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Program Code: BTN000015

00:23 I come
00:25 To the garden alone
00:32 While the dew
00:35 Is still on the roses
00:42 And the voice I hear
00:47 Falling on my ear
00:51 The Son of God
00:55 Discloses
01:00 And He walks with me
01:07 And He talks with me
01:12 And He tells me
01:15 I am His own
01:21 And the joy we share
01:25 As we tarry there
01:30 None other
01:32 Has ever known
01:39 He speaks
01:42 And the sound of His voice
01:48 Is so sweet
01:51 The birds hush their singing
01:58 And the melody
02:02 That He gave to me
02:07 Within my heart
02:12 Is ringing
02:18 I'd stay in the garden
02:23 With Him
02:28 Though the night
02:31 Around me is falling
02:37 But He bids me go
02:42 Through the voice of woe
02:46 His voice to me
02:51 Is calling
02:56 And He walks with me
03:02 And He talks with me
03:07 And He tells me
03:10 I am His own
03:16 And the joy we share
03:21 As we tarry there
03:26 None other
03:28 Has ever known
03:35 And the joy we share
03:40 As we tarry there
03:47 None other
03:49 Has ever known
04:17 What a friend
04:20 We have in Jesus
04:26 All our sins
04:29 And griefs to bear
04:55 Oh, what peace
04:58 We often forfeit
06:15 Can we find a friend
06:20 So faithful
06:25 Who will all our sorrows share?
06:53 We should never be discouraged
07:02 Take it to the Lord in prayer
07:29 Sing them over again to me
07:33 Wonderful words of life
08:36 Beautiful words, wonderful words
08:43 Beautiful words, wonderful words
08:51 Words of life and beauty
08:55 Teach me faith and duty
09:16 Wonderful words of life


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