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Overcoming The Identity Crisis

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00:18 Hello.
00:20 I'm Shelley Quinn
00:21 and I welcome you to
00:23 "Exalting His Word".
00:24 Today, we're going to be
00:25 discussing one of my favorite topics.
00:27 The GRACE of God.
00:29 If you want to
00:30 better understand
00:32 God's marvelous plan
00:33 for your life
00:35 please stay tuned.
00:36 This will be a program
00:37 you're sure to enjoy!
00:39 And I hope you have
00:40 a pen and paper ready
00:41 to copy down some scripture references that
00:43 could be life changing for you.
00:45 For this program series I chose
00:48 Psalms 138:2
00:51 as the theme text.
00:53 And what that verse says
00:55 Is that God exalts His name
00:57 and His word above ALL things.
01:00 And His word He magnifies
01:02 even above His Name.
01:05 Now, what does that mean?
01:06 The bottom line is this...
01:08 God exalts His word over everything.
01:10 That means nothing is
01:13 more important to God
01:14 than His word.
01:16 It means that He has assigned
01:18 the highest position of
01:21 praise to His word.
01:22 God has granted creative
01:26 life-giving force to His word.
01:28 More power than anything else.
01:30 Power to accomplish
01:32 all of His will.
01:35 Would you agree with me that
01:37 if the word of God
01:39 is most important to him
01:40 it should be what's
01:42 most important to us also?
01:44 The word reveals
01:45 God's plan for our lives.
01:47 And if we don't know
01:49 the plan that
01:50 God has for our lives,
01:52 then, we don't...
01:53 If we don't know what it means
01:55 to be included in Christ,
01:56 we have a problem!
01:57 And our problem is called
01:59 an identity crisis!
02:00 We don't know who we are.
02:02 Why we're Here.
02:03 Or, where we're going.
02:04 The identity crisis
02:06 can be overcome
02:07 if we get into God's word
02:09 and get His word into our hearts.
02:11 God declares His word
02:13 is life for us because
02:16 it contains the creative power
02:17 to transform our lives.
02:20 Let's have a word of prayer
02:22 before we begin.
02:24 Father God,
02:25 we come in the Name of Jesus
02:27 and ask for your blessing
02:29 over this program.
02:31 I ask Father that
02:32 you will anoint our ears
02:34 and our hearts
02:35 and cause us to receive your word.
02:37 And Lord,
02:39 bring your word to life
02:41 in our lives.
02:42 In Jesus name, amen.
02:46 Where is the God of Moses
02:49 who parted the Red Sea?
02:51 Where's the God of Joshua
02:53 who made the sun stand still?
02:56 Where's the God of Peter
02:58 who bestowed so much power that
03:01 the casting of the apostle's shadow
03:04 healed the sick?
03:06 Have you ever been tempted to
03:08 ask questions like these?
03:10 We've got it backwards
03:11 when we think like that.
03:13 God declares that
03:14 He is the same yesterday,
03:16 today,
03:17 and forever.
03:19 In fact, He says,
03:20 I am the Lord.
03:21 I change NOT.
03:23 Let's reverse our thinking.
03:26 Where are His children
03:28 who believe God has
03:30 miracle working power
03:32 Where are His people
03:35 who looked to God to
03:36 do what seems impossible in
03:38 the physical realm?
03:39 Where are the followers who walk
03:41 so closely in step with
03:43 the casting of their shadows heals?
03:47 You know, the healing power of
03:49 the Holy Spirit
03:50 flowed through Peter's shadow.
03:52 And the silhouette that
03:55 a shadow that was united
03:58 as one with Him.
04:00 The Bible says,
04:01 in I Corinthians 6:17 that
04:03 He who is joined to the Lord
04:07 is one spirit with Him.
04:11 What can we conclude
04:12 about these men of the Bible?
04:14 [refer to screen]
04:32 Wouldn't it be wonderful
04:34 if God had outlined
04:36 eight steps for us to overcome
04:38 our identity crisis?
04:41 One...two...three
04:43 eight and it's done!
04:46 In fact,
04:47 it wouldn't be wonderful!
04:48 If it were that simple;
04:50 our self absorbed natures
04:51 wouldn't earnestly seek Him.
04:53 We would become satisfied
04:56 with some mechanical routine
04:59 and think that we would focus
05:01 on our own performance
05:03 rather than the relationship
05:06 with a loving Father.
05:08 In fact,
05:09 human reasoning would convince us that
05:10 those few steps were all that was needed.
05:15 Instead,
05:17 God designed a plan.
05:18 A series of interlocking systems of
05:22 truths for us
05:24 to achieve victory in our identity.
05:27 Our Lord is a God of order.
05:29 He is very system oriented
05:31 and He wants to guide
05:33 our every step to success.
05:36 If we practice His principles
05:38 truth will explode
05:41 every myth or misconception that we have!
05:44 What I'd like to share with you is
05:46 everything that
05:48 about overcoming my identity crisis.
05:51 In fact,
05:53 I'd write a book on this if
05:54 it hadn't already been written.
05:55 Most likely you have that book
05:57 on your night table.
05:59 Or on your desk.
06:00 Or, on the shelf somewhere!
06:02 It's the BIBLE!
06:04 Every word that
06:05 the Spirit inspired men to record
06:08 reveals to us
06:09 the character of God.
06:11 It reveals His loving plan
06:13 and our passage to
06:18 My journey has
06:21 Now, I'm not suggesting that
06:23 I've completely recovered from
06:26 the identity crisis...
06:28 Far from it!
06:29 By God's grace
06:31 God has changed me in dramatic ways.
06:34 I'd like to share everything
06:36 He has taught me but I can't.
06:38 What I will share is
06:40 just a few of
06:42 the glimpses of grace.
06:43 The guideposts,
06:44 the road signs,
06:46 the Lord used to direct me
06:47 to a better understanding.
06:49 There are five main points
06:51 we'll be discussing in
06:52 the next few programs that
06:54 will be the key factors that will
06:56 help us overcome
06:58 our identity crisis.
07:00 Today's presentation is
07:02 somewhat out of the ordinary.
07:04 I want to share
07:06 glimpses of grace that
07:07 stirred my heart
07:09 and caused me to
07:11 seek God earnestly for
07:13 the plan that He has for my life.
07:16 You're about to see four
07:17 different graphics that will
07:18 list 12 truths that can have
07:20 a dramatic impact on your life.
07:23 If you're trying to take program notes
07:25 you'll probably only have time to
07:26 capture the scripture references.
07:29 We won't have a lot of time to
07:30 dwell in each point
07:32 during this program.
07:33 But before we finish this teaching series,
07:36 we'll examine each of
07:37 these wonderful truths and depths.
07:39 What I hope
07:41 to accomplish today is
07:42 to provide and impression.
07:44 ...A lingering desire in your mind.
07:47 A taste that will
07:49 make you hungry for more.
07:51 Please stay tuned
07:52 while we take a break for
07:54 a quick announcement
07:55 and then I'll return with
07:57 glimpses of grace
07:58 to stir your heart.
08:01 If this dynamic series is making
08:03 a difference in your life,
08:04 then you should know
08:06 about a special study guide
08:07 written by Shelley Quinn.
08:09 Exalting His Word with
08:10 Life Affirmations From Scripture
08:11 is an in depth study of the word of God.
08:16 Please send your love gifts to...
08:31 Grace revealed
08:32 God's goodness
08:34 and caused me to
08:35 embrace His word
08:36 as my daily requirement
08:38 for spiritual strengths
08:39 and growths.
08:41 Growth.
08:42 Here are glimpses of grace
08:44 that stirred my heart to
08:45 search for the new identity
08:47 that God offers us.
08:48 And I hope this
08:49 will encourage you
08:51 and stir your hearts as well.
08:53 The first point that
08:55 God showed me is that...
08:56 ...God has a brilliant plan for life!
08:58 In Jeremiah 29:11
09:00 The Lord says
09:02 He has a plan to prosper you.
09:04 To give you hope and a future.
09:05 You can read all about this in the Bible.
09:08 Number two...
09:09 [refer to screen]
09:44 This was most important to me.
09:46 God showed me...
09:47 [refer to screen]
10:05 Saying man does not live
10:06 on bread alone but
10:08 on every word that comes from
10:10 the mouth of God.
10:12 [refer to screen]
10:27 The Bible is the recorded thoughts
10:29 of our Creator.
10:30 The very mind of Christ is
10:31 contained in His word
10:33 and by His Spirit.
10:43 God is worthy of our trust.
10:51 The sixth point...
11:03 Philippians 2:13 is
11:05 one of my favorite promises!
11:07 It says that God works in us!
11:10 To will and to act
11:11 for His good pleasure.
11:12 In Hebrews 13:20-21 says...
11:17 "God will equip us with
11:20 "everything good for
11:22 "doing His will."
11:24 Philippians 1:6...
11:25 ...says that He will complete the good works
11:28 that He has begun in you.
11:30 Praise God!
11:31 It's all about His power
11:33 and has nothing to do with our weakness!
11:36 The seventh point God showed me is that...
11:53 That's what Romans 8:28-29 has to say about you.
11:58 And II Corinthians 3:18 says...
12:11 It's a progressive
12:13 day by day work.
12:16 The eighth point -or
12:17 glimpse of grace
12:19 the lord showed me is that...
12:26 I Corinthians 1:30 says...
12:29 God has positioned you
12:32 spiritually in Christ.
12:34 Christ becomes your
12:36 wisdom from God.
12:38 He is your Righteousness!
12:40 Your Holiness
12:41 and Redemption!
12:43 Abiding in Christ makes you
12:45 eligible for all of
12:47 God's promises that
12:49 come through Him.
12:52 Number nine...
12:58 II Corinthians 5:17 says,
13:01 "You are a new creation in Christ.
13:05 "The old has gone
13:07 "and the new has come."
13:09 I Corinthians 15:10 says...
13:12 You are who you are
13:14 by the grace of God.
13:16 You are not
13:18 who you think you are!
13:19 You are not who
13:20 someone else says you are!
13:22 If you are in Christ,
13:25 you are who
13:26 God says you are!
13:30 Number 10...
13:37 II Peter 1:3-4 says, that
13:42 God has given us everything we need
13:46 for abundant life and Godliness
13:50 by giving us all of His
13:52 wonderful promises.
13:54 Through the power of His promises,
13:57 His vows that are upon us,
13:59 we escape the corruption of the world,
14:02 and actually partake of
14:04 Christ's divine nature
14:06 as His word becomes alive
14:09 and active within us!
14:12 Number 11...
14:22 The Bible declares in
14:23 II Corinthians I:20
14:32 Even when His promises
14:33 sound too wonderful to accept,
14:36 we must trust God to
14:38 watch over His word
14:39 and perform it in our lives.
14:42 And number 12...
14:44 which is one of
14:45 the most important things
14:46 the Lord taught me...
14:52 I praise God for teaching me
14:54 the privileges of obedience!
14:57 Hebrews 10:36 says,
15:00 "We have need of endurance.
15:03 "so that after we've done
15:05 "the will of God
15:06 "we may receive the promise."
15:09 And James 1:25 says that
15:12 ...if we are a doer of the word
15:16 putting it into practice that
15:18 we'll be blessed in
15:20 everything that we do!
15:24 We'll be discussing
15:26 all of these points of grace
15:27 and more in programs to come.
15:30 I just wanted you
15:32 to see that
15:34 it is correct to say that
15:36 God is the giver of every good
15:40 and perfect gift.
15:43 He is longing for us to
15:46 accept His love
15:48 and His wonderful plan
15:50 for our lives.
15:51 He has so much to offer us!
15:54 You know my heart soars higher
15:56 and higher as
15:58 I think about His grace.
16:00 He has given me so much
16:02 and it's time that
16:04 we learn who we are in Christ
16:07 and the awesome privilege that it is
16:10 to be a child of God.
16:14 I have written
16:16 these points of grace to you
16:18 because I hope that
16:20 these glimpses into His grace,
16:22 will stir your heart
16:24 and excite your expectations.
16:28 My prayer is that
16:30 God will reveal to you
16:32 His salvation from faith to faith.
16:35 Faith to depend on
16:37 His empowering work in you
16:40 to cause you to be able to
16:42 walk in His will.
16:45 And faith in knowing that
16:47 there is transforming power
16:49 in the word of God.
16:51 And that He is watching it
16:54 to perform it in your life!
16:57 In Hebrews 11:6
17:00 the Bible says that
17:01 without faith
17:03 it is impossible to please God.
17:05 We must come to God
17:07 believing that
17:08 He is everything He claims to be.
17:13 It's critical that
17:14 we expect His power to
17:16 accomplish His will.
17:18 No matter how impossible
17:19 this appears to
17:22 our human understanding.
17:24 We must be fully persuaded in
17:27 the creative power of God's word
17:29 and accept His testimony of
17:32 who we are in Christ.
17:35 Our mind set needs to be
17:37 one of complete trust
17:41 in His love.
17:43 You know,
17:44 trusting in God is the foundation
17:46 on which our faith is developed.
17:50 God must become
17:52 the object of our faith!
17:54 And we must believe that
17:55 He has our eternal benefit in mind!
18:00 And that He works all things
18:03 together for our eternal benefit.
18:07 We should
18:08 acknowledge that He has
18:10 the perfect plan for our lives.
18:13 And that He stands
18:15 at attention to reward us
18:17 when we earnestly
18:19 and diligently seek Him.
18:21 I want you to
18:23 read these words.
18:24 ..or listen to these words that
18:26 are recorded in Psalms 33:22.
18:34 "Let your mercy
18:36 "and loving kindness oh Lord,
18:38 "be upon us in proportion to
18:40 "our waiting and hoping for you."
18:46 Are we like the Psalmist?
18:47 Waiting in eager expectation
18:50 for God to perform
18:51 His purposes in our lives?
18:53 Have we gone to His word to
18:55 gain understanding of the blessings
18:58 that we can expect?
19:00 If we ignore His plan,
19:02 and if we refuse to accept
19:04 our new identity in Christ,
19:06 our ignorance will rob us of
19:09 our trust in God.
19:11 And the faith that's
19:13 inspired by that trust.
19:15 And, as a result,
19:17 we wont sit at
19:19 the Lord's feet
19:20 and eagerly learn from Him.
19:22 In fact,
19:23 what we'll do is
19:25 we will continue to allow
19:26 our circumstances to
19:28 speak louder than His word.
19:32 If our faith is little,
19:34 we expect little.
19:36 We won't invest in earnest effort
19:40 in seeking God.
19:42 We'll have no expectation
19:45 for him to deliver
19:46 as promised.
19:48 Think about this for just a minute...
19:50 Why would He reward someone
19:52 who had such a trifling
19:54 interest in receiving
19:56 His promised gifts?
19:58 On the other hand,
19:59 if we trust the intent of God's heart
20:02 and believe that
20:04 He does have the perfect plan
20:06 for our lives
20:07 we'll seek Him
20:09 with great enthusiasm.
20:12 Our attention will be
20:13 focused on His word.
20:16 And His word will become alive in us!
20:20 We'll cry out for direction
20:23 and He will answer saying...
20:25 "This is the way
20:27 "walk in it."
20:31 Let's read from
20:33 Jeremiah 29:11-14
20:37 And I want you to
20:39 listen to the heart of
20:41 our loving Father God.
20:44 [text on screen]
21:18 A loving creator burns
21:20 with passion over you.
21:24 He has a brilliant plan
21:27 for your life.
21:29 And that plan...
21:31 He is eager to
21:32 include you in this plan.
21:35 He longs to open your eyes
21:39 so that you can be delivered
21:42 from darkness.
21:43 And He wants to deliver you from
21:46 the mistaken identity.
21:50 A loving Savior
21:51 yearns to cut you free from
21:53 the chords that bind you.
21:56 That's His promise
21:58 found in Psalms 129:4.
22:02 Let me quote that scripture for you.
22:05 It says...
22:06 For the Lord is righteous.
22:09 He has cut us free from
22:12 the chord of the wicked.
22:14 God will cut you free
22:16 from the seductive control of Satan.
22:19 The Heavenly King of Kings desires
22:24 to grant you forgiveness
22:26 for all your sins.
22:27 He wants to purge your record of sin
22:31 and forget about the past.
22:33 He is watching you
22:34 and waiting for you to ask.
22:39 A loving Father in Heaven
22:41 has prepared good gifts for you.
22:44 Gifts that you can enjoy
22:47 here and now
22:48 and an eternal inheritance of
22:52 incredible value
22:53 for your future throughout eternity!!
22:57 He wants to train you up
22:59 in His ways.
23:00 He wants to empower you
23:03 to conduct yourself
23:04 in a becoming manner
23:05 when you receive this inheritance.
23:09 God wants you to
23:11 be trained by practice!
23:13 Practice of His word.
23:15 And when you put
23:16 God's plan into practice,
23:18 you'll be blessed
23:20 in whatever you do.
23:21 You'll experience a life that
23:24 is filled with joy
23:26 and peace
23:28 and love
23:29 as you walk by faith
23:31 and not by sight.
23:34 Our loving Father
23:37 showed me these glimpses of grace
23:41 and I just want to briefly recap
23:44 those for you
23:46 because it is so important
23:48 that we understand.
23:50 So, if you missed any of these
23:51 the first time around,
23:53 let me just briefly go through
23:55 these nine points.
23:57 God has a brilliant plan for your life.
24:00 And that plan is to prosper you.
24:04 You can read about His plan
24:06 in the Bible.
24:07 He makes known the end from the beginning.
24:10 And you can know
24:11 the end from the beginning because
24:13 it's written right here in the Bible.
24:16 And God calls things that are not
24:19 as though they already were!
24:21 Why?
24:22 Because
24:24 He has creative power to
24:25 accomplish all of His will.
24:28 So, whatever He says about you
24:30 in this word is true!
24:31 Even though you can't see it right now.
24:34 God's word is life to you.
24:36 It is so important that we understand this!
24:40 That's why we're suffering
24:42 so much in this world is because
24:45 we don't understand
24:46 the power of God's word
24:47 and that's where our life is found!
24:51 He says that,
24:52 we've been given the mind of Christ.
24:55 It's right here folks!
24:56 This is the mind of Christ.
24:59 His thoughts recorded!
25:01 And the more we abide in His word
25:04 the more we will operate
25:07 by the mind of Christ.
25:09 He wants you to trust him.
25:11 Not to lean on your own understanding
25:13 but to lean on His word.
25:15 He says that He will cause us to
25:18 be all that He has called us to be.
25:21 Isn't that a wonderful promise?
25:23 To know that God's working in us
25:26 to equip us thoroughly?
25:28 Everything that God does is
25:30 for your eternal benefit.
25:33 If Christ is your Savior
25:34 you are included in Christ.
25:36 You are positioned in Christ.
25:39 And the bible says that
25:40 you are a new creation
25:42 in Christ Jesus.
25:43 Remember,
25:45 you're not who someone else
25:46 says you are.
25:48 You are not who you think you are.
25:49 But you are who God says you are.
25:53 I want you to say that...
25:54 ...I am who God says I am!
25:58 And He will perform it in your life.
26:01 You partake of the divine promises of
26:05 His divine nature by
26:07 partaking of His promises.
26:08 And all of those promises are yours.
26:11 Right now!!
26:13 Right here and right now!
26:15 If you are in Christ Jesus.
26:17 And obedience is
26:19 the pathway to blessings.
26:21 Well our time is running out.
26:24 I sure hope that
26:26 you'll tune in next time.
26:28 We're going to be discussing
26:30 the first two major principles
26:33 for overcoming our identity crisis.
26:35 We'll learn about
26:37 God's boot camp for eternity
26:39 and His perfect law of liberty.
26:41 Which...let me just
26:43 ...clue you in right now...
26:45 The perfect law of liberty
26:47 is total dependence on God.
26:51 if you learn to live
26:52 by this principle,
26:53 I guarantee your life
26:56 will never be the same!
26:58 God will change you
27:00 dramatically!!
27:02 If you put the law of liberty
27:04 into practice.
27:05 Your life will never be the same.
27:08 Let me say a prayer with you.
27:11 Heavenly father,
27:13 we come to you in
27:15 the name of Jesus.
27:17 And we come father God
27:18 thanking you for your grace.
27:20 We thank you that
27:21 you have revealed your grace to us
27:23 and that all things are by your grace.
27:26 Father in the name of Jesus
27:27 I pray for my brothers
27:28 and my sisters and for myself.
27:31 That you will make us willing to
27:33 receive more of your grace.
27:35 In Christ name, amen.
27:37 May God multiply his mercy,
27:40 love and grace to you.
27:41 And watch over His word to
27:43 perform it over your life
27:45 as you cooperate with him.
27:46 Please remember to spend your time
27:49 making that which is most important to God.
27:53 The very thing that's
27:55 also most important to you...
27:57 "Exalting His Word".


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