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Program Code Duration Description Participants
CII001300S Video NA No Information Available NA
CII001301S Video NA Two Schools, One Mission NA
CII001302S Video NA Operation Child Rescue Is Rebuilding Lives NA
CII001303S Video NA Operation Child Rescue Providing A Safe Haven NA
CII001304S Video NA The Deaf School NA
CII001305S Video NA Changed Lives at the Blind School NA
CII001306S Video NA Success Stories from India NA
CII001307S Video NA The Blessing of Sponsorship NA
CII001400S Video NA Riverside Girls - Chase Your Dreams NA
CII001401S Video NA Falco's - A Cry from the Grave NA
CII001402S Video NA Palawan - Baby James NA
CII001403S Video NA Olmalaika - Fgm NA
CII001404S Video NA Olmalaika Trust- Kenya. NA
CII001405S Video NA Riverside Grand Opening NA
CII001406S Video NA World Day Against Human Trafficking NA
CII001407S Video NA Anchor School In Zambia NA
CII001408S Video NA Egypt, South Sudanese Refugees NA
CII001409S Video NA Twing School In Tanzania NA
CII001410S Video NA New Hope In Ethiopia NA
CII001411S Video NA Operation Child Rescue - Cradle of Love NA
CII001900S Video Transcript NA Jaime Jorge Concert 1 Child Impact NA
CII001901S Video Transcript NA Jaime Jorge Concert 2 Child Impact NA
CII002301S Video NA The Deaf School NA
CII002302S Video NA The Blind School NA
CII002303S Video NA Sunrise Graduates NA
CII002304S Video NA Year In Review NA
CII002305S Video NA Sunrise Children Home NA
CII002306S Video NA Palawan Jungle School- Child Marriage NA
CII002307S Video NA Change the World of a Child - Bangladesh NA
CII002308S Video NA Praying for the Unsponsored- Bangladesh NA
CII002309S Video NA The Power of Sponsorship- Bangladesh NA
CII002310S Video NA Freedom Project- India NA
CII002311S Video NA Palawan Jungle Schools - Sponsorship NA
CII002312S Video NA Columbia Part 1 of 2 - World day Against Human Trafficking NA
CII002313S Video NA Riverside Primary School NA
CII002314S Video NA Zambia Operation Child Rescue NA
CII002315S Video NA Anchor Expansion NA
CII002316S Video NA Olmalaika NA
CII002317S Video NA Blind, Deaf, and Orphans NA
CII002318S Video NA Visag Slum School NA
CII002401S Video NA The Year In Review NA
CII002402S Video NA Falco’s Baby Rescue NA
CII002403S Video NA Transforming Lives in a Slum NA
CII002404S Video NA Twing- Rescuing The Most Vulnerable NA
CII002405S Video NA Twing- Preventing Exploitation and Early Marriage NA
CII002406S Video NA Kibidula- Vocational Training Provides a Second Chance NA
CII031922S Video NA Impact On Sponsors NA
CII032622S Video NA Child Impact's Future NA
CII041622S Video NA Ukraine Update Episode 1 of 4 NA
CII042322S Video NA Ukraine Update Episode 2 of 4 NA
CII043022S Video NA Ukraine Update Episode 3 of 4 NA
CII050722S Video NA Chase Your Dreams NA
CII052021S Video Transcript NA Child Impact India Covid Update NA
CII102021S Video Transcript NA Introducing Tom Evans NA
CII112021S Video Transcript NA Jaime Jorge Concert for the Child Impact Kids NA
CII121121S Video Transcript NA Introducing Tom Evens NA


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