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00:02 Music...
00:25 And we welcome you once again to
00:27 Daniel All Access.
00:29 This is our chapter-by-chapter study
00:33 through the book of Daniel...
00:35 this wonderful complex book which has so much to say
00:38 about the past... the present... and our future
00:42 all housed in this wonderful prophetic book called Daniel.
00:47 We're happy that you joined us
00:48 and perhaps you want to take some notes
00:51 or make some special note of some of the things
00:55 that we're going to be talking about
00:57 because Daniel has so much to say to us.
00:59 Daniel and its companion... the book of Revelation
01:02 ought to be studied in these last days
01:05 because one... they give us our bearings...
01:07 they allow us to see where we are
01:09 as respect to the close of this earth's history
01:11 and affirm for us that we are close...
01:14 yea, very, very close to the second coming
01:17 of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
01:19 So, we pray that you've been blessed
01:21 during the previous studies
01:22 and that as we move into this rather complex book and chapter
01:27 that you will again be blessed today.
01:29 Would you join me now as we call upon the Lord in prayer.
01:32 "Father God, we do praise you and thank you so very much
01:37 for the privilege that is ours to study the Word of God.
01:41 We thank you for Daniel and for this wonderful prophetic work
01:46 which gives much evidence of your leading in the past,
01:51 today and in the future.
01:53 Help us as we study,
01:55 grant us the presence and power of your Holy Spirit
01:59 so that we may know and do and be prepared for that day
02:03 when we shall see Christ face to face...
02:07 we thank you Lord, in Jesus' name, amen. "
02:10 Pause.
02:13 The title of our message is: The Train is on the Track...
02:17 The train is on the track
02:19 and we'll sort of unpack that in just a little bit.
02:24 Daniel chapter 11 is among
02:29 the longer chapters in the book of Daniel by far
02:34 it is much more in-depth
02:38 than some of its fellow chapters in this book.
02:41 It focuses on the world that existed
02:46 post or after Medo-Persia and Greece
02:51 and it puts these kingdoms and the succeeding kingdoms
02:55 under a magnifying glass.
02:57 That's one of the keys
02:59 to understanding Daniel's admitted complexity.
03:02 Daniel 11 introduces some new characters...
03:06 it focuses a little tighter
03:08 on some of the old or existing characters
03:11 and it is my belief that it does not alter or change
03:15 and this is important...
03:17 it does not alter or change the scope of our study
03:22 it simply gives us more depth.
03:25 In other words, Daniel takes a deeper look in chapter 11.
03:31 He takes a deeper look...
03:33 it's not a different look... same material...
03:35 just a deeper look.
03:37 Daniel chapter 11 is looking still at the same prophetic
03:42 continuum that we have looked at previously
03:45 and it's wrestling, I think, with the same material
03:49 that we have seen in Daniel chapter 2, chapter 6,
03:54 chapter 7, chapters 8 and 9... there's a pattern there
03:58 that is outlined...
04:00 it continues in that pattern...
04:01 all moving in the same prophetic direction
04:04 including the explanations and the interpretations
04:07 by no less than Gabriel himself and as we said,
04:11 a cameo appearance by the glorified Lord.
04:13 So, when we look at Daniel and we see this pattern
04:18 through this book, this pattern is called...
04:20 you recall... "Repeat and enlarge"
04:24 the pattern is: Repeat and Enlarge.
04:28 Daniel goes over the same material
04:31 and every time he re-covers that material,
04:34 he enlarges our scope
04:36 but in Daniel chapter 11 in particular
04:39 he takes a closer look... a closer examination
04:43 of the same material, so, he repeats... he enlarges...
04:48 and he digs a little deeper in Daniel chapter 11...
04:53 so, to understand... we must, as I said in the title,
04:58 Keep the Train
04:59 on the Track.
05:01 Now, what does that mean?
05:02 The Bible tends not to make radical changes... radical flips
05:08 or unsubstantiated or unanticipated course corrections
05:14 when it is walking you through the narrative.
05:17 So, chapter 11... of all the chapters in Daniel
05:20 has occasioned the most rigorous debate and discussion
05:25 partly because it is so comprehensive
05:28 and it is so exhaustive.
05:30 So, that's why you've got to keep the train on the track
05:34 if you want to understand what he is saying
05:36 and not kind of make sharp move to the left
05:39 or sharp move to the right...
05:40 got to keep the train on the track
05:42 and that will help you understand Daniel
05:44 and also the book of Revelation.
05:46 Since this chapter is so exhaustive and rather long,
05:50 we're not going to take a verse-by-verse exegesis
05:54 or explanation of the book
05:55 what I want to do is rather to observe
05:58 the pattern and direction that we see in Daniel chapter 11
06:03 and this is necessary because parts of Daniel 11
06:07 are not totally fulfilled and there may be some surprises
06:12 coming to this old earth before Jesus comes again
06:16 that are alluded to in Daniel chapter 11.
06:20 Now, Hearers... I remind you this...
06:22 the Biblical understanding
06:23 of the beauty and value of prophecy.
06:29 The Bible says in John chapter 13 verse 19,
06:36 John 13:19 a wonderful text
06:39 "Now I tell you before it come, that, when it does come to pass,
06:44 you may believe... "
06:45 the context... Christ is telling
06:47 and preparing to expose His betrayer
06:51 and Christ is saying, "I tell you these things before
06:54 so that when they do come,
06:56 you can have faith in the God who is leading you. "
06:59 Wonderful passage in John 13:19.
07:02 Also, we should consider Jeremiah 28:9.
07:08 "... when the word of the prophet comes to pass,
07:11 the prophet will be known as one whom the Lord has sent. "
07:16 So, the Bible is simply saying,
07:18 "If the Bible predicts something and it comes to pass,
07:22 then you can have confidence that that word...
07:25 that prophetic message is from the Lord. "
07:27 So, we look now for the patterns in Daniel chapter 11
07:31 for time's sake we'll try to move through
07:36 in... in... in this material in rather... rather great...
07:39 great leaps of time.
07:42 There is a pattern and we're looking at Revelation...
07:46 the seven trumpets... 144,000...
07:48 Revelation chapter 14...
07:50 there are some other prickly passages
07:52 that need to be examined in humility and in sincerity.
07:58 Well, there are parts of Daniel chapter 11
08:00 that fall into that same category.
08:02 So, in the broadest context
08:06 and since Daniel is a rather...
08:09 can I say, "Nuanced look" at the world from Daniel's day
08:14 down to our day... down to the second coming
08:17 of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
08:20 So, let's look at it in... in those broad terms.
08:23 Daniel chapter 11 verse 5,
08:28 Daniel 11:1, 3 through 13
08:33 Daniel 11:1 and 2...
08:36 so, let's go back to Daniel 11:1 and 2...
08:40 Daniel 11:1 and 2 examines Persia.
08:43 Medo-Persia but it really emphasizes the Persian half
08:48 of that equation.
08:49 Daniel chapter 11 verses 3 through 13
08:54 examines Greece and Alexander
08:57 and to some extent takes us into the four divisions
09:01 of the Grecian Empire.
09:03 Daniel chapter 11 verse 5 talks about the King of the South.
09:10 Daniel 11 verse 6 talks about the King of the North
09:17 and Daniel chapter 11 verses 7 through 14
09:25 examine Syria and Egypt.
09:27 Daniel 11:15 through 22 we look at
09:32 and are... given to study Pagan...
09:37 that is Imperial Rome
09:38 Daniel chapter 11 verses 23 through 35
09:43 we look at Papal Rome,
09:47 Daniel 11:36 through 39... this is a new insertion...
09:52 a new God, no God, Atheism and Egypt's Spiritual children.
10:00 or dare I say, step-children...
10:02 but really Egypt's spiritual children
10:04 and when we get to that,
10:05 we'll sort of walk you through that also.
10:08 Daniel chapter 11 verses 40 through 45...
10:11 The Reassertion of Papal Authority
10:14 so, you can see, this is a complex book...
10:16 this is a book that has a lot of nuance and a lot of depth.
10:19 Much to study... much to learn in this book of Daniel
10:26 and chapter 11... particularly.
10:30 Now, it is this... this new part of the book
10:35 where we see a parallel...
10:38 let me put it this way...
10:40 If you look at a drop of pond water,
10:43 water from a pond or a stream,
10:45 if you look through that drop of pond water
10:49 through a magnifying glass,
10:51 you will see more than you would see
10:54 if you looked at it through the naked eye
10:57 but if you looked at that drop of pond water
10:59 through a microscope,
11:02 you would scarcely believe
11:04 that you're looking at the same drop of water
11:06 but the fact is,
11:08 that everything that was visible under the microscope
11:12 was there under the magnifying glass
11:17 but your eyes could not see it
11:20 without some additional assistance.
11:23 That's the way Daniel is,
11:25 he gives you that additional assistance
11:28 so that when you're looking at particularly Medo-Persia
11:32 and Greece and the succeeding kingdoms,
11:36 you're looking at it now through a microscope
11:39 even more than a magnifying glass
11:41 and certainly more than the naked eye.
11:44 We can say Daniel chapter 2 is sort of... naked eye...
11:48 but as we move through the succeeding chapters,
11:50 we go under a magnifying glass
11:52 and then when we get to Daniel chapter 11,
11:55 now we're looking under a microscope.
11:58 Now, let me say this and this is important
12:01 because I don't believe any sincere Christian
12:03 will be lost from heaven
12:05 because of a misunderstanding
12:08 or because of their understanding
12:10 of Daniel chapter 11
12:11 if they don't get it perfectly
12:13 but Daniel is a book that needs to be studied
12:17 for our edification
12:18 as we prepare for the coming
12:21 of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
12:23 The disclaimer is simply this,
12:24 I suspect that Islam perhaps has a role to play
12:31 in the end-time scenario.
12:32 We're looking at... and listening so much about Islam
12:35 as it impacts the world... it is large... it is aggressive
12:39 and it was the Islamic incursions
12:42 back in the 10th and 11th Century
12:46 that really put a halt
12:47 to the unfettered work of the Medieval Church
12:52 but I believe that something is going to play out with Islam
13:01 but we don't know quite what it is
13:02 so that's one of the things that we have to kind of look at
13:04 with humility and see how it's going to play out...
13:08 I don't think that it will be a focal point
13:10 as many Bible students do
13:13 but I think there is a platform that Islam may have
13:18 in the closing scenes of earth's history
13:21 because of its size... because of its aggressive nature
13:24 and we just have to keep our eyes open
13:26 and see how this is going to play out
13:28 as we come closer and closer to the end of this world
13:32 and the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
13:34 Pause.
13:36 I have a high degree of agreement
13:39 with those who talk about the diversity
13:43 and the increased opinions
13:46 of those who look at this chapter
13:48 but when we talk about Islam and some of those things,
13:52 we have to be very careful and to do so with prayer
13:55 because the landscape is a little opaque...
13:58 it is a little murky,
14:00 we don't know quite what Islam is going to do
14:03 and how it's going to figure in the end-time scenario
14:06 but I suspect there is a place for it.
14:09 So we move back to... to Daniel.
14:12 The Bible tells us that some interesting things
14:16 are going to happen.
14:17 In Daniel chapter 11, we see, where the Bible tells us
14:22 that three more kings
14:24 are going to come upon the scene of action.
14:27 Those kings are: Cambyses spoken of in Ezra 4 verse 6,
14:33 Gaumata... Ezra chapter 4 verse 7,
14:37 Darius the first... Ezra chapter 4 verse 24,
14:41 and Xerxes... in Daniel chapter 11 verses 1 and 2.
14:47 We find that... there are four more kings.
14:49 Xerxes by-the-way is the Ahasuerus of the book of Esther
14:54 and that word always...
14:56 that name always sort of trips me up
14:58 as it does many people
15:00 but it's Ahasuerus...
15:02 as best as I can do with that pronunciation
15:05 from the book of Esther.
15:06 This fourth king, the Bible says,
15:09 will be richer by far than the others.
15:11 He is Xerxes and that name
15:15 when translated through becomes again... Ahasuerus...
15:19 or Ahasuerus from the Word of God.
15:23 He will use his power, his purse and his position
15:27 to stir his Empire up against Greece.
15:30 We touched on that when we looked at Daniel chapter 9
15:34 with this... what seems like a personal animosity
15:37 between the goat and the ram.
15:39 Well, there was a personal animosity
15:43 between the Persian King and Greece...
15:46 and we saw that in Daniel chapter 9 and we see it again.
15:50 This fourth king, Xerxes, as I said
15:52 failed to conquer Greece.
15:55 This was the one who had Vashti as his wife
15:58 and later married Esther.
16:00 He raised one of the largest armies and into history
16:03 they marched into Greece and got, dare I say, embarrassed
16:08 you've heard of 300 Spartans at Thermopylae
16:11 well, that's this whole scenario
16:13 of him trying to conquer the Grecian States...
16:16 the Grecian States united
16:18 and they turned back the incursions
16:23 of the Persian Empire.
16:24 Very interesting story...
16:26 the Greeks dressed in metal and the Persians dressed in cloth
16:32 were no real match for them
16:36 and then, of course, as we said before,
16:37 the Persians were not accustomed to hand-to-hand combat,
16:40 they were more "arrow shooters"
16:42 and, of course, when you're covered in metal
16:43 an arrow's not going to do too much,
16:45 so, even though the army was much larger,
16:48 it didn't do what he had expected it to do.
16:52 A second Artaxerxes called Longimanus...
16:56 he was the one that was responsible for the 457 decree
17:02 that began the start of the 2,300-day prophecy
17:07 and so that's how we bring that in,
17:09 so, remember, that we're establishing
17:13 this magnifying glass pattern.
17:15 We are getting an enhanced view of the Medo-Persian Empire
17:20 that we didn't get in the previous chapters
17:22 slanted of course to the Persian side
17:25 because it was the Persian side
17:26 as opposed to the Median side which was a little more active.
17:30 Then in Daniel chapter 11 and verse 3,
17:32 we pivot now to Greece.
17:34 The Bible tells us about "a mighty king shall arise...
17:39 and rule with great dominion.
17:41 He will do what he wants...
17:44 the Kingdom is broken up... scattered to the four winds...
17:48 and none among his posterity with inherit. "
17:52 Well, that is of course, Alexander
17:54 and his four leading Generals.
17:57 So, in verse 5 we get this new player
18:00 we have to keep the train on the tracks
18:03 and our thought progression has to be linear...
18:08 we're following along... a mighty king...
18:10 kingdom divided...
18:12 his children will not take over...
18:15 he will be divided and scattered to the four winds...
18:18 the only person that fits that is Alexander.
18:21 Alexander's Empire is divided into four sub-Empires
18:25 and we'll come back to that in just a little bit.
18:29 These four sub-Empires were under control
18:33 of his four leading Generals.
18:36 The King of the South is initially Ptolemy and Egypt...
18:43 that's one of the four Generals
18:45 that we're going to be talking about
18:47 and we'll... we'll come back to that in just a moment.
18:51 The King of the North is initially Seleucus...
18:54 another of the four Generals
18:56 that we're going to be talking about.
18:59 Here they are...
19:00 Lysimachus / Cassander Seleucus and Ptolemy.
19:04 Now I put them in that order for a reason...
19:09 I'll explain in just a moment
19:10 but Seleucus or initial King of the North
19:13 Ptolemy... initial King of the South
19:16 and it was these two particular Generals
19:20 that sort of came to the ascendancy
19:22 after the death of Alexander.
19:25 So, we identify right off the bat...
19:28 the King of the North Seleucus...
19:30 the King of the South... Ptolemy.
19:32 Now, I'm identifying them
19:34 in relation to their geographical proximity
19:40 to the Holy Land.
19:41 To the North... Seleucus...
19:43 to the South... Ptolemy and Egypt.
19:47 it is Egypt until after 31 B.C.
19:51 and the Atheistic offspring of those children.
19:57 The four mini empires became two.
20:02 Now, all the Seleucid kings took the name: Antiochus
20:06 and you recall that it was the Seleucids
20:09 that conquered the Holy Land.
20:11 They were in-charge of the Holy Land and North.
20:14 They all took the name: Antiochus.
20:16 Antiochus 1... Antiochus 2...
20:17 Antiochus 3... Antiochus 4...
20:19 Antiochus Epimanes...
20:20 all of these kings took the name "Antiochus"
20:25 there were eight Seleucid kings in all.
20:27 Daniel chapter 11 verses 14 to 25... 29 rather
20:33 identifies a new King of the North
20:36 and we're going to come to that in just a moment
20:38 because there is a Power that succeeds the Seleucid kings
20:43 and, of course, that is Pagan or Imperial Rome.
20:48 So, one of the views that we will see of God's people
20:53 is that they are being assaulted and crushed by a two-sided vice.
20:58 False religion on the one hand
21:02 and Atheistic...
21:06 Atheism, rather, on the other.
21:09 Now, the Ptolemies in the south
21:12 or in Egypt
21:13 ruled for many, many years...
21:15 about 168 years.
21:16 You've heard of this name before Cleopatra...
21:18 this is Cleopatra number 7.
21:20 She was a Ptolemy or part of that dynasty in Egypt
21:24 that we see as the King of the South.
21:28 Daniel 11 reveals a squeeze play as we've said before.
21:34 False religion and Atheism...
21:37 False Religion in the north and Atheism in the south.
21:42 and these two forces will oppose each other...
21:45 sometimes join each other
21:47 and sometimes join each other in fighting God's people
21:50 but throughout the years there's this "Squeeze Pay"
21:53 "Squeeze Play" rather
21:54 of False Religion in the north and Atheism in the south
21:57 all coming against the people of God.
22:02 Pause.
22:05 Ptolemy is the initial King of the South
22:09 and the Seleucids are the initial Kings of the North.
22:13 We're... we're... we're... sort of begging that point
22:16 because what happens is you had four Generals
22:20 and the four Generals become two.
22:23 Lysimachus overthrows Cassander
22:27 and then Seleucus, King of the North,
22:30 kills Lysimachus in a war of expansion.
22:33 So, very quickly, the four become two.
22:37 You got Seleucus in the north, you got Ptolemy in the south,
22:40 and the four become two.
22:42 So, you've got a King of the North
22:43 and a King of the South
22:45 and this is further justification
22:47 for the understanding of Ptolemy as the King of the South
22:51 and the Seleucids or the Antiochus Dynasty
22:55 as the initial kings of north.
22:57 Now, you notice this... this gets kind of complex...
23:00 it gets kind of involved
23:01 and that's because Daniel's giving us this deeper look...
23:04 this closer look...
23:05 we don't get these names in Daniel chapter 2.
23:07 We get the arms and chest of silver
23:12 and we get the thighs of brass
23:14 but we don't the names... we don't get the king
23:16 so Daniel 11 is giving us this little closer look...
23:19 it's putting these kingdoms under a magnifying glass
23:22 so that we not only know what is going on...
23:26 we know who are the players and the actors,
23:28 King of the North... King of the South...
23:31 within decades after the death of Alexander,
23:33 as I said before, these four kingdoms
23:36 or four sub-Empires become two
23:40 and Ptolemy in the north, Seleucus in the south.
23:45 Now, a little detail...
23:46 we'll try to run through this very quickly,
23:49 In chapters 11:6... chapter 11 verse 6...
23:52 alludes to Ptolemy the 2nd... the Expansionist.
23:56 Antiochus the 2nd... King of the North...
23:59 leaves his wife Bernice who is a daughter of Ptolemy...
24:04 a little inter-marriage there...
24:07 and marries, rather, Bernice...
24:09 he leaves his wife, Laodice who then subsequently
24:15 has Bernice assassinated and her son
24:18 and then poisons Antiochus, you got all this intrigue.
24:22 Bernice's brother, Ptolemy the 3rd, travels north,
24:26 overthrows Syria, in the battle that follows,
24:29 Antiochus the 3rd... King of the North
24:32 and Ptolemy the 4th... King of the South
24:36 meet at the battle of Raphia in 217 B.C.
24:40 Ptolemy wins...
24:41 16 years later, Antiochus the 3rd comes through
24:44 and defeats Egypt so you've got this interplay,
24:46 back and forth... back and forth
24:47 inter-marrying, murder,
24:50 intrigue, death... back and forth,
24:52 King of the North... King of the South...
24:54 King of the South... King of the North...
24:55 King of the North over King of the South
24:57 Antiochus... Ptolemy... back and forth
24:59 for about 168 years.
25:02 That's all played out and explained in Daniel chapter 11
25:05 verses 11 through 13.
25:08 Now, Daniel turns to a new power,
25:10 we've got to kind of scoot along here
25:12 because time is getting away from us
25:13 He turns to a new power in verse 14 through 29...
25:18 which assumes the role and identity
25:21 of King of the North,
25:23 now, we've got to keep the train on the track...
25:25 so, when you want to know who the new King of the North is
25:28 simply look for the kingdom that supplants the Seleucid Kingdom.
25:32 Who comes on the scene of action after the Seleucids are gone?
25:37 That is, of course, Pagan Rome.
25:40 The new power is Pagan Rome.
25:43 Where is Rome in relation to Israel?
25:46 It is north... it is north west but it is also north
25:50 because it conquers just about everything in that area
25:53 so it's north,
25:54 so, when you're looking for the new identity
25:56 of the King of the North, it is Pagan Rome.
25:59 The Seleucid Empire and the Ptolemaic Empire
26:03 as we said, lasted about 168 years.
26:06 Near the end, Cleopatra 7... she is a Ptolemy
26:10 so she's female but she's King of the South
26:14 bears a child for Julius Caesar nicknamed Caesarion.
26:18 She then bears three children for his successor Mary Antony.
26:24 Now, we move now into the age of Roman domination.
26:30 As I said... Cleopatra... one child for Caesar
26:35 three for Mark Antony.
26:37 Pause.
26:39 The King of the North is Pagan... then Papal Rome.
26:45 Rome annexed Egypt
26:48 under the first true emperor called Octavian
26:53 or Caesar Augustus.
26:54 He defeated Cleopatra and Mark Antony
26:59 at the war in 31 A.D.
27:03 at a battle called, The Battle of Actium.
27:06 Octavian defeats the forces of Mark Antony and Cleopatra
27:11 and really, from that time on Egypt is a Vassal State,
27:14 it is not really a country standing alone anymore...
27:19 it's part of the Roman Empire and gets swallowed up
27:21 as part of the Roman Empire.
27:24 So, the new King of the North becomes Pagan or Imperial Rome
27:28 and the King of the South now has to change
27:32 because Egypt as a stand-alone country
27:35 no longer exists.
27:36 You see, the depth... the layers that Daniel is taking us through
27:40 he's giving us much more of a microscopic look
27:43 at what's going on or what is happening.
27:47 So, either Pagan or Papal Rome
27:51 is part of the King of the North.
27:54 We see now again the Squeeze play...
27:57 false religion in the North
27:59 and Anti-God Atheism in the South.
28:04 Now, that encourages us to tap the brake just a little bit
28:07 to try to be a little judicious here
28:10 because the narrative gets very, very involved
28:14 as we mentioned the King of the South
28:18 changes as does the King of the North.
28:22 We mentioned Actium
28:24 where the Roman Empire annexed Egypt
28:27 and Mark Antony and Cleopatra are defeated...
28:31 and Egypt ceases to exist as a stand-alone country.
28:36 We have to adjust our sights
28:39 to identify the King of the South.
28:42 In Revelation chapter 11 and verse 8,
28:45 Scripture speaks about spiritual Egypt
28:49 because of her opposition to God's people historically
28:54 as outlined in Exodus chapter 5 verse 2.
29:00 So, when we're looking now at the King of the South,
29:04 you can't look at Egypt as a country anymore,
29:07 you've got to look at her spiritual sons and daughters.
29:11 So, prior to A.D. 31 in the Battle of Actium...
29:15 Egypt was a nation physically opposing God's people.
29:19 After A.D. 31, the King of the South now
29:23 is the "Spiritual Children" of Egypt.
29:28 Those who have that anti-God Atheistic mindset
29:33 as we saw in ancient Egypt.
29:37 So, Daniel 11 shows the people of God now
29:40 assailed by this Squeeze Play... false religion and Atheism
29:46 and as we've noted... our starting point is A.D. 31.
29:51 Now, let's move on.
29:53 In 1798 something happened.
29:59 Let me go back and just walk you through that.
30:02 In the north, Pagan Rome was succeeded by Papal Rome.
30:11 Both opposed the people of God.
30:16 Papal Rome had an almost
30:19 unfettered sway and control of Europe
30:22 from 538 A.D. to 1798 A.D.
30:29 or 1,260 years of what Daniel 11 calls "The Appointed Time. "
30:38 History informs us that in that year
30:42 the dominance of the western world by the Papacy
30:47 came to its end.
30:48 How did that happen?
30:50 In 1798, French General Berthier at the orders of Napoleon
30:57 took the Pope prisoner
30:59 and the 1,260-year reign of the Papacy in Europe
31:07 came to its end.
31:10 That reign of power... sometimes called the Dark Ages
31:15 or the Middle Ages came to an... an end.
31:20 The Pope's capture ended the times, time and 1/2 a time
31:26 1,260-year rule of the Papacy.
31:29 Pause.
31:31 583 to 1798 as predicted in Daniel chapter 7 verse 25.
31:39 We talked about that when we went through Daniel chapter 7.
31:42 Daniel 11:35 mentions the "time of the end"
31:46 or "the appointed time"
31:48 that "appointed time" was 1798...
31:50 it was at that time in that year
31:53 that Berthier took his action
31:56 and the church's unfettered reign came to an end.
32:00 What replaced it was something kind of sad.
32:05 Atheism replaced it
32:07 as the "Age of Reason"
32:10 and, of course, this took place in France.
32:12 Really a horrible time.
32:14 For the first time in the history of the world,
32:16 a country outlawed religion...
32:19 voted Christianity out...
32:21 said, "We're not going to have any more faith...
32:24 any more churches... any more praying...
32:26 any more worship of... of God... "
32:28 it was a political move
32:32 by the King of the South
32:35 so the new King of the South now is France...
32:38 a spiritual daughter
32:40 an ideological daughter of Egypt
32:44 against God's people... against the people of God
32:47 and so, Atheism and all its tentacles now rears its head
32:52 and if you look at Europe today,
32:54 so much of it is a part of the fallout
32:57 of what happened so many years ago in 1798.
33:03 Verse 38, "a God which his fathers did not know"
33:08 very, very important text,
33:10 it's talking about this God of Atheism that was ushered in
33:15 by the French in the year 1798.
33:20 Brand-new god... a god that its fathers did not know.
33:23 What kind of God is it? It is no God.
33:27 It is a decision by the French people
33:29 to have no God...
33:31 to make a god of reason...
33:33 to make a god of their own mindset...
33:36 to make a humanistic god...
33:37 but they weren't going to worship
33:40 the God of heaven anymore
33:41 and this mind-set has gone down through the years
33:46 and really, Europe is a very secular place even to this day.
33:50 There are men and women and young people
33:53 who are trying to serve the Lord
33:55 but there is much secularism there
33:57 and much of it had its beginning...
34:00 it's genesis in 1798 when the French people said,
34:03 "We will not have God to be our God anymore. "
34:07 Verse 38 of Daniel chapter 11 calls it,
34:10 "a god which his fathers did not know"
34:14 so, it's part of the spiritual legacy of Egypt
34:18 and as such France or Atheism
34:21 as espoused by the French Government
34:24 is the King of the South.
34:26 It's kind of interesting that
34:29 for a while the King of the North
34:30 went and captured the King of the South
34:34 but both of them historically have had their unity
34:41 in being against God's people.
34:43 so, I'm looking at some of the names I have here.
34:47 Georg Hegel 1797 called the Father of Atheism.
34:51 Charles Darwin 1837,
34:53 Karl Marx and Communistic Atheism 1843
34:57 and so, to this very day
34:59 it has settled into the hearts and minds of so many.
35:03 The great German Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche
35:08 very famous name...
35:12 he said in 1882, "God is dead"
35:19 and so, even on television today you've got Ron Reagan who says,
35:24 "There is no God, there is no heaven,
35:27 there is no hell. "
35:28 Pete Singer... Michael Martin...
35:30 Richard Dawkins... Stephen Hawking...
35:33 all brilliant... all prolific writers...
35:36 many teaching in our schools and universities
35:39 but all possessed of the one self-same belief
35:43 that there simply is no God
35:47 and of course, the Bible says,
35:49 "The fool has said in his heart, 'there is no God. '"
35:51 And "The fear of the Lord... " Proverbs 9:10
35:55 "is the beginning of wisdom. "
35:57 How many people are there... famous people... famous names
36:01 that you know that are Atheistic?
36:03 Katharine Hepburn, Sigmund Freud,
36:06 Clarence Darrow,
36:08 Andrew Carnegie,
36:09 Mark Zuckerberg,
36:10 all brilliant... all accomplished...
36:14 all very talented...
36:15 but all believing in their hearts that there is no God
36:19 either Agnostic... most Atheistic
36:22 and I say again, Psalm chapter 14 and verse 1,
36:26 "The fool has said in his heart, 'there is no God. '"
36:31 How very, very sad.
36:34 Pause.
36:35 Psalm chapter 9 verse 10.
36:38 "And those who know Your name and put their trust in You;
36:42 For you, Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You. "
36:45 And I'm so glad that even though there are so many
36:49 who don't believe in God,
36:50 God has not abandoned this world
36:53 and God has not abandoned His people.
36:56 France, by vote of Government, voted out religion
37:01 here's the date... November 26, 1793.
37:08 She issued a decree
37:11 abolishing all religion.
37:15 They threw the Bibles into the streets...
37:18 they cursed the name of God...
37:21 and yet Daniel sees a resurrection of this North power
37:27 even though Berthier took him off his throne,
37:30 Daniel says that this King of the North
37:34 is going to be resurrected
37:36 as far as power and authority is concerned
37:40 and an attempt is going to be made again
37:43 to dominate the world
37:45 and that was done with the signing of the Lateran Treaty
37:49 in February 11... on February 11, 1929.
37:55 Papal Sovereignty was re-established
37:58 and Papal authority was re-asserted
38:02 across the globe.
38:04 So, though there was a time when the King of the North
38:09 sort of "took his lumps" as it were,
38:12 that was healed... that wound was healed...
38:15 and in 1929 the Papacy was given the Vatican States
38:20 and other Papal Estates,
38:22 it became a free-standing self-governing entity.
38:26 Once again Eastern Europe fell under the curtain of Communism
38:31 which has only recently been lifted,
38:34 and the Muslim world has again asserted itself
38:38 and time will not allow us to examine that line of thought
38:43 save to say that in these last days the Bible says,
38:47 "All the world will wonder after the beast... "
38:51 a quote from Revelation chapter 11
38:54 which lets us know that many things are going to happen
38:57 as orchestrated by this Papal Power
39:01 which has re-asserted itself
39:03 and again is taking its place as a religion
39:07 that is intent on world domination
39:11 and control of the spiritual lives of men and women
39:15 across this earth.
39:17 Pause.
39:19 Daniel chapter 11 verses 40 to 41
39:22 allows us to understand that the King of the North's
39:27 involvement in the fall of Communism
39:30 and that influence has moved through to the world of Islam.
39:36 Now, this is very, very interesting
39:38 that it was the... the United States President
39:46 Ronald Reagan in particular
39:49 in connection with the Vatican that really was influential
39:56 in the... how can we say the bringing down
39:59 of the Iron Curtain and Communism back in the '80s.
40:03 So, this again is the King of the North
40:06 and the United States
40:08 doing something to influence the whole world.
40:11 This scenario is countenanced and included in verse 42 and 43
40:18 of Daniel chapter 11
40:20 which echoes the record
40:22 as found in Revelation chapter 13 verse 3
40:25 that the world will wonder after the beast
40:29 and that there will be this joining
40:31 of Protestantism and Catholicism
40:34 to dominate religion around the world.
40:39 This beast again is King of the North
40:42 remember we said that the continuum is
40:46 Pagan or Imperial Rome as King of the North
40:50 followed by Papal Rome as King of the North
40:55 as we move down through this earth's history.
40:59 As we come to the end of time,
41:02 as we move to the end of this earth's history,
41:07 we will see again this establishment...
41:09 this pressure by the King of the North
41:13 to try to do what it can to control
41:16 not only what we think but how we pray
41:20 and how we believe
41:21 and our worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
41:24 What is interesting that as we come down
41:27 to the end of Daniel chapter 11,
41:29 the Bible makes some very startling claims
41:32 that lets us know that we are very, very close
41:35 to the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
41:37 Let's look at Daniel chapter 11 and I'm reading verse 44.
41:42 "But the news from the east and the north shall trouble him:
41:47 therefore he shall go out with a great army
41:51 to destroy and annihilate many. "
41:53 Many see this as Islam and incursions of the Islamic world.
41:58 "And he shall plant his tents... plant the tents of his palace
42:04 between the seas and the glorious holy mountain;
42:08 yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him. "
42:14 As we get down to the end of time,
42:16 we're going to see wars and rumors of wars
42:20 and a troubling of the waters of religion
42:23 and these powers that have held sway for so long
42:28 will give way
42:30 to the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
42:33 and as this King of the North runs into these powers
42:37 the Bible says... there's not going to be anyone to help him
42:39 because it's time for this power to come to its end
42:44 and then the next thing that we will see
42:47 and that we will know
42:49 will be the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
42:55 Pause.
42:56 In studying the book of Daniel particularly Daniel chapter 11,
43:02 you've got to it at... in very small steps
43:07 one at a time and keep the train on the track.
43:11 What you have to do is try as best you can to make...
43:16 you know, I was listening to a...
43:18 a lecture by a doctor to a number of doctors
43:21 and he said,
43:23 "If... if you hear hoof prints behind you,
43:26 don't expect to see a zebra... expect to see a horse"
43:31 and what he was saying basically is,
43:34 "Don't look for the wild or sensational,
43:37 try to follow the line of trajectory
43:39 that has already been established
43:41 and that is very, very crucial
43:43 when you're trying to understand
43:46 what Daniel is trying to say to his people...
43:50 what Daniel is trying to say to you and to I
43:53 and as you keep the train on the tracks,
43:56 it tends to make sense.
43:58 You're looking at Medo-Persia,
44:00 you're looking at a series of kings that are on the throne,
44:06 these are literal kings.
44:07 These are not bears or beasts, these are kings
44:10 of a particular country.
44:11 That country is succeeded by Greece.
44:16 We see again, a literal country
44:18 with a literal ruler called Alexander the Great.
44:21 Then there is this division to the four winds.
44:25 Well, we go through history, where did that happen?
44:29 The Generals of Alexander took over... upon his death.
44:32 The Bible says that his children will not inherit.
44:36 Alexander had no successors
44:38 so Lysimachus, Cassander, Seleucus and Ptolemy
44:42 took over the kingdom.
44:43 The four Generals became two through expansion
44:47 these were not buddies...
44:49 these were war-like men and so they conquered each other
44:52 they fought others...
44:53 when they had no others to fight... they fought each other
44:56 so now we've got two sub-kingdoms
44:59 one in the north... one in the south...
45:01 the northern king was...
45:05 or the northern kings formed the Seleucid or Antiochus Dynasty,
45:11 they became King of the North.
45:13 In the south there was but one set of rulers for 168 years
45:17 they were the Ptolemies
45:19 they became the King of the South.
45:21 Cleopatra was a Ptolemy
45:25 so if you keep it linear, you can see
45:27 that it makes very, very clear sense.
45:30 All right, now, the Seleucid dynasties...
45:32 the kings called Antiochus were overtaken by the Romans.
45:38 The Romans were the next Empire in line,
45:43 they became King of the North.
45:46 In the south, the Ptolemies... also overtaken by the Romans,
45:51 Egypt in 31 A.D. ceased to exist as a nation
45:56 at the Battle of Actium
45:58 so now, the King of the South has to change
46:01 because Egypt is not there anymore
46:03 so if you keep the train on the tracks
46:05 it becomes very linear... it makes sense.
46:07 All right, in the north, Pagan Rome takes over
46:11 followed by Papal Rome.
46:14 In the South, the jump is made...
46:18 the leap is made from Egypt
46:22 and for the next 1,260 years
46:26 the King of the North is in the ascendency.
46:29 It has its way... it does what it wants.
46:33 It is the Papal manifestation of... of Rome
46:38 and for 1,260 years... from 538 to 1798
46:43 there, of course, is 1,290 years from 508 to 1798.
46:48 In 508 Clovis became a Catholic King of France
46:54 and the Goths were obliterated
46:57 and so the Catholic Church as a free-standing entity
47:00 really came into existence in 508...
47:05 in 538, the Pope crowned Charlemagne
47:09 and assumed the power and ability to take control of kings
47:16 to crown kings... to give them their legitimacy.
47:19 So you could take the 508... 1,290 years to 1798
47:24 the 538... 1,260 years to 1798
47:28 and it follows through.
47:30 In 1798... the time that the Bible calls,
47:33 "The Time of the End" takes place
47:37 and the Pope is taken off his throne
47:40 and is stripped of his power
47:44 by General Berthier... Napoleon's General
47:48 so, now the King of the North comes to a... a halt
47:53 by the king of the south
47:56 but that power is restored
47:58 and it's very, very linear
48:00 if you keep the train on the track.
48:03 The King of the South now is Atheism
48:07 or the belief that God does not exist
48:10 or that there is no God...
48:12 again, train is on the track so it becomes very, very simple
48:16 even though it's nuanced and you're taking a tight look,
48:20 it's very, very simple
48:23 when you keep the train on the track.
48:25 All right, in 1929,
48:29 the wound that is spoken of in Revelation
48:32 or this "taking away of the power of the King of the North"
48:36 is restored by the Lateran Treaty
48:38 and the Papal Church assumes again its former role
48:44 as a dominant power in Western Europe.
48:48 In the wake of all this tragedy,
48:52 the idea of Communism and Atheism
48:56 spreads across the Continent.
48:59 It first took its place... and we first saw it there in 1798
49:04 time of the end... the appointed time...
49:06 when France as a country voted God out of existence.
49:11 "There is no God" they said
49:13 and the Goddess of Reason or humanity
49:15 or human thinking was prayed to,
49:18 the Bible calls this
49:20 "a god which their fathers did not know"
49:23 so, Daniel chapter 11 is not as complex
49:26 as one would appear to see it as...
49:30 as long as you keep the train on the tracks
49:33 and you look at it step by step
49:35 and step by step it becomes certainly not simple
49:40 but it makes sense and it does act up...
49:44 add up rather as we look at it all together as a whole
49:50 but taken in several different parts.
49:52 Now we come down to our day today.
49:54 We are at the close of this earth's history,
49:58 we are at the very toes of the image
50:00 that we spoke about in Daniel chapter 2
50:02 and by the grace of God
50:03 we know that Christ is coming very, very soon.
50:07 These kings that have had sway down through the centuries
50:11 the Bible says, "They're going to come to an end
50:14 and no one will be able to help them. "
50:17 You see, the truth is, God sets kings up
50:20 and God takes kings down.
50:22 God orders the lives of men, countries and events
50:26 and nothing can withstand the power of our God.
50:31 We look at the history of the kings
50:33 some served God... many did not
50:36 but the truth is,
50:37 all earthly kingdoms will come to an end.
50:40 All earthly potentates will have their end.
50:43 King of the North... King of the South...
50:46 Atheism will have its end.
50:49 The bowing and praying to monarchs and potentates
50:54 and popes will have its end.
50:57 You see, in these last days,
50:59 one of the things that is touched on in Daniel
51:01 but spoken of clearly in Revelation
51:04 is the idea of which God is God?
51:08 Who do we worship?
51:10 Why do we worship?
51:12 Where do we worship?
51:14 When do we worship?
51:16 All of these questions will soon be answered
51:20 when our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ comes.
51:23 But we must answer these questions for ourselves
51:26 before the Lord comes.
51:28 We must make our calling and election sure.
51:32 We must decide... who is our God.
51:34 Who we will worship.
51:36 When we will worship.
51:38 Why we will worship
51:40 and how we will worship.
51:42 God is asking His people to make those decisions
51:46 and that's why a book like the book of Daniel
51:49 and a chapter like chapter 11 is so important
51:52 because it gives us a view of life and this earth's history
51:59 and the interplay between God and man
52:02 over the centuries
52:03 and orients us in such a way that we can know how to live,
52:08 how to serve... what's coming...
52:10 what has gone before
52:12 and how near we are to the second coming
52:15 of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
52:18 Kingdoms come and kingdoms go, men come and men go,
52:24 but God remains the same forever
52:27 and His Kingdom will be without end...
52:30 that day is coming so very, very soon
52:33 and I'm sure as I stand and look at the Word of God
52:38 that you along with me
52:41 want to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
52:44 The time is not far hence.
52:46 Christ will come soon...
52:49 He will stand and make His kingdom sure
52:53 and by the grace of God
52:54 we shall be with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
52:58 So, that's Daniel chapter 11... a wonderful chapter...
53:02 a complex chapter...
53:03 but one that gives us a view of what God has done...
53:09 of what God is doing...
53:11 and what God is sure to do
53:14 as we come down to the end of this earth's history.
53:19 May I encourage you to stay on the Lord's side...
53:23 to pray daily...
53:25 to stand with the Lord daily...
53:28 to make your calling and election sure...
53:31 to walk with Him daily...
53:33 to give Him your life
53:36 and accept from Him the Holy Spirit
53:38 which will prepare your hearts and minds for the day
53:42 when Christ will come again
53:44 and that you be not deceived,
53:46 that you will walk with Him always
53:49 and that by His grace when He does come,
53:53 you will be part of His everlasting Kingdom.
53:56 Pray with me now if you will.
53:58 "Gracious Father, we thank you and praise you
54:03 for the power and grace and goodness and glory
54:08 that you have given us.
54:09 Thank you for Daniel chapter 11,
54:12 thank you for the book of Daniel.
54:15 Thank you Father that we can know of a surety
54:19 that Christ is coming soon
54:21 but more than that,
54:23 we can know of a surety that you will be the victor.
54:28 We can know by the power of your Spirit
54:32 that Jesus is coming soon
54:35 and that we can be part of that glorious day
54:39 and that glorious company.
54:41 We see now, Lord, the interplay of men
54:46 and women and kingdoms
54:49 and kings... and spiritual entities.
54:52 We know that God sets up and God takes down,
54:58 that God rules and overrules in the affairs of men and women
55:04 and as we've looked at the machinations
55:08 of the King of the North
55:10 and the King of the South
55:11 and the things that they have done,
55:13 as we look at the rise and fall of Empires...
55:17 of kings... and the glory thereof,
55:21 we know that every king and every knee
55:25 and this old world must one day give way
55:28 to a kingdom that shall have no end
55:32 and a King who is above all kings.
55:35 On that day, Lord,
55:37 may we be part of that number...
55:40 that company that hails you as Lord and eternal King,
55:47 we want to be saved...
55:49 we've looked at the record of the past,
55:52 we look at our lives now
55:54 and we look at what is sure to come
55:57 and we ask dear Father that you may be pleased
56:02 to grant us entrance into your kingdom...
56:05 to be saved along with the saints of all ages...
56:09 to be sons and daughters of Jesus Christ
56:12 throughout the ceaseless ages of eternity,
56:15 this is our prayer...
56:18 this is our desire...
56:20 this is our pledge to you...
56:23 and we praise you and thank you
56:26 in the worthy name of Jesus, amen and amen. "
56:32 We'll see you next time...
56:34 we've got two more chapters to look at,
56:38 we're going to combine them... chapter 10 and chapter 12.
56:42 Chapter 10 is preparatory for chapter 11...
56:45 and then chapter 12 is the epilogue
56:49 of this very, very fine book,
56:52 so we're going to combine those two...
56:54 ten and twelve...
56:55 in a wonderful display of the goodness of our Lord.
56:59 Daniel All Access... stay tuned...
57:02 we'll see you again soon...
57:04 chapters 10 and chapter 12...
57:07 the title: Touched by an Angel.
57:10 God bless you, we'll see you then.


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