When Will The Final Judgment Take Place?

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00:15 And this is where we began last night, here's that 70 weeks
00:18 that was allotted for Daniel and his people, the Jews.
00:23 At this point we don't know when it begins, we don't know when
00:25 it ends, we just know that it's a part of the 2300 days,
00:28 and that it's the key to understanding that vision,
00:30 but it's 70 weeks out in isolation. Look at the rest
00:34 of verse 24, he gives him 6 things that needed to take
00:38 place in this period of time, and we all wrote them
00:42 down last night, they're all found in verse 24, here they
00:45 are, let's go through them quickly: "to finish"
00:47 "the transgression", "to make an end of sins", " to make"
00:52 "reconciliation for iniquity", "to bring an everlasting"
00:55 "righteousness", "to seal up the vision and the prophecy",
00:58 and "to anoint the Most Holy", that should immediately
01:03 cause us to think, we've already been learning about
01:05 the sanctuary, and there are how many compartments
01:07 in the sanctuary? 3 compartments, what's
01:09 the first? The courtyard, then the Holy
01:13 Place, then the Most Holy Place; so look at that language
01:16 he's used right: "to anoint the Most Holy", that a reference
01:19 to the Most Holy Place of the sanctuary.
01:23 So he says "70 weeks are cut off for your people Daniel, "
01:25 "to accomplish these 6 things that much transpire in this"
01:30 "allotted time. " Now look at the next verse,
01:33 verse 25: "Know, therefore, and understand that from"
01:40 "the command going forth to restore and rebuild Jerusalem"
01:45 "unto Messiah the Prince, will be 7 weeks, and 62 weeks, "
01:52 "the streets shall be built again, and the wall, even in"
01:54 "troublesome times. " Okay, so 62 and 7 is 69,
02:00 so he says "know this, Daniel, 70 weeks are cut off for"
02:03 "your people, and from the going forth of the command to restore"
02:07 "and rebuild Jerusalem until the time that the Messiah"
02:12 "the Prince will come is 69 weeks. "
02:15 So far is this pretty simple everyone, yes or no?
02:17 It's actually very simple, we have a time period, and now
02:21 we actually have a starting point for that time period.
02:24 Beloved, who is the Messiah? Jesus Christ.
02:28 The word "Messiah" comes from the Hebrew "Mashiach",
02:31 which means "the one who is anointed", the Greek word
02:34 "Christ" means "anointed". Keep your finger right here
02:39 in Daniel, and go with me very quickly to Acts 10.
02:44 We eluded to this last night, and I did mention this
02:47 Scripture, but I want you to see it on your own, Acts 10.
02:56 Peter is speaking, he's actually preaching to a group
02:59 of Gentiles, a man by the name of Cornelius, and we pick
03:02 it up in Acts 10:38, make note of this, it is
03:08 in your study guide, Acts 10:38. It says, Peter preaching:
03:13 "How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit"
03:23 "and with power, who went about doing good, and healing all"
03:26 "who were oppressed by the Devil, and God was with Him. "
03:29 According to Peter, God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit.
03:35 Question: when was Jesus anointed by the Holy Spirit?
03:39 At His baptism, remember? He went down into the muddy
03:42 waters of the River Jordan, He said to His elder cousin,
03:45 John, "John, I need you to baptize Me", "Baptize You? "
03:47 "Are You kidding? I can't even untie Your shoes, or unlatch"
03:50 "Your sandals, I need You to baptize me. "
03:52 "Suffer it to be so for now, for thus it becometh us"
03:55 "to fulfill all righteousness", and he baptized Him,
03:57 and when He came up out of the water there was a voice from
04:00 heaven "Behold My beloved Son in whom I am well please, "
04:03 "hear ye Him. " And then something happened,
04:06 what happened next? There was a dove, what looked
04:10 to be like a dove that descended upon Jesus, and that was
04:14 the Holy Spirit. Peter says that when that
04:18 Holy Spirit fell upon Him, He was anointed with the Spirit.
04:24 How many of you have heard that language before, "anointed"?
04:28 When we anoint most often, what do we use to anoint?
04:31 - [Audience] Oil. - We use oil, that's right,
04:34 but beloved, that oil in the Bible is a symbol of the Holy
04:37 Spirit, I've anointed many people, and we take olive oil,
04:39 we put it on their head, or we put it on their hands,
04:42 but beloved, there's no power in olive oil.
04:45 I mean, sure, there are medicinal properties,
04:47 and there's those kinds of things, but as far as spiritual
04:50 power, there's nothing spiritually powerful about olive
04:52 oil, what it is that it represents the Holy Spirit.
04:57 So when you're anointed with oil, that's a symbol of the Holy
04:59 Spirit, but Jesus was anointed with "the real McCoy"
05:03 at His baptism. I want you to think about
05:05 something: we call Jesus "Jesus Christ", but Jesus Christ
05:11 wasn't His name, that's not the name His mother gave Him.
05:15 Jesus Christ; when we say Jesus Christ what we're
05:17 saying is "Jesus, the anointed", so He would have been
05:23 "Jesus" at the age of 15, the age of 20, He's "Jesus",
05:27 at the age of 21, He's "Jesus", at the age of 25 He's "Jesus",
05:30 until one day He's there at His father's carpenter's bench
05:33 and He knows, He has a sense, because He's been studying
05:36 the prophecies of Daniel, and the Spirit of God says
05:38 "Now is the time... " and He leaves the carpenter's
05:42 bench, and He would have gone down to that river, and He would
05:44 have been anointed, and then He becomes "Jesus Christ",
05:49 "the anointed", the Hebrew word is "Messiah".
05:54 So far so good everyone? [Audience] Very good.
05:56 Okay. "Know therefore, and understand"
06:00 "that from the going forth of the command to restore"
06:02 "and rebuild Jerusalem", 457 BC, we talked about that day
06:05 a little bit last night, you read Ezra 7, "until Messiah"
06:08 "the Prince is 69 weeks", 69 weeks is 1 week less than 70,
06:15 70 weeks is 490, so you just subtract 1 week, which would
06:18 give you 483, so if you move 483 years from 457 BC,
06:23 you come to 27 AD, what event happened in 27 AD?
06:27 Jesus was baptized.
06:33 Hallelujah beloved, our message last night was entitled
06:36 "Perfect Prophetic Proof of Jesus Christ's Identity",
06:40 people say "How do you know He's the guy? ",
06:41 He's the guy because He was baptized right on time.
06:45 Then He gave multitudinous evidences of His identity,
06:48 of His uniqueness, and we find those in the gospel accounts;
06:52 He was baptized right on time. Let's continue here.
06:55 If you're following along, this is going exactly along with
06:58 your study guide. Jesus was baptized by John
07:01 in 27 AD, the fall of 27 AD,
07:07 just as Daniel 9:25 had foretold.
07:11 Let's continue here, we're in our verse, verse 25:
07:14 "Know therefore and understand that from the going forth"
07:17 "of the command to restore and restore Jerusalem until"
07:20 "Messiah the Prince there shall be 7 weeks and 62 weeks, "
07:22 "the streets shall be built again, and the wall, even"
07:25 "in troublesome times. " Now look at verse 26,
07:27 this is new information, we're done reviewing, we're moving
07:30 into new territory. Verse 26: "And after the 62"
07:32 "weeks Messiah shall be cut off", does everyone see that?
07:39 "Messiah will be cut off", and the literal here,
07:43 in the original language it means "the Messiah will be"
07:46 "killed", the Messiah would be cut off, the idea was that
07:51 He would be cut off from the land of the living.
07:54 In the middle of the week Messiah would be cut off.
08:01 Now look at this, "... but not for Himself. "
08:07 When Jesus Christ died on Golgotha's tree, did He die
08:10 for His sins? [Audience] No.
08:12 Who's sins did He die for? [Audience] Ours.
08:15 Our sins, so it says "in the middle of the week the Messiah"
08:18 "would be cut off, but not for Himself. "
08:21 Jesus died on that tree not because He had sinned,
08:24 not because He had transgressed, not because He had any
08:27 iniquity that needed to be taken away, but for our sins,
08:30 our iniquities, and our transgressions.
08:33 So right there it says that He would be baptized after
08:36 the 69 weeks, but then in the middle of the week He'd be
08:41 cut off, but not for Himself. Jesus was baptized in the fall
08:47 of 27 AD. Now follow this through.
08:53 26: "After the 62 weeks Messiah would be cut off, but not"
08:57 "for Himself, and the people of the prince who is to come"
09:00 "shall destroy the city, and the sanctuary, the end of it"
09:03 "shall be with a flood, until the end of the war desolations"
09:06 "are determined. " You're saying "Whoa, you lost"
09:09 "me there. " Don't let me lose you, it's not
09:12 difficult to understand, don't get lost in all of
09:14 the syllables, it's very simple. The middle of the week Messiah
09:17 would be cut off, and then the city would be destroyed.
09:20 Let's say that together: Messiah would be cut off, and then
09:23 the city is destroyed. Get that sequence indelibly
09:25 in your mind; Messiah's cut off and then the city
09:30 is destroyed. Okay, let's follow this through.
09:33 The Messiah would be cut off in the middle of the week,
09:35 Jesus' public ministry lasted exactly 3 and a half years.
09:38 Now look at my fingers here, I'll see if I can do it
09:40 for you, Jesus was baptized in the fall of 27 AD,
09:43 so the fall of 28, that would be 1 year, fall of 29,
09:48 2 years, fall of 30, 3 years, what comes after fall?
09:52 Winter, and then spring, so that would be the half of
09:55 a year. Jesus was crucified right on
09:57 time in the spring of 31 AD at the time of the Passover.
10:03 Now you go read, in fact, it's right in your study guide,
10:06 there were many times where the enemies of Jesus tried to lay
10:10 hands on Him to try to do Him harm, and Jesus would slip
10:13 out of their midst supernaturally as the angels
10:16 would carry Him, as the angels would escort Him, and He would
10:18 say very strange things, like this: "My time has not yet"
10:24 "come", yet then one day when He was in Gethsemane praying,
10:27 and that mob came up and Judas betrayed Him with a kiss,
10:31 He willingly allowed Himself to be taken into their hands,
10:35 He willingly allowed Himself to be betrayed, and He said
10:38 "Why do you come to me with sticks and staffs, why do you"
10:40 "come to Me with these things? Wasn't I daily teaching"
10:43 "in your temples? " Jesus on many other occasions
10:45 had escaped, Peter tried to get Him to escape when He cut
10:48 that guy's ear off with the sword, and Jesus said
10:51 "Hey listen, don't you think that right now I could ask"
10:53 "My Father and He would send legion upon legion of angels? "
10:56 Why did Jesus allow Himself to be turned over at that time?
11:00 Because He knew His time had come.
11:06 So look at that: He was baptized in the fall of 27, so 28 is 1,
11:09 29 is 2, 30 is 3, and then you go to the winter, and then
11:13 the spring, that's 3 and a half years, what does the Bible say?
11:16 "... in the middle of the week the Messiah would be cut off, "
11:23 "but not for Himself. "
11:26 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten"
11:29 "Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish"
11:33 "but have everlasting life. " Jesus paid the penalty
11:36 for my sins, and for your sins, and He did it right on time.
11:41 - [Audience] Amen. - Powerful.
11:44 Now, let's remember that sequence: Messiah is cut off,
11:48 and then the city is destroyed. Messiah is cut off, the city
11:52 is destroyed; Messiah is cut off the city is destroyed.
11:56 What happened when Jesus died? There was a great earthquake,
12:02 and in the temple the Bible says the veil was've got
12:12 it, that's exactly right Angelo, from top to bottom.
12:15 Now why from top to bottom? What's the significance there?
12:17 Why is that detail recorded? Think of it this way:
12:22 that curtain was some 30 feet tall, if a man was going to tear
12:25 that temple, he would tear it from bottom to top, but it says
12:30 that it was torn from top to bottom showing that God was
12:33 the one who tore that veil. Why tearing the veil?
12:38 Because that veil was right in the very heart of the temple
12:43 where the lambs were slain, the sacrifices that were carried
12:47 out, we've already answered this question, I know you know
12:49 the answer, but I'm going to ask it again, did those bulls,
12:52 and those goats, and those lambs, and those rams,
12:54 could they take away any sins? No, their importance was not
12:57 in their own efficacy, but as in they pointed forward
13:01 to Jesus, so when Jesus, the true Lamb of God, died
13:07 on Golgotha's hill, God said "No more sacrifices",
13:11 "unnecessary because the true Lamb has come"; the veil was
13:14 ripped, not from the bottom to the top, that's how a man
13:17 would have done it, but from the top to the bottom, and God
13:19 said "I am satisfied with this final sacrifice. "
13:28 Now look at this, this gets absolutely amazing, verse 27,
13:31 we'll come back to the destruction of the city
13:34 in just a moment, verse 27: "He will confirm the covenant"
13:36 "with many for 1 week", what covenant?
13:41 God had a covenant with the Jews,
13:46 God had a covenant with Israel, they were to be His chosen
13:48 people, and He was to be their God, how many times in
13:50 the Old Testament do you find Him saying "I will be your God"
13:53 "and you will be My people. " "I will be your God, and you"
13:56 "will be My people", and Jesus comes down to confirm that
14:01 covenant to give them one last chance, He comes to confirm
14:06 that covenant for a week. But what happens in the middle
14:11 of the week? Was He received?
14:13 - [Audience] No. - When they began to cry out
14:16 "Hosanna, Hosanna to the Son of David", did all of
14:20 the religious leaders, and the religious hierarchy run out
14:22 and accept Him as the promised Messiah?
14:25 - [Audience] No. - No, they crucified Him.
14:29 In the middle of the week He was cut off, but not because He
14:32 was guilty, because you were guilty.
14:37 Look at the rest of that verse, verse 27: "But in the middle"
14:40 "of the week He will bring an end to sacrifice and offering. "
14:49 How does He bring an end to sacrifice and offering?
14:52 When the true Lamb dies, is there any need now to bring
14:55 a lamb now that points forward to Jesus?
14:58 No, because now Jesus has come, He is the one.
15:02 What did John say "Behold the Lamb of God that takes away"
15:07 "the sin of the world", so when Jesus came, and when He died,
15:11 He puts an end to sacrifice, and God symbolized that,
15:15 God sanctioned that, God solidified that,
15:17 and crystallized that by tearing that veil from top to bottom,
15:22 saying: "It's over! " Jesus cried out
15:27 "It is finished. " Some of you have heard
15:31 that this prophecy has to do with the Antichrist, and you've
15:34 been waiting for an Antichrist to come to some earthly temple
15:38 and to stop the Jews from offering sacrifices.
15:40 Beloved, you can believe that if you want to follow fictitious
15:45 adventure fiction novels about the Bible, but if you want
15:48 to know what the Bible is teaching, this prophecy has
15:51 nothing to do with the Antichrist, and everything
15:54 to do with Jesus Christ. This isn't about the Antichrist
15:57 putting an end to the sacrifices of the Jews, this is about
15:59 Jesus Christ putting an end to all sacrifice when He died
16:03 on Golgotha's tree, and God powerfully endorsed that
16:07 when He tore that temple from top to bottom, and it says
16:10 He'd put an end to sacrifice and offering.
16:16 It's just as plain as the noonday sun, there is no
16:19 Antichrist here in chapter 9. I want to be a little careful,
16:24 there are Antichrist illusions in chapter 9, but right here
16:27 we're talking about Jesus Christ.
16:32 Now look at this, it says, the last part, this is going to wrap
16:34 up Daniel 9 for us: "On the wing of abominations shall be"
16:37 "one who makes desolate, even unto the consummation which is"
16:41 "determined", is poured out, "on the desolate. "
16:43 You say "Whoa, lost me there again. "
16:46 The last part of 26 and the last part of 27 foretell
16:50 the destruction of the city. Let's look at our chart,
16:57 very simple, 70 weeks were allotted for the Jews,
17:05 that's what Gabriel said "70 weeks are determined upon"
17:08 "your people, and upon your city", 70 weeks were cut off
17:11 for them, after 69 weeks the Messiah would come,
17:13 was Jesus baptized right on time?
17:16 In the middle of the week He would be cut off, but not for
17:19 Himself, and He would cause sacrifice and offering
17:22 to cease. Now, those of you who are
17:26 attentive, you're noticing that there's still another
17:28 3 and a half years at the end of this, isn't there?
17:31 Absolutely, we're only half way through that final week.
17:34 "Perfect, Prophetic Proof Jesus' Identity and of His Historical"
17:39 "Uniqueness, Jesus of Nazareth is in fact, the Messiah."
17:42 Now, notice this: 34 AD, because He was baptized
17:48 in the fall of 27 AD, He was crucified in the spring of
17:52 31 AD, He was the Passover that was slain for us, and then
17:56 you go another 3 and a half years out, that would bring
17:58 you to the fall of 34 AD, to keep it very, very simple,
18:02 if you just go 70 weeks, or 490 years, from 457, you would
18:06 come right down to 34 AD, this decree was passed in
18:09 the fall by Artaxerxes, and this ends in the fall of 34 AD,
18:13 and you might be thinking "Well wait a minute, "
18:16 "what happened in the fall of 34 AD? Jesus was already"
18:18 "in heaven. " It's a very good question,
18:21 a very, very good question. Go with me in your Bible to
18:24 Acts 7 and 8, a man by the name of Stephen was stoned.
18:39 And if you read this powerful, in Acts 7 and 8, Stephen is
18:44 addressing himself to the highest religious council
18:49 in the land, and he basically raises significant objections
18:54 to their rejection of the Messiah, and instead
18:57 of receiving Stephen's admonitions, the Bible says they
19:00 took him out and they stoned him.
19:04 Stephen is the first Christian martyr.
19:14 He was stoned in 34 AD, now scholars have noticed
19:17 something very interesting, this is not in your notes,
19:19 so you might want to write this down, and if you can't get it,
19:21 do your best, Stephen's final speech contained 4 very
19:26 important elements, it's not just one of those things
19:28 that's recorded for posterity's sake, it's something very
19:31 significant, something very important, and something
19:34 theologically monumental taking place in Stephen's sermon.
19:37 Number 1: [text on screen]
19:45 In other words, he delivered it to the top, it would be
19:48 like giving an address to the congress, and the senate,
19:51 and the executive branch, the president of the US.
19:54 He addressed this to the highest religious body in the land.
19:58 Number 2, the speech, if you look at it, it's really kind of
20:02 interesting because what he's arguing for is that Jesus was
20:05 the Messiah, but he begins way back in the time of Abraham
20:08 and he walks through Abraham, and he walks through Moses,
20:11 and he walks through all of the Patriarchs, and then he ends
20:14 at Jesus, and you think "Why is he doing that? "
20:16 Scholars have noted that what Stephen is doing is he is
20:19 modeling his sermon, his presentation after a covenant
20:25 lawsuit. What's a covenant?
20:30 It's an agreement, a covenant is an agreement;
20:33 so if I have a covenant here with Earl, and I say
20:35 "Earl, I'm going to do this, and you're going to do that, "
20:38 "and we have a covenant", today we would call that
20:39 a contract. Back in the day I would just
20:45 shake his hand and he'd shake mine and we'd call it good,
20:47 because a man's word was his bond, but nowadays we have
20:50 contracts, and lawyers, and all of this paraphernalia,
20:52 but the point is this: if there's a violation there,
20:56 then I could raise a lawsuit, or he could raise a lawsuit
20:59 against me, God had a covenant with His people
21:04 and He had extended this covenant now, from the
21:07 very beginning, Abraham would have been the first of the Jews,
21:09 but then Gabriel had said "70 weeks are determined, decreed, "
21:12 "cut off for your people", and here at the end of that
21:16 Stephen now delivers this marvelous sermon that scholars
21:20 have recognized was basically like the covenant lawsuits
21:23 that the prophets preached in the Old Testament.
21:25 What he was saying is "This is it! This is your last chance"
21:30 "right here, right now", and he traces all the evidences through
21:33 "I summon exhibit A, I summon exhibit B, I summon exhibit C,"
21:37 "I summon exhibit D", and he traces all the way down,
21:39 and here's their chance, the crux of the moment, the crucible
21:42 of the matter, right then, right there, and instead of
21:45 receiving it, the Bible actually says something very interesting
21:47 in Acts 7 and 8, it says they stopped their ears.
21:52 Did you know that? The Bible says they stopped
21:56 their ears and they rushed on him, gnashing him with their
22:00 teeth, and they killed him. So number 1, it was delivered
22:05 to the highest religious body in the land; number 2: it was
22:07 modeled after a covenant lawsuit, number 3:
22:10 [text on screen]
22:16 You're there in Acts 7:54, "When they heard these"
22:26 "things they were cut to the heart, and they gnashed on him"
22:28 "with their teeth, but he, being full of the Holy Spirit, "
22:31 "gazed into heaven and he saw the glory of God, and Jesus"
22:34 "standing on the right hand of God. "
22:37 Can you think of anything you'd rather see as you're just about
22:39 ready to breathe your last breath than that?
22:41 [Audience] Amen.
22:43 Verse 56: "And he said, Look, I see the heaven's opened, "
22:47 "and the Son of man is standing at the right hand of God, "
22:49 "and they cried out with a loud voice, and they stopped their"
22:53 "ears", symbolically saying "We're not interested in"
22:59 "this Jesus. " "...they stopped their ears. "
23:05 Look at the rest of this: "They ran at him with one"
23:08 "accord, they cast him out of the city, they stoned him, "
23:12 "and the witnesses laid their clothes at the feet of"
23:14 "a young man named Saul, and they stoned Stephen as he"
23:18 "was calling on God, and he said, Lord Jesus, receive"
23:20 "my spirit, and he knelt down and he cried out with"
23:23 "a loud voice, Lord, do not charge them with this sin, "
23:26 "and when he had done this, he fell asleep. "
23:30 It doesn't mean he took a nap, he died.
23:35 Beloved, God was confirming that Stephen's message was true
23:39 when he gave Stephen the prophetic vision of Jesus
23:41 at God's right hand. That's number 3, and number 4:
23:44 [text on screen]
23:47 It says it right there, "they laid their coats", "Oh, we've"
23:50 "got to take our coats off as we stone this heretic. "
23:53 They laid those coats at Saul's feet, [text on screen]
24:05 Just go read the book of Acts, Acts 10 and onward,
24:10 the gospel begins to go like wildfire to the Gentiles.
24:18 Why is God turning to the Gentiles? Because the Jews,
24:23 not as individuals, but the Jews as a nation,
24:26 as a religio-political national entity had a officially closed
24:32 the covenant, had lost the lawsuit, and had been moved
24:36 beyond, so then the gospel begins to go to
24:41 the Gentiles, it's basically like saying "Hey listen, "
24:43 "if you're not going to pay attention, we'll talk to"
24:45 "the people who will. " That's basically the whole book
24:48 of Acts, the apostle Paul on his missionary journeys, and where's
24:51 he going? He's going to strange places: Ephesus, and
24:54 Rome, and Antioch, and all over Asia Minor, why?
24:57 Because he's taking the good news of a crucified and risen
25:01 Saviour to the Gentile communities.
25:05 Why did it happen at that time? Because the time that was
25:09 allotted for the Jews as a nation, I want to underscore
25:14 that, as a nation, can God still save Jewish people today?
25:18 Of course he can, as they put their faith in the Lord
25:20 Jesus Christ, but as a nation... [makes a finishing gesture]
25:26 The gospel begins to go to the gentile communities,
25:28 absolutely powerful. Let's continue on,
25:30 Jerusalem was destroyed in 70 AD as God's judgment upon
25:38 Israel and Jerusalem for its rejection of the Messiah.
25:41 Remember, I told you, what was that sequence?
25:43 Messiah rejected, city destroyed.
25:45 Let's say it together: Messiah rejected, city destroyed.
25:49 We've already seen that in Daniel 9, go to Matthew 21,
25:56 and I want to read this to you real quick, we'll see how fast
26:00 Pastor Asscherick can read, Matthew 21:33, are we there?
26:07 Matthew 21:33, I want everybody there, follow along.
26:10 Here we go, Jesus says, here another parable, He's speaking
26:13 to the religious leaders of His day: "There was a certain"
26:16 "land owner who planted a vineyard and set a hedge"
26:18 "around it, he dug a wine press in it, and he built a tower. "
26:21 "And he leased it to vine dressers, and went into a far"
26:23 "country. Now when vintage time drew near he sent his servants"
26:26 "to the vinedressers that they might receive its fruit, "
26:28 "and the vinedressers took his servants, beat one, "
26:30 "killed one, and stoned another. Again, he sent"
26:33 "other servants, more than the first, and they did likewise"
26:37 "to them. Last of all, he sent his son saying, They will"
26:40 "respect my son. But when the vinedressers saw the son"
26:42 "they said among themselves, This is the heir, come let us"
26:45 "kill him and cease his inheritance. So they took him"
26:47 "and cast him out of the vineyard and they killed him. "
26:49 "Therefore, when the owner of that vineyard comes",
26:51 what will he do to those vinedressers?
26:54 Do you know what this parable is teaching?
26:57 This is a simple parable,
26:59 God set up the nation of Israel, he sent prophet, after prophet,
27:02 after prophet, and most of those prophets were ignored
27:05 and rejected. A very broad sweep of Israel's history,
27:09 and last of all He sent His Son, but what happened to the Son?
27:14 He was killed. Is there any question in
27:16 anyone's mind what this prophecy is about?
27:18 Now watch this, phenomenal, verse 41: "They said to Him",
27:23 because remember, Jesus has said: "what did the guy do? "
27:25 "When he comes back what would he do? "
27:28 Look at verse 41: "They said to him, He will destroy those"
27:35 "wicked men miserably and lease his vineyard to other "
27:38 "vinedressers who will render him the fruits in "
27:40 "their seasons. " Do you see it? The Son was rejected,
27:43 and destruction comes. Son is rejected, what comes?
27:48 - [Audience] Destruction. - And notice what Jesus says
27:50 here, Jesus said to them: "Whoa, haven't you read"
27:53 "on the Scriptures, Psalm 118, the stone that the builders"
27:56 "rejected, the same has become the chief cornerstone. "
27:58 "This was the Lord's doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes. "
28:00 Look at verse 43, what's the first word of verse 43?
28:03 "Therefore", and when you see the word "therefore", ask
28:06 yourself "What's that there for? "
28:08 Here's Jesus' conclusion based on this parable, and based on
28:11 their own condemnation of themselves: "Therefore I say"
28:14 "to you, the kingdom of God will be taken from you"
28:16 "and given to a nation bearing the fruits of it. "
28:20 Beloved, if language has meaning what Jesus is saying is:
28:23 "After you reject me as God's Son, the privileges, "
28:27 "and the prerogatives of the kingdom will be taken from you"
28:30 "and given to another nation. " If language has meaning,
28:35 what else could that verse possibly mean?
28:39 Look at this, verse 44: "And whoever falls on this stone"
28:41 "will be broken", that stone, of course, if Jesus Christ,
28:44 "but on whomsoever it falls it will grind him into powder. "
28:47 now look at verse 45: "Now the chief priests and Pharisees"
28:50 "heard His parables, they perceived that He was speaking"
28:53 "of them. " Did they know what He was
28:56 was talking about? Yeah, and they didn't like
28:58 it one bit. Verse 46: "And they sought to lay hands on Him, "
29:01 they sought to do the very thing that He just said in the parable
29:03 would happen. Beloved, what was the sequence?
29:08 Messiah rejected, city destroyed.
29:10 Go to Matthew 23, look at the last 3 verses of Matthew 23.
29:17 Here we go: "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem", Matthew 23:37,
29:21 "O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, you who kills the prophets, "
29:24 "and stones those who were sent to her, how often I wanted"
29:27 "to gather your children together as a hen gathers"
29:29 "her chicks under her wings, but you were not willing. "
29:32 Never forget it, God is a gentleman, He will not force
29:34 His way into your life, He needs you to be willing to let Him in.
29:39 God won't violate your free will, He has to work with
29:41 your free will, He says "I wanted to do this, you were"
29:43 "not willing"; verse 38: "See your house is left to you"
29:47 "desolate, for you will not see Me again until you say, "
29:50 "Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. "
29:52 Jesus walks out of the temple precincts for the last time.
29:56 They had rejected persistently the evidences of His Messiahship
30:01 and He says: "Look, I'm not going to bend your arm"
30:03 "and make you accept Me, I'm out of here, you won't see Me"
30:06 "again until you see Me in glory. "
30:10 What's the very next thing that happens?
30:12 Matthew 24:1: "When Jesus departed from the temple"
30:16 "His disciples came to Him to show Him the buildings"
30:19 "of the temple", verse 2, Jesus says "Stop trying to cheer"
30:21 "Me up with the temple. " "Do you not see all these"
30:24 "things, assuredly I say to you, not one stone will be left"
30:29 "here upon another that will not be thrown down. "
30:31 What's He talking about? The destruction of the temple
30:34 and of the city. 3 times in Daniel 9,
30:40 Messiah was rejected, city was destroyed.
30:43 Where did Jesus get His theology from?
30:45 He knew the prophecies of Daniel, Jesus had to learn just
30:48 like you and I learn. He studied the Scriptures,
30:52 He had to sit and memorize, He had to know when the Devil
30:55 came to tempt Him there, "It is written...", He said.
30:58 He knew; how did He know? He studied like you and I
31:01 study. Surely He was God, and surely
31:04 He was a man, but He knew what it was to walk a mile in my
31:07 moccasins. So in Daniel 9 Jesus knew it,
31:11 the Messiah would be rejected, cut off in the middle of
31:13 the week and the city is destroyed, so He tells a parable
31:15 in Matthew 21, "Hey listen, there was a vineyard, and he"
31:18 "leased it out, and he sent out his servants, and they rejected"
31:21 "the servants, and then he sent out his son, and they rejected"
31:24 "the son, what would you do? ", and they said "Oh, destruction",
31:26 He says "that's right "; Messiah's rejected, city's
31:29 destroyed. Then in Matthew 24 He says
31:31 "Hey, your house is left to you desolate, I'm out of here, "
31:34 "what more can I do? I wanted to gather you, you're not"
31:37 "willing", and He walks out, and He goes up on Mount Olive,
31:39 the disciples come to cheer Him up and He says
31:42 "Do you know what's going to happen to this city? "
31:45 "It's going to be destroyed. " Now if that sequence is clear,
31:48 I want you to say "amen". Messiah's rejected,
31:51 city's destroyed, 3 times, Messiah rejected, city
31:53 destroyed. So there it is in 34 AD, right there.
31:56 You say "What happened in 34 AD? "
31:58 It's very simple what happened in 34 AD, Stephen was stoned
32:00 in 34 AD, thus symbolizing the closing of the covenant,
32:03 and listen to my language because I'm not going to stutter
32:06 or at least I'm planning on not stuttering, that is this:
32:09 The Jewish nation as a nation ceased to have the special
32:14 prerogatives and significance that it had before God
32:17 up to that time. When they stoned Stephen, when
32:22 their covenant was confirmed, when they rejected the Messiah,
32:26 and when that city was destroyed, can Jews still
32:29 be saved? [Audience] Yes.
32:31 Sure, can Jamaicans still be saved?
32:33 - [Audience] Sure. - Can Russians be saved?
32:36 Romanians, my wife's Romanian, she can be saved.
32:38 [Audience member] Armenian. Armenians can be saved too,
32:41 why not? What God is saying here in the New Testament
32:44 is He's no longer a respecter of persons, we have equal
32:48 access to God, so Jews can still be saved, but the Jews
32:51 as a nation, 34 AD at the stoning of Stephen,
32:57 what did Jesus say? "Therefore the kingdom of God"
32:59 "will be taken away from you and given to a nation that will"
33:02 "bear the fruits", powerful, very simple.
33:04 So what happens after 34 AD? The gospel goes to the Gentiles.
33:12 I'm a Gentile beloved, by nature I don't think I have any
33:16 genealogical relationship to Abraham, maybe I do,
33:19 some way back, but I'm a Gentile, and I'm a Jew by faith.
33:25 I'm a follower of Abraham by faith.
33:28 I'm looking out here today and I see a whole lot of Gentile
33:31 faces, you better praise the Lord that the gospel went
33:34 to the Gentiles. [Audience] Amen.
33:36 Powerful. So the gospel goes to the Gentiles.
33:39 The church carried the gospel to the Jews, to the Gentiles,
33:42 and beyond. Now buckle your safety belts,
33:45 do you have your safety belts buckled there?
33:47 Here we go, the 70 weeks were part of the 2300 days.
33:57 Gabriel came back to explain the 2300 days that Daniel
34:00 didn't understand, and he explains it by saying
34:04 "Here is the beginning, here's something that'll happen"
34:07 "with the Messiah, here's when He'll be cut off, "
34:09 "here's when the gospel will go to the Gentiles, "
34:12 he gives them a template. Any construction workers
34:17 here this evening? Anybody who know how to work
34:20 on a house? If you have a template,
34:23 let's just say that I'm going to put in a fence
34:26 and I'm going to line all of the other fences off, say I have
34:30 a template here that has a mark here, a mark here,
34:32 and then down here a mark, and then a mark,
34:35 and then a mark here, and someone has told me
34:37 "If you line this template up with this, this and this, "
34:39 "if you line these 3 up, the rest will fall into place. "
34:43 Is that how a template works?
34:45 If this part works, you can calibrate the system with these,
34:49 so what we're going to do is we're going to lay that down,
34:52 we're going to lay that template down, and we're going
34:54 to allow what we know the prophecy means to calibrate
34:57 the rest of it. Does that make sense everyone?
35:00 That's exactly why Gabriel said to him "Hey listen, here are"
35:04 "unmistakable events that are going to take place: "
35:06 "the Messiah will come, the Messiah will be cut off, "
35:08 "the covenant will be closed. " So 1, yep, got it,
35:13 here's the beginning, got it, yep; and 2, yep, got it;
35:15 and number 3, yep, got it. So now we're just going
35:18 to lay that template down and see where it takes us.
35:20 Is this making sense everyone, yes or no?
35:23 - [Audience] Yes. - Okay, here we go, powerful.
35:25 So 2300 days, which is a day in Bible prophecy is what?
35:28 A year, minus the 490 years would leave us how much?
35:32 1810, that's what would be left over, because remember,
35:36 the 490 is part of the 2300. We've laid down the 70 weeks,
35:41 we know where that goes, so now we've just got to lay this down.
35:44 Here's our events: 457 brings us to 27 AD, was Jesus baptized
35:48 here? Yeah. The middle of the week was Jesus
35:51 cut off, but not for Himself? [Audience] Yes.
35:53 Did He cause sacrifice and oblation to cease?
35:56 Absolutely, and then 3 and a half years later Stephen
35:59 is stoned, the end of the special covenantal relationship
36:00 with the Jews, 70 weeks, again, I want to emphasize, God can
36:04 still save Jews as long as they put their faith in the Lord
36:07 Jesus Christ. By the way, don't get too hung
36:10 up on that whole thing, we're going to preach a whole sermon
36:12 entitled "Who is real Israel? ", did you get that?
36:19 We're going to preach that whole sermon, but let me just
36:21 tell you one thing, people get really hung up on this;
36:24 but one day, John the Baptist, John the Baptist was standing
36:26 on the banks of the River Jordan and he said
36:28 "Hey listen, don't begin to say within yourselves that we"
36:31 "have Abraham as our father, I'm telling you something, "
36:34 "God could raise up children unto Abraham from these"
36:36 "stones. " If God can raise up children
36:39 to Abraham from the stones, then surely He can raise up
36:42 children unto Abraham from believers and people.
36:45 So we'll have a whole message entitled "Who is real"
36:47 "Israel? ". So we lay this down,
36:50 here's the 70 weeks, so here's our 1810 years that remains,
36:56 because you subtract, we've done that, so 457, we follow
36:59 this all the way down, and it takes us to 1844 AD.
37:05 You say "Whoa, what happened in 1844 AD? "
37:08 That's a good question, let's go answer it.
37:12 Jesus Christ is our High Priest, anyone unclear on that?
37:21 If you'd like to open your Bible to the book of Hebrews,
37:23 you can do that just now, Hebrews in the New Testament,
37:26 after the "T"s, Jesus Christ is our High Priest in the heavenly
37:30 sanctuary. How many sanctuaries are there
37:33 everyone? There were 2, there was
37:35 an earthly and a heavenly. [text on screen]
37:49 You're thinking "Closing hour of His ministry, help me"
37:51 "to understand that. " Okay, I'm going to do
37:54 my very best.
38:01 Okay, here's our 3 part sanctuary, what's the first
38:03 part? The courtyard, then the Holy Place, and then
38:07 the Most Holy Place. Now that was just a little
38:09 dance that God made up out in the wilderness to keep them
38:13 busy, right? [Audience] No.
38:15 Those things pointed forward to Jesus.
38:17 So on the cross that symbolized the courtyard where
38:20 the penalty was paid, remember that?
38:22 And then we come into the Holy Place, and what were
38:25 the 3 things in the Holy Place? There was the candle stick,
38:27 the table of show bread, and the altar of incense,
38:30 representing Holy Spirit, prayer and the Word of God,
38:35 the bread of life, Jesus Himself.
38:37 And then what was on the other side of that curtain?
38:40 The Most Holy Place, and what's in there?
38:42 The ark of the covenant. So this was foreshadowing what
38:44 Jesus would do at His ministry. I mean, Jesus is our High Priest
38:49 in heaven, any question about that? [Audience] No.
38:52 So when Jesus ascends, He ascends into the heavenly
38:55 sanctuary, and then here He's going to transition into
38:59 the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary to cleanse
39:02 the sanctuary. Hey, that's exactly what we read
39:07 in Daniel 8:13, "How long will this be? ", and then he says
39:11 in verse 14: "To 2300 days then the sanctuary will be cleansed",
39:16 what sanctuary? The heavenly sanctuary
39:19 of course, it's the only one in existence at that time.
39:22 So let's continue here, you move all the way down
39:25 and here Jesus Christ is entering into the final phase
39:28 of His ministry, you say "Whoa, that's amazing, absolutely"
39:31 "amazing, but does it fit? " It fits perfectly.
39:34 Look at our quick review here, Daniel 2, what do we have here?
39:39 Babylon, then Medo-Persia, then Greece, then Rome,
39:42 then divided Rome. And then here, what do we have
39:45 here? Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece,
39:51 Rome, and then what came up out of those 10 horns?
39:55 A little horn, and then what was the very next thing
39:57 we saw? Remember our 3 fold
40:00 sequence? Rome, little horn, judgment.
40:04 So does it fit? Yes or no? Sure it fits right there,
40:08 because the little horn reigned from 538-1798,
40:13 1260 years coming to an end in 1798.
40:17 So too here in Daniel 8, we have Medo-Persia, which was the ram,
40:21 we have Greece, which was the goat, Pagan Rome, which was
40:23 the horizontal element of the little horn, little horn,
40:25 which makes its boast against God, God's sanctuary,
40:28 God's people, God's truth, God's Son, and then what happens?
40:31 The sanctuary's cleansed, corresponding with the judgment.
40:35 Of course, as we've already discussed;
40:37 There were how many services in the earthly sanctuary?
40:40 2, the sin was going in 359 days out of the year,
40:50 but then on the Day of Atonement that sin had to be taken out.
41:01 So Jesus Christ, as our High Priest, would enter the Most
41:05 Holy place of the heavenly sanctuary, why?
41:08 To begin to cleanse and to judge just before His return.
41:16 Did you hear what I said? Just before His what?
41:19 - [Audience] Return. - Now, this is the longest time
41:21 prophecy in all the Bible, you can't find a longer time
41:24 prophecy in the whole Bible than that one.
41:26 Look at our significantly important prophetic times,
41:29 look at how it all fits together powerfully.
41:31 Here's some of our dates, 457 to 34 AD is the time
41:35 especially allotted for the Jews, how do we know that that's
41:38 right? Because it aligns up perfectly
41:40 with the baptism, death of the Messiah, and the closing
41:44 of the covenant in the gospel going to the Gentiles.
41:47 So this is a lock, we've also seen that here are 1260 years
41:50 was the reign of the papacy from 538 AD until 1798,
41:54 when it received a deadly wound.
41:56 So far so good everyone? And here we moved from
41:59 457 all the way down, 2300 prophetic days, or literal
42:03 years, drops us in 1844 AD, is that after the reign of
42:07 the little horn? Yeah, because it has to come
42:10 after the little horn, so it has to be after 1798, but it has
42:15 to be before the second coming. This gets powerful, open your
42:21 Bibles, I had you in Hebrews, but we didn't go there,
42:24 go to Revelation.
42:29 Revelation 6, we've already read this verse once, we're going
42:35 to read it again, Revelation 6:9.
42:43 We've already read this: "And when he opened the 5th seal"
42:46 "I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain"
42:49 "for the Word of God, and for the testimony which they had"
42:52 "held", verse 10, "and they cried with a loud voice, "
42:54 "saying, How long, O Lord, holy and true until You judge? "
42:59 So they were waiting for the judgment, the vindication,
43:03 of God and His cause, and of them, because they had been
43:06 slain because they clung to the Word.
43:08 So they're saying "How long?!" That was the same question
43:11 in Daniel 8, "How long?!" Now look at Revelation 14,
43:19 quick question, had the judgment begun when they were crying
43:22 out "How long?!" [Audience] No.
43:25 It couldn't have because they wouldn't be saying "How long"
43:27 "till it starts? " But look what happens in
43:29 Revelation 14:6, John sees these mighty angels
43:36 "Then I saw another angel flying in the midst of heaven, "
43:38 "having the everlasting gospel to preach to them that dwell"
43:42 "on the earth, to every nation, tribe, tongue and people, "
43:43 "saying with a loud voice, Fear God and give glory to Him, "
43:47 "for the hour of His judgment" is going to come?
43:50 - [Audience] " come. " - "The hour of His judgment"
43:55 "is come", what tense is that? [Audience] Present.
43:57 That's present tense! Whoa, the hour of His judgment
44:02 is come, and you think "Oh, well really?", yeah really!
44:07 "The hour of His judgment is come, and worship Him that"
44:09 "made the heaven, and the earth, and the sea, and"
44:12 "the springs of waters", I'm going to follow this all the way
44:15 through, verse 8, the next angel: "Another angel"
44:17 "followed him saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great"
44:20 "city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of"
44:23 "the wrath of her fornication. " You say, what does that mean?
44:25 Keep coming and I'll tell you what it means, that's the second
44:29 angel, "Babylon is fallen". Verse 9: "Then a third angel"
44:31 "followed him, saying in a loud voice, If anyone worships"
44:34 "the beast, and his image and receives his mark on his"
44:37 "forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of"
44:40 "the wine of the wrath of God which is poured out"
44:43 "full strength into the cup of His indignation, he shall"
44:45 "be tormented with fire, and brimstone in the presence"
44:48 "of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb, "
44:50 "and the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever, and"
44:53 "they have no rest day or night who worship the beast and his"
44:56 "image, and whoever receives the mark of his name. "
44:59 Verse 12: "Here is the patience of the saints, here are those"
45:02 "who keep the commandments of God and have the faith"
45:04 "of Jesus. " Now watch this! Verse 14,
45:07 what's the next thing John sees? "Then I looked, and behold, "
45:09 "a white cloud, and one on the cloud sat like the Son of man",
45:11 who is that? Jesus, "...having on His head"
45:14 "a golden crown, and in His hand a sharp sickle",
45:17 what's a sickle for? Harvesting.
45:19 Verse 15 "And another angel came out of the temple crying"
45:22 "with a loud voice to Him that sat on the cloud, Thrust in"
45:24 "Your sickle and reap, for the time has come",
45:28 see, God operates everything on a schedule.
45:32 "The time has come for You to reap, for the harvest of"
45:38 "the earth is ripe. So He who sat on the cloud thrust in His"
45:42 "sickle on the earth, and the earth was reaped. "
45:45 What's being described here? What event is that?
45:47 That's the second coming. Didn't we read that in
45:50 Matthew 13: "Let both grow together until the harvest",
45:55 and here in Revelation 14 it says: "the time for the harvest"
45:59 "is here, go get them Jesus. " He's sending out His angels
46:03 and He's reaping those that are putting their faith in the Lord
46:06 Jesus Christ, and those that aren't are being excluded.
46:09 Now here's the thing I want you to see, what comes first:
46:14 6 or 14? What come first? So you're counting: 1, 2, 3, 4,
46:19 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14; so 6 comes before 14.
46:25 Go back and read verses 6 and 7. "Then I saw another angel"
46:28 "flying in the midst of heaven having the everlasting gospel"
46:31 "to preach to those who dwell on the earth, to every nation, "
46:34 "tribe, tongue and people, saying with a loud voice: "
46:37 "Fear God and give glory to Him for the hour of His judgment"
46:40 "has come. " Do you know what that means?
46:42 There will be a time before the harvest, is that before
46:47 the harvest; there will be a time before the harvest that
46:52 people will be saying "the judgment is come",
46:57 not "the judgment is coming", but "the judgment is come".
47:02 Beloved, you and I are living in that judgment hour.
47:05 We are living in the final phase of Jesus' ministry.
47:10 Jesus was the Lamb, but when He returns the second time
47:16 He's not a lamb.
47:20 And Jesus was the Priest, we've already looked at that,
47:24 He's the High Priest. Here He's the Lamb,
47:29 died on that altar, and He goes in here and He's our Priest
47:33 mediating for us, and interceding for us, as Paul
47:36 said "He ever lives to make intercession for us", and then
47:39 He moves, there's only 3 phases beloved.
47:42 When Jesus Christ moves into the most Holy Place of the heavenly
47:45 sanctuary, you say "Whoa, the Most Holy Place is in"
47:48 "the heavenly sanctuary? " You're still there in
47:50 Revelation 14, look at it, Revelation 11, give me 2 minutes
47:55 and this is done, maybe 3; Revelation 11:19,
48:04 John says: "Then the temple of God was opened in heaven"
48:08 "and the ark of His covenant was seen in His temple. "
48:16 Is there an ark in the heavenly temple?
48:19 Yeah, John saw it. So Jesus would eventually have make
48:24 His transition into the Most Holy Place of the heavenly
48:27 sanctuary, and beloved, when He makes His transition in there,
48:30 here He's lamb, here He's priest, but when Jesus returns,
48:34 He doesn't return as a lamb, when Jesus returns, He doesn't
48:39 return as a priest, just as the High Priest went into the Most
48:44 Holy Place on the Day of Atonement, so too our High
48:47 Priest, Jesus Christ, would go in 1 final act of ministry
48:53 before He would lay down His priestly garments, lay down
48:56 His priestly censer, and return as King of kings, and Lord
49:01 of lords.
49:04 When Jesus returns, He doesn't come back as a lamb, when Jesus
49:09 returns He doesn't come back as the Priest, when He returns
49:14 He comes back as the King, which means there much be a time
49:20 when Jesus would lay aside His priestly garments, when
49:24 Jesus would lay aside His priestly function, and He would
49:27 return as a conquering king. But before He does that
49:34 there's 1 final phase of ministry in the Most Holy
49:39 Place of the heavenly sanctuary. "When is Jesus going to move"
49:43 "into the Most Holy Place of the heavenly sanctuary and begin"
49:46 "the cleansing of that sanctuary, and the judging of"
49:49 "His people? " Remember what we already
49:52 saw in Daniel 7, Judgment is given in favor of the saints,
49:55 when is that going to happen? We've seen tonight, that it
49:57 would begin at the end of the 2300 days.
50:02 You say "Well why is God allowing this to come to"
50:05 "light now? " I think there's a variety of
50:08 reasons, and one of the reasons is this: it's to get our eyes
50:10 off of the earthly system, and off of the earthly priests,
50:13 the apostate power, everybody's thinking "earthly, earthly, "
50:15 "earthly", and then our attention is suddenly directed
50:18 to Jesus, our Great High Priest in heaven.
50:22 It's also the last time prophecy in the Bible.
50:26 The very next thing to happen
50:28 in God's great big PDA, His great big day planner,
50:33 the very next thing is the second coming of Jesus.
50:38 We don't know, you say "Well when does that happen David? "
50:41 I don't know, only the Father knows, but I know this:
50:45 He's coming. [Audience] Amen.
50:47 And I, when that judgment takes place, when Jesus lays
50:51 aside for the last time His priestly robe, when Jesus lays
50:54 aside as priestly garb, and that priestly censer, I want to be
50:57 sure that I'm right with Jesus. [Audience] Amen.
51:01 Not because of who I am, but because of who Jesus is.
51:08 There's a sense of urgency, there's a sense of finality,
51:14 there's a sense that the Lord is coming soon.
51:18 There's also a sense that this isn't the time to be playing
51:21 religious games. Think of it, if we're living
51:24 in the judgment hour, if we've been living in that Day
51:28 of Atonement, this would not be time to be playing games
51:34 with God, this is time to be serious with God.
51:42 And nobody in this room likes to have fun more than David
51:45 Asscherick, I love to have fun, but beloved, there's a time
51:48 for fun, and there's a time for being serious.
51:52 There's a time for enjoying ourselves and having a great
51:55 time, and sitting down to the big meals, and there's nothing
51:58 wrong with that, but there's also a time to being sure
52:00 that our soul is right with our Creator and our Maker.
52:03 - [Audience] Amen. - I believe Jesus is soon
52:06 to come, I believe that with all my heart.
52:10 If you look at the various lines of evidence that we've
52:12 presented in this prophecy seminar, you have to believe
52:15 we're living at the end. Whether it's the signs of
52:17 the times, or the prophecy of Daniel 2, the prophecy of
52:21 Daniel 7, the prophecy of Daniel 8, the prophecies of
52:23 Revelation 13, and we still have other prophecies to go,
52:25 but you look at all the converging prophecies,
52:27 the great signs of the times, like labor pains, and that
52:30 budding fig tree, increasing in frequency and intensity,
52:33 you have to believe we are living down at the close
52:37 of earth's time, and God is sending a message, He's saying
52:40 Jesus has entered into the final phase, into the last
52:43 phase as our Great High Priest, He's not going to come back
52:46 as Lamb, He's not going to come back as Priest, He returns
52:48 without sin unto salvation, He returns as a King.
52:52 Beloved listen, He'll only be your King if He was your Lamb,
53:00 and your Priest. [Audience] Amen.
53:06 You want to reign with Jesus? Do you want to be a citizen
53:08 of Jesus' kingdom? Then you need to be a servant
53:11 of Jesus today. If He's not your Lamb, He's not
53:16 your Priest, remember, the only sins that were forgiven
53:19 on the Day of Atonement were those that went in,
53:24 what happened to those who hadn't put their sins in?
53:27 Cut off. It was a day of solemn
53:29 judgment for Israel, and if my calculations are correct, and I
53:34 think they're dead on, that means we're living right here
53:42 in that time just before the return of Jesus.
53:46 I want Jesus to be my Lamb, I can't work my way to heaven,
53:51 I'm not good enough, and neither are you.
53:55 There's not a person in this room good enough to earn
53:58 your way to heaven, your righteousness doesn't even come
54:00 close to the infinite righteousness of the Lord
54:02 Jesus Christ, so you need a Lamb.
54:05 But the Lamb died and then Jesus takes that blood into
54:07 the heavenly sanctuary and ministers as our Priest,
54:11 you need a priest too. Jesus died 2000 years ago,
54:14 but you need a priest today, don't you?
54:16 When I get down on my knees today, I don't just need a God
54:19 that did something back in history, I need a God that's
54:22 doing something today, I need a Priest, and I need a Priest
54:27 who's going to say one day "Here I come, coming back"
54:32 "to get My boy, coming back to get my daughter. "
54:38 Everyone who's going to make their decision has made their
54:40 decision, those people that would rather have this life
54:43 and what this world has to offer, they've made their
54:45 decision, God's not going to bend their arm.
54:49 God'll say "Okay, but for those who love Me, and for those"
54:53 "who've been looking for My return, and those who were not"
54:55 "satisfied with the things of this earth, but felt that there"
54:57 "was something bigger, something grander, something more, "
55:00 "something better, I'm going to go back and get My people. "
55:04 "I want to take them home. "
55:08 Let not your heart be troubled young people, let not your heart
55:11 be troubled ladies, let not your heart be troubled men,
55:15 let not your heart be troubled those of you who are older,
55:17 you believe in God, believe also in Jesus.
55:22 In His Father's house there are many mansions, and He's gone
55:24 to prepare a place for you. He's preparing it, and if He
55:28 goes and prepares a place for you, He has promised to come
55:32 again and to receive you unto Himself, that where He is, you
55:36 can be also. Do you want to be there?
55:41 [Audience] Amen.
55:45 Don't put it off, we're at the end.
55:53 Let's pray. Father in heaven, we're putting
55:57 our confidence and our trust in Jesus, He's the one.
56:02 Nothing in our hands we bring, simply to the cross of Christ
56:05 we cling. God in heaven, we have seen
56:10 tonight a bevy of Biblical information, but behind
56:14 the information there's a Saviour.
56:18 Father, we pray that you would be directing our minds,
56:20 and riveting our minds to Jesus, our Lamb slain from
56:26 the foundation of the world, our High Priest who ever lives
56:29 to make intercession, our judge who gives us the verdict
56:34 of "Not guilty", not because of us, but because of Him,
56:38 and our King of kings, and Lord of lords, who's returning
56:40 as a conqueror to take His captive children home.
56:44 Father, we need all of them, in this world gone insane, and this
56:48 world spinning out of control, we need all of them,
56:51 we need a Lamb, we need a priest, we need a judge,
56:54 and we need a king, and Father, we can find non better in
56:57 the universe than You and Your Son.
57:00 So we accept that again, now here, in Jesus' name,
57:06 and by His righteousness, let everyone say amen.


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