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00:01 Man, to think of it, a short time ago,
00:02 I was in a warm, warm, warm, even hot, Pacific.
00:06 And now here in San Francisco Bay
00:09 in the cold, cold.
00:10 And actually I got a cold.
00:12 But so I sound a little bit different today
00:14 but I'm here especially to meet Jacque and Jamie Spence.
00:18 This is where they're located.
00:19 Benicia, California
00:20 is where their office is located
00:22 for Canvasback Missions.
00:24 We're going to find out a lot more today
00:25 because we get to talk with them in person.
00:27 Stay tuned.
00:53 Jamie and Jacque, good to be with you today.
00:55 Although it's a cold day in San Francisco.
00:57 Cold! Yes. Yeah.
00:59 Not like the islands for sure. No.
01:02 But I came here today because I want to find out
01:04 and I know the viewers want to hear,
01:06 how did this mission start 38 years ago
01:09 or even it reaches back before that, doesn't it?
01:12 It does.
01:13 We started out just sailing our little 31-foot trimaran
01:17 from San Francisco's Golden Gate
01:20 to Australia's Barrier Reef.
01:22 And on the way we found God.
01:25 Now how long have you been sailing?
01:28 Over 20 years.
01:29 20 years?
01:31 So you had a little bit of experience
01:32 under your belt?
01:33 Yes.
01:35 And Jacque and I are both
01:36 merchant marine masters licensed captain.
01:37 And the boat that we sailed on was the second boat
01:40 that Jamie had built.
01:41 He built the little sea spider 31-foot sea runner trimaran
01:45 and that we sailed for seven years
01:48 to get to the Great Barrier Reef
01:50 in Australia.
01:51 Jacque, you'd mentioned to me
01:53 when we were in the islands that,
01:54 you and Jamie actually contracted
01:56 with boat owners to bring their boats
01:58 out here during hurricane season.
02:00 Right.
02:02 It's difficult sailing up the California coast
02:04 from Mexico.
02:06 And people like to sail down
02:07 and then pay someone to make the hard voyage
02:11 against the winds back up here.
02:13 Were there any jobs
02:15 that specifically stick out on your mind?
02:16 Oh, yeah, definitely.
02:18 Yeah, definitely.
02:19 There was the sea wolf.
02:23 Sea wolf that was a...
02:24 A 65-foot wooden vessel built for Adolf Hitler.
02:28 And we slept in the same state room
02:32 that Hitler slept in.
02:33 And that boat seemed diabolical
02:35 like it was always trying to harm us
02:38 in some way.
02:39 Now, this...
02:40 We brought it from Mexico up to San Diego.
02:42 This is before you're Christians?
02:43 This was before we were Christians.
02:44 Yes.
02:46 You're not feeling the evil of that mode?
02:47 Yeah. We were. Yeah.
02:49 Well, tell us now you talked about sailing out
02:52 through the Golden Gate, I guess.
02:53 And that was a journey where God touched your hearts.
02:57 That's right. Yes.
02:58 Before we left, a couple that we knew,
03:02 as far as I know, they weren't Christians,
03:04 but they gave us a little Christian book
03:06 and said God has a plan for your life.
03:09 And here we were headed across the ocean
03:10 with kind of didn't know
03:13 where our lives were going to go.
03:15 And we believe that and we were seeking God,
03:18 our entire voyage across the Pacific.
03:22 We, you could feel the presence of God out there
03:24 under the stars of the universe.
03:27 So you had a little time to read and think?
03:29 Yeah.
03:30 We knew there was a God.
03:32 We were so,
03:33 but what's that got to do with me, you know?
03:35 Jacque, I'm going to kind of look to you on this,
03:37 was God working on both your hearts
03:39 a little bit at that time?
03:40 Well, he probably was working on our hearts
03:43 but we weren't listening.
03:44 Jamie and I
03:45 weren't really interested in Bible
03:49 or what anyone had to say about God.
03:51 We just were going to do our own thing.
03:53 And what was your own thing?
03:56 Well, we were sailing. We were seeking.
04:00 We were, we knew that there were some answers
04:02 to the life's questions,
04:04 but we just didn't know exactly where we were heading.
04:08 Okay. Okay.
04:09 So take me on this sailing journey then,
04:12 what's the next thing
04:14 in this evolution of Jamie and Jacque Spence?
04:17 Well, when we started out,
04:19 well, we're the last generation of star navigators
04:22 actually before GPS.
04:24 And but we weren't that good when we started out
04:27 and we got lost at sea.
04:29 We were lost for three days.
04:32 And that was pretty scary, especially at night.
04:34 You don't know which way to go
04:35 when you're lost.
04:37 And I finally gave up on figuring it out
04:41 because we were drawing lines on the chart
04:44 and taking shots with a sextant,
04:46 and it showed that we were
04:48 somewhere north of Mexico City in the mountains.
04:50 North of Mexico City?
04:51 Yeah, and I couldn't accept that.
04:53 I wonder why.
04:55 So I gave up on my own ability
04:57 and I sat down in the cockpit and said,
05:00 "God, if you can hear me,
05:02 send me a sign to show me which way to go."
05:05 But you weren't a Christian or anything at this time.
05:07 No, but I knew there was a God
05:09 because stars that are so orderly
05:13 that they can show you your position on earth.
05:15 You know, that doesn't come out of chaos.
05:19 We knew that there was a controlling person somewhere,
05:23 controlling God.
05:25 So he was speaking to you through the creation?
05:26 Yes, He was. That's right.
05:28 Very much so. We knew there was a God.
05:29 But...
05:31 Birds in the air and the fish in the sea,
05:33 I mean, definitely there was a creator.
05:35 And hundreds of light years out there
05:37 somewhere, there's a God.
05:39 But what's that got to do with me?
05:42 But I told God, how to fix it.
05:44 I said, "God, show me a sign, show me which way to go."
05:47 So you'd asked him about, "Lord, where are we?
05:51 We need a little bit of help here."
05:53 Yeah, I asked God for a sign to show me which way to go.
05:56 And within minutes,
05:59 a little bird was hovering over my head,
06:01 I could feel these wingbeats in my hair,
06:03 and then he flew to the north.
06:05 I thought, I've never seen that behavior before.
06:07 It came back
06:08 and it hovered over my head again,
06:10 it flew to the north.
06:12 And I thought, well, I did pray for a sign
06:14 to show me which way to go.
06:17 The little bird came back,
06:18 and he hovered over my head once more time,
06:20 one more times, and as he flew to the north,
06:23 I took a bearing on the direction of its flight.
06:26 And I turned the boat to that compass course
06:28 and it took us to our destination.
06:30 Now that took a lot of faith, I get,
06:32 just turn the boat and follow a bird?
06:35 We knew we had asked for a sign.
06:38 And what else could it be?
06:40 You know.
06:42 But that showed me that God heard my prayer.
06:46 This God that's as big as the universe
06:48 hears my prayer,
06:50 why would he have anything to do with me?
06:52 And he can control a bird?
06:54 Who can do that? Who can control a bird?
06:56 Now I've got to ask you out there, on the sea,
06:57 what kind of bird was this?
06:58 Did you recognize it?
07:00 Well, I think God has a sense of humor too.
07:02 Because the bird was a sooty tern.
07:05 A turn. T-U-R-N.
07:07 Turn is what we needed to do.
07:09 We were going the wrong way.
07:11 Praise the Lord.
07:12 Praise the Lord.
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08:11 Now what happened next,
08:12 you still you didn't accept God.
08:14 But this must have been a really big impression.
08:17 But after sailing a little bit,
08:18 Jamie and I decided that we had enough experience
08:21 that we were going to jump off the edge of the world
08:23 and sail from Baja California,
08:26 all the way to the Marquesas Islands
08:28 to French Polynesia.
08:30 And so we were preparing the boat,
08:32 getting things ready
08:34 and a little boat came up to us and said,
08:37 "Hey, we want to give you all of our canned goods.
08:39 We're hauling our boat out of the water.
08:41 We want to give you all of our canned goods."
08:43 And I said, "No, no, no, we really don't need that."
08:45 But they insisted and we took those canned goods
08:49 and put them to, stored them away
08:51 and I thought I'd never use that stuff.
08:53 I just don't eat that kind of food.
08:56 So we sailed all the way across the Pacific.
08:59 We took 21 days
09:01 and ended up in the Marquesas Islands.
09:03 Beautiful islands!
09:05 Lush islands, you could, fruit all over the island.
09:09 And the women just sat there
09:11 and waited for the fruit to drop off the trees.
09:14 And after a while Jamie said,"
09:16 Okay, now we're going to do our next leg,
09:18 we're going to go to the Tuamotu Archipelago,
09:21 which means dangerous archipelago.
09:23 They are coral atolls
09:26 and there's nothing on the island
09:28 except for the coconut trees.
09:30 So that was a three day crossing.
09:32 And Jamie said, "Hey, provision for six days.
09:36 We're going for three days, provision for six days."
09:39 So we sailed there,
09:41 and it was too late for us to enter into the pass.
09:45 And he said, "Let's hold off."
09:47 I knew what was going to happen.
09:48 It was too late because of tides?
09:50 No, because I knew what was coming.
09:54 It was a calm, the barometer dropped.
09:56 I knew that a storm was coming and I couldn't.
09:59 It would be dangerous to go into the pass
10:02 in the storm
10:03 and I couldn't get in before the storm hit.
10:05 So we batten down the hatches, turned away from the reef,
10:09 there's Fakarava reef,
10:11 and this storm would be blowing us
10:13 right at that reef.
10:15 So I started clawing offshore getting as far, as away
10:18 as I could before the storm hit.
10:21 To make a long story short, we got caught in the hurricane.
10:25 And I was being blown down on that reef.
10:28 I was holding up against the wind
10:29 as much as I could.
10:32 But soon, well, we tried to get star shots,
10:36 I strapped myself in on the cabin top.
10:38 And when we were on the top of the wave,
10:40 I tried to get the horizon to get the sun.
10:43 And we did get a line of position
10:45 that showed that we were clear of the reef
10:48 but I knew that line wasn't very accurate,
10:50 but I couldn't hold up anymore.
10:52 The seas were starting to crash over the boat.
10:54 One nearly washed me right off the cabin top.
10:57 How high the seas?
10:59 They reached as high as 55 feet in the big sets
11:02 in the hurricane.
11:03 It was like hearing a freight train
11:06 coming down.
11:08 And it would just snap
11:10 the pillar out of my hand and it took...
11:11 Top of the wave, the swinging with a shriek
11:15 and at the bottom of the trough it would go quiet.
11:19 But the seas were breaking all around us.
11:22 And if the sea was a 40-foot sea,
11:25 10 feet at the top of it might be breaking
11:28 and that was slammed down on us.
11:30 It would sound like sledgehammers on the deck.
11:31 You guys figured you probably could die
11:34 at any moment.
11:35 Yeah, we did.
11:36 The water was squirting in, in every crevice and crack
11:38 and everything was wet.
11:40 We started out our usual
11:42 four hours on and four hours off.
11:44 Before it was over.
11:45 It was one hour off,
11:48 slopping around in a wet bed and one hour fighting until.
11:52 Jamie wrote on the hatch board,
11:55 "I can make it" no,
11:57 "The sea spider can make it"?
11:59 "Jacque and I can make it with God's help."
12:05 So God is leading you
12:06 through this storm closer to Him.
12:07 Oh, you know, there are no atheists at sea.
12:11 In a hurricane
12:12 there's no atheists in a hurricane.
12:14 We rigged a automobile tire with a,
12:18 dragging a chain behind the tire
12:21 to the stern of the boat to hold her up into the waves
12:23 because she was screaming down these waves
12:26 and just a little postage stamp of a storm swell
12:30 on the head stay to keep her head down
12:32 and the tire to keep her stern up
12:35 and she would still reach 15-20 knots
12:38 screaming down these waves.
12:40 We were in survival conditions for five days,
12:44 because we just couldn't get out
12:46 of that hurricane.
12:47 But in the end, we were out for 23 days.
12:51 Now do you remember
12:52 how many days had we provisioned for, Jim?
12:55 Six. Six days.
12:56 Twenty-three days.
12:58 And the food that we survived on
13:01 was the food that those people gave us
13:03 a year before.
13:05 And when we finally got to a port, I wrote to them.
13:08 I wrote a letter to them.
13:10 And it came back.
13:11 It was return addressee unknown.
13:14 And that was quite puzzling.
13:17 In Baja
13:19 when they were giving us the food,
13:20 I asked the man on board his name and he said,
13:24 "I'm Dr. Angel."
13:26 I said, "What kind of work do you do?"
13:29 He said, "I work on hearts."
13:32 Now, I've never heard a cardiologist say
13:36 I work on hearts.
13:38 And his wife said,
13:39 "I help my husband in his heart work."
13:41 That's right.
13:43 Doctor and Mrs. Angel,
13:44 and when we tried to find them
13:47 and in the town that they said they were from and...
13:52 Never found them. No record of them.
13:54 No one had ever heard of them.
13:55 So I don't know.
13:57 I just don't know.
13:58 Can an angel have a boat and canned goods?
14:01 I just don't know.
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15:08 So God saved you for His work.
15:10 What's the next chapter now
15:12 in the life of the two of you and Canvasback Missions?
15:16 Well, after we recuperated a year
15:20 from that hurricane in French Polynesia,
15:24 we set off for another island called Penrhyn island.
15:27 It was an island
15:28 that had not been visited by boats,
15:31 had been closed off to boats for years.
15:34 And we went there.
15:35 And three days before we arrived,
15:38 there was a little boy who had died of pneumonia.
15:40 And they had no medicine on that island.
15:44 Nothing that could have helped that boy.
15:46 We had the medicine on the boat.
15:49 And we just started thinking,
15:50 I think that that little book we told you about,
15:53 God has a purpose for everyone's life.
15:55 It started working on our hearts, and we said,
15:57 we want to do something
15:59 with the skills that God has given us,
16:02 to help these people.
16:04 So let's look at from the time you received that book
16:07 to this time, now how long, how much time had passed?
16:09 Three years.
16:11 Three years, God never gives up, does He?
16:13 He never gives up. He kept nudging us.
16:17 In a quiet lagoon,
16:20 Jacque had to leave the boat
16:22 because of family illness in the family,
16:26 leaving me alone in a quiet lagoon.
16:29 And I was sitting and meditating about God
16:33 because by this time, we were earnestly seeking.
16:37 The Bible says, "Seek and you shall find."
16:39 And we were seekers.
16:40 We're seeking in all the wrong places
16:42 in Eastern religions and Shamanism
16:45 and the witch doctors on the islands, you know.
16:48 But we were seeking for the true God
16:51 because after the bird incident,
16:53 and God showing me it was personal.
16:57 I had to find it. I had to find out who He was.
16:59 I thought it might be enlightened in a flash,
17:01 blinding flash, I had no idea.
17:04 But as I was meditating about God,
17:09 about finding God, I heard a voice.
17:12 I'm all alone on the boat on a quiet lagoon,
17:15 and the voice said, "It all began in Zion."
17:21 What does that mean?
17:23 And then I heard...
17:25 Look around the boat to see if anybody else was around.
17:26 I looked around to see if someone was on the boat.
17:28 This was a voice. Someone's on the boat.
17:31 But then I heard an inaudible voice,
17:33 if that makes sense, but it said clearly,
17:36 "But first, a little background."
17:39 And then a Bible appeared before my eyes.
17:42 Just there.
17:44 Yes, this is, did it look real
17:46 like you can reach out and grab it?
17:47 It looked like I could take it and open it.
17:49 So I knew something was unusual was going on.
17:54 I felt like it was God and I had a Bible on board.
17:58 I had carried it around.
17:59 My mother gave it to me when I was 14 years old.
18:02 It had my name in gold on a leather cover so,
18:05 and I always carried it all my life
18:07 and the cover was all beat up.
18:09 But the inside pages were nice and clean and white.
18:12 I started like any other book, I started reading in Genesis.
18:17 And as I read that Bible,
18:19 everything that pointed forward to Jesus just lit up,
18:24 it was very clear.
18:25 Even the small, insignificant things
18:28 that pointed forward to Jesus, just lit up.
18:31 Now I've talked with you before.
18:32 So lit up really means lit up and just in your heart
18:36 but literally on the pages?
18:39 We were planning, when we got to Australia,
18:42 to continue across the Indian Ocean
18:45 and go to India,
18:46 and see this Maharaja Sawan what's-his-face,
18:50 you know, that we've been reading.
18:53 And we thought he could help us find God.
18:55 As I was reading Genesis,
18:57 the scripture came off the page,
18:59 and it just came up
19:01 and stood in front of my eyes like this.
19:03 And it said, "You don't have to sail
19:06 across the ocean to find God.
19:09 Everything you need to know is in this book."
19:12 And went back on the page.
19:14 Now I quoted that scripture to people for a year
19:18 until I quoted it to a pastor and he said,
19:21 "Where was that?
19:22 I don't think that's in the bible."
19:25 I said, "Well, it's in mine. I'll show you."
19:27 But I never could find it.
19:29 You know, God can speak to you through the Scriptures
19:32 even when it is written in the Scriptures.
19:34 I'm going to ask you one question.
19:36 How old were you now,
19:38 your mother gave the Bible 14, how old were you?
19:40 I'm in my 30s at this time. You're in your 30s.
19:42 So mothers never give up?
19:44 Amen. That's right. That's right.
19:45 My mother prayed for me every day, throughout my life,
19:48 mothers never give up.
19:50 Exactly right.
19:52 So another chapter now.
19:54 How do we get to the point God had touched your heart
19:56 on the islands about the need of the island people,
19:58 what happened next?
20:00 Well, we started thinking about what we could do with our lives
20:03 and decided that we could build a boat,
20:07 a larger boat to go back to the islands
20:11 and provide medical care to them.
20:14 So we ended up in Australia
20:16 and the newspaper came out to do a story on us.
20:20 And we asked the community to donate picks,
20:24 shovels and mattocks to us
20:26 and to send it back to an island that had...
20:28 Stone age island. It was a stone age Island.
20:31 So an atheist came on board
20:34 and became our very good friend.
20:36 And after hearing about
20:38 what we were reading in the Bible, said,
20:41 "I know I have a friend, you ought to meet him."
20:43 And out came...
20:45 He is religious too.
20:46 He came out with a big bushy beard
20:49 and black set eyes and a Bible under his arm.
20:52 And he got right into Daniel and Revelation.
20:54 And Jamie and I went,
20:55 "Whoa, that's a little too much."
20:57 But this man brought his pastor out,
21:00 and his pastor became our very best friend.
21:03 You know what was interesting?
21:05 Max Mulligan is the name of pastor,
21:08 he and his family were our friends for a year.
21:11 He never opened up that Bible to us
21:12 for a whole year.
21:13 But anytime you saw us on the street,
21:16 or any of the church members saw us on the street, they say,
21:18 "Where are you going?
21:20 "Oh, we're going back to the boat to eat."
21:21 "No! You have to come to our house to eat,
21:23 have to come for tea."
21:25 They won us through our stomachs.
21:27 And anytime Max was doing
21:30 like a five-day stop smoking plan
21:33 or health assessment plan or anything like that,
21:35 or needed music to be played at a Vacation Bible School,
21:41 he would ask us,
21:42 he always asked us to come and help.
21:44 I was always involved in everything that Max did.
21:46 And he was and I guess he still is the greatest friend
21:50 I've ever had in my life.
21:52 All of this is happening at the time
21:54 you're building a bigger boat now?
21:55 No, we're thinking about it.
21:57 We're thinking and...
21:59 This is in Australia
22:00 and before we're still living
22:01 on our little 31-foot sea spider.
22:03 And we had decided that we were going to sell
22:05 that 31-foot boat in Australia, but no one came out.
22:10 No one came out to see that boat.
22:12 And finally Max sat down after a year
22:16 of listening to us talk about reincarnation
22:19 and stuff like that and he said,
22:21 "We're having a Bible study."
22:23 He just slammed the Bible down on the desk,
22:25 he said, "Sit down.
22:26 We're going to have a Bible study."
22:28 When you've known a guy for a year,
22:30 you're going to do what he tells you to do.
22:32 That's just like Jesus, you become friends first.
22:34 Yes. Yeah.
22:35 Absolutely.
22:36 And so he told us about the sanctuary.
22:40 That was our Bible study, we thought, wow!
22:43 About the tabernacle,
22:45 and all the details of all the symbolism
22:48 in the building of the tower.
22:50 And that stuff I just read through real fast, you know.
22:53 And what won me about that was,
22:55 "Wow, this guy knows so much about the Bible.
22:58 I want to study with him."
23:01 So finally, Max said to us,
23:04 "We're going to have,
23:05 there's going to be a camp meeting.
23:07 And we want you to come down."
23:08 And we went, "Oh, I don't know
23:10 if we can be with all those Christians
23:11 for over two weeks," you know.
23:12 So we said we'll go for an overnight.
23:16 And we got down there and our hearts really opened.
23:20 Just we're really touched they, someone asked,
23:24 there was a pastor, who said, you know,
23:26 "You want to give your heart to Jesus"
23:27 and I stood up, I said, "Yes."
23:29 So we, instead of continuing south
23:31 to see a boat builder that we were looking at,
23:34 we decided to turn back and get baptized.
23:37 We were baptized in the Boyne River,
23:40 where the platypus swim.
23:42 Everybody came out to this little camp spot.
23:45 And then after that weekend,
23:47 we went back into town and you know what?
23:49 There was a note in our, in our mailbox.
23:51 Someone had seen our boat and they wanted to,
23:53 they wanted to look at it.
23:56 And in fact, they bought the boat.
23:58 And we...
24:00 When we told the people in the church about that,
24:03 this, six months,
24:05 we had tried to sell this boat without a nibble,
24:09 and the people in the church, when we told about this,
24:11 so excited, "Wow!
24:13 Somebody's going to buy the boat!"
24:14 They went, "Oh, yeah." They said, "Oh, yeah.
24:15 Yeah, we know." I said, "What do you mean?"
24:17 They said, "We've been praying
24:19 that someone would buy your boat
24:20 just as soon as you got baptized."
24:22 Amen. Amen.
24:24 It was in our box
24:25 when we came back from the baptism.
24:28 Wow, God's amazing, isn't He?
24:30 God is amazing. Yeah.
24:31 He's in control.
24:33 So we sold the boat,
24:37 we had chosen the design of the boat
24:41 that we wanted to build
24:42 and we came back to the United States
24:44 to look for a place to build Canvasback.
24:49 And we went...
24:51 Someone told us the best place for you to build the boat
24:55 is in Astoria, Oregon.
24:56 And we went, "Where is that?"
24:58 This was a missionary in Thailand who told us that.
25:01 And where is that?
25:03 We told him what we needed.
25:04 We needed a maritime community,
25:08 with people with knowledge
25:09 and availability of boat supplies.
25:13 So then we went to Alaska.
25:16 And then that person we met said,
25:18 "Astoria is the place to build that boat."
25:20 And we're going, "What?"
25:22 Then we flew back to my hometown in New York.
25:25 And the very day that we arrived in,
25:28 on the front page of the 'New York Times'
25:30 was an article on Astoria, Oregon.
25:32 Really?
25:34 We looked in Texas, and we looked in California.
25:36 We looked in Washington.
25:38 We looked in Washington, we thought,
25:40 let's go look in Astoria.
25:41 This is God's word turn again, telling you where to go.
25:43 Yeah.
25:44 And you know, the day that we landed in Astoria,
25:47 it was sunny.
25:50 Only day.
25:53 And it was the perfect place for us to build the boat,
25:56 just great.
25:57 Everything we needed, all the resources we needed.
26:00 Two aluminum boat builders in the town, boat supplies,
26:05 everything we needed.
26:07 I could get on the telephone and have anything
26:08 I wanted the next day.
26:10 And, you know, you think about starting a mission,
26:13 you think, well, everything,
26:14 if God called you to, it's going to be easy.
26:18 The very, in the very beginning, it was,
26:20 it was challenging our faith.
26:22 We had to build a building to build the boat in.
26:26 And we had gotten
26:27 all the food together to do that and had every,
26:30 we thought we had a whole group to come.
26:32 And we found out at the very last minute
26:35 that they weren't going to be able to come
26:37 and Jamie and I were just racking our brains
26:40 and thinking, "Lord, why did You call us to do this
26:42 when it was going to fail?"
26:44 And the very first morning
26:46 that we were going to build that building,
26:48 I fed 21 people and thought, "Well, that's,
26:51 we're not going to get that."
26:52 This won't do it.
26:54 "We're not going to be able to build that building."
26:55 And by that afternoon,
26:57 we had 62 volunteers show up from all over,
27:01 we didn't even know them,
27:02 but they had heard about this project
27:04 and they came out and we had that building
27:07 built in three days.
27:08 My husband and I
27:10 founded the Ministry of Canvasback Missions
27:12 38 years ago
27:13 to serve the island nations of the Pacific.
27:16 From those humble beginnings,
27:18 our medical and dental super teams
27:20 have been changing lives and bringing hope
27:23 to so many people.
27:25 Our teams volunteer their time and resources,
27:29 and all of our services are free,
27:31 but it does take funding to make it all happen.
27:34 That's where you come in.
27:36 Your financial support is needed.
27:39 Please join us in changing lives
27:41 one miracle at a time.
27:44 If you'd like to partner with us,
27:46 you can write us at 940 Adams Street Suite R,
27:49 Benicia, California 94510
27:53 or you can log on to
27:56 Call us at 707-746-7828.
28:01 And thank you for watching.
28:02 Please join us again for another exciting adventure.
28:04 Remember, Canvasback is making an impact,
28:08 one miracle at a time.


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