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00:01 Music...
00:26 Hello and once again to Daniel All Access.
00:31 This is our walk through the Book of Daniel
00:35 this very important book in the Old Testament
00:39 the companion of Revelation
00:41 which has so much to say to God's people in these last days
00:46 and we pray that you've been blessed
00:48 and that you've learned some things in our study together
00:51 for there is much in the Old Testament
00:54 that reflects upon the days in which we find ourselves
00:59 and that is designed to prepare us
01:02 for the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
01:05 so we thank you again for being with us today
01:08 we look at Daniel chapter 9
01:13 and we would ask you to turn in your Bibles
01:14 to Daniel chapter 9,
01:16 we do not have time to read the entire chapter
01:20 but we will be referring to Daniel chapter 9.
01:25 The message: Skill to Understand
01:28 Daniel chapter 9.
01:30 We ask you now to bow your heads with me as we pray.
01:35 Father God, we praise you and thank you so very much
01:41 for your Word and the power of that Word
01:46 and we thank you dear Lord
01:49 for those things that you have placed in your Word
01:55 that our... as it were... signposts
01:59 to let us know where we are going,
02:03 how far we have come and how far we have yet to go.
02:10 Help us Lord to take each step with our hand
02:16 in the unchanging hand of the master
02:20 and help us Lord, to look to you
02:24 and to serve you and to follow wherever you lead.
02:30 Be our teacher today
02:32 and give us heaven's very best we do pray
02:37 and we thank you dear Father, in Jesus' name, amen. "
02:42 Audience: Amen.
02:43 Daniel chapter 9 takes place
02:48 after the change in world empires.
02:53 The Babylonian Empire has just concluded its 70-year run
03:00 and Daniel chapter 9 takes place
03:06 in the first year of the ensuing Medo-Persian Empire.
03:13 Pause.
03:15 What is interesting is that Daniel chapter 9
03:19 begins with the first year of Darius or Dareeus the Mede
03:24 but what I discovered... I simply had not seen it before
03:29 is that Daniel chapter 9 and Daniel chapter 6
03:35 cover the same time period
03:39 so, what you find in Daniel chapter 6
03:44 is amplified in Daniel chapter 9
03:48 because for the first several verses,
03:51 really most all of the chapters,
03:54 they cover the same basic time period.
03:57 Daniel chapter 9 begins with the first year of Darius the Mede.
04:04 In Daniel chapter 6, we see...
04:10 we're in the first year of Darius the Mede
04:13 and in Daniel chapter 6,
04:17 Darius thinks so highly of Daniel
04:22 that, verse 3 tells us,
04:26 he considers making Daniel the head of the whole Empire.
04:30 That is the impression that he has of Daniel
04:33 because of the great spirit that is within him.
04:36 He does not do it
04:39 but certainly it is in his mind to do so
04:41 and Daniel chapter 6... the very first verse tells us
04:46 that Darius begins to make immediately
04:48 a number of administrative changes
04:52 while he is settling into his new role
04:55 as Leader of the Medo-Persian Empire.
04:57 He is considering making Daniel the head of the whole thing
05:02 at the head... at the level of Prime Minister.
05:04 The Lions' Den incident from Daniel chapter 6 is looming,
05:11 the plot is being hatched,
05:15 the satraps and leaders are plotting Daniel's downfall
05:22 and as we said when we talked about
05:26 and looked at Daniel 6,
05:27 the ploy was that no one was to pray to any king
05:34 or any god for 30 days
05:37 and Darius... who the Bible says was 62 years old
05:42 who should have known better
05:43 allowed his vanity and his ego to get in the way
05:48 and he allowed that edict to be passed
05:52 an Edict of the Medes and the Persians
05:56 which could not be changed.
05:58 Once it was signed, it could not be altered.
06:02 What is interesting and really quite fascinating
06:06 is the fact that while this plot is being hatched
06:11 and Ellen White takes pains to say
06:13 that this plot is orchestrated by Satan.
06:16 This is a Satanically-inspired- and-orchestrated plot
06:22 to get Daniel out of the way
06:25 but what is fascinating...
06:28 and we don't see this until we get to Daniel 9
06:31 and then push it back to Daniel 6,
06:33 is that, Daniel, at this point in his life
06:37 is praying more than ever before.
06:40 Daniel is not only praying... but if you look at verse 3
06:47 in Daniel chapter 9,
06:49 pause...
06:52 we see the intensity and the fervency
06:55 of Daniel's prayer.
06:56 The Bible says in the book of Daniel chapter 9 verse 3,
07:00 "... then I set my face towards the Lord God,
07:05 to make my request by prayer and supplication
07:10 with fasting, sackcloth and ashes... "
07:15 pause
07:18 Daniel, at this point in his life,
07:21 is praying harder than ever before.
07:24 Sackcloth and ashes is a way of expressing extreme grief
07:30 and remorse and repentance.
07:34 Sackcloth was a garment made of either flax or hemp...
07:40 sometimes camel hair... sometimes goat hair.
07:44 It was designed to be painful and austere
07:49 so, when you put on sackcloth,
07:52 you are saying that something very bad has happened
07:58 and you feel very bad about it
08:01 and you are repenting and begging God for forgiveness...
08:05 the very act of wearing sackcloth
08:07 was a painful experience
08:09 and then the ashes... you either sat in the ashes
08:14 or you poured ashes upon your head
08:17 and it was a way of showing
08:20 complete and utter self-renunciation
08:24 and saying to God, "I am sorry... I love you...
08:30 and I repent of my sins. "
08:32 Well, Daniel was doing this now.
08:35 Daniel is in sackcloth and ashes...
08:37 he is praying...
08:39 he confesses his sins...
08:43 he praises God...
08:45 he acknowledges his sins...
08:48 he acknowledges the sins of his people
08:51 and really... this sackcloth and ashes
08:54 is done... not so much because Daniel is...
08:59 is worried about himself
09:01 but at this point in his ministry,
09:03 Daniel is worried about his people.
09:07 Daniel has a burden for his people
09:10 because God is beginning to show him some things...
09:14 and we'll get back to this in just a moment
09:16 that are distressing him.
09:19 Daniel is praying for mercy,
09:23 he is proclaiming and claiming
09:26 the fulfillment of the prophecies of Jeremiah
09:29 and while he is speaking
09:32 some very wonderful things are happening.
09:37 Pause.
09:39 You know, we serve... we serve a good God.
09:42 Audience: Amen.
09:43 Who never leaves us nor forsakes us
09:48 and I'll tell you something else God does,
09:51 God plans ahead...
09:54 Audience: Amen. Pastor Murray: Amen.
09:58 Daniel, at this point in his life,
10:01 is as close to God as he has ever been.
10:08 What we see here... as we pull Daniel chapter 6
10:12 and Daniel chapter 9 together,
10:15 is a confluence of powers in the great controversy.
10:21 We see a fight between good and evil.
10:25 Daniel quotes... in Daniel chapter 9:20,
10:29 "I was confessing my sin and the sin of Israel,
10:34 presenting my supplication before the Lord
10:37 and while I was speaking, Gabriel comes back... "
10:42 we praise the Lord for that.
10:44 So, now, Daniel is going to get some homeschooling from Gabriel.
10:51 Pause.
10:53 Now, let's connect the dots.
10:55 Pause.
10:58 We saw in "Prophets and Kings" that the plot against Daniel
11:03 was personally orchestrated by Satan.
11:07 Satan wanted Daniel out of the way
11:11 pause
11:13 but if you look at the spiritual state of Daniel
11:17 at this point in time,
11:18 Daniel is as locked in with the Lord as ever a man could be.
11:24 He's praying... he's fasting... he's confessing his sins...
11:30 he is confessing the sins of Israel...
11:34 he is in sackcloth and ashes
11:37 and he's taking Bible Studies from the angel Gabriel.
11:41 Does it get any better than that?
11:45 Ellen White says, he knows there's a plot,
11:49 he knows they are trying to end his life,
11:52 but it doesn't matter,
11:54 he is not concerned... because he's got bigger fish to fry.
12:00 Daniel is worried about what's coming...
12:04 not what's happening.
12:05 He's on a totally different spiritual plain,
12:10 he's not even concerned
12:12 about all the stuff going on around him
12:15 because he's locked in with the Lord
12:18 and what he is concerned about particularly now
12:21 is the future of his people,
12:23 what are they going to do with Christ.
12:28 He is looking at the time of the deliverer...
12:31 he's looking at a time when sin is going to be eradicated,
12:35 he couldn't be better prepared for the Lions' Den
12:42 than anybody in history.
12:45 Daniel, at this point,
12:48 is thoroughly pressed into the presence of God.
12:53 He's got... dare I say... an IV drip...
12:59 to the Grace Pipeline...
13:01 He is prayed up... he is ready to go...
13:06 he is ready for his part in the great controversy.
13:11 He has stripped himself of pride
13:14 and he's worried about his people.
13:17 This is an unpublished manuscript page 406.
13:24 It says, "Self-annihilation... "
13:28 now isn't that an interesting word?
13:29 She doesn't say "Self-abnegation" Pastor,
13:31 she says, "self-annihilation"
13:34 "Self-annihilation is a hard process,
13:40 for self struggles for existence and dies hard... "
13:46 I was going to call this sermon: Die Hard.
13:47 Audience: Amen.
13:50 It dies hard...
13:51 "... but prayer and faith place the weakest sinner
13:56 on vantage ground where the hand of faith
14:01 can grasp firmly the hand of the Savior. "
14:05 Audience: Amen.
14:06 I want to say "Amen" to that.
14:08 Audience loudly: Amen.
14:10 The prayer of faith
14:12 puts the sinner in an advantage over Satan.
14:19 Amen.
14:20 Audience: Amen.
14:22 Pause.
14:24 Where you can grasp on to the hand of Jesus.
14:27 Audience: Amen.
14:28 And when you take hold of the hand of Christ,
14:30 He will never let you go.
14:32 Audience: Amen.
14:34 In and through Christ,
14:37 we may come off more than conquerors.
14:42 Audience: Amen. Pastor: Praise the Lord.
14:44 So, Daniel is sold out to the Lord.
14:47 He is in love with the Lord,
14:49 he has humbled himself before the Lord
14:52 and he is on firm and strong ground with the Lord
14:58 through prayer and faith.
15:01 Now, look at this, "Satan... "
15:04 see Satan knows some stuff that we don't know
15:08 and we should know
15:09 but here's one thing that Satan knows
15:12 that we all should know.
15:13 "Satan is well aware... " amen...
15:17 "Satan is well aware... that the weakest soul...
15:21 weakest soul
15:24 weakest soul... "
15:27 Audience loudly: AMEN!
15:29 I said, "weakest soul"
15:31 Audience very loudly: Amen.
15:32 "... the weakest soul who abides in Christ
15:38 is... almost a match... "
15:41 Audience: No... more than a match.
15:44 Pastor: Can almost get through"
15:46 Audience: more...
15:47 Pastor: Can just about make it.
15:49 Audience: No...
15:50 Mmm... mmm...
15:52 "... the weakest soul is more than a match"
15:57 glory to God...
15:58 Audience: Amen.
15:59 "... is more than a match for the hosts of darkness... "
16:03 Great Controversy, page 530.
16:05 Satan knows that even if you don't
16:09 which is why he wants to keep you from knowing that
16:13 that the weakest soul...
16:15 more than a match...
16:18 for the hosts of darkness
16:20 and so Daniel is praying... he's fasting...
16:23 he's... he's humbling himself...
16:26 and he's more than a match...
16:29 he is more than a match...
16:32 for all of the tricks and maneuvers of the devil.
16:38 So, right at the time
16:41 when Satan thinks, "I've got him... "
16:45 he doesn't know that Daniel is bullet proof.
16:52 Pause.
16:55 He's prayed up... he's ready to go...
16:58 so not only is Daniel quenching the fiery darts of the wicked
17:03 he is prepared to receive greater knowledge
17:09 because God is getting ready to give him an understanding
17:14 that is going to shake him to his knees.
17:18 Pause.
17:20 It is Gabriel who comes to tell Daniel
17:26 heaven has sent me here because you are greatly beloved
17:34 and when I ran into that several nights ago
17:39 pause
17:43 it... it kind of got to me...
17:47 pause
17:49 and I must admit to you that I was envious of Daniel.
17:58 Pastor, Gabriel told him,
18:03 "I'm here... because in heaven they love you a lot. "
18:12 Pause.
18:15 And I sat and stared at that for quite a while.
18:18 Pause.
18:20 And I must admit to you
18:22 that I was very, very envious of Daniel
18:29 pause
18:31 because I will tell you,
18:33 I would love to have that said about me.
18:36 Audience loudly: Amen.
18:37 Pause.
18:40 "In heaven, they like you a lot. "
18:44 Pause.
18:48 And so, Gabriel says, "I've come to help you
18:51 because we love you. "
18:56 Pause.
19:00 I'll tell you something,
19:02 pause
19:10 earlier this year,
19:12 Danny came to Pastor Lomacang and myself
19:16 and he said, "I want you to do a Series on Daniel and Revelation
19:24 pause
19:27 and to try as you can
19:30 to stay out of the vortex of the parts of the books
19:39 that are controversial
19:40 and just bring messages
19:42 that will be of import and value to the people... "
19:46 pause
19:49 and I began writing.
19:51 We had to do some things in Romania
19:57 and so, I didn't really get to working on this
20:01 until late March
20:03 pause
20:07 and for the last eight weeks,
20:09 I've done nothing but eat and sleep Daniel.
20:14 Pause.
20:18 I don't think I've gone to bed before 2 a. m.
20:21 since March 15th literally.
20:24 Pause.
20:26 I've spent many nights up all night
20:30 just working on... on Daniel
20:34 pause
20:37 and during that whole time I was possessed
20:41 of a feeling of woeful inadequacy.
20:48 Pause
20:54 more pause.
21:02 I didn't feel up to the task of bringing what I knew
21:11 was in this book
21:14 and I didn't have my Commentaries
21:17 and most of my study books with me... they were packed away
21:19 and some in Panama...
21:20 pause
21:25 and yet I wanted to let you see what God was showing me
21:34 and I just didn't feel adequate.
21:37 Pause.
21:41 Daniel here... is an old man.
21:45 Pause.
21:47 My calculations put him in the mid-to-late eighties...
21:52 he was a teenager when he started...
21:53 this is post-Babylonian Empire
21:56 so that's 70 years
21:58 plus the 18 or so years when he got there in 605 B.C.
22:02 so he's 88... 89 years of age.
22:05 He's not... he's not a young guy
22:07 pause
22:09 and you can see that the travails
22:16 of serving the Lord so long and so many plots
22:19 and so many things are beginning to wear on him
22:21 because over and over you see he was sick certain days...
22:25 he fainted certain days...
22:26 he was on the ground on his face certain days
22:28 he's... he's not a young person
22:30 and yet heaven has got a lot more to... to... to tell him
22:38 pause
22:40 and so, heaven dispatches Gabriel to his side
22:48 to support him
22:50 and Gabriel comes with a message
22:54 "I'm... I'm here because we... we love you... "
23:02 pause
23:05 and when I saw that, I... I... I envied him.
23:10 Pause.
23:19 I would like to be so used of God
23:22 pause
23:27 that heaven could say,
23:30 "You are greatly loved in... in heaven. "
23:33 Audience loudly: Amen.
23:36 Pause.
23:38 And to know that an angel can come down and assist you
23:48 and then in chapter 10,
23:56 God the Son turns to his Father
23:58 pause
24:01 and says, "You know, that...
24:04 that's our guy down there,
24:07 pause
24:10 I think I should go down there and help him. "
24:13 Pause.
24:15 And so, in chapter 10,
24:18 Christ Himself comes to aid Daniel
24:20 pause
24:25 and it's marvelous to know
24:29 that God will give you as much help as you need
24:35 when you need it.
24:38 Audience: Amen.
24:40 Pause...
24:46 more pause...
24:49 What is interesting as you bring
24:52 chapters 9 and chapters 6 together
24:55 pause
24:58 is that
25:01 the Lions' Den incident
25:05 is hatched while Daniel is at his strongest
25:11 pause
25:13 and in chapter 9,
25:17 Gabriel comes
25:20 to help Daniel understand
25:24 the 70-week prophecy which is to come.
25:27 Pause.
25:29 Daniel is fasting and praying and committing himself to God
25:37 he's praying three times a day,
25:41 he's fasting and humbling himself
25:45 because Gabriel is getting ready to show him some things
25:51 that are going to seriously disturb him.
25:56 Pause.
25:59 During this time,
26:00 pause...
26:06 and I don't know why I'm getting...
26:07 pause...
26:12 during this time...
26:14 they are plotting to take this 80-plus-year-old man's life
26:21 pause
26:26 more pause...
26:29 and Daniel chapter 9 verse 21 says
26:36 that when Daniel began to humble himself,
26:43 the angel Gabriel was swiftly dispatched to assist him
26:52 because his prayer was going to be answered
26:57 but he wasn't going to necessarily like the way
27:01 that prayer was answered.
27:03 Pause.
27:05 So, Daniel says, "Gabriel got there
27:08 about the time of the evening sacrifice.
27:12 So he got there late afternoon.
27:14 Ellen White says that the Medo-Persian conspirators
27:23 watched Daniel pray three times that day
27:30 before they went and told the king
27:33 pause
27:34 so that means that during Daniel's third prayer
27:44 while they are watching
27:46 Gabriel was already there.
27:49 Audience: Amen.
27:51 He was there...
27:52 so they go and tell the king
27:56 and the King... the Bible says...
28:00 fought till sundown to free Daniel
28:04 but he couldn't do it.
28:06 Pause.
28:09 Now, Gabriel was already there...
28:12 this is why you need time sometimes
28:14 to go into these things.
28:16 Pause.
28:19 Gabriel was there for another reason.
28:22 He's getting ready to tell Daniel about the 70 weeks
28:26 but it occurs to me, my dear Pastor,
28:32 that angels can multi-task.
28:35 Audience: Amen. Pastor: Amen.
28:38 Audience louder: Amen.
28:42 So, when Daniel... I mean Gabriel was there already
28:48 and Daniel was aware that Gabriel was by his side,
28:54 that's what 9:21 says,
28:56 "I know he's there...
28:57 he got here... during my third prayer. "
29:02 So, when Daniel went into the Lions' Den,
29:07 pause
29:10 my assumption is, Gabriel said,
29:14 "I'm here already... "
29:17 so when Daniel went in... my thesis is
29:25 Gabriel walked in with him.
29:28 Audience: Amen.
29:29 We know some angel went in
29:33 because the next morning when the king said,
29:36 "Has your God
29:38 whom you continually serve delivered you?"
29:41 Daniel said, "The angel of the Lord has shut the lions' mouth"
29:48 now Gabriel was already on site.
29:51 Audience: Amen.
29:52 Pastor: Amen.
29:54 Audience: Amen.
29:55 So, when Daniel walked into the Lions' Den,
29:59 Gabriel walked right in there with him.
30:02 Audience: Amen... amen...
30:04 Scared? No sir... he wasn't scared...
30:10 because he had "angel comfort" and "angel custody"
30:15 and an "angel consort" that whole night
30:18 and it was the angel that shuts the lions' jaw
30:22 so, you don't see that until you put Daniel chapter 9
30:27 right on top of Daniel chapter 6.
30:29 Daniel is an old man now,
30:31 he's been with the Lord a long time.
30:33 He... he doesn't need necessarily to pray for himself
30:37 because he's locked in with the Lord,
30:39 he's praying for his people...
30:41 Audience: Amen... amen.
30:43 He's praying for Israel...
30:46 and here's why I know that is so.
30:50 We're getting ready to walk into the 490-year prophecy.
30:57 that's what Gabriel has come to explain to Daniel.
31:02 Pause.
31:04 You will see that Gabriel says to Daniel,
31:09 "490 years are determined for your people. "
31:14 You got 490 years to get this right...
31:19 That means that it's not right now...
31:25 amen...
31:27 and you got 490... to get it right.
31:30 "but the reason you've got 490 is because it's not right. "
31:38 And Daniel must have known that at the end of the 490...
31:46 things would still not be right,
31:50 he had to know that.
31:53 Pause.
31:55 He couldn't see down through the 1,260...
31:58 he couldn't see down through the 2,300 days...
32:02 those visions were sealed...
32:04 but he could see down to the time of Christ
32:07 and if he saw down to the time of Christ,
32:09 he had to see and know
32:12 that things would be as bad at the time of Christ
32:15 as they were right then when he got that prophecy.
32:18 That's why he was sick, that's why he was fainting,
32:21 that's why his face was to the ground
32:23 because he realized that after 490 years,
32:25 nothing was going to change.
32:27 Pause.
32:32 And so the Lord sends Gabriel down to help
32:39 because Daniel admits, "I'm overwhelmed"
32:45 pause
32:48 because I've been given a view of the future
32:51 and nothing is going to change. "
32:58 Pause.
33:00 The truth is, Ladies and Gentlemen,
33:03 except for very few moments,
33:05 the history of Israel is a history of failure.
33:11 Pause.
33:15 They never got it right
33:17 and that's what Daniel was forced to see
33:21 when he looked at that prophecy.
33:24 That's why the angel had to walk him through that prophecy
33:29 because God was going to show him these people
33:35 that you care so much about
33:37 are never going to get it right
33:42 and 500 years from today,
33:46 nothing will have changed.
33:50 Christ will come and live and die and...
33:58 and be rejected...
34:03 pause
34:11 and Gabriel tells him, "That is not a reflection on you
34:17 for you are greatly loved. "
34:22 So now it begins,
34:25 pause
34:28 Gabriel speaks to Daniel and lets him know
34:36 that seventy weeks are determined for your people
34:43 and the holy city...
34:45 "You've got 490 years... "
34:52 pause
34:55 and so this prophetic utterance
34:58 is addressed to the Jewish nation
35:02 and the city of Jerusalem.
35:05 Let's look at the word, "Determined" in Hebrew.
35:09 It is: chathak
35:13 and actually if the Jews are pronouncing it,
35:18 it would be "Kathak"
35:21 it means to cut off from
35:25 the inference is that a piece is being cut off
35:29 of something larger and longer.
35:32 So, 70 weeks now is segmented or separated
35:37 out of a pre-determined length of time.
35:41 The subject are the Jews and Jerusalem
35:46 and so the question then is "When does it start?"
35:52 And I like the translation from the New Living Translation,
35:56 the Living Bible is not a Bible you use for Bible Study
36:01 you can use it for inspiration
36:03 and I like this translation,
36:05 this is the New Living Translation, it says,
36:08 "A period of seventy sets of seven
36:11 has been decreed for your people
36:14 and your holy city to finish their rebellion... "
36:19 You see, Israel was in a constant state of rebellion
36:25 against God
36:26 and the Lord was telling Daniel,
36:28 "I'm giving you 490 additional years
36:31 to end this rebellious situation. "
36:35 You see, the world is still in rebellion today
36:38 and God is giving us time to end the rebellion.
36:42 Pause.
36:44 You got 490 years to end the rebellion
36:47 and that's why Daniel was so sick
36:49 because he knew at the end of the 490 years,
36:52 the rebellion would still be going on.
36:54 Pause.
36:57 The word for rebellion is "pesha"
37:00 I think I have that here... pesha...
37:03 it means a moral or national revolt
37:07 and so, God is telling Daniel,
37:10 "I'm going to give your people my people...
37:12 490 years to end their revolt against the rule of God.
37:19 Pause.
37:22 70 weeks to end the rebellion,
37:25 to put down the revolt,
37:28 to make an end of sins,
37:30 to make reconciliation for iniquity,
37:34 to bring in everlasting righteousness,
37:38 to seal up the vision and prophecy
37:41 and to anoint the most High.
37:45 That's what this time is for
37:48 and here is where it starts.
37:52 Daniel chapter 9 verse 25.
37:56 Pause.
37:59 "Know therefore and understand,
38:01 that from the going forth of the command
38:04 to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince
38:07 shall be seven weeks and sixty-two weeks;
38:11 the street shall be built again,
38:14 and the wall, even in troublous times. "
38:17 And so, this time was to start
38:19 at the going forth of the decree.
38:22 Now, we've got a little homework assignment here
38:25 because the Bible shows us
38:28 that there are actually three decrees.
38:30 Cyrus issues a decree in...
38:35 it's found in Ezra chapter 1 verses 1 through 4,
38:41 that's the decree of Cyrus.
38:44 It was issued in 538 B.C.
38:47 That decree said that you can take back the holy implements
38:52 back to Jerusalem...
38:54 so those things that Nebuchadnezzar had brought out
38:57 and that Belshazzar had defamed...
38:59 they can go back.
39:01 And then Dareeus or Darius issues a decree
39:04 found in Ezra chapter 6 verses 1 through 12,
39:07 his decree issued in 519 B.C.
39:12 this reaffirmed the original decree
39:14 and added some other kinds of things.
39:17 It was basically an affirmation of
39:19 and a little expansion of the original decree by Cyrus
39:22 and then, Artaxerxes issues a decree in 457 B.C.
39:29 This decree is much more comprehensive.
39:33 It is the longest of the decrees
39:35 it's found in Ezra chapter 7 verses 11 to 26
39:39 and it allows for the rebuilding of the city...
39:43 the rebuilding of the wall and the establishment
39:46 of administrative practices in Jerusalem...
39:49 in other words, the decree that was issued in 457
39:55 allowed Jerusalem to live again.
39:59 It gave sovereignty to the Jewish people.
40:02 Now, we find this from Ezra chapter 6 verse 14
40:05 that really all three decrees work together
40:09 but the decree that begins
40:12 the time period of the 70 weeks is 457 B.C.
40:18 The second half of that prophecy
40:22 terminates with Messiah the Prince.
40:26 "So the elders of the Jews built,
40:30 and they prospered
40:32 through the prophesying of Haggai the prophet
40:35 and Zechariah the son of Iddo.
40:37 "And they built and finished it,
40:38 according to the commandment of the God of Israel,
40:43 and according to the commandment of Cyrus, Darius... or Dareeus
40:48 and Artaxerxes king of Persia. "
40:51 So, really, all three decrees worked together
40:54 but it was the third and final decree
40:57 that became the starting point for the 70 weeks
41:02 or the 69 weeks plus one week.
41:05 That takes us to the baptism of Jesus
41:11 and it was at His baptism that Jesus became the Anointed One
41:18 or the Messiah.
41:20 You've got those three terms,
41:22 one English... one Hebrew... one Greek...
41:24 Messiah is English... it is not purely English
41:27 but it is English enough,
41:29 you've got the Anointed One
41:31 which is the Hebrew meaning of Messiah
41:34 and then you've got Christ or Christo... which is Greek.
41:37 So Christ... Jesus became Christ
41:42 at His baptism
41:44 and that is when his work began in time... on time... in 27 A.D.
41:50 And then Gabriel informs Daniel
41:54 that in the midst of that last week,
41:56 three and a half years later Messiah would be cut off.
42:00 So, Christ's earthly ministry
42:03 lasted a short three and a half years.
42:05 Now, that's His earthly ministry.
42:07 Thank God His heavenly ministry is going on even till today.
42:10 Audience: Amen.
42:11 So, you're still getting benefits
42:13 of that three-and-a-half-year walk with us
42:14 but His earthly ministry was three and a half years.
42:18 He suffered at the end of that time... "the second death"
42:22 so that we do not have to.
42:25 There are many, many prophecies in the Old Testament
42:29 that speak of who Jesus is and what Jesus came to do
42:33 but Daniel 9:25 is unique because it pinpoints the Messiah
42:40 500 years before He actually came
42:43 and more than that,
42:45 it gives us a view of His work, His suffering and His death,
42:50 how He lived... how long He lived...
42:53 what He was going to do for us
42:55 and it gives us clues as to what He is doing in heaven even now.
42:59 Isaiah gives a beautiful picture of Christ.
43:03 Immanuel, Wonderful Counselor, Prince of Peace,
43:06 Everlasting Father...
43:07 but Daniel gives us precise ideas of who Jesus was,
43:13 when He was going to come and what He was going to do
43:18 so the Bible alludes now to 490 years.
43:23 Verse 25 slips in...
43:26 and we find that in Leviticus chapter 25 verse 8
43:31 the Bible says, "Count all seven years of seven"
43:35 it gives you 49 years...
43:37 what the Bible is doing here...
43:40 it's slipping in jubilee language
43:43 and the jubilee is a sermon in itself
43:47 the Bible is slipping in jubilee language
43:50 and when you talk about jubilee language,
43:52 you're talking about freedom language.
43:55 So, whenever you hear "Jubilee"
43:57 in your mind... think "Freedom"
44:00 because in the Jubilee Year, all went free.
44:04 In the Jubilee Year,
44:07 that which was bound was set free.
44:09 In the Jubilee Year,
44:11 that which was rented out returned to its owner.
44:15 In the Jubilee Year, all debts were canceled.
44:19 In the Jubilee Year,
44:21 freedom was brought to all people
44:26 and so Christ used Jubilee language in His preaching.
44:32 Paul said in Romans chapter 6 verse 18,
44:37 "You have been set free from sin
44:40 and become slaves of righteousness. "
44:44 That was Christ's method and that was Christ's message.
44:50 That is a sermon and a study in itself.
44:54 Daniel must have understood and seen and been thrilled
45:00 at the fact that Jesus was coming to set His people free
45:06 but he must have been terrorized to understand
45:10 at the same point... that after 490 years,
45:15 his people would not be ready for that freedom.
45:18 Pause.
45:20 They would not accept that freedom.
45:22 They would not walk in that freedom.
45:24 That the message of jubilee would come to a people
45:29 who were so accustomed to bondage
45:33 and darkness
45:35 that they could not see the light
45:37 when it was shining in their eyes.
45:39 Isaiah stated... in Isaiah 61
45:44 that Christ would come to bring the acceptable year of the Lord
45:51 and isn't it interesting that in Luke chapter 4 verse 16
45:57 when Christ went into the temple
45:59 and stood up to read,
46:01 He opened up the Bible and where did He quote from?
46:04 He quoted from Isaiah 61.
46:06 Pause.
46:09 He quoted the acceptable year of the Lord.
46:11 He used Jubilee language.
46:14 Christ said, "I'm coming to open the gates of the prisons,
46:19 I am coming to proclaim an acceptable year of the Lord
46:24 to those of you who have indentured yourself to sin.
46:28 That's my message and that is my mission. "
46:34 And Daniel saw that
46:37 and it must have grieved his heart to know and understand
46:41 that when Christ would bring that message,
46:44 His people would simply not be ready.
46:48 Pause.
46:51 Christ said, "Today, this is fulfilled in your ears"
46:56 and do you know what their response was?
46:59 They took up stones to kill Him
47:03 because they were not ready for freedom.
47:06 You know, the Bible says,
47:07 "Men love darkness because their deeds are evil"
47:12 and you can live so long in darkness
47:15 that the light actually hurts your eyes
47:19 and they had been in darkness so long...
47:23 had been slaves to their own thinking for so long
47:27 that when the light came they preferred the darkness
47:32 and they were unwilling to accept the light.
47:36 So, Gabriel now in Daniel chapter 9
47:42 is giving Daniel the most defined delineated tracing
47:50 of the life and times of the Redeemer
47:53 anywhere in the Old Testament.
47:55 Let's look at Daniel chapter 9 verse 27.
48:00 The Bible says,
48:02 "... He shall confirm the covenant
48:05 with many for one week... "
48:08 Jesus told His disciples as He drank the cup,
48:13 "This is the blood of the covenant poured out for you
48:19 for forgiveness of sin. "
48:22 Christ confirmed the covenant by His life... His death...
48:28 and His resurrection. "
48:30 Christ's death... just hours
48:35 after this Last Supper experience,
48:38 ended the sacrificial system.
48:42 It ended the Temple Services.
48:45 It ended the keeping of feasts.
48:49 It ended all of those activities
48:53 that were looking forward to the death of Christ on the cross,
48:57 and by His death,
49:00 those activities lost their efficacy.
49:05 They were not necessary anymore
49:07 because Christ died once and once was enough.
49:13 Audience: Amen.
49:15 That's what the whole book of Hebrews was all about
49:16 that all of those rituals...
49:19 all of those things could never really cleanse sin
49:23 they were just looking forward to the time
49:26 when the death of Christ and His shed blood
49:29 would cleanse men and women from sin
49:32 and it only had to happen once.
49:35 So now, you don't have to suffer because Christ did.
49:39 You don't have to die because Christ did.
49:42 You don't have to be afraid of God
49:44 because Christ has made a blending...
49:48 a bridge between you and God
49:49 so now you can come to God boldly
49:52 because Christ has died for you.
49:54 When the veil was rent and the Holy of Holies was exposed
49:59 it signified that the Sanctuary System had run its due course
50:05 because the Lord had literally left the building.
50:11 He was not there anymore
50:13 and for the next several thousand years,
50:18 God would be pleased to dwell in the hearts of men and women.
50:24 He didn't want to dwell in a temple,
50:27 He didn't want to dwell in a building...
50:29 He would dwell from now on until the coming of Christ
50:33 in the hearts of men and women.
50:35 Audience: Amen.
50:37 And some 36 years later, that building... the Temple
50:40 and much of the city was destroyed.
50:42 It would become a pile of rubble and ashes...
50:45 not one stone left upon another...
50:49 but it didn't matter
50:50 because Christ was now building His Kingdom in our hearts.
50:56 Audience: Amen.
50:57 When Christ rose and went to heaven,
51:01 the ministry continued.
51:04 He confirmed it by sending us His Holy Spirit.
51:09 He confirmed it by sending us an abundance of grace.
51:14 He confirmed it by sending us His love and His mercy.
51:20 He confirmed it by sending us attending angels.
51:24 He confirmed it by sending us a message
51:27 of works done through the power of that spirit,
51:30 in Acts chapter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.
51:37 Pause.
51:40 And at the week... at the end of that week
51:45 when the national rejection of Christ
51:48 was sealed by the stoning of Stephen,
51:53 Jesus sent His love and He told us...
51:58 even though the wall... rather the stone of the wall
52:05 has been rejected by the builders,
52:09 the power of God is ever present,
52:13 is ever new and ever strong.
52:17 He confirmed it by the Pentecostal experience,
52:21 he confirmed it by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit
52:25 and that at the end of the 490 years,
52:29 Paul and Barnabas said,
52:32 "We now are going to the Gentiles. "
52:35 But before that, Saul was knocked from his horse
52:40 and became Paul
52:42 and a Christian hater became a lover of Christ
52:49 and a saver of souls.
52:51 Peter was praying one night
52:54 and he saw a sheet full of unclean animals
52:58 and he said, "It is not my custom to eat unclean things"
53:03 and Paul... or rather the Lord had Peter to understand
53:08 "This has nothing to do with food...
53:10 what I want you to know is
53:13 don't call anybody for whom Christ has died 'unclean'
53:19 your mission now is to go to the world
53:24 and let the world know that Jesus saves. "
53:28 Meanwhile, a Roman soldier named Cornelius got converted
53:36 and he brought his whole family with him.
53:41 You see, the 490-year period that Daniel saw
53:46 must have distressed him
53:49 because he saw that the gospel was going to leave
53:54 a small select group of people
53:57 who had failed him
54:01 and now, the gospel was going to go to the whole world.
54:07 From now on, it was going to be
54:11 "Whosoever will... let him come. "
54:14 From now on, it was going to be,
54:18 "Take the Word to the north,
54:20 the south, the east and the west. "
54:24 From now on, it was going to be,
54:27 "Christ has died for all"
54:30 and the Gentiles now become grafted in
54:33 and become heirs to the promise
54:37 because of the death of Christ and their faith in Him.
54:42 Daniel could not see down to our day
54:45 for the vision was sealed
54:47 but what he saw gave him pause.
54:52 What he saw was that God was going to take the gospel
55:00 to whoever would receive it.
55:03 Audience: Amen.
55:04 Sad news for the Jewish community,
55:08 but good news for you and I.
55:11 Audience: Amen.
55:12 For now, we can come to the Lord,
55:15 we don't have to become Jews first,
55:18 we come to Jesus and we become Spiritual Israel
55:25 through Christ
55:27 and Daniel saw this and it made him ill
55:31 but Gabriel said, "That's okay"
55:38 and then he puts a little interesting text
55:42 at the end of this chapter,
55:45 he says, "One day, you are going to stand in your place,
55:51 and see the salvation of the Lord.
55:54 The vision is afar off...
55:57 but the vision is sure...
56:01 and it's interpretation true...
56:04 for He that shall come will come and will not tarry. "
56:12 Audience: Amen.
56:13 Shall we pray, "Father God,
56:15 we praise you now
56:16 and we thank you
56:18 because what Daniel saw frightened him
56:24 but what we see in the future, gives us hope and courage.
56:32 Pause.
56:34 It gives us joy in our hearts
56:36 for there is coming a time of trouble
56:40 but Jesus is coming also,
56:47 and we know that through Christ,
56:51 we are overcomers
56:55 and we will overcome
57:00 and we shall see Christ face to face.
57:07 Keep us faithful, dear Lord,
57:12 until we see you face to face...
57:18 until it is our privilege to walk through the gates
57:23 and into the City...
57:25 until it is our privilege to sit around the great throne
57:32 and sing the song of Moses and the Lamb.
57:37 A song that angels cannot sing,
57:42 for they have never felt the joy
57:47 that our salvation brings.
57:50 Bless us to this end... we praise you...
57:56 we thank you... in Jesus' name, amen. "
58:01 Audience: Amen.


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