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00:02 Music...
00:24 Hello and once again we welcome you to Daniel All Access,
00:29 our chapter by chapter walk through the book of Daniel
00:33 in an effort to see what Daniel has to say to us
00:37 in these latter days
00:39 and I think we've been finding that
00:42 though Daniel is a prophetic book,
00:44 it has much to tell us about our lives today...
00:48 about practical living and practical Godliness.
00:52 Daniel allows us to go as deep as our shovel will take us.
00:56 There are many, many, many layers to the book of Daniel
01:01 and we will also see this
01:03 in our upcoming series with Pastor Lomacang
01:05 as we deal with the book of Revelation
01:07 that these books are prophetic, yes, they are,
01:10 Revelation is prophetic and apocalyptic
01:12 but more than that, these books have much to say
01:16 to our walk every day with Jesus Christ.
01:18 There are lessons to be learned and paths to be walked in
01:23 that, if we would but open our eyes,
01:26 we will see them very, very clearly
01:28 and so, tonight, we want to enter into a study
01:31 of Daniel chapter 6.
01:33 The title of our message is: Shlemiel Schlimazel.
01:37 Shlemiel Schlimazel...
01:40 and if you're a New Yorker or you live some place
01:44 where there is a heavy Jewish influence,
01:46 you are familiar with those words.
01:49 Shlemiel Schlimazel...
01:50 you will all know what they mean ere our night has concluded
01:55 because God has much to say to us in Schlemiel and Schlimazel.
01:59 Shall we pray?
02:01 "Father God, how we praise you and thank you
02:05 for your love... your mercy... your goodness...
02:09 and your grace.
02:11 We thank you for the Bible which is a lamp unto our feet
02:16 and a light unto our path
02:19 and that if we will but walk in that light,
02:23 we will see the way that leads from earth to glory
02:29 and so, bless us tonight, dear Father,
02:31 as we look at your Word,
02:32 as we see you anew
02:34 and again, teach us those things that you'll have us to know,
02:38 help us to do them
02:40 because it is in the doing that we are made like Christ Jesus
02:44 and we thank you dear Father, in Jesus' name, amen. "
02:49 Our discussion of the book of Daniel chapter 6
02:55 begins in the book of Isaiah
02:57 and so I would ask you to turn
03:00 to Isaiah chapter 1 and verse 1.
03:03 You may ask why do we begin a discussion of Daniel chapter 6
03:13 in the book of Isaiah
03:15 and what is there to learn from Daniel chapter 6
03:19 in the book of Isaiah.
03:21 The answer is much.
03:24 There was much to learn because we learn of the Messiah
03:30 and a Messiah in the book of Isaiah.
03:35 We see the state of play spiritually in Israel,
03:39 we also see much about God's people
03:43 and why they landed in captivity.
03:46 So, let's look at the book of Isaiah chapter 1 and verse 1.
03:53 We get an idea of the state of play in Israel
03:56 right, as we say, "Out of the Gate"
03:58 here in Isaiah 1.
04:00 The Bible says, "The ox knows its owner;
04:04 The donkey its master's crib;
04:07 But Israel does not know,
04:11 My people do not consider... "
04:14 so, right off, we see the state of play in Israel.
04:18 God has a complaint against His own people.
04:21 Dumb animals know who their owners are
04:25 but God's people seemingly don't know who their God is.
04:30 So we see at the very outset,
04:33 God has a controversy with His people.
04:36 We see God telling them about the deplorable and detestable
04:41 conditions that His people are living in.
04:45 His people have become alienated from their God.
04:50 Pause.
04:52 They have walked away from their God
04:55 and yet God offers them in the book of Isaiah
05:01 an unmistakable olive branch of peace.
05:04 In exchange for their infidelity,
05:07 God offers His people hope
05:10 and peace and love.
05:12 You know, we serve a God who is very limited
05:15 in the weapons that He can use.
05:17 Satan is almost unlimited.
05:19 Satan can use lies, treachery, force, coercion...
05:24 God only has a couple of weapons:
05:28 love, peace and justice
05:30 that's all He's got
05:33 and that's all He ever uses.
05:35 It's love, peace and justice.
05:38 So, we see in the book of Isaiah,
05:41 long before we get to Daniel,
05:43 a vision of God that is without parallel or equal
05:48 in the Old Testament.
05:49 We see God in... in Isaiah as "stripped down"
05:54 and as pure as any place in the Bible.
05:59 Our view of God in the book of Isaiah
06:03 is an exalted one,
06:04 in fact, it is the most exalted in the entire Old Testament.
06:08 God's holiness is the salient theme in the book of Isaiah...
06:15 the unsurpassing love and holiness of God
06:18 but it is not... it is not a transcended holiness
06:22 we see a God who is high and holy
06:24 and yet intimate and loving in the book of Isaiah...
06:27 like nowhere else
06:29 and that's why Isaiah is such an important book for study
06:32 because you see... you see a picture of God
06:35 as pure and unvarnished as anywhere in the Bible.
06:39 Pause.
06:42 God's holiness is underscored in the book of Isaiah
06:47 more than anywhere in the Old Testament.
06:49 The portrait of the depth and the height of the love of God
06:54 is a vast deal beyond impressive.
06:58 Pause.
07:00 The term, "The Holy One"
07:04 is used in Isaiah 26 times.
07:07 Pause.
07:09 In the entire Old Testament,
07:11 it is only used six additional times
07:14 so, the idea that there is a God there who is high and holy
07:20 and yet intimate and loving is...
07:22 is proffered in Isaiah like nowhere else in the Bible,
07:26 it's... it's an intimate look at the God that we serve.
07:30 God's sovereignty is also a significant motif
07:36 in the book of... of Isaiah.
07:38 In Isaiah, we see a high and holy and lofty God
07:42 who is desperate for an intimate relationship with His people.
07:47 We see as nowhere else in the Bible,
07:49 that though He's high and lifted up,
07:52 He wants to be right by your side.
07:55 He wants to put His arm around you.
07:57 He wants to comfort you and walk with you
08:01 and He wants to be your personal friend
08:05 and He's determined to hold on to a people
08:09 who are just as determined to turn their back on Him.
08:12 It is an interesting picture of God that we see
08:17 in the book of Isaiah
08:18 and I say again, the only weapons that God has
08:23 at His disposal
08:25 are righteousness, justice and love.
08:30 So, one of the things God does in Isaiah
08:35 is to reveal Christ... the coming Messiah.
08:40 One of the things that He does is to reveal to us
08:45 Christ the suffering servant.
08:48 Look at what God says here in the book of Isaiah.
08:52 He says, "Bring no more futile sacrifices;
08:56 Incense is an abomination to Me.
08:58 The New Moons, the Sabbaths,
09:00 the calling of assemblies...
09:02 I cannot endure iniquity in the sacred meeting. "
09:06 God is asking for purity... purity.
09:09 Your New Moons...
09:10 your appointed feasts my soul hates;
09:13 They are a trouble to Me,
09:16 I am weary of bearing them. "
09:18 God is saying, "I don't want form...
09:20 I don't want faction, I don't want 'Play Worship'
09:22 what I want is heart.
09:23 So don't come to me with sacrifices and incense
09:27 and prayers
09:28 if your heart is not with me. "
09:30 "When you spread out your hands, I will hide My eyes from you;
09:34 Even though you make many prayers... "
09:37 He says, "I'm not going to hear.
09:39 Your hearts are full of blood.
09:41 Wash yourselves, make yourselves clean;
09:44 Put away the evil of your doings from before My eyes.
09:48 Cease to do evil,
09:50 Learn to do good; Seek justice,
09:54 Rebuke the oppressor; Defend the fatherless"
09:57 He says, "Plead for the widow,
10:00 Come now, let us reason together... "
10:04 Amen.
10:05 "Says the Lord,
10:07 'Though your sins are like scarlet,
10:09 They shall be white as snow;
10:11 Though they are red like crimson,
10:14 They shall be as wool.
10:16 If you are willing and obedient... '"
10:22 You see how desperate God is?
10:24 He starts out by saying,
10:25 "When you pray, I'm not listening...
10:26 when you raise your hands, I'm going to turn my back. "
10:29 But before He's done, He says,
10:31 "Okay, let's reason together, come on... come on... come on,
10:37 pause
10:38 I can make your red sins like wool,
10:42 if you are willing and obedient... "
10:45 you know, when... when you read the book of Isaiah
10:47 you want to jump up in praise.
10:48 Audience: Amen.
10:50 Because God is saying, "As bad as you are,
10:52 that's how good I can be. "
10:54 Audience: Amen.
10:55 "Yeah, I'm upset with you, I am upset...
10:57 don't come to me with that 'praying in your heart'
10:59 but if you're willing,
11:01 pause...
11:04 if you're obedient, I will change my mind.
11:07 You shall eat of the good of the land...
11:11 as bad as you are... you know you need a spanking,
11:13 but if you behave yourself... "
11:16 like my parents used to say,
11:19 good Barbadian father... you know West Indian dad...
11:22 "Yeah, I give you a good caning, boy... "
11:25 "... but if you behave yourself, if you just behave yourself,
11:29 you'll eat of the good of the land.
11:32 But if you refuse and rebel,
11:36 you shall be devoured by the sword. "
11:39 You see how desperate God is to love His people
11:43 and to have a loving relationship with His people...
11:45 he's... he's... he's pulling out his hair...
11:47 "I'm blessing you... I'm cursing you...
11:49 I'm trying to... to help you...
11:50 what can I do to get you to accept me?"
11:55 And that's what we see throughout the book of Isaiah,
11:57 throughout the book of Isaiah...
11:59 this... this God who is desperate to love this people,
12:03 and desperate to have them love Him.
12:07 "For the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. "
12:10 That's... that's the seal of approval...
12:14 that's the... the notary public...
12:17 that's God saying, "It's guaranteed...
12:20 what I said is going to happen is going to happen...
12:23 the mouth of the Lord has spoken it. "
12:25 We see this Holy One of Israel over and over again
12:29 so many times in the Old Testament.
12:33 I say again, "God's tools... "
12:37 we... we serve a God who is kind of limited.
12:40 He's got Justice, He's got Righteousness
12:43 and He's got love.
12:45 That's all He's got.
12:46 Satan's got a bag of tricks
12:49 but God's got Justice, Righteousness and Love.
12:54 It just so happens that Justice, Righteousness and Love
13:00 are the most powerful tools in the universe
13:04 amen
13:05 and that's all God has for you and for me.
13:10 So, one of the things God does in Isaiah
13:15 is reveal Christ the coming Messiah.
13:20 and He structures Him as the suffering servant
13:24 in Isaiah chapter 53.
13:26 I... I like this, I truly do... it's humbling...
13:30 I just came across this again in the middle of the night...
13:33 the other night... couldn't sleep... got up...
13:35 opened the book of Isaiah and ran into the suffering servant.
13:38 What is God's antidote for His ailing people?
13:44 A Jesus who's going to suffer for them.
13:48 That ought to break your heart,
13:50 He's not going to get mad, He's not going to get even,
13:54 He's going to send you a suffering servant
13:57 to help you through your sins.
14:00 So, God shows now His people the suffering servant
14:04 who is Jesus Christ...
14:05 who is the cosmic confluence
14:10 if you let me use those terms of justice and love.
14:12 God is showing Israel His own faithfulness
14:17 in return for their faithlessness.
14:21 There are many magnificent promises
14:25 of His unfailing love in the book of Isaiah.
14:29 Can a mother forget her suckling child?
14:32 They may forget but God will not.
14:37 It's a powerful promise.
14:39 God is saying, "I will never forget you"
14:42 and this is so very, very evident in the book of Daniel.
14:46 They're... they're in... they're in captivity...
14:49 but God is doing some marvelous things
14:52 for His people in captivity.
14:54 They are suffering because they turned their backs on God,
14:58 that's what Daniel is all about
15:00 but we've seen in... in Daniel 1 through 4
15:04 that even though they're in Babylon... a heathen kingdom...
15:09 that is synonymous with anti-God activity...
15:13 what does God do?
15:14 He reaches down and saves Nebuchadnezzar
15:16 and once Nebuchadnezzar stands up
15:20 and acts like a Christian,
15:22 things go pretty good for God's people...
15:25 Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are exalted,
15:28 Daniel is exalted...
15:29 things are going well...
15:31 so, even though they're suffering for their own sins,
15:33 God has not forgotten them
15:35 even though they've tried their best to forget Him.
15:39 Moreover, God expresses His intention in the book of Isaiah
15:45 to explain to the world
15:48 His majesty and Lordship.
15:52 If you look up... in the book of Isaiah chapter 66
15:54 Isaiah shows us what we could call His divine commission...
16:01 it's kind of equal to Matthew 28
16:03 but that... that commission...
16:06 that great commission in Isaiah 66
16:09 God is saying, "I want all people to know about my love,
16:12 I want all people to know about my goodness"
16:14 so, God's great commission is also in the Old Testament
16:18 it's right there in Isaiah 66 verse 18.
16:21 So, the truth is... and I'm spending a little time here,
16:26 when you get a handle on Isaiah,
16:28 you get a handle on the intimate, extravagant
16:33 unvarnished reality of who and what and why
16:37 the Messiah is the answer to the problems of the world
16:43 and in the midst of unparalleled treason and evil,
16:49 we see God's answer to evil and His name is Jesus
16:55 and He is prefigured in the book of Isaiah.
16:59 "Who hath believed our report?
17:02 Surely He hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows. "
17:09 The Great Commission there in Isaiah 66
17:12 is just as powerful
17:14 as the Great Commission in Matthew chapter 28
17:18 but the truth is... and you know this well...
17:22 there cannot be sin without recompense
17:27 and we discussed this last night that when sin...
17:32 when the punishment for sin is... is delayed...
17:36 somehow man just gets worse
17:39 and Isaiah along with Jeremiah
17:43 ratified the fact that sooner or later...
17:46 sooner or later... they were going to go into captivity.
17:52 Isaiah chapter 28 begins several messages of woe...
17:58 six messages to be exact,
18:03 six sermons of doom and judgment
18:06 but they are counter-balanced by six promises of salvation.
18:13 So the woe is... the list of invectives
18:17 starts with Ephraim... Ephraim...
18:21 Ephraim is a symbol of Israel's northern ten tribes.
18:29 So, when the Bible says, "Ephraim" in the book of Isaiah,
18:34 it's a symbol of the ten northern tribes.
18:38 It's a another series of predictions
18:41 that one day the northern tribes would be no more.
18:46 That happens within just years of this prophecy.
18:50 720... the Syrians came in
18:52 and totally erased the ten northern tribes as a nation
18:57 but as remarkable as that almost-immediate fulfillment is
19:01 there is a second footfall of prophecy in Isaiah 44
19:06 where God speaks now to the southern kingdom...
19:11 the kingdom of Judah
19:13 and He tells them
19:15 that something is going to happen there also
19:19 but rather than just explaining the doom,
19:23 God gives them a little hope,
19:25 He says, "Who says of Cyrus, 'He is My shepherd,
19:31 and he shall perform all My pleasure... '"
19:35 500 years before Cyrus was born,
19:39 God identifies him as a servant
19:42 that He will use to chastise His people.
19:47 Pause.
19:51 The promise is... that they will go into captivity,
19:55 that they will come out.
19:59 For those who think God is a... a... a mean God,
20:04 you got to look a little deeper.
20:07 God says, "You're going to go into captivity"
20:11 but then the same God says, "You're going to come out"
20:15 that's a blessed promise...
20:17 pause
20:19 yeah, "You're going to suffer for your sins,
20:21 I'm not going to leave you, I'm not going to forsake you"
20:25 and the Bible shows that even in captivity,
20:28 the blessing hand of God was on His people.
20:31 "Yeah, you're going to go in, but you're going to come out. "
20:34 same way that God promised them in the wilderness,
20:37 "You're going to go in the wilderness,
20:38 but you're going to come out. "
20:39 God says that to us today.
20:42 There will be troubles in our lives,
20:44 you're going to go into some things
20:46 but stay by God's side
20:48 because you're going to come out, amen...
20:50 and God is faithful.
20:52 Pause.
20:53 God has always had a remnant...
20:57 always...
20:58 there has been a remnant.
20:59 Always there have been people
21:01 who would stand and speak for God.
21:04 God has always had a people
21:05 and He has a people in these last days.
21:07 He had a people in the Middle Ages,
21:08 He had a people in the Dark Ages,
21:10 He had a people in the... the New Testament period,
21:13 God has always had a people
21:14 and I am so glad, we're part of the people of God
21:17 in these last days, what do you say?
21:18 So it pleased God to name the name of His chastiser
21:24 500 years before he was even born.
21:27 Isaiah chapter 45, the Bible says
21:30 that Cyrus would be a... an anointed one...
21:35 Cyrus would be one who God would use.
21:38 Little side bar,
21:41 "Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord,
21:45 and He will lift you up. "
21:47 Even when you are... suffering for your sins,
21:54 God likes a humble spirit.
21:57 Amen.
21:58 When you acknowledge your sin, that's when God can help you,
22:02 when... you see, it's hard to get "found"
22:04 when you don't admit you're lost.
22:06 Pause.
22:08 Yeah, you got to admit you're lost
22:09 then you can work on getting found.
22:11 Peter adds in 1st Peter 5:6
22:14 that He will life you up "in due time"
22:17 you may spend a little time in the wilderness...
22:19 God's going to bring you back
22:22 and that's what this story of...
22:24 this sojourn in captivity is all about
22:28 so, Isaiah 44, we just looked at it,
22:32 "Who says of Cyrus, 'He is My shepherd,
22:35 he shall perform all my pleasure... '"
22:39 so even in captivity, God is designating kings and rulers
22:43 to look out for His people.
22:44 Pause.
22:49 There are three words for "Shepherd" in the Old Testament
22:52 all of them have to do with keeping and directing
22:56 and serving.
22:58 "Shepherd" in the Old Testament was a servant of the sheep
23:02 not a Master...
23:03 very, very interesting.
23:05 Cyrus now is going to serve God's people
23:09 not master them... there's a very subtle difference.
23:12 Yeah they're in captivity, but Cyrus will be my servant
23:17 over my people
23:19 and in a real sense,
23:21 the relationship began 100 years
23:24 before that king ever made his exit from his mother's womb.
23:28 Now, having said that,
23:30 we don't meet Cyrus until the end of the chapter
23:34 in chapter 6,
23:35 and then only tangentially.
23:38 Chapter 6 is dominated by the Median King, Darius or Darius
23:45 who, the Bible states, was 62 when he took office...
23:50 or when the kingdom was handed to him,
23:52 he conquers Babylon at age 62.
23:56 Though stated as inferior, the Medo-Persian Empire,
24:00 as we said last night, really was quite a bit larger
24:03 than the Babylonian Empire,
24:05 about two or three times bigger.
24:06 Babylon was the smallest of the world empires
24:09 but by far the richest.
24:10 The Medo-Persian Empire was quite a bit larger
24:14 covered quite a bit more territory
24:17 and the movements of God versus His people
24:20 are subtle there... but they become very, very nuanced,
24:23 and very, very obvious in just a little bit.
24:26 You see that Christ is moving in history
24:29 even though His people are in captivity,
24:31 they are still under the watch-care
24:33 and control and love of God.
24:37 Suffering is their own fault but God loves them still
24:42 and that... that's the subtle message of chapter 6.
24:48 In fact, it's the subtle message of the entire book of Daniel.
24:50 People were suffering because
24:52 they chose not to recognize God as their Lord
24:56 and yet God is still there taking care of them.
24:59 One of the things that we will see,
25:00 Ladies and Gentlemen, when we get to heaven
25:02 is the fact that
25:05 even in those times when we weren't doing our best
25:10 and walking as we should,
25:13 God never abandoned us,
25:16 yeah, we will only see that clearly...
25:18 you'll only see that clearly in heaven... looking back
25:21 you can't see it now... you really can't,
25:24 you should get glimpses but you see the whole picture
25:26 that even times when you weren't doing all you should have done,
25:30 though you were faithless... God was still faithful.
25:35 You'll see times when, had you gotten on that plane
25:41 or stepped on that wire or gotten on that bus
25:46 or were in that place,
25:48 the outcome could have been different.
25:52 You will see, very clearly,
25:54 those subtle times when God inserted Himself
25:57 in your life
25:58 and said, "No, don't go here... go there"
26:01 and you didn't know why, you just went there
26:04 or "don't take that... take that... "
26:07 or "save that little bit of money, don't spend it now,
26:10 just hold on to it"
26:12 and you wonder why you get these little curves in your life
26:15 and God is giving you a subtle little nudge,
26:17 "Don't do this... do that"
26:19 and in heaven, you'll see the big picture
26:22 and you'll understand why God did what He did
26:25 and said what He said and acted the way He acted
26:29 and why your life turned out the way it did
26:31 and, by-the-way, let me say this,
26:33 Ellen White says,
26:34 "When we get to heaven and look back...
26:36 at the way God brought us,
26:38 you will have wanted to come no other way
26:41 than the way God has brought you. "
26:43 You will know and understand
26:45 that God's way was indeed the best way...
26:48 not always the easiest... not always the most pleasant...
26:52 but indeed the best...
26:54 and when you get to heaven...
26:55 heaven will be cheap enough, praise God
26:59 and you would not give one day in glory
27:02 for all the money in the world.
27:05 So, we see now, God giving His people a platform
27:12 to magnify the Lord.
27:15 Before a minimum of five world empires,
27:19 and countless tens of thousands of people.
27:23 It's... it's wonderful that when you humble yourself
27:24 before the Lord,
27:26 God is able to lift us up and do great things for us
27:30 to us and through us.
27:32 All right,
27:35 so Darius is the king
27:38 and right away, the Bible says,
27:42 he begins to reorganize the kingdom.
27:45 He divides the kingdom into provinces,
27:48 he divides the empire into manageable, administrative units
27:55 and he puts Daniel in a position to be in-charge of these units
28:02 in fact Ellen White says, "It was in his mind
28:04 because he saw this excellent spirit in Daniel
28:06 to put him in-charge of the whole kingdom
28:08 pause
28:11 but immediately, things begin to happen.
28:14 Pause.
28:17 120 Satraps... they're regional leaders...
28:19 three governors... and Daniel is the Head of the 3 governors.
28:23 Now, this is done so that...
28:26 the Bible says, "So that nothing is lost"
28:28 in order words, Daniel had administrative jurisdiction
28:32 over these people,
28:33 he was their... oh, how do we say it?
28:36 Chancellor of the ex-Checker,
28:38 he was the one who made sure that nothing got stolen,
28:40 nobody took anything they weren't supposed to take,
28:43 no one put something in their pocket
28:44 and took it home at night,
28:45 it was Daniel's job to check to make sure
28:47 everything was as it was supposed to be
28:49 no embezzling... so that the Bible says,
28:52 "The king would suffer no loss"
28:53 so, Daniel is checking books, he is auditing,
28:58 he's looking at things so that the king suffers no loss
29:01 and these governors are among those
29:04 who are the eyes and the ears of the king
29:07 and one of the big things was that this foreigner
29:15 is asked to oversee the work of the local guys
29:22 and he is honest and he is thorough
29:29 and he is exacting and he eats differently
29:34 and he thinks differently and he talks differently
29:37 and he worships differently
29:38 and it is precisely these differences
29:41 that aggravate... aggravate the local guys.
29:45 Daniel chapter 6 verse 3,
29:47 the Bible says... and I mentioned this...
29:50 the king thought...
29:51 "You know, I should just give him
29:52 just reign over everything. "
29:54 So, the Governors and Satraps
29:56 are trying to find something to pin on Daniel
29:59 and one of the things I want to show you
30:01 when we get to Daniel chapter 9,
30:02 this is really interesting... this is really good.
30:04 Daniel chapter 9...
30:06 when you reference back to Daniel chapter 6,
30:08 this was actually the worst time in the life of Daniel
30:13 to try to find something to pin on him,
30:16 when we get to Daniel chapter 9,
30:17 I'm going to show you interplay here...
30:19 it's... it's... really, really interesting,
30:21 just ran across this one night,
30:22 but they couldn't have found a worse time
30:24 to try to do something against Daniel and his God.
30:28 They couldn't find anything on his politics
30:31 so they said, "Let's find something
30:34 about him and his God"
30:38 and so the cabal is,
30:41 "We can't get him on his job...
30:42 we can't get him on his performance...
30:44 we can't get him on his loyalty to the king
30:48 let's get him on his relationship with God. "
30:51 So, now they've got to try to massage this 62-year-old man
30:59 who was ruling for his relative and is in-charge
31:04 and at 62, he ought to kind of know better.
31:07 You're only 62-years-old, you ought to know better.
31:10 Most of the scholarship says
31:13 that Darius lived only two more years
31:16 so, evidently, this... this... this...
31:19 what can I call it? This trickery... this plot
31:23 took place right on the heels
31:25 of his coming in and taking over from the Babylonian Empire,
31:29 so, the reorganization of Government
31:32 took place immediately...
31:33 and immediately, the devil begins to work.
31:36 It didn't take long... the devil began to insinuate jealousy.
31:41 You know, Ladies and Gentlemen,
31:42 I think jealousy is almost the original sin.
31:46 Jealousy in heaven, jealousy on earth...
31:49 there is more... can I use the word, "mess"
31:53 stirred up because of jealousy
31:56 than I think in anything in the world.
31:59 Somebody gets something nice, others are going to be jealous.
32:03 Somebody gets their name mentioned...
32:05 others are going to be jealous.
32:07 Somebody gets a nice car, somebody's going to be jealous.
32:10 Somebody gets a nice wife, somebody's going to be jealous.
32:13 Somebody gets a nice house, somebody's going to be jealous.
32:16 Somebody gets a nice job, somebody's going to be jealous.
32:19 Somebody gets an education, somebody's going to be jealous.
32:22 Somebody graduates cum laude, somebody's going to be jealous.
32:25 It's... it's almost the original sin
32:28 and Daniel is... is made Prime Minister of the country
32:33 and somebody is jealous
32:36 and their plot is to destroy him.
32:39 So, they go to the king and they get him to pass a law
32:46 that is irrevocable and unalterable.
32:50 Once this law is passed, you can't amend it,
32:54 you can't add to it, you can't take from it,
32:57 you cannot change it and the law is good for 30 days.
33:02 Make no mistake, it is born of jealousy.
33:08 "Therefore King Darius... "
33:12 a 62-year-old man who ought to know better,
33:18 "signed the decree. "
33:19 Pause.
33:22 Now, let's go ahead to look back.
33:24 Pause.
33:27 I'm in Daniel chapter 6 verse 14,
33:29 pause
33:32 "And the king, when he heard these words,
33:35 was greatly displeased with himself... "
33:38 he's mad at himself...
33:40 because he knew he got...
33:41 in modern-day language we'd say, Pastor, "played"
33:44 he got "played"
33:47 he was mad at himself
33:50 "and set his heart on Daniel to deliver him;
33:53 and he labored till the going down of the sun
33:56 to deliver him. "
33:58 The problem was, there's nothing he could do.
34:00 He signed a decree... he put the ink on the paper...
34:05 and the decree was irrevocable, unalterable...
34:09 the decree said, "If anybody prays to any God,
34:13 and asks anything of any God except the king,
34:16 he's going to be thrown in the den of lions. "
34:20 There's no way to get around that,
34:22 it's signed... it's sealed...
34:24 it is ratified...
34:26 does Daniel change his activity?
34:29 No...
34:30 hmmm... hmmm...
34:32 and when we get to Daniel chapter 9,
34:34 and I'll bring it back to Daniel 6,
34:35 you'll... you'll... you'll see why
34:37 because this is... this is...
34:38 there's a fabulous interplay and interweaving
34:41 of the message of God and the power of God
34:44 and the timing of God
34:46 and the faithfulness and fidelity of Daniel.
34:50 Pause.
34:54 So, the king now is upset with himself.
34:57 He works all day... up until night
35:01 to get Daniel free... there's nothing he can do
35:06 because he's a prisoner of his own ego and pride
35:11 and there's nothing that he can do.
35:14 So, the king signs the decree
35:18 and he has Daniel put into prison...
35:23 now, I want to take you to Yiddish School.
35:25 You're going to go to Yiddish School.
35:27 When I was in New York,
35:29 every doctor I had was... was Jewish.
35:36 My Eye Doctor was Jewish, my Eye Surgeon was Jewish,
35:42 my Internist was Jewish,
35:45 all the people they referred me to... were Jewish
35:49 but I had some of the best discussions
35:52 with my... my Jewish Eye Doctor, Dr. Michael Lieberman.
35:55 I met him in 1981 and I kept him
35:57 till I left New York several years ago.
36:00 We had great discussions because my eyes are hard to dilate
36:03 so he put the drops in my eyes
36:05 and while my eyes were dilating, we'd sit and discuss the Bible
36:08 because he was a student of the Bible,
36:10 his father was an Ashkenazi Jew, Pastor Lomacang,
36:13 he was... he was a conservative Jewish Rabbi
36:16 and we would... we would talk about Old Testament things
36:20 and it was just very, very exciting
36:22 and so, when I was looking at this,
36:24 I... looking at Darius here,
36:27 I... I called him back and I said,
36:29 "What do you think... Mike...
36:31 was he a schlemiel or a schlimazel?"
36:35 Because he's a Jewish expert and he's a Yiddish expert.
36:40 Yiddish, as I said, is... is a combination of
36:42 German... East-European language and classic Judaism
36:45 and there's all kinds of words
36:47 that have slipped into the American vocabulary
36:50 for people in New York.
36:53 Words like "nosh" there are so many...
36:57 "Yentl" and "Yenta" and all... all kinds of words.
37:02 "Schelp" and if you're from New York,
37:04 you know all these words because they're part of the...
37:06 part of the vocabulary,
37:08 you got to "schlep" to Carbondale...
37:09 you know, those kinds of things,
37:11 it was part of the... the Jewish...
37:12 so, I asked him, "Was the king a shlemiel or a schemazel?
37:18 so, now I'm going to tell you what those are.
37:20 A Schlemiel is one who suffers from his own bad decisions.
37:24 You make a decision... that's a schlemiel...
37:26 always making bad decisions, you know,
37:28 always doing the wrong thing,
37:30 go outside on the beach with fair skin and don't put any...
37:33 don't put any sunblock on...
37:35 you're a schlemiel...
37:36 so that night, you're red like a lobster
37:38 and you're burning... that's... that's a schlemiel...
37:40 you're fault because you should have put sunblock on.
37:42 A "Klutz... "
37:44 now "Klutz" is another Yiddish term
37:45 a "Klutz" is a clumsy person
37:47 who's always stumbling and falling.
37:48 That's a... that's a klutz.
37:50 Someone who is taken advantage of...
37:52 so, Schlemiel is the person
37:54 who other people take advantage of
37:56 because they're not always thinking...
37:58 they're making bad decisions.
37:59 That's a Schlemiel.
38:01 The next word is a Schlimazel.
38:04 Schlimazel...
38:05 a Schlimazel suffers from the bad malevolent decisions of others.
38:10 He is chronically unlucky.
38:12 That's a Schlimazel.
38:14 They say in Yiddish...
38:16 a Schlemiel is the one who spills his cup of hot soup...
38:21 the Schlimazel is the one who the hot soup lands on.
38:26 That's a Schlemiel and a Schlimazel.
38:29 So I asked Mike, I asked, "Was... was...
38:32 was Darius the king... was he a schlemiel or a schlimazel?
38:36 I said, "I think he's a schlimazel
38:38 because he let those... those leaders talk him into something
38:43 that he should not have done. "
38:45 But my Eye Doctor said, "No, he's a schlemiel
38:49 because he made a bad decision. "
38:51 So, we disagreed on that so, I made the title of...
38:55 of the presentation, "Schlemeil and Schlimazel"
38:58 because he's both.
39:00 He made a bad decision but he listened to others
39:03 who pushed him into that bad decision,
39:06 so, he's a schlemiel and he's a schlimazel.
39:09 But suffice it to say... he made a decision,
39:13 he was stuck with the decision,
39:16 he had no opportunity to change the decision
39:20 and at age 62, he should have known better...
39:25 he should have known better,
39:26 he's old enough to know... to know better.
39:30 So, jealousy is amplified and intensified
39:35 and he makes this decision and he's paying for it.
39:41 Now, here's what's interesting,
39:43 Ellen White, Prophets and Kings, page 540
39:51 pause
39:53 "In the conspiracy thus formed,
39:56 Satan played an important role. "
39:59 So, it doesn't matter...
40:01 it does not matter whether he was a schlemiel or a schlimazel,
40:05 he was a dupe of the devil.
40:07 Pause.
40:09 This plot was a Satanic-inspired plot.
40:14 This was an attempt by the devil
40:18 to once again destroy God's servant.
40:22 Satan played an important role.
40:25 He got into the hearts of the Satraps
40:28 they got into the head of the king
40:31 and Daniel ended up in jail
40:35 or in... rather... the lions' den.
40:37 He played an important role.
40:39 This is important,
40:41 "In all cases where the king had a right to command,
40:47 Daniel would obey;
40:49 but neither the king nor his decree
40:53 could make him swerve
40:55 from allegiance to the King of kings. " Amen.
40:57 Audience: Amen.
40:59 So, it is important.
41:00 Our number one allegiance is to God
41:05 it is better rather to obey God rather than man.
41:10 So, the king has some rights,
41:12 the king has some prerogatives
41:15 but the king cannot come between you and your God.
41:19 Jesus said, "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's... "
41:25 you got to pay your taxes,
41:27 amen
41:28 your got to pay your mortgage... amen
41:31 you got to do all those things
41:33 but nothing and no one is to come between you and your God
41:37 and so, Daniel was a faithful servant...
41:40 he was a... a good citizen
41:43 but no command of any king
41:46 could come between Daniel and his God.
41:49 Daniel understood what was being done.
41:52 Ellen White says... even before the king understood
41:57 Daniel understood the purposes
41:59 of those men who were trying to trap him.
42:01 Daniel knew the deal... he understood the plot...
42:06 but he also knew that his God could be trusted
42:09 and I say again, I've said this every night,
42:12 I want to say it yet again,
42:14 at some point in your Christian experience,
42:17 you are going to have to answer the question,
42:20 "How much is Jesus worth to me. "
42:24 Everybody's got to wrestle with that.
42:27 In word and in deed, you will answer that question.
42:32 "How much am I willing to give Jesus?"
42:34 "Will I give him some... will I give him half...
42:37 will I give him all?"
42:39 You will find...
42:40 you only get all... when you give all.
42:44 Amen.
42:45 You got to answer that question, could be your job...
42:49 could be Sabbath work...
42:50 could be any number of things,
42:52 but each of us will be faced with a question,
42:56 "Am I willing to rest everything on Jesus... "
43:00 and you will answer that question
43:02 sooner or later in your Christian experience
43:06 and, dare I say, your Christian experience
43:10 will only grow as far and as fast
43:12 as you answer that question in favor of Jesus...
43:14 cannot stay on the fence.
43:16 You got to answer that question.
43:18 So, the king had a right to make some demands
43:23 but nobody had a right to come between Daniel and his God
43:27 so, Daniel opens the doors, he doesn't go into his closet,
43:32 he doesn't sneak around,
43:33 he opens his doors... he faces west to Jerusalem...
43:39 and he prays out loud
43:41 so that everybody can hear and that everybody knows.
43:47 Three times a day... he prays
43:50 three times...
43:53 and Ellen White gives indication and we'll touch on this again
43:56 when we get to Daniel chapter 9
43:57 that those tricksters were watching...
44:01 they saw him open the door three times to pray
44:06 but what they didn't know
44:08 that there was somebody in the room right beside him.
44:11 When we get to Daniel chapter 9,
44:13 we'll walk through the same experience again.
44:14 It's really kind of exciting
44:16 pause
44:18 and the king spends a sleepless night.
44:23 He's worried...
44:27 Ellen White says this,
44:28 "Daniel stands before the world today
44:32 a worthy example of Christian fearlessness and fidelity. "
44:39 Amen.
44:40 He's not afraid... he knows what the punishment is,
44:44 he knows what his lot is going to be
44:48 but he stands before the world today... a worthy example
44:55 of Christian fearlessness and fidelity.
44:59 How many of us when we know that paycheck
45:04 may be interrupted... we kind of step back a little bit
45:08 or if we know that a member of the family
45:12 is going to be displeased,
45:13 we kind of downplay our love for God
45:16 but Daniel was fearless
45:19 and it was true then and it is true now
45:24 that when you stand up for Jesus,
45:27 Jesus stands up for you.
45:30 How many know that to be true?
45:32 How many can look back over their lives and say,
45:34 "You know, there was a time
45:36 when I kind of put it out there for the Lord
45:38 and the Lord kind of put it out there for me. "
45:41 It happened in my life.
45:43 Pause.
45:47 So, he's an example to all of us.
45:50 "King gave the command,
45:53 they brought Daniel and cast him into the den of lions... "
45:56 pause
46:01 this... this... you know, this... this is... this...
46:04 this is the same thing that happened with Nebuchadnezzar.
46:05 I thought... I put it in here.
46:07 Daniel chapter 6 verse 16, you remember when... when...
46:12 when Nebuchadnezzar was going to give...
46:14 sorry... when Daniel was going to give Belshazzar the bad news
46:18 about the end of the kingdom,
46:19 Belshazzar said to him, "Don't... don't be upset...
46:22 don't... don't be upset... " you know,
46:24 "say what you got to say... " this is... this is...
46:27 this is showing you that... how God is working,
46:30 now, the king speaks, he's comforting Daniel saying,
46:37 "Your God, whom you serve continually,
46:41 will deliver you. "
46:43 You think that was a... an affirmative statement
46:46 or a prayer.. or a hope...
46:49 or a wish...
46:50 "I'm... I'm praying... "
46:52 he liked Daniel... he knew that Daniel was God's man
46:55 you know... when... when... when the Lord is in your life
46:58 even though people may not appreciate it because
47:02 righteousness always shines the light on unrighteousness.
47:06 They got to respect you.
47:09 Amen.
47:10 When... when you're standing for Jesus,
47:12 they... they may not like it but they got to respect you
47:16 and if you press them, they'll say,
47:17 "You know what? Yeah, he's an honest person,
47:19 yes, she's an honest person"
47:21 they... they got to respect you,
47:23 so, the king saw the goodness in Daniel,
47:26 he knew about Daniel's God,
47:28 so he's saying,
47:30 "Please, your God whom you serve continually...
47:36 He's going to deliver you"
47:37 He's got his fingers crossed.
47:39 "He's going to do it for you,
47:41 I know He's going to do it for you"
47:43 and, of course, the king spent a sleepless night,
47:45 can't sleep, can't eat because his friend is in prison.
47:48 He's down there with a bunch of lions
47:50 in that Lions' Den.
47:51 He knows who God is... as the king...
47:54 but he hasn't really trusted in God
47:57 and he's hoping that Daniel's trust in God
48:00 will see Daniel through.
48:02 Your... your... your God can do it for you.
48:04 He didn't say, "Our God" he said, "Your God...
48:06 your God can... He can do it for you
48:08 you'll be all right...
48:10 you're going to be fine... "
48:14 he spends a sleepless night worrying about his friend.
48:19 Pause.
48:23 In a relatively short time,
48:24 Daniel had become a most trusted advisor and friend.
48:29 Just like Joseph in the days of Potiphar,
48:32 just like the maiden in the household of Naaman,
48:36 just like Esther and Mordecai in the days of this same empire,
48:41 God has always
48:43 and will always have a voice and a representative
48:48 and that's why Daniel stands as a worthy example
48:52 of fearless devotion to the Lord.
48:54 Remember I told you... when Daniel started this journey,
48:58 he was a young man sub-20,
49:00 we figure about 18 years of age.
49:01 Daniel has been serving the Lord for 50 years now
49:05 and you develop a lot of cache with God after 50 years.
49:09 Daniel knew his God and God knew Daniel, amen.
49:15 So he could trust Him.
49:17 He, God, could trust Daniel and he, Daniel, could trust God.
49:22 So the king is worried but I don't think Daniel was.
49:26 The king spent the night awake but Daniel went to sleep,
49:31 I suspect, a nice fluffy lion
49:34 will be a nice pillow to lie down on.
49:36 Audience: Agreeing.
49:37 Warm... heart beating...
49:40 little fat on the bones...
49:43 just crawl up and lie down and go to sleep.
49:46 So, poor Mr. King is worried... Daniel is not.
49:51 Poor Mr. King can't eat... Daniel is fine
49:57 because he trusts in his God
50:01 and the trap that was sprung did not work
50:05 because when you stand up for God,
50:08 God stands up for you.
50:11 He labors till sundown
50:13 and Daniel ends up in the Lions' den.
50:16 Pause.
50:23 Command is given... Daniel's in...
50:27 and the king is worrying.
50:29 Pause.
50:34 He goes to the palace... he spends the night...
50:37 and I like verse 18...
50:40 no food...
50:42 no musicians...
50:45 no sleep...
50:48 he's worried about his friend
50:52 and even music couldn't comfort him,
50:55 so he's worried about his friend
50:59 but his friend is under the control of... of God.
51:03 Pause.
51:06 That's not a picture of a confident man, is it?
51:08 Doesn't look confident...
51:11 and the Bible says, "Very early the next morning"
51:18 very early the next morning...
51:20 he didn't wait for the alarm clock to go off
51:22 before the sun to come up...
51:24 very early the next morning, he goes to the lions' den
51:32 and... and the words...
51:35 and I wish we had time to read the whole chapter
51:38 so you can get the context
51:39 but it will take too much time to read everything,
51:41 but if you... if you look at how he structures his... his plea...
51:44 "Daniel, servant of the Most High God... "
51:48 pause
51:52 this is a man who's worried...
51:54 but he knows that Daniel serves a high and holy God
51:58 and so, he puts it all in context,
52:00 "Daniel, you servant of God... "
52:02 pause
52:08 he sees Daniel and he wants to know...
52:13 "Has your God been able to deliver you?"
52:19 Because he knows that if Daniel is delivered
52:24 it had to be God who did it.
52:26 Amen.
52:27 So, he's admitting the sovereignty of God.
52:31 "Daniel, you servant of the living God,
52:34 has your God been able to deliver you?"
52:38 I wish he could have said, "Has our God... "
52:40 but he didn't know God just yet...
52:44 not as he should...
52:46 and from the words... from the darkness of that den...
52:51 came... and I'll put it in my words...
52:55 "I'm fine... "
52:58 Amen.
53:00 "I'm fine... "
53:02 and I think the king was ecstatic
53:06 and now, the third king honors Daniel...
53:12 the third king.
53:15 You know, we do not serve a vengeful God
53:20 the king did some vengeful stuff
53:24 on the heels of this
53:27 but I'm glad that we don't serve a vengeful God.
53:30 Audience: Amen.
53:32 When someone does you wrong,
53:34 you don't have to lie awake nights
53:36 thinking of ways to get back at them,
53:38 we don't serve a vengeful God.
53:40 Deuteronomy chapter 32 verse 35, Romans 12:19
53:45 both say the same thing,
53:47 one... Old Testament... one... New Testament...
53:48 they say, "Vengeance is the Lord's... "
53:50 now that's not saying God delights in vengeance,
53:53 what the context is... when something bad happens to you
53:56 at the hands of somebody else,
53:58 don't you seek vengeance, put them in the hand of God.
54:01 "Let me take care of vengeance...
54:04 vengeance is mine... let... let me sort it out... "
54:07 one: you may not know the... the whole story...
54:11 I'll tell you a quick story.
54:12 When I was in college, I had a roommate,
54:15 bless his heart, I won't call his name,
54:18 he used to chew with his mouth open
54:20 and when I was in school,
54:23 there was a big thing about eating granola,
54:25 everybody wanted to be healthy.
54:27 You know granola's crunchy, you got to chew it a lot,
54:29 and my... my roommate use to... used to...
54:31 you know, we... when I was... at Oakwood particularly,
54:34 we would keep our milk on the...
54:36 on the windowsill outside in the winter... when it was cold
54:38 and he'd have a granola and we'd be studying in the room
54:40 and, of course, when you're...
54:41 you're in a small dorm room,
54:43 you and your roommate are very intimate,
54:44 you know... you just... you can't get away from us,
54:46 if he does something, you will be... end up doing it
54:48 because you're very intimate,
54:49 well, he would chew with his mouth open
54:51 and... just... his family just did that,
54:54 he'd take a spoonful of granola and just aowmph...
54:57 aowmph... aowmph... aowmph... aowmph... aowmph...
55:00 and that would just drive me crazy,
55:02 it would just drive me up the wall,
55:04 and I said, "You know, he's doing that on purpose...
55:06 there's nobody that would chew with their mouth open like that"
55:08 and he... he'd be so loud...
55:10 aowmph... aowmph... aowmph... aowmph... aowmph... aowmph
55:13 and it would just... I would just put my fingers in my ears
55:16 and I... I couldn't drown it...
55:18 I was just like, "He is doing that on purpose"
55:20 I really got kind of mad at him
55:21 and come to find out when graduation came and...
55:25 and my family and his family all went out to dinner
55:29 at the restaurant,
55:31 his whole family did that,
55:32 it was just a family thing
55:34 they sat and they oumph... owmph... owmph... owmph...
55:36 owmph... owmph... everybody chewing like that
55:38 and I said, "You know, all this time,
55:39 I've... I've been kind of hating him...
55:41 kind of hating him
55:44 because I thought he was just trying to do that
55:45 to get on my nerves" but the whole family did it
55:47 and my mother said... when we went back to the room,
55:49 she said, "You ever met anybody who chewed like that?
55:52 The whole family chews like that. "
55:53 Laughter...
55:55 And I really was thinking of ways to try to get back at him
55:59 tell the truth...
56:02 I said, "You know what? This... this is ridiculous... "
56:04 every day I got to listen to the owmph... owmph... owmph... owmph
56:08 oumph...
56:09 but... but it wasn't... it was just a family thing...
56:11 the whole family had this way of chewing
56:13 and enjoying their food
56:14 and that's kind of how they did it
56:16 and... and I'm thinking of ways to get back at him
56:18 and... and didn't know that it was innocent,
56:22 my point is, sometimes
56:24 you think that people are doing things on purpose,
56:26 it may not be...
56:27 or even if it is... the Bible says,
56:30 "Vengeance is mine saith the Lord. "
56:32 Daniel could have said,
56:35 "All right, these guys tried to get me,
56:38 now let me get them"
56:39 but he didn't...
56:41 he just gave praise to the Lord.
56:43 Ellen White says, "Satan had an important role. "
56:47 You see, the person next to you...
56:50 even though they do you wrong is not your enemy.
56:52 Pause.
56:54 Satan is the enemy...
56:55 Satan is the enemy,
56:56 we spend a lot of time looking around...
56:58 head kind of... on a swivel looking at other people,
57:00 Satan's not... I mean... they are not your enemy,
57:03 the person you see is not your enemy,
57:04 Satan is the enemy.
57:06 Now, does sometimes Satan get into people?
57:08 Hmmm... hmmm...
57:09 yeah...
57:11 he got into those Satraps who were jealous of Daniel
57:13 and he does get into people,
57:15 but Satan is the real enemy.
57:18 So, pray for the people
57:20 and let the Lord take care of Satan.
57:23 Amen. Audience: Amen.
57:25 So, Daniel didn't say, "King, put them in jail,
57:27 put them in the Lions' Den"
57:28 they ended up there but it wasn't at Daniel's request
57:31 because vengeance belongs to the Lord.
57:34 That's pretty frightening...
57:35 that's pretty frightening but Daniel escaped.
57:41 Daniel was honored by God as an ambassador.
57:46 This is a long reading
57:50 but I'm going to tell you what it says,
57:54 It says that in the days of Nebuchadnezzar,
57:57 Daniel prospered...
57:59 in the reign of Darius, Daniel prospered...
58:03 why?
58:04 because as long as you serve God,
58:07 God will bless you.
58:08 When you stand up for Jesus,
58:12 Jesus will stand up for you.


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