How Not To Get The Mark Of The Beast

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00:16 Open your Bibles to Revelation 14, and I want to
00:21 bring something to your attention right at
00:24 the outset that is very logical. Now we've made this point
00:28 before, but I want to make it again, Revelation 14, and in
00:32 Revelation 14 we find the most serious warning in all
00:35 of the Bible. In Revelation 14 we find the
00:38 most serious warning in all of the Bible, and it has to do with
00:40 the issue mark of the beast, so let's look at that.
00:43 Revelation 14:9:
00:47 "Then a third angel follow them, saying with a loud voice, "
00:50 "If anyone worships the beast or his image, or receives his"
00:54 "mark on his forehead or in his hand, he himself shall also"
00:57 "drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out"
00:59 "full strength into the cup of His indignation. He shall be"
01:02 "tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of"
01:06 "the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb. And"
01:09 "the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever, "
01:12 "and they have no rest, day or night, who worship the beast"
01:14 "and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name. "
01:17 You cannot find a more serious, more austere, more amazing...
01:19 I don't know how to say it: significant, serious, serious,
01:22 serious warning in all of the Bible than that one right there.
01:25 Now I want you to think about this for just a moment.
01:28 God's basically saying "Don't get the mark of the beast",
01:34 Is it reasonable of God for Him to tell us "Don't get the mark"
01:37 "of the beast" and then not make it clear as to what the mark
01:40 of the beast is, does that make sense?
01:43 It'd be a little bit like God saying "Don't touch"
01:45 "the snicker doodle! Don't touch the snicker doodle",
01:49 and we say "God, what is the snicker doodle? ", and He says
01:52 "Well that's for Me to know and you to find out. "
01:54 Does that make any sense? No sense whatsoever.
01:57 So tonight we're going to proceed in a very logical, very
01:59 linear fashion, and we're going to ask ourselves from the Bible:
02:03 "What is this question, this idea of the mark of the beast? "
02:06 We're going to start right in our study guide, we're
02:08 beginning in the first little paragraph there.
02:11 The mark of the beast is one of the most serious and
02:14 misunderstood subjects in the Bible. Since we have already
02:17 identified the beast of Revelation 13, we need only
02:19 to discover what his mark is, after all, the mark of the beast
02:22 is just that: the mark of the beast; that is, it's the beast's
02:27 mark. Once the beast has been Biblically identified,
02:29 the matter of uncovering his mark becomes almost elementary
02:32 as we shall see. Sometimes we say the word
02:34 "markofthebeast" as though it's one word,
02:37 "You don't want to get themarkofthebeast",
02:38 we say "themarkofthebeast", but let's slow down, if that's
02:41 possible for me, and let's really discuss what is
02:45 "the mark of the beast". So then that tells me that
02:52 the mark of the beast would be "the" "mark" "of" "the" "beast".
03:00 So, instead of trying to figure out whats "themarkofthebeast",
03:02 whatever that might be, we say it all like it's one word,
03:05 let's figure out who the beast is, and then it's elementary
03:08 for us to say what's his mark, because the mark of the beast
03:12 would be the mark of the beast. So far so good.
03:18 So, don't forget the issue, we're right there in your study
03:20 guide: As we study the topic of the mark of the beast, we must
03:23 bear in mind what we have learned from our past studies
03:26 in Revelation. First we have learned that there is a great
03:29 conflict that surrounds God, His character, His law,
03:35 and His government. Satan has claimed that God is
03:38 unfair, unjust and self-serving. Satan has claimed that he could
03:42 run the universe essentially better than God.
03:45 This backdrop of the larger issue at steak, namely
03:47 God's own character, helps us to understand with clarity
03:51 the big picture issues in Revelation. Second, the central
03:54 issue at the end of time, according to the book of
03:57 Revelation is the issue of worship. Keeping these 2
04:02 Revelation essentials in mind will be exceedingly helpful
04:06 in understanding the mark of the beast issue.
04:08 Let us go to the screen: the mark of the beast is the mark
04:14 of the beast. Let's try it again, the mark of the beast is
04:17 the mark of the beast. So the first beast of
04:22 Revelation 13 we've already identified as the Roman
04:25 church-state, we've already identified, we know who
04:27 the beast is, we know who the Antichrist is, so what we're
04:30 looking for tonight is the mark of the beast.
04:36 If we know who the beast is we just have to figure out what
04:39 his mark is. The second beast
04:42 of Revelation 13 is the spokesman for the first beast
04:44 sometimes referred to as "the false prophet".
04:46 How many of you have heard that term before "the false prophet"?
04:48 You find that in Revelation, we'll be talking about the false
04:51 prophet tomorrow night. Now, the Bible predicts there
04:55 will be an erosion of freedom when church and state unite.
04:59 The Bible predicts that there will be an erosion of civil
05:02 liberties when church and state unite. In fact, let me just
05:07 show you that very quickly, you're still in Revelation,
05:09 look at Revelation 13. I want to show you one of
05:13 the most important words in Revelation 13:12.
05:21 It says: "He exercised all the authority of the first beast in"
05:24 "his presence, and causes the earth, and those who dwell"
05:30 "in it, to worship. " So let me summarize:
05:33 he causes the earth to worship in a certain way.
05:38 "Cause" means "to force". Now jump down to verse 15:
05:45 "he was granted power to give breath to the image of"
05:47 "the beast, that the image of the beast should both, speak"
05:50 "and cause as many as would not worship the image of the beast"
05:55 "should be killed. " And look at verse 16: "he causes".
05:59 So the idea is that people are being forced to worship in
06:04 a certain way, it comes up several times in Revelation 13:
06:08 "causes", and the word means "being forced. "
06:14 Now think of it this way: does God ever force us to worship
06:17 Him in a certain way? Absolutely not. God says:
06:21 "Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will"
06:23 "give you rest. " The Bible also says in
06:26 Jeremiah 33: "The Lord has appeared of old unto me, "
06:28 "saying, Yea, I have loved thee with an everlasting love, ",
06:31 listen carefully, "therefore with loving kindness I have"
06:34 "drawn thee. " So God says "come to Me, I want"
06:38 "to draw you, I want to woo you", that's the God of
06:41 the Bible, but the beast says "worship or else... ".
06:47 So that's really the mark of the beast, it's this idea of
06:50 the enforcement of worship, the enforcement of certain
06:54 religious values, and that's why we say the Bible predicts
06:57 an erosion of freedom. What is the mark of the beast?
07:00 Well, as we've already discussed, it's the mark of
07:04 the beast; and what is this mysterious number: 666.
07:09 You're still there in Revelation 13, let's take
07:11 a look at that, Revelation 13. It says there, right towards
07:16 the end of it, verse 16: "He causes all, both small and"
07:18 "great, rich and poor, free and slave to receive a mark"
07:22 "on their right hand or in their forehead, so that no one"
07:27 "might buy or sell", so there's economic sanctions involved,
07:30 "except the one who has the mark, or the name of"
07:34 "the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom, let him"
07:40 "who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it"
07:43 "is the number is of a man, and his number is 666. "
07:48 Tomorrow night I'm going to tell you exactly what 666 is.
07:51 I'll show you exactly what 666 is, I wish we could do it
07:54 tonight, but we just have time to cover the mark of the beast,
07:56 but these 2 ideas are intertwined.
08:01 So tonight we're going to answer the question and ask
08:03 the question: "What is the mark of the beast? "
08:06 There are many different ideas out there, and some of them,
08:09 frankly, are rubbish, I mean, they're just ideas that someone
08:11 got, they've heard about a computer in Switzerland,
08:14 and it's called "The beast", and it prints out little tags,
08:17 and etc, etc. All of these things, people have different
08:20 ideas and different conjectures, which is not based on the Bible.
08:24 Some people say "Oh, I've heard the mark of the beast is"
08:26 "a government identification number that's going to be"
08:29 "tattooed on your right hand, or on your forehead. "
08:31 Some say the mark of the beast is a bar code of some kind,
08:35 it's those UPC symbols in the Kroger Store, so watch out.
08:40 Others say the mark of the beast is a number on a credit card,
08:43 you've got to be very careful that you don't have 666 there,
08:45 but we have seen that the central issue regarding the mark
08:48 of the beast is not about computer chips and tattoos,
08:51 it's the issue of worship. And not just worship, but forced
08:56 worship. "You will worship in this certain way, or else... ",
09:02 he "causes". See beloved, think of it this
09:08 way, God is not going to say in Revelation over and over again:
09:11 "The issue is worship, the issue is worship, the issue is"
09:13 "worship", and then we get down to the end of the time, and it's
09:16 about a computer in Switzerland, does that make any sense
09:20 to anyone? Beloved, it doesn't make one
09:23 wink of sense, what we need to do instead of reading
09:26 the fantastic, sensational websites, and outlets,
09:29 and Christian magazines, far better to go to what the Bible
09:32 says, and see what the Bible says about the mark of
09:35 the beast issue. Powerful. Okay, so now we're back
09:37 to our study guide: God's seal versus the mark of the beast.
09:44 Our message tonight is entitled "How not to get the mark"
09:46 "of the beast". I mean, who cares if you know what it is,
09:49 this is how not to get it. That's like saying "would you"
09:53 "rather know what the flu is in a scientific way, or would you"
09:56 "rather know how not to get it? ", I'd rather know how not
10:00 to get it. So let's talk about how not
10:03 to get it: God's seal versus the mark of the beast.
10:05 In order to understand the mark of the beast, we must first
10:09 understand God's seal. These 2 are the opposite of one
10:15 another, if you have 1 you can't have the other, they're like
10:18 oil and water. The issue, then, for the believer, should
10:24 be about insuring that he or she does have the seal
10:28 of God. In short, the seal of God should be the primary focus,
10:33 not the mark of the beast. In obtaining the seal, one is
10:38 guaranteed that he/she cannot also receive the mark of
10:41 the beast, so let us first seek to understand the seal
10:43 of God. Think of it this way:
10:46 if you have seal of God, by definition you don't have
10:49 the mark of the beast. So, since these 2 things
10:53 are polar opposites and mutually exclusive.
10:56 Instead of wondering "Oh, I wonder what the mark of"
10:58 "the beast is, I hope I don't get it", and then there's
11:00 a whole nother group of people who say "Don't worry about it"
11:02 "at all, you're going to be raptured anyway. "
11:05 Beloved, think of it this way, instead of worrying what
11:08 the mark of the beast is, let's say "What do we have to do"
11:11 "in order to insure that we could never get it? "
11:15 So now it's not just an intellectual exercise,
11:18 curiosity: "Hmmm, I wonder what it is, I wonder what it could"
11:20 "be? ", no, now we're saying: "how do we ensure that we"
11:24 "don't end up with it, whatever it is. "
11:28 So the answer is you get the seal of God because if you
11:31 have the seal of God, you can't have the mark of the beast.
11:36 So it's more important for us to understand that than the mark
11:38 of the beast. And actually, what we're going
11:41 to discover is once we've got the seal of God's sign
11:43 sealed and delivered, then the mark of the beast becomes almost
11:45 elementary. So let's continue on, bottom
11:47 of the page: The seal and the 144,000.
11:51 Open your Bibles to Revelation 7.
12:02 I'm reading in my study guide: The 144,000, spoken of in
12:06 Revelation 7:1-4, and Revelation 14:1-5, all have
12:11 the seal of God in their forehead, let's take a look
12:14 at that. Revelation 7:1: "After these things I saw the 4 angels"
12:19 "standing on the 4 corners of the earth, holding the 4 winds"
12:22 "of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, "
12:25 "on the sea, nor on any tree. Then I saw another angel"
12:27 "ascending from the east, having the seal of the living"
12:30 "God, and he cried with a loud voice to the 4 angels to whom"
12:32 "it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, Do not"
12:35 "harm the earth, or the sea, or the trees until we have"
12:38 "sealed the servants of God on the forehead. And I heard"
12:41 "the number of those that were sealed, and the number was"
12:44 "144,000 of all the tribes of the children of Israel. "
12:47 So those that are sealed are sealed where?
12:52 In their foreheads. Now let's remember something
12:54 that's absolutely critical: you can get the mark of the beast
12:57 in one of 2 places: you can get the mark on your right hand,
13:02 or in your forehead, but you can only get the seal in
13:07 the forehead. That'll become critical in just a moment.
13:10 Now, let's continue in our study guide, we're on the 2nd page.
13:13 Note that the mark of the beast can be received either in
13:17 the hand or in the forehead, but the seal of God can be received
13:22 only in the forehead. Now, according to Revelation 6:12-17,
13:28 let's look at those verses. Some people say "who are"
13:32 "the 144,000? I've heard that the 144,000"
13:36 "are a group of super-Jews at the end of time who go out"
13:40 "to convert all of the people who were left behind at"
13:42 "the rapture. " Well, that's very imaginative, and that's
13:45 very creative, but I want to know what the Bible says,
13:47 not just what the people think is creative.
13:50 So let's see what the Bible says about the 144,000.
13:52 I'm in Revelation 6:12, this is the opening of the 6th seal
13:59 off of that scroll. John says "I looked and he"
14:02 "opened the 6th seal, and behold, there was a great"
14:05 "earthquake, the sun become sack as sackcloth of hair, "
14:08 "and the moon came become like blood, and the stars of heaven"
14:10 "fell to the earth as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is"
14:13 "shaken by a mighty wind. Then the sky receded"
14:17 "as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain"
14:20 "and island was moved out of its place. "
14:23 Wow, this must be an amazing event, the mountains are
14:26 disappearing, the islands are disappearing, verse 15:
14:29 "And the kings of the earth, the great men, the rich men, "
14:31 "the commanders, the mighty men, every slave and every free man"
14:34 "hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of"
14:37 "the mountains and said to the rocks and mountains, "
14:40 "Fall on us and hide us from the face of Him who sits on"
14:44 "the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb. "
14:49 Remember we talked about that last night? It doesn't say
14:51 "the wrath of the lion", it doesn't say "the wrath"
14:54 "of the grizzly bear", it says "the wrath of the Lamb".
14:56 Now look at verse 17: "For the great day of His wrath is come"
14:59 "and who is able to stand? " So this is clearly depicting
15:04 the second coming of Jesus. The mountains are disappearing,
15:07 the islands are disappearing, and here comes Jesus,
15:11 the wrath of the Lamb, and as He's returning to come and take
15:14 His promised, precious people home, people are looking up,
15:18 and those that are not saved, those who have not put their
15:20 faith in Jesus are running to the rocks and saying
15:23 "Fall on us, and hide us from the face of Him who sits"
15:26 "on the throne. " Notice how it ends there, verse 17,
15:29 it ends with a question. The question is this:
15:34 "The great day of His wrath has come, and who is able"
15:38 "to stand? " So look, Revelation 6 ends
15:41 with a question: "who will be able to endure this"
15:44 "catastrophic, cataclysmic, amazing event of the second"
15:47 "coming of Jesus? " And then the answer is
15:50 Revelation 7: the 144,000. See, remember that the chapters
15:58 and verses in your Bibles were added, that would have been
16:01 read, before the chapters, diversification and the various
16:05 chapters added, that would have just read "Who is able"
16:07 "to stand? After this I saw 4 angels standing"
16:10 "on the 4 corners of the earth, holding the 4 winds of"
16:12 "the earth, that the wind and sea, should not blow on"
16:15 "the earth, or any sea, and I saw another angel ascending"
16:17 "from the beast, having the seal of the living God, he cried"
16:20 "with a loud voice to the 4 angels to whom it was granted"
16:23 "to harm the earth and the sea, Do not harm the earth, or"
16:25 "the trees until we have sealed the servants of God"
16:27 "in their foreheads. " So the 144,000 are those
16:30 who are alive when Jesus returns.
16:34 The 144,000 is not a group of super-Jews at the end of time
16:38 that go out to evangelize, I don't know where people got
16:41 that idea, but you didn't get it from the Bible.
16:44 There are those people who are alive when Jesus returns,
16:48 John asked the question: "The great day of His wrath"
16:50 "has come, who can stand? ", and then he says "the 144,000".
16:55 Now look back at your study guide, this is absolutely
16:56 powerful, it says: The 144,000 are those who are alive when
17:02 Jesus Christ returns to the earth. They sing a song that
17:05 no one else can sing because they pass through an experience
17:08 that no other generation has known. The number does
17:11 not have to be a literal number, as everything in Revelation
17:14 is highly symbolic, and the number itself is quite obviously
17:18 steeped in theological significance, and by the way,
17:20 I don't make a big deal out of that either way, it may be
17:24 a literal number, and it may not be a literal number, it's
17:27 just one of those things that we'll find out when we get
17:29 to heaven, there's just certain things that you're not going
17:32 to know, that is not a hill worth dying on.
17:35 If you think it's a literal number, hey, knock yourselves
17:38 out, good for you, if I think it's a symbolic number,
17:40 hey, that's fine, not one of us in this room knows for certain
17:42 if it's literal or symbolic, but whether it's literal
17:45 or symbolic, "I want to be in that number, when the saints"
17:47 "go marching in". So don't get in fights over
17:49 these little non-issues. The 144,000 are undefiled by women,
17:54 that is, false churches. They have God's seal in their
17:59 foreheads, that is, in their hearts in and in their beliefs.
18:03 Now let's think about that for just a moment, they are sealed
18:11 in their foreheads. Now go to Revelation 14, this is
18:15 the other place that we see the 144,000.
18:18 Revelation 14:1, John says: "Then I looked, and behold, "
18:27 "a Lamb standing on Mount Zion, and with Him 144,000",
18:32 now watch this, "having His Father's name written in "
18:37 "their foreheads". Oh wow, what a discovery! We just learned
18:44 in Revelation 7 that they have the seal of God in their
18:46 foreheads, and here we learned that they have the name
18:49 of God in their foreheads, which must mean that the seal
18:53 is the name of God, pretty plain. Look at the rest
18:58 of the verse, verse 2: "And I heard a voice from heaven"
19:00 "like the voice of many waters, and like the voice of a loud"
19:03 "thunder, and I heard sound of harpists harping on their"
19:05 "harps", I like that so much, verse 3: "They sang, as it"
19:08 "were, a new song before the throne, before the 4 living"
19:11 "creatures, and the elders, and no one could learn that"
19:14 "song, except the 144,000 who were redeemed from the earth. "
19:17 Hey, that agrees perfectly with what we just saw
19:20 in Revelation 6 and 7, these are those who are alive when Jesus
19:23 returns. Why can they sing a new song
19:26 that no one else can sing? Because they've passed through
19:29 an experience that no one else has passed through.
19:32 Maybe you've heard of the people that would sing the blues,
19:34 and a white guy would come along and try to sing the blues,
19:37 and they'd say "He can't sing the blues. "
19:39 Well why can't he sing the blues? Because he's not been
19:42 through the experience of those who first wrote the blues.
19:45 In other words, these people can sing a song that no one
19:49 else can sing because they have passed through an experience
19:53 that no one else has passed through.
19:56 But it gets even better, verse 4 "These are the ones"
19:59 "who are not defiled with women", a woman in Bible
20:01 prophecy is a church, "for they are virgins, these are the ones"
20:05 "who follow the Lamb wherever He goes, these were redeemed"
20:08 "from among men, being the firstfruits to God, and to"
20:11 "the Lamb, and in their mouth was found no deceit, for they"
20:14 "are without fault before the throne of God. "
20:17 So here are these 144,000, at the end of time those who
20:19 are alive when Jesus returns. Notice that it says they have
20:23 the seal of God in their forehead, that's Revelation 7,
20:26 then in Revelation 14 it says they have the name of God
20:28 in their forehead. So the seal must have to do with the name
20:34 of God. Now let's go to our study guide:
20:38 God's name, God's character, and God's law.
20:44 In the Bible name represents character - that's what
20:50 you'd write down, in the Bible name represents character.
20:53 This is demonstrated by the number of people, who,
20:56 following a transformative encounter with God, had their
20:58 names changed as a symbol of the larger character change.
21:02 For example: Saul became Paul, Jacob became Israel,
21:11 Abram became Abraham, Sarai became Sara, and Simon became
21:18 Peter. God's holy character and holy name are synonymous
21:22 with His law. I want to show you this,
21:25 go to Exodus 33, this is absolutely, profoundly amazing.
21:31 We're going to Exodus 33, second book of the Bible.
21:34 Exodus 33. Here we find Moses in a dialogue
21:41 with God atop of Mount Sinai's summit.
21:45 So here's God, here's Moses, and they're in a conversation.
21:50 I'm picking it up in verse 18, Moses speaking to God,
21:55 Exodus 33:18, and he said: "Please show me Your glory".
22:02 There's Moses standing on top of Mount Sinai, and there
22:04 were thick clouds, and there were lightnings, and there
22:07 were thunderings, and Moses began to realize "Hey, God can"
22:10 "see me, but I can't see God", so he says: "Hey, I beg of"
22:16 "You, show me Your glory. " In other words, "show me what"
22:20 "You're like. I want to see You. " Look at this, verse 19:
22:25 "Then He said, I will make all My goodness pass before"
22:28 "you, and I will proclaim the name of the Lord. "
22:32 Make a note of that. Moses says "I want to see"
22:35 "what You're like", and God says "I'll show you My name".
22:41 "..the name of the Lord before you, I will be gracious to whom"
22:44 "I will be gracious, I will have compassion on whom I will"
22:46 "have compassion, but" He said, "you cannot see My face, for no"
22:49 "man shall see My face and live. And the Lord said, "
22:52 "here is a place by Me, you shall stand on the rock, "
22:54 "so it shall be when My glory passes by, that I will put you"
22:57 "in the cleft of the rock, and I will cover you with My hand"
22:59 "while I pass by. Then I will take away My hand, and you"
23:02 "shall see My back, but My face shall not be seen. "
23:05 Chapter 34:1: "And the Lord said to Moses, Cut 2 tablets"
23:07 "of stone like the first ones, and I will write on these"
23:10 "tablets the words which were on the first tablets which you"
23:12 "broke. So be ready in the morning and come up in"
23:15 "the morning to Mount Sinai and present yourself to Me"
23:17 "there on the top of the mountain, and no man shall"
23:20 "come up with you, and let no man be seen throughout all"
23:22 "the mountain, neither let the flocks, nor the herds feed"
23:25 "before that mountain. So he cut two tables of stone, like"
23:27 "the first ones, then Moses rose up early in the morning"
23:30 "and went up Mount Sinai, as the Lord had commanded him, "
23:32 "and he took in his hand 2 tablets of stone. "
23:35 "Now the Lord descended in the cloud and stood with him"
23:38 "there, and proclaimed the name of the Lord. "
23:40 So 2 times Moses says "Hey, I want to know what You look"
23:43 "like, I want to see what You're like God", and God says
23:45 "I'll show you My name", and then He says "Go get 2 tablets"
23:48 "of stone, I want to write My law on that, and I'm going"
23:50 "to show you My name. " And then watch what happens.
23:54 Verse 6: "And the Lord passed before him and proclaimed, "
23:57 "Jehovah, Jehovah, the Lord, the Lord, God merciful"
24:00 "and gracious, long suffering, and abounding in the goodness"
24:02 "and truth, keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity, "
24:04 "transgression and sin, and by no means clearing the guilty, "
24:07 "visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children"
24:10 "and the children's children unto the 3rd and 4th"
24:12 "generation. So Moses made haste and bowed his head towards"
24:15 "the earth, and he worshiped. " Think about this for just
24:18 a moment, Moses says "I want to know what You're like, "
24:21 "I want to see Your glory, I want to see Your character",
24:23 and God says 2 things: "I'll show you My name, I'll show"
24:26 "you My Name. " So that must mean that God's name is
24:31 synonymous with His character. And it gets even better,
24:37 He says "Go get me 2 tablets of stone", so God wrote His
24:41 character, His holy character, on those tablets of stone with
24:45 His own finger, and then those tablets were taken
24:49 and placed in the ark. Now look at your study guide:
24:52 God's holy character and name are synonymous with His law.
24:57 God's seal, which is His name and character, are found to be
25:01 synonymous with His name. We're getting somewhere now,
25:04 aren't we? The 144,000 were sealed
25:07 in their foreheads, and then we found out that they had
25:10 the name of God in their foreheads.
25:15 Well, what's the name of God? It's His character, and where
25:18 do we find His character? In His law.
25:22 Now, you're still there in the Old Testament, go to
25:24 Deuteronomy 5, 5th book of the Bible.
25:34 By the way, are you noticing tonight that we're spending
25:37 a lot of time in the Bible? Are you noticing that?
25:41 Notice we didn't say: "What's the mark of the beast? "
25:44 and I didn't go "Look at all these pictures of computers"
25:46 "in Belgium". No, we're taking a look at what the Bible
25:49 has to say. Wouldn't you prefer that?
25:52 Look at Deuteronomy 5, we find the 10 Commandments.
25:57 Deuteronomy 5:5: "I stood between the Lord and you"
26:01 "at that time, to declare to you the Word of the Lord "
26:04 "for you were afraid because of the fire, and you did not go up"
26:06 "to the mountain, and He said, I am the Lord your God, "
26:09 "who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house"
26:11 "of bondage", let's say it together: "you shall have no"
26:14 "other gods before Me. " First commandment, no other gods.
26:18 Don't render worship to any other Gods.
26:20 Second commandment, "you shall not make for yourself a carved"
26:23 "image". Don't bow down, nor worship any images.
26:28 Look at the third commandment, it's in verse 11: "You shall"
26:30 "not take the name of the Lord your God in vain", and look
26:35 at the 4th commandment, verse 12: "Observe the Sabbath"
26:39 "Day, to keep it holy, as the Lord your God commanded you. "
26:42 Absolutely amazing. First commandment: no other gods.
26:45 Second commandment: don't bow down to graven images or idols.
26:48 Third commandment: don't take the name of the Lord thy God
26:50 in vain. Fourth commandment: remember
26:52 God's Sabbath because it's a sign of His creation, and His
26:55 redemption. This is Deuteronomy 5.
26:58 Look at Deuteronomy 6, the very next chapter.
27:03 Where did they get this idea of a mark in the head,
27:06 or a mark in the hand? I'll show you right here
27:09 in Deuteronomy 6:6. "And these words which I"
27:16 "command you today, shall be in your heart. " What words,
27:21 in context, is He talking about? The 10 Commandments,
27:24 that's what He just said in Deuteronomy 5, so in
27:27 Deuteronomy 6 he says "These words need to be in your heart".
27:31 Look at verse 7: "You shall teach them diligently to your"
27:34 "children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your"
27:37 "house, when you walk by the way, when you lie down, "
27:39 "and when you rise up. " Now watch verse 8, phenomenal:
27:42 "you shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they"
27:49 "shall be as frontlets between your eyes. "
27:52 Isn't this interesting? He say: "Take My law and put"
27:57 "it on your hand, take My law and put it between your eyes. "
28:00 What's between you eyes? Your forehead is between
28:03 your eyes. So where's this whole idea
28:08 of the seal in the forehead coming from?
28:10 Straight out of the Old Testament.
28:13 We've all been worried about a tattoo, that someone's going
28:16 to hold us down and tattoo the number 666 across
28:18 our forehead. Do you think the Devil's that stupid?
28:21 This is not about a tattoo, or a computer chip, or some
28:25 supercomputer in Belgium, or any other country, the issue
28:29 is worship, not technology. And here God says "Hey listen, "
28:35 "I need you to take My law and bind it on your hands",
28:38 now what does that mean? It meant in your daily works.
28:43 "Let your works show that you are My children".
28:46 What does it say there, we already read it in
28:50 Ecclesiastes 9, I'll just quote it for you, Solomon says:
28:53 "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might. "
29:00 "Put My law in your hands, may your works show that you"
29:03 "are My people, may your works show that I am your God. "
29:07 "Bind My law in your hands. " But don't just bind it in
29:11 your hands, put it as frontlets, those were the little horns,
29:14 like a lamb would have, put it as a frontlet between your eyes.
29:17 In other words, put it in your forehead, put it in your mind.
29:20 Don't just live the life with you hands, but think
29:24 the thoughts in your heart and in your mind.
29:27 That's what it means to be a Christian. To be a Christian
29:31 is to have the law of God, the Spirit of God, in our minds,
29:34 and in our hands, so that others can look and say: "There's"
29:37 "something different about him, there's something different"
29:40 "about her, what is it? " She or he is a servant of
29:42 the Lord Jesus Christ. So the name of God is the same
29:47 as the law of God, is the seal of God.
29:52 When we find this idea of the seal of God being in
29:54 the foreheads, where did they come up with that idea?
29:57 Right out of Deuteronomy 6: "Take these great things"
30:01 "and bind them on your hands, and put them into your minds. "
30:05 Now, if we're making good progress I want you to say amen.
30:08 [Audience] Amen.
30:10 We're right back in the study guide: So God's seal, which is
30:13 His name and character, are found to be synonymous with
30:15 His law. Those people who receive God's seal at the end
30:18 of time will be those people who honor and keep God's holy law.
30:24 This is exactly how Revelation describes them in Revelation 12.
30:29 Go with my to Revelation. Look at this, this is so easy
30:35 to understand, anyone in this room can understand this,
30:39 even if you don't understand all of the language, and you can't
30:41 keep up, and you don't know even how to find the book
30:43 of Revelation in your Bible, I guarantee you can understand
30:46 this next point I'm about ready to make, and if you understand
30:48 that point, you can be guaranteed to not get the mark
30:51 of the beast. I'm in Revelation 12, and I'm
30:58 looking at the last verse. Revelation 12:17,
31:03 it says: "And the dragon", who's the dragon?
31:05 [Audience] The Devil. The Devil, "was enraged with"
31:08 "the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of"
31:10 "her offspring who keep the commandments of God, and have"
31:13 "the testimony of Jesus. " This is the last day church,
31:16 these are the last of the last of the last, the Bible calls
31:19 them "the remnant". Notice it says that they keep God's
31:26 commandments. The Devil, apparently, doesn't like that
31:30 very much. Now look at Revelation 14.
31:33 We've already read in Revelation 14 that most serious,
31:36 austere warning found in all of the Bible, we began in verse
31:40 9 and we read "don't worship the beast; don't receive"
31:42 "his mark", then we read in verse 10: "he himself shall"
31:45 "drink of the wine of the wrath of God",
31:47 I'm in Revelation 14:10, "which is poured out full strength"
31:50 "into the cup of His indignation; he shall be"
31:52 "tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of"
31:55 "the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb. "
31:57 "And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever, "
32:00 "and they have no rest, day or night, who worship the beast"
32:02 "and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name. "
32:05 So John, in vision, sees this group of people that are
32:06 receiving the mark of the beast, and the very next verse,
32:11 verse 12, look at it, it's as if God's saying "Here's those"
32:15 "that receive the mark of the beast", but look at verse 12,
32:17 "here is the patience of the saints". The word, literally, is
32:23 "here is the endurance of the saints", and then He tells us
32:26 who the saints are, He gives us 2 characteristics:
32:29 "here are those who keep the commandments of God, "
32:33 "and have the faith of Jesus. " So just by looking at
32:37 the context, keeping the commandments of God is
32:39 the opposite of having the mark of the beast.
32:44 Because look, in verses 8-10 you have those that get the mark
32:47 of the beast, that's verse 11 as well, but then in verse 12
32:49 you have those that keep the commandments of God.
32:51 So that tells me: if I'm keeping God's commandments, and I have
32:54 the faith of Jesus, it's impossible for me to get
32:56 the mark of the beast. Does that make sense everyone?
33:00 And that agrees perfectly with what we just saw in Exodus
33:02 and Deuteronomy The seal of God is the name
33:06 of God, which is the character of God, which is found in
33:08 the law of God, in the mind. How many people in here tonight
33:15 are New Testament Christians? Any new covenant Christians?
33:20 Raise your hand if you're a new covenant Christian.
33:23 Come on, beloved, be more Biblically literate than that.
33:25 You're a new covenant Christian if you're exercising faith
33:28 in the Lord Jesus Christ. Raise your hand!
33:30 [Audience laughs] Whoa, I didn't know what
33:33 happened, I thought I was maybe in an insurance seminar
33:35 or something. [Audience laughs]
33:38 I thought "Whoa, okay, everybody looks a little familiar. "
33:40 Okay, all of you new covenant Christians, look at Hebrews 8.
33:48 I don't know what happened there, that was an unusual
33:50 experience, Hebrews 8, but the Lord delivered us out of it.
33:55 Hebrews 8, all of you new covenant Christians; there was
34:00 the old covenant, and then there's the new covenant.
34:04 You want to know what the new covenant is?
34:07 I'm going to show you in the Bible, that way we don't
34:09 have to say "Well, the new covenant is...fill in"
34:11 "the blank", I'll show you what the Bible says the new
34:14 covenant is. I'm reading in Hebrews 8:8: "behold, the days"
34:20 "are coming, says the Lord, when I will make a new covenant"
34:24 "with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah, "
34:26 "not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers"
34:29 "on the day that I took them by the hand to lead them"
34:32 "out of the land of Egypt. Because they did not continue"
34:34 "in My covenant, I disregarded them, says the Lord. "
34:37 Verse 10: "For this is the covenant that I will make with"
34:39 "the house of Israel after those days, sayeth the Lord. "
34:42 Someone says "Oh, this is a covenant for Israel. "
34:44 "This isn't a covenant for the church, this is a covenant"
34:47 "for Israel", you've got to keep coming to the seminar,
34:49 and you've got to hear the message entitled "Who is real"
34:52 "Israel? " There is huge misunderstandings
34:54 about who Israel is. Beloved, look at this:
34:57 "This is the covenant that I will make with the house of"
35:00 "Israel", I'll give you the punchline right now, everybody
35:02 who has the faith of Abraham is a Jew. Everybody who has
35:04 the faith of Abraham is the son of Abraham.
35:07 Jesus, on one occasion said: "Hey listen, if you were"
35:09 "of your father, Abraham, you would do the works of Abraham. "
35:13 If you do the works of Abraham, you've put your faith in
35:16 the Lord, Jesus Christ, you are now grafted in to that vine.
35:21 So this covenant is for you. Here we go, verse 10:
35:24 "For this is the covenant that I will make with the house"
35:26 "of Israel after those days, says the Lord, I will put My"
35:31 "laws in their mind. " Where's the mind?
35:40 "I'll put My laws in their forehead. "
35:43 That's the new covenant promise, "I'll put My laws in their"
35:47 "forehead, and I will write them on their hearts. I will be"
35:52 "their God and they will be My people. " We're getting
35:57 somewhere now, let's get back to our study guide:
35:59 The Sabbath, and its uniqueness among the commandments.
36:06 Actually, let's look at the screen: to understand the mark
36:08 of the beast we must first understand God's seal.
36:13 Absolutely. God's law, God's name, and God's character
36:16 are one and the same, they are synonymous
36:21 Now look at Ezekiel 20:12: [text on screen]
36:29 A Sabbath is a sign. [continues to read text]
36:40 The word "sanctifies" means "to set aside for a holy purpose".
36:44 So far so good? "This is the sign that I'm"
36:46 "the one that sanctifies them. " So the Sabbath is a sign
36:49 that God alone can make us holy. Jesus rested on
36:53 the Sabbath in creation, Jesus rested on the Sabbath in
36:55 redemption, so the Sabbath is a sign that God alone can make
36:59 us holy, not one person in this room can do one thing
37:02 to make themselves one bit holier. We can only be holy
37:07 by putting our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and by submitting
37:10 ourselves to His righteousness, and accepting His death
37:13 and His life on our behalf. Okay, so the Sabbath as we've
37:17 already discussed, is a sign of creation and redemption.
37:21 [text on screen]
37:43 You should be able to fill a lot of this out in your study guide,
37:45 following right along. You're keeping up with me,
37:47 I know you're doing a great job. So, Jesus Christ, just
37:52 to quickly review the Sabbath so we can be clear on this.
37:55 Let's talk about the Sabbath because some people say
37:57 "Oh, the Sabbath is only for the Jews", beloved,
37:59 was Adam a Jew? No, Adam predated the Jews
38:02 by some 2000 years, and Adam had the Sabbath, Eve had
38:05 the Sabbath. Jesus Christ, in the beginning He created
38:09 it because Jesus is the Creator. At Mount Sinai, it was Jesus
38:14 Christ on Mount Sinai, remember He said "before Abraham was"
38:17 "I Am", "I'm the God of the Old Testament", Jesus was saying.
38:20 On Mount Sinai He commanded it. [text on screen]
38:26 He was crucified on Friday, he was in the tomb on the Sabbath
38:29 and He raised on Sunday. [text on screen]
38:33 Paul kept the Sabbath, Peter kept the Sabbath, every single
38:37 follower of Jesus from Adam to John in the Bible kept God's
38:40 7th day Sabbath, so if you choose to keep God's Sabbath,
38:43 you're lining up with Enoch, and Isaiah, and every single true
38:47 follower of the true God, I'd say that's pretty good company.
38:50 And most of all, you're lining up with the Lord Jesus Christ.
38:55 He says His last day people will keep it, and we've already
38:58 read that, it says His last day people will keep
39:00 the commandments. We've learned that the central
39:01 issue regarding the mark of the beast is the issue of worship.
39:06 So we're right on your study guide, under "The mark of"
39:09 "the beast". You're keeping up with me, you're doing a great
39:12 job. The mark of the beast is the opposite of the seal of God.
39:20 The beast's mark is his claim to ecclesiastical authority
39:24 and power. So, the mark of the beast is
39:29 the mark - let's say it together, of the beast.
39:36 The central issue is the issue of worship. [text on screen]
39:47 That is a simple childish, child-like, elementary
39:52 deduction. If the mark of the beast is the mark of the beast
39:57 then it must be the mark of the Roman church-state's authority.
40:01 Well, let's see what we discover when we go look at history.
40:04 Daniel tells us that the Antichrist power would arise
40:07 and would seek to change times and laws; the very laws of God.
40:13 Lucius Ferraris "Prompta Bibliotheca", we've looked at
40:16 this one before: [text on screen]
40:29 Now, I don't believe that. I believe God does have
40:32 a representative on earth, and that representative is the Holy
40:35 Spirit. [Audience] Amen.
40:37 Let's go on. This is from the reverend Peter Geierman's
40:40 "The Convert's Catechism of Catholic Doctrine":
40:43 [text on screen]
40:57 Who transfered the solemnity? The church transfered
41:00 the solemnity. [text on screen]
41:07 Because remember, the mark of the beast is the mark of
41:12 the beast, and we've already seen, the seal of God is His
41:20 commandments. Now look at Revelation 13, I want to show
41:23 you something absolutely, fantastically amazing.
41:25 Revelation 13. What are the first 4 commandments, let's
41:29 quickly review them. Number 1: Thou shalt have no other gods
41:32 before Me. Number 2: Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven
41:36 image. Number 3: Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy
41:40 God in vain. And the fourth commandment is:
41:43 Remember the Sabbath. So those are the first
41:45 4 commandments, those are the ones that have to do with God.
41:47 The rest of the commandments have to do with how you relate
41:50 to mankind: honor your father and your mother; don't steal;
41:52 don't kill; etc, etc. The first 4 is our vertical
41:54 relationship with God. All 4 of those commandments
41:57 come into play in Revelation 13. The first commandment says:
42:01 You shall have no other gods before Me.
42:04 Look at verse 8: "All who dwell on the earth will worship him",
42:09 that is, worshiping someone other than God, so that would
42:12 be a violation of the first commandment, is that true?
42:16 That would be a violation of the first commandment.
42:18 The second commandment is not to worship an image.
42:23 Look at verse 15: "he was granted power to give breath"
42:26 "to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should"
42:29 "both speak, and cause as many as would not worship the image"
42:31 "of the beast should be killed". So that would be a violation
42:34 of which commandment? The second commandment:
42:36 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any
42:40 likeness of anything that is in the heaven above, the earth
42:43 beneath or the waters under the earth. Thou shalt not bow
42:45 down thyself to them, nor serve them, for I, the Lord thy God,
42:48 am a jealous God. The third commandment is you
42:50 don't take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.
42:53 Now look at this, very interesting, even the name
42:55 thing comes up here, look at verse 17: "and that now one"
42:57 "might buy or sell, except he who has the mark of the beast, "
43:00 "or the number of his name. " So here they're actually
43:02 taking the name of another entity who claims to be God's
43:05 voice on earth. And then the 4th commandment is: Remember
43:10 the Sabbath day. You say: "Well where's the violation of"
43:14 "the Sabbath day here? " The violation of the Sabbath day
43:18 is in receiving Rome's mark of authority.
43:26 Because remember, let's review, the mark of the beast is
43:29 the mark of the beast. So we know who the beast is,
43:36 now let's ask them the question: "what's your mark? "
43:43 What do they claim is their mark? "Catholic Record",
43:46 September 1, 1923: [text on screen]
43:58 "We changed the day, and this proves that we are the true"
44:05 "church". Look at this one, from C.F. Thomas, a letter
44:08 dated October 20, 1895: [text on screen]
44:22 Oh, isn't that very interesting? So let's ask them: "Hey, what's"
44:25 "the mark of your authority? " "I'll tell you what the mark"
44:27 "of our authority is", they say, "we changed the Biblical day"
44:30 "of worship, that is our mark. " Wow, isn't that interesting?
44:35 We've looked at the first commandment, we've looked
44:37 at the second commandment, we've looked at the 3rd commandment,
44:40 the 4th commandment is: Remember the Sabbath day, which is sign
44:43 that God is creator and God is redeemer.
44:46 How many people in this room believe that Jesus Christ
44:48 is the Creator? How many people in this room
44:51 believe that Jesus Christ is the sole redeemer?
44:54 There is a symbol and a sign in the Bible that shows that
44:58 you're a worshiper or Jesus Christ as creator and redeemer,
45:01 do you know what the sign is? It's the Sabbath.
45:07 Think of it this way: a Buddhist could keep many of
45:11 the commandments, a Buddhist could abstain from killing.
45:14 Is that true? Does that make him a Christian?
45:17 A Muslim could abstain from stealing, does that make him
45:19 a Christian? Which is the commandment that
45:22 tells you: "This is the God that you're worshiping"?
45:25 It's the Sabbath commandment, because the Sabbath commandment
45:28 says that God created in 6 days, and rested on the 7th
45:33 day, so when you keep the Sabbath, you're worshiping
45:35 the Creator God, the Redeemer God, the God of Abraham
45:38 Isaac and Jacob. The Devil knows that that is the sign
45:42 between God as Creator, God as Redeemer, and His people,
45:46 so he wants to cut that sign off, and he supplants his own
45:50 sign, his own mark. What is that mark?
45:53 Of course, the church claims that the change was her act,
45:57 and the act is a mark of her ecclesiastical, that word means
46:02 "church power and authority in religious matters".
46:05 Now look at this one, Priest Thomas Enright, this is
46:08 "President of Redemptorist College": [text on screen]
46:30 Is that serious language? That's hugely serious!
46:33 [text on screen]
46:55 Beloved, are you beginning to see the significance of this?
46:58 Let's go to our study guide, absolutely incredible.
47:02 So we're down there on "more than just a day...".
47:05 Because someone's bound to say "Oh, it's just a day",
47:09 listen, if it was "just a day", God wouldn't have written
47:12 it with His own finger on tables of stone, and put it
47:15 in the ark. Look at this: This issue
47:18 is about more than just a day, imagine Adam saying: "It was"
47:21 "just an apple". God's word is important..."it was just"
47:29 "an apple". I guess it wasn't just an apple, was it?
47:33 It is about - notice this, underlined - Biblical fidelity
47:36 and faithfulness to Jesus Christ. In short, the issue
47:40 could be boiled down to the following sentence: who are
47:42 you taking orders from? The Roman church-state,
47:45 or Jesus Christ? This is an issue or loyalty
47:49 and authority, it is an issue of the commands of God
47:52 versus the traditions of man. The Sabbath is a sign of
47:56 Christ's creation and redemption.
48:04 Sunday is a sign of the church's authority and man's convenience.
48:11 What will you choose? Now, someone says: "Whoa! "
48:15 "Put the breaks on Pastor Asscherick, are you saying"
48:20 "that my aunt Bertha, who went all of her life to the humble"
48:23 "little Baptist church in Tuscaloosa, are you saying"
48:26 "she had the mark of the beast? "
48:28 Did I say that? I never said that, remember:
48:31 this has to be enforced because they "cause to worship".
48:38 Does anybody make you go to church on Sunday?
48:41 No, so we're not yet at the mark of the beast issue.
48:45 The mark of the beast is not being enforced today,
48:51 but what I'm telling you is that there is going to come a day
48:53 when worship will be enforced. And you think "No, impossible! "
49:02 Beloved, Daniel 3, there was Shadrach, Mishak and Abednego,
49:09 and there was a great big tall image, and Nebuchadnezzar said
49:13 "Everyone bow down and worship the image, or you'll be thrown"
49:18 "into the fiery furnace. " In other words: worship or else!
49:24 And everyone bows down, but here's Shadrach, and Mishak,
49:28 and Abednego, and they said: "We cannot worship this image"
49:32 "because we have to be faithful to the commandments of our"
49:35 "God, and not just to the commandments of our God, "
49:39 "but to God. " And everybody bows down,
49:42 all around, and there they stood, absolutely erect.
49:47 Powerful! So at the end of time we see
49:50 this same thing, there's going to be an image, and we're going
49:52 to be told: "worship", except this time it's not going to be
49:55 primarily a test of the first commandment or the second
49:58 commandment, it's going to be a test of the 4th commandment.
50:01 You're saying "Wait a minute, are you saying that we're"
50:04 "going to be forced to dishonor the Sabbath? "
50:06 "Are you saying that we're going to be forced to dishonor"
50:09 "the sign of Jesus Christ as Redeemer and Creator, "
50:11 "and worship on the papal day, as an act of forced, compulsive"
50:14 "worship, are you saying that? " That's exactly what I'm saying.
50:20 "St. Catherine Sentinel", May 21, 1995,
50:23 this is the newsletter from a Catholic church, not from
50:26 my church; this is not from my church. [text on screen]
50:53 How many people believe that the Scriptures should be
50:56 the sole authority? I believe that too, I want
50:58 you to see what the Catholic priest says, this is not
51:02 a member of my church, I want you to see what the Catholic
51:04 priest says, the Catholic priest says: [continues to read]
51:13 "Well, what is a Seventh Day Adventist? I've never heard"
51:15 "of that before. " [continues to read]
51:18 Isn't that interesting? Isn't that amazing?
51:21 If you want to stand on what the Bible says, and not on what
51:24 tradition says, not what the church says, not what man says,
51:27 the priest says, then you need to do something.
51:32 You think that's amazing, look at this, Dr. E.T Hiscox,
51:34 this guy wrote the Baptist Manual; this guy's a Baptist,
51:38 and he's not just a Baptist, he was THE Baptist, one of them,
51:40 look at this, this is amazing, he says: "To me it seems"
51:42 "amazing", that's what this word means "unaccountable",
51:45 [text on screen]
52:03 "intimated" - He never mentioned anything about it,
52:05 [continues to read]
52:14 He's saying "Hey, well where did this thing come from? ",
52:17 says Mr. Hiscox, the author of "The Baptist Manual".
52:20 [text on screen]
52:39 Because it's "sun-day", the day that the Romans worshiped
52:45 the sun, we'll talk more about that in a future night.
52:48 [continues to read]
52:54 In other words, the church just took it from the Romans.
53:00 [continues to read]
53:04 Again, not a member of my church. Look at this,
53:07 "The Catholic Mirror", December 1893: [text on screen]
53:24 He says: "Hey listen, if you really are serious about"
53:27 "standing on what the Bible says, then you've got to stand"
53:31 "on what all of the Bible says, because the Bible's not"
53:33 "a salad bar. " You don't go and say:
53:36 "Well, I like the tomatoes, but I'm not a mushroom guy, "
53:38 "and I like the green peppers, but oh, I can't stand those"
53:41 "beets". No, you get it all, not just the parts that you
53:46 like, you get the whole Word. If you want to pick and choose,
53:51 you can pick and choose, but don't say that everything
53:54 you believe comes from the Bible.
53:58 So let's wrap this up, I'll come back to that tomorrow night.
54:04 Our presentation tomorrow night, I know, you saw that...
54:07 didn't you? [Audience] Yeah.
54:09 You're like "Ahh!..." [Audience laughs]
54:13 Our presentation tomorrow night is entitled
54:15 "The United States' Amazing role in Bible Prophecy".
54:18 I want to be crystal clear about what I'm saying and what I'm
54:20 not saying, number 1: if you keep God's commands, you can't
54:24 get the mark of the beast. Question: do we keep God's
54:30 commandments in order to be saved, or because we are saved?
54:33 Because we are saved. By the way, bring this back
54:35 tomorrow night, you've got to come back tomorrow night,
54:37 you've only got the first half, and plus, you have to learn
54:40 what 666 is. Second thing I'm saying,
54:42 follow this, the second thing is this: there's going to be
54:47 forced worship. You say "Impossible".
54:51 I say "Come back tomorrow night and I'll show you just"
54:54 "how possible it is". Are we all clear on that?
54:57 But let met tell you what I'm not saying: I'm not saying that
55:00 the good person who loves the Lord Jesus Christ with all
55:03 of her heart, all of his heart, all of their soul who happens
55:07 to go to church on Sunday, I'm not saying that that person
55:09 has the mark of the beast, am I crystal clear?
55:15 I don't want anyone going out of here saying "Oh, that guy"
55:17 "over there at the Macedonian Cultural Center, he said"
55:19 "all Sunday worshipers had the mark of the beast. "
55:22 Did I say that tonight? [Audience] No.
55:24 Didn't say it, wouldn't say it, but let me tell you what
55:27 I am saying that there is going to come a time when this issue
55:30 is going to be enforced, and God has His sign of creation,
55:38 God has His sign of redemption, it's the Sabbath, it's based
55:42 on the Scriptures, it's not more important than the other
55:44 commandments, but it's the commandment that's been
55:47 forgotten, that's why it begins with the word "remember".
55:53 It is going to happen, and we will have to make a stand for
55:56 the Lord, or against the Lord. As for me and my house,
56:03 I want to stand for the Lord. See beloved, the mark of
56:08 the beast is the mark of the beast.
56:14 And the seal of God is God's holy name, God's holy law,
56:19 God's Holy Spirit put into the lives of humble, faithful,
56:24 believers who say "Jesus, whatever You say, "
56:27 "I'll do it, I don't care if it's convenient, I don't"
56:29 "care if it goes against my tradition, I don't care if it's"
56:31 "not what I believed before, but if it's in the Bible, "
56:34 "I'm going to obey it. " Beloved, here's what we're going
56:40 to do, I've got ushers that are going to stand up and give
56:43 you a decision card, because I don't want to preach a message
56:45 like this, and not give you an opportunity to make
56:48 a decision.
56:51 You might be thinking to yourself: "wait a minute, "
56:54 "how is this possible? How could this possibly happen? "
56:56 I need those ushers to be moving like this, we need to be
56:59 pretending like we're in a race, boom, those ushers are
57:02 moving just like this: [makes action for them to hurry].
57:05 Now, you're saying: "how could this possibly happen? "
57:09 Tomorrow night we're going to be looking at
57:12 "The United States' amazing role in Bible prophecy".
57:15 While they're passing this out open your Bibles with me
57:18 to Matthew 15. Look at this, look at verse 7,
57:30 Matthew 15:7, these aren't the words of David, so don't
57:33 say David doesn't understand grace, these are the words
57:35 of Jesus, did Jesus understand grace?
57:41 Jesus said: "Hypocrites, ", actors, "well did Isaiah"
57:45 "prophecy about you, saying, These people draw near to Me"
57:49 "with their mouth", do you know what that means?
57:51 It means they talk the talk. "They draw near to Me with"
57:56 "their mouths and they honor Me with their lips, "
57:59 "but their heart is far from them. " Look at verse 9:
58:04 "And in vain do they worship Me, teaching for doctrines"
58:13 "the commandments of men. " You see, in the days of Jesus
58:16 they had set aside the commands of God for the traditions
58:19 and the commands of men. Now I'm telling you, the Devil,
58:23 he's not inventive, he's not creative, that's what he did
58:26 in the days of Jesus, that's what he's going to do at
58:28 the end of time, he's going to supplant the teachings
58:31 and the doctrines of God with the traditions and
58:33 the commandments of men.


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