.
01:22 Tommy Mac? Tommy Mac.
01:27 And Tommy and your mom have just been,
01:30 they were dear friends of my mom and dad and...
01:35 And I remember as a kid,
01:37 I was probably I'm gonna guess I was.
01:41 I don't know, 15, maybe 16.
01:46 When we first met you were about
01:48 eight or seven?
01:49 Yeah. Few years back.
01:52 And I was traveling with the Blackwood Brothers
01:54 playing drums and...
01:58 In Southeast Missouri, where you grew up
02:01 there in the Bootheel or close to it.
02:02 Yeah, Comet, Missouri. Comet, Missouri.
02:04 Your dad's radio program was there.
02:06 And we were doing a concert in the area.
02:08 And I remember your dad being on the bus.
02:10 And I remember him bringing you up on the bus.
02:13 And you were just you know, you're just his son, little kid
02:15 come upon the bus and all,
02:17 you know, bright eyed and on the big bus
02:19 and how much fun that was.
02:20 I think you probably rode to the concert
02:22 or something with us, I don't remember.
02:23 I did, my friend.
02:25 And that's my first...
02:26 Well, that was my, first time we met,
02:27 my first memory of you.
02:29 And now we're 40 something years later,
02:32 is that right?
02:33 No, it can't be that long. Yeah, I'm 52, so.
02:35 Well, I'm not gonna tell you how old I am.
02:37 But anyway, here we are all these years later.
02:39 And God has blessed you and given you so much favor.
02:45 For folks who may be watching today
02:47 who don't know, he currently singing
02:50 with a guy who's pretty well known
02:53 in gospel music.
02:54 Been on tour with Bill Gaither for since 2008.
02:58 So it's been... 2008?
03:00 Yeah, I was in from '98 to 2007 I sang with the Florida Boys.
03:05 Okay. So sang with them for 15 years.
03:07 And so, Lord blessed me a lot.
03:11 Sometimes you forget how blessed you are.
03:15 But when you reminisce a little bit
03:18 and you realize that I've gotten do a lot of things
03:21 that a lot of people love to do.
03:24 And be around a lot of people that are true heroes for me.
03:29 I mean, the Gaither videos.
03:31 For me, I was the kid in the candy shop.
03:35 I mean, all my heroes,
03:38 because of my father and mom, and music.
03:43 I mean, all my heroes were there.
03:45 There wouldn't be anybody that you know.
03:48 And so, it's been an awesome, awesome journey for me
03:52 to have the privilege
03:56 of getting to know them
03:59 on more of a personal basis, and just, you know,
04:04 getting to love on, you know,
04:07 and letting them know that they've,
04:10 they made a difference in a kid's life.
04:13 When we were talking earlier just before,
04:15 before the program, you were telling me a story
04:17 that just comes back up for me right now.
04:19 And I found it's just so cool,
04:22 so interesting about the church camp
04:25 that your son's now going to, and share that with folks
04:28 because that's a cool story.
04:31 This is a great, it's Camp McClanahan in
04:35 outside of Kennett, Missouri Black River
04:37 Baptist Association.
04:39 And my father went to this,
04:42 to the camp in the '50s.
04:45 And then I went to the camp in the '70s.
04:50 And I have just taken my son from the fourth year in a row
04:55 to this camp.
04:56 At first he didn't know
04:58 if he would like it because it was...
04:59 There's no electronics.
05:01 No...
05:02 And it's out in the middle of the woods,
05:04 out in the middle of the woods
05:05 in Southeast Missouri that out in the middle
05:07 of a watermelon patch.
05:09 Yeah.
05:10 And you tell me where it was located
05:12 something about there was a creek?
05:13 There's a 19 Drain, 19 Ditch is what it's called.
05:17 But it's a drainage ditch,
05:19 but it's where we swam
05:25 before the church camp put a swimming pool.
05:27 Okay.
05:28 And so we swam in 19 Ditch,
05:30 and on this side is Camp McClanahan,
05:34 and then the ditch
05:35 and on this side was my grandfather's land.
05:39 And so my father, whenever he would go,
05:42 my grandfather had a general store
05:44 in the middle of our land,
05:46 and my dad would get tired of going to church camp
05:50 and he would swim the ditch and go to grandpa store
05:53 and sit with him until brother Mac
05:55 would realize it, pop was gone,
05:57 then he go, get him back at the store.
06:01 And so now your son is going?
06:03 Yeah, he is.
06:05 He loves going.
06:06 And we've...
06:08 The first year I took my son,
06:11 the second year, I took two boys.
06:14 And the next year, I took two different boys.
06:17 And this year, we took four kids
06:19 from Tennessee to this church camp.
06:24 So I think, you know, every year that my son goes,
06:27 he brings four or five more friends.
06:29 And, you know, if it's just fun,
06:33 I love doing it.
06:34 You know, the thing that I love that story,
06:37 because it's that faith that was passed down.
06:40 Yes, sir.
06:42 You know, from your dad to you, now to your kids, it's just,
06:47 you know.
06:48 That's just such a cool thing to watch and to see.
06:53 And you know, I mean like our dads,
06:54 our dads were friends.
06:56 Right.
06:57 And because they were friends, we're friends.
06:59 I mean, they passed that down.
07:01 Gene, if you see this, but in the world, you know,
07:03 a lot of people can have friends.
07:04 Right.
07:05 But the thing that I've noticed,
07:07 and I think maybe you've seen too,
07:10 is that in the kingdom,
07:11 and particularly even in gospel music.
07:14 Right. You know, we have friends.
07:17 There's such an interconnectedness.
07:19 There's such a family of people.
07:22 It really is.
07:24 I think that if we don't,
07:28 we cannot convey God love
07:31 if we don't share love with each other.
07:35 How can I tell somebody
07:39 about His love
07:41 if I can't feel love from the guys
07:45 that I'm with?
07:46 Our industry, you know, I might not see you
07:51 for another year.
07:54 But we'll pick up
07:55 where we left off from this time.
07:58 Because there is a common bond
08:02 that no other genre of music has.
08:04 Right. You know it.
08:06 We have wonderful singers, great things.
08:10 But if we don't have the common bond of salvation,
08:14 then it's not the same.
08:18 I mean, we have to have, that is what connects us all
08:23 in this in our industry anyway.
08:27 You were talking earlier before we were filming today
08:30 about Ben Spear.
08:31 Yeah. You know, the Spear Family.
08:33 I think a lot of our viewers tonight
08:35 would know the Spears
08:36 but like the Blackwood Brothers,
08:38 you know, a family group.
08:39 I remember Dad and Mom Spear, Ben's parents.
08:44 When I was a kid,
08:45 I went to both of their funerals in Nashville,
08:48 because the Spears and the Blackwoods
08:50 and all the Favers
08:51 and all those old family groups were,
08:54 you know, were friends and statesmen
08:57 in all those groups, you know, it was such good friends.
09:00 As I grew up in the gospel music,
09:02 the people that were my dad's friends,
09:05 even though they were a generation ahead of me
09:07 became my friend.
09:08 Right. And people like Ben Spear...
09:10 Your mentor... They're mentors.
09:12 And your correctors and your...
09:14 Right.
09:15 And it's just such an interesting dynamic to see in,
09:20 you know, in ministry,
09:21 and in this industry, particularly,
09:24 how that, that just seems to leapfrog on down
09:27 from generation to generation.
09:29 I think it has to.
09:30 I don't ever consider myself a hero of nobody,
09:34 but there are people
09:36 that are going to look up to me,
09:38 whether I want them to or not.
09:40 Oh, they are.
09:41 And, so it's my responsibility to act right.
09:46 It's my responsibility to lead them
09:50 or give them votes of confidence.
09:54 You know, I can remember when I was a kid,
09:56 Rex Nelon or Chief or, you know, Hello Kids.
10:02 You know, but he didn't know my name from Adam.
10:05 But it was the fact that he talked to me, you know,
10:09 JD Sumner, I mean, my goodness.
10:12 If he, if there was a kid that walked by him,
10:15 he was going to agitate him just because that was JD,
10:19 but it made that kid instantly a fan of JD.
10:23 And I think that because of that,
10:27 that is our responsibility for the next generation
10:31 to show them what love he is,
10:33 to show them what camaraderie is,
10:36 to show them that we have love
10:41 that God has given us something
10:43 that nobody else has, you know,
10:45 and that we need to share it.
10:47 Absolutely.
10:49 Hey, I want you to sing a song.
10:50 I love this one,
10:52 got a cool little bluesy feel to it
10:55 and as Gene prepares just kind of get comfortable
10:58 and sit back, you gonna love this,
11:00 this is called "Stand By Me."
11:14 Now there are times we feel alone
11:19 Although you know we done no wrong
11:24 Oh, Lord, Oh Lord
11:29 Stand by me
11:34 And there are times we stand the tears
11:40 Oh you know me done our best
11:45 Oh, Lord, Oh, Lord
11:47 Oh, Lord, Oh, Lord
11:50 Stand by me
11:52 Stand by me
11:55 Stand by me, Lord
11:57 Oh, Lord, won't You stand by me
12:00 While I walk this lonesome road
12:05 Stand by me, Lord
12:07 Oh, Lord, won't You stand by me
12:10 Help me to bear my heavy load
12:15 And if I stumble pick me up
12:20 Help me to drink this bitter cup
12:26 Here I reached my home in glory
12:31 Stand by me
12:33 Stand by me
12:36 Now there are times we're made to cry
12:41 Oh, Lord, wipe those tears from my eyes
12:46 Oh, Lord, Oh, Lord
12:51 Stand by me
12:56 Now there are times we're made to fail
13:01 Oh, you never failed us yet
13:06 Oh, Lord, Oh, Lord
13:11 Stand by me
13:17 Stand by me, Lord
13:20 Oh, Lord, won't You stand by me
13:22 While I walk this lonesome road
13:27 Stand by me, Lord
13:30 Oh, Lord, won't You stand by me
13:32 Help me to bear my heavy load
13:37 And if I stumble pick me up
13:42 Help me to drink this bitter cup
13:47 Till I reach my home in glory
13:52 Stand by me Stand by me
13:57 Tonight my father and my mother
14:02 And my sister and my brother
14:08 It was amazing
14:10 Oh how You saved me
14:13 It was a grace, Lord
14:16 That brought me
14:18 Till I reach my home in glory
14:23 Stand by me
14:28 Till I reach my home in glory
14:39 Stand by me
14:47 Stand by me
15:00 Wow!
15:01 Stand by me, Gene McDonald.
15:04 You know, when I first called you about
15:08 being a guest today, you surprised me.
15:11 And I said...
15:13 I said, "Hey,
15:15 I'd like to do a song together."
15:16 There's something, you know, there's something we could do.
15:19 And you said...
15:20 Love Held Jesus To The Cross.
15:22 Love Held Jesus To The Cross,
15:23 which is a song I wrote back in the early 1980s.
15:26 And you had mentioned that song one other time
15:29 that you heard it, but I'd kind of forgotten that.
15:31 And I was, at first, I was kind of shocked that
15:34 you would even remember that song.
15:36 I would, I was do,
15:38 periodically your dad would sing.
15:41 And he would want me and my dad to come
15:44 and sing backup for him
15:45 whenever he was doing solo stuff
15:46 after the Masters V,
15:48 before the Blackwood Brothers reformation there.
15:52 He gave me a cassette of you.
15:56 And it had Love Held Jesus To The Cross.
15:58 That's probably about '88, '89.
16:00 Okay.
16:02 So I met you again through the Gaither videos about '94.
16:07 In the person I came up to you, and I said,
16:10 "Man, I love Love Held Jesus To The Cross."
16:13 And you looked at me, like,
16:15 I can't believe you even know the song, you know.
16:17 And I said, "Your dad gave me the CD, this cassette."
16:21 It wasn't CDs.
16:22 He gave me this cassette.
16:24 And I listened to it, man, I love the song,
16:26 can I get a copy of the words.
16:29 And I never thought I'd hear anything about it,
16:32 you sent me the copy of the words.
16:34 And I have never recorded it.
16:37 I've always wanted to record it.
16:39 I've always wanted to sing it.
16:40 I've never sing it live that I know of.
16:43 And it was just.
16:46 man, such a great song.
16:49 If anything, there's nothing in this world
16:52 that could help Christ, but loved yet.
17:01 He loved me.
17:05 And that's to me the ultimate gift
17:09 that I can have.
17:14 I'm not worthy of anything.
17:20 But He died for me.
17:22 And He died for me alone.
17:25 It's not...
17:27 He died for everybody by themselves.
17:31 And so it that song has always meant a lot to me.
17:35 And through rough times,
17:38 that song came back to me
17:41 periodically through my life.
17:44 And so it's just been a great song.
17:47 Wow.
17:48 Well, this has got to go on my list of favorite things
17:54 I ever get to do is to sing with you,
17:57 and this is song that God gave me
18:01 like I said back in the early '80s
18:02 and I've sung it for years but never.
18:09 This is gonna be the first time for us
18:10 to do it together.
18:11 So I hope you enjoy Gene and I, as we sing,
18:16 "Love Held Jesus To The Cross."
18:24 Ever since I can remember
18:27 I heard the story told
18:31 Of Jesus death on Cavalry
18:37 How the soldiers marked his name
18:41 Crowned his head with thorns
18:44 And nailed His hands and feet to a tree
18:49 Not long ago I discovered
18:54 What the soldiers never knew
18:58 And it made all the difference
19:00 in the world to me
19:05 I found out what it took
19:09 To bear the sins of the world
19:14 Was the very thing he placed inside of me
19:25 Love held
19:28 Jesus to the cross
19:38 Heaven's gain was Satan's loss
19:48 Man has never
19:51 forged a nail
19:54 That could have held him to a tree
20:00 No love held
20:04 Jesus to goal
20:15 Now I had come to think of love
20:19 In terms of gain and loss
20:22 Where we then made to take
20:24 But not again
20:28 Then I saw an act of love
20:31 In a just upon a cross
20:34 By a man who had every right to live
20:40 And I realized, I might had never know
20:44 The Father's love was real
20:48 If I had not seen it in a man who died for me
20:57 And in that moment Jesus showed me
21:01 Loves not just a state of mind
21:07 As He gave His life so love could live in me
21:19 Love held
21:22 Jesus to the cross,
21:32 Heaven's gain was Satan's loss
21:41 Man has never
21:45 Forged a nail
21:48 That could have held him to the tree Lord
21:55 Love held
21:58 Jesus to the cross
22:07 Man has never forged a nail
22:13 That could have held
22:16 My Savior to the tree Lord
22:22 Love held
22:26 Jesus
22:29 To the cross
22:49 I sometimes say in concert.
22:55 Years ago, there was a popular songs,
22:58 number one song around the world.
23:01 The name of it was, I want to know what love is.
23:05 And then I'll say the writer of that song
23:07 just never read 1 John, because it's right there.
23:10 It's right.
23:12 This is how we know what love is.
23:13 Yeah.
23:14 While we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
23:20 And it's amazing how he makes room
23:22 for everybody.
23:24 You know, one thing that
23:27 I always wondered when I was a kid was
23:30 whenever I felt God was away from me,
23:35 or I was away from God and that had called out
23:38 sometimes in wonder, you know,
23:42 but the table never moved.
23:46 You know, home is still home.
23:50 And we are apt to whenever we mature
23:54 or think we're maturing.
23:57 We're apt to leave home and sometimes we lose our way.
24:03 But the house has never left.
24:06 The house didn't move.
24:08 And so that's for me, that was God's love.
24:11 God's love never left me, I left God's love.
24:16 And so that that's the reason
24:21 why I feel like
24:23 the love that we have,
24:26 the camaraderie that we have,
24:28 that common bond is God's love
24:34 and knowing that it's always there.
24:39 I don't want to put you on the spot.
24:41 But I want to ask you to do something.
24:43 Would you just talk to our audience for a minute?
24:47 Because there's probably some people out there
24:49 who feel like they've left the house
24:52 and the house is moved
24:54 or the table is no longer there.
24:56 Would you just take a minute and share your heart with them?
25:02 You are loved.
25:05 There's nothing that you've done.
25:12 Nothing that you've done
25:14 that can take Him away from you.
25:20 The table is always there.
25:22 The setting is always there.
25:26 He's waiting for you to face at His table.
25:32 God loves you more than life itself,
25:35 because He died for you.
25:40 I didn't realize what love was
25:44 until I had a child of my own.
25:52 I could not stand
25:53 if my child died,
25:59 but He was given up for us.
26:04 That took a lot of love.
26:08 And there's nothing that
26:10 you've done nothing where you are.
26:13 You can't go far enough
26:15 that God won't take you back or won't take you at all.
26:23 He loves you more than anybody else.
26:26 There's no one else in this world that
26:28 He loves as much as He does you.
26:33 And if you don't know Him today,
26:36 it's really easy to find Him.
26:40 God loves you, so do I.
26:44 Gene, thank you so much for coming today.
26:48 Thank you for giving me the opportunity.
26:51 I love doing this.
26:53 I love the family reunion.
26:55 It's good.


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