Who Is Real Israel?

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00:15 Our message is entitled what?
00:20 Kind of a play on words there, Who Is Real Israel,
00:23 and this is a very important question.
00:25 Basically what we're going to discover,
00:27 and what many of you have already determined
00:29 through this seminar is that there are two very different
00:32 systems, two very different what everyone?
00:34 Systems for understanding Bible prophecy,
00:38 and one of those systems is oriented primarily at Israel
00:42 a national Israel, and you have hundreds of thousands
00:45 millions of people today, who are looking to the
00:48 literal middle east for the literal descendants of Abraham
00:51 for God to fulfill all of His Old Testament, old covenant
00:53 promises to them in a literal fashion.
00:56 Well, anybody can look around and see that it's likely
00:58 that, that is not going to happen, at least in the current
01:01 political climate, and so what's happened is an invention
01:06 called the rapture, an invention called the what everyone?
01:09 Rapture, has basically been manufactured by religionists
01:12 that says something like this:
01:14 The only way that God is ever going to be able
01:16 to fulfill all of His promises to literal Israel,
01:19 is if the church gets out of the way, and so what's
01:22 happened is this manufactured artificial non-biblical doctrine
01:26 called the rapture, the secret rapture has been invented
01:29 and more or less what is going to happen is [whoop] the whole
01:32 church is just going to disappear in a moment and
01:35 as we have already talked about in the Left Behind movie,
01:38 which sort of popularized this view.
01:39 Their clothes will be neatly folded, ect., ect.,
01:42 and then God with the church out of the way
01:45 can fulfill His Old Testament, Old Covenant promises,
01:49 that He is duty bound to fulfill to Israel.
01:51 That's sort of the picture that hundred's of thousand's
01:54 million's of Christians have, but what I want to show you
01:57 today, is that that at it's core is fundamentally flawed.
02:01 That at it's core is fundamentally flawed,
02:04 God does have an Israel, and who that Israel is
02:08 is very clear and very plain, from a Biblical perspective.
02:12 From a what kind of perspective everyone?
02:14 A Biblical perspective, and so we're going to do a good
02:17 Old Fashioned Bible study this morning,
02:19 can you say Amen to that?
02:20 We're going to try to answer the question:
02:24 That's the question we're going to answer,
02:25 and to put it even more succinctly, and to the point.
02:29 Who and what is Israel today?
02:32 Is modern day Israel, still the Israel of God?
02:36 I know when we use the term modern day Israel,
02:37 we're talking about those people that live in the geographic
02:40 area of ancient Palestine, modern Israel, Jerusalem, ect.
02:45 Those people, the literal genealogical descendants
02:48 of Abraham, is that Israel on earth today?
02:52 What we are going to do is take a look from a Biblical
02:55 perspective, and I would like to start in what you might
02:58 consider to be somewhat of an unusual place, Genesis 1.
03:01 Just a little bit of background here, Genesis 1,
03:05 we're going to look at marvelous parallel, between the experience
03:10 of Adam, the experience of Noah, and the experience of Israel.
03:15 Follow that, the experience of Adam, the experience of Noah,
03:18 and the experience of Israel.
03:20 Beginning in Genesis 1:1, I need you to stay right with me,
03:24 Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the
03:29 earth, now notice verse two.
03:30 The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was
03:34 on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering
03:37 over the face of the waters.
03:40 So when God being to create what He basically has is
03:43 a large blob, basically a vacuous void,
03:48 and it must have been covered in water, because it says,
03:51 the spirit of God was hovering over the waters.
03:53 So you see in your mind's eye here, just this large sort of
03:57 fluid mass.
03:59 The spirit of God is hovering over this large fluid mass,
04:02 of course God begins to create, let there be light!
04:04 and there was light, and all of the various things.
04:06 And then it comes time to create man,
04:08 to create what everyone?
04:10 Man, and we pick that up in Genesis 1:26,
04:13 this was of course the sixth day of creation.
04:14 Then God said, Let Us make man in Our image,
04:19 according to Our likeness; let them have dominion over the
04:21 fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle,
04:23 over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps
04:27 on the earth. So God created man in His own image;
04:29 in the image of God He created him; male and female
04:31 He created them. Then God blessed them,
04:33 and God said to them, Be fruitful and multiply;
04:37 fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish
04:39 of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every
04:40 living thing that moves on the earth.
04:42 So I want you to get this picture in your mind,
04:44 first there was a large fluid mass,
04:47 and then God separated, the fluid mass from waters
04:51 that were below and waters that were above
04:54 something He call the firmament.
04:56 The what everyone?
04:57 Firmament, the word just means space.
04:59 So look at that in Genesis 1, back to Genesis 1,
05:03 and notice it says in verse 5, God called the light Day,
05:06 and the darkness He called Night. So the evening and the
05:08 morning were the first day. Then God said,
05:12 Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters,
05:15 and let it divide the waters from the waters.
05:17 Thus God made the firmament, and divided the waters which
05:23 were under the firmament from the waters which were
05:25 above the firmament; and it was so
05:26 So let's get the picture in our mind here,
05:28 Here's this large fluid mass, and then God creates a firmament
05:31 or a space, just imagine a hand of God reaching into that
05:35 firmament there, into that fluid mass,
05:38 and he separates like this
05:39 the waters that were below the firmament,
05:42 the waters that were what everyone?
05:43 Below, and then the waters that were above,
05:46 and that firmament is called heaven or space.
05:49 And then He goes through all the rest, he creates the land,
05:52 and then He creates the creatures on the land,
05:54 and He creates the sea, and creatures in the sea,
05:56 and finally He creates mankind, He creates what everyone?
05:59 Mankind, and He makes man named Adam, and He makes him out of
06:03 the dirt, He forms him out of the dust of the ground,
06:05 you can pick that up out of Genesis 2.
06:07 Look with me at Genesis 2:7, And the LORD God formed man
06:14 of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils
06:17 the breath of life; and man became a living being.
06:21 What was this man's name?
06:22 Adam, and the word Adam means earthy or of the earth,
06:26 because he was taken out of the earth.
06:29 Now if this makes sense everyone say Amen!
06:31 So far so good, so what God is looking for here,
06:34 is a person that is created in His image, that will
06:38 faithfully, dutifully, consistently, obey His word,
06:41 and thus be a representative to others of God and
06:44 His goodness and His character if that make sense say Amen!
06:47 Ok, but did Adam fail or succeed in this mission?
06:49 He absolutely failed, and of course Adam failed,
06:53 and they had Cain and Abel, and Seth, and of course Cain
06:56 ended out slaying who? Abel, and the whole thing
06:59 just went to hell in a hand- basket so to speak.
07:01 Down, down, down, so what happens in Genesis 6:7,
07:05 you basically find God saying that the world had become so
07:08 debauched, so degenerated, so terrible, that the thoughts
07:12 of their minds were only on evil continually.
07:14 God said I'm going to start over,
07:18 I'm going to start over, so we go to Genesis 6,
07:21 Genesis 6 beginning in verse 1, Now it came to pass,
07:25 when men began to multiply on the face of the earth,
07:27 and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw
07:29 the daughters of men, that they were beautiful;
07:31 and they took wives for themselves of all whom
07:33 they chose. And the LORD said, My Spirit shall not strive
07:36 with man forever, for he is indeed flesh;
07:39 yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.
07:42 Then the LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great
07:45 in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his
07:48 heart was only what? Evil How often? continually.
07:53 So God looks out at this beautiful world that He had
07:55 created, and what had happened basically Adam was disloyal,
07:58 Adam had failed, and then right down the line
08:00 every descendant of Adam got worse, and worse, and worse.
08:04 Until God looked out and finally He said everyone
08:08 is thinking about evil only continually, except He had a few
08:13 faithful and God said I'm going to start over, I'm going to hit
08:17 control, alt, delete, I'm going to re-set the hard drive,
08:20 and begin again.
08:21 So He sends this thing called the flood,
08:25 called the what everyone?
08:27 Called the flood, now we're there in Genesis 7,
08:29 I want you to notice the similarities, Genesis 7,
08:33 and I'll pick it up in verse 11, Genesis 7:11,
08:36 In the six hundredth year of Noah's life,
08:39 in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month,
08:41 on that day the fountains of the deep were broken up,
08:45 and the windows of heaven were open.
08:47 Now it begins to rain, look at verse 12,
08:49 the rain was on the earth for how many days and nights?
08:52 Now get this picture in your mind,
08:53 it's actually quite a fascinating one.
08:55 It says here when the rains came, they not only came from
08:59 above, it says the fountains of the deep were opened
09:03 or loosed.
09:04 Now let's get the picture in our mind here, when God originally
09:07 created planet earth, he had this fluid mass,
09:10 He had a what everyone?
09:11 And then He reached His hands in, and He separated the waters
09:14 that were above from the waters that were underneath,
09:16 does that make sense everyone?
09:17 So there's water up here and there's water down here
09:19 if that makes sense say Amen!
09:20 But look at what's happening in the flood,
09:22 in the flood it says that the windows of heaven were opened
09:25 so now the waters are coming down, and it says the fountains
09:28 of the deep were opened and so now the waters coming up
09:30 and the whole earth, once again is covered by what?
09:34 Do you see the similarity, yes or no?
09:35 So God is basically undoing creation, in creation He began
09:39 by inserting His hands so to speak, and He brought a
09:42 separation, in the flood he brings those same waters
09:44 right back together, from above and from beneath,
09:47 if that makes sense say "Amen!"
09:48 Now you're still there in Genesis 7:19,
09:54 And the waters prevailed exceedingly on the earth,
09:57 and all the high hills under the whole heaven were covered.
10:01 So the earth was covered in what?
10:04 Water, so it was a giant fluid mass, just exactly what you had
10:10 in Genesis, a giant fluid mass, except in Genesis He separated
10:15 the waters, Genesis 1 and 2, He separated the waters,
10:18 in Genesis 6 and 7, He brings the waters back together,
10:21 are we all together yes or no?
10:22 Fascinating look at verse 20, The waters prevailed fifteen
10:25 cubits upward, and the mountains were covered.
10:27 So the whole earth was a giant fluid mass,
10:31 Now remember, go back, just so we can see the similarity
10:33 here, look at Genesis 1, keep your finger right there,
10:36 look at Genesis 1 and notice with me verse 2, Genesis 1:2,
10:40 The earth was without form, and void;
10:43 and darkness was on the face of the deep.
10:46 And what was hovering over the face of the waters?
10:49 The Spirit of God hovered over the face of the waters
10:52 in creation.
10:53 Now look at Genesis 8:1, Then God remembered Noah,
10:59 and every living thing, and all the animals that were
11:01 with him in the ark. And God made a wind to pass over
11:06 the earth, and the waters subsided or disappeared.
11:10 That word wind is the word breath, it's the same word that
11:13 is frequently translated spirit, and so it is very fascinating
11:16 here, and in Genesis 1 and 2 you have this fluid mass,
11:19 the Spirit of God hovering over it, and the waters
11:22 are separated.
11:23 In Genesis chapters 6 and 7, the waters come back together,
11:26 God puts His Spirit over them and they begin to subside,
11:29 so what God is doing here, is He is re-starting creation,
11:33 He's re-starting what everyone?
11:35 Absolutely fascinating!
11:37 So in the beginning God's intention was that Adam
11:41 would live a faithful life, that Adam would live an
11:44 obedient life, that Adam would live a righteous life,
11:46 and thus be a legitimate representative of God's
11:50 character, if that make sense say "Amen!"
11:52 But Adam failed, isn't that true Adam failed.
11:55 So God is going to re-start, He's going to re-set the
11:59 hard drive, and He's got a new man, and that new man's
12:02 name is Noah, that's exactly right, so you are there
12:05 in Genesis 9, and we will pick it up in verse 18,
12:11 Genesis 9:18, Now the sons of Noah who went out of the ark
12:16 were Shem, Ham, and Japheth.
12:17 And Ham was the father of Canaan.
12:19 These three were the sons of Noah, and from these the
12:22 whole earth was populated. Now look at verse 20.
12:26 It's absolutely amazing, And Noah began to be a farmer,
12:31 and he planted a vineyard.
12:33 Noah worked the soil.
12:36 Question, what did Adam do in the garden?
12:39 That's exactly right, his job was to tend the garden
12:44 to take care of the garden, to have dominion over the garden,
12:46 and it say too, here's Noah, he's a tender or keeper
12:51 of the soil, fascinating, now look at verse 21.
12:53 Then he drank of the wine and was drunk, and became
12:58 uncovered in his tent.
12:59 So it's actually quite fascinating here, God began
13:02 in the beginning there with a man in a garden who fell
13:06 because of fruit!
13:07 And He re-starts the creation process, and here we have
13:11 God has this new man Noah, and he begins...,
13:14 Noah's going to be His guy, Noah's going to be His
13:16 representative, but right out of the gates,
13:18 he plants a vineyard,
13:19 he harvests of those vineyard, he becomes what?
13:22 Drunk, and let's the plan down.
13:24 Fascinating! Absolutely fascinating!
13:28 Adam lost this whole thing on the issue of appetite,
13:31 Noah here fails on the issue of appetite, and so God begins
13:36 with Adam, Adam is My guy, Adam fails.
13:39 He moves to Noah, re-sets the whole creation process,
13:41 Noah is My guy, Noah fails, if this makes sense say "Amen. "
13:44 Now the next big player to come on the scene is Israel,
13:48 go to Genesis 2, pardon me Genesis 32, God called a man
13:54 and his name was Abraham, what was his name everyone?
13:57 Abraham, Abraham had a son that was the promised son,
14:00 his name was "Esoc" or Isaac which means laughter.
14:03 So God called Abraham out of Babylon, where did He call him
14:08 from everyone?
14:09 Babylon, let's see if we can find that here,
14:11 Abraham was called out of Babylon, in the Bible
14:14 it's called (Ur of Chaldees.)
14:16 God is looking for a representative on earth
14:18 who will truly live righteously, who will truly
14:22 live faithfully, who will be a true representative of God
14:26 on earth, He tried it with Adam, Adam failed,
14:28 He tried it with Noah, Noah failed, and so He calls
14:31 a man named Abraham, and Abraham gives birth to Isaac,
14:34 and Isaac gives birth to who?
14:36 Jacob, but Jacob was a deceiver, the word Jacob means
14:39 deceiver, it means supplanter, one who grabs at the heel
14:43 and you know the story perhaps of Jacob, Jacob ran off
14:47 you remember he went over there to Laban, and he stayed
14:49 a time with Laban and when he returned back it was
14:52 sort of this very difficult conflict, with his brother,
14:56 what was his brother's name?
14:57 Esau, so we pick it up in Genesis 32,
15:01 Genesis 32 and it says there beginning in verse 1,
15:06 So Jacob went on his way, and the angels of God met him.
15:08 When Jacob saw them, he said, This is God's camp.
15:11 And he called the name of that place Mahanaim.
15:15 Then Jacob sent messengers before him to Esau his brother
15:19 in the land of Seir, the country of Edom.
15:21 And he commanded them, saying, Speak thus to my lord Esau,
15:24 'Thus your servant Jacob says: I have dwelt with Laban
15:27 and stayed there until now.
15:28 I have oxen, donkeys, flocks, and male and female servants;
15:31 and I have sent to tell my lord,
15:33 that I may find favor in your sight. "
15:35 Jacob frankly is scared to death, he had stolen the
15:38 birthright, illegitimately, not the birthright so much
15:41 he had taken the birthright in an illegitimate manner
15:43 definitely, but he had taken blessing of his father
15:45 in an illegitimate manner, he had fled from the place
15:48 of Esau, because Esau was going to kill him,
15:50 and now he's coming back after 20 years,
15:52 how many years everyone?
15:53 Twenty years, and so he sends a messenger out,
15:55 but basically says go out and cool Esau down, cool him down.
15:59 Let him know that we will give him offerings,
16:01 that we will give him whatever he needs,
16:03 just get that guy cooled down.
16:04 So the message is sent out, and Esau, and the camp of Esau,
16:08 and the camp of Jacob are approaching, their approaching,
16:10 and Jacob frankly is scared, and so he takes some time,
16:13 to go off and to seek God, by himself.
16:16 To go seek what everyone?
16:18 God, by Himself, Look at verse 22 of Genesis 3,
16:21 Genesis 32:22,
16:28 And he arose that night and took his two wives,
16:30 his two female servants, and his eleven sons,
16:32 and crossed over the ford of Jabbok.
16:34 He took them, sent them over the brook,
16:36 and sent over what he had. Verse 24:
16:39 Then Jacob was left alone; and a Man wrestled with him
16:42 until the breaking of day. Verse 25:
16:46 Now when He saw that He did not prevail against him,
16:49 He touched the socket of his hip; and the socket of Jacob's
16:51 hip was out of joint as He wrestled with him. Verse 26:
16:54 And He said, Let Me go, for the day breaks. "
17:00 But he said, I will not let You go unless You bless me!"
17:04 Verse 27: So He said to him, What is your name?"
17:07 and He said, what? Jacob. "
17:10 It's very fascinating to notice that God here says
17:12 what is your name, that is the very question that he had been
17:15 asked 20 years before, when he had walked in here before Isaac
17:18 and Isaac said what is your name, and he said my name is
17:20 Esau, He said what is your name? My name is Esau.
17:24 What is your name? My name is Esau.
17:26 Three times he was asked what his name is,
17:28 because he was trying to take the birthright from his brother
17:31 Esau in an illegitimate surreptitious way,
17:33 what's her name, Esau, what's your name, Esau,
17:35 what's your name, 20 years later God brings him over the same
17:38 ground, and He says what's your name?
17:40 God does the same for us by the way.
17:43 God wanted to see if he learned this hard lesson,
17:47 He said what is your name and notice what he says,
17:49 he said what? Jacob which means deceiver.
17:53 I am a deceiver, I am a thief, I am a liar, I am a sinner,
17:58 I need a Savior is basically what he is saying.
18:00 He said Jacob, and He said your name shall no longer be called
18:04 Jacob, but Israel, that is the first time that the word Israel
18:09 occurs in the whole Bible right there.
18:10 That is the first use of the word Israel in the entire Bible
18:15 right there Genesis 32:28, Your name shall no longer
18:19 be called Jacob, which is a sup planter or deceiver,
18:23 or dishonest person, but Israel, and the name Israel,
18:26 very fascinating here, let's see if we can put it up
18:28 on the screen:
18:34 Israel, one who reigns with God, one who has prevailed
18:39 with God.
18:41 That's what it means, you will find many names
18:42 in the Bible that have that el in it, Daniel, and Nathaniel,
18:47 and Elijah, and Elisha, that el comes from Elohim,
18:51 which is God.
18:52 So here you have the putting together in Israel,
18:56 You have this putting together of one who is overcoming,
18:59 one who is a victor, one who rules, one who prevails,
19:03 and el which is the short of Elohim, with God, or against God
19:07 or for God, and so the name Israel means
19:10 one who has prevailed with God.
19:13 Can you say "Amen," that's what the name means.
19:16 That's the first time in the whole Bible that the word Israel
19:19 is used here, He says your name is no longer Jacob, but Israel,
19:22 for you have struggled with God and with men,
19:25 and have what everyone?
19:26 prevailed, and verse 29, Then Jacob asked, saying,
19:28 Tell me Your name, I pray. " And He said,
19:30 Why is it that you ask about My name?"
19:32 It's basically interesting here because He had said
19:35 what is your name, He is bringing them back over that
19:37 ground, what is your name, what is your name,
19:38 my name is Esau, my name is Esau, and so he says to him,
19:41 what is your name, my name is Jacob, and then Jacob turns
19:43 to him and says, what's your name,
19:44 and it's as if God is saying I'm not the one on trial here.
19:47 It doesn't matter what my name is.
19:50 You know how that is, whenever you are in trouble,
19:52 and someone is asking you hard questions, you try to avoid,
19:56 by asking questions to them, and God basically says hey!
19:59 you are not the one cross examining me, I am the one
20:02 cross examining you, what is your name, my name is Jacob,
20:04 I'm a liar, I'm a deceiver, I'm a sup planter, I'm a sinner,
20:07 and He says your name is no longer that, now your name is
20:10 Israel, one who has prevailed with God,
20:12 and that's what that wrestling symbolizes, that this man
20:16 had gained a spiritual victory when he admitted that he was
20:19 a sinner in need of God's help, if that makes sense say "Amen. "
20:23 This is the very first time that the word Israel occurs
20:26 in all of the Bible.
20:27 So notice this, I want you to grasp on to this:
20:37 I want you to note that, and note that very, very, very well.
20:42 The first time Israel is used in the whole Bible,
20:44 it was when a single man, gained a spiritual victory,
20:48 when a what everyone? Single man gained what kind
20:51 of a victory, a spiritual victory.
20:53 Now of course Israel had children, the 12 tribes,
20:57 and that name Israel, was the name of Jacob,
21:01 came to mean all of the descendants of Jacob,
21:05 and thus a nation called the nation of Israel, but here's
21:10 the important point, in the beginning, in the first original
21:14 use of the phrase Israel, it was one man who gained a
21:18 spiritual victory.
21:19 If that make sense say "Amen. "
21:21 It only became a nation, and you can check that out
21:24 in Exodus, go with me to Exodus.
21:26 Exodus, let's see if we can find it here, chapter 1,
21:30 Exodus 1, Jacob had sons, one of those sons was Joseph,
21:35 Joseph, you know the story, went down into Egypt,
21:37 and the children dwelt in Egypt for a long period of time
21:41 and then they were called out, and that calling out
21:43 was called the Exodus.
21:45 Does that make sense everyone, so that's what we find in Exodus
21:48 chapter one, beginning with verse one:
21:50 Now these are the names of the children of Israel who came
21:55 to Egypt; each man and his household came with Jacob:
22:00 Do you see that, so Exodus begins with a listing
22:03 of all of the descendants of Israel, but Israel was the new
22:06 name of Jacob, and the name Israel was a spiritual term
22:10 that applied to a single man, that gained
22:12 what kind of a victory?
22:14 Spiritual Victory, are we all on the same page everyone?
22:16 So now you go to Exodus 4, Exodus 4 and notice with me
22:20 verse 22, Exodus 4:22, and this is the first verse that
22:25 I'm personally aware of where God refers to Israel
22:28 as a national identity, not just the descendants of Israel,
22:32 not just the children of Israel, but here the nation of Israel
22:36 having a national corporate identity, I'm in Exodus 4:22,
22:42 Then you shall say to Pharaoh, God speaking to Moses,
22:45 Thus says the LORD: "Israel is My what? My son,
22:51 Israel is my what? My son and notice what it says after that,
22:55 My firstborn.
22:57 Does everyone see that yes or no?
22:59 Israel is my son, my firstborn verse 23, So I say to you,
23:02 let My son go that he may serve Me.
23:10 But if you refuse to let him go, indeed I will kill your son,
23:14 your firstborn"
23:15 So God here takes Israel, national Israel,
23:20 the descendants of Jacob, the descendants of the one man
23:23 Israel, and He says that they are all my son.
23:27 They are all my what everyone?
23:29 My son, and then he says, they are the firstborn.
23:32 Sometimes we have the misunderstanding that
23:35 the word firstborn means the one that is born first,
23:37 first born does not necessarily mean born first.
23:41 First is not only a chronological term,
23:44 it's also a term of pre-eminence,
23:46 think of it this way,
23:47 George Bush's wife's name is Barbara, right!
23:50 She is the First Lady, does that mean that she is the first lady
23:54 that was ever created?
23:55 No, what it means is she is the most important lady,
23:58 she is the most pre-eminent lady in this country.
24:00 So the first born is not necessarily the one who was
24:03 born first, it's the one who is chiefest and most pre-eminent
24:07 among those who were born, does that make sense everyone?
24:09 So he is my first born, incidentally Jacob was called
24:12 the first born, but Esau was born first.
24:15 Do you follow that line of reasoning everyone, very simple.
24:18 Now God here, calls Israel out of Egypt, God calls Israel out
24:24 of what everyone?
24:25 Egypt, but here is the things that I want you to notice:
24:27 Israel has transitioned from a single man,
24:30 who gained what kind of a victory?
24:32 A spiritual victory, to a national corporate identity.
24:36 Now let's review very quickly here because what we're
24:40 going to move into next is absolutely, totally,
24:43 completely phenomenal, and Biblical, and if you will follow
24:46 it through, you will see with new eyes who Israel really is.
24:50 You will see who is real, Israel.
24:53 Now God began in the beginning with a man named Adam,
24:58 God's plan for Adam was, he will be my representative,
25:01 he will live righteously, he will live faithfully on earth,
25:03 and everyone can look to Adam as my representative,
25:06 Adam failed! Adam what everyone?
25:09 Failed, so God hits Control, Alt, Delete, rewinds the
25:12 whole thing, starts afresh, and He has the flood,
25:15 which was the reversal of creation, and He has a man named
25:17 what? Noah, and Noah failed too.
25:20 Interestingly he failed in the very same way didn't he?
25:22 Because Adam had failed on the issue of fruit,
25:25 the issue of appetite, and Noah failed when his fruit
25:28 made him drunk and he fell.
25:30 So He hits Control, Alt, Delete, He restarts creation,
25:33 Noah, this is my guy, this is my representative,
25:36 this is the one who will live righteously, this is the one
25:38 who everyone can look to, this is my man, and HE fails.
25:41 So God starts over and He calls a man named Abraham,
25:44 and Abraham begot Isaac, and Isaac begot Jacob,
25:47 and Jacob becomes Israel, and so Israel becomes
25:50 God's new representative on earth.
25:53 Israel becomes what everyone?
25:55 God's new representative, so we have Adam,
25:57 and then we have Noah, and then we have Israel,
26:01 so let's say that together, Adam, and then Noah,
26:05 and then Israel.
26:07 Did Adam fail or succeed? He failed, did Noah fail
26:11 or succeed? He failed, now that doesn't mean that these
26:13 people's whole lives were failures, but it does mean
26:16 that they did commit sins, in such a way, that they could
26:19 not be God's supreme representative on earth.
26:22 Because how many times do you have to sin before you have
26:24 misrepresented God?
26:25 One time, because how many times has God sinned?
26:28 None, so one failure disqualifies you to be a
26:31 perfect representative of a perfectly infinite God.
26:34 So Adam failed, and Noah failed, and God calls Israel.
26:40 Now Israel is basically the center of much of the
26:44 Old Testament, ok, but what I want you to understand
26:47 is that national Israel began as a single man,
26:51 who gained what?
26:52 A spiritual victory, you've got it, from a single man,
26:55 to a whole nation.
26:58 From a single man to a whole nation, the word Israel
27:01 means one who has prevailed with God, one who has overcome.
27:06 Are we all together yes or no?
27:08 Now some people say modern Israel today over in ancient
27:13 Palestine, that is still God's Israel on earth.
27:16 I'm going to show you today that is not God's Israel
27:19 on earth, does God have faithful people that live in the
27:21 geographical area of Israel? Sure He does,
27:23 God has faithful people in Jamaica, God has faithful people
27:26 in Russia, God has faithful people in Sweden,
27:29 God even has a few faithful people right here in
27:30 Sterling Heights, can you say "Amen!"
27:32 God has faithful people everywhere, but as a nation
27:36 Israel had a covenant, and they did not satisfy the
27:40 stipulations of that covenant, and we read about that in
27:43 Daniel 9:24 when the angel Gabriel said to Daniel:
27:46 Seventy weeks are what?
27:51 Who were Daniel's people?
27:52 Israel, and what city is being referred to here?
27:56 Jerusalem, and so God gave them seventy weeks,
27:58 490 years and we've already looked at this,
28:00 it began in 457 B.C., here is that time that was especially
28:03 cut off for the Jews right here, it ended in 34 A.D.
28:06 Very, very powerfully here, Jesus was baptized in 27 A.D.
28:10 just as we have already said the end of the 69 weeks,
28:12 He was cut off in the middle of the week, but not for Himself
28:15 can you say Amen to that?
28:16 He caused sacrifice and oblation to cease, how come He cause that
28:19 to cease, because He was the true lamb of God
28:21 and there's no point in bringing these four shadowing
28:23 sacrifices to the temple anymore,
28:25 if that makes sense say Amen!
28:26 God continued that covenant for another 31/2 years
28:29 and finally concluded in 34 A.D. when Steven was stoned
28:33 and the leaders of national Israel plugged their ears
28:36 and said I'm not going to listen to anything that you say
28:39 and then he was stoned, and the gospel then goes to the who?
28:43 Gentiles! And so right out of Daniel 9,
28:46 just as plain as the noon day sun, that God did have
28:49 a covenant with Israel, but that was not an unconditional
28:51 covenant, it was a covenant that was conditioned upon
28:54 their obedience.
28:55 You can read all about that in Deuteronomy,
28:57 there were the covenant curses and the covenant blessings.
29:00 If they were faithful the blessings,
29:01 if they were disobedient the curses.
29:03 So we see in Daniel 9, Matthew 21, and Matthew 24,
29:06 this very consistent, consistent theme:
29:09 In Daniel 9 the Messiah was rejected, the very next thing is
29:12 the city was destroyed.
29:14 Jesus tells a parable in chapter Matthew 21,
29:16 and He said the Messiah will come, He will be rejected,
29:18 and even ask them, what would you do under the similar
29:20 circumstances, and they said, I would miserably destroy
29:22 those people, and He said have you never read...
29:24 Have you never read that the stone that the builders rejected
29:26 has become the chief of the corner.
29:28 This is the Lord's doing and it is marvelous in our eyes
29:30 and He says there in Matthew 21:43, Therefore, the kingdom
29:34 of heaven will be taken from you and given to a nation
29:37 bring forth the fruits thereof.
29:39 Jesus foresaw that the nation of Israel,
29:42 the what did I say everyone?
29:43 The nation of Israel was sealing their fate, by not receiving
29:47 the Messiah of Israel.
29:48 And then in Matthew 24, the Messiah was rejected,
29:51 Behold your house was left unto you desolate.
29:53 He goes out into Matthew 24, the disciples try to
29:56 cheer Him up, Ah, look at all of the beautiful buildings
29:58 and He say do you see all of this,
29:59 do you see all of these buildings,
30:00 do you see all of this grandeur and glory of these marvelous
30:03 buttress edifice's, they will all be destroyed,
30:06 not one will be left upon another.
30:08 The Messiah was rejected, the city was destroyed,
30:10 that's a consistent theme, Messiah rejected,
30:13 city destroyed, Messiah rejected, city destroyed,
30:15 if that makes sense say "Amen. "
30:18 Very simple, so the Messiah was rejected, Israel did not
30:22 fulfill it's covenant promise, and so God moved to the Gentiles
30:26 and He gave a very powerful, a very sad, very unfortunate,
30:29 very avoidable judgment...
30:33 In 70 A.D. when Jerusalem was destroyed by the Roman
30:37 general Titus, and it was a final judgment upon Israel
30:40 the Jewish Christians perceived that they knew for a fact
30:44 that, that is exactly what had happened, well this raises
30:46 the question, if Adam failed, and if Noah failed,
30:51 and if Israel failed, and they did fail, do we now have to
30:56 believe that modern day Israel, that is Israel over there in
31:00 Palestine, is still God's Israel and God is just waiting for them
31:03 to get their act together, and oops, it is going to be
31:05 difficult for that to happen in the present political climate
31:07 and so we have a "umm" how are we going to do this,
31:09 how are we going to pull this off?
31:10 I've got a great idea, let's manufacture something called
31:12 the rapture so we can get the church out of the way
31:15 and then God can fulfill all of His covenant promises
31:17 to Israel.
31:18 Beloved, there is a much easier way to understand the Bible
31:21 can you say "Amen?"
31:23 I mean beloved we do not have to go through this
31:25 circuitous maze, how are we going to make sense out of
31:29 the Old Testament.
31:30 I'm going to show you right now how to make sense
31:32 out of the Old Testament, and what happens to all of those
31:35 promises that God made to Israel, God has a new Israel
31:39 and that Israel was faithful.
31:42 You say what is he talking about, who is this new Israel
31:44 that was faithful, well let's take a look at who it is.
31:47 I'm going to Matthew chapter 1,
31:51 Matthew 1, you say who is God's new Israel?
31:57 I'll let the cat out of the bag and make it crystal clear
32:00 to you, Jesus Christ is God's new Israel.
32:03 Jesus Christ is Israel!
32:08 Let's go back and remember this, Israel was originally a term
32:13 that applied to what?
32:15 A single man, who gained what kind of victory?
32:19 A spiritual victory, and what was God looking for in Israel,
32:21 what was God looking for in Noah,
32:23 what was God looking for in Adam, a fit representative
32:26 on earth, and He finds it in the man Jesus Christ.
32:30 Now let's just think a little bit about Israel,
32:33 how national Israel came to be.
32:35 A man named Joseph had dreams, a man named Joseph had what?
32:40 Dreams, and the children of Israel were led down into Egypt
32:44 for a time, isn't that true everyone?
32:45 Whoa! Let's think about our own Lord, let's think about
32:47 our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
32:49 His mother's name was Mary, and His earthly father's name
32:52 was Joseph, and Joseph has a dream, and an angel
32:55 appears to him and says someone is going to try to hurt
32:57 the child, take the child to guess where?
33:01 Take the child to Egypt, and just as national Israel
33:05 stayed in Egypt for a time, Jesus remained in Egypt for a
33:08 time, until another dream came to Him.
33:10 He said listen the one who sought to kill Jesus
33:13 has now died, you can bring Him out.
33:17 You can bring Him what everyone?
33:19 Out of Egypt! Absolutely fascinating!
33:21 So a man named Joseph had dreams:
33:31 Now let's think about that for just a moment,
33:33 after the Exodus when Pharaoh finally relented,
33:36 and let the children of Israel go, where was the first place
33:39 that they came to, what was the first major thing
33:42 that happened?
33:43 The Red Sea, that's exactly right, they come to the Red Sea.
33:45 And they so oh, you know we are so confused,
33:47 we have impassable on the right,
33:49 and impassable on the left, impassible on the right and left
33:54 I do know my right and my left.
33:55 That's left, and the armies of Pharaoh are approaching
34:00 very rapidly from behind, and God parts the Red Sea,
34:02 right in front of them, can you say "Amen!"
34:03 So look at this, they go into Egypt, they stay in Egypt,
34:07 they are called out of Egypt, they go to the Red Sea.
34:09 Now it's very interesting, look at 1 Corinthians 10,
34:12 keep your finger here in Matthew because we are going to
34:13 come back, look at 1 Corinthians 10,
34:16 very quickly, see if you can beat me there.
34:18 1 Corinthians 10, and I'm in verse 1, 1 Corinthians 10:1.
34:24 Moreover, brethren, I do not want you to be unaware that
34:27 all our fathers were under the cloud, all passed through
34:31 the sea, He's talking about Israel.
34:33 all were baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea,
34:38 So it's very interesting, Paul takes this passing through
34:41 the Red Sea and he parallels it with a baptism experience
34:44 this is what Scotty talked about in Sabbath school
34:46 this morning, and so he says the Red Sea was like a baptism.
34:49 The Red Sea was like a what everyone?
34:51 Baptism, and it comes from the Greek word Baptiso,
34:54 which means to emerge, and so Paul takes this passing
34:57 through the Red Sea, and he says it was just like a baptism.
34:59 Now after Jesus was called out of Egypt, next thing that we
35:03 basically see Jesus doing in the gospel of Matthew is
35:06 being baptized.
35:08 Are you with me everyone?
35:10 The very next thing we see is Him being baptized
35:13 so I'm in Matthew, you can go back to Matthew with me,
35:15 Matthew 3, picking it up in verse 13,
35:19 Then Jesus came from Galilee to John at the Jordan
35:22 to be baptized by him. And John tried to prevent Him,
35:25 saying, I need to be baptized by You,
35:27 and are You coming to me? But Jesus answered and said,
35:28 Permit it to be so now, for thus it is fitting for us
35:33 to fulfill, now if you are in the custom of writing in
35:39 your Bible, I'm going to recommend that you take out
35:41 a pen, and you underline that word fulfill right there,
35:44 put a star by it, put something by it, because that word fulfill
35:47 is arguably the single most important word in the gospel
35:52 of Matthew, I'll show you that in just a moment.
35:55 Jesus comes there and He says, hey listen,
35:57 I need you to baptize Me, he says no!, no!, no!,
35:59 I need to be baptized by you and He says listen,
36:00 we've got to do this so we can fulfill all righteousness
36:05 and then is says He allowed Him, and when He had been baptized
36:08 Jesus came up immediately from the water, and behold
36:10 the heavens were opened unto Him and He saw the spirit of God
36:12 descending like a dove, and alighting upon Him.
36:14 Now look at verse 17, And suddenly a voice came
36:16 from heaven, saying, This is My beloved Son,
36:19 in whom I am well pleased.
36:21 "So Jesus it the Son of God. "
36:23 Question, question, question, who was the Son of God
36:27 in Exodus 4? Israel, that's right,
36:30 remember that's what Moses said to Pharaoh
36:32 let my children go, My Son, My Firstborn, Israel!
36:37 And God here, says my Son, and I'm happy with Him.
36:41 Just as national Israel had gone into Egypt because a man named
36:45 Joseph dreamed dreams, they remained in Egypt for a time,
36:48 they were called from Egypt, they passed through the waters
36:51 so to Jesus a man named Joseph has dreams, they go into Egypt
36:53 they stay in Egypt for a time, they are called out of Egypt,
36:55 as He comes out of Egypt He goes to the waters of what?
36:59 Baptism! Fascinating!
37:01 Now where do the children of Israel go after they pass
37:03 through the Red Sea?
37:04 They go to Mount Sinai, ok, in the context of Mount Sinai
37:09 God gives them the law and then they go into the wilderness
37:12 for how many years? Forty years!
37:14 What does Jesus do immediately after His baptism?
37:16 He goes into the wilderness and the Bible says He was led by
37:20 the what?
37:21 Spirit for the purpose of being tempted.
37:24 Now do you see that Jesus here is retracing the high points
37:28 in Israel's national history, yes or no?
37:30 Fascinating! Just as Israel was in the
37:33 wilderness for 40 years, Jesus goes into the wilderness
37:36 for 40 days.
37:37 Why is Jesus walking over step by step the high points of
37:40 Israel's national history?
37:41 Because He is the new Israel and He knows it,
37:44 a single man who gains a what kind of victory?
37:47 A spiritual victory, so He could be God's representative
37:51 on earth.
37:52 Fascinating! Forty days in the wilderness.
37:55 Now let's go to that, you are there in Matthew 4,
37:57 Matthew 4, Satan come to Jesus he gives Him three temptations,
38:02 how many temptations?
38:03 Three temptations, the first one He says hey listen,
38:05 cause at these stones be made into, bread, make these stones
38:09 into bread, but notice what Jesus says in verse 4,
38:11 It is written, 'Man shall not live by bread
38:16 alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.
38:19 Do you know where He is quoting from?
38:21 He's quoting from the book of Deuteronomy,
38:24 do you know what the word Deuteronomy means?
38:28 It means the second law, Due is to, nomos is law.
38:33 Deuteronomy is the second rendering of the second reading
38:35 of the law, it's basically Moses, three sermons,
38:39 Moses recapitulates the whole history of national Israel
38:42 and Jesus here is in the wilderness, the devil says
38:44 make these stones into bread, and Jesus actually quotes from
38:48 the very experience of the children of Israel by quoting
38:51 Deuteronomy, He says No! It is written, We don't live
38:55 by bread alone, and we don't live by manna alone,
38:58 but by all of the words that come from God.
39:00 Jesus here is being tempted in the very same area that Adam
39:04 was tempted in the area of appetite.
39:05 Adam failed because of fruit, Noah failed because part of the
39:09 fruit of the vineyard and the devil comes and he says ahh!
39:11 I've been down this road before, God gets this representative...
39:14 Been there done that, here's another control, alt, delete,
39:18 and he says I will trip Him up the same way I tripped up Adam,
39:20 I'll trip Him up the same way I tripped up Noah,
39:22 Hey listen you are really hungry why don't you eat.
39:24 He was totally unprepared for what had came next,
39:29 it is written Satan, and He goes back to the experience of
39:33 Israel in the wilderness and He quotes from Deuteronomy
39:36 where Israel had failed, Christ succeeded.
39:39 And then He was tempted again, look at this,
39:43 absolutely fascinating,
39:44 we pick it up there in verse 7, Jesus said to him,
39:46 It is written again, You shall not tempt
39:50 the LORD your God. That's from Deuteronomy as well
39:52 that's straight out of Deuteronomy.
39:54 Remember what had happened the children of Israel
39:57 were walking out and they were on their way to Mount Sinai
40:00 and they came to this bitter water, and they said oh Moses
40:04 you let us here to die, and this bitter sour tasting
40:08 sulfuric water, and Moses basically said hey listen
40:11 you are tempting God, you are chiding God, you are testing
40:14 God, the name of that place was Mossa and Meribah.
40:17 Mossa means temptation, and Meribah means chiding.
40:20 And it says don't tempt the Lord like you did in Mossa,
40:23 God does not lead you out of the Wilderness
40:24 in a place to die.
40:26 Can you say "Amen?"
40:27 That's true for everyone of you, God might be leading you out
40:29 of somewhere, but God never leads you somewhere just to
40:32 kill you and let you die, someone say "Amen!"
40:35 God leads you with a purpose, and if God has been leading us
40:37 point, by point, by point, we are testing God,
40:40 when we doubt the leading that God has in our lives,
40:43 can you say "Amen!"
40:44 And so Jesus here says No! It is written, you shall not
40:48 test or tempt the Lord your God, He's quoting from the very
40:51 experience in Exodus 17 where Israel had failed,
40:54 Jesus succeeded, and then one more look at this in verse 10:
40:59 Away with you, Satan! For it is written,
41:01 'You shall worship the LORD your God,
41:03 and Him only you shall serve. '
41:05 Yeah, and guess what book He is quoting from?
41:06 Deuteronomy 6 and 10, that's exactly right,
41:10 and so let's follow it through:
41:11 A man named Joseph has dreams this lead Him into Egypt,
41:14 They remain in Egypt for a time, God calls them out of Egypt,
41:16 They pass through the waters of baptism, and then they go into
41:19 wilderness, where He is basically faced with a series of
41:24 tests, that were exactly like the tests that national Israel
41:29 faced and failed, but where Israel failed, Jesus said
41:32 It is written, I am going to trust the Lord,
41:34 It is written I am going to trust my Father,
41:36 It is written I'm not going to trust God.
41:38 "Amen!"
41:39 He is rehearsing the history of Israel.
41:43 Quotes from Deuteronomy, He overcomes where
41:46 Israel failed, Absolutely fascinating!
41:48 I could give you other parallels but this sort of gets you off
41:50 the ground, now you are still there in Matthew,
41:51 I want to show you something amazing.
41:53 Before I tell you Matthew, go to Luke, I got to show you this,
41:58 I got to show you this, Luke 4, look at Luke as Luke rehearses
42:05 the experience of the baptism he gives us a detail that
42:07 Matthew doesn't, Luke 4, what chapter everyone?
42:09 Luke 4, you have got to see this amazing stuff.
42:14 Luke 4, and it says in verse 12, we'll pick it up in verse 12,
42:19 this is the temptation experience.
42:20 'It has been said, 'You shall not tempt the LORD your God.
42:22 Now when the devil had ended every temptation,
42:23 he departed from Him until an opportune time.
42:26 Verse 14, Then Jesus returned in the power of the Spirit
42:28 to Galilee, and news of Him went out through all
42:30 the surrounding region, And He taught in their synagogues,
42:33 being glorified by all. Now look at verse 16.
42:36 So He came to Nazareth, where He had been brought up
42:39 And as His custom was, He went into the synagogue
42:41 on the Sabbath day, and stood up to read.
42:44 Everyone of you today who is in the church on the Sabbath
42:46 is following the example of Jesus, can you say "Amen?"
42:48 If it's good enough for Jesus it's good enough for me.
42:50 Verse 17: And He was handed the book of the prophet Isaiah.
42:55 And when He had opened the book, He found the place
42:59 where it was written:
43:00 Now I don't know if they had a specific scripture reading
43:03 that day, but they hand the scroll to Jesus,
43:05 and Jesus didn't read whatever was assigned that day,
43:08 Jesus went through that scroll and found a certain passage.
43:12 Are you with me everyone?
43:15 He found a passage that is from Isaiah 61,
43:19 of course there weren't chapters in those days
43:20 but it's the equivalent of chapter 61, and I want you
43:23 to notice, Jesus reads it, this is out of this world
43:26 amazing. Verse 18
43:28 The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me
43:35 To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me
43:37 to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the
43:39 captives And recovery of sight to the blind,
43:40 To set at liberty those who are oppressed
43:42 to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord.
43:45 If you go back to Isaiah 61, that is a prophecy about the
43:49 servant of Yahweh.
43:51 In Isaiah 61, do you know who the servant of Yahweh is?
43:54 Israel! Isaiah basically beginning in 42 all
44:00 the way to the end of Isaiah's are these fantastic prophecies
44:03 that God had envisioned for Israel, national Israel,
44:06 but which unfortunately they failed, they failed.
44:09 Jesus walks into the temple right after His 40 days
44:12 in the wilderness, right after overcoming? from Deuteronomy
44:15 He goes into the temple, they hand him Isaiah
44:16 he finds this place, and He begins to quote Isaiah 61
44:20 which everybody in the Synagogue knew was a reference to the
44:23 servant of Yahweh, It's Israel!
44:26 But watch what Jesus says, whoa, they were totally
44:31 unprepared for this.
44:32 Verse 20: Then He closed the book, and gave it back to the
44:37 attendant, and sat down, and the eyes of all who were in the
44:40 Synagogue were fixed on Him, there must have been something
44:42 about the way He read it, in my mind's eye, I just see Jesus
44:45 quietly handing the scroll back to the individual there
44:48 and going and sitting down and everybody's going
44:50 pin drop silence.
44:54 It must have been an uncomfortable moment
44:57 in the Synagogue, as these people are thinking,
44:59 "That's it. "
45:00 "That's it!" Notice what Jesus says: Out of this world,
45:05 verse 21: And He said to them, what' the first word?
45:09 Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing.
45:17 Whoa, what did He say?
45:21 What did He say? Did he just say that this marvelous prophecy
45:26 about the servant of Yahweh, that definitely refers to Israel
45:29 in it's original context?
45:30 Did He just say that today the scripture is fulfilled in
45:33 our ears, is He telling us that He is the servant of Yahweh?
45:37 Is He telling us that He is God's new Israel?
45:40 That's exactly what He is saying.
45:42 He says today this scripture is fulfilled in your ears.
45:47 That scripture was fulfilled in Jesus, where national Israel
45:56 failed, Jesus Christ, God's Son, His true representative
45:59 the true Israel, the one who has prevailed with God,
46:02 where national Israel failed, Jesus succeeded!
46:05 By the way go back to Matthew now, you thought I was going to
46:11 forget, but I didn't did I.
46:12 Go back to Matthew, phenomenal!
46:15 Do you know what the most important...
46:16 What is the most important word in the whole book of Matthew?
46:18 Ok, get ready, stretch your fingers out, here we go,
46:20 Matthew 1:22, write all of these down, this is going to be fast.
46:26 So hang in there, Matthew 1:22:
46:28 So all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was
46:32 spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying:
46:33 Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son,
46:35 and they shall call His name Immanuel, which is translated,
46:38 God with us. " That's Isaiah 7:14.
46:39 Matthew says Isaiah 7:14, fulfilled in Jesus!
46:44 Can you say "Amen?"
46:45 Ok, it gets even better, I'm going to Matthew 2,
46:48 Matthew, what chapter everyone?
46:49 Two, and I'm going to pick it up in verse 13.
46:51 Now when they had departed, behold, an angel of the Lord
46:53 appeared to Joseph in a dream, saying, Arise, take the young
46:55 Child and His mother, flee to Egypt,
46:57 and stay there until I bring you word, for Herod will seek
46:59 the young child to destroy Him, When he arose,
47:01 he took the young Child and His mother by night and
47:03 departed for Egypt, and was there until the death of Herod,
47:05 that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord
47:09 through the prophet, saying, "Out of Egypt I called My Son
47:14 That's Hosea 11:1, Look at verse 16:
47:18 Then Herod, when he saw that he was deceived by the wise men
47:20 , was exceedingly angry; and he sent forth and put to death
47:22 all the male children who were in Bethlehem and in all the
47:24 districts, from two years old and under, according to the time
47:27 which he had determined from the wise men. Verse 17
47:29 Then was fulfilled what was spoken by Jeremiah the prophet,
47:33 saying: A voice was heard in Ramah, Lamentation, and
47:35 bitter weeping, Rachel weeping for her children,
47:36 she refused to be comforted because there were no more.
47:39 So here Matthew says this happened to Jesus
47:41 to fulfill what this prophet said.
47:47 You think that's all, no!, no!, no!, the verse 23.
47:48 And he came and dwelt in a city called Nazareth, that it might
47:54 be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophets,
47:57 "He shall be called a Nazarene. "
47:59 Judges chapter 13:5, you know what's happening now
48:01 it's just amazing, Matthew is actually taking not just
48:04 Messianic prophecies, He's taking just random bits of
48:07 history from Israel, and He's saying fulfilled in Jesus,
48:10 fulfilled in Jesus, fulfilled in Jesus, fulfilled in Jesus.
48:12 This is the single most important word in all of
48:16 Matthew, let's look at another one, you are there is chapter 4.
48:18 Matthew 4:14 that it might be fulfilled which
48:27 was spoken by Isaiah the prophet, saying:
48:28 "The land of Zebulun and the land of Naphtali
48:30 By the way of the sea, beyond the Jordan,
48:31 Galilee of the Gentiles: The people who sat in darkness
48:34 have seen a great light, And upon those who sat in the
48:37 region and shadow of death the Light has dawned,
48:40 he said that was fulfilled, in Jesus, go to Matthew 5:17,
48:44 Jesus says: Do not think that I came to destroy the Law
48:49 or the Prophets, I did not come to destroy them, but to do
48:52 what? I came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets,
48:55 that's the Old Testament.
48:56 And then He says in verse 18, For verily, I say unto you,
48:58 not one jot or one tittle shall in any wise removed from the Law
49:01 until all is fulfilled.
49:03 Ok, that's chapter 5, look at chapter 8, verse 17,
49:07 Matthew 8, can you keep up with me yes or no?
49:10 You are doing your best, Matthew 8:17:
49:12 It says that it might be fulfilled which was spoken
49:15 by Isaiah the prophet, saying: He Himself took our infirmities
49:18 And bore our sicknesses, now come on our Bible students
49:21 encourage me, where is that taken from?
49:23 Isaiah 53, so Jesus here says, actually Matthew says
49:27 about Jesus, this happened it was fulfilled,
49:29 fulfilled in Jesus.
49:31 What the Old Testament prophets looked forward to,
49:33 fulfilled in Jesus, fulfilled in Jesus, Look at Matthew 13:35,
49:37 13:35 you are right there with me, 13:35 notice what it says:
49:44 Matthew 13:35: that it might be fulfilled which was spoken
49:50 by the prophet, saying: I will open my mouth is parables
49:52 I will utter things kept secret from the foundation
49:55 of the world, are you with me everyone?
49:57 That's what was spoken by one of the prophets,
49:59 look at Matthew 21:4, All this was done that it might
50:07 be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying:
50:09 Tell the daughter of Zion, 'Behold, your King is coming
50:11 to you, Lowly, and sitting on a donkey, A colt,
50:13 the foal of a donkey. '
50:14 Jesus went there marching into Jerusalem,
50:17 they were putting the palm branches down saying: Hosanna
50:20 to the Son of David in the Highest!
50:21 and then Matthew says, do you know why that happened?
50:24 It was to fulfill Zechariah chapter 9.
50:25 Jesus is fulfilling the Old Testament prophecies
50:30 and we could go through so many more, chapter 26,
50:32 chapter 27, again and again, and again in Matthew
50:35 this happened, why did this happen, to fulfill, to fulfill,
50:38 do you know what's happening?
50:40 The New Testament writers are not centering their expectations
50:45 on the future hope, please don't miss
50:46 what I'm about ready to say.
50:47 The New Testament writers did not focus their anticipation
50:51 of God's fulfillment to Israel, on national Israel.
50:54 The New Testament writer said all of those promises were
50:59 fulfilled, yes! In Jesus!
51:03 In fact let me show you one of the most powerful verses
51:07 2 Corinthians 1:2, see if you can get there,
51:09 2 Corinthians 1:2, and you will literally just get
51:15 on the mountain tops here beloved,
51:16 I could spend another hour on this 2 Corinthians 1,
51:20 2 Corinthians 1 and look at verse 20, 2 Corinthians 1:20,
51:26 phenomenal, phenomenal, put a star by it, put an X by it,
51:29 underline it, put a smiley face by it,
51:31 do whatever you got to do, 2 Corinthians 1:20:
51:34 For all the promises of God in Him, Him is Jesus, are Yes,
51:42 all of the promises of God in Him are YES,
51:45 and in Him, Amen to the glory of God through us.
51:47 Do you know what Paul is saying, he is saying not one
51:49 promise of God is going to fail,
51:51 but notice what he doesn't say, he doesn't say all of the
51:56 promises of God are yes! in National Israel.
51:58 Paul believed in Jesus, he said all of God's promises are
52:05 fulfilled, all of God's promises are Yes!
52:07 In Christ! Christ is the new Israel!
52:11 Christ is the true representative of God,
52:14 Christ is the one that God could look down upon and say
52:17 There He Is! there's my Adam, there's my new Noah,
52:20 there's my new Israel, that's my representative,
52:23 my Son in Whom I'm well pleased, her Him!
52:26 "Amen!"
52:28 Now listen, if you want to go back to all those Old Testament
52:30 prophecies, and you want to say, oh, this is going to happen
52:32 in National Israel, and this is going to happen in
52:34 National Israel, do you know what you are really doing?
52:37 You are interpreting the Old Testament as if Jesus
52:40 hadn't come.
52:41 Wow! Beloved, danger of dangers.
52:44 You want to go understand the Old Testament in a way,
52:48 in the very same way that the Jews, who reject Jesus
52:52 understand it?
52:53 Beloved how do the New Testament writers understand the
52:56 Old Testament, fulfilled in Jesus,
52:59 fulfilled in Jesus, fulfilled in Jesus, fulfilled in Jesus
53:03 in fact there are a couple more
53:04 I just absolutely have to show you there in 1 Corinthians,
53:06 or somewhere close to it.
53:07 Look at 1Corinthians 15, amazing 1Corinthians 15,
53:14 what chapter everyone? 15, I'm picking it up in verse 1,
53:17 Moreover, brethren, I declare to you the gospel which I
53:21 preached to you, 1Corinthians 15:1, in which you
53:24 received and in which you stand by which also you are saved,
53:26 if you hold fast that word which I preached to you-
53:28 unless you believed in vain. For I delivered to you
53:30 first of all that which I also received:
53:31 now notice this, Paul preached to you what was preached to me,
53:35 that Christ died for our sins, what are the next four words?
53:39 according to the Scriptures, and look at verse 4:
53:43 and that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day,
53:45 what are the next four words? according to the Scriptures.
53:47 Ok, right here, Bible students, every one of you
53:49 show me the verse in the Old Testament, that says
53:52 the Messiah would die according to the scriptures,
53:54 that the Messiah would be raised according to the scriptures.
53:56 Show it to me, does anybody know where it is at?
53:59 No! Where is it? Very fascinating here isn't it.
54:07 I mean he just says it as plain as could be.
54:09 Paul says hey, listen! He was died according
54:12 to the scriptures, He was buried according to the
54:14 scriptures, He was raised according to the scriptures,
54:16 now where is it, where is it, you know where it is.
54:19 Jonah! It's in Jonah! Jesus said a wicked and
54:27 adulterous generation seeketh after a sign and no sign shall
54:29 be given, but the sign of the prophet Jonah, for as Jonah
54:31 was three days and three nights in the heart of the earth
54:33 in the heart of the fish, so the Son of man will be
54:35 three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.
54:36 Jesus here takes a random event out of Israel's history
54:40 and He applies it to himself.
54:42 Are you hearing me?
54:45 Oh, it gets even better, look at Hosea,
54:46 there's one other by the way, Jonah 1:17, and look at Hosea.
54:49 See if you can get there before me, Daniel, Hosea 6:
54:53 Hosea, what chapter everyone?
54:54 Hosea 6, and I'm beginning in verse 1, look at this,
54:59 Hosea 6:1, see that Paul is saying that the death, burial,
55:03 and resurrection of Jesus was anticipated by the Old Testament
55:06 prophets, look at Hosea 6:1, this is out of this world
55:11 amazing, Hosea 6:1, are we all there everyone?
55:16 Come, and let us return to the LORD For He has torn us,
55:19 but He will heal us; He has stricken,
55:21 but He will bind us up. After two days He will revive us;
55:25 On the third day He will raise us up,
55:28 That we may live in His sight.
55:30 Wait a minute, do you know who this is a prophecy about?
55:33 It's a prophecy about Jesus, but in it's original context
55:36 who is it about?
55:37 Israel, who went into Assyrian captivity, Israel had gone into
55:42 a Assyrian captivity and the prophet Hosea when they came out
55:45 said two days we've been down, but on the third day we will be
55:48 raised up, and Jesus took this prophecy about National Israel
55:52 after they had gone into a Assyrian captivity and He says:
55:55 two days in the tomb, raised on the third.
55:58 How is Jesus allowed to do this,
56:01 how is Matthew allowed to do this,
56:02 how is Paul allowed to do this, how are all these people allowed
56:05 to start interpreting the Old Testament,
56:07 in a very radical way, because they saw that all of those
56:10 prophecies were fulfilled, not in national Israel.
56:13 Israel had it's chance, just like Adam, it failed,
56:17 just like Noah it failed, but Jesus was faithful.
56:20 Jesus is the fulfillment of the New Testament,
56:23 and I'm going to be strong here, and I hope you will
56:25 forgive me, I hope we can still be friends.
56:26 But if you insist that God still has to fulfill promises to
56:31 national Israel, you are interpreting the Old Testament
56:34 in a very different way than the New Testament writers did.
56:37 Are you more inspired than Paul, are you more inspired
56:41 than Matthew, are you more inspired than Jesus?
56:44 Jesus understood Himself as the fulfillment of the
56:46 Old Testament, Paul understood Jesus as the fulfillment
56:49 of the Old Testament, Matthew and the other gospel writers
56:51 understood Jesus as the fulfillment of the Old Testament
56:53 and yet we want to come along and say No!
56:55 Israel is the fulfillment of the Old Testament.
56:57 WHO?
57:00 Israel had their chance as a nation and they failed,
57:03 70 weeks were determined upon their people,
57:05 the gospel has gone to the gentiles because God has a new
57:08 representative, and that new representative is Jesus!
57:11 Jesus said in John 5:39, He was speaking to the Pharisee's
57:16 He said you searched the scriptures because you think
57:17 that in them you have eternal life.
57:19 But these are they that testify of Me.
57:26 One last verse, Luke 24, hang in there, one last...,
57:31 just one last passage, Luke what chapter everyone?
57:34 Luke 24, There were two people walking on the road to Emmaus,
57:41 you know the story, they are on the road to Emmaus and Jesus
57:44 pulls up next to them and said why are you sad?
57:46 Haven't you heard what had happened, no!, what happened?
57:48 Well there was a man named Jesus, and we thought He was
57:49 the Guy, but He was crucified, but as always it was a terrible
57:52 situation, now watch this.
57:53 Luke 24 and I am in verse 25, Then He said to them,
57:58 Jesus speaking:
57:59 "O foolish ones, and slow of heart to believe in all that the
58:03 prophets have spoken! Ought not the Christ to have
58:08 suffered these things and to enter into His glory?
58:10 You hear what He is saying, can't you read the
58:15 Old Testament, Jesus is all over the Old Testament.
58:18 Look at verse 32: After He sat down, with them, they turned
58:21 to one another and they said did not our hearts burn within
58:24 us, while He talked with us on the road,
58:26 and while He the scriptures to us.
58:29 What had Jesus done that had revolutionize the way they
58:32 saw the scriptures, why were their hearts
58:34 burning within them.
58:35 Because they began to see Jesus was the focus of the
58:38 Old Testament prophets, Jesus was the focus of the
58:41 Old Testament Psalms, Jesus was the focus of the
58:43 Old Testament wisdom books.
58:44 Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, all over the Old Testament,
58:48 and their heart began to burn, and they said we never
58:50 saw that before.


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