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00:00 Previously on Destination 1040.
00:02 We are here in the countryside of Rukum, here in Nepal.
00:07 We got here yesterday, so it dropped down into the lower thirties last night.
00:12 Thankfully, we had good sleeping bags.
00:14 They weren't too bad.
00:15 The ground here is really rocky, but there are a few crops that they can grow.
00:20 Rice can't grow up here, it's too cold.
00:24 Many people, they don't know the real situation here.
00:28 And now, you are here, you have a first hand experience. Okay.
00:33 I have great respect for this man here.
00:37 Such a difficult place to work.
00:39 And yet he is
00:41 on fire for the Lord
00:44 Today we leave this place.
00:45 But, I think a piece of our hearts will always be here with these people.
00:51 That's the thing about being a missionary.
00:53 The impact these people have on your life will forever be with you
00:57 until the day you meet again.
01:10 Well, good morning from eastern Nepal.
01:12 Oh, look at this. Oh wow!
01:15 That is a huge snail.
01:18 Okay.
01:21 That was a distraction.
01:47 Hi. Hi.
01:48 How are you doing? Good. Nice.
01:51 What is this all about?
01:52 Laundry. Oh, yeah.
01:55 Very important.
01:57 We have a lot of dirty clothes. We do have a lot
02:00 of dirty clothes.
02:01 Thank you for your hard work doing this.
02:05 Part of foreign travel.
02:21 Well, hello and welcome
02:23 to another episode of Destination 1040.
02:26 Thanks for choosing to spend your time with us today.
02:28 We're looking forward to it.
02:31 This episode is a wrap up episode
02:33 for our time here in the country of Nepal.
02:36 Today we are in eastern Nepal
02:38 and we are headed to visit one of our faithful Bible Workers
02:42 who is making a huge impact in his village and the surrounding communities.
02:54 Namaste.
02:56 Good to meet you, sir.
03:00 The hospitality shown in
03:02 these cultures is quite foreign to people living in the Western world.
03:06 Pair that with a love for Jesus and a love for others.
03:09 And these people have nothing but love for us and the people they work with.
03:14 They are making us lunch.
03:18 If they don't use the gas stove, this is what they use here.
03:21 They have two kitchens.
03:22 This is the second
03:29 Do you miss our kitty? Yes, I do.
03:34 It looks good.
03:36 Yes, it's very good.
03:38 We're having some food that they prepared for us.
03:41 It's quite different here compared to Rukum.
03:44 It's much flatter here. The mountains are smaller,
03:46 but there are some amazing Bible Workers here that we're working with.
03:51 And we're just having some lunch that they
03:57 Flies.
03:58 So what do the people do here mainly for a living?
04:02 Are they are they farmers?
04:03 Agriculture. Farming only.
04:05 One of the reoccurring themes that I have noticed while
04:08 traveling for Gospel Outreach over the years is these Bible Workers live very humble lives.
04:13 They are living on a Bible worker stipend.
04:15 And so it is not unusual for our workers to have their own gardens,
04:19 to keep their living expenses low.
04:21 Can I try?
04:23 Show me how.
04:26 I show you. I show you. Ok, show me, show me.
04:30 Ah, so you.
04:32 And then pull.
04:34 Oh cause it's a saw.
04:35 Yeah., yeah, yeah.
04:39 This family has been blessed with a small chunk of land
04:42 where they are able to grow over 90% of the rice they need for the year.
05:03 After visiting the family's personal field,
05:05 our Bible worker was all too excited to take us to visit
05:09 a well-respected political leader for the area.
05:15 Namaste
05:20 This political leader is not a Christian, but he lives just up the road
05:24 from the local Adventist church, and he became very good friends
05:28 with our Bible worker and his family.
05:36 For several years, he and his family showed no interest in Christianity.
05:41 But our Bible worker and his family became very close friends with him.
05:46 Often times in the late afternoon during the heat of the day,
05:49 you will find this political leader at our Bible Worker's house
05:52 asking him for advice on some matters that he's dealing with.
06:11 One day the political leader was visiting our Bible worker
06:14 and he asked him, Why are you so kind to me and my family?
06:18 Our Bible worker simply responded, Well, you see, sir, it's simple.
06:22 The God that I serve has put a love in my heart for people.
06:27 Now, through the work of the Holy Spirit and this man's curiosity,
06:30 he and his family are now taking Bible studies with our Bible worker.
06:38 When I see just how effective this simple friendship evangelism works
06:44 throughout the world, I realize that we can all do this.
06:48 You don't have to be a pastor.
06:50 You don't have to be a scholar.
06:52 You just need to show
06:53 the love of Jesus to others and allow the Holy Spirit to work.
06:56 So we are in eastern Nepal right now, which is a little different than West Nepal.
07:02 The mountains aren't quite as tall and it's a little warmer here.
07:05 We're actually quite close to the Indian border, Right.
07:09 We're close to the India border? Yeah.
07:11 We're going to see the church. Yes. Which we drove by on the way up here.
07:14 And it was quite nice.
07:16 So I'm looking forward to seeing the inside.
07:25 When I was a young boy.
07:27 My grandmother taught me the ways of witchcraft,
07:30 and that carried on her legacy of being a witch doctor myself.
07:35 After many years of working in this position in my village,
07:39 I came down with an illness
07:41 that kept me bedridden and unable to work.
07:45 For many months.
07:47 I tried everything I knew, but
07:49 I simply wasn't getting any better.
07:53 Finally, out of desperation,
07:55 I traveled to a church in another village.
07:58 How long has this church been here?
08:00 15 years. 15 years?
08:03 I prayed to God and said,
08:06 If you are real and can hear me, please
08:10 help and heal me so that I can take care of my family.
08:14 I felt a peace come over me
08:17 and returned to my home with hope in my heart.
08:22 She's sick.
08:23 Oh, she is sick. Oh, no.
08:25 She's having fever. Oh, no.
08:29 Can we
08:30 Can we pray for her?
08:38 When my health improved
08:39 so rapidly, I was astonished.
08:42 I had never once seen a case like this
08:45 in all my days working as a witch doctor.
08:49 My surprise drove me to begin
08:52 Bible studies to learn more about this powerful God.
08:56 I soon became baptized with my family following my example soon after.
09:03 I was so excited to share with others
09:05 my testimony of this great God I was now serving.
09:10 This convinced me that I must make this
09:13 my full time work to bring people to Jesus.
09:34 There's my sweet wife filming some goats.
09:39 Every time I travel, I'm acutely aware as to
09:43 how silly it is to just film everything.
09:47 But it's important
09:49 because you're trying to tell you a story.
09:51 We're trying anyway.
09:53 Like, here's a pig.
09:54 These are the kind of things that we see here.
09:57 It's very normal. And us filming ourselves Everybody's laughing.
10:01 I know they're laughing at us for a reason.
10:13 And then turn?
10:15 I see.
10:17 Yeah.
10:19 Wow!
10:21 We are making rice flour, it I understand correctly.
10:25 It's sweet.
10:26 Oh, interesting.
10:30 You know, it's so crazy seeing where these people live.
10:33 The little that they have.
10:34 And yet they seem so content and happy about their lives.
10:48 When we, when we come and we film everything.
10:51 What do you guys think?
10:52 Do people not like it?
10:54 Are they okay with it?
10:56 What we think is you guys are going to inspire someone we think like that. Yeah. Yeah.
11:01 To inspire someone.
11:03 He is happy. And he is telling us his photo.
11:09 American people can see his photo.
11:13 Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
11:14 He is happy for that.
11:23 Ok. I think we're leaving.
11:26 We're leaving. But it's been a nice visit.
11:28 Yeah, it really has been. Yeah.
11:30 Always good to meet people. Always sad to say goodbye.
11:33 We'll see them again someday.
12:03 Day two here in eastern Nepal.
12:08 We're going to visit another one of our Bible Workers today.
12:11 I'm excited to meet him.
12:13 Yesterday, I wear shorts,
12:15 but today I'm wearing pants because we're riding a motorcycle for many hours.
12:19 And I figured if we wreck
12:21 I would rather have gravel and fibers
12:25 in in me than just gravel.
12:29 Oh, really? Yeah.
12:31 The bikes were very dirty from yesterday, so they washed them.
12:45 So our brother,
12:47 one of the drivers, he's never hungry when we leave the house.
12:50 But as soon as we leave the house, he's hungry for restaurant food.
13:02 What are they doing? They're selling lemons? Yeah.
13:04 Is that what it was? Lemons? Yeah.
13:06 Or limes. Limes.
13:07 They're really limes but everyone calls them lemons.
13:09 Really cheap.
13:18 These motorcycle journeys were no easy joyride.
13:21 In fact, this journey took us over
13:23 two and a half hours, one way into the high mountains of east Nepal.
13:28 We're getting closer to the church.
13:52 Alcohol consumption is a major problem in the country of Nepal.
13:56 The people in these remote villages don't have easy access to liquor stores,
14:00 so they resort to making their own out of rice.
14:03 Rice is spoiled, rice is there.
14:06 When this water is hot.
14:08 They remove hot water, and they'll put again, cold water.
14:14 This heavy consumption causes so much unrest in families
14:18 as oftentimes things turn to violence while on this strong drink.
14:22 Alcohol in Nepal is very traditional during Hindu festivals and ceremonies.
14:27 During these times, everyone partakes, including the children.
14:31 Sadly, this creates a dependency at a very young age
14:34 and is incredibly damaging to the future of so many young people.
14:40 Our Bible Workers often face the challenge of bringing a message of health
14:45 to these people and educating them on the dangers of alcohol.
14:49 Now, this woman's husband, sadly died just a few short years ago.
14:54 Without the support of her husband working in the fields,
14:56 she has resorted to making and selling alcohol to support herself.
15:34 What is your house life like?
15:41 So. So how long has he been a Go Bible Worker?
15:45 Ten years. Ten years.
15:49 So down in the flatlands,
15:51 It's much easier for Bible Workers to travel long distances
15:54 because they can ride a bicycle or they can have a motorbike.
16:00 But up here, sometimes it's difficult. They have to walk.
16:02 Yes, very difficult to walk and very difficult to visit members homes also.
16:08 because members homes not in one place.
16:14 One place is there, other one place is there.
16:19 She is preparing lunch for all of us.
16:23 These people are so incredibly gracious.
16:28 We are being treated very well in another village once again.
16:32 With all of this amazing food.
16:36 They eat a lot here.
16:37 We can't eat nearly as much to keep bringing food and putting it on the plate.
16:41 No, no, no, no.
16:42 Please no.
16:44 Also.
16:47 The chilies are deadly.
16:48 But lovely
16:51 I do not eat them.
17:00 They want to cut rice also.
17:02 Oh, yeah.
17:04 Okay. Yeah, Let's do that. That would be nice. I'd like to do that.
17:13 Man.
17:13 All right.
17:14 With wait in it, It would be different. Yeah.
17:20 It looks good lady.
17:23 Starting? Yeah. Yeah.
17:24 We start slowly, slowly. bistari slowly.
17:27 Bistari, bistari.
17:32 We are headed to go harvest some rice.
17:36 With our Bible Worker and his wife.
17:39 I would definitely get a headache if there was weight in it.
17:44 This is your home.
18:25 This man's done this a few times.
18:29 City life and village life is totally different.
18:35 You hold it like this. Yes.
18:37 Hold like this
18:40 Oh, yes. Ooh.
18:42 Yes.
19:23 I got myself
19:25 a little covered in seeds, and they're very sticky.
19:29 Kind of like the hound's tongue back home.
19:32 They stick.
19:33 Seems like much worse than the hound's tongue.
19:34 It's worse because it's you can't hardly grab them. They're so tiny and flat.
19:44 My name is Chandra Kumar Rai.
19:46 And for the last ten years, I have been working in the Lord's service.
19:57 I was born into a Hindu family and my father was an alcoholic.
20:02 Often he would come home from the field and beat my mother.
20:06 Our household had no peace and we lived in fear of his wrath.
20:12 When I was 19 years old, I met a beautiful girl
20:15 at a village gathering and fell in love at first sight.
20:22 I soon learned she was a Christian and attended a church over the hill from our village.
20:28 I noticed right away a significant difference in her family.
20:35 They had a peace in their home
20:36 that I had never seen before.
20:49 As I visited her family more often,
20:51 she told me that she could not marry me unless
20:54 I found Jesus and accepted him into my life.
20:58 So I began attending the church
21:01 and taking Bible studies from one of the elders.
21:04 Through this process, I soon found the peace
21:07 that I had seen in this young woman's life.
21:10 This peace was one that passes all understanding.
21:13 And I was convicted and baptized.
21:17 At first, my family shunned me and wanted nothing to do with me.
21:22 They told their friends that I was dead.
21:26 But God was working in their hearts
21:28 and as they witnessed a complete transformation in my life,
21:31 they desired that same peace which I had found.
21:35 We just arrived at the church here in Gosth Danda village
21:40 The classic rock structure here in the mountains of Nepal.
21:46 It's so crazy how they stack these stones just
21:51 so perfectly.
21:54 And the walls are really, really thick as well.
21:56 Helps with insulation and in the winter and it helps keep it cool in the summer.
22:03 Today, my whole family has been baptized and my father has given up alcohol.
22:08 They are now an example to their friends and neighbors
22:12 about what God has done for them.
22:24 I have also been blessed to have married that young girl
22:27 who introduced me to Jesus all those years ago.
22:38 She has been a wonderful companion in my life
22:40 and my ministry as well.
22:46 Namaste
22:53 That is a honey bee home. Very natural honey is there.
22:57 So they brought they brought the honey bees
22:59 and they put them there and now they live there.
23:04 Hi.
23:06 His mother
23:07 and his wife and his daughter.
23:12 I want to say thank you to this organization
23:15 for sponsoring us in our work for the Lord.
23:18 Regardless of the money,
23:20 I will always have a fire in my heart for sharing the good news with others.
23:25 But to be sponsored and allowed the opportunity
23:28 to make this my full time work is a very special privilege.
23:49 Yes. Yes. I born here only. Yeah.
23:54 Now, if you have watched any of our episodes here in Nepal,
23:57 you may have noticed that this man has been one of the main characters
24:01 in our episodes.
24:03 His name is Keshab, and he was traveling with us
24:05 a large majority of the time we were here in Nepal.
24:09 Keshab is a pastor in the lowlands here in eastern Nepal.
24:11 And on our return journey from visiting our Bible Worker, Chandra,
24:15 we stopped for a short visit to see where he grew up.
24:19 Oh, There are some yellow ones. Oh, this ones cool. Yeah, Yeah. It's like, Oh, yeah. together.
24:24 Keshab is a very kind, devoted pastor
24:26 who loves the Lord and is always up for an adventure.
24:29 We cannot thank him enough for his assistance during our time in Nepal.
24:33 Oh, brother. Thank you
25:56 As our time here in Nepal was coming to a close, we were feeling quite sad.
26:02 For the three weeks we were traveling through Nepal,
26:04 We grew to love these people.
26:07 We've seen the great need in this country, both spiritual and physical.
26:11 We now better understand the challenges
26:14 our Bible Workers face every single day.
26:19 Something that I have learned through my travels
26:21 within Hindu dominated cultures is that Hinduism
26:24 is more culture than it is religion or belief.
26:28 It is your identity.
26:30 It's where you live and who you are.
26:33 So even when someone is introduce to Jesus and accepts him
26:36 as their personal savior, it is often very difficult
26:39 for them to give up the Hindu culture completely.
26:50 This is one of the biggest challenges our workers face in these cultures.
26:55 But you know what?
26:56 This is something that is faced in every culture.
27:00 So before we leave you today, I want to ask you to ponder this question.
27:05 What is something that I am holding on to in my life
27:09 that is more about culture and less about Jesus?
27:13 If you have a good answer to that question, then I encourage you
27:16 to give that thing to Jesus.
27:18 Let him take that desire away from you.
27:21 Give him the power to work in your life.
27:28 Lastly, I want to ask you to pray.
27:31 Pray for our workers in Nepal, pray for Singerman, for Haiendra, for Chandra.
27:35 Pray that Jesus will give them the strength and encouragement to continue
27:40 spreading this great message of love and hope.
27:54 Hello, everyone.
27:56 Thank you so much for watching this episode of Destination 1040.
27:59 Now, if you have been inspired and blessed by this episode
28:02 and you want to get involved with Gospel Outreach in some way, visit the website.
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28:23 Have a great day. I'll see you in the next episode.
28:26 We're off to India.


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