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00:00 Previously on Destination 1040.
00:02 This is Nirobindu das, and for the last five years
00:05 he has been the Gospel Outreach Coordinator for West Bengal
00:09 here in India.
00:10 Both Nirobindu and his wife Rita, are passionate
00:13 about spreading the Gospel to the people of India
00:15 and have devoted their lives to missionary work.
00:18 In a country like India, friendship
00:20 evangelism is really going to be one of the most effective ways
00:24 that you can reach out to your neighbors.
00:26 So back in 2013, one of the Gospel
00:29 Outreach Bible workers started a small home church,
00:31 and as it continued to grow, there just wasn't enough room
00:34 for the people to meet in the home.
00:36 So what did they do?
00:37 They built a church out of bamboo and plastic.
00:41 Now they are quite literally running out of room
00:43 in this church behind me And that's a good problem to have.
00:46 But the exciting thing about this story is
00:49 the Lord has blessed someone donated.
00:51 So right behind the plastic church is a new church
00:55 that's being built for the believers.
00:58 Are we ready to lay it all on the line for Jesus?
01:02 Are we prepared to lay down our lives for a friend?
01:56 They have started the process
01:57 of putting the pillars in for the new church here.
02:03 Up until now, as you know, they've been worshiping
02:06 in this plastic church behind me.
02:08 But every year it always gets destroyed
02:12 or at least damaged
02:13 with all the cyclones that they have in this area.
02:16 And so they're finally getting a more permanent structure.
02:21 When it's rainy season apparently, the water will be up
02:26 to the height of those pillars.
02:27 And so once they have enough donations,
02:31 they will have the floor up at that height to prevent
02:35 too much flood damage during rainy season.
02:39 Someone graciously donated enough money
02:42 for them to build pillars and put ten on the roof
02:46 for the church.
02:47 And then as money comes in, they'll continue building
02:50 and adding more brick and finish it to be an actual structure.
03:26 Missionary life!
03:29 Are you washing the clothes from the water in this pond?
03:32 I am.
03:35 This pond is utilized
03:37 for a lot of things.
03:51 Everybody's watching this event.
04:05 Well, what do you think of your new hair?
04:07 I love it so much.
04:13 So that evening,
04:14 13 of us piled into a vehicle only meant to hold four
04:18 and traveled 30 minutes to an area
04:20 where our Bible worker and his wife have started
04:22 a home church.
04:30 What this couple is doing here in West Bengal is the perfect
04:33 example of what the Gospel Outreach model is all about.
04:39 Showing kindness to others,
04:43 introducing people to Jesus, raising up new congregations,
04:46 and then training others to lead and to raise up new disciples.
04:51 This is a Bible worker's job description.
04:54 So we just traveled 17 kilometers to the Bay of Bengal,
04:57 and we're in a little village right now.
04:59 And I want to show you what a home church is all about.
05:24 Wants a new congregation
05:26 is well established and self-sustaining,
05:28 this gives our Bible workers the opportunity to move on
05:32 to new, unreached areas and to continue their work. Yes.
05:52 The man knows what he's doing.
05:56 Nirobindu's wife Rita holds
05:59 multiple degrees in nursing
06:00 and has spent many years working as such.
06:03 She has used her knowledge in this area to teach and train
06:06 our Bible workers in West Bengal
06:08 to provide basic health services to their communities.
06:12 This has been an invaluable tool for our Bible workers
06:15 who have been able to show the love of Jesus in this way.
06:18 As we know, medical ministry can be an entering wedge
06:21 into sharing Jesus with others in a country like India.
06:25 Oftentimes, this is the only way that you can connect with
06:28 your neighbors.
06:41 Sunday night markets are some of the busiest
06:43 and craziest things I have ever seen in India.
06:47 Within just a couple of hours, a town square can turn into
06:50 a bustling market straight out of Bible times.
07:14 He's played a couple of times.
07:19 Our vehicle has arrived.
07:22 Where are we going Joy?
07:23 Mousuni island. Mo, say it again.
07:26 Mousuni island.
07:28 Mousuni?
07:28 Mousuni Island.
07:44 So that's the boat that we're taking to the island.
07:47 And the island is actually really close.
07:49 I can't imagine it's going to take very long to get to that
07:52 island.
07:56 Here's the drone.
07:57 Are we going to fly the drone? That's up to you.
08:00 You are the flyer of the drone.
08:01 The pilot of the drone.
08:03 Do you think we should fly the drone?
08:05 I don't know. What do you think?
08:26 This is the path of natural disaster.
08:29 Every year, at least once.
08:31 There will be cyclones.
08:33 In 2020, there was a super cyclone known as Amphan,
08:38 during which thousands and thousands of houses
08:42 were blown off their roofs.
08:45 We saw
08:47 people in the boats leaving their island
08:50 to nowhere kind of, they did not know where to go
08:53 because part of that island had submerged.
09:00 At least 84
09:01 people are now known to have died
09:03 in one of the most powerful
09:04 cyclones to hit India and Bangladesh for years.
09:08 Cyclone Amphan has hit northeastern India
09:10 and Bangladesh, where millions
09:12 are hunkering down in emergency shelters.
09:15 The massive storm is packing a dangerous hurricane
09:17 force winds and authorities say
09:19 it could trigger devastating floods
09:21 along the low lying coast.
09:23 Uprooted trees, brought down electricity and telephone lines
09:27 and flattened houses in the western states
09:29 of West Bengal and Odisha and south west Bangladesh.
09:33 Our volunteers Gospel Outreach Volunteers.
09:36 Global Mission Volunteers, Workers.
09:38 We contributed and collected some funds
09:40 from some rich people.
09:42 We were able to feed those migrants for a few days.
09:48 People are very resilient.
09:49 Even though there are cyclones, yet they live here.
09:52 Sometimes I think
09:53 knowing the natural disaster that it would come every year,
09:57 why can't the people move away from here?
09:59 But they're
10:00 attached to this place and they have nothing else to do.
10:04 Fishing. Fishing.
10:05 They survive with fish.
10:15 Every time they rebuild.
10:16 And you probably have seen the poor people
10:19 their huts made of clay and bamboo sticks,
10:23 and the roof, they are sometimes tin.
10:28 When people provide them with tin tin,
10:29 Everybody cannot afford.
10:32 Having gone through all these things
10:37 they survive happily with meager food and water.
10:41 And another difficulty they have, as we say
10:44 water, water everywhere but there is no water to drink.
10:48 There's no water to drink salty water.
10:51 After less than a ten
10:52 minute ferry ride, we're on the island now.
10:56 So the story goes that we actually have a GO Bible worker
11:00 that lives just off the island and she works here,
11:05 but she's being trained and mentored by two of our other
11:09 GO workers, the ones that actually started
11:11 the plastic church.
11:13 And it's just created this awesome team.
11:16 And this island is learning about Jesus because of this.
11:24 Washing the feet of a visitor
11:26 is very traditional in this part of India.
11:29 We are here visiting a church members house
11:31 where a small group of Hindus meet multiple times a week
11:34 to learn about Jesus.
12:05 I was humbled when I realized that many of these people
12:08 cannot afford their own Bible or their own hymnal,
12:11 and so they will copy songs from our Bible Workers hymnal.
12:15 They will copy
12:17 their favorite passages from our Bible workers Bible
12:20 so that they can keep those things close to them.
12:23 This is something that I will never be able
12:25 to relate to in my life, and it made me realize just how
12:28 blessed I am.
12:32 Now, as you may have noticed, this home is very new,
12:34 and that is because
12:35 the previous home was destroyed
12:37 a little over a year ago in a typhoon.
12:39 Once the home was destroyed,
12:40 the new believers had nowhere to meet.
12:42 And so they were meeting just outside
12:44 under a tree in the dirt.
12:46 The owner of this home
12:47 was very distraught
12:48 and she prayed to God, asking him what she should do,
12:51 as she did not have enough money to build a new home.
12:54 After praying earnestly, it was impressed upon her that
12:57 no matter how many materials she could afford,
13:00 that would be enough.
13:02 So trusting the Lord, she went and purchased as many materials
13:06 as she could afford and hired a builder
13:08 to come and build the home.
13:10 When the builder arrived, he laughed at her and said,
13:12 There are not enough materials to build this house.
13:15 With this much, You can't do it.
13:18 You need more.
13:20 She said, Don't talk to me like that.
13:21 Do that It must be done.
13:23 It will be done with what I have brought.
13:25 And my God will help me build.
13:27 She said this one stick was extra.
13:31 One thing was extra.
13:34 The one who makes house.
13:38 He said, I have peace after making your house.
14:37 So how are you feeling?
14:39 Tired, but good. What have we done?
14:41 We had a nice day of visiting an island
14:43 and seeing the church members over there.
14:45 They meet in a member's home.
14:49 A very small island.
15:10 This morning
15:12 we are leaving the plastic church and we are headed south.
15:16 So far south, in fact, that we're actually leaving
15:18 land, We're taking a boat to an island.
15:24 You know, as Christians, we
15:25 are supposed to be a different kind of people.
15:30 And so when we go out into the communities here in India
15:34 and you meet with these Hindus and you meet
15:37 with these Muslim people they recognize
15:43 that our community here and the people who come to
15:46 church here, they are different and they can see that
15:50 and that is the most effective discipleship
15:55 method of all, is living a life
15:58 that reflects Christ.
16:48 So this is the ferry that's going to be taking us
16:50 about an hour ride to an island where we're going to spend
16:54 two or three days meeting with one of our Bible workers
16:57 that's working on that island.
17:55 Oh, hello, How are you? Good.
17:57 We have arrived. We have arrived.
18:01 Sagar Island.
18:32 For hundreds of years, Sagar Island
18:33 has been a yearly pilgrimage for so many Hindus.
18:37 Some will walk for hundreds of miles with no shoes to partake
18:40 in the holy dip that takes place each year in February.
18:44 The economic structure of this island only exists
18:47 because of the over 2 million people who flock to this place
18:50 every year. Yes, you heard that right.
18:53 Over 2 million people for many months in advance.
18:56 This island
18:57 with no more than 212,000 people, will begin to build
19:01 a temporary infrastructure of bamboo and tarps, fields,
19:05 empty streets and even alleyways will transform into markets
19:08 and sleeping quarters for the tourists who will visit.
19:12 This is arguably the largest annual gathering
19:14 of people throughout the world.
19:18 Despite the demonic forces at work,
19:20 Gospel outreach is blessed to have
19:21 three Bible workers
19:22 here on this island, along with a handful of churches
19:26 spreading a message of hope in an otherwise dark place.
19:32 Yeah, of course I want you to drive that.
19:35 My question is, are you going to kill us or.
19:39 But you may ask yourself, how do you reach a people group
19:42 that is so invested in this idol worship
19:44 and ritualistic behavior?
19:51 My name is Arati Dasadhikari,
19:54 and I've been with the Gospel Outreach for ten years now.
20:15 For the last two years
20:17 I have started working here on this island.
20:20 When I first came to the island, I struggled
20:23 to connect with the people.
20:25 Many are very strong in their traditions and culture,
20:28 making it impossible to effectively spread
20:31 the name of Jesus.
20:33 This is when God gave me an idea.
20:35 An idea to simply show people the love of Jesus
20:39 and leave the rest to him.
20:42 I decided to start offering
20:43 tailoring lessons to the women of my community.
20:47 This only started with two, but grew quickly as word spread.
21:16 I was gifted a sewing machine
21:18 and my ministry expanded even faster.
21:21 I started multiple classes in different homes
21:23 throughout the island and soon had dozens of women
21:27 learning under my care.
21:32 These women were confused as to
21:34 why I would provide such a fine service for free.
21:37 This opened the door to religious conversations
21:40 and Bible studies.
21:48 Some of the husbands of my students were upset at first,
21:52 but once they recognized the change
21:53 in attitude for their wives, they became more open
21:56 and accepting of what I was teaching them from the Bible.
22:03 I now have three sewing machines
22:05 that I have strategically placed throughout the island.
22:09 I have started seven influence centers
22:11 where I meet with groups of women
22:13 every week for Bible studies and some classes.
22:17 These women are also learning how to love people like Jesus
22:20 by working to provide free clothes
22:23 for widows and homeless people.
22:41 So she comes up with a lot of
22:42 different things on her own as she continues she learns.
22:46 Some of my students are also widows and use the knowledge
22:51 of seamstress work to make clothes and sell them
22:54 to help support themselves.
22:58 Many of the women in these classes are married
23:00 with children at only 16 or 17 years old.
23:05 Life as a woman in these cultures
23:07 can be a very demeaning and demoralizing life.
23:10 From a very young age it is your duty to do as you are
23:13 told and marry the man chosen for you by your father.
23:17 A women's ministry like this not only gives
23:19 these women self-worth and confidence in a skill,
23:22 but also allows them to provide for themselves
23:25 if they are ever left as a widow.
23:29 Living for self is so
23:30 easy, but living for others is much more rewarding.
23:34 I am thankful to be living for others and encourage
23:37 everyone I come in contact with to do the same.
23:52 Oh, let's see.
23:54 Oh boy!
23:55 Does she come from a teaching background?
23:59 No no!
24:31 I want to talk to you
24:32 about some of the challenges that I'm facing here in India.
24:35 I'm just going to be brutally honest with you.
24:36 The devil is working
24:39 really, really hard right now in my life, in Lexi's life.
24:43 You know, we're running into a lot of challenges both
24:46 spiritually and even maybe somewhat physically.
24:50 And so we definitely need prayers.
24:56 People don't understand
24:58 the effort that it takes to actually create
25:01 some type of quality content quality video.
25:04 We want to take you
25:06 and we want to put you in a position
25:08 where you can understand what it's like
25:10 to be one of these Bible workers.
25:12 And the only way that we can actually effectively do this is
25:15 if you get to actually live with them and experience
25:19 what they experience and see what they eat,
25:21 see what they do on a day to day basis.
25:23 And the only way that we can actually capture
25:25 that is we have to do that as well.
25:35 When I see the great need, both spiritually
25:38 and physically, I can oftentimes become very discouraged.
25:42 The pain here is great people living in the dirt
25:45 who can hardly afford to eat, still spend money
25:48 that they don't have on idols for their homes and offerings
25:51 for their temples.
25:53 The fear of the unknown can be seen
25:54 in the faces of these people, and I long for them
25:57 to have the peace that we take for granted.
26:04 You know, I've heard it said that
26:05 Jesus spent
26:06 two thirds of his time
26:08 on this earth healing and ministering to people.
26:11 I think sometimes we forget that reaching people with the hope
26:14 of Jesus isn't simply about
26:16 having the right message or presenting it in the proper way.
26:20 We are to be a living example of what true
26:22 love really looks like.
26:24 Now, This shouldn't be a gotcha concept,
26:27 but it only becomes that way
26:28 when we attempt to take over the Holy Spirit's job.
26:35 Now we currently have three
26:37 Gospel Outreach workers on Sagar Island,
26:40 and we were so impressed by the true outpouring of love
26:43 they show to the people around them.
26:46 Like these workers, I never want to feel
26:48 as if I have an agenda.
26:50 I want to be a conduit for the Holy Spirit and nothing more.
26:56 So my question is,
26:57 what's your motivation?
27:31 if you have made it
27:32 to the end of this episode of Destination 10/40,
27:34 we want to thank you for watching.
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27:58 Because one of the things
27:59 that we are wanting to do from this show
28:01 is we want to raise $100,000 over the next six months
28:04 while we're
28:05 traveling for Gospel Outreach to support Bible workers
28:08 and $100,000 will support how many Bible workers?
28:11 55 for one year.
28:13 And we are sorry if this has been loud because
28:17 we are in India.
28:23 okay, bye.


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