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00:16 Our presentation this evening is entitled Babylon is
00:17 alive and well, but we have to finish this up before
00:20 we get into our presentation tonight.
00:21 So we are on the back page there on how was the
00:24 Roman church state originally formed?
00:25 That was the question we asked here on the screen.
00:27 And the answer is it worked through secular governments.
00:31 It worked through what kind of governments?
00:33 Secular governments.
00:34 Notice right here in your study guide.
00:35 The Roman state church has no standing army.
00:37 It has always worked through existing secular
00:41 governments to achieve its purposes.
00:44 So that is what you would write in there on that line.
00:45 Secular governments.
00:47 So the image of the beast will not be a literal image.
00:51 Let's go to Revelation chapter 13 so that we can
00:53 get our fingers wrapped around this idea of
00:55 the image of the beast.
00:56 There are some people do have the anticipation that
00:59 end of time there is going to be a literal image set up
01:02 and that people will be compelled to worship a literal
01:05 image such as we find in Daniel chapter 3.
01:07 I think a closer examination of the text will reveal
01:10 something a little different than that.
01:11 Revelations chapter 13, beginning in verse 11.
01:14 Revelation 13:11, this is where we find the
01:17 second beast coming up.
01:18 We have already identified this second beast and
01:21 we will begin in verse 11.
01:22 "Then I saw another beast coming up
01:24 out-of-the-where, everyone?
01:25 "Out of the earth and he had two horns like a Lamb. "
01:28 But who did he speak like?
01:29 "He spoke like a dragon. "
01:31 "He exercises all the authority of the first beast
01:33 in his presence and causes the earth and those who
01:35 dwell in it to worship the first beast whose
01:37 deadly wound was healed. "
01:38 So the primary objective of this second beast is to
01:41 cause the earth to worship the first beast.
01:43 That is why sometimes he is called a false prophet.
01:45 He's like a spokesperson for the first beast.
01:48 Verse 13, "he even performed signs, wonders so that he
01:52 makes fire come down from men on earth insight of men. "
01:55 We will talk about that just a moment.
01:56 "He deceives those who dwell on earth by those signs which he
01:59 was granted to do in the sight of the beast. "
02:01 "Telling those who dwell on the earth," now notice this,
02:03 "to make an image to the beast who was wounded by the sword,"
02:07 and what? "And lived. "
02:09 So what happens with this second beast is that his
02:11 primary objective is to cause the earth to worship
02:14 the first beast and then it says
02:16 that he even sets up this image of the beast.
02:19 Let's look at that again here in verse 14.
02:21 It says, "telling those who dwell on the earth to make
02:24 an image to the beast who was wounded by
02:26 the sword and lived.
02:27 He was granted power," I'm in verse 15, "to give breath".
02:30 To give what everyone?
02:32 To give breath, that is the New Testament word, Numa.
02:34 "That he would give his spirit," or breath,
02:36 "to the image of the beast, that the image of the beast
02:39 should both speak and cause as many as would not
02:41 worship the image of the beast should be killed. "
02:43 Now the imagery here is actually very interesting.
02:45 It is straight out of the book of Genesis.
02:47 Your remember that God said, see if you can remember
02:49 this with me, God said,
02:50 "let us make man in our," what? "Image. "
02:55 And after He made man in His image, the Bible says,
02:57 "he breathed into his nostrils the breath of life
03:00 and man became a living soul. "
03:01 That is exactly the imagery you find here.
03:03 Does everybody see that? Yes or no?
03:05 It says that he creates this image and then he breathes
03:09 into this thing, so really what you find here is a
03:11 counterfeit of what God did in the book of Genesis.
03:13 So this figure, this form, this image is set up and
03:17 then, he breathes into him his breath and this
03:20 thing comes alive.
03:21 We picked up in verse 15.
03:23 "He was granted power to give breath to the image of
03:25 the beast that the image of the beast should both
03:27 speak and cause as many as would not worship
03:29 the image of the beast should be," what? "Killed. "
03:31 Verse 16, "he causes all, both small and great,
03:33 rich and poor, free and slaved, to receive a mark on
03:36 their right hand or in their foreheads and that no man
03:38 might buy or sell except him who has the mark of the
03:41 beast or the number of his name.
03:42 Here is wisdom, let him who has understanding
03:44 calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number,"
03:47 of a what? "Man," and what is that number? "666."
03:52 Six, six, six, that is exactly right.
03:54 So we find here is that at the end of time there is
03:56 going to be an image of the beast.
03:58 There is going to be a what everyone?
04:00 An image of the beast.
04:01 Well an image is a copy, or a likeness.
04:04 There will be a likeness of the beast,
04:06 or a copy of the beast and notice that it says,
04:09 that this image of the beast is created because
04:12 the first beast had received a deadly wound.
04:14 We see that a Revelations 13:3.
04:17 That he received a deadly wound and began to go down.
04:19 As this beast was going down the second beast was
04:22 coming up, but the second beast turns
04:24 and breaths breath back into the first beast
04:27 and here it comes again.
04:28 The image of the beast is created right down
04:30 to the end of time.
04:31 We will talk about that in a moment.
04:32 Historically we need to ask the question,
04:35 how has the Roman Church State functioned?
04:38 We have already said that it worked
04:39 or what kind of government? Secular governments!
04:41 Again the Roman Church state does not have a standing
04:44 standing army the same as the United States
04:46 has a standing army.
04:47 They have always worked through a secular government.
04:49 Whether it was England or Italy or France or Germany.
04:51 So we are back to our study guide here.
04:53 So it says the image of the beast will not be a
04:55 literal image, rather it will be the resurgence
04:59 of the kind of power and influence the
05:01 Roman Church had in the dark ages.
05:05 As the church worked historically through secular
05:07 governments, to achieve its ends, so too,
05:10 at the end of time.
05:11 The resurrected beast will work through secular
05:13 governments to achieve its ends.
05:16 The United States will sadly play them very role,
05:19 this is what the prophecy means in Revelation 13:11 says,
05:22 "it will speak like a dragon. "
05:26 And a dragon is who?
05:28 Who is the dragon?
05:29 It is the devil.
05:30 So what we are contending here is that we are seeing
05:32 that deadly wound spoken of, in Revelation 13:3,
05:35 we are seeing that deadly wound being healed right
05:38 before our very eyes.
05:39 When the most powerful rulers,
05:40 the most powerful leaders,
05:41 the most powerful governing official attended that
05:44 papal funeral, at least in the case of the
05:47 United States of America, it was the first time in
05:49 history that any President had ever
05:51 attended a papal funeral.
05:53 Here was not just one, but the current President
05:55 and two former Presidents, not to mention many other
05:58 Prime Ministers and Ambassadors, all kneeling.
06:00 All what everyone? All kneeling.
06:03 Not before God, they are kneeling before the
06:06 dead body of Pope John Paul,
06:08 who incidentally is just a sinner
06:10 like everyone of us in this room.
06:12 Do you believe that?
06:13 Absolutely, God loves Pope John Paul II, no question
06:16 about that, but to kneel before him is highly unusual.
06:20 Particularly highly unusual for the most powerful men
06:24 and women in the government.
06:26 So we're beginning to see this secular wound, pardon me,
06:28 this wound healing as the secular governments are aligning
06:31 themselves more and more closely with this papal power.
06:35 We are seeing this wound heal right
06:37 before our very eyes.
06:38 Now there are good Christian folks who want to
06:41 make a change in the world.
06:43 They see the moral decadence, they see the moral
06:45 democracy that is taking place.
06:47 Unfortunately many of these good Christian people are
06:49 going to try and make a good change in the wrong way.
06:53 Dr. James Dobson, do any of you know this man here?
06:56 Of course!
06:57 Listen, I have several books my library that I love,
06:59 Dare to Discipline, Bringing Up Boys, there is no
07:01 question that the man has a special connection with
07:05 Christ, particularly as it relates to being able to
07:08 communicate, great counseling and psychological truths,
07:12 in a spiritual way, no question about that.
07:14 My concern is that when good men, like a James Dobson,
07:18 or a Ralph Reed, or a Ted Hager, or a hundred others
07:22 that could be cited.
07:23 When these men get involved in politics as a mean
07:26 to push their Christian agenda, I get a little
07:28 nervous because I see the union of church and
07:31 state coming closer and closer and closer together.
07:34 If we know anything from the old world experiments,
07:38 church and state do not make good bed partners.
07:41 If you believe that say Amen!
07:42 That is why when the forefathers and foremothers came
07:45 to this land, they said things like we are going to be free
07:48 from a King and they set up civil liberty.
07:50 We are going to be free from the dictates of the Pope
07:52 and they set up a religious liberty.
07:53 They said church and state would remain separate.
07:56 Now what that means is not that we do not want
08:00 Christian people, or moral people, or good natured
08:02 people in governing offices,
08:03 but that none of them should be enforcing,
08:05 or legislating their particular version or
08:09 interpretation of the faith, what ever faith that is.
08:12 Amen? Amen! That is really the point.
08:15 Now I am back in your study guide here.
08:17 Second paragraph.
08:18 God made man in his own what? Image!
08:21 Then he breathed into him, so to the image of the
08:25 beast, which comes to life, when the second beast
08:27 breathes his power into the Roman Church.
08:30 The image of the beast, which looks just like the
08:33 beast did in the dark ages,
08:34 will suddenly be brought back to life.
08:38 The United States will work with the Roman Church to
08:41 bring this nation, quote: "back to God!"
08:43 This seemingly noble experiment climax and run
08:48 amuck when Sunday, the mark of the Roman churches authority
08:52 and religious matters is enforced,
08:54 first with economic sanctions, and then, finally,
08:57 on pain of death.
08:59 You say do you really believe that it's going to
09:01 happen Pastor Asscherick?
09:02 I believe that with every fiber of my being and not
09:05 because I am looking at headlines, not because I'm
09:07 looking at the newspapers, but because I'm looking at
09:09 Revelation Chapter 12 and 13 and 14.
09:12 God has His seal, the beast has his mark.
09:14 We asked the beast what is your mark?
09:16 He says the mark of our ecclesiastical authority is
09:19 that we changed that day of worship,
09:20 the day of solemnity, from the biblical Sabbath
09:23 to the Catholic Sunday.
09:26 That is going to be enforced, I believe that with
09:29 every bit of my being and believe that we are headed,
09:31 very rapidly, in that direction.
09:32 Now you are sitting there thinking, it is not possible.
09:35 But I will remind you again, that already 36,
09:37 what did I say everyone?
09:39 36 states in this union already have Sunday laws.
09:44 They are already on the books, these are not laws that
09:47 have to be passed and written and legislated,
09:49 these are laws that need to be enforced.
09:51 What were did I say everyone? Enforced!
09:54 You can do a little research on it.
09:55 You can go to any Google search engine and type in
09:57 Sunday blue laws and find out what comes up.
09:59 The laws are already there.
10:01 Now notice that it says that the
10:04 deadly wound would heal.
10:06 You say how is this going to happen?
10:07 How is this radical shifting of the paradigm,
10:10 here in America, from religious protector, and religious liberty
10:14 and religious freedom to religious tyranny.
10:17 It is going to happen as the Catholics are extending
10:19 their arm to the Protestants.
10:21 The Protestants, I am talking about leadership here,
10:23 because God loves people but hates systems that are
10:25 not consistent with His word.
10:27 If you believe that say Amen!
10:29 so what we see here is the Catholic leadership
10:31 reaching out to the Protestants.
10:32 The Protestants reaching out to the Catholics and both
10:35 of them clasping hands and reaching out
10:37 to the secular government.
10:39 Now I want to notice this very interesting from the
10:41 Washington Post, Monday, November 1, 1999.
10:44 This is not ancient history beloved.
10:46 Six years ago, and I want you to notice there the
10:49 title of this headline news article.
10:52 Lutherans and Catholics unite to, what is that word?
10:56 Heal 482-year-old division.
10:59 A very interesting choice of words.
11:01 Sounds exactly like Revelation 13:3.
11:03 "That he is deadly wound," would be what? "Healed. "
11:08 And basically what happened is this man here,
11:10 a representative Christian, a representative of the
11:13 Lutheran World Federation sat down with this man here,
11:15 Edward Casey, and a signed document that said in
11:18 essence that the whole Protestant information was
11:20 a great big misunderstanding.
11:24 Well I can just imagine that Martin Luther did
11:27 somersaults in his grave at hearing that.
11:30 A misunderstanding?
11:31 Sure to the tune of 50 million, 60 million, 70 million,
11:34 and some say as high as a 100 million people dead, why?
11:38 Because of a misunderstanding, you wish it was more
11:42 than a misunderstanding, radically different systems.
11:45 One says that you are saved by grace alone,
11:47 through faith alone, to the glory of God alone.
11:50 And the other says you are saved by faith plus abiding
11:54 by the traditions and sacraments of the Church.
11:57 These are radically different systems.
12:00 The Reformation was not a mistake, it was genuine,
12:03 it was real, and it was substantive.
12:05 The fact that people some 5 hundred years later can
12:08 sit down and write a document that says it was
12:09 a mistake, shows that number one they are not
12:11 historians, and number two they are driven
12:12 by an agenda, not by truth.
12:14 Very interesting isn't it?
12:18 These groups are rushing together.
12:21 I just got this off the Internet today.
12:22 This is just happening recently.
12:24 First it was Lutherans, 100 million Lutherans,
12:27 now it is the Methodist.
12:28 This is taken from Reuters say News Agency,
12:30 July 23,2006.
12:33 Notice the title of the article.
12:34 Historical rift mended.
12:37 You could change that very easily to say,
12:39 historical wound healed.
12:42 Notice!
12:55 All that they are doing is joining on to that same
12:57 document that the Lutherans have signed
12:59 some 6 years before.
13:14 Oh they solved it, there really was no difference
13:17 between the Protestants and Catholics,
13:18 it has all been solved now.
13:20 So the Methodist can say now we can come back
13:21 home to the mother Church.
13:23 And the Lutherans can say oh we can come back
13:24 home to mother Church.
13:25 They have solved it?
13:26 I'm sure that John and Charles Wesley are doing
13:28 somersaults, circles, and cartwheels in their graves
13:30 thinking what has happened to people?
13:33 They do not know their Bibles anymore.
13:34 Of course in the case of Methodists, if you're
13:35 a Methodist today, I sincerely apologize, but I do not
13:38 apologize for what I'm going to say.
13:39 I just apologize for the fact that your church has
13:41 so terrifically abandoned the faith.
13:43 I mean they are having huge council to decide
13:46 whether or not it is biblical to ordain, openly,
13:49 homosexual ministers.
13:50 When you have left the Bible so far that you have to
13:54 convene a council to decide if it is okay to ordain an
13:57 openly homosexual minister, it is just a matter of time
14:00 before you say, you know what?
14:01 We do not know our way anymore, we have lost our anchor,
14:04 we have lost our direction and so you will go back
14:06 to the mother Church.
14:07 I mean if you have left this thing and you are willing
14:11 to say with a straight face, you know what we solve
14:13 the whole problem of the Protestant Reformation.
14:15 Whoop! It was all a big misunderstanding.
14:18 That tells me you do not know your Bible.
14:19 Not only do you not know your Bible,
14:20 you do not know history.
14:21 The Protestant Reformation it goes on to say,
14:44 That was an official statement released
14:45 by the Methodist church.
14:46 Notice that a common understanding of justification.
14:49 Now for those of you today who are not theologians,
14:50 justification means how you are saved.
14:53 So let's just substitute that.
14:55 A common understanding of how you are saved.
14:58 Beloved, did John and Charles Wesley have a common
15:01 understanding of how they were saved as compared to
15:03 the Popes in the Catholics and the pre-lattés?
15:05 No! I mean it was radically different,
15:07 night and day, oil and water, up and down,
15:10 forward and backwards, zig and zag.
15:12 To say that these two are the same is like saying
15:15 that black is white.
15:16 You can say all you want, but it is not true.
15:19 Just because you get people who do not know their
15:21 Bibles are biblically illiterate sit down and sign
15:23 a document that says it was all a mistake does
15:25 not prove that it was all a mistake.
15:27 What it does prove is that you do not know your Bible,
15:29 and you do not know history, and you are driven
15:31 by a larger political agenda to unite the Christian world,
15:35 to get this nation and this world
15:37 back to God, despite the costs.
15:40 But beloved, it is far, far, far better to be
15:44 divided by truth then united by error.
15:47 We do not live in that world anymore, we live in
15:51 a world where it is politically incorrect to suggest
15:52 that somebody is wrong, but beloved, you are going to
15:55 stand on what the Bible says.
15:56 Your life is going to be a rebuke to people who would
16:00 rather accommodate a political position and agenda,
16:04 than to stand for Jesus Christ and His end-time truth.
16:07 If what I am saying makes sense I want you to say Amen?
16:10 Amen! Now look at this.
16:12 Just tonight, somebody handed me this document here.
16:14 It is dated, November 30, what is today?
16:19 November 30, and I am reading here is an AP article
16:23 Istanbul, Turkey? Pope Benedict XVI called divisions among
16:27 the Christian Church a scandal to the world.
16:30 Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, let's read that again.
16:33 Today the pope called divisions among the
16:35 Christian Church a scandal to the world.
16:38 Do you know what he is saying is?
16:39 He is saying that the church should not be divided.
16:42 The church should not be what?
16:44 He says it is a scandal.
16:46 Of course, listen, I was one of those people that
16:49 look at Christianity and thought wait a minute,
16:50 we have one Lord, we have one baptism,
16:52 we have one Bible.
16:53 How come we have 1300 different
16:54 Christian denominations?
16:55 I mean that is confusing, someone say Amen?
16:57 But God is not the author of confusion and I will
16:59 take you the solution is not running back to Rome.
17:02 The solution is running back the Bible,
17:05 someone say Amen?
17:06 So when the Pope says, oh it is a scandal that the
17:10 church is divided, you are right it is a scandal.
17:12 But going back to the mother, is not the solution.
17:16 You know what is happening, when the Methodist,
17:18 come back to town with the Catholics, and the Lutherans,
17:21 and again we are talking about systems,
17:23 not people!
17:24 I want to say that again, can someone say Amen?
17:25 We are talking about systems, systems, systems, systems.
17:28 God loves Catholics, God loves Protestants,
17:30 God loves Muslims, God loves atheists,
17:33 God loves the agnostics, God loves black,
17:35 God loves whites, God loves males, God loves female.
17:37 Is that clear everyone? Yes or no?
17:38 The point is when the leadership of the Methodist
17:41 come back to the Catholic Church, and the leadership
17:43 of the Lutherans come back to the Catholic Church,
17:45 I will give you one guess who is making the biggest
17:48 concessions to bring about unity?
17:50 Do you think the Catholics are saying,
17:51 you know what?
17:52 Let us change all the teachings for 100' s of
17:54 1000' s of years, do you think they are doing that?
17:56 Do you know who is making the concessions?
17:57 The Protestants are making the concessions beloved.
18:00 Rome is not changing, Rome cannot change.
18:03 Rome has built into its doctrinal structure something
18:06 called Ex Cathedra, and that is when the Pope speaks,
18:09 out of the cathedral, what he says is infallible.
18:12 When something is infallible it can never be changed.
18:16 So when it comes time to start making concessions and
18:19 saying I guess we were wrong about that.
18:20 The ones that are making the vast, majority of changes,
18:24 and concessions, are not the Catholics.
18:27 It's the Protestant leadership.
18:29 So when the pope stands up and says, hey it is a
18:32 scandal to the world that the church is divided.
18:34 Do you know what you should be hearing?
18:36 The churches should be united, oh, but wait,
18:38 if the church is going to be united we need a head.
18:40 Well, who should that be?
18:42 The article goes on.
18:46 "At a joint ceremony Thursday with the spiritual leader
18:50 of the Orthodox Christian Church which split from
18:52 Catholicism nearly a thousand years ago.
18:54 Reaching out to the world 250 million
18:56 Orthodox Christian is a centerpiece of Benedict's
18:59 papacy, he has set the difficult goal of full unity
19:02 between two ancient branches of Christianity. "
19:04 Look at that, full unity.
19:06 "Which divided over disputes including
19:08 the extensive papal authority. "
19:09 Last one here, "the divisions which exist among the
19:11 Christians are scandal to the world,
19:13 said the pope after joining the ecumenical patriarch
19:15 Bartholomew I, to mark the feast days of St. Andrew,
19:19 a priest across Asia minor, who believed to ordain
19:22 the first Bishop of Constantinople in Istanbul. "
19:24 So we have reached out to the Lutherans and got them.
19:27 We have reached out to the Methodist and got them.
19:29 Now we reaching out to who?
19:30 The Orthodox!
19:31 While he was in Turkey he made several steps to
19:34 reach out, several stops to reach out to the Muslims.
19:37 Beloved, you are seeing a coming together,
19:39 a conversion of religions.
19:41 What did I say everyone? A conversion,
19:44 or a coming together of religions.
19:45 There is a technical term for this and
19:47 it is called Ecumenism.
19:48 Ecumenism, now if you are sitting here today and
19:50 you are Methodist, I hope you are not offended.
19:52 I mean if you are offended,
19:54 you should not be offended at me.
19:55 You should be offended at your church for
19:57 abandoning the Bible and is refusing to stand for up a
19:59 thus saith the Lord.
20:00 Someone say Amen?
20:01 Don't be offended at the pastor.
20:02 If you are sitting here today as a Lutheran,
20:04 you should be offended,
20:05 but don't be offended by Pastor Asscherick.
20:06 Be offended by your churches total abandonment
20:09 of truth when it comes to justification.
20:11 Oh, it was all a big mistake when Martin Luther
20:13 nailed his 95 theses to the door at Wittenberg and a 100 million
20:16 that died in the process.
20:17 Whoops, made a mistake, No!
20:19 There is a mistake that is being made,
20:21 and that mistake is trying to gloss over and put a
20:24 nice veneer over a huge theological difference
20:28 between Catholicism and Protestantism,
20:31 between traditions of man and biblical Christianity.
20:34 Do not say they are the same.
20:36 You know what, you can already begin to see
20:40 how it is going to look.
20:41 When someone stands up and says, it is a mockery,
20:43 it's a lie, it's not biblical, it's not true,
20:47 the emperor is naked, that person is going
20:49 to be very popular isn't he?
20:51 Is that person going to be very popular?
20:53 You know what he is going to be labeled?
20:55 You are anti-unity.
20:56 You are anti-unity, you are anti-the truth,
20:59 we are trying to being everybody together
21:01 and you are the bad guy.
21:02 You are a terrorist.
21:03 Beloved, are you seeing this? Yes or no?
21:07 You have to be half asleep not to see it.
21:10 We are going to continue on here.
21:11 Look at this!
21:12 All roads lead to Rome.
21:13 "Protestant churches are beating Rome's door down
21:16 to be allowed back into the mother Church. "
21:19 "This phenomenon is called ecumenism and is
21:22 happening at an alarming rate. "
21:23 "This coming together of the church strengthens
21:26 the Roman Church's plans and potency," more on
21:29 this in a future lesson we are actually compiling
21:30 so you won't get any more on it tonight.
21:32 "Just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,
21:35 God's last day people will be forced to choose
21:37 between forced worship and God's",
21:40 God's what? "Commandments. "
21:42 Daniel Chapter three we find them standing strong,
21:44 by God's enabling grace, refusing to bow down to that
21:47 great golden image that Nebuchadnezzar had instructed. "
21:49 "May Jesus Christ grant us the grace, courage and
21:52 power to do the same. "
21:53 "May we say with Peter that we ought to obey God
21:56 rather than men. " If you believe what I have said,
22:00 I want you to say Amen? Amen!
22:01 It is not because of me either.
22:03 This book was released several years ago.
22:05 Evangelicals and Catholics Shared A Common Mission.
22:07 Written by two men, Charles Colson, a man who have
22:10 a great deal of respect for, no question about that.
22:13 I am concerned about the direction that some of
22:17 these people are going when they start laying aside
22:18 biblical truth for political expediency and agenda.
22:21 It says here:
22:28 That is just facts now.
22:29 The Houston Chronicle reported on this book:
22:47 You see there is an agenda.
22:48 There is an agenda, they are not coming together
22:50 because they want to get in bed together,
22:52 they are coming together for a purpose.
22:54 You have heard this, there is no better way than
22:56 to get to people that are at odds together than
22:59 to have a common enemy.
23:00 Isn't that true, yes or no?
23:01 They say secularism is the common enemy.
23:03 Moral decadence that is the common enemy.
23:05 What ever you want to say is the common enemy.
23:07 So people start uniting and they are
23:09 not paying attention to truth.
23:10 I was at a promise keeper rally one time,
23:12 and I have nothing against the promise keepers,
23:14 it is kind of faded.
23:15 I get a little concerned when you start having
23:18 these radical political agendas taking place.
23:20 I was at a rally with some twenty thousand people and
23:22 Max Lucado got up in front, he said to everybody
23:24 I want everybody to say their denomination
23:27 on account of three so, 1, 2, 3, and everybody says
23:29 their denomination at once.
23:31 Presbyterian, Methodist, Seventh-day Adventist,
23:33 Catholic, Mormon, blah, blah, blah.
23:35 He said, sounds like confusion to me, and everybody laughed.
23:39 Then he said on the count of three I want everyone
23:43 to say Jesus Christ.
23:44 And then 1, 2, 3, and of course it sounded so nice.
23:46 Jesus Christ!
23:48 He said, that is the way it is supposed to be.
23:50 And everybody went!
23:53 they were all cheering, but listen beloved.
23:55 Listen, listen, listen!
23:56 We can say the words.
23:58 The question is what the words mean?
24:00 Does that make sense?
24:02 Listen if the devil gets a hold of language,
24:06 the game is over.
24:07 Does that make sense?
24:09 Listen, my Jesus Christ is not the Jesus Christ
24:12 of the Mormons, can we be clear on that?
24:15 I can say the same word you are saying,
24:17 but the Jesus Christ that I believe in is not
24:19 the same Jesus Christ that the Mormons believe in.
24:21 Our picture of Jesus is informed by correct
24:24 biblical teachings. Amen?
24:27 I do not believe that Jesus Christ was
24:28 the brother of Lucifer.
24:29 I do not believe that he is one of a
24:30 multiplied million spirit being.
24:32 He is blah, blah, blah! Nonsense!
24:34 You can say Jesus Christ and someone else to say
24:37 Jesus Christ, we can all say it together and
24:38 it sounds so good.
24:39 But beloved, if it is not biblical.
24:40 It may sound good but all you have to do is lift
24:43 the lid and look underneath and there's cancer
24:44 under there, there is garbage under there.
24:46 Does that make sense?
24:48 So beloved it is not going to work for us all just
24:50 to get together in one room and raise our
24:52 hands and say Jesus Christ and suddenly
24:54 everything is okay, beloved?
24:55 It has to be according to truth.
24:58 Jesus Himself said, I am the way,
25:01 and the truth, and the life.
25:03 He did not say I am a way.
25:05 There are many ways and I am one of a multitude
25:07 in these ways. No!
25:08 I am a way, a truth, and am a light.
25:11 The way singular, definite article.
25:13 The truth, singular, definite article.
25:14 And the life.
25:16 So yes I do believe in the Lord Jesus Christ,
25:19 and you believe in the Lord Jesus Christ,
25:20 but the only way that we can be sure that language
25:22 has meaning and we are saying the same thing is
25:24 if we have some objective thing that tells us
25:27 what Jesus Christ is. Amen? Amen!
25:31 Maybe you have heard people say this is absolutely
25:32 ridiculous thing, that it doesn't matter the doctrine.
25:35 Doctrine doesn't matter, the teaching doesn't matter,
25:36 only Jesus matters.
25:38 Wait a minute, how do you know what Jesus is like?
25:40 Do you believe that Jesus died,
25:42 was buried, and resurrected?
25:43 Well that is doctrine beloved.
25:46 Do you believe that Jesus was the son of God?
25:48 Oh yeah I've believe, that is doctrine.
25:50 It is one thing for us all to sound good,
25:53 and sound unified, and blah, blah, blah.
25:55 Beloved we had to be unified on Christ,
25:58 and in Christ, in truth.
26:02 So here we are.
26:04 Back to the statement from the Houston Chronicle.
26:16 So they come together for political means.
26:26 And that is the point where this whole thing is going.
26:28 The archbishop of New York said:
26:49 Church and state will unite to enforce
26:51 religious practices.
26:53 Be crystal clear on it, for Bible says that
26:56 is what is going to happen.
26:57 It is not going to happen because of what we see
26:59 in the news headlines.
27:00 It is going to happen because that is what
27:01 Revelation says is going to happen.
27:02 Worship will be compulsory, worship will be enforced,
27:07 and unfortunately it is not going to
27:09 be biblical worship.
27:10 It is not going to be Bible-based worship.
27:12 Is going to be based on the teachings of the
27:14 mother Church, which are not biblical.
27:16 So people like myself, who say no, I am going to
27:20 stand on the plain thus saith the Lord and not the
27:22 tradition and canons of men, I am going to be put
27:24 in a very awkward position, when the laws of land
27:27 intersect the laws of God.
27:29 But for me and my house, we are going to serve the Lord.
27:33 Whether we can't buy or sell, whether it causes pain.
27:36 Listen beloved, it doesn't matter.
27:39 I will serve the Lord with Job, "though he slays me,
27:45 yet I will trust Him. "
27:46 Now we are on the second study guide.
27:49 Let's talk about Babylon.
27:50 Many people wonder why there are
27:53 so many Christian denominations.
27:54 How many people in this room have ever wondered,
27:56 why are there so many Christian denominations?
27:57 I'm going to tell you tonight why there are so many
27:59 Christian denominations.
28:00 This is a fair question after all there is
28:02 just one Bible, one Savior, and one God.
28:04 So what is it difficult to understand why there
28:06 should be so many different, what? Churches!
28:09 The purpose of this lesson will be to understand both
28:12 the cause and the solution of this phenomenon.
28:14 Let's begin by asking this question,
28:16 how many churches did Jesus establish?
28:19 I give you Matthew Chapter 16:13-19.
28:22 I would just quoted quickly for you,
28:23 "who do men say that I am son of man,
28:25 some say John the Baptist, some say Jeremiah,"
28:26 some say this or that.
28:28 Jesus said, "who do you say that I am?"
28:30 Peter speaks up on behalf of the rest of
28:32 the apostles and says, "you are the Christ,
28:33 the son of the living God. "
28:34 Jesus says, "Blessed are you Simon Barjona
28:36 for flesh and blood has not revealed this unto you,
28:38 but My Father which is in heaven. "
28:40 Then he says something very fascinating.
28:41 He said Peter you are little Rolling Stone but
28:43 upon this petra, large monolithic unmovable rock,
28:46 I will build my churches.
28:49 No, no, no, I will build my what?
28:52 My church, and then he says, "the gates of hell will
28:56 not prevail against" what?
28:58 "It", he did not say, them, he said, "it. "
29:01 Jesus established a single church. Amen? Amen!
29:07 Now I will give you another text there.
29:09 For example in Ephesians chapter 5, it says that Jesus
29:11 gave Himself for the church, not the churches.
29:16 Today there are many different flavors of
29:18 Christianity, it is like going into
29:19 a Baskin-Robbins or in to a cold Stone.
29:21 What do you want?
29:23 You can find a church that fits your needs.
29:25 You can find a church that fits you just right.
29:27 You say I don't really go for the double chocolate
29:29 fudge, and I do like the praline pecan,
29:31 but mmmm! Coconut mint, give it to me.
29:34 You can have your own little flavor.
29:36 You say well I don't really like the Presbyterians.
29:38 I'm not really a Methodist kind of guy.
29:40 I'm more of a Pentecostal.
29:42 All of us have our little different flavors of
29:45 Christianity, but beloved, beloved,
29:46 beloved we have bought into a huge deception.
29:48 Jesus established one church.
29:52 Then he said the gates and you will not prevail
29:54 against what? "It"!
29:56 We continue on here.
29:57 Jesus established one church.
30:00 Here is an essential point to grasp.
30:01 Over 1000 separate Christian denominations in the
30:04 world today, yet Jesus established one church.
30:07 What happened?
30:08 Revelation holds the key.
30:09 Of course the Catholics are going to say,
30:10 well I will tell you what happened, you all left
30:12 the mother church.
30:13 Um, that is not what happened.
30:15 What happened is that people left the Bible.
30:17 And you go to Revelation 12, let's go there together.
30:21 Let's see if we can look at Revelation Chapter 12,
30:24 beginning in verse 1.
30:25 Here we see Revelation 12:1, a true church.
30:30 God's true people, now I know some people say this is
30:34 only Israel, Revelation 12 is only Israel.
30:38 Beloved, it is not only Israel.
30:39 We are going to spend the whole time on that when we
30:42 get together on Saturday, entitled: Who Is Real Israel?
30:45 The only reason you would think this woman was only Israel,
30:48 if you were based on a radical misinterpretation and
30:52 misunderstanding of the book of Revelation that
30:53 basically says only up to Revelation 3 is for the
30:56 church and everything after that is for Israel post-rapture,
30:59 I mean you have got to be kidding me beloved.
31:02 If ever there was egregious, dangerous teaching,
31:05 that is it.
31:06 Because we are all going around saying oh ho,
31:07 I'm so glad I'm not going to be here when the mark of
31:09 the beast crisis comes.
31:10 High five, no Antichrist, I'm not going to be around,
31:12 and even if I was, second chance baby.
31:15 Come on beloved, the devil has pulled a fast one.
31:19 The devil has pulled a huge fast one.
31:22 I mean you really want to look me in the eye and tell me
31:24 that Revelation 5-22 has nothing to do with you?
31:28 Are you kidding beloved?
31:31 So anyone who says, Ahhh this is only Israel is based
31:33 on a huge misunderstanding and we will deal
31:35 more with that on Saturday.
31:36 If "is now a great sign appeared," where every one?
31:38 "In heaven, a woman clothed with the Sun and
31:41 the Moon under her feet, and on her head
31:43 a garland of twelve stars. "
31:44 A woman in Bible prophecy represents what?
31:46 A church, or the true people of God.
31:48 Now want you to notice that she is clothed with 3 things,
31:50 the sun, the moon, and the stars.
31:52 You go back to Genesis 1 and 2 and God ordained the Sun,
31:55 the Moon, and the stars to bring light to this world.
31:58 So this woman is clothed with light giving things.
32:02 Someone say Amen?
32:04 So she will be bringing light to the earth.
32:07 Isaiah says, "that darkness covers the earth and gross
32:09 darkness the people, but the Lord will arise upon Thee
32:13 and his glory shall be seen upon thee. "
32:14 so this woman, this true church who stands on the Bible thy word
32:17 is a lamp unto my feet, and a light into my path. "
32:19 This woman powerfully, will be bringing light to a dark world.
32:23 But there is another woman and she is in Revelation 17,
32:27 go there with me if you would.
32:28 Revelation 17:1, "one of the seven angels who had the
32:35 seven bowls came and talked with me saying, to me,
32:37 come and I will show you the judgment of the great harlot. "
32:40 Some versions say whore or prostitute,
32:43 "who sits on many waters with whom the kings of
32:45 the earth have committed" What everyone? Fortification's.
32:48 So she had illicit relations with the kings of the earth.
32:50 "And thee inhabitants of the earth were made drunk
32:53 through the wine of her fortification. "
32:54 "So he carried me away in the Spirit into the
32:56 wilderness: and I saw woman sitting on a
32:57 scarlet beast which was full of the names of blasphemy
32:59 having seven heads and ten horns. "
33:00 "The woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet and
33:03 adorned with gold and precious stones and pearls,
33:05 having in her hand a golden cup full of abominations
33:07 and the filthiness of her fornication:"
33:10 "and on her forehead with the name written, MYSTERY,
33:16 "And I saw the woman", the woman in Bible prophecy
33:18 is what everyone? A church, or God's people.
33:20 "And I saw the woman drunk with the blood of
33:22 the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus:
33:25 and when I saw her, I marveled with great amazement. "
33:28 So when we come to the book of Revelation we do not
33:30 find one church, even though Jesus had established
33:32 just one church, we find many churches.
33:34 You say many I thought there was only two.
33:36 No look there again, it says that her name is mystery,
33:39 Babylon the great, the mother of what? Harlots!
33:44 Harlots is plural, so you have at least 4 women,
33:46 because you have the woman at Revelation 17,
33:49 and she has at least two daughters,
33:51 otherwise it wouldn't be in a plural.
33:52 And then you have the woman of Revelation Chapter 12.
33:54 What John is trying to show you here is that
33:56 there are many people at the end of time
33:58 claiming to be God's bride.
34:00 But you can be sure about this,
34:01 Jesus is not a polygamist! Amen!
34:07 He is not a polygamist, he has a single bride
34:11 and we will pick that up there in our question,
34:12 Is Jesus a polygamist?
34:14 One of our attendees came in tonight and said,
34:15 I have learned so much in these meetings,
34:17 I don't think I can handle this one.
34:21 Beloved we are not going to teach you that polygamy is okay!
34:23 No such thing!
34:24 Revelation 12 depicts a chaste, beautiful, virtuous woman.
34:27 This woman represents God's true church,
34:30 His faithful people.
34:31 Remember a woman in Bible prophecy represents
34:33 the church and I have given you 2 text there
34:35 Many others could be cited.
34:36 Revelation 17 we find an unfaithful adulterous woman
34:38 the Bible calls a what? A harlot!
34:41 Verses 1 to 5 she is accused 3 times of
34:44 having adultery, adultery, adultery.
34:47 She has numerous lovers who themselves
34:48 are adulterers and unfaithful.
34:50 Notice that there are many different women,
34:52 or churches here in Revelation.
34:53 This is especially incredible when you remember
34:56 that we have already learned that
34:58 Jesus Christ established how many churches?
35:00 One church prior to His ascension.
35:02 So why do we have multiple women,
35:04 multiple churches in the book of Revelation?
35:06 Because the devil is muddying the waters.
35:10 Because what did I say?
35:11 The devil is muddying the waters.
35:14 How many people here are converts to Christianity?
35:16 In other words you are not raised in a Christian home.
35:18 You are converts to Christianity?
35:20 Okay me too!
35:21 Raise your hands nice and high, okay!
35:23 How many of you found it difficult to become
35:24 a Christian, because you say where do I go?
35:26 There are so many options?
35:28 How many found that confusing?
35:29 Listen, that has to be one of the most confusing
35:32 things in the whole Christian experience,
35:34 and that is why John Paul says, not John Paul pardon me,
35:36 but Benedict says, it's a scandal to the world.
35:38 Well sure it is a scandal to world, but the solution
35:41 is not running back to Rome, the solution is running
35:43 back to Bible truth.
35:45 Amen? And by the way I have just say this,
35:48 do not come up to me and say
35:50 that it's just your interpretation.
35:52 Beloved, that will drive me crazy and
35:53 it should drive you crazy too.
35:55 Maybe you have heard somebody say,
35:56 well that is true for you and this is true for me.
35:58 Beloved, beloved, beloved that is an effrontery
36:01 to the English language.
36:02 Something is either true or it is not true.
36:05 You know I can say 2 plus 2 is 7 for you,
36:08 and 2 plus 2 is 17 for me, and that is true for you.
36:11 No, no, no, something is either true,
36:13 or it is not true.
36:14 Amen? Don't think that you can just say,
36:18 well that is Pastor Asscherick's interpretation.
36:20 Beloved it is not about Pastor Asscherick's
36:22 interpretation is about what the Bible says, Amen?
36:24 I'm doing my best, night by night, to present to you
36:26 what the Bible says.
36:28 That is why say to you listen,
36:29 if you show me where I am
36:30 in error from the Bible, from the what?
36:32 The Bible, I will stand up and tell you,
36:35 I will stand up and say I was wrong about something.
36:37 I have no problem with that.
36:39 I just want to know what is true. Amen?
36:42 We are not out to make fun or anything here,
36:45 but when I say will give you $10,000 if you can show
36:46 me were the Sabbath was changed.
36:48 I am not just whistling Dixie.
36:49 I had a young man come up to me tonight and said,
36:51 I think I have your Sabbath thing here,
36:53 listen if your arguments are valid,
36:56 I'll give you 10,000 bucks.
36:57 Beloved we want to know what is truth. Amen?
37:00 So that is what is happening, this movement that
37:06 basically says we are going to unite upon error.
37:09 You have all these different churches,
37:11 that is true for you in this is true for me.
37:13 You are Methodist and I am a Presbyterian.
37:15 You are Baptist and I'm a, listen beloved,
37:17 we should be a Christian standing on Bible truth.
37:19 If someone was to say, Ah, David is a member of a cult.
37:22 Listen, beloved, beloved, beloved the Bible says in
37:25 Luke 6:26, it is when Jesus was speaking and said,
37:29 "woe unto you when all men speak well of you!"
37:32 They say Jesus was Beelzebub.
37:36 Do you know what that means?
37:37 The devil, so if Jesus could be called the devil,
37:41 you can call me whatever you want.
37:42 You can say cult, you can say crazy,
37:44 you can say insane,
37:45 you can say whatever you want to say,
37:47 but if my conscience is clear and I'm standing on a
37:49 plain and thus saith the Lord.
37:50 You call me what you want, I am just interested
37:52 in what God thinks. Amen?
37:54 And my father said oh Lord have mercy,
37:56 because I was studying medicine at the University
37:58 of Wyoming and said dad, I have to take some time
38:01 off to think these things through and
38:02 I'm going to become a Christian.
38:03 He said, ah, I'm not so sure about that.
38:04 I'm going to start keeping the Sabbath.
38:05 Ah, I'm not so sure about that.
38:06 My father loves me very much, but he was concerned.
38:10 He was throwing out a few words there, you know cult,
38:13 and be careful, religious intolerance, and extreme,
38:18 and all of that.
38:19 But beloved, what my father thought,
38:20 even though I love my dad with all of my heart,
38:23 what my dad thought had to be secondary to what
38:25 my Heavenly Father thought.
38:27 Okay, so do not worry about what people are going to say.
38:30 If your family says, ah, you are going up to those
38:32 meetings where they are talking about the Sabbath,
38:34 Blah, blah, blah, blah, listen don't worry about what
38:36 your family says, worry about what your
38:38 Heavenly Father says. Amen?
38:42 We're going right along tonight,
38:43 I'm telling you that right now.
38:47 A Babylonian bride, at the bottom of the page.
38:49 Revelation 17:5 tells us the name of this unfaithful
38:53 woman, mystery, Babylon the great, the mother harlots,
38:55 and the abominations of the earth.
38:56 This reference to Babylon is an important one and
38:59 we must not overlook it.
39:01 We must not overlook it.
39:03 Genesis 11, let's go there together.
39:07 The first reference to Babylon, very quickly if you would.
39:10 Genesis 11 and I'm beginning to read verse one.
39:14 What verse everyone? Genesis 11:1.
39:19 "Now the whole earth had one language and one speech
39:21 and it came to pass as they journeyed from the East
39:23 they found a plain in the land of Shinar,
39:25 and they dwell there. "
39:26 "Then they said to one another,
39:27 come on let's bake bricks, and bake them thoroughly.
39:29 They had brick for stone and they had asphalt for mortar,
39:31 and they say, let us build ourselves a city and a tower
39:33 who's top is into the heavens and let us make a name for
39:35 ourselves lest we should be scattered abroad over the face
39:37 of the whole earth. "
39:38 "But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower
39:40 which the sons of men had built. "
39:41 "And the Lord said, behold the people is one and they
39:43 have one language; and this they began to do:
39:45 and now nothing they have proposed to do will
39:47 be withheld from them. "
39:48 Come now on let's go down there and confuse their
39:52 language, that they may not understand
39:54 one another's speech. "
39:55 "So the Lord scattered them abroad over the face of
39:57 the whole earth and they ceased building the city. "
39:59 Therefore its name is called," what? Babel or Babel!
40:03 because the Lord confused language of all the earth:
40:05 and from there the Lord scattered them abroad
40:07 over the face of all the earth. "
40:09 This is the first reference we have to Babel or Babel.
40:12 The idea here is that...
40:14 oh, the 666 thing, I've got to come back to that.
40:18 Let me just pick this thing up here very, very quickly.
40:22 The idea of Babel or Babylon is that it has
40:25 to do with confusion.
40:26 Has to do with what? Confusion!
40:28 The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 14, God is not the author
40:33 of what? Confusion! Very interesting isn't it?
40:36 So here you have this confusion that is resulting,
40:39 and at the end of time it says this woman called mystery,
40:42 Babylon of great, and Babylon stands for many things.
40:44 A great many things.
40:45 But one of the things that Babylon
40:47 stands for is confusion.
40:49 It is what everyone? Confusion!
40:51 That is why I said what I had you raise your hands
40:53 and looked out across the religious landscape at the
40:55 Christian world, it looked confusing.
40:57 Amen? Yes or no?
40:59 I mean it is totally confusing.
41:01 God is not the author of confusion, so who is responsible
41:03 for creating this confusing situation?
41:06 Well beloved it is not God.
41:07 And I want to be clear about something, God has people
41:12 in the Baptist church, if you believe that say Amen?
41:14 God has faithful people in the Methodist church, Amen.
41:18 God has faithful people in the Catholic Church, Amen.
41:20 God has faithful people in every denomination and that
41:24 is not what we are talking about, we are talking about
41:25 systems, somebody say Amen?
41:27 No question I skipped over the 666 thing and want
41:30 to cover this with you, and I told you I was going
41:32 to do it twice in a row.
41:33 Let's just call quickly about this idea of 666.
41:36 It says in Revelation 13:18 that he has this
41:39 mysterious number 666.
41:43 That it is the number of his name.
41:46 The number of his what, every one? Name!
41:49 Is just a further identifier of this power.
41:52 Now it is very interesting that one of the titles of
41:55 Romans Pontiff is Vicarious Fili Dei, that is in Latin.
42:02 One of the official titles, in fact one of the
42:03 best known official title.
42:05 I know that it is very interesting when you go on the
42:07 Wikipedia and look this up the church is actually trying
42:11 to distance themselves, but Catholic Church trying to
42:13 distance themselves from this title, but there is
42:15 incredible documentation from the time of the donation of
42:19 Constantine which is sometime around 750 to 850 A.D.
42:22 This s was a very common well-known title of the
42:27 Bishop of Rome.
42:28 The fact that they are trying to distance themselves
42:30 from it today, is not because it is not true,
42:32 but because they have gone a lot of grief over what
42:34 I'm about ready to show you.
42:36 So this idea of the Vicarious Fili Dei, is common
42:39 practice, in the days of Rome, to take the
42:42 Roman numerals and to add those Roman numerals up
42:45 to equal a favorite number, or a specific number, etc. etc.
42:49 This is well known, numerology.
42:51 In fact our modern day numbering system did not come
42:55 into practical use until probably the better part of
42:58 less than a thousand years ago really.
43:00 We started using our number one and numeral 2 and
43:02 numeral 3, it was always Roman numerals prior to that.
43:04 So you take this official title here, one of the
43:08 best known titles, and probably one of the most
43:10 presumptuous titles of the Roman Church.
43:12 That is of the Roman Pontiff, Vicarious Fili Dei,
43:17 that is Vicar of the Son of God.
43:20 That is what it means, Vicar of the son of God.
43:22 I want you to think about this for just a moment.
43:24 A Word vicarious, how many of you have heard that
43:27 word before, vicarious?
43:29 For example it is a theological term.
43:30 If I say to you Jesus paid the penalties for my sins,
43:36 vicariously, how many of you have heard that before?
43:39 If I could say that and was preaching a sermon and
43:41 said beloved Jesus has paid the price for your sins.
43:44 He died your death in a vicarious manner.
43:47 Do you know what that means?
43:48 He means He died as your substitute.
43:49 He died is or what? Substitute!
43:53 It comes from the Latin word vicarious,
43:54 which means substitute. Substitute.
43:58 Now I want you to look up one of these official
44:00 titles here, Vicarious Fili Dei.
44:03 Dei is God, Fili is son, and vicarious is substitute.
44:06 Now they use the term and soften it as representative,
44:10 but the Latin word is substitute.
44:12 Substitute for the son of God.
44:15 It is very interesting when you take those names and
44:18 the numbers, pardon me, those letters that actually have
44:22 numerical values and add them up.
44:24 What do you guess they will come up to?
44:27 Exactly 666.
44:29 So you take one of the most presumptuous titles of
44:32 the Roman Church, the representative of God on earth.
44:36 The substitute of God on earth and you add up all
44:39 the Roman numerals, 666.
44:42 The Bible says in Revelation 13:18,
44:44 that it is the number of a man.
44:46 The number of a what every one? A man!
44:48 And it says let him that have wisdom calculate.
44:50 The Greek word literally means to add up
44:53 and figure it out.
44:54 Add it up and figured it out.
44:57 It is right there and by the way you think Pastor Asscherick
45:00 is so smart that he came up with this.
45:01 Beloved I didn't come up with this.
45:02 Protestants were teaching this from 1616 and onward.
45:07 This has been around for almost 500 years, 400 years.
45:11 Pardon me, 1616 and onward.
45:14 If you want documentation I would be glad, glad, glad
45:17 to get you some documentation, but I do not want you to think
45:18 that this is something Pastor Asscherick invented.
45:20 Not at all!
45:22 One of the most presumptuous titles of the man of sin,
45:26 is the substitute for God's Son and is right there, 666.
45:30 Incredible beloved.
45:32 You can see why the Roman Church would want to distance
45:34 themselves from that title, can you see that yes or no?
45:36 Sure where there is smoke there is fire.
45:39 Never forget that, where there's smoke there is fire.
45:41 So I'm asking you tonight, and I am asking you
45:44 every night to make a choice between Rome and Christ.
45:46 What are you going to choose?
45:47 Someone is bound to say while I am learning so much
45:50 in the seminars I do not know what is true.
45:51 I had one person said to me, I'll read the whole Bible all
45:52 the way through, and then I will decide.
45:54 Let me tell you something, God allow this truth
45:59 to come into your life right now before
46:01 you have read the whole Bible.
46:02 Does that make sense?
46:04 And don't think that you have to go back to school
46:06 and get a Ph. D., or a Th. D. or any sort of degree
46:09 before you can follow Bible truth.
46:11 Jesus said, that except you become as little children
46:13 you shall in no wise enter the Kingdom God.
46:15 It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out
46:17 the basics of what we are telling you in these meetings.
46:19 That is this, there is going to be a division between
46:22 the Commandments of God and the
46:23 Commandments of the church.
46:24 God's true people are going to stand on the Commandments
46:27 of God and the faith of Jesus, is that confusing to anyone?
46:29 Hopefully that is not confusing and don't think that
46:32 you can wait and put it off until I understand all
46:34 these things better.
46:35 Beloved, God allowed these things to come to you
46:38 right now, and God has the expectation that when He
46:40 reveals truth to you, you will walk in the truth He
46:43 has revealed to you, Amen?
46:44 Some people say well, I'm not so sure about this.
46:46 I am going to wait it out and see how it goes.
46:48 Beloved, it is never safe to wait. Amen?
46:51 It is never safe to delay, delayed obedience is
46:55 disobedience, never forget that.
46:58 Delayed obedience is disobedience.
47:00 It is never safe to disobey one command of God,
47:04 can you say Amen?
47:05 Absolutely a we can spend even more time on that but
47:08 let's get back here to this idea of who this woman is.
47:10 I want to get right straight to the heart of this issue
47:13 before this evenings meeting is done.
47:15 It says they are, I am on the second page.
47:18 We looked at Genesis 11 and we read that verse
47:21 on the Tower of Babel.
47:22 Genesis Chapter 11, it was basically a center of
47:24 man made religion. Genesis 11:9
47:31 Many scholars have said they were going to build a
47:33 tower to reach up into the heavens.
47:35 That tower that would reach up into the heavens,
47:38 in case God ever destroy the Earth by a flood again,
47:41 what would happen is they can basically save themselves.
47:44 That is what the thinking was.
47:46 So this becomes a classic example of salvation by works.
47:50 Salvation by what everyone? By works!
47:53 We will save ourselves.
47:54 God says confusion, and so confusion comes,
47:59 and Babel represents confusion.
48:01 And Daniel 4:30, we find Nebuchadnezzar looking out
48:04 over his vast estate, there in Babylon, and it says:
48:19 the Bible says and Daniel 4 he was stricken at that
48:21 moment with a terrible disease called lycanthropic insanity
48:24 and he lived in the field for 7 years and thought
48:26 he was a beast.
48:27 So Babylon represents not just confusion,
48:30 Babylon represents to the glory of man.
48:33 To the glory of what? To the glory of man.
48:36 Is this not great Babylon that I have built from
48:39 my royal dwelling, from my, my, my.
48:40 Who does that sound like by the way?
48:43 It sounds like Satan, doesn't it?
48:45 I will exalt and I will be, and I, I, I.
48:47 of course Satan is the one that is right behind
48:50 this great Babylonian enterprise.
48:52 Never forget we have already told you in Revelation,
48:54 you had that counterfeit motif.
48:56 God has woman, Satan has a woman.
48:58 God has a city, Satan has a city.
48:59 God has a Trinity, Satan has a Trinity.
49:01 I mean you did go right down the list counterfeit
49:03 after counterfeit after counterfeit after counterfeit.
49:05 Let's just take a very quick look here at Babylon
49:09 the great, it is a man-made system of religion.
49:12 Okay, that is what it is, they built that tower,
49:15 it's right there in your study guide.
49:16 A man-made system of religion, here we are.
49:22 This is taken from Wherry's Church History Pg. 54.
49:25 Christianity had now become popular, look at this!
49:28 It is talking about the third and fourth century.
49:46 Beloved never forget this, just because Christianity
49:48 is popular that does not mean that
49:51 good things are happening.
49:53 Cancers also grow very rapidly.
49:55 Rapid growth is not necessarily an indication
50:00 of something that is good.
50:01 So what happened is that Constantine wanted to broaden
50:04 his wings and invite all the pagans to come in as well.
50:07 Well a pagan start coming in and there is a problem,
50:10 they did not leave their paganism at the door.
50:12 They brought their paganism into the church and so
50:14 this new relation, this popular religion became popular.
50:18 But people were not leaving behind the lifestyle,
50:20 they were not leaving the old man
50:21 be crucified with Christ.
50:22 They were just saying I am now a Christian,
50:24 but they had not left anything behind and they hadn't
50:27 added anything new, if that makes sense Amen?
50:28 Beloved, that is happening in churches today.
50:31 You put rock 'n roll bands up front and call it
50:33 Christian rock, yet we are rocking out for Jesus.
50:36 Here's our Christian movie festival.
50:39 We have a Christian pizza party.
50:40 And a Christian this in a Christian that.
50:42 Beloved listen to me very carefully.
50:43 Just because you have people in a building does
50:45 not mean that you have Christ in people.
50:47 Amen? Amen!
50:49 You can get all kinds of people in a building,
50:51 but the question is do you have Christ in people?
50:53 Well some people say what is wrong with Christian rock?
50:56 What is the problem?
50:57 Listen, let me just say something about that.
50:58 Just adding the word Christian to something,
51:00 doesn't make it Christian.
51:02 Can you imagine if I say to you, hey I have this
51:04 incredible magazine and you have to check it out.
51:06 If the new Christian pornography magazine and you
51:07 are going to love it.
51:09 It is done totally to the glory of God.
51:11 All the actors are Christian, like this lady here,
51:14 she is Christian.
51:15 This guy here, oh, it is a Christian pornography.
51:17 You would say what? Christian pornography?
51:20 That is some a counter diction in term.
51:22 Adding the word Christian to something doesn't make
51:23 it Christian, Amen?
51:25 What I said I have got the good stuff,
51:27 it is Christian marijuana!
51:29 Whew, let me tell you the spirit has blessed this stuff.
51:33 The guy that owns it, let me tell you everybody that
51:36 works in his fields, they are all Christians.
51:38 He pays tithe on what he, I mean this is the goods.
51:42 They anoint their fields and you have to smoke out.
51:45 This is, what is this guy insane, Christian pornography,
51:49 Christian marijuana.
51:50 Beloved calling something Christian,
51:51 doesn't make it Christian.
51:53 You can call it Christian rock and roll,
51:54 it doesn't make Christian Amen?
51:56 We are rocking out for Jesus, you are rocking out
52:00 is what you are doing.
52:04 You are rocking out, and the fact that you can
52:06 get a bunch of young people to a rock concert,
52:07 well surprise, surprise!
52:09 It's not difficult to get young people to go to a rock
52:12 concert, what is difficult is to have young people turn
52:15 their backs on the attractions and distractions of this
52:18 world and make a firm decision for the Lord Jesus Christ.
52:20 That is a horse of a different color.
52:23 Now I am not down on creative Ministry.
52:26 I am not saying that everything has to be done
52:28 exactly my way come but what I am saying is there
52:30 is a huge difference between something being branded
52:33 as Christianity and something actually being Christian.
52:35 Amen? Amen!
52:38 I am not going to stand up here and make a set of rules
52:39 and say, this is in and this is out.
52:41 God has given you a brain the same way He has given
52:44 me a brain, Amen?
52:45 I am responsible to God for my choices and you are
52:47 responsible to God for your choices, but ultimately
52:49 not everything that is called Christian is Christian.
52:52 If that makes sense say Amen? Amen!
52:53 that is what was happening in the
52:55 third and fourth century.
52:56 Look Christianity had now become what? Popular!
52:58 W W J D, what would Jesus do?
53:01 A large proportion though, perhaps a large majority of
53:04 those, that embraced it only assumed what? The name.
53:07 They were as much heathen as they were before.
53:11 Error and corruption now came in upon
53:12 the church like a flood.
53:13 This is history beloved, this is history.
53:16 Very quickly here, Babylon the great is the center
53:19 of image worship, image worship.
53:22 Dr. Alexander Hyslop, in his marvelous book,
53:24 The Two Babylons, said:
53:30 every stream of idolatry that exist today found its
53:34 watershed, it's fountain,
53:38 its original streams in Babylon.
53:43 There are examples of this incidentally.
53:46 You can go to Rome today and go to the Vatican today,
53:49 and there are statutes of Jesus in Rome that existed
53:53 before Jesus was incarnate.
53:55 You say how's that possible, did they know He was coming?
53:58 No, these statues were to pagan gods and pagan goddesses.
54:01 Then when the Romans became Christian they said,
54:04 this is such a pretty statue.
54:06 I mean I don't really want to throw it out.
54:08 Oh I have a great idea, we will take this
54:09 Christian statue of Semiramis and her little baby,
54:12 and say it is Jesus, Mary and Jesus and
54:16 start putting Christian stickers on everything.
54:19 Beloved calling something Christian doesn't
54:22 make it Christian.
54:23 If that makes sense say Amen?
54:25 But this is what is happening, it is absolute history.
54:27 Look at this from John Cardinal Henry Newman.
54:29 Development of Christian doctrine:
54:49 you see he just basically widened Christianity,
54:52 real wide, and said you all just come in and join
54:55 the party and you can be Christians too.
54:57 But they were Christians only in name and
54:59 that is the point.
55:15 Yeah just bring it all in, come on in, it is a great
55:18 big party and the church was happy because
55:20 it look like evangelism.
55:22 It look like what everyone? Evangelism!
55:24 The problem was is that the heathen were coming into
55:27 the church not for the purposes of conversion,
55:30 but for the purposes of political expediency.
55:33 For the purposes of uniting Constantine's kingdom.
55:37 Constantine looked out and he had about 80% that were
55:40 your run-of-the-mill pagans, and the other 20% were
55:42 Christians and they were constantly in conflict.
55:45 He said can we all get along and supposedly had a
55:47 vision of the cross and lined a few soldiers up
55:49 along the River and march them through the river
55:51 and said, now you are baptized.
55:53 They were all baptized because
55:55 they had marched through River.
55:56 What was happening was that Christianity
55:59 was basically been overtaken by paganism.
56:02 You had this weird amalgamation, half paganism,
56:06 half Christianity and he put a big stamp on it and
56:09 call it evangelism.
56:11 Babylon the great is also the center of false
56:15 teachings about death, about what everyone? Death!
56:24 Said The Watchman in April of 1940.
56:26 I just don't know how I can say this more plainly,
56:29 immortality is something that God gives you as a gift,
56:31 not something that you process innately.
56:33 If that makes sense, say Amen?
56:35 The idea that you are naturally immortal is a pagan teaching,
56:39 or a pagan doctrine.
56:40 It comes from the Babylonians and the Egyptians.
56:42 Now look at the sermon by Amos Phelps.
56:44 It is absolutely remarkable.
56:45 His sermon was entitled, Is Man By Nature Immortal?
56:49 Now I love this quotation, it was too good to leave out.
57:25 In other words he is saying, where did this all come from?
57:27 I will tell you where it came from beloved, it came from the
57:30 serpent who passed it on to paganism,
57:33 who passed it on to Judaism,
57:35 who passed on to Catholicism,
57:36 who has passed it on to Protestantism.
57:38 The Bible teaching is this, "for God so loved the
57:42 world that he gave his only begotten son,
57:44 that whosoever should believes in him,
57:46 should not perish. "
57:49 But have the opposite of perishing? "everlasting life".
57:53 Immortality is a gift that God gives you when you
57:57 except Jesus Christ as your Savior, Amen!


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