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00:01 I'm here with a lot of clams on one of the islands
00:04 just on a way from Nan Madol.
00:07 You think about a clam and pearls,
00:10 it gets a teeny single grain of sand inside somehow,
00:15 it begins an irritation process and that clam excretes
00:20 and forms, wrapping
00:22 around that sand seed as it were,
00:26 and it grows and grows
00:28 until it produces a gorgeous and beautiful pearl.
00:30 Today, we're going to look at some irritation.
00:34 And we're going to look at
00:35 what happened in some beautiful pearls.
00:36 Stay tuned.
00:59 You know, when Jesus came to this earth,
01:00 He came with a specific purpose of calling us back to Himself.
01:04 We've wandered far away
01:06 and His every act was designed to draw us closer.
01:09 Much of his time was spent
01:10 in relieving suffering and pain.
01:12 He's called us to do the same,
01:14 hence the mission of Canvasback
01:16 to be the healing hands to a suffering world.
01:31 Tell me what you think
01:32 of what Canvasback is doing here at the hospital,
01:36 the team that comes to?
01:37 Oh, fantastic.
01:38 I wish they could be here for six months.
01:42 If it's beyond six months,
01:44 then they would not have patients here.
01:45 Okay, but there's six months worth of patients?
01:47 Yeah.
01:48 I think so,
01:50 just they need to go through the process of exam.
01:53 And some of them may not need,
01:55 but there's a lot of them that need that to have that...
02:04 We think you are, could you direct?
02:07 Would you hold that for me?
02:08 See how it's doing today?
02:11 Umm,
02:12 T Z C O
02:17 L D P O F.
02:20 P T O C E T.
02:27 So, Mara, do you understand the language now
02:29 that you've been here?
02:31 I don't. I don't.
02:34 I really need to work on it a little bit, though.
02:36 I know.
02:38 I can tell when they say good.
02:40 I know one thing that you understand
02:42 the language of love and so do they.
02:43 Yeah, there's,
02:45 I think a lot is expressed through body language
02:47 when we don't have that communication.
02:52 You can still just smile
02:55 and make them feel comfortable
02:57 without really understanding their language at all.
03:05 And, Mara, you're here at Canvasback Mission.
03:08 Why are you here?
03:09 I...
03:11 Volunteerism as an important role
03:13 in what I do personally and as well as with our clinic.
03:16 So...
03:17 And what's your expertise?
03:18 All right, so ophthalmic techs at our clinic,
03:21 we work with patients,
03:23 we kind of triage what the needs might be,
03:25 and then move forward
03:26 and communicate it to the doctor.
03:29 How many years have you worked at your clinic?
03:30 Almost five.
03:32 Five years? So you got five years of experience.
03:34 And I assume you get a little vacation
03:36 from your clinic.
03:38 But I've also got a feeling
03:40 you spend that vacation time here.
03:43 Doing other volunteer events.
03:44 This is my first time in Pohnpei, so that's exciting.
03:48 Why on earth do you spend vacation time volunteering,
03:51 doing more of the things that you do at home?
03:55 There's just a...
03:56 In our house, there's a saying that hope anchors the soul.
03:59 And I think when we volunteer,
04:00 we provide hope to other people.
04:02 And doing that is really important.
04:05 So it's something that I get fulfillment from,
04:09 and I'm starting to pass it on to my kids.
04:11 My kids have been joining me on some of the events
04:13 and it's really even better to see as a parent
04:17 when your children become that same person
04:19 and giving back
04:20 and finding the joy out of doing so.
04:23 Now your children enjoying not, not overseas.
04:25 Not overseas.
04:27 I want it, I would bring them.
04:29 This was my first time going overseas.
04:30 So I wanted to try first
04:32 and then there's potential
04:34 I would love to have them do it.
04:35 And what do you think of this experience now
04:37 that you're here?
04:38 It's amazing.
04:39 I am full of gratitude for the opportunity
04:42 that people are very patient with us
04:44 as we learn our quirks
04:45 and trying to work out our kinks.
04:47 And they're very grateful
04:48 for the services they're getting.
04:50 So it makes it even more rewarding.
04:52 I know there's no way that we can possibly capture
04:55 all the people and the lives that have been changed,
04:58 but what are some of the moments
05:01 that you've peeled back those bandages,
05:03 and you've had some really cool experiences.
05:05 There have been,
05:06 we have a patient
05:08 who is actually a retina patient.
05:09 So the anticipation after cataract surgery
05:10 wasn't to improve his vision,
05:12 it was actually to improve our view
05:14 to correct his retina.
05:16 But yesterday, when we took this tape off,
05:18 we took it off and he said,
05:20 "That's what I'm talking about."
05:21 And those are the moments that you get that,
05:24 okay, this is really why I'm here.
05:26 Or there was a gentleman yesterday,
05:28 we took the tape off, and they're very reserved here.
05:31 So they don't show emotion.
05:32 But he became very welled up,
05:34 and had tears in his eyes
05:35 and said, "It's good.
05:37 It's good."
05:38 And so those are the moments that should go,
05:40 this is why I'm here.
05:41 Even if it's just a handful, they're worth it.
05:44 There's other people
05:45 maybe today that are kind of thinking about,
05:47 maybe, you know, I'd like to go sometime,
05:49 what would you tell those people
05:50 if they're hesitating?
05:51 I would say don't hesitate, participate.
05:54 I think that we all have the time to volunteer
05:56 if we make it
05:57 and it's something that you cannot monetarily ever
06:03 put a value on.
06:04 So you truly see Canvasback making an impact on lives?
06:07 Huge. I think it's an amazing.
06:10 Jacque has a program
06:12 that is unlike any other I've seen,
06:15 and I participate in quite a few.
06:17 In the US, it's a little different.
06:19 But she has it down to a science
06:21 and it's an amazing program.
06:23 The things are very well thought out,
06:26 they're very much return on investment
06:28 is beyond measure with the monetary value.
06:31 Now you say the ROI, return on investment.
06:36 Here it's free,
06:38 that the clinic basically
06:39 of what Canvasback is doing is free.
06:41 Correct.
06:42 But I understand that all of it,
06:45 if you took a doctor back in the United States
06:47 and did some of these procedures,
06:48 it could be $10,000,
06:50 $12,000 by the time in hospital
06:53 and that's just some...
06:54 Yes, I mean, average out of pocket costs
06:56 for cataract surgery
06:58 without post-op
07:00 is upwards of $7, 000 per patient
07:03 for just a standard lens.
07:05 And so that's significant to be able to provide.
07:10 And when we provide that to the people here,
07:12 it comes back to the community,
07:14 you have someone who has been able
07:15 to be a contributing member of the community
07:18 who's able to do those things
07:19 and work and be able to help care
07:21 for potentially grandchildren so their children can work.
07:24 There's a whole bigger picture that is part of that process.
07:29 So it's nice to see that.
07:31 I heard one story.
07:33 I think it was a previous clinic
07:35 not long ago with a fellow came in.
07:37 He said, "I can't fish anymore.
07:39 I can't do anything for myself anymore.
07:41 I can't go swimming."
07:42 This happened to be an ear, he had an ear situation.
07:46 Doctors took care of him,
07:48 and he just, he was so overjoyed,
07:50 said, "I can fish again,
07:51 I can swim, I can stand out in the rain."
07:54 He said, "It's like stand out in the rain."
07:56 We never think of something like that.
07:57 But these people,
07:59 there's so many ways
08:00 that Canvasback does impact their life.
08:01 It's huge.
08:03 And many patients are hand motion in both eyes.
08:05 So they're walking around the world
08:06 literally watching shadows.
08:08 And they have to have help,
08:10 they cannot go to the store themselves.
08:12 They can't see what they're purchasing,
08:13 they can't get their own food,
08:14 they can't prep their own meals.
08:16 There's a lot that comes with your vision
08:17 that we take for granted
08:19 without looking at situations like these.
08:21 And I think that's the biggest part.
08:24 So now it frees up not only them
08:25 but a family member,
08:27 at least one family member too, be more productive and learn.
08:30 Well, you're going to do this again?
08:33 Absolutely.
08:34 Why?
08:36 I think being able to help people in this way
08:40 is something that you just,
08:42 you have to experience to understand it.
08:45 And the amount of personal fulfillment
08:47 I get from volunteering
08:49 is something that I can't get doing anything else.
08:53 So, and I do,
08:54 I love my job just as much as I love volunteering,
08:57 because I'm fortunate enough to get paid
09:00 to do something I love.
09:01 But giving back is a really important thing.
09:04 We talked a moment ago
09:05 about the ROI receiving on investment,
09:08 the investment by the donors.
09:12 It's multiplied, right, as we talked about.
09:14 If you wouldn't mind,
09:16 talk with our donors for a moment
09:17 or someone who may be considering
09:19 giving to Canvasback,
09:20 why should they do it?
09:22 I think that when you invest in a person,
09:25 the investment you get back
09:27 in the form of a community is priceless.
09:31 There's no dollar amount you can put on that.
09:33 And if something as simple as a $10 donation,
09:36 I mean, that's two cups of coffee for us.
09:38 But you can provide someone
09:40 the ability to have an entire life of freedom.
09:44 Again,
09:45 that's a pretty big return on investment.
09:47 So Jacque's program is amazing.
09:50 Canvasback has been amazing so...
09:52 I know you've got to go,
09:54 you've got a stack of patients and you've got to finish lunch.
09:56 Stack of charts.
09:58 But tell me, is there any last thing
09:59 you'd like to share?
10:01 I think that this is my first overseas volunteer program.
10:05 Hopefully not my last,
10:07 I would definitely participate again.
10:09 It's well run.
10:11 It's well received.
10:12 And it's well tuned.
10:14 And I think that it's a, it's a very important,
10:17 impactful program that's much needed.
10:21 Mara, thank you so much for joining us.
10:23 I know you've busy schedule, and you got to go.
10:24 But thanks again.
10:25 Yes, thank you.
10:27 All right.
10:33 The Super Teams are making an impact
10:35 on hearts and lives,
10:36 a miracle at a time, but there's more,
10:38 so stay tuned.
10:42 According to the World Health Organization,
10:45 depression is the leading cause of worldwide disability
10:49 that happens to a lot of people.
10:51 Are you depressed?
10:52 Have you become discouraged lately?
10:55 The list is endless of things
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10:58 despair, or even depression.
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11:41 Riburty was born blind.
11:43 That's right.
11:44 He couldn't see it all.
11:45 The entire family were his caregivers.
11:48 Their lives were completely tied to the needs
11:51 of their little son.
11:53 The doctors at the hospital lacked the experience
11:56 to provide him with surgical help.
11:59 This situation continued for six long years.
12:03 Making less than $100 per month,
12:06 there is no way to ever afford the surgery.
12:10 Even if they could fly off island,
12:13 the surgery in another country could be $12,000.
12:17 It looked like all hope was gone.
12:20 Enter the Canvasback Super Team.
12:22 Riburty was examined and the surgery was performed.
12:26 The day the bandages came off,
12:28 he saw his parents and siblings
12:30 for the very first time.
12:32 He and the family were set free.
12:35 There are more children like Riburty
12:37 who are in desperate need.
12:39 You can change many lives.
12:41 Please give sight to the blind.
12:43 Log on to today
12:46 to give your gift of love.
12:49 I'm here with a lot of clams on one of the islands.
12:52 You know, you think about a clam
12:54 and it's a single grain of sand
12:56 that gets inside begins irritating that clam.
12:59 And they wrap it all up,
13:01 they continually coat that until what?
13:03 It forms a beautiful pearl.
13:05 Today we're going to talk about some pearls,
13:08 the irritation in people's lives
13:09 but you're going to find out
13:11 some amazing beautiful things that happen
13:13 because of the irritation.
13:18 Giant clam, boy, is it ugly on the outside,
13:22 no beauty.
13:24 But I think you know something else,
13:27 this clam gets a single grain of sand inside
13:30 and forms eventually from that
13:33 single grain of sand a beautiful pearl.
13:35 A beautiful pearl inside this.
13:37 Now come with me, I want to show you something.
13:42 I really wanted to show you
13:44 ones that are cleaned up a little bit.
13:45 I actually didn't want to grab the others
13:46 because they've been out on the beach a little bit
13:48 and they're really smelly.
13:50 But I think about it,
13:51 you know, Jesus came down to planet earth,
13:53 this really smelly planet,
13:56 the only place in the cosmos
13:58 where sin and suffering has occurred.
14:01 It actually started way back in heaven,
14:04 God created, well,
14:06 an entire, an entire angelic host.
14:09 And amongst that host was a being Lucifer,
14:12 the light bearer.
14:14 Lucifer stood right next to God.
14:17 In this situation, he began looking in himself.
14:20 I don't know how it occurred,
14:21 but God had created every single being
14:24 with absolute complete and free will.
14:26 That meant he could deviate from God's desired path
14:30 and God's original plan.
14:32 Well, he certainly did deviate,
14:33 because he ended up creating war in all of heaven.
14:36 He fought with his angels against God
14:38 and the angels that stayed with God.
14:41 Now, not all of them
14:43 really even understood what was going on.
14:45 They had never experienced anything like this.
14:47 They'd never experienced sin.
14:49 But here in this situation,
14:50 there's actually a war that breaks up
14:52 whether it was an actual war, or a war of ideas.
14:56 We really won't know until we get there to ask God.
15:00 But the end result is,
15:01 He cast the devil now down here to planet earth.
15:05 He had just created Adam and Eve.
15:08 What a beautiful couple? What a beautiful scene?
15:11 He'd set everything to be absolutely perfect
15:13 and beautiful for them in this gorgeous garden,
15:16 that they might take care of this garden,
15:18 that they might flourish and enjoy everything forever.
15:22 But God says there is one
15:24 that's going to try and tempt you.
15:26 And I've only allowed him to come to this one area,
15:29 this one tree,
15:30 the tree of knowledge of good and evil,
15:32 don't go around it, don't go near it.
15:35 But one day, Eve is wandering around,
15:38 and she's taking care of the garden,
15:39 she wanders away from Adam side.
15:42 And lo and behold, she sees this beautiful tree.
15:46 And in that tree is a serpent
15:48 kind of speaks in a human voice.
15:50 A human voice says eat.
15:52 "What you're doing Eve, darling.
15:54 Hey, check this tree out.
15:57 Why don't you look at the fruit?"
15:58 And she looks at the fruit. She beholds it.
16:00 "Beautiful, it's gorgeous."
16:02 And then, he said, "Go ahead, try it."
16:06 No, no, God says we shouldn't.
16:07 "Oh, God doesn't want you to be like God.
16:10 That's why He doesn't want you to take it
16:12 because you'll certainly be like God."
16:14 You know, just as the clouds have come over our heads,
16:16 it was a dark moment on planet earth.
16:22 So the devil in the form of a serpent
16:24 looks at her and says,
16:26 "Go ahead, try this fruit."
16:27 She said, "No, no, no, "
16:29 she said "God says we shouldn't."
16:30 "Oh, it'll make you like God.
16:32 It'll make you like God and that He doesn't want that.
16:35 Go ahead, try it."
16:36 And she finally,
16:38 you know this is the way sin is by the way.
16:40 You look at it long enough, behold it long enough,
16:43 you will desire it.
16:45 She took of that fruit. She tasted it.
16:47 She felt so exhilarated, so excited.
16:49 Well, this is wonderful.
16:50 She felt like she was ascending to another plane
16:53 just exactly as the devil said.
16:56 She gathered up the fruit, she ran to her husband.
16:59 Her husband knew immediately what she'd done.
17:04 But he decided that he loved the woman
17:06 more than he loved God.
17:08 He partook of the fruit
17:10 because he wanted to suffer the same fate.
17:11 He just knew he could not be separated
17:14 from the one he loved.
17:16 And immediately Jesus came looking for them,
17:18 the Jesus, the pearl,
17:20 the Bible says called Him the pearl of great price.
17:22 Jesus came looking for them,
17:24 "Adam, Eve, where are you?"
17:25 Now He knew where they were, but He wanted them to respond.
17:29 They hid themselves,
17:31 just think they hid themselves
17:32 from the one that created them,
17:33 the one who walked with them
17:35 in the cool of the afternoons in this beautiful garden.
17:39 And they finally came out. "Adam, what have you done?"
17:42 "It was the woman You made, God.
17:44 She's the one who did all this."
17:47 "Eve, what have you done?"
17:48 "It was the serpent You made, God, it's all Your fault."
17:52 See, that's the way it is with sin.
17:53 We create the situation where it's all God's fault.
17:56 The devil's done a very good job
17:58 here on planet earth.
18:00 But soon Jesus tells him the whole story.
18:03 And He says, "One day in the history of man,
18:05 I will come and die for you.
18:07 Because you no longer
18:09 have the power to overcome this evil,
18:11 you no longer have the power to overcome the sin."
18:15 So just as that beautiful pearl that created here,
18:18 in this ugly shell as you were, came down here to planet earth,
18:23 this sin filled earth
18:25 after thousands of years of sin.
18:28 Born in a humble, stable, born to humble parents.
18:31 He didn't come as a king.
18:33 He came as one extremely humble
18:35 as the human race would later look upon Him
18:38 and call Him
18:39 the pearl of great price.
18:41 Jesus Christ the one that walked.
18:43 We just can't say enough about Him,
18:44 The Rose of Sharon, The Bright and Morning Star.
18:46 I mean, everything you can say about Jesus is true,
18:49 it's beautiful.
18:51 Because you see He came to separate you
18:53 and separate me from sin.
18:56 He came to restore us.
18:57 Today, you're going to hear
18:59 some amazing stories of restoration,
19:01 physical restoration.
19:02 That's what Jesus also came to do
19:04 is restore us physically
19:05 because the devil tries to tear us down.
19:08 Once the physical restoration is complete,
19:10 He's ready to restore us spiritually as well.
19:13 Stay tuned for some amazing things
19:15 today that you're going to see.
19:29 Kazumi was about seven years old
19:31 when she experienced ear infections in both ears.
19:35 Her mother took her to the doctors,
19:37 but they couldn't seem to clear up the infections.
19:40 A couple of years past
19:42 and she began to lose some hearing.
19:44 Her family saved up all the money they could
19:47 and took her to another country looking for help.
19:50 But all of the doctor's attempts failed.
19:53 Two more years passed
19:56 and Kazumi had lost most of her hearing.
19:59 Her classmates tried to compensate by talking louder
20:02 or standing in front of her directly,
20:05 so she could read their lips.
20:07 Then at Canvasback ENT Super Team arrived
20:10 and did surgery on both ears.
20:13 Kazumi's hearing was restored.
20:15 For almost four decades,
20:17 Canvasback has been changing hearts and lives
20:21 one miracle at a time.
20:23 But your financial help is needed
20:25 to keep this important work going.
20:28 If you would like to volunteer or be a financial partner,
20:32 log on to
20:35 As a leader in the field of health in Micronesia,
20:38 Canvasback Missions
20:40 has been helping people reverse diabetes for years.
20:44 Yes, you heard correctly, reverse diabetes.
20:48 In addition,
20:49 we are helping to reduce the incident of heart disease.
20:52 At least 34 million people in the US have diabetes.
20:56 Many have no idea they have it until it's almost too late.
21:00 Many children have diabetes.
21:03 It's time to stop it in its tracks.
21:05 What's the key?
21:07 Certain foods, exercise and many other simple
21:10 yet critical items are combined to produce amazing results.
21:15 Log on to to download your own free copy,
21:19 written by renowned author, Brenda Davis.
21:22 Learn from an expert in the field
21:24 how to reverse this dreaded killer.
21:26 Remember, it's completely free.
21:28 Download a copy today for yourself,
21:30 friend or a loved one.
21:32 It will be life changing.
21:50 I understand a huge number of people here
21:52 are affected by diabetes, 60-70%.
21:55 And it would be even better here
21:58 because we have the raw materials,
22:00 it's just a matter of how do you to get it.
22:04 The master plan is really important.
22:06 Very little. Yeah, very little.
22:08 But here, it's just a matter of getting into a habit
22:10 of changing the diet from beef, pork, from using oil and stuff.
22:17 Okay.
22:18 Maybe we'll have to work together.
22:19 Yeah.
22:21 I think we can do.
22:22 Maybe challenge on, take on this kind of challenge.
22:24 Well, you're not satisfied.
22:28 Now, we'll get over.
22:30 Thank you so much. We appreciate your time.
22:32 Today is a great day.
22:34 We need to have another patient here?
22:35 2:30.
22:36 Oh, praise God.
22:38 And his left eye improved from 20/80,
22:41 it's 20/40 in another 18 months.
22:44 Oh, I'm so happy.
22:46 That is great.
22:47 I'm glad that you postpone your trip
22:49 and that we could take care of you.
22:52 Yeah, I forgot how it feels to see clearly.
22:57 Wow, that's great.
22:59 So I'm going to ask,
23:01 are you happy that Canvasback is here?
23:04 Certainly.
23:08 Oh, great. Good.
23:10 So now where did, where does he go?
23:12 He's going to doctor either Dr. Van Brocklin
23:14 or one of the ODs to take a look.
23:16 Okay.
23:17 Yeah, 20-25, a little correction.
23:19 Oh, wow. With you?
23:21 You're great with me.
23:22 Thank you so much.
23:23 Yeah, have a fun day.
23:26 I'm really happy for you. I love the smile.
23:29 And I just see,
23:30 it was an honor to be able to take care of you.
23:34 Thank you so much. Thank you, folks.
23:40 In Missouri I checked, they told me I have cataract.
23:44 It took a while, same thing.
23:47 I was in Washington.
23:49 I couldn't do it.
23:51 My God who says I will.
23:53 She would have helped me take me to the...
23:56 You couldn't spruce.
23:57 Here's the best part.
23:58 She was going to go to Washington in Olympia
24:01 to our clinic in Olympia
24:04 and she ended up getting the same surgery
24:05 she would have had had she stayed in Olympia.
24:09 So what are the odds of being across the country?
24:11 So your surgeon had to chase you
24:13 across the world to give you the same cure?
24:14 He followed you.
24:16 He followed me.
24:17 Well, God must want you to have this surgery going.
24:24 I'm going to clean that purple takes off on her forehead.
24:27 Okay.
24:29 For our viewers,
24:30 they actually because that's the eye
24:32 that had the surgery.
24:33 Yes, it's like any other body part,
24:35 you going to have knee surgery
24:36 and they're going to mark
24:37 which leg it is that's getting on surgery
24:39 and which arm to do that
24:41 just not because of confidence issues
24:44 but just reassurance
24:46 'cause there's lot of people that go back.
24:49 Most clinics do about 40
24:51 as well if they're busy like they do 40 surgeries,
24:54 40 to 45 each day so.
24:58 Count fingers.
25:00 Okay.
25:02 And it was a significant cataract,
25:05 where you couldn't see the back in the eye.
25:06 So those are always,
25:08 we don't know back there until we do.
25:10 How are you?
25:11 Come in, come and sit down.
25:12 We see a smiling face.
25:14 Were you comfortable last night?
25:16 Yes.
25:17 Good.
25:19 Good. Good. Are you excited?
25:22 Let's get that tape off.
25:23 They tell me that you could only count some fingers
25:25 as all you could see.
25:28 You're doing good though.
25:29 Yeah.
25:31 All right.
25:32 We're anxious to see
25:33 if we can see anything more than fingers today.
25:35 I know. You are too, right?
25:37 Are you excited?
25:39 I'm excited for you.
25:40 So let's get this tape off.
25:45 Sorry, I'm going to try
25:46 not to take your eyebrows with it.
25:49 They don't tell you about the free eyebrow wax we offer.
25:53 Free eyebrow offer?
25:56 I'm sorry.
25:57 Good.
25:59 In the States,
26:01 they charge a lot to pluck those eyebrows.
26:02 They do.
26:06 What do you think? Can you see a little bit?
26:08 Yes.
26:09 Yeah, you're probably going to be blurry.
26:11 Yeah.
26:13 Before you know, if I cover this one,
26:16 I couldn't see anything.
26:17 Can you see me here?
26:19 Yes.
26:20 I'm a handsome guy, right?
26:23 A cowboy.
26:24 A cowboy? She can see. She can see.
26:28 Look up for me.
26:29 I'm going to try to just get a little bit of that debris
26:31 that's in there.
26:35 Okay.
26:36 I hope you enjoyed watching the patients
26:39 having their bandages removed after surgery.
26:42 I never get tired of watching the process.
26:45 They look at the chart and begin reading
26:48 line after line when just the previous day,
26:52 many couldn't even see a hand wave in front of them.
26:56 Even though surgeries can cost $7000-$12,000 per patient,
27:02 Canvasback services are free.
27:05 Yes, free.
27:07 These dear people make about $30-$50 per month.
27:13 Without our medical Super Teams,
27:15 they would have no hope of recovering their sight.
27:19 You can bring hope to these dear people
27:22 like partnering with us.
27:23 Please send your gifts of love today.
27:26 You'll be changing lives, guaranteed.
27:34 To be a part of this exciting ministry,
27:36 you can write us at Canvasback Missions
27:38 940 Adam Street Suite R,
27:40 Benicia, California 94510.
27:44 You can also log on to
27:46 or call us at 707-746-7828.
27:52 You know, thank you for watching.
27:53 Please join me again
27:54 for another exciting island adventure.
27:56 Remember,
27:57 Canvasback is making an impact on hearts and lives,
28:00 one miracle at a time.


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