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Program Code: CMC200015S

00:31 Everyone has a story,
00:33 a testimony of God's deliverance.
00:35 Listen to Yvonne Shelton as she sings,
00:37 "Story of My Life."
00:58 If I had the words to tell You
01:04 Exactly how I feel
01:07 Then I will write a million pages
01:12 With all You've done for me
01:16 And if I trace each memory
01:20 And the source of all my dreams
01:24 Cover to cover
01:28 You to see
01:34 You are the story of my life
01:40 I need You by my side
01:45 Both now and ever
01:50 You are the lover of my soul
01:57 No matter where I go
02:00 I know it's true
02:02 The story of my life is You
02:13 If I turn the pages Of the things
02:19 You brought me through
02:21 There be a thread of faithfulness
02:26 In everything You do
02:30 I see where you washed me
02:34 Just as white as the snow
02:38 And how each day
02:40 You're helping me roar
02:52 You are the story of my life
02:59 I need You by my side
03:03 Both now and ever
03:08 You are the lover of my soul
03:15 No matter where I go
03:19 I know it's true
03:21 The story of my life is You
03:28 You are my testimony
03:32 The reason that I see
03:36 I long to bring You glory
03:40 So may You always be
03:44 Found on every page in me
04:08 You are the story of my life
04:15 I need You by my side
04:19 For now and ever
04:25 And You are the lover of my soul
04:32 No matter where I go
04:35 I know it's true
04:38 The story of my life
04:44 Is You.
05:01 After a few months of piano lessons,
05:03 Tim Parton played the right lesson,
05:05 but in the wrong key.
05:06 So, he just decided to teach himself.
05:09 Here's Tim singing, "Vessel of Mercy."
05:35 Make me
05:39 A vessel of mercy
05:45 Father, make me
05:50 A vessel that's true
05:57 Fill me
06:00 With love and compassion
06:05 And fashion
06:08 My heart to be
06:12 A vessel worthy of you
06:20 Lord, I want to be
06:22 All You want me to be
06:25 Your service is my desire
06:30 I so want to know You and in Your love grow
06:35 With heavenly power
06:41 I yield my life to you
06:43 I'm willing to be used
06:46 Wherever You bid me I'll go
06:51 So, Lord Jesus, daily I pray
06:55 That You'll break me
06:56 That Your love I might show
07:03 Make me
07:07 A vessel of mercy
07:12 Father, make me
07:17 A vessel that's true
07:24 Fill me
07:27 With love and compassion
07:32 And fashion
07:34 My heart to be
07:38 A vessel worthy
07:40 Of You
07:46 Oh, fill me
07:50 With love and compassion
07:54 And fashion
07:57 My heart to be
08:01 A vessel worthy of You
08:08 Sing this with me.
08:09 Lord
08:11 I surrender all
08:18 I surrender all
08:26 All to Thee
08:29 My blessed Savior
08:35 I surrender all
08:44 I surrender all.
08:57 Amen.
08:59 In the great and fearful hour of judgment,
09:02 there will be no middle ground.
09:04 Now is the time to ask ourselves,
09:06 "In which resurrection will I be found?"
09:32 Marvel not at what I say
09:37 By and by will come the day
09:42 When the souls asleep in Christ
09:48 Will hear His voice
09:55 And will rise and will rise
10:00 Will rise, will rise
10:07 Unto the resurrection
10:12 Unto the resurrection
10:17 Of life
10:22 Of life
10:29 Just as sure the hour will come
10:34 When descends Jerusalem
10:40 Then the day who lived in sin
10:46 Will hear His voice
10:49 And will rise and will rise
10:55 Will rise, will rise
11:01 Unto the resurrection
11:07 Unto the resurrection
11:12 Unto the resurrection
11:17 Of judgment
11:29 John Lomacang reminds us
11:30 when we're going through uncertainties in life
11:33 to look to Jesus
11:34 for, "There is a Savior" who will light our way.
11:47 There is
11:51 A Savior
11:55 What joys express
12:02 His eyes are mercy
12:08 His word is rest
12:14 For each tomorrow
12:22 For yesterday
12:28 There is
12:31 A Savior
12:36 Who lights our way
12:44 Are there burdens in your heart?
12:48 Is your past a memory
12:51 That binds you?
12:56 Is there a pain deep inside
13:00 That you've carried far too long?
13:09 Well, strengthen your heart
13:15 With His good news
13:20 There is
13:22 A Savior
13:27 And He's forgiven you
13:34 There is
13:37 A Savior
13:41 What joys express
13:48 His eyes are mercy
13:54 His word brings rest
14:01 For each tomorrow
14:08 For yesterday
14:14 There is a Savior
14:21 Who lights our way
14:28 There is a Savior
14:35 What joys express
14:42 In His eyes I found mercy
14:47 His word brought rest
14:54 For each tomorrow
15:02 For yesterday
15:09 There is
15:11 A Savior
15:16 Who lights our way
15:23 There is
15:25 A Savior
15:31 Who lights our way
15:53 Darryl Marshall recalls that his dad
15:55 was never one to spare the rod.
15:57 "In fact," says Darrell,
15:59 "he went through several with me and my brother,
16:01 but I saw what a godly man dad was
16:03 and still is at 93."
16:05 Here's a good lesson Darrell learned,
16:07 "Don't Overlook Salvation."
16:19 Heaven is a city,
16:24 Built by jewels rare
16:28 Its beauty is a splendor
16:31 Yet untold
16:36 If you neglect salvation
16:40 You'll never enter in
16:45 You'll never ever walk
16:48 Those streets of gold
16:53 So don't overlook salvation
16:58 While living here in sin
17:02 Someday it may be too late to pray
17:11 Someday when you need Him
17:15 He may not let you in
17:19 How awful
17:21 If He should turn you away
17:28 How many of you've ever been discouraged in your life?
17:30 Amen. I know I have.
17:32 Amen.
17:36 Sometimes we get discouraged
17:41 While we walk this weary way
17:45 But Jesus said
17:48 He'd every burden bear
17:54 So take Him all your troubles
17:58 When it seems
18:00 All hope is gone
18:03 Just trust Him
18:05 When you go to Him in prayer
18:11 So don't overlook salvation
18:16 While living here in sin
18:20 Someday it may be too late
18:24 To pray
18:29 Someday when you need Him
18:33 He may not let you in
18:37 How awful
18:39 If He should turn you away
18:46 Now Jesus said be ready
18:50 For you know not when the hour
18:55 For He may come
18:57 At morning night or noon
19:03 So keep your eyes upon Him
19:07 And your soul filled with His power
19:12 For you know
19:14 He's surely coming soon
19:17 Do you believe He's coming soon tonight?
19:20 So don't overlook salvation
19:25 While living here in sin
19:30 Someday it may be too late
19:33 To pray
19:38 Someday when you need Him
19:42 He may not let you in
19:46 How awful
19:48 If He should turn you away
19:55 How awful
19:57 If He should turn you away
20:09 Celestine Barry-Dickens
20:11 favorite Bible character is Job,
20:13 who despite his trials and what he went through,
20:15 he showed patience and endurance.
20:17 Job's faith and trust in God never wavered.
20:39 Make my life a prayer to You
20:43 I wanna do what You want me to
20:47 No empty words and no white lies
20:52 No token prayers no compromise
20:56 I wanna shine the light You gave
21:00 Through Your Son
21:02 You came to save us
21:05 From ourselves and our despair
21:09 It comforts me to know
21:12 You're really there
21:18 Well, I wanna thank You now
21:21 For being patient with me
21:26 Oh, it's so hard to see
21:30 When my eyes are on me
21:35 I guess I'll have to trust
21:38 And just believe what You say
21:43 Oh, You're coming again
21:48 Coming to take me away
21:57 I wanna die and let You give
22:01 Your life to me so I might live
22:06 And share the hope You gave to me
22:10 The love that set me free
22:13 I wanna tell the world out there
22:19 You're not some fable or fairy tale
22:23 That I've made up inside my head
22:27 You're God the Son
22:29 And you've risen from the dead
22:35 Well, I wanna thank You now
22:40 For being patient with me
22:44 Oh, it's so hard to see
22:49 When my eyes are on me
22:54 I guess I'll have to trust
22:57 And just believe what You say
23:01 Oh, You're coming again
23:06 Coming to take me away
23:31 I wanna die and let You give
23:35 Your life to me
23:37 So I might live
23:39 And share the hope You gave to me
23:44 I love sharing the love
23:47 That set me free
24:03 Reggie Smith wanted to be a professional football player
24:06 and musician when he was growing up.
24:08 Here's Reggie singing, "I Will Still Trust."
24:34 If I lose it all
24:39 Tomorrow
24:42 If there's nothing
24:43 I can do
24:49 If I have one breath of life
24:55 In me
24:57 I will still trust in You
25:04 If my dearest friends
25:08 Forsake me
25:11 If my heart is torn
25:16 In two
25:18 And if I'm left alone
25:22 To face this world
25:27 I will still trust in You
25:33 Let the mountains crumble
25:37 The sea turn to dust
25:41 Let the sun and the stars fade from view
25:48 Let the world say I'm foolish
25:52 But still I will trust
25:56 For Father, You've proven
25:59 You're forever faithful
26:04 And true
26:07 So, I will still trust in You
26:25 When my days on earth
26:29 Have ended
26:32 And my struggle here
26:37 Is through
26:40 When I slip
26:41 Into what lies
26:45 Beyond
26:48 Lord, I will still trust
26:52 In You
26:55 I will trust Him
27:00 I will trust Him
27:04 Trust the Lamb
27:07 That reigns on high
27:10 Let the mountains crumble
27:15 The sea turn to dust
27:19 Let the sun and the stars
27:22 Fade from view
27:26 Let the world say I'm foolish
27:30 But still I will trust
27:34 For Father, You've proven
27:37 You're forever faithful
27:42 Lord, You're faithful and true
27:46 I will still trust
27:50 In You
27:54 Father, I will trust
28:04 In You
28:19 Tammy Chance is going to come back.
28:21 She's gonna sing a song
28:23 that we've already heard once today,
28:24 but we want to hear it again.
28:26 We want to hear her sing,
28:28 "He didn't throw the clay away."
28:31 Jim, I chickened after the last year's doing it.
28:34 I couldn't go after them and do it again.
28:36 You're not gonna do it? No.
28:39 Well, thank you for telling me, I appreciate.
28:40 You're welcome.
28:41 That's the crew's job.
28:45 I chickened out.
28:47 I asked her, I said,
28:48 "Is she gonna do that song again?"
28:49 And they said "Yes, she is."
28:52 I sent him over there.
28:53 So you did chicken out.
28:55 I did chicken, I can't follow them..
28:57 She threw the clay away and now she's gonna...
29:02 She's gonna sing something else.
29:03 All right. What are you gonna sing?
29:04 Yes, I am.
29:06 I'm gonna sing this world is not my home.
29:07 All right.


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