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00:10 Hello and
00:11 welcome to another episode of Destination 10/40.
00:14 In the last episode
00:15 we were in the country of Nepal, but today
00:18 we are hopping on a plane and we're headed to a new country.
00:25 May I have your attention please.
00:28 Welcome to Kolkata, thank you.
00:36 In the country of India,
01:04 no modes of transportation are off the table.
01:07 From three wheeled autos to rickshaws, planes, trains,
01:10 motorcycles, automobiles, and even the occasional oxcart.
01:13 I can honestly say travel is a very unique experience
01:17 in this country.
01:28 we've made it to India.
01:29 Welcome to India.
01:39 Everything within this country runs
01:40 at a completely different speed
01:42 than we're used to in the Western world,
01:43 which oftentimes can be very frustrating for us.
01:46 But the kind and generous people that you meet here completely
01:50 makes up for any of those cultural differences.
01:53 We're going to be here in India for three weeks
01:55 and we are going to be meeting up
01:57 with some of our Bible workers who are using very unique
02:00 methods of ministry to reach people.
02:09 So the first time I visited
02:10 India was back in 2017, and since then I've been here
02:13 five times.
02:14 This is actually my sixth time visiting this country.
02:27 What's up buddy?
02:28 This is Joy. Joy. Hello.
02:30 What do you do?
02:32 Oh, I am a missionary.
02:34 I do internet ministry. Wonderful. Wonderful.
02:37 We're going to be working with Joy over the next
02:40 three weeks here in India.
02:48 This is Nirobindu Das, and for the last five years,
02:51 he has been the Gospel Outreach coordinator for West Bengal
02:54 here in India. One of
02:55 the villages that we're going to go is my birthplace.
02:59 Oh, it's your birthplace? Yeah.
03:07 All right, so for those of you
03:08 who don't really know much about India,
03:10 I just want to talk to you briefly
03:11 about the state of West Bengal.
03:14 So this state is in the eastern portion of India,
03:17 situated along the Bay of Bengal,
03:18 which is the largest bay in the world, covering around
03:22 839,000 square miles. Despite being one of the smallest states
03:27 in India, it is one of the largest
03:29 in population,
03:30 with over 91 million people living in this state.
03:33 Let me just tell you,
03:35 when I learned about this, I was absolutely blown away.
03:37 And here's why.
03:40 The state of West Bengal is about the same
03:42 geographical size as Louisiana in the United States,
03:47 but Louisiana's population is only 4.6 million.
03:50 However, if you were to take the population of New York
03:54 State, California and Florida, put them all together
03:58 in West Bengal, they would still be 7 million
04:01 short of the number of people living in this state.
04:05 Now, let's bring this into perspective here.
04:07 Can you guess how many of those 91 million
04:11 people are Christians?
04:13 If you don't pull out your phone and start researching this
04:15 I'm going to give the answer in just a minute.
04:17 But I want to first mention that this number and numbers
04:20 like it throughout different states
04:22 in India is why Gospel Outreach has over 1200
04:26 Bible workers being supported in this country.
04:29 Again, listen to this.
04:30 Out of the roughly 2300 Bible workers being supported
04:34 throughout 39 countries by Gospel Outreach,
04:37 1200 of those workers are in India.
04:40 And it's because there's a great need.
04:43 So the number of
04:44 Christians. Out of 91 million people,
04:47 only roughly 660,000 are Christians.
04:52 Let that sink in.
04:54 Both Nirobindu and his wife Rita are passionate
04:57 about spreading the Gospel to the people of India
04:59 and have devoted their lives to missionary work.
05:02 Their humble spirit for the work
05:03 they are doing and their true love for people
05:05 was a beautiful thing to witness.
05:08 How long does something like this last?
05:09 It can't last too long. It lasts long.
05:12 Oh, does it?
05:13 Yes, It's more than 40 years.
05:16 Really?
05:17 For 40 years? Yes.
05:42 This one looks dangerous.
05:43 It is very yummy.
05:45 That's a very yummy chili.
05:47 Joy, you are a part time Gospel Outreach worker yourself. Yes.
05:51 I wanted to talk to you a little bit
05:53 about your ministry, what you do.
05:55 Actually, I'm serving God through internet ministry.
05:58 I make videos, sermons, testimonies, some songs,
06:03 and we upload in YouTube, Facebook for around two years.
06:07 I'm doing it.
06:08 And the Lord's continued to grow your ministry up, hasn't he?
06:10 Yes. At first, when I started around four
06:13 or five people, ten people, used to watch,
06:15 but I was happy for that
06:17 because I can share the good news to 5 to 10 people,
06:19 but now around 100, 200, sometimes thousand people
06:23 watch our videos.
06:24 So you're not the only one that does this.
06:26 Your wife does this as well. Yes.
06:27 So you do the videos in one language
06:30 and she does the videos in another?
06:31 Yeah, she does it in her mother tongue.
06:33 I do it in my mother tongue.
06:35 And they're both two YouTube channels. Separate channels.
06:37 People see your videos and then you have your contact
06:40 information in the video, right?
06:42 Yeah.
06:43 My target is like the person who doesn't know.
06:45 And what I think is it's my duty to share the good news,
06:49 share the everlasting
06:50 Gospel. And Holy Spirit will work in their heart
06:54 and they will give their life to Christ.
06:55 I'm sure it would be very easy to become discouraged,
06:58 but in my mind it's more important
07:00 to have maybe 20 or 100 people watching your video
07:04 who really need to see it
07:05 then to have millions and millions of views
07:07 because we are out there just looking for that one person.
07:28 It's nice to be in India.
07:29 I love this country. I love the people.
07:31 And yeah, the sights, the smells, the sounds
07:36 all too familiar.
07:38 Also, people like to use their horns here
07:40 a lot more than Nepal. And we're about ready to leave.
07:54 And we're out of here.
07:56 Today.
07:57 We will be visiting a Bible worker
07:59 who has successfully started three home churches
08:01 throughout her area within the last few years.
08:04 But first, breakfast.
08:06 Hello, Joy. Hello, sir.
08:07 How are you?
08:09 I'm good.
08:10 Boiled green beans.
08:11 And is this potato? Yes potato
08:14 and I don't know
08:15 what they call in English, but this is a vegetable like.
08:18 Yeah.
08:22 And, of course, chapati.
08:29 My name is Manju Santra,
08:30 and I'm a dedicated, full time sponsored Bible worker
08:35 with a deep passion for spreading the teachings
08:38 of the Bible and the love of Jesus to others.
08:42 So I think it's really important for people to understand that
08:45 Gospel Outreach doesn't only stipend men,
08:47 they also stipend women as well.
08:49 And there's a really important reason why that is.
08:55 Men have a very important role
08:57 to play when it comes to leadership,
08:59 when it comes to reaching out to men.
09:01 But when it comes to reaching women,
09:03 a man cannot just go into a woman's house and
09:07 and speak to her about the Gospel.
09:17 Your lunch!
09:19 That is cow dung cake.
09:21 Yeah.
09:31 in a country like India
09:33 friendship evangelism is really going to be
09:35 one of the most effective ways that you can reach out
09:38 to your neighbors.
09:40 And the Bible worker that we're talking to today
09:43 that's what she does.
09:44 She helps people in their fields when they need an extra hand.
09:47 She takes people to the hospital
09:48 when they need to go to the hospital. And she does this all
09:52 just to be a friend to
09:54 to her neighbors, which is really, really cool.
10:04 Women in these countries
10:05 are oftentimes abused, both physically and mentally.
10:09 Many times
10:09 they have no idea what it means
10:11 to have any self-worth or confidence.
10:14 But when Gospel Outreach stipends
10:16 a woman, trains her and equips her to work for the Lord,
10:19 it gives her so much confidence and self-worth
10:21 and in turn,
10:22 she is able to help other women
10:24 who have been neglected and mistreated.
10:27 There's not really a lot of churches in this area,
10:29 are there? Around 70 kilometers
10:31 there is not even single church, only house
10:33 churches. Wow!
10:34 So we encourage our workers in this area to just start home
10:38 churches. Yes.
10:39 And that's what they've done. And it's been very effective.
10:41 We are following the New Testament style.
10:44 this little boy was born with a disability
10:47 and oftentimes when someone in India is born
10:49 this way,
10:50 it is believed that they were cursed by the gods
10:52 and their family is very ashamed.
10:54 Our Bible worker has taken a special interest
10:57 in this little boy and his family
10:59 and has been able to help them realize
11:01 that he is accepted and loved by Jesus.
11:06 poor people will come and collect
11:08 this. They will clean and they'll make rice
11:11 this will be their food. In India.
11:14 The poor people that can't own fields and don't have money to
11:17 buy food, they'll come and pick up
11:20 the rice that has been left
11:21 over after harvest, which if you remember, is
11:25 just like the story of Ruth, where she went
11:27 into the fields and harvested and gleaned the barley.
11:32 It's just a tad warm.
11:34 And this is the cooler time of year here.
11:36 Yes, this is winter.
11:37 Apparently,
11:40 agriculture dominates
11:41 both the landscape and the economy of West Bengal.
11:44 Its proportion of agriculture
11:46 land is among the highest of all the Indian states.
11:49 Rice, which requires extensive irrigation, is the leading
11:53 crop in nearly every area, despite its relative small size.
11:57 West Bengal produces
11:58 a significant percentage of India's rice harvest.
12:02 Working as a rice paddy farmer is very hard work,
12:05 even more so in a country like India, where
12:08 a large majority of the process is all done by hand.
12:11 So everywhere you go
12:12 in this area, you see this on all of the walls.
12:17 And I want to ask our friend Joy, what is this
12:20 and what do they use it for?
12:22 This is cow dung biscuits.
12:24 It is made out of cow dung and they use it for cooking.
12:29 Yeah, they burn it and they cook.
12:32 Not for eating.
12:33 Yeah, yeah, yeah.
12:37 Being used in the Lord's
12:38 service has been an honor and a blessing in my life.
12:42 The opportunity of being sponsored in my work
12:45 has been far
12:46 beyond what I could have ever seen myself doing in this life.
12:50 I'm truly blessed.
13:02 Is it a good day?
13:03 That sun looks good.
13:05 The sun does look good.
13:06 So does the joy.
13:08 Yes, it looks pretty good too.
13:30 The influence
13:31 that I've been able to have on so many young mothers
13:34 and elderly women in my community
13:37 has been far greater than I will ever realize.
13:41 I've seen so many lives dramatically changed through
13:44 Jesus, making my faith even stronger as a result. I
14:21 Please continue to pray for my work here in India
14:24 and for all those souls who have yet to be introduced
14:27 to the hope of Jesus.
16:14 Good morning.
16:15 So back in 2013, one of the Gospel
16:18 Outreach Bible workers started a small home church.
16:20 And as it continued to grow, there just wasn't enough room
16:23 for the people to meet in the home.
16:25 And they wanted a church,
16:26 but they didn't have the money for it.
16:28 So what did they do?
16:29 They built a church out of bamboo and plastic.
16:32 Well in 2020 that church was completely
16:34 taken out by a typhoon.
16:45 So this is where the church was?
16:47 Yes, it is.
16:49 You can see some of the pillars are still there.
16:52 There was a plastic church and now it's no more.
16:56 So I've seen photos of the plastic church in the past,
16:59 but I did not realize just how small this area is,
17:03 where the plastic church used to be.
17:05 Now, the new plastic church is built on our Bible worker's
17:09 property, and I believe this plastic church is even bigger
17:13 than than the one that was here.
17:19 So this location was never an ideal place for a church.
17:22 As you can see, there's a road
17:24 right next to where the church used to be,
17:26 and there's tons of traffic that comes through here
17:28 all the time.
17:30 So not the most ideal place, but they did what they needed to
17:33 and they did what they could.
17:34 And the people loved this church
17:36 until it was taken away by that typhoon.
17:38 You can see now somebody has built
17:40 a little storefront
17:42 right there where they sell different food items.
17:48 This is one of our local Bible workers
17:49 Uttam Routh. Both he and his wife Uma
17:52 are Gospel Outreach sponsored Bible workers.
17:54 Through working together as a husband and wife
17:56 team, helping people
17:57 with both their spiritual and physical needs.
18:00 They've been able to build quite a strong connection
18:03 and reputation
18:04 in many different communities in the area.
18:06 because of their local influence,
18:08 many people will travel over 30 minutes
18:10 to come to the plastic church every Sabbath.
18:13 He is paralyzed.
18:16 She's a believer, our Adventist church member.
18:20 So he could not even drink water by himself.
18:23 She needs to be here. So she goes to church,
18:25 she comes back and takes care of everyone.
18:27 And in that way they are going. Our health worker
18:29 they come and give massages also.
18:32 So one of the ministries that our Gospel Outreach
18:33 Bible worker here has started is a goat ministry.
18:36 Well, what is a goat ministry?
18:38 Well, someone donated a couple of goats to the Bible worker
18:41 and he gave those goats to someone in need.
18:44 And this woman is taking care of these goats.
18:47 And as these goats continue to multiply,
18:50 they're giving the goats away to other people
18:52 so that they can make money off of those goats. Along with that
18:56 they also are utilizing this as a way
18:58 to be able to give tithes and offerings to the church.
19:01 So this is a really
19:02 effective ministry in a country like India.
19:05 Hello.
19:07 What are we saying?
19:09 I don't know what we're going to say.
19:10 We're going to say something.
19:11 Okay. Uh,
19:15 you know,
19:16 ???
19:20 I'm really excited when we travel
19:22 to these different countries and we find Bible workers
19:25 with unique stories
19:26 like this one, unique ministries and ways to reach people.
19:29 A goat ministry may not work in a different part of India,
19:31 but here it's really working out.
19:33 And the Lord is blessing.
19:34 And I, you know, I would just say that I don't know
19:38 what I'm trying to say.
19:39 Hi, you're very cute.
19:47 So in front of me
19:48 here, we have a stove.
19:51 I know this doesn't
19:52 look like an ordinary stove that you would see back home.
19:56 They make this hole in the ground and they take clay
19:59 and let it dry.
20:01 They feed the fire through this hole and
20:03 put the pots on top here and cook it up here.
20:07 Both sides at once. Yeah, both sides at once.
20:09 And they also use the cow dung patties here to, to cook with.
20:14 They have an abundance of this so that's a great
20:16 fuel source for them.
20:26 Today, our Gospel Outreach Bible worker
20:28 has coordinated a free clinic inside of the plastic church.
20:32 Free checkups, glasses and reduced prices on surgeries
20:36 for anybody who comes to the clinic today.
20:39 Okay, this is Mrs.
20:41 Pampa Burman,
20:43 and she is a member of this plastic church.
20:50 she spoke to her supervisor.
20:52 She said it will be very nice a lot of people come here
20:55 and if he can bring his team and have eye camp here.
21:02 Then he spoke to the local Gospel Outreach volunteer
21:06 Uttam Routh. After contacting them
21:09 this was brought here.
21:10 Through loudspeaker, they went around the villages
21:14 and announced about this particular camp.
21:18 As a medical professional, watching these tools
21:20 get reused again and again without cleaning them shows
21:23 once again the great need in this country,
21:26 even within a medical setting. With her own interest
21:29 she spoke to the supervisor and brought the team here
21:33 and then
21:34 many people are blessed here.
21:53 Your people are so kind, so generous.
21:56 The food is really, really good.
21:58 But most importantly, the chilies are excellent.
22:29 So it's Sabbath morning here at the plastic church.
22:31 I woke up at 630 this morning to the sound of Christian Music
22:35 playing on a loudspeaker outside
22:38 and the Muslim call to worship in the background
22:41 as well. Two contrasting things
22:43 that I thought was very interesting.
22:45 They're not playing Christian music anymore
22:47 because they're doing their
22:48 daily zoom call. Every single morning Here in West Bengal,
22:52 there are at least two Zoom meetings
22:55 going on where people, anybody is invited to join,
22:59 and they're just like a morning worship
23:01 for the Bible workers and for other people
23:04 to be able to come on and be a part of.
23:07 Yeah, I know I'm not mom am I.
23:10 Did she cry when you held her? No!
23:14 Ohhh,
23:18 She's angry.
24:06 Now they are quite literally
24:07 running out of room in this church behind me.
24:09 And that's a good problem to have.
24:11 But the exciting thing about this story is
24:14 the Lord has blessed someone donated.
24:16 And so right behind the plastic church is a new church
24:20 that's being built for the believers.
24:44 God has put a deep burden
24:45 in the hearts of our workers around the world for people.
24:49 And as we worship with these like minded
24:50 Christians, I can't help but wonder
24:52 if I have that same burden within me.
24:55 As someone who has lived in our western culture my whole life
24:59 I know all too well of the distractions
25:01 that plague our society on a daily basis.
25:04 It seems as if we have designed
25:05 a culture around distraction, entertainment and comfort.
25:09 It's easy to say that
25:10 we all have a love for others, but do we really?
25:13 What would we be willing to sacrifice
25:15 in our personal lives to work in the service of Jesus?
25:19 You know, I have met many of our Gospel Outreach
25:21 sponsored Bible workers who are well-educated.
25:24 They could
25:25 choose to do many other things in life, to make way more money.
25:28 They could be living in a mansion instead of a mud hut.
25:32 But through their conversion experience
25:34 and through seeing what Jesus has done in their life,
25:37 they have made the decision to serve the master.
25:40 So I ask again,
25:41 Are we ready to lay it all on the line for Jesus?
25:45 Are we prepared to lay down our lives for a friend?
26:01 Coming up next time
26:02 on Destination 10/40.
26:13 Lord we want to thank you that you have given us this privilege
26:16 here now through the Gospel Outreach ministry.
26:20 They will have a stronger building and the light from
26:25 this place will shine throughout this place.
26:29 Are you washing the clothes from the water in this pond?
26:31 I am.
26:35 So this is the ferry that's going to be taking us
26:37 about an hour ride to an island where we're going to spend two
26:41 or three days.
26:48 Another challenge that we're running into here
26:50 and I'm just going to be
26:51 brutally honest with you, the devil is working
26:53 really, really hard right now in my life, in Lexi's life.
26:58 You know, we're
26:59 running into a lot of challenges for both spiritually
27:02 and even maybe somewhat physically.
27:05 And so we definitely need prayers.
27:15 You know, as Christians, we
27:17 are supposed to be a different kind of people
27:19 when we go out into the communities
27:21 here in India and we mingle with Hindus
27:23 and with the Muslims,
27:25 they recognize that our Christian brothers
27:27 and sisters are different.
27:29 They can see that.
27:40 This is the most effective discipleship
27:43 method of all, is living a life that reflects
27:46 Christ.
27:51 Well,
27:51 you made it to the end of episode
27:52 five of Destination 10/40 and for that I do
27:56 thank you.
27:57 Now, if you are interested in Gospel Outreach
27:58 and you want to learn more about this
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28:24 So until next time, thank you
28:26 once again, and I'll see you in the next episode.


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