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Program Code: CMC200016S

00:30 Darrell and Brenda Marshall
00:32 both had music careers before they met,
00:34 but when they got married in 2010,
00:36 the music became harmonious.
00:38 Their prayer is "Jesus Use Me."
00:52 Dear Lord I'll be a witness
00:57 If You will help my weakness
01:02 I know that I'm not worthy
01:06 Lord, of You
01:11 By eyes of faith I see Thee
01:16 Upon the cross of Calvary
01:21 Dear Lord, I cry
01:23 Let me Thy servant be
01:31 Jesus, use me
01:35 Please Lord, don't refuse me
01:40 Surely there's a work
01:44 That I can do
01:49 And even though it's humble
01:54 Help my will to crumble
01:59 Though the cost be great I'll work for you
02:08 I'll stand for Thee dear Jesus
02:13 Whatever the cost may be
02:18 I'll spread the gospel To the lost each day
02:27 And if it be thy will Lord
02:32 To go across the sea
02:37 I'll follow You
02:39 Though death may come my way
02:46 He's the Lily of the valley
02:51 He's the Bright And Morning Star
02:56 He's the Fairest Of ten thousand to my soul
03:05 He's the beautiful Rose Of Sharon
03:10 He's all this world to me
03:15 But most of all He is my coming King
03:25 Jesus, use me
03:29 Please Lord, don't refuse me
03:34 Surely there's a work
03:37 That I can do
03:43 And even though it's humble
03:48 Lord help my will to crumble
03:53 And though the cost be great
03:56 I'll work for you
04:03 Jesus, use me
04:07 Please Lord, don't refuse me
04:12 And though the cost be great
04:15 I'll work for you
04:22 Amen.
04:24 Tammy Chance was hooked on singing harmony
04:26 when at age five,
04:28 she joined her two cousins at church
04:29 singing three-part harmony.
04:31 But here she's flying solo on,
04:33 "I'll Tell It Wherever I Go."
04:53 I'll tell of
04:56 The Savior
05:00 I'll tell
05:03 Of His favor
05:06 I'll tell it Lord
05:10 Wherever I may go
05:20 I'll count every blessing
05:27 I'll go on confessing
05:34 I'll tell it Lord
05:38 Wherever
05:41 I may go
05:48 What He is
05:52 To you
05:56 Maybe you cannot see
06:02 But this thing
06:06 I know
06:09 He's everything to me
06:14 Oh, He'll be there
06:19 Yes, meet me there
06:23 And then go where
06:27 He's prepared
06:29 I'll tell it Lord
06:33 Wherever
06:36 I may go
06:43 And if I
06:47 Were dying
06:51 With just one word
06:54 To say
06:57 I'd speak it
07:00 For Jesus
07:04 And breathe my life away
07:10 Oh, He'll be there
07:15 Yes, meet me there
07:18 And then go where
07:22 He's prepared
07:24 I'll tell it Lord
07:29 Wherever I may go
07:51 Though no one knows what happened,
07:53 Reggie Smith was extremely shy as a little boy.
07:56 Here he sings the Dottie Rambo classic,
07:59 "He Looked Beyond My Fault."
08:18 Amazing Grace
08:23 shall always be
08:25 My song of praise
08:30 For it was grace
08:34 That brought me liberty
08:42 I do not know
08:47 Just why He came
08:51 To love me so
08:55 He looked beyond my faults
09:01 And saw my need
09:07 I shall forever
09:13 Lift mine eyes
09:16 To Calvary
09:21 To view the cross
09:24 Where Jesus died
09:30 For me
09:34 How marvelous the grace
09:40 That caught my falling soul
09:46 He looked
09:48 beyond my faults
09:54 And saw my need
10:00 I shall forever
10:06 Lift mine eyes
10:08 To Calvary
10:13 To view the cross
10:16 Where Jesus died
10:20 For me
10:25 How marvelous
10:30 The grace
10:32 That caught
10:34 My falling soul
10:45 He looked beyond
10:50 All my faults
10:52 And saw my need
10:58 He looked Beyond
11:04 My faults
11:08 And saw my need
11:22 To truly live for Jesus,
11:24 we must first die to self.
11:26 If Christ has been speaking to your heart,
11:28 invite Him in as Nathan Young sings,
11:30 "Take Me to the Water."
11:50 Take me to the water
11:54 To be baptized
11:59 Bury me with Jesus
12:04 The Crucified
12:10 Plunge me in the fountain
12:14 And may I rise
12:18 With open eyes
12:25 Take me to the water
12:29 To be baptized
12:35 What a joy and blessing
12:39 To be baptized
12:44 As a testimony
12:49 Of a work inside
12:54 Jesus' blood has cleansed me
12:59 And to new life
13:02 He bids me rise
13:09 I've come to the water
13:14 To be baptized
13:19 To be baptized
13:33 Take me to the water
13:38 To be baptized
13:43 Bury me with Jesus
13:48 The Crucified
13:53 Plunge me in the fountain
13:57 And may I rise
14:01 With open eyes
14:07 Take me to the water
14:12 To be baptized
14:17 I've come to the water
14:22 To be baptized
14:40 Not a day should go by
14:42 but that this song
14:43 should be our prayer for one another,
14:45 "Touch Your People Once Again."
15:02 We need wisdom we need power
15:06 True love for each other
15:09 We have had so many big But empty words
15:16 So we come before Your face
15:20 Asking for Your grace
15:23 Bring Your people To a state of kingdom life
15:28 Restore Your church again
15:33 Touch Your people
15:35 Once again
15:40 With Your precious holy hand,
15:45 We pray Let Your kingdom shine
15:50 Upon this earth
15:54 Through a living
15:55 And glorious church
16:01 Not for temporary deeds
16:07 But to restore authority
16:13 And power
16:15 Let a mighty rushing wind Blow in
16:25 And touch Your people
16:27 Once again
16:34 Lord You see Your tired servants
16:38 And Your broken Wounded soldiers
16:41 Oh, how much
16:43 We need Your precious healing hand
16:48 We need the power of the cross
16:52 As the only source for us
16:55 When we stand up Facing final battle cries
17:01 Restore Your church again
17:05 Touch Your people
17:07 Once again
17:12 With Your precious holy hand,
17:17 We pray Let Your kingdom shine
17:22 Upon this earth
17:26 Through a living And glorious church
17:33 Not for temporary deeds
17:40 But to restore authority
17:45 And power
17:47 Let a mighty rushing wind Blow in
17:57 And touch Your people
17:59 Once again
18:04 Let that mighty rushing wind Blow in
18:15 And touch Your people
18:17 Once again
18:30 If you struggle
18:31 with the uncertainty of this life,
18:33 listen to the assuring message that Emily Felts Jones sings,
18:37 "I Know Who Holds Tomorrow."
18:45 I don't know
18:47 About tomorrow
18:51 I just live
18:54 From day to day
18:58 And I don't borrow
19:01 From its sunshine
19:04 For its skies
19:07 May turn to gray
19:11 And I don't worry
19:14 About the future
19:18 For I know
19:21 What Jesus said
19:24 So today I'll walk beside Him
19:31 For He knows
19:34 What lies ahead
19:38 Many things
19:41 About tomorrow
19:44 I don't need to understand
19:51 For I know
19:54 Who holds tomorrow
19:57 And I know
20:00 Who holds my hand
20:04 I don't know
20:07 About tomorrow
20:11 It may bring me poverty
20:17 But the one
20:20 Who feeds the sparrow
20:24 Is the one
20:27 Who stands by me
20:31 And the path
20:34 That is my portion
20:38 May be through the flame
20:41 Or flood
20:44 But His presence Goes
20:48 Before me
20:51 And I'm covered
20:54 With His blood
20:58 Many things about tomorrow
21:04 I don't need to understand
21:10 For I know
21:13 Who holds tomorrow
21:17 And I know
21:20 Who holds my hand
21:24 He leadeth me, He leadeth me
21:30 By His own hand He leadeth me
21:37 And His faithful follower
21:41 I will be
21:44 For by His hand
21:47 He leadeth me
21:52 Many things about tomorrow
21:58 I just don't need
22:01 To understand
22:05 For I know
22:08 Who holds tomorrow
22:11 And I know
22:14 Who holds my hand
22:26 C.A Murray is not ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
22:29 as he smoothly proclaims in this classic,
22:32 "I'll Tell the World That I'm a Christian."
22:48 I'll tell the world
22:52 That I'm a Christian
22:55 I'm not ashamed
22:59 His name to bear
23:03 I'll tell the world
23:06 That I'm a Christian,
23:10 I'll take Him with me
23:14 Anywhere
23:17 I'll tell the world
23:21 How Jesus saved me
23:24 And how He gave me
23:27 A life brand new
23:32 And I know that If you trust Him
23:38 That all He gave me
23:42 He'll give to you
23:49 I'll tell the world
23:53 That He's my Savior
23:56 No other one
24:00 Could love me so
24:03 My life, my all
24:07 Is His forever
24:11 And where He leads me
24:14 I will go
24:22 I'll tell the world
24:25 Jesus is coming
24:28 And it may be near
24:32 Or far far away
24:36 But we got to live
24:39 As if His coming
24:43 Could be tomorrow
24:47 Or today
24:50 For when He comes
24:54 And life is over
24:57 For those who love Him
25:01 There's more to be
25:06 Eyes have never seen The wonders
25:12 That He's preparing
25:15 For you and me
25:22 Go tell the world
25:26 That you're a Christian
25:29 Don't be ashamed
25:33 His name to bear
25:36 Just tell the world
25:40 That you're a Christian
25:44 And take Him with you
25:48 Everywhere
25:53 I'll tell the world
25:59 How Jesus saved me
26:01 And how He gave me
26:05 A life brand new
26:10 And I know that If you trust Him
26:16 That all He gave to me
26:19 He'll give to you
26:27 I'll tell the world
26:30 That I'm a Christian
26:34 I'm not ashamed
26:37 His name to bear
26:41 I'll tell the world
26:45 That I'm a Christian
26:48 I'll take Him with me anywhere
26:55 I'll take Him with me anywhere
27:12 But the most unusual name I've ever heard.
27:15 A couple back home named their son Odd.
27:20 ODD,
27:23 kids at school laughed at him,
27:24 in high school and college they made fun of him.
27:27 He graduated from college, fell in love got married,
27:31 they had a family and one day he told his wife,
27:34 "Honey, I've lived with a name I hate.
27:37 People have made fun of me all my life
27:40 because of my name.
27:41 When I die, please don't put it on my headstone.
27:44 Just put the date of my birth,
27:46 date of my death
27:47 and leave the rest of it blank."
27:50 Well, the years passed and he passed away.
27:53 And she called the children and she said,
27:55 "I promised your dad,
27:56 I wouldn't put his name on his headstone."
27:58 Sure enough, they put the date of his birth,
28:01 date of his death
28:02 and just left the rest of it blank.
28:06 And to this day,
28:08 people walk through that cemetery...
28:18 I'm still going to finish it.
28:24 They look at that headstone and ask,
28:25 "Isn't that odd?"


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