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00:01 I will spend $1.
00:04 And in return,
00:06 I will get tangible financial benefit,
00:10 I will get $100, intangible benefit.
00:15 People, my people, as a state senator,
00:18 my people
00:22 will access and benefit the best ever
00:27 healthcare services
00:30 that I will call this ministry
00:34 as the best ever healthcare provider.
00:55 It feels like
00:57 it's at least 100 degrees out today.
00:58 I know it's 100% humidity.
01:00 And in this tank, it's even hotter.
01:03 Japanese tanks,
01:04 there's probably 10 of them in a row here.
01:07 They took over the island of Pohnpei,
01:11 they were in control for many years during the war,
01:14 before the war, and during the war.
01:16 And General Douglas MacArthur, they had a plan,
01:19 they were going to try and recapture the islands,
01:22 what they did is they called island hopping,
01:24 they bomb, and they take over one island,
01:27 then they'd skip to the next island,
01:29 go on to the next one,
01:30 then they'd skip to the next island and so on,
01:32 and they'd end up then with blockades.
01:34 The Japanese here, they ended up...
01:37 The blockades were so severe,
01:39 they finally had no ammunition to shoot at planes anymore,
01:41 they had no food, they went into the towns
01:45 and the villages and they created havoc
01:47 with the people, they treated them so terribly.
01:50 War is absolutely a horrible thing.
02:04 Hey, Mr. B, that was kind of fun.
02:06 Tell me about... Your family was here
02:09 on the islands at that time.
02:11 What was it like to have the Japanese here,
02:13 taking over your home and everything else?
02:19 The Japanese, you know,
02:21 they made the people really work.
02:25 If you don't work, they really punished you.
02:28 And you make a mistake they really punished you.
02:33 And punish in this case means what maybe?
02:36 Beating.
02:38 If a group works in a company
02:42 and something is stolen in the company,
02:44 if there are 15 or 20 of them, all of them are beaten.
02:48 If nobody confessed,
02:50 they beat them until one of them will confess.
02:53 And I heard from my father at one time,
02:55 the place where he was working
02:57 there were like seven or eight of them,
03:00 and something was stolen there.
03:02 So what they did, they tied their legs up,
03:05 their heads down,
03:07 and this Japanese soldier start kicking them
03:11 and beating them and those kind of things.
03:15 And finally, one of them cursed,
03:19 he cursed the rest of the people,
03:21 he say, "Why you people are scared?"
03:23 So he confessed that he was the one who did it.
03:25 But he was not the one.
03:27 He really wasn't the one. Just...
03:28 No, just to stop the beating. Stop the beating.
03:31 My, oh, my.
03:32 Tell me any other stories,
03:34 I mean, we look at all these tanks
03:35 and think of all the stuff that went on here.
03:39 Anything else you can think of from family
03:41 that went on during the war?
03:42 Oh, during the war, of course,
03:45 the American's, they don't land here.
03:48 All they do is they just bomb. Yeah.
03:51 And, you know, my mother and my father,
03:54 they used to tell me that there are some caves
03:57 when there is the Japanese will know that
03:59 planes are coming,
04:01 there is a siren, they will siren.
04:03 And that thing will make noise,
04:05 everyone would start running, hiding.
04:08 And the Americans will come in and just bomb everything,
04:12 you know, there are some islands here
04:14 where they have guns, and maybe even here.
04:16 If you go to Sokhens,
04:18 you will see the marks of all these bombs.
04:20 They just bombed everywhere.
04:23 And even some of the locals were hurt.
04:29 I have a relative in one of the islands,
04:33 you know, my mother told us that
04:35 he was putting the Dutch roof on his house
04:37 and this plane came in.
04:39 And just started shooting
04:42 and probably they thought this was a Japanese,
04:47 shot that guy.
04:48 She said that the intestines were hanging, you know...
04:54 But after the war, when the Americans came in,
04:57 they asked all the locals,
04:58 those people who were hurt during the Japanese time,
05:01 and they gave lots of money to those people who were hurt.
05:05 If they destroyed your properties your house
05:09 and things like that,
05:11 there was money, I think they got it
05:13 from United Nation that helped the local people.
05:15 Okay.
05:17 During the time of the war, how many Japanese...
05:19 Do you know how many Japanese were here on the island?
05:22 I'm not sure how many of our people,
05:24 there were more Japanese than the locals here.
05:27 Really? That's a lot.
05:29 Because when they came in,
05:30 they did not come to go back,
05:32 they were planning to make these islands part of Japan.
05:36 So the population of the Japanese
05:38 here would double.
05:40 The people on the, you know, like Marshall, Pohnpei, Chuuk,
05:45 Guam, and all those islands, there were...
05:47 The number doubled.
05:50 In Phnom Penh,
05:51 the highest job they can get is a secretary.
05:57 Either secretary or policemen,
05:59 they cannot go higher than that.
06:01 And the schooling is only fourth grade.
06:04 Now that was then or now?
06:05 During Japanese. During Japanese occupation.
06:08 You cannot go higher than fourth grade.
06:10 But then fourth grade what they learn is carpentry.
06:17 Wow, this is an arduous climb up
06:19 to the top of this mountain, but it's going to be worth it.
06:21 Wait till you see what we find at the top.
06:23 Come on, follow me.
06:39 This stuff is so big. What is it?
06:41 Well, you may recognize it, bamboo.
06:44 Bamboo, how did it get here?
06:45 It wasn't indigenous to this island,
06:47 the Japanese planted it.
06:49 When the Japanese occupied the island,
06:51 especially up here on the top of this mountain,
06:54 where they placed many guns.
06:55 Come on, follow me. Let's go check it out.
07:07 I was here about five years ago.
07:10 Everything is grown over.
07:11 The jungle grows so rapidly,
07:13 they chop things down every year
07:16 for people to be able to see this, What is it?
07:19 It's one of the gun emplacements
07:20 of the Japanese army,
07:22 able to reach clear out on the harbor and beyond.
07:25 You see the ships out there right now,
07:28 probably no problem for these guns.
07:30 However, no American ships ever showed up.
07:34 They just sat here,
07:35 and I don't know that they fired any rounds.
07:41 Okay, I want you to follow me now
07:43 I'm going to get down and head over this way
07:45 and show you something else.
07:56 Now I wanted to bring you over here
07:57 and show you this area.
07:58 This is where all the ammunitions
08:00 were stored.
08:02 And on top of this area too, there's a machine gun area.
08:07 It's all overgrown, but they're still...
08:09 The bottom line is there's still remnants of war,
08:12 war scars, war tears apart.
08:15 It's a sad situation
08:16 where we are still today on planet Earth,
08:18 but I believe Jesus is going to take care
08:20 of all that very soon.
08:26 You know, the beauty is absolutely stunning.
08:28 We've got a lot more for you. So don't go away.
08:31 We'll be right back.
08:35 According to the World Health Organization,
08:37 depression is a leading cause of worldwide disability
08:41 that happens to a lot of people.
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09:33 The three biggest killers in the islands of Micronesia
09:36 are heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
09:39 Canvasback has tackled
09:41 these issues head-on
09:42 by establishing a wellness center
09:44 on the atoll of Majuro.
09:47 People there eat very few vegetables.
09:49 Now thanks to Canvasback, islanders are learning
09:52 how to grow gardens
09:53 in their backyards and to exercise.
09:56 The lifestyle changes have been so remarkable.
09:59 The government invited Canvasback to write
10:01 an entire curriculum for the public school system.
10:04 Now the lives of the children are changing too.
10:07 And our trained neighborhood health teams,
10:10 travel the island to monitor glucose levels,
10:13 heart rate, and blood pressure.
10:15 It's not uncommon
10:16 to discover glucose levels of 500 to 600.
10:19 These people are taken to the hospital
10:21 and once stabilized,
10:23 the team begins the education process
10:25 to reverse their diabetes.
10:27 That's right. Reverse their diabetes.
10:31 Many island nations are asking us
10:33 to come over and help them.
10:35 With your financial help,
10:37 many more islanders can experience good health.
10:41 Well, I enjoy working with people like this,
10:46 you know what I am saying.
10:49 I enjoy seeing the [inaudible].
10:55 We see different things...
10:59 The other day we had this huge abscess in La Ciego
11:02 that ruptured.
11:04 When will I have teams in different parts of the world...
11:08 Dentists they tell me
11:10 I've only seen these things in medical books.
11:11 Yeah, you're right.
11:13 Like the guy that we drained his cheek the other day,
11:14 do you remember?
11:16 Remember, the guy that had a big sponge.
11:18 I've been experiencing this rotten teeth,
11:24 affecting the quality of my speech,
11:30 affecting the intake of the food,
11:34 and experiencing
11:38 infection, gum, what have you.
11:42 I'm not a dentist so I don't know.
11:45 And yesterday is a day,
11:51 was a day that I will remember
11:55 for the rest of my natural life
11:57 because that day was a day,
12:00 a dream came true
12:04 that I locally
12:06 and throughout Micronesia,
12:09 throughout the freely associated states
12:13 RMI, FSM, and Palau.
12:16 I travel around the islands,
12:20 and I've been introduced
12:23 or I was introduced to several,
12:26 with the title dentist,
12:29 they were not able to correct
12:33 my tooth handicap.
12:38 So I gave up hope.
12:41 I said, "It's okay.
12:42 It is meant to be."
12:45 But yesterday, I found that now
12:50 there will be a day that a chosen one
12:53 will come to my rescue to revamp,
12:59 rekindle my declining hope
13:03 for better in terms of health.
13:08 So this is an example.
13:10 If I am to go on to make up the 110%,
13:13 you're going to stay here for 10 more years.
13:18 Well, I tell you, you know,
13:19 you sit in here today
13:21 with that good look and smile says a lot.
13:24 Oh, yes.
13:25 I went home yesterday.
13:27 And my wife said, "Oh, oh, no other man
13:30 is allowed to set foot in my house.
13:32 Because this house belongs to me and my husband."
13:36 But I say, "It's me."
13:38 Then she says, "No, no, no, my husband,
13:40 I used to know him very well.
13:43 Because he is ugly and his teeth front is ugly.
13:47 And no, no, not you, get out of the way,
13:49 or I will call police."
13:50 I say, "Honey, it's me, your husband, Shelten Neth."
13:58 It's hard for me to keep up going.
14:01 That's wonderful. I love it.
14:02 I love it.
14:04 And she said, "Let me see your driver's license."
14:07 So I gave her my driving license.
14:09 And I said, "Okay, give me..."
14:11 She required three...
14:14 What do you call it? Photo IDs.
14:18 So I gave her my driver's license.
14:20 And she said, "No, I need two more."
14:23 So I gave her one of the cards I gave you.
14:27 "No, not enough."
14:28 So I grabbed my passport, and she said, "It is you."
14:33 Did she let you in the house then?
14:35 Finally. Finally.
14:36 Otherwise, I would stay outside
14:37 or she will call the police
14:40 to get me arrested because trespassing.
14:48 What I've seen so far is your people
14:51 have a wonderful sense of humor.
14:53 I've seen it all over, it's great.
14:56 Tell me, something else...
14:57 With Canvasback, is there anything thing
15:00 you could say to our viewers that would say,
15:02 yes, it's a worthwhile thing to do.
15:05 I have my PhD in management and leadership,
15:10 international management and leadership,
15:15 and I got A+ in my...
15:23 Right up for
15:27 investment.
15:30 And this morning, we were having this meeting
15:33 and Jackie made mention of return of investment.
15:38 Acronym of return of investment is ROI.
15:43 And every investment
15:46 or whoever is doing an investment
15:50 must do a financial feasibility
15:55 assessment study
15:57 to make sure that
16:00 that investor will spend $1
16:03 to gain $20 or even more.
16:09 And if you are to give me
16:11 certain investment proposals
16:16 for me to look at,
16:18 among others, I will select Canvasback mission.
16:23 Why?
16:24 Because I will spend $1
16:29 and in return,
16:31 I will get tangible financial benefit,
16:35 I will get $100, intangible benefit.
16:40 People, my people, as a state senator,
16:44 my people will access
16:49 and benefit the best ever
16:52 healthcare services
16:56 that I will call this ministry
16:59 as the best ever healthcare provider.
17:04 I've been so excited
17:06 just as I've interviewed doctors on the team
17:08 and other staff and all the assistance.
17:14 They don't maybe not have any more vacation time,
17:16 they've spent their vacation here,
17:18 which is astounding, you know,
17:19 for so many people you work and you work and work
17:22 so you can take a vacation.
17:23 These people work
17:25 so they can come here and serve.
17:27 It's exciting to me,
17:28 and I can tell it is for you too.
17:32 In simple words, a living sacrifice
17:36 for the betterment of the people in need,
17:39 indescribable,
17:42 inexpressible, immeasurable,
17:48 and my description is inexhaustible.
17:52 Canvasback Ministry,
17:56 I cannot do a mathematical formula
17:58 to figure it out the love
18:01 and care of the organizer
18:04 and of those that listen
18:08 and respect and obey the invitation,
18:13 the call of God to go out and to deliver...
18:18 That's the key. That's the key.
18:20 And I told them this morning,
18:23 what I learned from Dr. Dave yesterday,
18:28 where I was talking with him with amazement and surprises,
18:33 and he told me to mellow me down.
18:36 He said, "Sir, remember,
18:41 God works miraculously and mysteriously."
18:47 So thank you, Dr. Dave, my hero,
18:51 let it be stated in the record.
18:55 Thanks again, Senator.
18:56 I appreciate it. You're most welcome.
18:57 Thank you.
19:00 You've seen the implements of war,
19:02 you've heard of the cruelty of humanity toward one another.
19:04 But today, you've also seen the other side of the coin.
19:08 I like to refer to it as the God side.
19:10 Those who have been led have God to reach out
19:12 across the world and help those in need,
19:15 to impact their lives in a positive way,
19:18 effecting changes that will ripple
19:20 to the shores of eternity.
19:23 As a leader in the field of health in Micronesia,
19:26 Canvasback Missions has been helping people
19:29 reverse diabetes for years.
19:32 Yes, you heard correctly, reverse diabetes.
19:36 In addition, we are helping to reduce
19:38 the incidence of heart disease.
19:40 At least 34 million people in the US have diabetes.
19:44 Many have no idea they have it until it's almost too late.
19:48 Many children have diabetes.
19:51 It's time to stop it in its tracks.
19:53 What's the key?
19:54 Certain foods, exercise, and many other simple
19:58 yet critical items are combined to produce amazing results.
20:03 Log on to to download your own free copy,
20:07 written by renowned author, Brenda Davis,
20:10 learn from an expert in the field
20:12 how to reverse this dreaded killer.
20:14 Remember, it's completely free.
20:16 Download a copy today for yourself, friend,
20:19 or a loved one, it will be life-changing.
20:34 There's a story in the Bible, a prophet, his name is Elijah.
20:37 It's a very important story
20:39 because it pertains to us too in many, many ways.
20:42 See, Elijah was a prophet for Israel.
20:45 He spoke for God to the children of Israel,
20:47 but they no longer wanted to listen.
20:50 God withheld rain for three years
20:52 by the command of the prophet.
20:54 And everybody started listening again, you see,
20:56 when blessings are withheld, you begin reaching out to God.
21:01 When you receive blessings,
21:02 you don't even think about God,
21:04 but when they're withheld,
21:05 then you begin paying attention
21:07 to see if there's something else.
21:08 And that's what happened with the children of Israel.
21:11 They begin paying attention.
21:12 And Elijah said, "Look,
21:14 we're going to go up on the mountain,
21:15 you bring all your false prophets,
21:17 and I'll meet with you up there,
21:18 and we'll see who answers."
21:21 This answer, this quest, it was to build an altar,
21:25 put an offering upon it,
21:26 and then let the false prophets dance all around
21:30 and do all of the things they did to try
21:32 and call out to their god to answer by fire.
21:36 No answer.
21:37 They cut themselves, they danced,
21:39 they shouted, they did everything.
21:40 Matter of fact, at one point, Elijah said,
21:42 "Maybe your god's asleep,
21:44 call out a little louder, yell a little louder,
21:46 wake him up."
21:47 Well, he never woke up.
21:49 And as the evening time came when it was about time
21:52 for the sacrifice, Elijah called upon God,
21:56 and God answered by fire.
21:58 Matter of fact, let me back up in the story just a little,
22:01 Elijah was so sure that God would answer.
22:03 He told them take big barrels, and they went down to the sea.
22:06 They carried the barrels up the mountain,
22:08 they dumped them on the altar,
22:09 they dug a pit, they dumped water,
22:11 flowing all around the pit, drenched everything.
22:14 And then he calls upon God.
22:17 And guess what?
22:19 God answers by fire, He laps up the offering,
22:22 He laps up the stone,
22:23 He laps up all the water, He laps up everything.
22:26 Elijah looks at the people and said
22:27 "God be God, serve Him, serve Him."
22:31 And destroyed all of the false prophets.
22:34 Word filtered back to the king.
22:37 And guess who got upset?
22:39 The king's wife, Jezebel.
22:41 Jezebel was so upset,
22:43 she sent out word to go kill the prophet.
22:45 He was so scared of her, he took off running.
22:52 After God totally answered by fire,
22:54 he destroyed all the prophets,
22:56 but then Jezebel, the queen heard about it.
22:59 She was so angry,
23:00 she issued an edict to destroy Elijah.
23:04 He was scared to death, all of a sudden.
23:06 He'd stood for God, he was scared to death.
23:08 And he ran all the way to this brook.
23:10 By the time he got to the brook,
23:12 he was so tired, he fell asleep.
23:15 He wakes up, an angel shakes him,
23:17 jiggles him, and there's food prepared,
23:19 he eats the food, he falls back to sleep.
23:21 Again, the shake.
23:23 An angel wakes him again and there's more food prepared.
23:25 He eats that food, and now he runs,
23:28 he heads out for 40 days,
23:30 he runs and runs and runs to the cave.
23:37 Elijah ran into the cave.
23:39 After the 40 days he ran all the way into the cave.
23:42 And he huddled there, he stayed in the cave.
23:44 And then after a while, in Chapter 19 of Kings,
23:48 it says,
23:50 "And the Word of the Lord came to him and said,
23:52 'What are you doing there?
23:54 Elijah, what are you doing there?'"
23:56 You see, God never called him to the cave.
23:59 God never called him to run,
24:01 he had represented the king of the universe.
24:03 There is no power on earth that could stand against God.
24:07 And now he'd run.
24:09 And he said, "Well, I've been very jealous for you,
24:11 Lord, I've done this, and I've done this,
24:12 and I've done this."
24:14 And he lists this whole litany of things
24:15 that he'd done for God.
24:17 Then God says, "Go forth.
24:20 Come out of the cave."
24:22 Then he came out of the cave, He said,
24:25 "Stand up on the mountain here."
24:27 And the Lord passed by, and the mountain shook,
24:30 the earthquake, the rocks fell down.
24:33 But God wasn't in any of that.
24:36 And then a mighty wind, God wasn't in the wind.
24:40 And then it says again
24:41 the third earthquake, and there was a fire.
24:44 But God wasn't in the fire.
24:46 And then in Verse 12, it says,
24:49 "After the fire, a still small voice."
24:53 God spoke to him very gently, very softly.
24:56 He's the mighty God of the universe.
24:57 He has the power.
24:59 You know, in the New Testament
25:01 it speaks of two types of power,
25:03 especially the exousía,
25:05 which is the Greek for the authority of God
25:07 and the dunamis,
25:09 where we get our word from the Greek,
25:11 the dynamite power of God.
25:13 God is the authority of the creator of everything.
25:16 And He also has the power to back it up.
25:18 But He spoke to Elijah now and it's still small voice.
25:22 And again, He said, "What are you doing here?"
25:25 Well, Elijah one more time,
25:26 he tries to justify why he'd run
25:29 and didn't represent God properly.
25:30 And he again lists a whole litany of things.
25:34 And then God basically says to him,
25:35 "Now, it's time to anoint somebody
25:38 here as the new ruler.
25:40 And it's also time to appoint your successor."
25:44 Yeah, we'll see.
25:45 When we get kind of carried away
25:47 with self-importance, God says,
25:48 "Okay, it's time to appoint somebody else.
25:52 And so Elijah had to go
25:54 and appoint his successor prophet in the line,
25:56 but he got it, he understood it,
25:59 he knew what was happening,
26:02 and he understood that still small voice
26:04 and from that time on, he represented God perfectly.
26:09 God may be speaking to you.
26:10 If, you know, there may be earthquake,
26:12 there may be wind,
26:13 there may be fire to get your attention
26:16 but then listen carefully,
26:17 because God is going to speak to you
26:19 in a still small voice.
26:21 "Come unto me, all you who labor
26:24 and are heavy laden, I will give you rest."
26:27 I invite you today, come to God.
26:29 God will give you the rest
26:31 that you need here on planet earth
26:33 to get you through these times.
26:45 Today, Senator Neth has a beautiful smile,
26:48 thanks to the Canvasback dental team.
26:51 After his restoration, with a big smile, he joked that
26:54 his wife didn't even know
26:56 who the stranger was who came to her home.
27:00 The impact of Canvasback upon the hearts
27:02 and lives of these islands is ongoing.
27:06 But it wouldn't,
27:07 and it won't happen without people like you.
27:10 As a co-founder, I can guarantee you
27:13 that your mission dollars go a very long way
27:16 when partnering with Canvasback.
27:18 We make those dollars work for you
27:20 and the people we serve.
27:22 I invite you to financially partner
27:25 with us today.
27:27 Thank you for watching.
27:28 Please join us again for another exciting Impact.
27:31 Because remember, Canvasback is changing hearts
27:33 and lives one miracle at a time.
27:36 If you'd like to partner with us,
27:38 you can write us at 940 Adams Street,
27:40 Suite R Benicia, California 94510.
27:44 Or you can log on to
27:48 Call us at 707-746-7828.
27:53 And thank you for watching.
27:54 Please join us again for another exciting adventure.
27:56 Remember, Canvasback is making an Impact
28:00 one miracle at a time.


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